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The School Photograph

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


I can see us a' yet gettin' sorted and set
In the playground, by Heidie and Staff
They sized us and hauled us, and measured and mauled us
To pose for the school photiegraph.

Ah, the years have just sped since that day by the shed
Disappeared in a sepia haze.
When we stood in our rows, girls in pinnies and bows
Boys with ties pulled-round a' sidieways.

There was gawky big Sadie and Harold O'Grady
Tizzie Bell with her wee button nose
We'd weans that were plain and we'd weans that were vain,
And some that were neither of those.

We'd Andy the Brawler and Desmond the Scholar
The ringletted twins May and Sue
And Clancy McBride with his mouth open wide
And hair like a brush for the flue.

At the front Skinny Rob and Joe Thingummybob
And a real bonnie cracker called Bridget,
A toty wee chap that was prone to the strap
That the teacher called 'Midget the Fidget'.

There were jerseys in fankles and socks down at ankles
Big collars and pigtail skeewiff
We'd Specky McGinty, his glasses a' squinty
And his barley-fair hair in a quiff.

School photies produce, whiles, the wee ones that's douce
Feet together, backs straight, looking twee,
With everything neat and behaving a treat...
But none of them ever was ME.

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