Document 1653

Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 15, recording 2: playing with Spiderman stickers and starting a Christmas list to Santa

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1127 Now, how many stickers have you stuck on?
M1128 [child noise]
F1127 Hinna seen the colouring book though, farr's the colouring book? Go and let Mammy see the colouring book, [?]see fitt's on the colourin ain[/?].
M1128 Aye, it's a sticker.
F1127 Oh, wait we see if there's ony there. Farr's the pens at? Go and get the pens oot the drawer.
M1128 No.
F1127 There's a dog with Spiderman, and a loonie.
M1128 Where's the dog at?
F1127 Wait tae see. F- Mammy's lost him. There! I'm gaun to colour him in. Go and get the pens oot the drawerie to Mam.
M1128 No.
F1127 Why? Oh! You've stuck a wheel on the dog! Why have ye stuck a wheel on the dog?
M1128 I rip it.
F1127 Eh? You've ripped it?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Let [?]me hae a look[/?].
M1128 That ain there.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 That ain there. I'm gaun to get the sticker on the doggie.
F1127 Oh, a sticker on the doggie?
M1128 [?]Cause he's ripping that.[/?]
F1127 I'm gaun get the pens oot the drawer. Go and get the pens oot the drawer to Mammy.
M1128 [exhale] Them that goes in there?
F1127 Aye. Go and find the pens.
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Can you find them? Fitt's that ye've got?
M1128 Pens.
F1127 Come on see if we can colour in bonny. Will we see what we can colour in? Oh! Hey, farr did your other Mini go, [CENSORED: forename]? The car?
M1128 The Mini.
F1127 Ken the car like this, farr did you put it? Oh! There it goes! Vroom! //Fitt does a car say?//
M1128 //Vroom.//
F1127 Ooh! Will we play with the cars? //No?//
M1128 //No, no! It's colouring-in time!//
F1127 Colouring-in time?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Oh, right, come and see this thing here. //How many//
M1128 //No.//
F1127 spiders can you see? Come here.
M1128 Fitt?
F1127 How many spiders can you see? You've to count them. Can you see any spiders? Eh? //How many can we see? Let's hae a look at them.//
M1128 //One,// two, three, four, five, six!
F1127 How about that ain? Another ain.
M1128 Five.
F1127 Seven. //Eight.//
M1128 //Eight,// nine, ten, eleven, //twelve!//
F1127 //Twelve.// //That's right.//
M1128 //Whe-// what do
F1127 Eh?
M1128 [child noise] What do one.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 One. //One.//
F1127 //Aye, one, two, three, four, fi-// Right, go and see. Farr's your colour o Spiderman? Have we nae got a blue pen?
M1128 Oh, there's a blue pen!
F1127 Oh aye! I'm gaun to colour in. Mind you was colouring in bonny last time? Mammy was learning you, wasn't she? There's yer girlie wi a teddy bear.
M1128 Mam, there's another teddy bear.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Aye. Oh look!
F1127 Oh aye!
M1128 Spiderman might him got on that.
F1127 He's got on a Spiderman t-shirt.
M1128 Er, why?
F1127 Cause he has. Colour him in bonny. Fitt ye daein?
M1128 [colouring in]
F1127 Are you colouring him in bonny? //Fitt hae ye got to dae if you colour in, ye keep in the?//
M1128 //Aye.// Lines!
F1127 Aye.
M1128 Then you get a new page. Takin a new page.
F1127 Wantin a new page?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Why?
M1128 I'd like a new page.
F1127 Eh? You like getting a new page?
M1128 Aye, this ain'll be the same, this ain.
F1127 Oh, that's a mannie wi Spiderman. This is him drinking his juice, look? See?
M1128 Who's is, is that?
F1127 That's his juice. Fitt's he drinking his juice wi? //A straw.//
M1128 //Spider arms.// Straw. Aye, and where's the Green Goblin at?
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Where's the Green Goblin page?
F1127 Go and see if you find the Green Goblin then.
M1128 [sucks air through teeth] [humming] [child noise]
F1127 Can you find the Green Goblin?
M1128 No, this is on the spider.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 [?]And this is on the Green Goblin[/?]. Er.
F1127 You found him? //Oh, ye're haein an awful bother trying to find him then, aren't ye?//
M1128 //No, nae yet.//
F1127 Eh? //You got him?//
M1128 //That's him.// Aye. Aye, here's him there.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Here's him there.
F1127 Fitt ain will Mammy colour in then?
M1128 That ain!
F1127 This ain, and fitt aboot you?
M1128 I am goin to colour in this ain.
F1127 You dae this ain.
M1128 Inside.
F1127 Aye, it's pink.
M1128 I'm doing this one using the pink.
F1127 You wantin a shot o the red?
M1128 He-. //Yeah!//
F1127 //Oh, I think the sun's coming oot now.//
M1128 [child noise]
F1127 The rain was pourin, wasn't it?
M1128 Mammy, oh oh!
F1127 Fitt's wrong?
M1128 It ripped off. //[inaudible]//
F1127 //Oh, Mammy'll sort it.//
M1128 There's only one page here!
F1127 Eh?
M1128 There's only one page!
F1127 One page?
M1128 Aye. You canna colour in nae page.
F1127 I canna colour in a- oh, that's the last page you're on. Fitt's this we've got free with this and our comic? [opening packet] A free figure. Kimi. //Fitt bookie's this you've got the day?//
M1128 //Kimi.// Rugrats.
F1127 Rugrats.
M1128 Aye, Rugrats.
F1127 Fitt doll is this ye've got? Wait till we see. [opening packet] Wait and I'll see if I can get it open. That's it.
M1128 What is it?
F1127 That's fitt ye wear in the swimming baths and that maks ye float. See? But you can float noo, can't ye? Cause you get special floats when ye go to the swimming lessons, divn't ye, Tootie? //Sure?//
M1128 //How, where do I go?//
F1127 Eh?
M1128 [exhale]
F1127 Let me see fitt's i-. Oh, this is aa aboot pumpkins and aa! Wait till we see fitt we see in here. Fitt have they got on?
M1128 Glasses.
F1127 And why do they need to wear glasses?
M1128 They cannae see.
F1127 They canna see.
M1128 No.
F1127 Oh, look! He's got a wand. Fitt do you say wi yer magic wand?
M1128 Bitty-batty-boo!
F1127 Bibbity-
M1128 Babbety-boo!
F1127 Oh, what's that?
M1128 A budgie bitin.
F1127 A budgie biting? //It's a parrot.//
M1128 //Aye.// A parrot. Is the parrot eatin?
F1127 Has [CENSORED: forename] still got her budgie? And fitt's that?
M1128 Monkey.
F1127 A monkey. Fitt does monkey say?
M1128 It's a stamper.
F1127 Is it a stamper? Let me see. Oh aye. It is, isn't it?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Wait till we see fitt else we see in here. //[inaudible] there'a bat.//
M1128 //I am, I dae// I do, they're scary!
F1127 They're scary, aren't they? //Fann does bats come oot?//
M1128 //Yeah.// Eh.
F1127 Here's Tommy.
M1128 Show me that.
F1127 There's Tommy there. And that's the witchie //on her broomstick.//
M1128 //That's the witchie that.// Aye, who's that, in there?
F1127 Fitt's that girlie called again, the Rugrats? //Wait till we see. Angelica!//
M1128 //Dinna ken.// Angelica.
F1127 [CENSORED: forename] likes her. Angelica. //Oh, fitt's that?//
M1128 //Angeli-.// It's a sweet.
F1127 A Fruit Shoot!
M1128 Aye. [throat] Oh!
F1127 That's bairnies has drawed pictures and sent them in to the comics. Eh? They were drawing them and sent them in.
M1128 Oh! Scary!
F1127 Is that scary? //He's dressed up as a fitt?//
M1128 //Aye.// Dragon.
F1127 A dragon? Fitt does a dragon say? //Rrr!//
M1128 //Rrr!// And there's this ain.
F1127 That's Fruit Shoots.
M1128 Eh, I goes, that goes on the Play-Doh.
F1127 No, that's nae a stamper, that's just a little ornament for you. That shows ye how to mak a pumpkin.
M1128 Fitt? //That?//
F1127 //Eh?// Aye, that shows ye how to mak a pumpkin.
M1128 Can we bake, Mammy?
F1127 We baked yesterday. Did we bake yesterday?
M1128 Are we gonna bake the day, Mammy?
F1127 We'll maybe bake later on, then, will we? //Are you gonna sti- farr's yer book wi the spiders?//
M1128 //Mammy, no! [child noise]// //Look [inaudible].//
F1127 //Go and stick mair on here.// Oh, it's alright.
M1128 I I nae, I dinna like that ain.
F1127 Do ye nae like that ain oniewey?
M1128 No.
F1127 See if you can, you've nae put nae stickers on this pagie. Oh! You've nae put nane on there. That's the light shining, cause they're all gaun along to the fancy ball contest.
M1128 Fancy ball.
F1127 Fitt wis you daein at yer fancy dress concert? Fi- at the playschool, fitt wis ye duckin for?
M1128 Apples!
F1127 And did you manage to catch any? //Did ye?//
M1128 //I go-// my hair got weet!
F1127 Did it?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Oh, me! Did Mrs [CENSORED: surname]'s hair get weet? And di-, hey, did ye catch an apple?
M1128 Aye. //I had to put it back in.//
F1127 //Did ye?// You'd to put it back in?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Why? //And was the water hot or caul?//
M1128 //I-// //Caul.//
F1127 //Was it caul?//
M1128 Ca- no, hot.
F1127 Hot? //Like ye, hot like a bath?//
M1128 //Aye.// Aye, hot like
F1127 Hot like a bath, or just a wee bittie hot?
M1128 A wee bittie hot.
F1127 A wee bittie hot? //Aye.//
M1128 //Aye.//
F1127 I see. Gee, move aboot fast, don't ye?
M1128 Spiderman's up here! //And get all the child noise.//
F1127 //Get them on.// Farr's yer ither ains? See fitt else we've got.
M1128 I'm nae Spidermans!
F1127 Nae, you've lots of Spidermans, hivn't ye?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Div ye like Spiderman?
M1128 Aye. Aye, I'm nae going to put it on!
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Nae put it on.
F1127 Nope, put him on aifter. //Oh!//
M1128 //Nae on next.//
F1127 Fa's on the back of this comic?
M1128 Scooby-Doo.
F1127 Spongebob Squarepants.
M1128 I nae, I nae, I nae put him on!
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Nae put him on.
F1127 No, we winna put him on.
M1128 No. Green Goblin's on it.
F1127 The Green Goblin's on it.
M1128 Aye. //I want//
F1127 //Ken fitt Mammy'll get?// Mammy'll go and get the Argos book. And we'll hae a lookie. Bide there and I'll see this bookie. We'll see the Argos book. //That bit's fell off ye again?//
M1128 //Goin to take off// Aye.
F1127 Wait till Mammy see. Think Granny [CENSORED: forename]'ll come in for you on the way hame?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Aye! //I'm gaun ta-.//
F1127 //Did she say she was gaun to collect ye?//
M1128 Aye, I'm gaun, I'm gaun to //take a//
F1127 //Ah, but she's got to go to the dentist first.//
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Mind, fitt did she say?
M1128 Going to the dentist.
F1127 Hae to go the dentist first, she said.
M1128 Aye. //[?]I I am this one here.[/?]//
F1127 //Right, you stick on the stickers, and then you help me,// Oh, fitt's that ye've got? Oh, another Spiderman?
M1128 I'm gaun to stick it on the torch. On the torch.
F1127 Fa had a torch yesterday?
M1128 Who?
F1127 Who had a torch yesterday in the car?
M1128 Me. And fitt did, farr did ye leave it? [cough]
F1127 Did ye leave it in the car?
M1128 child noise [playing with the microphone]
F1127 Now what ye doing? Fitt's that? A pumpkin? //Farr'll we put the pumpkin?//
M1128 //I'm never had it.// I'm nae sticking it on that page.
F1127 Ye're nae sticking it on that page?
M1128 There's nae enough room.
F1127 Full up!
M1128 Aye. I'm gaun to stick it on the Incredible, no, that's no no, that's nae Incredible Hulk.
F1127 Incredible Hulk.
M1128 No, it's nae. No, it's nae.
F1127 It is!
M1128 It's nae.
F1127 I thought the Incredible Hulk was him, cause he's green and purple. Fa is it then?
M1128 I gaun stick it on his hand, I'm hidin it on his heidie.
F1127 You putting the pumpkin on his heidie?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Mm.
M1128 Aye, him canna see it.
F1127 No, he winna see it, will he?
M1128 No, I di- [?]where am I putting that[/?]!
F1127 Ooh!
M1128 Bu-
F1127 We'll have to mak yer Santa list ain of these days, eh?
M1128 I hae to, Mammy.
F1127 What we'll we write for your Santa list?
M1128 Santa.
F1127 Fitt would ye like fae Santa?
M1128 Toys.
F1127 Fitt kind o toys?
M1128 [CENSORED: forename]'s nae, [CENSORED: forename]'s getting no toys.
F1127 [CENSORED: forename]'s nae getting toys? //Aye.//
M1128 //No.//
F1127 Why will [CENSORED: forename] nae get toys?
M1128 Her's nae good, getting toys.
F1127 [inaudible], was [CENSORED: forename] nae yer friend doon in Granny's the day?
M1128 No.
F1127 What was she daein?
M1128 Look! I'm doned it a lady! //Doned it a lady!//
F1127 //Eh?// Oh aye! You've made her into a ladybird putting on that mask.
M1128 Oh no!
F1127 Fitt hiv ye done?
M1128 Rip it.
F1127 Ripped fitt?
M1128 That little bittie.
F1127 That's aaright, wait till we see if there's ony in this book. //Wait till we see. Oh, ye're still daein the stickers?//
M1128 //No I-, aye.//
F1127 Oh well, you put on the stickers and then we'll dae yer Santa list, will we?
M1128 Aye. I'm gaun, I'm stick it on there. //On the Incredible Hulk.//
F1127 //Eh? Oh! Spiderman's on the Incredible Hulk?//
M1128 Aye, him's so stupid though, Hulk.
F1127 He sorts him out?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Oh.
M1128 child noise His, his, Spider's man's getting the [?]mouth's on like that[/?]
F1127 Oh. //Oh aye! That's bonny.//
M1128 //Him gaun to eat the mannie!// //Look, him gaun to eat!//
F1127 //Aye, him's turned oot a bonny mannie.// Sure?
M1128 Aye. Oh, oh! //Bo- mannie.//
F1127 //What's wrong?// //Eh?//
M1128 //Waiting to do your.// I'm gonna sti- Mum! Mum! ooh, he's a bad mannie comed in here.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 [child noise]
F1127 Hey! [ripping noise]
M1128 This one's ripped and aa.
F1127 Oh, it's alright, once you stick it on, it winna rip, it'll sort. Won't it?
M1128 Sort.
F1127 You stick them on. That's it!
M1128 What's that? //Ah.//
F1127 //Hey, fann Granny [CENSORED: forename] comes in, we'll have to show her fitt ye made at the playschool, that Incy-Wincy spider.// //Will we? Oh aye!//
M1128 //Look! I've turned it tae!// I'm turned it to mannie, [inaudible] gaun to Spiderman, you're gaun to beat the bad man! I'm sticking him on there. I'm gonna, I I'm gaun to another pumpkin. Mummy! Look! Another pumkpin!
F1127 Another pumpkin? //Ye'll have to t- ken fitt [CENSORED: forename] had for her dinner?//
M1128 //Aye.// Aye.
F1127 Pumpkin soup!
M1128 Who's [CENSORED: forename]?
F1127 [CENSORED: forename], ken [CENSORED: forename] that comes roon? [CENSORED: forename]. [CENSORED: forename] had pumpkin soup. And I says, oh, I dinna ken if I would like pumpkin soup. She says it's good! Will we hae pumpkin soup one day?
M1128 No.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Na!
F1127 How nae? //Well, we've never tasted it, have we?//
M1128 //It's nae good, Mam!// No, want it off. //Mammy, can't see the paints.//
F1127 //Come on, leave the wires, leave the wires, darling.// Here. //[?]You can.[/?]//
M1128 //Look at her [inaudible].//
F1127 Aye, it's bonny, eh?
M1128 This is the wifie.
F1127 That's the wifie. That's bonny. Isn't it?
M1128 [?]I'm taking[/?] Spiderman comes over, sorts oot aabody.
F1127 Spiderman sorts oot aabody?
M1128 Aye, sorts oot, them! Sorts oot Incredible Hulk.
F1127 Oh, well, that's fine, eh? And the clown.
M1128 Where's him at?
F1127 There. Here's the clown, look! //[?]That's him [/?] there.//
M1128 //[child noise]//
F1127 Can you see the helicopter? Where? That's it there. The helicopter goes up in the sky.
M1128 Why?
F1127 Cause it does, it's like an aeroplane.
M1128 That ains are ripped.
F1127 All ripped?
M1128 Aye, [?]that's no like that ain[/?].
F1127 Fa ripped it?
M1128 I dinna ken.
F1127 Must have been you.
M1128 No, it must be the wifie in the shop. Must be the wifie in the shop.
F1127 The wifie in the shop?
M1128 Aye. Haud on a second, I'm gonna, Spiderman's gaun to, on here. Spiderman's up the sky! Spiderman goes up the sky.
F1127 Up the sky aside the birdies?
M1128 Yeah. Ho! Who was that dressed up?
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Her dressed up.
F1127 She's dressed up like a cat. //Fitt's a cat say?//
M1128 //Aye, it's nae a cat.// //Miaow.//
F1127 //Fitt's [CENSORED: forename]'s cat called?//
M1128 Thomas.
F1127 Thomas! That's nae, that's what Thomas the Tank's called. Is that the same name as [CENSORED: forename]'s cat?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Is it?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Oh.
M1128 Him's goes up the sky, aside Spiderman.
F1127 Oh, goes up like Spiderman? High up in the sky.
M1128 Last page.
F1127 Last page.
M1128 Aye, I'm, we nae got a picture oniewey.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 We nae got a picture.
F1127 I ken, ye're nae letting me colour in, are ye?
M1128 No, [?]my only one picture[/?].
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Mam, you cannae colour in, it's
F1127 Are you nae gonna let me colour in? //Oh, puir Mammy.//
M1128 //No, it's//
F1127 Are you gaun to colour in?
M1128 See, there's nae room!
F1127 Oh, there's nae room for Mammy?
M1128 No.
F1127 Puir Mammy. There's gonna be another page though, will there nae?
M1128 Aye, there!
F1127 Aye.
M1128 [?]You put[/?] there.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Put there. Fitt ain is that? Aye, here's the stickers, Mammy stealed them! child noise I put it, I put it, Mammy, look what I did!
F1127 Oh, that's bonny! Have you made it pretty?
M1128 And look what I did.
F1127 Oh, that's clever! You like stickers, divn't ye?
M1128 Aye. I gonna, I'm gaun to need them aa.
F1127 You gaun to use them all?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 You nae got playschool the day, have ye? //That//
M1128 //I didn't like that bits.//
F1127 that's just a bittie the edges. You nae need that bittie, did ye? //No.//
M1128 //No, why//
F1127 Can use that bittie another time.
M1128 [exhale] Spiderman goes up aside him [inaudible]. Spi- Spiderman's coming!
F1127 Spiderman's coming? I think we'll dress you up as him next year, eh?
M1128 No!
F1127 Why? Why will we nae dress you up like Spiderman?
M1128 I nae got aa kind of claes!
F1127 But we'll buy ye. You get Spiderman stuff out the toyshop in Buckie. Sure?
M1128 No.
F1127 You div.
M1128 No!
F1127 You do.
M1128 No. //[ripping noise]//
F1127 //Aye, you do.//
M1128 Oh Mammy! Ripped!
F1127 Oh, will I help ye? //There ye go.//
M1128 //Aye.// Is ripped?
F1127 It doesna maitter.
M1128 Is it on the clown?
F1127 Still works, //doesn't it?//
M1128 //No, the clown's// turned into Spiderman!
F1127 Eh?
M1128 The clown's turned intae Spiderman.
F1127 Fa's in Spiderman?
M1128 No!
F1127 Oh, aye, the clowns. And the balloons, oh! Here's your helicopter, farr you goin to put the helicopter?
M1128 On
F1127 Up aside the sky.
M1128 I'vem Mammy, I put it that way.
F1127 More balloons?
M1128 Aye. I found that balloons there.
F1127 Aye.
M1128 Are they stickers?
F1127 There.
M1128 Are they stickers?
F1127 There's mair stickers, isn't there? Aye, what's that mannie got on the hands? That's Spi- a rope. Spiderman's got a rope, he climbs i-, up a rope.
M1128 Why?
F1127 Cause he can, cause he goes, can climb aa wey. Like you climb yer Mammy's stools, aren't ye? //Bit of a monkey, aren't ye?//
M1128 //Aye, like me.// Aye. Spiderman, he gies on //Incredible Hulk hands!//
F1127 //Eh?// Incredible Hulk hands?
M1128 Five, two, one, see, I'm going Spiderman. //[child noise]//
F1127 //Hey, we'll soon be puttin up our Christmas tree.//
M1128 Write Santa's list.
F1127 Aye, we'll have to write a list to Santa, won't we?
M1128 Aye, the day is, him's come the day?
F1127 No, nae the day. It's nae Christmas time yet.
M1128 I gaun to have, write a list the day.
F1127 We've to write a list, and we've to post it awa to Santa. And Santa watches ye, and if ye're nae good he doesna take ye nae toys, does he?
M1128 No.
F1127 If you're a good boy like you, Santa'll take you some toys, shouldn't he?
M1128 Aye, enough toys.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Enough toys.
F1127 Fa's got enough toys?
M1128 Me.
F1127 You nae wantin nae mair toys?
M1128 No.
F1127 No? Why nae?
M1128 I'm nae, cause I'm nae wantin nae.
F1127 Oh well, so what will Santa take you instead? //Listen, eh?//
M1128 //Just a wee chair.// A wood chair.
F1127 What kind of chair?
M1128 A wooden chair.
F1127 A wooden chair?
M1128 Aye!
F1127 That's a silly thing to ask for. Fitt do ye want a wooden chair for?
M1128 I need to tell Santa.
F1127 I thought you was needin a bike.
M1128 Nae needin a bike.
F1127 You nae?
M1128 No.
F1127 Oh well.
M1128 Spiderman's walking, Spiderman's stopped, chair. Spiderman's walking there. [child noise]
F1127 Now fitt ye daein? See when ye've finished, can we read the Argos book?
M1128 No.
F1127 Why?
M1128 Write Santa's list.
F1127 Aye, but we'll hae to look at the book to see fitt we'll put on the list. //We'll have to write, Dear Santa,//
M1128 //That Green Goblin's good.//
F1127 [CENSORED: forename], fitt's your name [CENSORED: forename]?
M1128 [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: middlename] [CENSORED: surname]
F1127 [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: middlename] [CENSORED: surname]. Would like
M1128 Toys!
F1127 You says ye've enough, was you jist joking? //[laugh] Fitt was ye?//
M1128 //Aye!// Joking!
F1127 Were ye jist joking, was ye?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Aye.
M1128 Who put that on?
F1127 Eh?
M1128 Who put that on?
F1127 That on, farr?
M1128 In there.
F1127 Dinna ken, you put it on.
M1128 Aye. Gaun to put the flowers on the Green Go- Goblin.
F1127 The Green Goblin.
M1128 No, nae on the Green Goblin, up in the sky, the Green Goblin canna get it. A Green Goblin canna get it. A Green Goblin canna get it?
F1127 No, the Green Goblin canna get it //if you hide it up there, can he?//
M1128 //No.// Aye. Him canna see it.
F1127 How many stickers have ye left?
M1128 Tw- two le- one, two, three, four.
F1127 That's it. Getting good at taking them off, you, aren't ye?
M1128 Aye. //I'm gonna them on there.//
F1127 //A lot of Spiderman's.// We'll have to show Granny [CENSORED: forename] it, won't we? Eh? Think she'll remember and collect ye after the dentist?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 [CENSORED: forename].
F1127 That's it!
M1128 And this is Dean.
F1127 That's that [?]Dean[/?], isn't it?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Right, wait till we see. Wait till we se-, aye but we'll start at the beginning, look, see? Ye come back round this wey. //Nae, ye're alright, you you sit there and I'll sit here.//
M1128 //Why?// //Mummy, Mummy!//
F1127 //And wait till we see, we'll start at the beginning.// Aye, wait till we start at the beginning, and see fitt aa we can see. See if you ken aathing in this bookie. Will we? Right, that's babies, that's farr Simba's gaun to sleep, are they? Fitt we calling our baby again?
M1128 Simba.
F1127 Canna call it Simba!
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Think we can, is that a bonny name?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Aye, div ye think so?
M1128 Aye!
F1127 Right, wait and we see fitt's here. //Is this toys, fi- fitt do ye think, fitt else?//
M1128 //Mammy, Mammy, I used to hae that!//
F1127 And farr's that? //It's up the//
M1128 //[inaudible]// Loft.
F1127 Loft.
M1128 Aye, will you take it in the loft?
F1127 Well, you're too big for it noo, ye see?
M1128 Aye, I'm gaun to gie it tae Simba.
F1127 You gaun to gie it to Simba. //Well, fitt will we tell Santa to take to the baby.//
M1128 //Aye, I// //I'm gaun to//
F1127 //Cause our baby'll need a toy and all, won't it?//
M1128 Mammy, I'm gaun I'm gaun to //Mammy, I'm gaun, Mammy! I'm gaun to play that ain now, Mammy.//
F1127 //What will we tell Santa?// See fann you had that, you used to draw with your fingers like that, you used to play a tune.
M1128 I nae plays the tune noo?
F1127 Aye, but it's up in the loft, cause you're too big for it.
M1128 I I I'm gan to give it to Simba.
F1127 And you'd ain o them and aa. And that's up a loft. And fitt's that there?
M1128 A phone.
F1127 A phone.
M1128 I never hae a phone.
F1127 Aye, ye'd a phone. Come on over here a bittie, till I see ye.
M1128 [?] How will everybody sitting up, sure[/?].
F1127 Now, fitt we gaun to hae, fa's got one o them?
M1128 [CENSORED: forename]. //Mammy, I wouldn't, I wouldna play that.//
F1127 //Come roon this side, Mammy, cause I canna reach ye.// Well, we'll have to play that next time we're going to [CENSORED: forename]'s.
M1128 I go, I wouldn't go up the stairs.
F1127 Has [CENSORED: forename] got that in her bedroom?
M1128 Aye. //Eh.//
F1127 //Now, go and tell Mammy fitt we'll get tae the baby, fae Santa?// Fitt's that?
M1128 Hippo cats.
F1127 And fitt does a hippo dae?
M1128 Eated [?]the blocks[/?].
F1127 Aye, it eats up all that blocks, doesn't it?
M1128 Aye, why?
F1127 And fitt's that?
M1128 It's a giraffe.
F1127 A giraffe? Well, fitt do ye think we'll ask for the baby, fitt aboot that hoosie?
M1128 Aye, this hoosie.
F1127 Does that hoosie look a good ain?
M1128 Aye, who comes in it?
F1127 Look fitt ye dae.
M1128 [inaudible]
F1127 Look fitt ye dae wi that hoosie.
M1128 Aye.
F1127 The baby goes in and oot the doorie. //And there's a doorbell, and it says, ding-dong.//
M1128 //Aye.// Where's the doorbell at?
F1127 There, see that purple button? And it says "Let's post letters"! Farr do ye think ye post the letters at?
M1128 [inaudible] Where's the letters at?
F1127 Must be through there, look! See, through that doorie. Must ging through there. Does that look a good ain?
M1128 Is that aboot [?]to see Jessie there[/?].
F1127 Oh, aye, that's the letterbox there. Mammy's silly. Fitt's that there?
M1128 A window.
F1127 And fitt's that underneath the window?
M1128 A flower.
F1127 A flower! Wonder if it's got a fine smell. Oh, it winna smell on the book, will it?
M1128 No.
F1127 Eh?
M1128 No.
F1127 Nae smell?
M1128 No.
F1127 See fitt else there is. Now, see fitt's here. Oh, that's fitt Granny [CENSORED: forename]'s buying the baby. Does that look good?
M1128 Baby's nae come with it?
F1127 The baby sits in there and it canna move oot of it. And it plays with aa the thingies, and it's got a hippo. See?
M1128 Is gaun to be good fun?
F1127 Aye. See fitt's on the next page.
M1128 Mummy, Mummy, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. Wait, wait, no, Mummy. Wait Mummy. Wait Mummy, wait Mummy.
F1127 Oh, that's jigsaws.
M1128 Aye, gaun to gie that to baby.
F1127 You gonna gie that to baby?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Think the baby would like them and aa, won't it?
M1128 I I'm gaun to show the baby to make it.
F1127 You gaun to help the baby to make it.
M1128 Aye. That good?
F1127 That's good o ye. You'll be a right good big brother, won't ye?
M1128 Mmhm.
F1127 Oh! And fa's ripped this page?
M1128 Me.
F1127 Was it you? We canna see fitt oh, fa's that?
M1128 Little [inaudible].
F1127 Oh fitt fitt
M1128 And that's the Toys R Us got!
F1127 Toy R Us got that?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Oh, that's pans. Pots and pans.
M1128 Oh, and they go [?]dances[/?]. [?]Dances[/?].
F1127 Now, fitt see fitt else we see.
M1128 Mam, [inaudible] all them.
F1127 Fa- fa's on them?
M1128 Spiderman. Scooby-Doo. Nemo. //It's//
F1127 //Sit, oh, come here.// Sit doon on Mummy, look! Hey, look! Fitt's this? That's fitt [CENSORED: forename]'s got!
M1128 I'm nae got a purple trolley!
F1127 Fitt colour's your trolley?
M1128 Pink.
F1127 Your trolley's nae pink. Your trolley's green and yellow, isn't it?
M1128 Green and yellow.
F1127 Dinna kick there.
M1128 Why?
F1127 Oh look! I think we should ask Santa for ain o that for you. //Leave the wires.//
M1128 //And who's got that?// Well who's got that?
F1127 The toyshop in Buckie. Remember you go in and play wi it.
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Don't ye? Do you play wi that in the toyshop? Eh? Aye. You winna come oot the toyshop, [inaudible] wi that, will ye? //No?//
M1128 //No.//
F1127 Fitt games div ye get wi that ain?
M1128 Lion King.
F1127 Simba's Big Adventure.
M1128 Simba's Big Adventure.
F1127 Oh! Look at this!
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Fitt's that?
M1128 Piano piano.
F1127 Piano! Wait till I put this on ye. Turn roon a minutie. Oh, ye're nae wanting a [?]day[/?]?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Why ye wanting a [?]day[/?]?
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Oh [CENSORED: forename], come till you see fitt's on this ain though! //Come and see.//
M1128 //[child noise]// [child noise]
F1127 Sit doon till ye see this. I'll put this, I'll strap this back onto you, see? If you're moving. Wait till ye see this.
M1128 [child noise]. Look!
F1127 Oh, farr's the lid for the pink pen here, look. You put it on. //You put it on.//
M1128 //Mm!//
F1127 No! Come and tell, right, we'll have to write a Santa list, okay? //We'll dae a bit of paper.//
M1128 //Okay.//
F1127 Right. We'll write Dear Santa,
M1128 Aye, Dear Santa.
F1127 Dear Santa.
M1128 Dear Santa.
F1127 [CENSORED: forename] would like, right, wait till we see fitt ye'd like. Better read this book to see if there's onything that you see that ye fancy. See fitt ye would like. That's girlies, oh look! Fitt's that?
M1128 A castle, I'd like that ain.
F1127 Fa would like a castle? //And fitt's that there?//
M1128 //Me!// A bobby car.
F1127 Fitt does the bobby car say?
M1128 Nee-naw, nee-naw, nee-naw, nee-naw, nee-naw, //nee-naw.//
F1127 //And the light flashes on the top o it.//
M1128 Aye, why?
F1127 Cause aabody kens it's a police car.
M1128 Aye, are they getting the police! [child noise]
F1127 Oh, that's yours, fitt's that? The ark.
M1128 [child noise] Hey Mummy! Mammy! Mammy.
F1127 We'll see fitt you've got, fitt have you got there?
M1128 Mammy, I'm wanting a hoosie.
F1127 Fa's got the hoosie?
M1128 [CENSORED: forename].
F1127 [CENSORED: forename].
M1128 Aye, why her got a hoosie?
F1127 Well, girls get hoosies.
M1128 Nae boys?
F1127 No, cause fitt's you got? You point to things that you've got.
M1128 That ain, that ain, that ain, that ain, that ain, that ain.
F1127 Fitt ain's that ain?
M1128 I'm wanting that garage.
F1127 That's a different garage fae fitt you've got, isn't it?
M1128 Aye, I'm wanting that different garage.
F1127 A different garage? //Why?//
M1128 //Aye.// I would like two garage.
F1127 Right, we'll write down, you would like a garage. Okay. And then we'll write oot the list better aifter. Fitt's that there? That's like a village, look! See the roadie goes roon and roon and roon.
M1128 Aye, aye, I want to say, Dear [CENSORED: forename]. Dear [CENSORED: forename], I put.
F1127 Dear Santa.
M1128 Why's it Dear Santa there?
F1127 Eh? //That says Santa there.//
M1128 //That says Santa there?// //I'm gaun, Mum! A big body like//
F1127 //But Santa has.// //See fann we go to the toyshop in Buckie,//
M1128 //that.//
F1127 [CENSORED: forename], see fann we go to the toyshop in Buckie? See that wee bittie that you go in and play at?
M1128 Aye, what is it?
F1127 Well, Santa gings there. And ye can go in, in a wee filie, and ye tell him fitt ye would like fae Santa. See?
M1128 I like Santa! //Mummy, I need a bit of paper.//
F1127 //Aye, Santa's good, isn't he?// Needing another bit of paper.
M1128 Aye.
F1127 Here, look!
M1128 Is there paper in there?
F1127 No, there's nae paper in there.
M1128 Nae bit paper?
F1127 Here, look! Right in the back o here. Oh, you'v- watch your feet. Careful, careful! Come here! You write it in there. You write, Dear Santa,
M1128 [inaudible] I, Mummy, look what I did!
F1127 That's bonny.
M1128 And I'm gaun to do it again.
F1127 Ye gaun to dae it again?
M1128 Aye.

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