Document 334

A strynd o sense

Author(s): Christine De Luca

Copyright holder(s): Christine De Luca


Whit is it aboot dis jug
at stricks at memory:
strippit broon lem,
a benkled lid,
nae special charm?
Yet I lift hit again
an drink psalms.

"Tak dis jug tae dy faider
i da yerd."
I'd carry hit an da biblical wirds
rowed in a cloot.

Dem at gowled is dey gud oot
carryin da seed
'll come back singin for joy
is dey bring in da shaeves.

Lookin back
hit wis pure 'Song o Songs':
up da Kloss o Voe, laevin
doon'oose: a mile hit felt lik
tryin no ta spill.

Dis is da time fur singin;
da sang o doos is i da rigs.

He wid see me is I roonded
da shooder o da Kloss,
lift his een, but keep his sye
i da rhythm o centuries.

Coarn fell in swaars o stoor.
I reeselled me wye, truckin
da ruckly strae, an antrin flooer.

You mak girse grow fur baess
an coarn fur man ta use
so he can grow his crops
an mak bread ta gae him strent.

Da haands at med da sye
an hed da vynd ta maa
wid tak da jug, warm fae me skurt:
da haands at riped
da pages o Aurelius forbye.

Hame is biggit on a steid o wisdom.
Whar der is knowledge
da rooms is weel plenished.

Foonded in a laand
at nivver sklent tinkin
fae döin: dat saa wisdom
i da wark o haands.

(from Psalm 126 v 6; Song of Songs 2 v 12; Psalm 104 v 14, 15; Proverbs 24 v 3)
strynd: inherited trait; dis: this; stricks: strikes; lem: earthenware; benkled: bent; faider: father; yerd: enclosed field; rowed: rolled; cloot: cloth; dem: them; at: that; gowled: cried ; dey: they; gud: went; Kloss: steep hill; doon'oose: lower part of village; doos: pigeons; een: eyes; sye: scythe; coarn: oats; swaars: swathes cut by scythe; stoor: dust; reeselled: rummaged noisily; truckin: trampling; ruckly: uneven; strae: straw (stubble); antrin: occasional; flooer: flower; girse: grass; baess: cattle; strent: strength; vynd: particular skill; maa: to reap; skurt: the bosom within the folded arms; riped: harvested; biggit: built; steid: foundation; plenished: fitted out; sklent: tore; tinkin: thinking; döin: doing; dat: that; saa: saw.

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A strynd o sense


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