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Scots Tung Wittins 69

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

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Nummer 69
Aug. 1999

Keepin a guid Scots tung in yer heid's nae guid! Lat it oot an uise it!

Scots Tung WITTINS

Eydentlie uphaudin the Scots Leid Campaine
e-screive: [CENSORED: emailaddress] Ph. [CENSORED: phonenumber]

Forvie Naitional Naitur Reserve Scots Leaflet.
[NOTE: image here of the leaflet in original]
FORVIE Naitional Naitur Reserve haes pitten oot a braw glaizie leaflet wi coloured foties an awthin. It's aw screivit in Scots an furthset bi Scottish Naitural Heritage, uphaudit, sillerwise, bi the CrounEstate. It's cried Eider Deuks orAnnets an inower, it tells ye aw aboot the deuks an the'r e'en a bit at the hinneren tellin fowk tae tak tent an keep a guid haud on tae thair dugs:---

"Tykes an deuks dinna gyang thegither.

Gin ye tak yer tyke a daaner i the Forvie bents, ye'll hae ta min an pit it on a bit tow else ye'll be brackin a bye-laa o the Naitur Reserve. I the simmer ilka deuks nest richt bye the roadies. E'en a weel-naitured tyke can pit a' the deuks to crockaneetion an the hoodie craws and seamaws will gaap the gorbelt aigs.

I the hinner-en leevin is an affa trauchle fa wil' craiturs. A playfu tyke can rin efter a flaucht o birds an they become fair forfochen. This stushie can mak a' the difference atween leevin an deein. Muckle his to bi deen tae help the annets so tak tent aa ye fouk wi tykes an min on yon bit tow!"
Oniebodie ettlin tae speir a copie shuid screive or phone tae:-

Stevenson Forvie Centre,
Forvie National Nature Reserve,
Little Collieston Croft,
Aiberdeenshire, AB41 8RU.
[CENSORED: phonenumber]

UHI Projeck Policy Statement on Linguistic an Cultural Identity.
THE Univairsitie o the Hielands an Islands haes setten oot its language policy in a wicelike A3 document. The policy statement is screivit in five languages an set oot in five columns wi a sindert column for ilka leid. The five languages is Gaelic, English, Shetlandic, Scots an Orcadian, aw in that order. The document is signed at the fit bi Professor Brian S Duffield an John Angus Mackay an oniebodie ettlin tae git a copie shuid screive or phone tae:---

Professor Brian Duffield,
Director an Chief Executive UHI,
Caledonia Hoose,
63 Academy Street,
Inverness, IV1 1BB
[CENSORED: phonenumber]
e-screive: [CENSORED: emailaddress]
or [CENSORED: emailaddress]

Scots Tung WITTINS
on the wab.
The Scots Tung Wittins can be vizzied or doon-loadit an prentit (noo in HTML format forbye) frae the wab-steid o :-
The Scots Speikers Curn, Glesca.
Wab-steid backin :-

Heid-lines an Sneckins frae the Press.
THE follaein heid-lines wis taen frae the pages o the Scotsman in Julie, the lest twa frae the same edeetion. "Help, murder, polis, it’s the sports day stooshie.", "Oursels as ithers see us." an "Die hard wi a kilt oan." In the text o the hinnermaist ane, the'r anither reference tae "Die Hard Wi a Bunnet Oan."

Foondamental Truiths.
SPEAKIN aboot the English language, John Locke threapit, "Whatever foreign languages a man meddles with, that which he should critically study and labour to get a facility, clearness and elegancy to express himself in, should be his own."

Syne Scots, oor mither tung, is oor ain language, than whit's a foondamental truith anent the English language tae the English shuid haud juist as siccar anent the Scotslanguage tae the Scots. Onie Scottish pairliament that daesna uphaud an forder thae foondamental truiths, whaur the Scots language is concairned, canna be seen tae be serrin its Scots voters as weel as the British pairliament haes been serrin its English voters.

Neist Forgaitherin. Mon. 30t. Aug. 1999 7.30pm tae 9.00pm Comatee Room C. Brunton Ha, Musselburgh

Gie Scots a Shout!
THE Scots Leid Associe is stertin up a new campaine airtit at MSP's an the Scottish pairliament tae forder the Scots language an tae gie it mair public staunin. In the licht o the fack that the'r juist aboot nae proveesion for the Scots language in the Scottish pairliament an nae public staunin for Scots, the Associe is noo cawin on the politeecians tae gie support tae the campaine an letters is bein sent oot tae ilka MSP speirin support. This campaine is cried Gie Scots a Shout! an it pits forrit the case for Scots tae be gien the same as Gaelic is gittin areddies: Scots signage, leaflets an bulletins in the leid an Scots-speakin in onie pairliament ongauns recordit in Scots.

The Scots Leid Associe is speirin an aw for aw Scots leid curn maimbers an upsteerers tae screive tae thair ain MSP's tellin thaim ye want proveesion for Scots an that ye support Gie Scots a Shout! Tell thaim it's an issue that maitters tae ye.

Mind that awbodie haes mair nor the ae MSP an forbye thair ain constituency MSP, awbodie haes seeven regional MSP's (the anes aff the pairtie leets). Gin ye dinna ken wha yer MSP's is, phone David Brown, S.L.A. Naitional Secretar, on [CENSORED: phonenumber] or bi e-screive tae [CENSORED: emailaddress] or bi post tae D. Brown, c/o SLRC, AK Bell Library, York Place, Perth, PH2 8EP. Yer MSP's addresses is easy. It's juist his or her nem follaed bi The Scottish Pairliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP. Thair e-screive addresses is juist his or her nem screivit the follaein wey:-

Tae See Oorsels as Ithers See Us?
DR Katja Lenz PhD., frae Cologne Univairsitie, haes been ower here a lot this last year or twa. She got her doctorate on Scots in Scottish Drama an she an her boss, Professor Manfred Gorlach, hae a new beuk on Scots comin oot neist year. It'll be screivit in English an cried A Textual History of Scots an hae a wheen o sneckins taen frae The Brus richt up tae Trainspottin. Thay'r howpin it'll git uised alang wi Professor Charlie Jones' Edinburgh History o The Scots Language at the univairsities. Forbye this, Katja is an International Research Fellow at Queen Margaret Univairsitie College alang wi a lad frae Canada that's warkin wi Bill Findlay on mair owersettins o Martin Bowman's Quebecois plays.

Dedicatit tae the Memory o Tom Meek, W. Lothian.
[NOTE: image here of the book cover in original]
THE West Lothian Broadly Scots Society haes juist brocht oot a wee soond kistie cried The Scots Tongue – "Words, Poems & Stories" – frae West Lothian an dedicatit it tae the memory o thair late kenspeckle Chairman, Tom Meek,that dee'd on the 13t. Januar this year. Tom's vice is ane o the monie recordit on the kistie an ye can hear him readin The Stirkie Staw an The Clootie Dumpling.

The kistie haes words an thair meanins on the ae side an 22 Poems an Stories on the tither. It's tae be gien oot tae aw the Primary Schuils in West Lothian tae be uised alang wi the beuk o "Scots Words And Their Meanings As Used In West Lothian" that thay furthset an sent oot tae aw the schuils a while syne. The kistie haes been furthset wi the uphaud o West Lothian Cooncil. The Broadly Scots Society is daein a grand job forderin the Scots leid in the West Lothian schuils an shuid be prood o pittin oot sic a wicelik soond kistie. The West Lothian Cooncil deserves nae sma pat on the back an aw for haein the smeddum tae uphaud the Society an the Scots language o the airt. Gin oniebodie wad ettle tae ken mair anent the kistie or the Broadly Scots Society, thay shuid screive tae:-

Mary Whyte (Secretar)
[CENSORED: postaladdress].

Scotland's Cultur for the New Millennium.
THE Scottish Executive o the new Scottish pairliament is o a mind tae sort oot a naitional strategy tae forder an develop Scotland's cultur in the new millennium. Tae thon end, Rhona Brankin, Depute Meenister for Cultur an Sport, is gaun tae lench a consultation document cried "Celebrating Scotland – A National Cultural Strategy". The lench is tae tak place in the Cawdor Suite o the Jarvis Caledonian Hotel, Inverness, at 10.30am for 11.00am on Tuesday 10t. August (coffee will be tae haund). This will merk the stert o a consultative ongaun that will speir oot the consaits o airts organisations an the public as weel, ower aw the airts o Scotland, throu a nummer o public forgaitherins an screivit repones, or the end o October. We unnerstaun that public forgaitherins is tae be hauden in Edinburgh, Glesca, an Aiberdeen an aiblins thay micht kythe in Dundee an Dumfries forbye

We howp that the Scots leid will be weel representit at the Inverness forgaitherin an the anes tae follae an oniebodie that ettles tae ken mair shuid screive tae:-

James Lonie,
Scottish Executive,
Education Department,
Arts & Cultural Heritage Division,
Victoria Quay,
Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ.
[CENSORED: phonenumber]
or phone John Watson on:-
[CENSORED: phonenumber]

We howp an aw that fowk that's no gaun tae onie o the forgaitherins will speir the abuin fowk for a copie o the consultation document an pit forrit thair ain consaits anent the Scots language tae the consultation.

Theatre Alba at the Edinburgh Festival.
THE follaein shaws is bein pit on bi Theatre Alba ower the Festival time.
Pit thegither bi Charles Nowosielski.
Musical Director Connie Harris.
August 5-13, 21:00 (22:30) at the Sheraton Hotel – Venue 13
The passions o Shakespeare ackit oot in a dirlin cabaret souch.
Bi Anton Chekhov.
Owerset intae Scots bi David Purves.
August 17-29 (no on 23) 19:30 (22:15) at Lauriston Halls – Venue 27
A braw owersettin o the maisterpiece intae Scots.
Bi Edwin Stiven.
Promenade play in Duddingston Kirk Manse Gairden.
August 19-22, 26-29 20:15 (22:00) at Duddingston Kirk – Venue 121
A glamourie stravaig set agin the magneeficent backgrund o Duddingston Loch an Kirk.
Box Office [CENSORED: phonenumber].

Yulecaird 1999.
THE Yule caird for this incomin Yule is noo in the haunds o the prenters an we howp tae hae it ready for sale athin the neist twa weeks or that. The front picter shaws the Kirk Assembly biggin sittin oot ower the Mound wi the Noroway tree on the brae afore it. The Assembly Ha is hame tae the Scottish pairliament or sic time as the new biggin at Holyrood is feinished. The caird is A4 scored tae A5 size an prentit on a guid wechtie glaizie caird wi Janet's wee pome inower:-

A Yuletide tree’s a bonnie sicht
Wi ilka brainch ableeze wi licht
Brawest o aw maun shairlie be
On Embro’s Mound,
Fair Noroway’s Tree.

The dreichest saison o the year
Is brichtened bi this gift sincere
Diffusin sic a couthie glow
On trauchled shoppers doon ablow.

Sae lat us glent juist lik thon tree
Crouse an hertie wi neibours be
Win abuin daurk an dowie days
An shoother yin anither’s waes.

GEORDIE Jooks' guid-mither haed been no weel sae Beenie, his wife, haed phoned the doctor an gaed alang tae her mither's hoose tae sit by her an lat the doctor in whan he chapped the door.

It wisna lang afore the doctor arrived an wis tellt whit the maitter wis. As he stertit tae soond Beenie's mither's chist, he speirt, "Have your bowels moved today?"
"Eh? Whit's that?" speirt the auld sowl wi her bein kinna deef like.
"The doctor's speirin aboot yer bowels, mither."
"Ma bowles? O ay, thay'r on thon shelf ablow the bunker hen."
"Naw! No thae bowles mither." Beenie lootit ower wi her mooth close tae her mither's lug an whuspert, "The doctor juist wants tae ken if ye'v haed a keech the day."
"A keech? Naw, no the day hen, but A haed twa yestreen."

Beenie turned tae the doctor juist in case he didna unnerstaun but he juist nodded wi a smile an sayed, "Yes, I got the message."

THE abuin story is aw true an juist the nems haes been chynged tae proteck the 'guilty'.

Makars' Neuk
Brissit brawnis and brokin banis,
Stride, discord and waistie wanis;
Crukit in eild, syne halt withal –
Thir are the bewties of the fute-ball.
Unbekent c. 1550

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