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Spin your Peerie

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


Just an hour before the learie
Lights the lamps, come play a-learie
Nancy, Willy, Andy, Lily
Bring your whip and spin your peerie.

Nell, you're 'het' for hide-and-seek
Shut your eyes and dinnae peek
Play 'relievers', skliff your peevers
Sandy, hurl your gir' and cleek,

Caw your ropes and bounce your stotter
Two-and-out and high-low water
Jinkers, ball-games, high-spy, doll-games
Birds and beasts and Rich-man's daughter

Totties two and three and four
Clockwork taps and chap-the-doors
Jacket goals and stilts on poles
Bogeys, tigs and keeping scores

Moshie, conkers, meenie-mos
Plunkers, bools and tin yo-yos
Minded places, minded faces
Echo's drift from long ago.

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Spin your Peerie


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