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My Place in the Shawl

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


The first thing I can mind of now
Ow'r ninety years and more
Me, girning-faced and snivelling
Outside my Granny's door.

For I had been supplanted now
Rejected once't for all.
Another wean was happit there
Inside my Mammy's shawl.

Now, not for me the soft and warm
The smell of breast and cheek
Safe and snug in the tartan rug
From the grey street, raw and bleak.

My Ma had swelled and borne this wean
That nuzzled there at her neck
And I was OUT and my blae knees sore
When my Granny opened the sneck.

She held out her arms, but no' for me
Like as if she wasnae care'n
Never ev'n said 'Hen' as she elbowed me ben
But just heeshie-bawed at the bairn.

Such times was to come again and again
As reg'lar as time and tide
The last wean out for the newest sprout
And whingeing there at my side.

But I hated my Ma and my Granny that day
And the wee yin I couldnae thole
All meuling and pewking and wrinkled red
And taking MY place in the shawl.

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My Place in the Shawl


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