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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 24, recording 2: doing jigsaws

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1125 Mummy find aa the bits. Here we go. //Right.//
F1126 //[exhale]//
F1125 Now, come ower here a bit. I'll lay the boards oot. That's it. Oh, maybe try that one there. Try the other peacock one. See if that'll fit in there.
F1126 Yes, it's fit in there. How about this fit in there? //This is fit in there!//
F1125 //What's that?// Is that an ostrich?
F1126 Yes. //A ostrich that.//
F1125 //Right.// You see farr it goes then.
F1126 There. That's right. That's right.
F1125 That's right. Okay, what's next? I'll turn this bits roon for you.
F1126 Pingu! Pingu, [noo noo]!
F1125 A penguin, aye.
F1126 A penguin, [noo noo]!
F1125 [laugh]
F1126 That's a penguin.
F1125 [laugh]
F1126 The penguin over there. [Noo noo]! Pingu there.
F1125 Is that ain fittin in?
F1126 No.
F1125 Try that ain then. Try the other peng-, penguin.
F1126 Penguin, [noo noo], penguin.
F1125 [Noo noo], penguin.
F1126 Mm.
F1125 Yay! Well done!
F1126 How about? Oh.
F1125 That one? Oh no, you've got that one in already. This one? Bird.
F1126 No. A bird. A bird flying about. Yay! //How about this?//
F1125 //Yay!//
F1126 How, how about this?
F1125 What's that?
F1126 Yay!
F1125 Right.
F1126 It's thats!
F1125 Now, I think we need a
F1126 It's birdies.
F1125 jigsaw that's the shape of a bird. I think that's it, is it?
F1126 Is it? Fitt's that? Fitt's that?
F1125 It's a bird.
F1126 Ooh a bird flying about in the sky!
F1125 Push it in. That's it. Right, and I think we need, is it this one?
F1126 Yes, it's this one. How about push that in?
F1125 What's that? What kind of bird's that then? Is it that one? No. Well try the other one. Try that one instead.
F1126 Hmm.
F1125 That's it. That's that one done. Which one are you going to do now?
F1126 [tut] Hmm, that one!
F1125 The little one. Right, take it ower here then.
F1126 Right. I need, [inaudible] cut my hair.
F1125 That's a clown.
F1126 A clown. There wasnae a clown. That's a sitting room. Sit on the chair, look at the mirror. Is that my hair? How is that a clown? It's a clown. It's a clown.
F1125 That's a clown.
F1126 There. Where's the ball?
F1125 The ball? //You find it then.//
F1126 //No, a cat.//
F1125 A cat.
F1126 And a cat goes miaow.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Mmhm, go there. He's got this.
F1125 That's not in right. That's it!
F1126 How about?
F1125 A doll?
F1126 Yes, doll. What's it- what's it name?
F1125 I don't know. What's the dolly's name?
F1126 Baby!
F1125 A baby.
F1126 Right, how about this, a teddy.
F1125 A teddy. //You still need two mair pieces o jigsaw to finish that one.//
F1126 //[child noises]//
F1125 So what else, //look for the ball.//
F1126 //Ball!// The ball like [CENSORED: forename]'s ball. That's nae right.
F1125 Now. //Is it this one?//
F1126 //Let me,// this, this one.
F1125 Oh, that's another one done. Well done! Put it over there and all. Right, which one do you want to do? This one or this one?
F1126 This one.
F1125 This one? On your knee. There you go. Right.
F1126 How about?
F1125 Can you find them?
F1126 Yes. Mm. They're little. You find them.
F1125 Which jigsaw piece you looking for?
F1126 [tut]
F1125 Well, there's a bird.
F1126 Yes! Bird and there was //a//
F1125 //What's that?// Is that a chicken?
F1126 Aye, a chicken. Oh, no here. Put it in there. Where does it go?
F1125 Are you sure it goes in there? See it's nae in right.Will Mummy do it?
F1126 No, I do it. I cannae do it. You do it.
F1125 Does it go in there?
F1126 It's this way.
F1125 It doesnae want to go in right, that bit. Doesnae maitter. Right, what else?
F1126 Got that one in there.
F1125 Mmhm. Oops!
F1126 That one?
F1125 Ostrich?
F1126 No. That?
F1125 What's that?
F1126 It's a birdie!
F1125 It's a baby birdie.
F1126 A baby, no, a birdie! A duck! It's a duck!
F1125 It's a duck. It's nae in properly. That's it.
F1126 How about this?
F1125 What's that? Stork. Got a fishie in his mou, ain't he?
F1126 Fishies in the mou.
F1125 Hmm? Right, which one now?
F1126 [inaudible]
F1125 Aye, but leave it. This one.
F1126 I want this one.
F1125 A bird. Yay! Well done! Ostrich?
F1126 [laugh] Look, that one in there. Well, help me Ma!
F1125 Is that it?
F1126 No it's red. //Is it?//
F1125 //That colour.// //That's it.//
F1126 //[child noises]//
F1125 Now what else? Penguin?
F1126 Penguin. [Noo noo]! Penguin! That little one in in in there. Yay!
F1125 This one?
F1126 This one. [tut] This one, this one, this one go there. Birdie.
F1125 Yay!
F1126 This one.
F1125 Now what's that? Pe-?
F1126 Picachu.
F1125 No, peacock.
F1126 Peacock.
F1125 Peacock.
F1126 Peacock.
F1125 And then, [tut], this one? //A hen.//
F1126 //Here.// That goes cluck cluck.
F1125 Well done! That's another one. Right, this one?
F1126 This one. Right. What colour I need? Hmm, how about this? I see this bit in there. [tut] No, this bit go.
F1125 Uh-huh, big teddy.
F1126 That big teddy oh little one. There's a one big teddy. That's nae a one big teddy. That's another teddy.
F1125 No you had that right to start off with. That's it. Push it in. There we go. Clever. What's that teddy playing with?
F1126 A ballie.
F1125 A ball. Finding the jigsaw space. That's it!
F1126 What I have? Oh, a mouse!
F1125 A mouse!
F1126 [tut] What colour eyes that dolly? A mouse! It's my playing, walking. What is dolly playing? The teddy, ah, looking for me.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 And, go to sleep in bed and woke up.
F1125 Aye. Teddy, what's that jigsaw puzzle got in its mouth, the teddy?
F1126 A, a, a dummy!
F1125 A dummy.
F1126 [tut] And what's that teddy got?
F1125 Marbles I think.
F1126 A marbles! It's blue, red and green.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Mm.
F1125 Wow, that's a big piece.
F1126 A car! A car driving.
F1125 Mmhm. This one?
F1126 [tut] This one. This one go fly.
F1125 And we've got one missing in that one, haven't we?
F1126 Doggy's missing.
F1125 The doggy's missing in that one. Do you want to do the Winnie the Pooh one?
F1126 Yes, the Winnie the Pooh bear. Right, all done!
F1125 That canna be aa the bits. //Are those bits for this ain?//
F1126 //Oh.// Yes. //Yes, the bits are there.//
F1125 //[cough] Watch now.//
F1126 Right, you help me.
F1125 I'll help you. //Right, what we gotta dae is//
F1126 //Ah! [inaudible].//
F1125 if we take oot bits like that, we need, see bits wi straight edges, we keep in the box. Put it like that.
F1126 No, nae like that, nae, no, nae like //that! No.//
F1125 //Now, now, now!// No we need that bits to start with! That's the bits, we use, that's not the the bits we use. That's the bits we use last.
F1126 No, this bit's //[inaudible].//
F1125 //Well, you do it yoursel then.//
F1126 No you do it!
F1125 Well, I was doing it properly, but you were doing it aa wrong now, haven't you? It'll nae work.
F1126 Okay. I get all that.
F1125 Right look.
F1126 Right.
F1125 Right, that bit goes there. Okay. See, I was putting bits in there so that I could see fitt they were. See?
F1126 This is one for me.
F1125 See that's your bits. Mummy's does the oot-, the out edge, you can do the inside bits, okay? //So this is your bitties.//
F1126 //And you do it, I, yes.// This is my bitties.
F1125 That's your bitties. //There you go.//
F1126 //I// //I cannae do that. I cannae do that.//
F1125 //[inaudible]// //Now.//
F1126 //Thi-,// this is the one for there. I can! Bubbles!
F1125 Right, how's Mummy getting on? Right. See here.
F1126 Oh, can we do it, Mum, can we do the end? //[gulp]//
F1125 //Mmhm.//
F1126 You help me put it in. I cannae go right.
F1125 Now look. If I get the outer, the outline first, and then we can put in the inside bits.
F1126 I'm doing it. //I pu-.//
F1125 //You doing it, are you?//
F1126 I'm putting that there.
F1125 Clever! Right, [inaudible] that bit. //[inaudible] that//
F1126 //Right!//
F1125 No, it's not that bit. What aboot this bit? This bit, right.
F1126 You help me build that. You help me build that!
F1125 Okay darling. Two minutes and I'll dae this bit here, look. And then you can put the bitties in. I think there's a bit missing.
F1126 Here's the bit missing. I got it. //I've got it.//
F1125 //Have you got, is that Tigger?// //There's Eeyore.//
F1126 //Yes, I got.//
F1125 Right.
F1126 I got, he got Eeyore tail. That Eeyore tail? I help you.
F1125 Here we go.
F1126 Right. [tut] Have you nice and clean right?
F1125 Well, what goes on there? //This bit?//
F1126 //This.//
F1125 No. This bit? Oh yeah. Mm, no, it's nae that bit. Oh dearie me. I think it's that bit. //No it's nae.//
F1126 //Hmm.//
F1125 Oh dear, this bit.
F1126 Yes, yes.
F1125 Broken it! Right.
F1126 You help me.
F1125 Up this way noo. This way.
F1126 Mmhm.
F1125 Right.
F1126 Oh, [inaudible]. How about a ice-cream? Ice-cream.
F1125 I think there's a bit missing, you ken?
F1126 A ice-cream.
F1125 Ice-cream?
F1126 Yes, a ice-cream. Ice-cream!
F1125 There it goes. Put them together.
F1126 Them.
F1125 Then it must be that bit. No, it's nae. Oh dearie me.
F1126 Oh it's that bit there. [inaudible]
F1125 I think we've got a bit missing [CENSORED: familiar form of forename].
F1126 I put that one.
F1125 Because
F1126 Take me.
F1125 that goes there, look. //No it doesna.//
F1126 //Mm.// //Yay!//
F1125 //That bit goes there.//
F1126 It's broken.
F1125 And then, that bit goes there.
F1126 No.
F1125 Oh, I've broken it again.
F1126 No, nae yet.
F1125 I think we've got one bit missing, darling. Look.
F1126 Look.
F1125 Bit that goes in there is nae in the box.
F1126 It's a bit missing!
F1125 Anyway, you can see if you can fit this bits in here then.
F1126 Aye, right. [tut] No, you help me. [exhale] I put [tut] a
F1125 Now where does that go? That's Winnie the Pooh, so where's Winnie the-? Let me see the picture. There's the picture, look. There's Winnie the Pooh.
F1126 Ah! That one, right.
F1125 So Winnie the Pooh's up here.
F1126 Oh, Winnie the Pooh's up there.
F1125 Turn it round. Does it go in there? No. //Will I show you?//
F1126 //[tut] [inaudible]// Yes. //No.//
F1125 //I'll show you.// You do it then. It goes up here I think.
F1126 You-. No! Nae that bit there!
F1125 Look, cause that's farr Winnie the Pooh's at.
F1126 Where's the Winnie the Pooh at?
F1125 Go on then, see if you can fit it in.
F1126 [tut] Ah right, what have I done?
F1125 Oh, turn it round again.
F1126 You help //me.//
F1125 //I'll help// you, will I? Right, does it go in that way? Here you go.
F1126 No.
F1125 Look. Push it in, that's right. See, good girl. That's it. Ah that's Tigger, so where's Tigger at?
F1126 There!
F1125 Right, you put it in then. //Have I to show you where it//
F1126 //No you put it in.// //Aye.//
F1125 //goes,// and then you've to, there you go. Tap it doon. //Oops.//
F1126 //[laugh]//
F1125 That's it! //Another bit of Tigger.//
F1126 //[inaudible]// //Another bit of Tigger.//
F1125 //Ehm.// That goes there, doesn't it? Here you go. Look. Yay! Well done! See that bit winna be there. So that's the bit that's missing.
F1126 This is a bit.
F1125 Ah where does that go? Think that's a bit of Winnie the Pooh so I think that goes there. //Want to tap it down?//
F1126 //Yes, yes, it go.//
F1125 Well done.
F1126 Broken it again.
F1125 It's okay.
F1126 How about this? Is this Eeyore?
F1125 Is that Eeyore? //Right.//
F1126 //Yes.//
F1125 Let's see. It does- no it doesna, it goes here.
F1126 No, it goes there.
F1125 No. Up the top. Up a bit. //That's it.//
F1126 //[laugh]// You help me.
F1125 There we go, nearly. Right, tap it down. Here we go.
F1126 That's better. That's Tigger's head.
F1125 Tigger's head. Right. Eeyore's head. //Mmhm.//
F1126 //Eeyore's head.// And this one is
F1125 I think you know where that bit goes.
F1126 There. //Aye.//
F1125 //There.// Right, turn it round.
F1126 You help me! //Tap it down.//
F1125 //Over here.// There we go.
F1126 Eeyore! Piglet. //Piglet.//
F1125 //Mm right.// Piglet.
F1126 It goes there!
F1125 There we go. Yay!
F1126 This one oh these are in the bath. These are bath.
F1125 Piglet.
F1126 Pig- Piglet goes there. //Yay!//
F1125 //Wahey!//
F1126 [tut] And this one over here. That go over here.
F1125 Oh nearly. Turn it round again. That's it. Well done!
F1126 You missed one.
F1125 Well, we do. Aye we've lost that bit, we canna find that bit. Will we do them all over again? //Right,//
F1126 //Yes Mm.//
F1125 I've got a good game we could dae. Right, you give me the boards over. Come here, come over here a bit. Back a bit. Back. So we can get the jigsaws in. The ones that you've done. This ones.
F1126 This, no, this ones!
F1125 That ones. We'll do them again?
F1126 No, this ones.
F1125 We've done that one. Could do that one again.
F1126 Oh, nae yet, nae yet. Nae yet!
F1125 And then?
F1126 Nae yet. Nae yet. Nae yet. //Nae yet.//
F1125 //Again.// //Come on dae them again.//
F1126 //Nae yet. Okay//
F1125 Well, I'll get them, you sit here aside your microphone. Look, sit here.
F1126 No, no.
F1125 Look, cause you canna move because it's nae attached tae ye. It's nae on your troosers the day. Come here.
F1126 No, no, no, no!
F1125 [CENSORED: familiar form of forename]! Eh, you're gonna pull that out! Now, come over here. Now you've broken it now.
F1126 [exhale]
F1125 You've broken it. [CENSORED: familiar form of forename], you've broken it.
F1126 I havena.
F1125 You have, you've pulled it oot. Come here, quick! It'll nae work.
F1126 [exhale]
F1125 Come on.
F1126 [exhale]
F1125 Come on, sit ower here. //Be a good girl.//
F1126 //Sit over.//
F1125 Be a good girl. Right? I've got a good game we can dae with the jigsaws. Do you want to know what it is?
F1126 Yes. //Right.//
F1125 //Right.// If you sit over here a bit.
F1126 Yes. //[exhale]//
F1125 //Okay, don't touch that.// Right, if we flip this one over like this, right? //Watching?//
F1126 //And tha-.//
F1125 Just this one. This one first. This one first. //Will we do this one first?//
F1126 //Yes.//
F1125 Right, you leave that one over there. Right.
F1126 There's one.
F1125 Are you, oh, emptying them aa oot are you? Right. Fitt you dae is I ha- have hae all this all this bitties here. Right, let me hae aa the jigsaw pieces. And [CENSORED: forename] has to, that's it, you gie aa this bits to Mam. Gie aa this bits to Mam. Oh wait.
F1126 Right.
F1125 Put the boards like this. No, underneath. Put one underneath that one. Move back a bit, then you'll get some mair room. Put this book oot the road. Move back a bit mair.
F1126 [inaudible]
F1125 Watch it. //Gie me this one.//
F1126 //Right.//
F1125 Put it under this one. Right. Watch this.
F1126 Right.
F1125 I give you a piece o jigsaw and you've got to find where it goes.
F1126 Yeah!
F1125 Right, here you go.
F1126 [exhale] Where it goes?
F1125 Wher- which board does that one go on? //Mm?//
F1126 //Mm,// ooh! That one.
F1125 Oh well done!
F1126 That's my jigsaw. Right. No, nae that one.
F1125 Aye, you've got to put them in their different ones.
F1126 No, no, no, nae yet!
F1125 Right, I'm just going to stop this then. I'm going to stop the microphone cause you're being bad.
F1126 I'm playing!
F1125 Well, there you go then. You've got to find them aa. I'm nae playing with you noo. Because you're being bad.
F1126 No, I'm putting the microphone on!
F1125 Go on then, you dae them.
F1126 I'm doing it wrong!
F1125 Okay.
F1126 I'm needing help with this.
F1125 Well that's, fitt ain you daein first?
F1126 That one. //There. Mm.//
F1125 //That one! I thought you were just going to pick up the bits and put them aa on the different bitties.//
F1126 I'm picking up a different bit [inaudible]. Don't need that one first. //I like that o-.//
F1125 //[inaudible] the jigsaw// pieces, what's that?
F1126 A teddy playing, the mouse and the dolly.
F1125 Okay. Speak nicely.
F1126 [child noises] Put that one there. Mm.
F1125 You're not doing the birdie ones till last, are you?
F1126 No, nae yet.
F1125 Nae yet.
F1126 I'm nae daein that first.
F1125 I think you're doing the one with the teddies on it, are you?
F1126 Aye, I'm daein, I'm nae daein that one first [inaudible]. That one.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 After that one the car. After that one the car, down the road.
F1125 Teddy's driving the car.
F1126 Yes.
F1125 And it's the same colour as Postman Pat's van, isn't it? The car.
F1126 That's car.
F1125 Mm?
F1126 This is one car. Ah yeah.
F1125 Watch your feeties darling, [inaudible]. Oopsies. Just in case you get tangled up. There we go.
F1126 Nae, um up the, //nae that one first.//
F1125 //Nae that one.// //Do that one last?//
F1126 //No.// Just doing that one. Oh that's got a ball. A teddy's ball. Teddy got, teddy got a ball.
F1125 Aye, I think the teddy's going to play football.
F1126 Yes, teddy's playing football!
F1125 Yeah.
F1126 Nae doing that one first.
F1125 Nae do that one first. Do that one last.
F1126 Doing that one first. Erm nae doing that one. Nae dolly, nae a, nae a dolly!
F1125 Nae the dolly.
F1126 Erm nae need the bed. Nae need the bed, nae need the bed.
F1125 Nae need the bed?
F1126 No.
F1125 Looking for a teddy ones?
F1126 Mmhm. Nae! I'm nae doing that. //Nae doing that.//
F1125 //Oh right.// //You doing the teddy jigsaw first?//
F1126 //Mm.// Nae that. [tut] Erm nae that.
F1125 Nae that. //Oh well then.//
F1126 //Mm nae that.// No!
F1125 No?
F1126 That was the boatie. //No, nae that.//
F1125 //Okay.//
F1126 I need to do that one first.
F1125 Okay. You pick which one you're wanting to do. [inaudible] Oh you're sitting on the cable. Up your bum. There we go. Mammy sort it. Up your bum. You're sitting on it. Here we go, on your knees, it's better darling. On your knees. That's it.
F1126 Ah!
F1125 Go, and there's this bitties. You've still to find teddy ones haven't you?
F1126 I don't want that first.
F1125 Oh.
F1126 That's a cat. //Thing. I//
F1125 //It's a cat.//
F1126 nae do that. I nae do that. I nae do that.
F1125 Okay.
F1126 Nae yet.
F1125 Nae yet.
F1126 It's one, two, three, four, five and six, //and seven//
F1125 //Oh?//
F1126 and nae that ball. Nae that ball. //Nae that ball.//
F1125 //Nae the ball.// You still looking for teddy ones?
F1126 Yes.
F1125 Oops-a-daisy, we're aa tangled again. There we go, that's better.
F1126 And nae that ones.
F1125 Nae that one either.
F1126 Nae that one neither. Nae that one either. Nae that one neither. Oh nae that one either.
F1125 No.
F1126 And nae that one neither.
F1125 Are you turning them up the right way so you can see what they are?
F1126 Yes, I'm turning it the way I want at. No, nae that. That's nae a teddy //one.//
F1125 //Do you think this last// bit'll be the teddy? //Yey!//
F1126 //It's this bit, it's the teddy.// Right, all finished.
F1125 All finished that one. So, will we move that one over here aside Mam?
F1126 Uh-huh.
F1125 Right, and which one are you going to do next?
F1126 This this this one.
F1125 That one. We'll put it on your knee, that's, is that better on your knee?
F1126 Yes, I do that one.
F1125 You keep going.
F1126 Who's that?
F1125 Somebody for [CENSORED: forename]. Keep going. Oh well done. Oof I don't think that bit goes in there, does it?
F1126 Hmm.
F1125 No.
F1126 How about this bit?
F1125 That's a clown in a box, isn't it?
F1126 A clown in a box.
F1125 You're good at jigsaws, you are.
F1126 Like, peekaboo!
F1125 Oh peekaboo! Have to get you more jigsaws, won't we?
F1126 That one ball. Ball all falling about, doing-doing boing-boing.
F1125 [laugh]
F1126 Can I put on cartoons?
F1125 Aye, we're nae watching cartoons just now. Do jigsaws first, haven't we?
F1126 Doing jigsaw first. Right.
F1125 That's a dolly.
F1126 Bed. //Bed sleeping.//
F1125 //[inaudible].// What's in the bed?
F1126 Baby!
F1125 Baby.
F1126 Baby in the bed.
F1125 Baby in the bed.
F1126 Sleeping and greeting.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 Like woken up.
F1125 Mm? Keep going then.
F1126 I canna get going. How about this one? A cat.
F1125 A cat. Is that one finished? //Give it to Mummy.//
F1126 //No, this one.// //There you go.//
F1125 //There we go. Ta.//
F1126 [tut] [inhale] //[exhale]//
F1125 //Which one now?//
F1126 [tut] //Erm, this one.//
F1125 //This one? Right.// //There you go.//
F1126 //Put it on my knee.//
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 [tut] [inaudible] [?]colour blue[/?]. [tut] And this one, [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1125 //Oh, you're clever.// What's that?
F1126 I don't know.
F1125 That's a chicken.
F1126 No!
F1125 Now if that bit disna fit, try the other one. Oh, no, it does fit. I think you're picking the right ones that fit, aren't you?
F1126 I'm picking the right [inaudible] ones. I [inaudible] and finish, finish it off, there. I finish it off!
F1125 Is that penguin one not going in? Do you want to try the other penguin?
F1126 No! This penguin go //there.//
F1125 //Oh but you see,// if that one doesn't fit this one, it might fit that one over there. So do you want to try the other penguin and see if it fits in there better? //No, does that ain fit better? Okay.//
F1126 //No, this, yes.// There's no, that one there, fit //better.//
F1125 //Will that ain nae fit in?// [sneeze] Excus-. [sneeze] Excuse me! Wait a minutie. Oops. Pull it over then. Put it on your knee. //Oh is it nae fittin?//
F1126 //No!//
F1125 I see.
F1126 [?]Not in the[/?]. I'm getting in that Pingu.
F1125 There you go.
F1126 I'm needin that bit.
F1125 Oh you're fast, is that, I think that bit might go in that one. Cause look, it's not in properly. What do you think?
F1126 No, that one go there. That one go there.
F1125 Pull it over a bit. //Over here.//
F1126 //No nae yet.// No no! //Nae yet.//
F1125 //Nae yet, okay then.//
F1126 And try another one. Pingu one fit. //Put that one in there.//
F1125 //That's it.// //Fits in noo, doesn't it?//
F1126 //[tut]// It's [?]lying[/?].
F1125 Yeah, well done.
F1126 That's go in there. How about this go in there?
F1125 Oh yeah. You're picking up the right bits, aren't you? Must go in the other one. Doesn't it? That's it.
F1126 Oh!
F1125 It's okay. Uh-huh. //[inaudible]//
F1126 //Mmhm there.// That's nae going right.
F1125 Is that nae going in right? Push it in. Is that it?
F1126 No. [panting]
F1125 Go and let Mummy see.
F1126 No, I need I need [inaudible] this //one.//
F1125 //Aye, well swap them ower then.// //Swap them over. That's it.//
F1126 //No.//
F1125 Right, that bit fits in there better, doesn't it?
F1126 Yes, and this one fitted better in there.
F1125 That's it. //Put them in the wrong way, didn't you?//
F1126 //That bit.//
F1125 Mm.
F1126 Mmhm.
F1125 Well done. You got an itchy head?
F1126 No, I put that one there.
F1125 Mm. //Right, wahey!//
F1126 //[child noises]// Mm, how about this //one?//
F1125 //That's a// peacock.
F1126 Peacock.
F1125 Peacock. Well, mm. Will it go in the other one?
F1126 No, this bit there. No, that's nae fit in there. //This fit in there.//
F1125 //That's it.//
F1126 Mm. Put this bit in there.
F1125 That's it. Push it in.
F1126 Uh-huh.
F1125 Uh-huh.
F1126 Er how about? Uh-huh.
F1125 [inaudible] away over there.
F1126 Mmhm. Uh-huh.
F1125 [cough] Uh-huh. Well done. //And one more piece.//
F1126 //And erm.//
F1125 That's a big bird that one.
F1126 Uh-huh.
F1125 Uh-huh. Where does it go? Clever. Oh! Do you want to dae it again?
F1126 Yes, [?]that[/?].
F1125 Want to do it all again?
F1126 Right, put them.
F1125 Dinna go too far, remember. Or do you want to do it again?
F1126 No. Not yet!
F1125 No, which one do you wanna do now?
F1126 No, I I'm finished.
F1125 Finished? //Oops.//
F1126 //Yes.// [exhale] [tut] Ah! Hey! Mummy, you broke my pencil.
F1125 I didna. It fell oot.
F1126 [exhale]
F1125 Do you wanna do Winnie the Pooh again?
F1126 Yeah, let's.
F1125 Are you putting them on top o each other? Is that fitt it is? Oh right.
F1126 Aye, [?]right[/?] the teddies.
F1125 Right. //Okay. On you go. Right, you take oot Winnie the Pooh then.//
F1126 //I di-.// //[child noises]//
F1125 //Back a bit.// Come over a bit aside Mum. That's a girl. Right.
F1126 I do that ones.
F1125 Right, what do you have to do? You have to break it up, haven't you? Break it up and then do it again. //Right.//
F1126 //Yes, that.//
F1125 Want to empty the pieces out onto the floor?
F1126 Yes.
F1125 There we go. Right. Break them up. Now, nae cheating.
F1126 Break them up.
F1125 Now. Which bit first? Mm? You gonna break them up first?
F1126 I'll break them up first.
F1125 Aye, break them up first. We'll have to find that other piece that we need [inaudible] later on, won't we? Okay, on your knee. Put it on your knee again?
F1126 No! [inaudible] Right, you help me. //[tut]//
F1125 //Oh I canna reach.//
F1126 [tut] You can.
F1125 Well can you turn roon, turn round a bit and I'll help you. You want to put it on your knee? Not on the floor. Wait a minutie. So I think there's pieces underneath. Right.
F1126 Right, you help me.
F1125 Well, will we do what we did //the first time, and do the outline?//
F1126 //[child noises]// [child noises] No.
F1125 No? Which way do you want to do it this time? //Right.//
F1126 //That one!//
F1125 Haud on. I need to see the picture, divn't I? Right. //Oh!//
F1126 //[laugh]//
F1125 Excuse me. //[laugh] Right.//
F1126 //[laugh]//
F1125 This is Tigger. So it goes there. //Okay.//
F1126 //No!//
F1125 You gie me another bit and I'll show you farr to //farr it goes.//
F1126 //Mm, this one.//
F1125 No, but look, see, Tigger's over at this side.
F1126 Oh, //okay.//
F1125 //So I think Mummy had it right farr it was.// There.
F1126 I'll put it there.
F1125 Well you put it farr you want, but I think it goes there. Cause he's not down the bottom, he's up-, he's in the middle aboot here. Do you want to put him up a bit? There, that's right. Okay, you get another bit.
F1126 There's the ones that goes there, that bit there.
F1125 Right, you sure?
F1126 Mmhm.
F1125 I think you're wrong. //Right, which other bit?//
F1126 //Mm mm.// I want the //dolly.//
F1125 //[inaudible] this bit here?//
F1126 No, nae yet.
F1125 Here, cause the //honey-pot's doon here.//
F1126 //[?]Over here[/?].//
F1125 Right? And then that bit goes over there.
F1126 Ice-cream.
F1125 Cause that's a bit o the tree, is it nae?
F1126 No, it's a bit o ice-cream.
F1125 It's a bit o ice-cream?
F1126 [inaudible].
F1125 Hey! //That was clever.//
F1126 //[?]Pass it over[/?].// This is one!
F1125 Will that go on your knees?
F1126 Will go that ice-cream.
F1125 Oh? //I canna see, do you want a//
F1126 //Right there.//
F1125 Will we turn the bitties roon, cause I canna see fitt they are.
F1126 [exhale]
F1125 We'll hae to turn them roon, won't we?
F1126 [exhale]
F1125 Will we turn them round and see //[inaudible]?//
F1126 //Is this a butterflies?//
F1125 Oh, right.
F1126 [?]Let's see it go[/?].
F1125 What am I looking for?
F1126 Girls and boys.
F1125 That bit goes there. You want to push it in? Does it not go in? //So you got it?//
F1126 //Mm, yeah.//
F1125 Nearly.
F1126 [panting]
F1125 It's okay, it's okay, that's it. That's it, it'll go. Put it in slowly, it'll go in.
F1126 Uh.
F1125 Right. Oh, dearie me, Mummy fix it?
F1126 Broken.
F1125 It's okay. //There we go, look.//
F1126 //[exhale]// //Mm, I have [inaudible].//
F1125 //We've fixed it. See?// There we go. We fixed that bit, didn't we? And farr does that go? I'm nae sure, darling.
F1126 There!
F1125 No it doesna. See, it winna fit. //Ooh, no, it's nae that bit.//
F1126 //Oh.//
F1125 I think it could be //this bit.//
F1126 //No, there.// No, this bit.
F1125 Goes here. //Th-.//
F1126 //This// this bit goes there!
F1125 It's nae fittin.
F1126 [tut] It is //that.//
F1125 //See that bit in Mummy's hand,// //that goes there.//
F1126 //No, nae.// //No, nae yet.//
F1125 //Look!//
F1126 No, no, no.
F1125 See.
F1126 And that must go there.
F1125 No, I don't think it does, darlin. It winna fit, see?
F1126 You help me.
F1125 Aye, I'm helpin darlin. I've got to find the bitties. //I don't think you like doing the Winnie the Pooh one.//
F1126 //I'm, I'm finding the bitties.// I'm finding the bitties!
F1125 No shoutin. Oh look, here. //I don't think that bit goes there.//
F1126 //This bit o-.//
F1125 Now see?
F1126 No, this bit goes here.
F1125 I think it's that bit that's in your hand. Try that bit.
F1126 I try that bit. //[tut]//
F1125 //You want to try that bit?//
F1126 Try that bit over here. //[inaudible]//
F1125 //I ken.//
F1126 I ken.
F1125 Look.
F1126 [throat] You put it over.
F1125 Will we take that bit oot o there? Look, cause that's a bit o Eeyore, isn't it? See? Push it in. That's it. See. //Cause it was a bit o Eeyore.//
F1126 //That's better.// Mm.
F1125 Now.
F1126 Mm.
F1125 Which way will we go?
F1126 I don't know.
F1125 What's the matter?
F1126 This one.
F1125 This one? Right, this one goes, well it's nae there. It doesna go there. It goes there somewhere.
F1126 No, nae yet. Doesnae go there.
F1125 I think that goes up the top. No it doesna. It goes up at this corner.
F1126 Alright, this is bit that go on corner.
F1125 Right, here, look!
F1126 Hmm this bit.
F1125 Wanna push it in?
F1126 Mm.
F1125 That's it. Now, see this bit here?
F1126 Yes.
F1125 That's Eeyore's, mm, aye, wait a minute.
F1126 Mm, no.
F1125 Look, here! Look, it's got a bit o Eeyore on it, look.
F1126 [exhale]
F1125 So, Eeyore.
F1126 Eeyore.
F1125 Nearly. Look. Wanna push that bit in? //Aw, well done! You've did it yoursel!//
F1126 //[laugh]//
F1125 Clever, see! //You can do it.//
F1126 //[squeal]// Aye, I can dae it.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 How about
F1125 This one //up here.//
F1126 //this one// [tut] up here. //[inaudible]//
F1125 //Fitt, it's a butterfly, isn't it?// //We're all done.//
F1126 //A blu-.//
F1125 See, you can do it. //Right, this one//
F1126 //I can.//
F1125 up here. That's, oh well done! You're such a clever girl!
F1126 Where does that go? That go!
F1125 Oh, see this bit here?
F1126 Mm mm.
F1125 Goes here.
F1126 Mm, yeah.
F1125 Do you think? Oops-a-daisy. Sort it oot. //That's it.//
F1126 //Aw! [child noise]// Hmm.
F1125 You havena broken it. //It's okay.//
F1126 //I havena.// Hmm. I broke it. //[inaudible]//
F1125 //Where's the sun?//
F1126 Mm?
F1125 Look.
F1126 Hmm?
F1125 It goes here. You wanna bu-, you wanna do it?
F1126 No, nae yet.
F1125 You nae wanna dae that bit?
F1126 I do, this bit go here.
F1125 No, nae fit.
F1126 Yes!
F1125 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1126 //I'm pushing it.//
F1125 Where does that go?
F1126 [tut] There.
F1125 See, you're clever.
F1126 [inaudible]
F1125 Push it in. Wi two handies. That's a girl. Oh, see, push his eye down. Now.
F1126 [inaudible]
F1125 Fitt about this, this bit?
F1126 No, [inaudible].
F1125 Where does it go?
F1126 There.
F1125 Does it go there?
F1126 I think so. //Mm.//
F1125 //You think so?// //Mm.//
F1126 //Mm.//
F1125 [inhale] Yeah! Well done!
F1126 Did it myself.
F1125 You do it yourself.
F1126 Mm. [tut] Right, //how abou-?//
F1125 //This bit.//
F1126 This bit [tut] goes [tut] there. Um, it's too fit.
F1125 That's it, well done. //Push it down though, look.//
F1126 //Mm.// //Mm push it down.//
F1125 //That's it.//
F1126 Push the eyeball.
F1125 Now.
F1126 Push the eye.
F1125 This bit?
F1126 Mm, this bit goes [tut] here?
F1125 No.
F1126 Uh-huh. //[laugh]//
F1125 //I think it goes there.// //Right there.//
F1126 //[laugh]//
F1125 It will go. We've got to turn it round and //see if it'll fit, see, here we go.//
F1126 //Mm. [laugh]// [laugh]
F1125 Well done. That's it. Now, where's the bit o Piglet and Tigger? Turn it roon again.
F1126 [laugh] I canna do it.
F1125 You can do it.
F1126 [exhale] //I c-.//
F1125 //You need Piglet though.// //That's Piglet's head.//
F1126 //No, no.// [child noises] //[exhale]//
F1125 //That's it, see, you've got to turn it round.//
F1126 I'm going to.
F1125 That's it. Now, //here's a bit o Tigger.//
F1126 //Mm.// And Piglet. //[inaudible]//
F1125 //Where does it go?//
F1126 Piglet will go here.
F1125 That's right, well done. //Now,//
F1126 //Where's Tigger's head?//
F1125 there's Tigger's head. And Winnie the Pooh's head.
F1126 I'm turnin it //round.//
F1125 //Up a, up a bit.//
F1126 [panting] I canna. I can!
F1125 You can, darlin. It goes in there. //See?//
F1126 //Huh.// //That's-.//
F1125 //I don't think you like doing the Winnie the Pooh one.//
F1126 I have.
F1125 There you go. That's Winnie the Pooh, isn't it?
F1126 There's Winnie the Pooh.
F1125 There's Winnie the Pooh there.
F1126 Mm oh.
F1125 Turn it round.
F1126 [exhale] I'm trying to.
F1125 It will go, darlin.
F1126 [Hmm].
F1125 Honestly, it will go. Turn it roon again. That's it. See?
F1126 I canna do, no I can.
F1125 You can do it. Just take your time and p- try a- try and work oot where it goes.
F1126 I'm trying to. [panting]
F1125 You had it right the first time.
F1126 And that's right. Oh, broken that bit again.
F1125 I'll sort it. Oh, it'll sort, darling. Oh, upside doon. You're sleepy.
F1126 That's nae right. That right. [tut] Aw! [inaudible]
F1125 It's okay. I've fixed it. There we go.
F1126 [exhale] And this bit goes there. That's nae Winnie the Pooh. And this bit goes there. That's Winnie the Pooh. That's Winnie the Pooh. That's Winnie the Pooh.
F1125 He doesna go there though. //He's here.//
F1126 //Erm.// [exhale] I canna do it.
F1125 Well turn it roon.
F1126 No you, no you //do it.//
F1125 //Look.// See? //That's it. Oh, that's Winnie the Pooh.//
F1126 //That's Winnie the Pooh.//
F1125 Look at this bit.
F1126 Mm, this bit go there.
F1125 No, it doesna. It winna go.
F1126 It will! It will!
F1125 You'll go break it noo. See? Cause that bit's, goes here. See?
F1126 Okay.
F1125 You've got to turn the bits roon to find farr they go. //That goes there.//
F1126 //Mm.// That's in.
F1125 Right, and this bit goes here. Look.
F1126 Hmm.
F1125 Right. And this bit goes here. See? You've finished it.
F1126 I'm missing one //here.//
F1125 //Aye, we'll// hae a look for it later on. Right, do you want to do one last one? //Which one do you want to do now?//
F1126 //Mmhm.// That one. //Yes.//
F1125 //This one? Will we put the top on this ain?//
F1126 Yeah. No, I want to do that one.
F1125 We've just done Winnie the Pooh. Ouch. Now do one o these?
F1126 [inaudible] Right, I want to do these. [tut] [exhale] That ones.
F1125 Which one, darling? Where you going?
F1126 Want, no that one. That one! [tut]
F1125 Well you've got to take the bits oot, haven't you?
F1126 Aye, right. //Mm.//
F1125 //[sneeze] Excuse me.//
F1126 Right. One,
F1125 [sneeze] //Excuse me.//
F1126 //two,// [tut] three, [tut] four,
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 five, [tut] [tut] and [inhale] six,
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 [tut] s- and seventeen!
F1125 Seventeen.
F1126 [?]Then[/?].
F1125 Go on then.
F1126 I'm taking [inaudible]. I want to do that one first.
F1125 Go on then.
F1126 Right. Get it under like that. [inaudible] like that.
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 And, [tut] [exhale]
F1125 Well done. Oh, are you puttin them oot on the floor?
F1126 I'm puttin it to you. This is [inaudible] it's lovely.
F1125 Clever.
F1126 Nice, mm.
F1125 Uh-huh.
F1126 Mm. This bit this bit goes here.
F1125 You'd be better puttin them in front o you, darlin.
F1126 Mm?
F1125 You'd be better puttin the bits in front of you.
F1126 [tut] Erm, get that one over here. Stop it!
F1125 It's okay, I've got a hold o it, it's in case you, it comes out, or it comes off.
F1126 Mmhm.
F1125 It's still there.
F1126 And I want to do that one first.
F1125 Look, I've got a hold o it. Go on then.
F1126 No, I don't want to play a jigsaw.
F1125 Why? //You do one then.//
F1126 //I want to do that one first.// I'm coming to play one there.
F1125 Dearie me.
F1126 [inaudible] [tut]
F1125 Oh you're clever.
F1126 That one?
F1125 Puttin the bits all together, are you? Which one are you doing first?
F1126 Put it all together. I see it all [inaudible]. [tut] Right. [tut] There's the dolly
F1125 Mmhm.
F1126 ower here. [tut] And the cat. Cat. [tut] And bed. Mm bed. Ower here. [tut] And teddy. Teddy over there. There you go. And that over there. Erm mak a noise. Put them all together.
F1125 That's it. //Good girl.//
F1126 //One.// All together.
F1125 Are you nae turning them round this way?
F1126 No nae turning them round this way. [tut] Turn them round this way. //[tut] [?]Let's see[/?].//
F1125 //Right, come on then.//

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 24, recording 2: doing jigsaws


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2004
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 49
Size (mb) 190

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Part of series
Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Recording venue Participants' house
Geographic location of speech Buckie

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Year of transcription 2007
Year material recorded 2004
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Gender Female
Decade of birth 1970
Age left school 15
Occupation Housewife
Place of birth Aberdeen
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Country of residence Scotland
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Mother's country of birth Scotland


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Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Housewife
Mother's place of birth Aberdeen
Mother's region of birth Aberdeen
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Mother's country of birth Scotland