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I like...
Conversation Lozengers
And Macaroni Bars
Dolly Mixtures, Pomfret Cakes
And Strippit Balls in jars,

Satinettes and Lemon Straws
Soor Plooms and Toffee Strips
Aromatics, Floral Gums
And curvey Cherry Lips,

Whipped Cream Bonbons, Chewing Nuts
And Ogo-Pogo Eyes
Sook them slow and watch them change
Through seven different dyes,

Liqu'rice Root and Jelly Beans
And oblong green Lime Tabs
Gritty Swizzles, Acid Drops
And frothy Sherbet Dabs,

Butter Nuts and Wilko Mints
Mixed Brambles, Soda Lunch
Candy Puff and Raglan Balls
And Peanut Brittle Crunch,

Lucky Totties, Lem'nade Rock
Sweetie Cigarettes
Twirled and sooked and sharpened up
To points like minarets.

Buttermilk-Dainty, Squirrel Gums
Rosebud and Giant Lolly...
But best to me of all the rest
Cheuch Jeans and Sugarollie

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