Document 338

Da ballad o Maggie Reid

Author(s): Christine De Luca

Copyright holder(s): Christine De Luca


Me laad he gud ta sail da sea
in eichteen forty-wan.
I helpit raise his faider's bairns
fur der midder shö wis gien.

I tinkit lang, I virmished sair
at he wid come back shön.
I'd promised I wid mairry him
whin his sailin days wis dön.

I waited fur him fowr lang year
nae wird cam fae da sea.
We tocht him drooned i da ocean's
fowld; no lik ta mairry me.

His faider tocht at I wid mak
a decent wife ta wed.
His idder bairns dey likkit me
sae he took me fur his bride.

I wisna bön a six-mont wed
when I hears da voice sae dear.
Dere he staands, mi laad, mi love
wi sadness in his een.

Dat een at lang at I wis sowt
is lik ta rive mi sowl,
fur noo I canna be his wife
sae at his feet I gowl.

I canna even bring mesell
ta luik apön him eence.
I laeve da hoose, mi mind med up
a thuddin i mi breest.

Doon owre da broo bi Brough I rin
Mel beach lies snaawy white
Da peerie flooers dey drap der heids
aert-bark, tae girse, eye-bricht.

I poo some flooers fur mi hair
a bouquet fur a bride
a boannie wreath ta tak wi me
whin I geng tae his side.

Da ocean sochs ithin da gyo
dark, still an deep hit lies
a coffin shape: wir trystin place
whaar I man end mi days.

I lay mi clugs neat on da banks
wind flooers trowe mi hair.
Fur I man drap tae a willin grave
ta see dat luik nae mair.

laad: a young woman's boyfriend; gud: went; der: their; midder: mother; shö: she; wis gien: had died; tinkit lang: missed (someone or some place); virmished: longed anxiously; no lik: not likely; wid; would; shön: soon; wis dön: were done; faider: father; idder: other; likkit: liked; wisna bön: hadn't been; I hears: I heard; een: eyes; dat: that, those; at: that; rive: tear; canna: cannot; gowl: cry; mesell: myself; luik: look; apön: upon; eence: once; rin: run; peerie: lttle; dey: they; aert-bark: tormentil; tae girse: thyme; poo: pull; geng: go; sochs: sighs deeply; ithin: within; gyo: steep, narrow inlet; wir: our; man: must; trowe: through

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Da ballad o Maggie Reid


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