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There's nothing odder'n
Things that's modern
Becoming old-hat.
Just like that.
Cookin' now
Look at how
It's changed
Youda thought a fire
A' you'd require
To baste a roast
Or make your toast.
But when I was wee
You had a swee,
A swingin' hook
To help you cook,
To hang a broth
Or dumplin' cloth
And we'd a plate
Hinge'd to the grate
To simmer a pot
Keep it hot.
The next big change
A cast-iron range
Edges to buff
Wi' emery stuff,
Ovens and rings
Ribs and things
A' to black-lead.
And so instead
Got a gas stove
Treasure trove!
Easy and clean
Peak o' hygiene.
Th' electric too
Came in new
For a boil or a brew.
Fry-up or stew.
Now the latest
May be the greatest
Sitting apart
Ever so smart
Ovens and hobs
Wi' digital knobs.
But magic or no'
I could forego
Timers and swingers
Pilots and pingers
To sit at the coals
Warming my soles.
In spite of the work
That you couldnae shirk
The soot and the smut
A fire was nice but.

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