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Scots Tung Wittins 46

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

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Nummer 46
December 1997

Scots Tung WITTINS

Eydentlie uphaudin the Scots Leid Campaine
E-mail: [CENSORED: emailaddress] Ph. [CENSORED: phonenumber]

Wirds Fae the Edinburgh an Lothians Airt.
Scots Tung haes been speirt tae gie a heize tae a maimber o the Robert Louis Stevenson Club in Edinburgh. Bob Watt, ane o thair maimbers, is ettlin tae dae some scrievin aboot R.L.S. He fleetchit the Scots Leid Resource Ha furst an wis airtit bi thaim tae uz. Whit he's efter is aw the wirds we cuin gaither that's parteeclar hamelt tae the Scots o Edinburgh an Lothians. Maister Watt wis brocht up an bidit in Leith but bides noo in Liberton. Some o the wirds we thocht on at the laist forgaitherin wis:-

Sherackin............tae get a Row.
Rizzered..............Sun dried haddock.
Uglie...................Sun hat worn bi ferm weemin.
Gadgie.................a man.
Guider.................a bairn's cairt.
Pani.....................water/rain or river.
Yacker.................a big stane atween a chuckie an a bowlder.
Scap.....................mussel beds.
Syver....................drain or gutter.
Peerie...................spinnin top.
Pickie beds............Hop-Scotch.

Gin oniebodie kens o onie ither wirds parteeclar tae this airt, sen thaim in tae the Wittins an we'll sen thaim on tae Maister Watt.

Scots in the Media an the Scrievit Scots Wird.
Wee swatches o The Weavers wis shawn on the TV no lang syne. This is a German play that wis furst scrievit in the Silesian tung laist centurie an wis gart bi the German estaiblishment tae be chynged ower intae Hoch Deutsch. The play haes been owerset intae guid Angus Scots an is noo bein seen in Dundee. Aw aboot the thirldom o Silesian wabsters an thair fecht again the mill awners in the mids o laist centurie, ane o the heckles the TV presenter haed wis whit wey aw the place nems an fowks nems wis kept in German whan the speikin wis aw in Scots. She wis threapin the nems shuid hae been owerset an aw. A hae tae awn A canna mind the owersetter's nem but oniewey, he wis richt tae pint oot that Ibsen's plays hae been owerset intae English but the character's nems an place nems wis aye kept in the oreeginal Norwegian. Naebodie haed onie fash wi that sae whit wey wis Scots onie diffrent?

Follaein the Scottish Media Group's ettlin tae gie a heize tae Scots in the scuils, the Herald is tae hae a column ilka month anent Scots, but wechtit tae Scots in eddication. We unnerstaun the SLRC is tae hae an inpit. Liz Niven an Billy Kay are set tae dae five programs on the Scots Leid on Channel 4 sometime neist year.

Twa new Scots magazines bein selt the noo are weel wirth a keek:-

Cairn: The Historie Jurnal in the Scots Leid bi AUSLQ. Weel scrievit academic airticles in Scots anent the sicker historie o the Scots fowk, baith at hame an furth o Scotland.

Lithuli Hous,
50-52, College Bouns,
Auld Aiberdeen,
AB2 3DS.

Price:- £6.00

[NOTE: image here of THE HISTORIE JURNAL IN THE SCOTS LEID, Nummer 1, Mairch 1997]

A new Scottish fitba fanzine cried, wad ye believe it? Fitba. This haes wee bits o Scots in it but, wi the richt kinna fleetchin, aiblins this cuid be eikit tae an gart tae growe. We dinna ken the price o this ane but it shuid be sellin noo in maist guid buikshops..

6 New Maimbers For Scots Tung.
Athin the laist twa weeks or that, fower new fowk haes been eikit tae the maimbership leet fae the follaein airts:- Forres, Clynder an Edinburgh. Forby that, twa mair fae Musselburgh haes sayed thai wis ettlin tae jine an aw.

1997 Yule Cairds Gaun Weel.
Cairds sellin in the shops is daein no bad an the Musselburgh Caird Centre haes phoned areddies for anither three dizzen. The Convener an Secretar wis baith tendin forgaitherins this week, ane wi the Broadly Scots Group at Bathgate an the tither wi the Scots Leid Owerband at Stirlin. 150 cairds wis selt at Stirlin an anither 32 at Bathgate. Mair aboot thae forgaitherins faurer on.

Takin a Brek Ower the Daft Days.
The neist forgaitherin in the Brunton Ha wull be the laist ane or the mids o Januar. The date tae be decidit at this forgaitherin.

At the laist ane, it wis proponed for the maimbers tae pit some time in at this forgaitherin tryin tae owerset some o the Psalms an Proverbs fae the Bible intae Scots. Mind an bring whit graith ye need tae the forgaitherin an, gin ye hae time tae dae a wee bit fore-wark it micht gie uz a fleein stert.

Fleetchin the Edin. Office o the E.C. Anent Scots.
The E.C. is commitit tae supportin its monie linguistic an cultural diffrences an the European Pairliament haes proponed meisures tae be taen tae gie a heize tae regional minoritie language communities.

Scrieve an speir whit's bein duin for Scots:-
Kenneth A. Munro, (Heid o Representation)
[CENSORED: postaladdress].
Ph [CENSORED: phonenumber] Fax [CENSORED: faxnumber].

Neist Forgaitherin
Mon. 8t. December 7.30pm tae 9.00pm. Comatee Rm. C, Brunton Ha, Musselburgh

Whit Wey is the Nem o Oor Mither Tung no Gaun tae be on the Scottish Devolution Bill?
This is the by-ordnar important quaisten we shuid aw be speirin o the Secretar o State for Scotland an the Permanent Secretar at the Scottish Office ower the lave o this month.

The anelie mintin o Scotland's linguistic heirship in whit wis proponed in Julie 1997, wis on page 6 -

"the arts including the functions of the National Library of Scotland, the National Museums of Scotland, the National Galleries of Scotland, the Scottish Museums Council, and Scottish Screen and support for Gaelic;"
The Bill for the Scottish Pairliament is bein scrievit noo an it's by-ordnar important for the uphaudin o the Scots leid in the days tae come that its nem is inclusit inower the Act.

Gin it's no inclusit in the draft Bill tae be pit afore pairliament in Januar, it wull be mair fykie tae chynge for it wull tak an amendment tae dae it. We cuin get by this gin we cuin perswad the Scottish Office tae hae Scots leetit in the furst draft o the Bill.

Tae dae this, we maun scrieve a wheen o pawkie letters tae the Scottish Office ower December, speirin tae hae Scots leetit alangside o Gaelic an pintin oot hoo the Scots leid is ane o the heidmaist keystanes o oor Scottish cultur an, bi thair ain awnin, thir mair nor 1.5m Scots speikers an juist aroon the 70000 speikers o Gaelic.

Sen yer letters tae:-

Donald Dewar,
Secretar o State for Scotland, an
Sir Russell Hillhouse,
Permanent Secretar,
baith at:-
Scottish Office,
St Andraes Hoose,
EH1 3DG.

Veesit Tae the Broadly Scots Group, Bathgate.
On Thursday 27t. November, Scots Tung's Convener an Secretar traivelled alang tae Bathgate tae gie a wee talk tae the Broadly Scots Group. We telt thaim aw aboot the ploys an deviltrie we aw get up tae an whit Scots Tung wis aw aboot. This group is kinna lik oorsels an gae hail-heidit on forderin the Mither Tung in the scuils o Wast Lothian. Thai set oot tae scrieve a wee Dictionar o aw the Scots wirds yaised maistlie in Wast Lothian an fleetched the bairns in sax Wast Lothian scuils tae dae cartoons tae illustrate some o the wirds. The Cooncil wis sae fair awa wi it thai peyed for its furthsettin an greed tae sell it in the public libraries an aw. The siller won back wis yaised tae pey for ither projecks o localintrest. Thai gied a free copie o thair Dictionar tae ilka ane o the 66 scuils in Wast Lothian an this kythed a muckle swall o intrest for Scots in the scuils. Some heidmaisters bocht twa dictionars for ilka clessroom an fower scuils speirt a heize wi owersettin intae Scots. Ae scuil pit forrit 29 entries intae thair Scots Language Poetrie Competeetion. Thair Secretar, Tom Meek, says that thai were anelie daein efter aw, juist whit the Secretar o State haed telt thaim tae – pittin the Scots leid on the same foond as English.

Scots Leid Owerband Forgaitherin in Stirlin.
Seturday 29t. o November seen Scots Tung's Convener an Secretar stravaigin agane – this time tae forgaither wi the Scots Leid Owerband at Stirlin. Oor trystin place wis the William Wallace Exhibeetion in the Smith Art Gallery. Efter a keek at the exhibeetion an gettin oor foties taen, we haed a bite tae aet than daunert aff tae a howf athin the glower o the castle.

Thir wis eleeven fowk thare speikin up for Scots Tung, the Scots Speikers' Curn, Glesca an the Aiberdeen Univairsitie Scots Leid Quorum. A wheen o the fowk tendin wis maimbers o the S.L.S. an aw sae, ye micht say thai haed a presence thare an aw but no in onie kinna offeecial wey.

The forgaitherin wis haudit tae big the Owerband intae a mair organized an structured kinna umberellae owerance for aw the sindrie curns o Scots leid upsteerers. For a guid lang while noo we'v aw haed a sair want for some kinna owerance tae mak sicker we wur aw kickin the ba the same wey an daein the richt things at the richt time an daein thaim aw thegither. The expeckit kythin o a new Scottish pairliament maks it aw the mair clamant for uz tae hing thegither tae pit oor consaits forrit wi mair wecht. Whit kythes atween the noo an the breardin o wir Scottish pairliament is shuir tae hae a muckle ootcome on whit befaws the Scots language in aw the days tae come. It faws tae uz tae mak sicker that, at its hamecomin, this pairliament is ane that gies a richtfu respeck tae the Mither Tung for, gin it disna fae the stert, the moold wull be set for aw the days efter an the Scots language micht weel hae missed the boat.

Noo is the time for aw upsteerers tae tak the ure. This inlat micht nivver kythe agane.

It wis greed fae the stert that the owerance wad be cried the Scots Leid Owerband an it wad be for Scots leid curns tae jine the owerband raither nor indiveedual fowk tho some micht be acceppit as associates an pit on the mailin leet.

The jinin subscrievins for ilka curn wis set at £20.00 for the year up tae Huntie-gowk than ilka Huntie-gowk efter that, whan the soum wad be decidit at the time. Atween times, thir micht be a want for siller tae be ingaithert for by-ordnar projecks an that.

A mailin leet wis tae biggit up o aw upsteerers an ithers wi a freenlie consait tae Scots.

A Press Officiar in the nem o Bill Wilson wis appintit tae the Owerband wi a Forespeiker appintit for ilka curn. Aw traffeck tae the curns wad be bi wey o the Forespeikers an E-mail wad be yaised for raik an the hainin o cost.

The follaein wis appintit an thair E-mail backins is gien an aw:-

Scots Leid Owerband Press Officiar:-
Bill Wilson [CENSORED: emailaddress]

AUSLQ Forespeiker:-
Rod Lovie [CENSORED: emailaddress]
Scots Speikers' Curn, Glesca Forespeiker:-
Colin Wilson [CENSORED: emailaddress]

Scots Tung Forespeiker:-
Bob Fairnie [CENSORED: emailaddress]

Ither fowk tendin the forgaitherin an thair backins, whaur kent, wis gien as:-

Matthew Love [CENSORED: emailaddress]
Richard Heinsar, Dauvit Horsbroch, Craig Halliday, Janet Menzies, Reid Moffat an Steve Murdoch.

It wis proponed for the Owerband tae furthset a magazine o its ain. This wis tae be diffrent fae Lallans an ither furthsettins for it wad cairrie wittins an consaits forby fiction an it wad be a forum for maimbers tae air thair ain consaits.

EBLUL micht be fleetchted for siller tae uphaud the magazine an tae uphaud the biggin up o a staunart orthographie for the leid an aw.

The heidmaist projecks for the noo hiv tae be the Census an the Scottish Devolution Bill. Whit we cuin aw dae for the S.D. Bill haes been spelt oot areddies at the stert o this page an, gin oniebodie gets onie repones fae the Scottish Office, thai shuid be sent on tae the Owerband bi wey o thair ain respective Forespeikers.

Wi regaird tae the Census, the fecht haesna been tint yet an mair letters is shuir tae be wantit but the AUSLQ is corrieneuchin wi the Owerband anent anither ploy thai'r ettlin tae yaise tae fleetch the Scottish Office tae chynge its mind. Whan aw the particularities o this haes been sortit oot, the maimber curns wull be telt aw aboot it.

Leukin faurer aheid, it wis proponed an aw tae pit on some kinna Scuil road shaw in the hairst o neist year. Some kinna mini-bus wad be wantit for this an the thochts reenged fae coffin ane, (that wad aw lippin on EBLUL, the Lotterie or somebodie's rich uncle pittin thair hauns in thair pootches for the siller) or mair lik, rentin ane or e'en gettin a len o ane.

This work is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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