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There's no' much to say after twenty year-odd
I ken he votes Labour, believes in his God,
Likes his pint come a Friday, the Fair Week at Ayr
Takes his tea wi'out sugar, his sausages square
And food that's no' fancy or smothered in sauce.
Then after he's eaten, an hour or so's doss.
He enjoys playin' chess wi' old Malacky Orr
And I ken what he thinks about Wages and War.
He kens 'red's my favourite, so's Horlicks, and oh!
That I like Nelson washing like snow.
Now of an evening when I sit and knit
And him wi' his paper, we just grunt a bit
Odd words and half-phrases to say what we mean...
How the day was at work, or just down the back-green,
I ken him that well, what he's trying to say
I can finish his sentence before he's halfway.
No' very romantic, I'm grantin' you that
Just mumbles and grumbles, no effort to chat.

But when I'm goin' out on the street to somewhere
And he stands at the stairheid and mutters 'Take-care'
I 'och-aye' in reply (one of life's wee routines)
Demonstrative no! But I ken what he means.

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