Document 217

Sonnet Echtene

Author(s): Iain W D Forde

Copyright holder(s): Iain W D Forde


William Shakespeare

Sall A compere ye ti a simmer's day?
Ye ir mair bonie an mair leisumlik.
Roch wins dae shak the deirie louks o Mey,
An simmer's less hes aw tae schort a tid.
Sumtyme ower het the ei o heiven shynes,
An aften is hiz gowden lire ower-dit;
An lillie-lik frae bewtie whyles doun dwynes
Bi chance, or naiturs chyngin course onpairlt.
Bot yeir aye-bydin simmer sanna feid,
Nor tyne possessioun o thon schene ye owen,
Nor sall Daith bloust ye wanner ben hiz sheid
Whan in eternal lynes ti tyme ye'r growein.
Sae lang as men can brethe or ein can sei,
Sae lang leives this, an this gies lyfe ti ye.

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Sonnet Echtene


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