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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 14, recording 2: playing snooker

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Audio transcription

M1108 Look at my hands!
F1107 I know, I've seen them, they're rotten.
M1108 Are they rotten?
F1107 Wait.
M1108 Hey, this is like [CENSORED: forename]'s!
F1107 Why, was [CENSORED: forename] like that before?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 How, fitt was he doing?
M1108 He was going "hee hah"!
F1107 Was he baking with the teachers the other day? //Aye.//
M1108 //Aye, we had bacon.//
F1107 No, you were cooking, fitt did you cook?
M1108 Bacon!
F1107 No, you didna cook bacon, nae wi mum and dad, [watering running] wi the teachers at playschool. //You baked//
M1108 //Aye, I did.//
F1107 what? Was it cake, was it biscuits, what was it?
M1108 It was biscuits. //[exhale].//
F1107 //Biscuits? And did you eat the biscuits?//
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Did you? And what kind were they?
M1108 Er, chocolate.
F1107 Mm, yummy, here.
M1108 [?]See[/?]!
F1107 Soap! [inaudible] [water running] Wait.
M1108 Rub our noses [inaudible]
F1107 Oh, rub our noses [inaudible]
M1108 Whee!
F1107 Now, that's plenty water. Nae wantin you puddlin too much! Ah ah ah ah ah. Come on, just clean that hands, ma laddo. What a midden!
M1108 [inhale] Is it all clean?
F1107 Fitt?
M1108 These?
F1107 Erm, wee bit, aye, if you just rub them thegither a bit mair cause I see some flour on them still. Right? [water splashing] Dinna gie yersel a drenchin. //Was you just playing at hall the day?//
M1108 //Here, Mum!// //And whe-//
F1107 //Did you play in the hall for a long time [inaudible]?//
M1108 And when I was at the the the when I was in the hall, and the and a bench, and a curtain thing, and a mat and a mat, I fell and bumped ma head!
F1107 You did?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Aw! Where did it bump?
M1108 There.
F1107 Right smack dab in the middle o yer heid!
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Michty! You'll be wantin a wee kissy on it then, will ye? [kiss] [kiss]
M1108 Thank you!
F1107 Oh, you're welcome!
M1108 I splat out the water!
F1107 Did you?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Ew, awfully good! //Jolly good!//
M1108 //We-//
F1107 Wha says that?
M1108 Erm.
F1107 Mister?
M1108 [inhale] Mister
F1107 Sh-?
M1108 Shivers.
F1107 In?
M1108 In
F1107 Ma-?
M1108 Max an
F1107 Maggie and the
M1108 Ferocious Beast.
F1107 That's right. Aw [CENSORED: forename], dinna splash oot the sink!
M1108 Why dinna?
F1107 Because.
M1108 I'm splatting there.
F1107 You werena.
M1108 I was trying get up there.
F1107 [cough] Farr?
M1108 [inhale] There!
F1107 Right up there to that pole?
M1108 Aye, to go [aeroplane noise] and gang doon there!
F1107 [inhale] But aa yer gaun to do is weet the bathroom.
M1108 No!
F1107 You will!
M1108 Is that cool?
F1107 Nae really!
M1108 [splashes water]
F1107 Oi! Now, that's just quite enough, you're splatting aa wey, splatting the flair and aathing, come on. Pull the plug!
M1108 Boing! //Eh!//
F1107 //I'll help.// //Ooh! It's a stiff ain that!//
M1108 //[plug comes free]// Was that a stiff ain?
F1107 [?]Is it his turn[/?]? [water gurgling] //Do ye need a widdle since ye're here?//
M1108 //That wasnae a stiff ain!//
F1107 No, that ain's nae stiffy.
M1108 At one's stiffy.
F1107 Aye, I dinna ken, will you need a bath the night?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Aye. //Do you need a bath?//
M1108 //Are you?// I thought you nivver had a bath?
F1107 You need a wee? No? //You no need a wee [?]just noo[/?]?//
M1108 //Are my hands all wet?//
F1107 Well, dry them.
M1108 [sneeze]
F1107 Aw! Bless you sneezy-poo!
M1108 Bless you sneezy-fart!
F1107 [tut] You're just obsessed with farty-pops.
M1108 Hey Mum! Who can jump from there?
F1107 What?
M1108 Or who can jump from there, to highest there?
F1107 Ehm, a frog?
M1108 Yes, you're right!
F1107 Oh that's good! I like to be right. Watch yer bum!
M1108 Why?
F1107 Cause your breekies'll fall doon.
M1108 Mummy?
F1107 Uh-huh?
M1108 Can I jump off o here?
F1107 No! //No, because you're gaun to drop yer pack off yer bum again.//
M1108 //Why?//
F1107 Gently.
M1108 Why gently? Can I play Crash-Bash?
F1107 Hmm, I suppose so, while that cookies are
M1108 Can I get a Fab?
F1107 erm, how can you play Crash-Bash and get a Fab at same time?
M1108 Yes!
F1107 You canna!
M1108 Yes I can!
F1107 Mm mm.
M1108 Yes I can!
F1107 No, you just got to be one or the other!
M1108 If I'm all done playing Crash-Bash, can I have a Fab?
F1107 No. What do ye wanna dae first? Crash-Bash or Fab?
M1108 Fab.
F1107 Fab first, then Crash-Bash?
M1108 I've peuched the whites in there.
F1107 Have you peuched the white in the pouch?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 You like your snooker table, don't you? Why's aa the balls in the pocket again, was that you wi your hands?
M1108 No.
F1107 No.
M1108 It was somebody else.
F1107 Fa?
M1108 It wasna me!
F1107 It wasna you?
M1108 No, it was [CENSORED: forename].
F1107 No it wasna. [CENSORED: forename] hasna been here no days.
M1108 It wasna me!
F1107 He hasna been here for ages has he?
M1108 No!
F1107 No.
M1108 I never seen him!
F1107 You never seen him before in your life? //[inaudible]//
M1108 //Can I pot?//
F1107 Eh?
M1108 Can I pot?
F1107 Can ye what?
M1108 Can I pot?
F1107 Pot?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 I suppose you can pot.
M1108 [child noise] //Pussy//
F1107 //[?]What's at?[/?]//
M1108 puss!
F1107 Pussy pussy pussy.
M1108 [child noise] [child noise] //I haud the bla-//
F1107 //Ha ha!// //[?]Pushed[/?] aa the balls, and potted, potted the white.//
M1108 //Fitt hap-//
F1107 Do you want me to set them up or are you just wanting leave them as they are?
M1108 Leave them as they are. //No, set them up!//
F1107 //[inaudible]//
M1108 Set them up Mum!
F1107 Set them up proper?
M1108 Aye. //Uh oh! White in the pooch!//
F1107 //[inaudible]// The white's in the pouch! //Mm!//
M1108 //Aye, somebody smacked me,// I just pounded the green, and it just fell in there!
F1107 Did ye?
M1108 Aye, I'm banging the green noo, so he's a muppet green!
F1107 He's a muppet green?
M1108 Aye. //[pots a ball]//
F1107 //[?]You want me to[/?] Hey!//
M1108 Hey!
F1107 Fitt ye daein? Aa ye c- seem to dae is pot a white. [tut] Eh. There we go. Right, one snooker table set up. Will I go and see if your gingerbreads are ready?
M1108 That's nae right! This should be it!
F1107 Oh no it shouldna! But you're just a big cheater!
M1108 Here.
F1107 You just want to cheat.
M1108 [hits balls with snooker cue]
F1107 Ooh!
M1108 Sure it breaks like that?
F1107 Aye, let me see yer bum.
M1108 [raspberry]
F1107 No, nae that kind. Nae smelly bum. //[inaudible]//
M1108 //[laugh] [raspberry]// //[raspberry]//
F1107 //[inaudible]// Wait a minutie.
M1108 Hey I'm trying to peuch the white, and you're in the road!
F1107 Am I? Am I in the road? Am I trying to get yer botty?
M1108 Yes!
F1107 Am I trying to get yer Botticelli?
M1108 [hits snooker balls] //Same are like, s- same likes, fitt?//
F1107 //[inaudible]// Same are like what?
M1108 Same are like that's like this.
F1107 [inaudible]
M1108 Aye!
F1107 Aye. [inaudible]
M1108 Choo-choo-choo. And [?]count coffee and[/?]. One, two, three and, choo-choo- ch-, one, two, choo-choo-choo and count [?]coffee and[/?]
F1107 Well that's them ready, so they'll just cool.
M1108 Is that, is that them ready?
F1107 I ken, we'll just leave them to cool. And then fitt are we gonna dae?
M1108 Ehm, I dinna ken.
F1107 Are we gaun to hae a cup o tea?
M1108 Are we? I didna get the white in the pooch.
F1107 Ye did sut!
M1108 Did you see it?
F1107 I see you, sneaky! //I seen you, sneaky!//
M1108 //No I-//
F1107 I see you've got a reid.
M1108 Fitt?
F1107 Is it two reids or one reid? The pocket, look. Two!
M1108 Why?
F1107 Because I see them.
M1108 Did I get them, the two [?]aa[/?].
F1107 Uh-huh.
M1108 If there's a white in a pooch it will be three balls!
F1107 Yay, but you dinna want the white in the pooch, do ye?
M1108 Nope! //Just all the reds in!//
F1107 //[inaudible]// Aw look.
M1108 Can I pot all the reds?
F1107 Mmhm
M1108 Oopsie!
F1107 Oh my goodness!
M1108 Now ye canna get the blue!
F1107 Na, you've snooked them!
M1108 Oh, you hae to get roon the cushion to go there and hit them.
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 And, how about pot them there?
F1107 So fitt ye gaun to dae? You gaun to hit the cushion.
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Come back off the cushion and hit the blue. //Oh! But you got the pink.//
M1108 //[pots the balls]// Now I'm saved!
F1107 Oh! Are ye?
M1108 Aye, I'm saved by them.
F1107 Fitt ain are ye gaun for?
M1108 I'm going for tired oot.
F1107 Are ye gaun for tired oot? Wait. Good catch!
M1108 Good catch, Mum! //[laugh]//
F1107 //Aye wait on-, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!//
M1108 [exhale] [laugh]
F1107 [CENSORED: forename] wait, no wait, stand there! //[CENSORED: forename], it's nae funny! [laugh]//
M1108 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1107 //It's nae funny!// //It's nae funny, I need tae check yer [inaudible].//
M1108 //[laugh]// //[child noise]//
F1107 //Ah ah ah! I need to put yer thing back on [inaudible].//
M1108 [laugh] //[laugh] [inaudible] chase me!//
F1107 //Ooh, ye're gonna be a scunner when you get big.// //No I winna,//
M1108 //Chase me Mum!//
F1107 no I winna because your thing'll fall off again.
M1108 Chase me Mum.
F1107 You chase me! No. I'm nae gonna chase ye.
M1108 [?]Pooper knicks![/?]
F1107 [?]Pooper knicks[/?], why?
M1108 Cause we-, I'm gaun to pot the white.
F1107 No ye're nae, just go for a reid. Come roon this side the table. Come roon this side the snooker table. You're silly, you could have come roon here and potted something else.
M1108 I'll move the white //a bit.//
F1107 //Oh right.//
M1108 So I can peuch it.
F1107 Oh, so you can peuch that reid?
M1108 Aye. [pots ball]
F1107 Wow! What a shot!
M1108 Did it go in here?
F1107 It did! High-speed.
M1108 High-speed.
F1107 Mm.
M1108 [inhale]Oh no!
F1107 What?
M1108 I'm [inaudible] so I canna get that red one, [inaudible] and the brown's in ma road!
F1107 The brown's in yer road? Oh! White in the pooch! Will I get it?
M1108 Aye. No, I will!
F1107 Okay!
M1108 Can I peuch the brown?
F1107 Aye.
M1108 Oops!
F1107 Oopsie! Silly tattiebodle!
M1108 [laugh] Was it the red?
F1107 Aye.
M1108 Is it, is that the white //now?//
F1107 //Brown// [?]chocolate[/?]. [inaudible]
M1108 No.
F1107 Aye. You're a sniggle.
M1108 Did you see it batter!
F1107 Mmhm!
M1108 Cracker, me!
F1107 [?]No bad[/?]. //[cough]//
M1108 //Cracker, me!// Cracker me!
F1107 Aye, ye did big crackers there.
M1108 Yoo-hoo!
F1107 Cool!
M1108 Yoo-hoo, yes!
F1107 Yoo-hoo! //You're a champione!//
M1108 //[child noise]//
F1107 Champion snooker player?
M1108 Aye! I am!
F1107 You are, you're just the best, you.
M1108 Oh man!
F1107 Is that fitt you want to dae when you grow big? Play snooker //for a living.//
M1108 //Aye.//
F1107 Wow.
M1108 I am wanting to play every snooker game!
F1107 Every snooker game, every day!
M1108 Aye!
F1107 Aye.
M1108 Hey Mum!
F1107 What?
M1108 Watch this. [hits snooker balls] And watch this Mum.
F1107 Uh-huh.
M1108 Watch this Mum, watch this. [hits snooker balls] Watch this one. [hits snooker balls] [hits snooker balls]
F1107 That's some cracking shots, [CENSORED: forename].
M1108 Aye, thanks Mum!
F1107 You're welcome!
M1108 I'm trying to get this reds. But they're aa in ma road, so I canna get a red at this end, them stupid reds! Poopers knickers! Poop-knicks! //Poo-!//
F1107 //Poop-knicks again.//
M1108 Woo-hoo! A save point again!
F1107 What was that? [?]Nearly[/?]. Was it a save point, you said?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 No, that's what happens in games when you get to do a save point.
M1108 No, I have a save point in snooker.
F1107 Do ye?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 I didna hear of it.
M1108 See that's a save point!
F1107 Is it?
M1108 Aye!
F1107 Right, is that fann you're just gaun to snook the ball and it'll go in?
M1108 Uh!
F1107 Well done! That's a cushty wee shot.
M1108 Will I pot the pink?
F1107 Aye, if you can.
M1108 [hits snooker balls] //Between us!//
F1107 //Oh! Mm.//
M1108 Between! [ball hit the floor]
F1107 Oops!
M1108 Oops!
F1107 The escapee white! //[laugh]//
M1108 //[?]Just scooped right oot[/?]!//
F1107 Did you get it off the table?
M1108 Aye!
F1107 Aye.
M1108 It just bounced oot!
F1107 Uh-huh, heard that.
M1108 Oh whee! Hoo-whee! Aw no! Yoo-hoo! Mammy, I got a red in here!
F1107 Did ye? Wowzer!
M1108 Poo-poo!
F1107 That's the best. Mm, you smell that gingerbreads?
M1108 Yummy! Let me go and see!

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 14, recording 2: playing snooker


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