Document 215

Paradyss Tint

Author(s): Iain W D Forde

Copyright holder(s): Iain W D Forde


Nae delegat angill buddie'll haingil
On gaird dewtie afoir apen roustie yetts,
The gairden nou terreal, ane eritage perk
Whaur dischairgit fruct is saired wi reme.

Waantin the nip o brunt howkit eldrins
The sweit smell o nivver-feidin flouers wuid gar uz ug,
Jeilies on bakkie-bried gabs wuid staw uz,
The fauss taiblilie o blak lippart an fowne
Micht mint at the uise o dillin daurts.

Weird condeitionat nerfs nede fell dinnils
Bainner heidlynes freit the Baitailyie o the Lang Hinneren,
Cleckin wir harrigals wi ern as staitsmen
Fulminat frae siccar threipin chaumers;
The jubish swither at follaes baurlies.

An whitwey wuid we ful the nichts in Paradyss
Whan no out-glowerit bi the tellies' saxeane ei?
The skreich o day wuid finnd uz caimin the forrest
Fur sairpents ti set nyow wanchancie appeteits.

An gin a drousie Best outdrave uz,
Wagein orra fyre-flaughts, we'd bot smirk
Kennin at thai wes med frae pase.
An aff we wuid daunner, weirin banisment
Crouslie, lik a skouriss' uglie.

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Paradyss Tint


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Method of composition Handwritten
Year of composition 2002
Title of original (if translation) No Return To Eden
Author of original (if translation) Stanley Roger Green
Language of original (if translation) English
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Publisher Lallans
Publication year 2002
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Author id 624
Forenames Iain
Initials W D
Surname Forde
Gender Male
Decade of birth 1930
Educational attainment College
Age left school 17
Upbringing/religious beliefs Protestantism
Occupation Retired Architect
Place of birth Edinburgh
Region of birth Midlothian
Birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Edinburgh
Region of residence Edinburgh
Residence CSD dialect area midLoth
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Publisher
Father's place of birth Edinburgh
Father's region of birth Midlothian
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Teacher
Mother's place of birth Edinburgh
Mother's region of birth Midlothian
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area midLoth
Mother's country of birth Scotland


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