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The Room and Kitchen

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


Wi' a wee bit promotion a bigger pay packet
You become posher folk in a different bracket
Your father gets gallus, your mother starts itchin'
To be upsides the Dodds in a braw Room 'n' Kitchen.

They count out their bawbees and sign on the line
And flit the next week to Hall Street, Number Nine,
Its lobby wi' dado and tidy coat rack
And a glory-hole cupboard set-in at the back.

The kitchen's the same as the old single-en'
But oh my, it's toff when you make to go ben!
When you take the left turn and go through the ROOM door
You cannae be other then thrilled to the core.

There's a chair off my Granny in green velveteen,
A fern, an epergne, and a new gasogene,
A bed in the press, sofa stuffed wi' horsehair,
Net curtains, right fire and 'congoleum' square,

A picture of Burns and a wee-bit scrimshaw,
A PRESENT FRAE LARGS and a wag-at-the-wa',
There's antimacassars and Pa's smoking-stand,
A whatnot that's nice, never-heed second-hand.

Mind you, there's the cludgie still, out on the stair
That the four on the landing has all got to share
So I'd never have thought to see Mamma bloom
But see, when she shows her friends into that ROOM!

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The Room and Kitchen


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