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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 11, recording 3: making jigsaws indoors on a snowy day

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1104 That's her with her wings, magic wings.
F1103 Oh aye.
F1104 Fly fly fly fly fly [inaudible].
F1103 Tinkerbell?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 She's pretty.
F1104 She's Tinkerbell.
F1103 Isn't she? //Is she pretty?//
F1104 //Yes.// Yes, she's got sparkles on her wings, hasn't she?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Sparkles. See all the sparkles. Feel the back o her wings.
F1103 Oh, they're glittery, aren't they?
F1104 They're aa glittery, aren't they?
F1103 Aye, they're bonny. //She's beautiful.//
F1104 //Mm.// She's a beautiful, she can magic up things.
F1103 Can she?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 She's magicking all cat's stuff around Tommy.
F1103 Aye, well get her off Tommy though. He doesnae like it.
F1104 Magic all his-
F1103 Come on, right, we'll go, co- come on and we'll check and see what roads are closed. Will we? //[?]The last[/?].//
F1104 //Fitt,// see fitt roads are closed?
F1103 Aye, just to see, cause look, the sky's full and full and full o snow.
F1104 Fallin and fallin [inaudible].
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Tinkerbell doesn't want, "I don't want to go out in that snow, [CENSORED: forename]".
F1103 I dinna blame you, Tinkerbell, cause I'm nae goin oot in it either. I went oot the side o the hoose, and that //was enough for me.//
F1104 //I want,// I want to stay in the house.
F1103 Mmhm, cause Tinkerbell, you've hardly got on any claes, you would be freezin.
F1104 No, I haven't got any claes. I've just got on my dress.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 And my fringe. My fringe has went all funny.
F1103 [laugh]
F1104 It's went all //funny and [inaudible].//
F1103 //Mmhm, so it has.//
F1104 Do you like my wings, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 They're beautiful. They're beautiful and glittery. //I like them.//
F1104 //And er//
F1103 I wish I had wings like that. //Do you//
F1104 //I know!//
F1103 wish you had wings like that, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1104 Yes. I've got a-, like my wand?
F1103 Oh, that's lovely as well. I think it glows in the dark.
F1104 Does it glow in the dark?
F1103 I think so.
F1104 Div you think so?
F1103 I do. Where you gaun?
F1104 Nowhere. Just seeing if
F1103 Huh.
F1104 I I don't want to go in that [?]blizzard[/?], //liz-//
F1103 //Oh aye.//
F1104 blizzard. That looks like a lizard there.
F1103 [inhale] Nae goin oot drivin in that, no no no.
F1104 We're nae goin, I'm not goin out flying in that, [CENSORED: forename].
F1103 Mm.
F1104 I'm not going flying oot with my wings like that. I just want to stay in this house, go, not freezing, where it's nice and //cosy.//
F1103 //Well, me and you// will get a long lie the morn. //Cause there's nae//
F1104 //I w-.//
F1103 playschool and Mummy's nae workin, cause Mummy's nae going out drivin in that blizzard.
F1104 Na, arenae going to playschool.
F1103 No, cause the playschool's shut. //Aa the//
F1104 //Yep!//
F1103 schools are shut, every one, in the hale o Moray and the hale o Aberdeenshire. //Lots and lots, every one's closed.//
F1104 //And the hale// and and the ain in, the school in Turriff's closed.
F1103 Aye, did you hear him saying that on the //radio? Aye.//
F1104 //Yeah.// Like in Turriff where Tons of Fun is.
F1103 Aye, we like Tons of Fun, sure.
F1104 Yeah. //Su-//
F1103 //It// is it is tons of fun, isn't it? It's good fun in there.
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 I don't want to go out flying.
F1103 No, we're nae gaun ootside, Tinkerbell.
F1104 I know! Cause my sister said that. "You're not going outside like that",
F1103 Mm.
F1104 they said, she said.
F1103 And farr's your sister?
F1104 She's in, she's in the hospital because she's poorly.
F1103 Fitt's her name?
F1104 Erm ah Monica wi black hair.
F1103 Like in Friends?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 [laugh]
F1104 Mum, ca-.
F1103 You're like a bouncing bean, [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname], you're aye jumpin,
F1104 I know, Mummy!
F1103 aren't ye?
F1104 [exhale] //I jus-.//
F1103 //It's nae a nice day, is it?//
F1104 No! I don't, no, [CENSORED: forename], it isn't. Cause I'll just have to stay in here! Say "I see, Tinkerbell".
F1103 I see, Tinkerbell.
F1104 [tut] Like my dress?
F1103 Let's see.
F1104 Look at my dress, //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1103 //Oh, it's beautiful.// You'll maybe get oot on your sledge the morn, Tootie.
F1104 [sucks air through teeth] Wi Tinkerbell?
F1103 Oh, you canna take Tinkerbell oot in that!
F1104 Why not?
F1103 Cause you canna.
F1104 But she's erm she's a she's a Christmas fairy. She's a Christmas fairy.
F1103 Oh aye. //Do you want a jigsaw?//
F1104 //She can.// Yeah.
F1103 Go and pick ain then, a jigsaw puzzle.
F1104 In he-, they in here?
F1103 Aye, you'll mak it on Mammy's bedroom floor, cause it's [?]big and flat[/?].
F1104 Cause we canna make it on this ain, can we?
F1103 No, cause this ain's carpet. Well we could dae it, but it's ea-, better to dae it on Mammy's bedroom flair, isn't it?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 Tidy this. So they dinna get lost or Tommy start eating them or something. Unless you want to put on your necklace?
F1104 Na!
F1103 No? How? Dinna bump against that now.
F1104 I wanna play [inaudible] in the morn.
F1103 Okay. Erm,
F1104 [inhale] Well, [CENSORED: forename]. //I don't, erm,//
F1103 //Fitt jigsaw do you want to mak?// Or do you want to mak them aa?
F1104 I wanna make them aa. I wanna make this puzzle first.
F1103 Okay, here, we'll take doon this ain cause you've no made this ain for ages.
F1104 No, I havena, have I?
F1103 Come on then, we'll dae this ain.
F1104 Yes, big one with the map.
F1103 Aye.
F1104 And we can see fitt ain fits, //can we?//
F1103 //Mmhm.//
F1104 See fitt ain fits on that, can we?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Shall we put a jigsaw on it?
F1103 Aye, but, or will we try and see if you can dae it withoot, withoot that, cause that's kind o cheatin.
F1104 Fitt?
F1103 Try and mak it withoot the picture underneath it.
F1104 No, I want the picture to see which bit er
F1103 Okay, I'll dae it.
F1104 no, dinna put it underneath. I have to see fitt ain fits.
F1103 On you go then.
F1104 Mm, oh, you do that one first, Mum.
F1103 Well just start wi the bitties, look. Right.
F1104 Right. This one goes here, does it Mum?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 We havena done this ain for ages, //have we, Mum?//
F1103 //No.//
F1104 That's Piglet, //thinking.//
F1103 //Aye.// Goes right in, doesn't he?
F1104 Yep. And that's a reflection, is it?
F1103 That is a reflection, that's clever.
F1104 A reflection of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. And this goes here, does it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 That's him. And that's a caterpillar. A caterpillar. //Tha-//
F1103 //I think it's a wiggly worm.//
F1104 A wiggly worm.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 A wiggly, wiggly worm.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 This goes //here.//
F1103 //Is it that ain?//
F1104 Erm, Winnie the Pooh and a and a
F1103 A gate.
F1104 a gate. And fitt's that on it?
F1103 I think it's a grasshopper.
F1104 A grasshopper, you're right, Mummy. That goes here, does it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Goes.
F1103 And that's Roo jumpin.
F1104 Yep, it is, isn't it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 It's Roo jumpin. Jumpin that. //[tut] That's him//
F1103 //Er.//
F1104 looking at a zebra, is it, Mum?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 A zebra. //Winnie the Pooh's looking at a zebra,//
F1103 //That's right.//
F1104 isn't he? //[tut] This,//
F1103 //And fitt's on that ain?//
F1104 erm Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.
F1103 And fitt they daein?
F1104 Erm, making a cakes, //with//
F1103 //Mmhm.//
F1104 Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.
F1103 That's right.
F1104 And pink icing.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Farr does this bit go? Here. It's a bit, this go- bit goes here.
F1103 No, nae on there. //Nae on that bit.//
F1104 //Mm.// [laugh] It goes here.
F1103 [?]Wow whee[/?].
F1104 [exhale] There. This bit goes here.
F1103 That's right. And fitt's Rabbit got?
F1104 A violin.
F1103 That's right.
F1104 [laugh] And this is
F1103 [throat]
F1104 and this is Tigger thinking, isn't it?
F1103 Aye, and what's he looking at?
F1104 A butterfly.
F1103 That's right.
F1104 Butter, butter, butter. Butter, butter. That bit goes there. This bit goes here.
F1103 And that's Winnie the Pooh looking at the sun. And fitt's that ain you've got?
F1104 Winnie the Pooh wi flowers.
F1103 Mm. //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Flowers.// Oop that's it. That's the bit. [exhale] [exhale] That's Pooh looking at the sky. [inaudible]
F1103 Do you mak jigsaws at the playschool?
F1104 Yes. //Nae big ones.//
F1103 //[inaudible]// Fitt kind dae ye mak?
F1104 I just make, well, Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
F1103 E-I-E-I-O?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 E-I-E-I-O. That's that's Winnie the Pooh lazy, isn't it?
F1103 Mm.
F1104 Winnie the Pooh sleeping in his bed, Winnie the Pooh! //Whee-whee.//
F1103 //I wonder if you'll be back at playschool on Friday.//
F1104 I think so, Mummy.
F1103 Well if you're nae at the playschool, erm [tut] you could maybe go to [CENSORED: forename]'s,
F1104 Fitt?
F1103 to play for a whilie. Would that be okay?
F1104 Yes.
F1103 If the playschool's, cause Mummy'll be working. Mummy should be alright to get back to her work by then. And er you can maybe go and play wi [CENSORED: forename] for a whilie. Or do you want to go to Granny's?
F1104 I want to go to [CENSORED: forename]'s and play for a wee whilie. Can I go there the day?
F1103 No.
F1104 Why not?
F1103 Cause we're nae goin oot in that weather, are we? //Cause you dinna want//
F1104 //No.//
F1103 to go oot in the car in that, dae ye? //[laugh]//
F1104 //No, or we might crash again.//
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 [inhale] Disna ken, div we?
F1103 No, we dinna ken.
F1104 We dinna ken if we crash or not.
F1103 Mm. So we're just nae gonna take a chance, are we?
F1104 No, we're nae s-, nae gonna take a chance. //Look!//
F1103 //Better to be safe,// //sure?//
F1104 //Yeah.// //We're better be, to be//
F1103 //Better to stay at hame and be safe.// I'll put my radiator up a bit, it's a bit chilly, isn't it?
F1104 Yeah, it is a bit chilly.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Because [CENSORED: forename]'s nae got her radiators on.
F1103 Has she nae?
F1104 No, because they're nae workin.
F1103 Oh no.
F1104 They're nae workin.
F1103 I bet you [CENSORED: forename]'s glad she got her gas in, eh? [CENSORED: forename]'s mum.
F1104 Yeah. Look, I made it all by myself! Mummy, are we gaun to make another one?
F1103 Aye, and we'll brak this ain up noo?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 Put it back in here. Well, I'll brak this ain up, you go and pick another ain, okay?
F1104 Okay then. I'm puttin map in as well, Mum.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 Puzzle. I wanna make a puzzle.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 That puzzle, with the stickers.
F1103 Those stickers [inaudible] much stick left in them noo. Well they're on there. Right, you hae to make a jigsaw first, don't you?
F1104 Yeah, no it's a puzzle you make first.
F1103 Aye, I ken, but it's a jigsaw puzzle.
F1104 A jigsaw puzzle. I've got a bit o Minty. [inaudible] See, her sweeties on her. //Sweeties.//
F1103 //[inhale] Oh my.//
F1104 Farr's the [inaudible]?
F1103 I dinna ken. //Need to find it.//
F1104 //[inaudible] This could be it.// Mm, here it goes! //I found it. There's a bit o her foot.//
F1103 //Yey.//
F1104 Oh. I dinna ken farr that bit goes. [inhale] Mm! Mummy, I better go and pee first.
F1103 Okay then. Will you manage?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 [NOTE: couple of minutes of recording cut here]
F1104 Was you making your puzzle? //Have you made it?//
F1103 //Mmhm. I made it so that you can just, I've did the edges.// You can dae bits in the middle, can't you?
F1104 Did you just do the edges?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 And I, and we can do the middle, can we?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Finished. Right in here, Mummy.
F1103 Eh?
F1104 Right in this side [inaudible].
F1103 Is there?
F1104 Right in, see.
F1103 Here, just hae a Kandoo wipe, look.
F1104 [?]A wee[/?] Kandoo wipe. [toilet flushes]
F1103 You gonna wash your hands?
F1104 No!
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Mum, can I have a drink of water fae that [inaudible] there? [?]This ain[/?].
F1103 That thing?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 Right. Right, okay then. There you go. Right, there's the towel.
F1104 Thanks.
F1103 You're welcome.
F1104 Thank you.
F1103 Right, haud on, afore we go back up the stair, come through with Mummy to see if the chickens have [?]frost[/?].
F1104 [sucks air through teeth] Was the chicken frosted?
F1103 Aye, so it'll be ready for us to cook fann we're ready.
F1104 Yey! Chicken!
F1103 Do you like chicken?
F1104 Yep. Yep. Yep.
F1103 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1104 //I like chicken!//
F1103 Mm.
F1104 We like chicken, divn't we, Mum?
F1103 Mmhm. We do we do.
F1104 Nae fann it's cold.
F1103 No, but we'll cook it. It'll be cosy chicken.
F1104 Yes. I'll do here. I'll sit here, Mummy. [inaudible]
F1103 Batten doon the hatches, sure.
F1104 Batten doon the hatches.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 Does that bit go there? No. Don't think so. [inhale] This bit goes here, does it? No. //Oh look, there's the Celebration Castle!//
F1103 //Mm. [inhale]// Oh boy!
F1104 Where does that bit go? Er, I think that goes there, does it?
F1103 I think so. Well done.
F1104 Does this bit go? Farr does this bit go, Mummy? //Er.//
F1103 //I dinna ken.//
F1104 Oh, it might go here. //No.//
F1103 //Na.//
F1104 [inhale] That bit goes there does it, Mum?
F1103 Aye, cause that's Sunny Daze, isn't it?
F1104 Yep. And this [inaudible] goes, mm //[inaudible].//
F1103 //I think it's up there.//
F1104 Oh, it goes there. And this bit goes [singing]
F1103 Mm, dinna think so.
F1104 No. It doesna, does it? No. Stickin.
F1103 Look. Oh boy, haud on, Mummy'll get-, no, dinna do that, cause you'll break it. There you go.
F1104 That's it. Erm. Oh, it goes there. There's a bit o paint there.
F1103 That's it.
F1104 Yeah!
F1103 Yey!
F1104 [clapping] //We're done. Will we break it up?//
F1103 //Well done!// //Eh?//
F1104 //I dinna want to do this ain then.// Wow. Just put on the stickers. This ain's gonna [inaudible] horsie. I put this here.
F1103 Oh, that's beautiful.
F1104 That's erm there. And this is gonna [inaudible]. Farr's she gotta go, Mummy? She gonna have her swim.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 She's gonna have a swim there, Mummy. She's gonna have her swim.
F1103 Oh boy.
F1104 She's gonna have a swim, because she's no had a swim for a long time.
F1103 Has she nae?
F1104 No.
F1103 Oh. Neither have we, have we?
F1104 No.
F1103 No. //Maybe go swimming next week, eh?//
F1104 //Me-.// //[inhale] The flowers.//
F1103 //You havenae had on your new dookers// yet, have ye?
F1104 Nope! But I have got new ains.
F1103 Mmhm but you've nae had them on yet, have ye?
F1104 No. This ain's gonna go, erm that ain's gonna be go in, farr's this ain goin to go, Mummy? //Oh oh.//
F1103 //I don't know. Where do you think it goes?//
F1104 I think I'll put it, [exhale], I think I'll put it up in the tree, so she can eat er the leafs.
F1103 Oh, [?]Gentian[/?] going to eat the leaves?
F1104 Yep. There she goes. //She bides,//
F1103 //There she goes.//
F1104 she bides up in the sk- she bides up in the air.
F1103 Does she?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 There's still some snow here. Here's the flowers that grow.
F1103 [throat]
F1104 Here's the flo- the flower that grows in the water. There's two flowers that go in there.
F1103 Oh boy.
F1104 And there's erm the wishing well that goes er where's the wishing well going to go? //Oh.//
F1103 //[sniff]//
F1104 The wishing well can go there,
F1103 Mm.
F1104 where it's standing up. Mummy, farr can the bridge go? Oh, that could go there. Where Minty could trip-trop, trip-trop, go over it.
F1103 That's good. That's a really good place. Well done.
F1104 Sh- sure bridges go there, divn't they?
F1103 Mmhm. //Sh sh sh!//
F1104 //[inaudible] that so, Sweetberry can get back on the shore.// What is it?
F1103 No, I was just wondering what that noise was, I dinna ken fitt it was.
F1104 This is lily leaf. Sure they go in the water, divn't they?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 They, they're lilies, aren't they?
F1103 They're beautiful.
F1104 They're lily leafs, aren't they?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Lily leafs.
F1103 You're cosy.
F1104 I ken, Mummy. That's it, done. [clapping]
F1103 Oh, it's Daddy. Daddy's daein the dishes. That's fitt the noise is.
F1104 Daddy daein the dishes. She bides up in the sky, her.
F1103 Does she?
F1104 Yep. Are we gaun to do another one, Mum?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 I want to do another one. You break up my other, that ain, Mummy.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 [inaudible] Fitt ain will we make? This ains, got jigsaws here as well. [singing] E-I-E-I-E-I. Mummy, I'm gaun to dae this ain noo. //I'm gonna do.//
F1103 //Oh boy!// That's the big ains, isn't it? //Hear that hailstanes?//
F1104 //Yeah.// Uh-huh.
F1103 Me and you are definitely just gonna want to cosy in our beds the morn's morning.
F1104 Yeah we are, aren't we, yeah.
F1103 I think so, gonna hae a lang lie noo.
F1104 Yes, yeah yeah yeah. //Yeah.//
F1103 //Won't we?// Yeah.
F1104 Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah!
F1103 They're nae the very best o quality this [inaudible] jigsaws, are they?
F1104 Na!
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 Daddy! We're making a jigsaw.
F1103 [Dad responds 'Are you?']
F1104 Mummy, are we gaun to make wir jigsaw, Mummy?
F1103 Aye, there we go. //[inaudible] hailstanes noo?//
F1104 //[inaudible]//
F1103 I th- I think the big freeze is [inaudible]. Aye, I've got [inaudible]. Aye, right.
F1104 [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename]. Are we gaun to do this noo, Mummy?
F1103 We are.
F1104 It goes big floor on the big, we'll do
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 Are we gaun to do Sleeping Beauty first?
F1103 Sleeping Beauty first?
F1104 I want to do her first. //Sleeping Beauty.//
F1103 //Okay, I'll gie you aa the bits for Sleeping Beauty, right?//
F1104 Right, and you can do, and erm, you can do her middle, Mummy.
F1103 Oh, I know, but Sleeping Beauty's different. Right, here you go, here's aa the bits for Sleeping Beauty.
F1104 Does this bit go here Mummy?
F1103 Fitt do you think? Do you think it goes there? //Yey!//
F1104 //Yes.// It goes up there, does it? And does this bit go here? No. Does this bit go here? And the rose.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Cause it's a bit o rose, isn't it?
F1103 Aye, Sleeping Beauty's beautiful, isn't //she?//
F1104 //Yeah, she is.// Cause Maleficent isn't nice!
F1103 No, she's nae at aa.
F1104 No she isn't! Sure the people want to kill her, don't they?
F1103 Kill fa?
F1104 Erm Maleficent.
F1103 Well aye, cause she's bad. But that doesnae mean you should just go aboot killing folk.
F1104 No. No. [inhale] Because M- Maleficent doesn't want, because the fairies divn't want Maleficent to kill her their their little girl, div they?
F1103 No. //Well done!//
F1104 //No.//
F1103 That's Sleeping Beauty. Right, fitt ain do you want to mak noo?
F1104 Erm. Cinderella.
F1103 [inaudible] them in the bottom. Do you want to mak Belle because she's on the top.
F1104 No, I want to do Cinderella.
F1103 Oh fashious Annie!
F1104 I like Cinderella, //as well.//
F1103 //Aye.//
F1104 I like. I liked her. I like her. That's those bits. Some bits. There's her head, isn't it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Make her head that way. H-, and this bi- bit goes here, does it? No. Yep, think so. Mm, go there. This bit. [exhale] And this bit goes here, does it? Goes there, does it Mummy?
F1103 That's right.
F1104 Yes. This is her bit, isn't it?
F1103 Now turn that bit roon. No, roon the other way. //That way.//
F1104 //Which way?// That way. That way.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Farr [inaudible]? This is her boobs.
F1103 That's her boobs, aye.
F1104 Booby boob boobs.
F1103 Have you got boobs?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Can you turn it roon? No, no.
F1104 That way?
F1103 No, turn it roon.
F1104 Which way?
F1103 The only way that you hinna turned it yet! That way. //Mm.//
F1104 //That way?//
F1103 There we go. Well done. [throat]
F1104 Does that bit go there?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 She's a very big one, isn't she?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Does this bit go here? No. [exhale] Probably this bit. That bit goes there!
F1103 Yey!
F1104 Mm, does this bit go here? Yes!
F1103 Well done!
F1104 This bit go there.
F1103 Mmhm. //[clapping]//
F1104 //Aye, yes.//
F1103 [clapping]
F1104 Daddy's phone.
F1103 [laugh] Did you hear it an aa?
F1104 Yeah. Where is it?
F1103 It wasna Mummy's ain, was it? //[clapping] Yey!//
F1104 //[clapping]// Can we make her th-
F1103 Right, fa you gaun to mak noo?
F1104 Erm, erm Belle.
F1103 Belle.
F1104 She's the most beautif-, I'll take oot her head. Look at my, look like Belle. Look! I'm Belle.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Mummy look, look at me.
F1103 Aye, I see ye.
F1104 I'm Belle. [laugh] Sure I was a jigsaw princess, wasn't I?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 [laugh] Oh no! That's her //[?]stroking[/?].//
F1103 //Turned it doon!//
F1104 Why did you turn it doon?
F1103 I'm silly. I turned my radiator doon by accident.
F1104 That bit goes there, does it Mum?
F1103 Nae wonder I was feeling cauld. That's right.
F1104 This-. //Mummy.//
F1103 //We want it// getting cosy, oh!
F1104 This bit goes there, does it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Here's a bit. Does this bit go there?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 You're daein a great job.
F1104 And this bit goes here. //No.//
F1103 //No.// //Hey!//
F1104 //That bit goes there.// This bit goes here, does it? No. Does that bit go there, Mummy? No. Nae an edge.
F1103 Try different bits.
F1104 This bit goes here. No.
F1103 Try this. Farr do you think this bit goes?
F1104 It goes.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 [inhale] [exhale] And this bit goes here, does it?
F1103 I think so, aye. Where do you think this bit might go?
F1104 Mm. [laugh] I know. [laugh] [laugh] There!
F1103 Yey!
F1104 Does this bit go?
F1103 Well done. Nearly finished! //Woo-hoo!//
F1104 //[inhale] Woo-hoo!// This ains are little, aren't they?
F1103 Mm. Right, are you going to do some more, Snow White's the biggest, biggest, //biggest ain.//
F1104 //Yeah.// //Bigge-.//
F1103 //It's tricky, ain't it?//
F1104 Mummy, are you are you gonna like my boobs?
F1103 Eh? //Aye, [laugh] I like your boobs.//
F1104 //Mmhm.// //[laugh]//
F1103 //[laugh]//
F1104 That's her head, isn't it?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 [humming]
F1103 My, you look just like Snow White. Right, come on then, you gonna mak it?
F1104 I've got a Snow White tape, haven't I?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 That goes there, does it?
F1103 Mmhm. Will we maybe watch it tomorrow?
F1104 Yeah, no I wanna watch it the day.
F1103 Well we canna watch it the day.
F1104 Why not?
F1103 We're gaun awa to mak the tea, in a minute. You're gonna help me.
F1104 Yes. And we can watch it all.
F1103 Mmhm. //We can watch the morning when it's just me and you.//
F1104 //[sucks air through teeth] Mm, I think-// Yes.
F1103 And Daddy'll be at his work.
F1104 Yep.
F1103 I think it's a hand. Where do you think it goes?
F1104 Er, //There.//
F1103 //Mmhm.// It's there.
F1104 [laugh] [laugh] Does this bit, no! Mummy, you can make that ain, because I. //Okay.//
F1103 //It's tricky, ain't it? There's ain.//
F1104 Yeah, I canna do this one. Don't do this.
F1103 But you'll hae tae help me.
F1104 Okay then.
F1103 [inaudible] this bit, maybe. Well done.
F1104 See, this ain isna very tricky after aa, is it?
F1103 Mm. Ah, where did that one go, oh, that's right. It's a bit trickier than the other ains though. Isn't it?
F1104 Yes it is, isn't it? Dinna ken farr bits go, div we?
F1103 Mm.
F1104 Mm. I know where that bit goes.
F1103 Turn that bit roon, that way up. //Wahey! Well done!//
F1104 //[clapping] That ain wasnae tricky, was it?//
F1103 No, nae fann there wis two o us! Right, we'll put them awa?
F1104 Yeah, I want to make my pony one.
F1103 Go get them then.
F1104 [panting] My pony jigsaws. No, no. Which jigsaw will I make, erm erm erm, this one! Yep, this one. This is the Little Princess. That's another princess ain.
F1103 Do you want to mak that ain?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Come on then.
F1104 Fa got me this ain? Fa got me that ain?
F1103 I got you that ain for your birthday, I think.
F1104 Yes, you did, //didn't you?//
F1103 //Mmhm.// //Right, will I do the edges and you do the inside?//
F1104 //I've star-.// No, I want to do edges wi you.
F1103 Okay. That's good.
F1104 Will we do erm er the Little Mermaid's sea first?
F1103 Haud on, we'll take oot aa the edges first, look.
F1104 Yes. Yes, that's a edge and that's a edge //and that's a edge.//
F1103 //[inaudible] take these ones// an mak a jigsaw.
F1104 That's a edges, isn't it? //That's a edge there.//
F1103 //Aye.//
F1104 Going do-do-do, do-do-do! //Yes.//
F1103 //You going to try and put them thegither?//
F1104 Well, I need a grown-up to help me with this ain.
F1103 Aye, but you said, aye, but I'll help ye, once I get the edges oot.
F1104 [humming] //[humming]//
F1103 //Won't I?// //But you said you were meaning to help me do the edges.//
F1104 //[humming]// I'm just looking for the bits to go in this box.
F1103 I see.
F1104 Er. Mm. I wanna do that bit first.
F1103 Oh, aye okay. [inaudible]
F1104 That's her dress, isn't it, Mum?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 This is her dress. This is her dress. [singing] [inaudible]
F1103 [CENSORED: forename], stop kicking the box, please.
F1104 [singing] That's Snow White is it, Mum? That's Snow White is it?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Sle-, Sleeping Beauty. That's Sleeping Beauty, is it Mum?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 And that's Cinderella.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 That's Belle, isn't it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Cinderella. Belle. Sleeping Beauty. Snow White!
F1103 Hey! Yes.
F1104 So that's aa the princesses there, isn't it? Aa the princesses [inaudible]. [inaudible] There's the princesses [inaudible]. Mummy, can we make him? Mummy this is Peter Pan. Shoes. //Mm.//
F1103 //That's right. Well done.// //There we go.//
F1104 //Farr does Pete-?//
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 [?]What's he called?[/?]
F1103 See if that helps ye.
F1104 That bits go there, divn't they?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 He's flying up in the sky wi the stars, isn't he?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 He's a good mannie, isn't he?
F1103 Aye, well he's a boy, cause he's the little boy that didnae grow up, didn't he, //Peter Pan?//
F1104 //Yeah.// Mmhm, he's nae grown up yet, is //he?//
F1103 //Well he's the little boy who// wouldn't grow up, cause he didna want to grow up. //He wanted to be a boy for ever and ever.//
F1104 //No.// Why did he nae wanna grow up?
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 He's a silly boy.
F1103 Aye, maybe. Do you want to grow up? Do you want to grow up and get great big?
F1104 Yes. But he didna want to grow up, //did he?//
F1103 //No.//
F1104 He he just wanted to be little, did he?
F1103 Hmm, here we go, look!
F1104 Mummy, we'll do the middle, won't we?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Sure I did that edge, didn't I?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 You did [?]Flounder[/?].
F1103 There he goes.
F1104 [laugh] That ain goes here, does it Mummy?
F1103 Aye, it goes there somewhere. Haud on, look. Try it here maybe. And there's Princess Jasmine.
F1104 Princess Jasmine. There's another bit o Princess Jasmine. //Ooh.//
F1103 //Ooh.// //Where's the pumpkin, fa's got the pumpkin?//
F1104 //I got [inaudible].// Erm, Cinderella!
F1103 Hey!
F1104 Pumpkin! //[inaudible] Pumpkin!//
F1103 //[inaudible]//
F1104 Where's that little bit of pumpkin? Oh, I can see a bit. Here it goes.
F1103 Ah, well done!
F1104 There a bit of pumpkin. [exhale] There's a bit of Snow White and the Prince. You did that bit, did you?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 And the apples go there.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 That goes
F1103 Fitt's this fairies' names?
F1104 Fauna, Merryweather, and
F1103 Flora.
F1104 and [?]Flora[/?]. Flora. Oh. There's a bit o Snow White again. We're nearly finished this ain't we //Mum?//
F1103 //Aye.// You've daen a good job, haven't ye? You do aa this bits. Try this one, look.
F1104 That bit goes there.
F1103 That's right. One mair bit.
F1104 Farr does this bit go?
F1103 Well done! Oh, right, come here a minute.
F1104 That's a big sweetheart, isn't it?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 She's the most beautiful lady. //Mummy? Yeah.//
F1103 //Snow White? [inaudible]// [inaudible] Do you like Snow White the best?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 I thought you liked Belle the best?
F1104 I like Belle and Snow White and Cinderella and her, and him, and her //and her,//
F1103 //You just like them aa the same?//
F1104 and her and her and her and her.
F1103 Do you like them aa the same?
F1104 Yeah, I like //[exhale]//
F1103 //Are you gaun to help me make the tea now?//
F1104 No, I want to make some more jigsaws.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 [child noise] [?]You got me ain, got[/?] Mm. Make this ain. [inaudible]
F1103 Uh-huh Cinderella. You've got lots o princess jigsaws, haven't you?
F1104 Mmhm. And ca-, after that, can I make Belle like this one? //Please!//
F1103 //Aye, okay, we can mak two o them, then I'll really hae to go and mak the tea.//
F1104 And then will you make my my pony one?
F1103 You can mak the pony ains efter, efter tea-time.
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Okay?
F1104 Yeah, yeah yeah yeah.
F1103 Right. Come on then, this ain.
F1104 Yeah!
F1103 Careful! Oh, that's made in the box, look!
F1104 Yeah. Mum, can we make that ain after that Cinderella?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 That. Cinderella jigsaw. [exhale] It was only yesterday we built her. Oh! I like you Mummy.
F1103 I like you too.
F1104 Mummy, I erm mm [inaudible].
F1103 You love when I go to my work?
F1104 No, I miss you fann you go to your work.
F1103 I miss you when I go to work.
F1104 Why?
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 Fitt div you say?
F1103 Oh, I miss my little girl! I say when I go to my work.
F1104 I say "I wish my Mummy was here."
F1103 Aw! You're a sweetie-pie, aren't you?
F1104 Yeah! I'm your little sweetie-pie. You're my little //sweetie-pie.//
F1103 //[inaudible] Aye, but dinna strangle me.// //Gie me a kiss.//
F1104 //Can I watch [inaudible]?// //[kiss] Can I watch that//
F1103 //[kiss]//
F1104 Barbie, can I watch erm er Barney Zoo thing?
F1103 The morning?
F1104 Y-, no, the day.
F1103 You can watch it the mornin. //[inaudible] the day,//
F1104 //No, I want to watch it today.//
F1103 but you can watch it the mornin.
F1104 I want to watch it today.
F1103 Well you're nae getting to watch it the day.
F1104 Can we play our Disney game?
F1103 No.
F1104 Why not?
F1103 We're makkin jigsaws, then we're goin to mak the tea.
F1104 Yeah, we are, aren't we, //because//
F1103 //Yeah, we are.//
F1104 [panting]
F1103 [inaudible] are you comin to help me? //or am I making this//
F1104 //Yes, I am.//
F1103 jigsaw myself?
F1104 This is Cinderella making her her dress, //aren't we?//
F1103 //Aye.//
F1104 We're making this ain, aren't we?
F1103 We are.
F1104 Cinderella, making her dress. That's a, look, there's a scary-looking mouse because it's [inaudible] [?]blue[/?].
F1103 Mm that's a nice mousie.
F1104 [inaudible]
F1103 Right, I canna see what I'm lookin //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Is that Gus?//
F1103 I dinna ken. No, that, cause that's a lady.
F1104 Where's Gus then?
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 That's a book, is it?
F1103 Here's Gus.
F1104 Gus, Gus, it's Gus.
F1103 Right, //there you go.//
F1104 //Fitt's Gus sayin?// //Fi-, fitt's Gus sayin?//
F1103 //[inaudible]// I dinna ken.
F1104 He say, "Oh my, I don't know." That bit goes there, does it?
F1103 Mmhm. Where did you put the Belle jigsaw?
F1104 It's in the My Li-
F1103 Oh did you j-, put it back through? //Okay.//
F1104 //Yeah.// Cause it might get lost. Mm. Where does this bit go?
F1103 I dinna ken. Want me to help you a //bit?//
F1104 //Ah,// she's a lady as well. She's a lady. [exhale] [?]I should be so dizzy, I should be so lucky in love[/?]
F1103 Pff! Farr did you hear that song?
F1104 Er.
F1103 You're aboot twenty-three years too young to ken that song.
F1104 [tut] [inhale] I heard it at [CENSORED: forename]'s yesterday. [?]I should be I should be so lucky in love[/?]. //[singing]//
F1103 //[CENSORED: forename], stop sliding aboot on that rug.// Come on, I thought you were needin to mak the jigsaws.
F1104 I am!
F1103 Well, get on wi it.
F1104 Mm. Mummy, [?]that girl[/?] ask him a stupid question.
F1103 Well you ask my stupid questions.
F1104 That bit goes there, does it?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 And this bit goes here. And this bit goes here, does it?
F1103 You might hae to turn it roon. No, nae right roon. Just a wee bit, look.
F1104 Th-. Does this bit go there? No. Does that bit go? Eh.
F1103 Er, oh this bit's tricky.
F1104 Doesn't go there. Erm might go //here, Mummy.//
F1103 //There it goes.// //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Go there.// Mummy, farr can I put this ain at?
F1103 No, this ain.
F1104 Oh. I think this goes there.
F1103 Well done. //How aboot doon a bit?//
F1104 //This ain.//
F1103 Yey!
F1104 [clapping] That's, farr's that ain?
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 [inaudible]
F1103 Last one!
F1104 Can we dae the Dalmatians after that ain?
F1103 No, we're gonna mak the tea after this ain.
F1104 I'm gonna dae the Dalmatian.
F1103 Well you can come through here wi it then. [inaudible] mak this jigsaw.
F1104 Mummy, but I'm gonna tell a story to you.
F1103 You're gonna read me a story?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Go on then.
F1104 It's about this one wi all the puppies. //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Oh.//
F1104 Look!, Look at aa [inaudible] mammy's back.
F1103 Aw!
F1104 [laugh]
F1103 That doesna mean to say you've to climb on my back. Cause you aye try and climb on my back, don't ye?
F1104 Yeah. Cause that's why I love ye!
F1103 Aye, I love you an aa, but it's sometimes a bit sore.
F1104 Laura and Anita lived with two beautiful dogs. Pongo and Anita. //[tut]//
F1103 //Perdita.//
F1104 Perdita. Pongo and Perdita. [tut] They lived in a tiny wee cottage, with lots of cute babies. They loved the babies. And, C- Cruella De Vil stormed in the house. Don't take those puppies! "Don't go on the [inaudible]" she said. [exhale] [inaudible] Don't take the puppies. They missed their puppies so much. They couldn't find the puppies anywhere. Howl! Howl! Cruel. Look! [inaudible] Oh we've lost two babies. They're in
F1103 Dear me.
F1104 [inaudible] And then the cat the cat came in and a horse. Give!
F1103 The hailstanes are stottin!
F1104 They give him, [inaudible] give the mannie a smack.
F1103 Fa gave the mannie a smack?
F1104 That horse.
F1103 That's violent.
F1104 That horse wi his //feet!//
F1103 //Oh aye.//
F1104 Up, hey, I'm free, I'm free. [?]Cruella[/?] came with a torch. Oh, I'm scared. Oop. [sucks air through teeth] [inaudible]
F1103 Come on then, I thought you were reading to me.
F1104 And then [inaudible] you can't get down there. You're covered in soot. And they get back [inaudible]. [?]Pono[/?] was black.
F1103 [hailstones outside] See the hailstones, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1104 Eek! There's a [inaudible]. [Er] poor Perdita. They were greetin so much. //"Now look what you've done to my car!"//
F1103 //Wahey!//
F1104 she said. [inaudible] [inaudible] want a [inaudible].
F1103 Right, you gonna help me mak the tea?
F1104 Oh no no //no.//
F1103 //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1104 [inaudible] what Nanny?
F1103 [CENSORED: forename]!
F1104 Hello! //What's that, what is that?//
F1103 //[CENSORED: forename]!// //[CENSORED: forename]!//
F1104 //And that and!// //That and.//
F1103 //[CENSORED: forename].// Are you gonna help me mak the tea?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Come on then.
F1104 Eee!
F1103 Rrr get up!
F1104 Can I got on your shooders, Mummy?
F1103 No!
F1104 Why not?
F1103 Because you're too heavy.
F1104 But I wanna go on your //shoulders.//
F1103 //No no no.// //No, [CENSORED: forename], now.//
F1104 //I wanna go on your shoulders.//
F1103 What did I just say aboot climbing? Oh, right, come on then.
F1104 Mummy will I dae a, read you a story fann I'm //fann we're making the tea?//
F1103 //Well you read me a story// when I'm makkin the tea.
F1104 Can I read you a story fann I'm, you're makkin the tea?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Can I read ye Sleeping Beauty?
F1103 Aye. //[inaudible]//
F1104 //The Slee-, the Sleeping Beauty one?//
F1103 Aye.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 11, recording 3: making jigsaws indoors on a snowy day


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