Document 245

The Fallen Horse

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


Did you ever see
On an icy street
A Clydesdale horse
Skliff and lose its feet.
A big-big horse
Sprachle, legs apart
An' fankle its hooves
Wi' the shafts and cart?

Seen one l'ke that
Just th'other day
Clatter and fall
On the carriage-way
Its wheels goin' round
An' its cart a-tilt
Its nose-bag torn
And the oats a' spilt.

Folk stood and gaped
As it whinnied and neighed
And its shoes on the frost
Just slithered and splayed.
It's an awful thing
For a fine proud beast
To be lyin' like that
Up Kyle Street East.

It looked that wild
Wi'its big teeth bared
And it pechin' hard
W'its nostrils flared
There was great ado
While two or three
Helped the carter-man
Till the shafts were free.

They took a sack
Fae the cart someplace
And threw it over
The cratur's face
Then they cried on me
And said I would need
To come and sit
On the horse's heid.

I wasnae feart
I just smoothed my breeks
And sat mysel'
On the poor thing's cheeks.
That calmed him doon
On the cobbled street
Till they hauled him up
To his shaggy feet.

The carter gi'ed me
A shilliny-piece
Just for sittin' keepin'
His horse at peace
No, I wasnae feart...
'Fact, I would've sat
On a tiger's heid
For a tip like that.

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