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Looking for Clicks

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


Every week-end
Me and my friend
Me and my China
Wee Donaldina
The two i' us chicks
Looking for clicks
Up Vicky Road
Pair i' us go'ed,
Just for a lark,
From the gate at Queen's Park
Up to the top
To the Babyland shop
Turn and walk back
Same beaten track
All afternoon
December or June
Link'd arm-in-arm
Displaying wir charm
Yon toss of wir hair
Was a wee kinda snare
A wee kinda trap
To land a nice chap.
It was a' quite naive
Just a wee tate of EVE.
The lads done the same
The very same game
Out in their numbers
Lookin' for lumbers
Hair-sheds a' sleek
Gie'ing their cheek
Sayin' things to flatter
Tryin' their patter
Them week-end chases
Was done other places,
Some of them go'ed
Up the Great Western Road
Preened and stravai'd
Alexandra Parade,
Or swaggered a' gallus
Around People's Palace.
Ma and Pa woulda DIED
If youda been spied
Or gie'd you a wallop
Called you a trollop.
That's what you thought
Youda got, at bein' caught.
But, ken the real truth?
THEM in their youth
Theirsel's to-and-fro'd
Along Vicky Road
The very same tricks
Lookin' for clicks.

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Looking for Clicks


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