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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 11, recording 2: changing the bedsheets and playing with My Little Pony

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1103 Come on, help Mummy first. Then the Lion King, okay? //Aye, we'll//
F1104 //No, dinna put it off!//
F1103 put it back on.
F1104 No, but I was watching it.
F1103 Oh, we can put it back on again after you help Mummy. //Remember, that's what you said you was gaun to dae.//
F1104 //Mm.//
F1103 Come on.
F1104 Get out my bedroom, get out of //this house.//
F1103 //Excuse me!// Excuse me!
F1104 Fitt?
F1103 Fitt?
F1104 Will I take off the covers?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Thanks Mum. //[exhale]//
F1103 //Can you unfasten the buttons?//
F1104 Mm.
F1103 See the buttons at the bottom? Can you see them?
F1104 Mm. Well,
F1103 Well.
F1104 there's nae sign o em.
F1103 Is there no? Here's ain.
F1104 I found one as well.
F1103 Aye. That ain's already open.
F1104 Fitt ain's open?
F1103 That ain. I'll hae to get Granny to sew the bottom of this. Every time I take it off it, the seam bursts a bit mair.
F1104 Tommy! [laugh] Tommy cannae come in the bed, can he?
F1103 No, cause we're changing the sheets.
F1104 [laugh] [?]Tommy's[/?].
F1103 There he goes. //There he goes.//
F1104 //[laugh] There he goes.//
F1103 Is that where Tommy goes?
F1104 Mum, somebody wants to swim in the water.
F1103 Ah.
F1104 This is deep blue sea. This is the deep blue sea.
F1103 Is it? //Tommy, fitt you daein?//
F1104 //[laugh]//
F1103 He's a silly [inaudible]. Isn't he?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 [inaudible] What's he daein?
F1104 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1103 //Oh// dinna cause he'll maybe scratch your face.
F1104 [laugh] He just thinks that his bed. He [inaudible] he just thinks that his bed and [?]Laddie[/?].
F1103 Mmhm. //Well he's gonna get a fleg cause I'm gonna want to take off that sheet.//
F1104 //[laugh]//
F1103 So, we'll hae to move, Tommy Toes.
F1104 [laugh] Yeah. [laugh]
F1103 Fitt you daein?
F1104 I ran through water and it just ran and [?]spurked[/?]. It's blue because it's a water race.
F1103 Are you, are you a muppet?
F1104 It's a water race, oh, //it's a water race, Mum.//
F1103 //Mmhm.// Excuse me!
F1104 [child noises] [laugh] [inaudible] Tommy. //Look!//
F1103 //Oh, come on, silly cat!//
F1104 [laugh] Come on, silly cat! [laugh]
F1103 Now, careful though.
F1104 [laugh] Get off, Tommy! //Get off!//
F1103 //[inaudible]//
F1104 That's him.
F1103 That's him. Right, you put that on the bed, thank you.
F1104 This is my deep blue sea, [?]Laddie[/?].
F1103 Your deep blue.
F1104 My deep blue sea. Sure Tommy was on wir bed, wasn't it?
F1103 It's nae your bed.
F1104 No, it is my bed.
F1103 No, it's nae!
F1104 Aye it is! It is my bed.
F1103 No, it's nae.
F1104 Yes, it is.
F1103 Did you hae a bath this morning //when I was at my work?//
F1104 //Mm.// Mm yes.
F1103 Wi Daddy?
F1104 Yes, no.
F1103 No. Just by yourself?
F1104 No, yeah, I was just in the bath, swimming back and fore.
F1103 Swimming?
F1104 No, no, swimming erm back and fore.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 This is a big big cover for my sea. My deep sea. Oh, oh! This is a big sea over it. [inhale] Because this big sea is
F1103 [inaudible] my quilt.
F1104 Fitt?
F1103 You. Whaur you gaun? Right, go and gie Mammy it ower. A pink pillowcase and a dark pink pillowcase. Ain wi frills. And ain withoot. Uh-huh, one o them. And one o them. //Well done!//
F1104 //[laugh]// //Ba-.//
F1103 //So, fitt else// have you been doin the day, when I've been working?
F1104 Well. Why does this doesna stay back?
F1103 It does. That ain's got a [inaudible]. But, fitt was you doing the day? Was you playing?
F1104 Mum, it's got [?]alarmed on[/?].
F1103 What's that noise? What's that noise? Is it the heating? Yeah, it's nae going to move, [CENSORED: forename]. If you get off a minute and I'll sort the the mattress, that'll fix it. Fitt are you doing wi ma boots? Come here. It's stopped.
F1104 Must have been Daddy [?]ootside[/?].
F1103 It must have been. Get off a minute. Back. //See, go and feel it noo.//
F1104 //Aye.//
F1103 These all better?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Yep.
F1104 That's better.
F1103 Right, so whit have you been up to the day?
F1104 Well, I haven't been to the playschool.
F1103 No, cause it's Saturday.
F1104 Yes. Well, I've been doing lots of thin- things.
F1103 [inaudible] What was you playing wi?
F1104 So, well, well now, well.
F1103 Fitt time did you get up this morning?
F1104 Six o'clock.
F1103 No, you didna get up at six o'clock.
F1104 What time did I get up //then?//
F1103 //Well I dinna ken,// but I went awa oot just afore eight o'clock and you werena up then. You and Daddy, lazyboneses, were still sleeping.
F1104 What is this, Mum?
F1103 It's a pillowcase.
F1104 A pillowcase.
F1103 Bobbles [?]thing[/?] hasnae worked, so I'll hae tae dae something aboot it.
F1104 Is there bobbles?
F1103 Aye, nae hair bobbles.
F1104 Which bobbles then?
F1103 Thae bobbles, bobbles o fluff. Look. And cat. See.
F1104 B-
F1103 Can I get that pillowcase, please? Thank you.
F1104 Is that a pillowcase in there?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Is that Daddy's one? And that's your one?
F1103 No, that's Daddy's one as well. Cause Daddy's got two and Mummy's got two.
F1104 Oh.
F1103 And you've got two on your bed.
F1104 But one's most and two's most.
F1103 And more.
F1104 [shriek] My [inaudible] different than yours, is it?
F1103 Dinna poke it.
F1104 Div you need any covers?
F1103 Erm. I need two pillows again. Can you see pillows?
F1104 Yep, I can see, I saw t-, I can see, here's two pillows. This is a bit heavy.
F1103 Oh, I see.
F1104 This is a bit [exhale] //heavy.//
F1103 //Oh.//
F1104 You've got two, haven't you? //That's a lot Daddy's got.//
F1103 //Aye.// Aye.
F1104 Da-. Why does Daddy need a lot?
F1103 Well he doesna, h- that ain's just on there until I get the pillowcase on it.
F1104 But how will Daddy lie on it?
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 But he'll just hae tae put his head on it like this.
F1103 Mmhm. [inaudible] sleepy.
F1104 [laugh] Yeah, but I'll hae tae take this backpack off and my tape.
F1103 Yeah, I know.
F1104 After I go to my bed.
F1103 Aye, but it's nae bedtime for ages. Right, I need the ither pillowcase.
F1104 [inaudible] Mummy.
F1103 Under there?
F1104 H- here it goes!
F1103 No, that's a quilt cover, but is it under there? //There it goes! Can you see it?//
F1104 //[singing]// [whistling] Here.
F1103 Well done. Well done, currant bun.
F1104 I thought I could see something, [inaudible].
F1103 Mm.
F1104 [kiss]
F1103 Aw, thank you! [kiss] Was you giein [CENSORED: forename] a kiss last night? When we was at [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s?
F1104 Well,
F1103 Or was you just playin wi aa his toys?
F1104 I was just kissing him.
F1103 You took a right stoomie, didn't ye?
F1104 Yeah, why did I take a stoomie?
F1103 Cause you were wanting a pipie, but you're a big girl, you dinna need a pipie.
F1104 Yeah. That's what [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] said.
F1103 You're nae gonna take a stoomie like that again, are ye?
F1104 No.
F1103 It wisna nice, was it? //Was you embarrassed?//
F1104 //[inaudible]// [inaudible], wasn't it?
F1103 Aye, I didna ken fitt was going on.
F1104 Fitt was you saying? //Fitt was you say-?//
F1103 //Oh me.// She's wanting a [inaudible]. She's never daen this afore.
F1104 [laugh] [throat] Mum, which day is it the day?
F1103 Saturday!
F1104 S- Saturday! //Saturday.//
F1103 //Mmhm.//
F1104 Satur-satur-saturday, Saturday, satur-satur.
F1103 Saturday. Right, erm, we need to put on the quilt cover noo. This is the tricky bit.
F1104 Yeah, it's very tricky.
F1103 Uh-huh.
F1104 Very ve-, Tommy canna come on after, can he?
F1103 Uh-huh.
F1104 Because it's get ready. Look, I've got the covers. I've got the red covers.
F1103 Where you gaun?
F1104 Erm, this is for my sea. You know?
F1103 Oh, aye, do you need your blankie to make your sea as well?
F1104 Mm, yes. [tut] I need two blankies.
F1103 No, only one.
F1104 I wa-, I need a dressing goon as well.
F1103 Mm. //Oh careful!//
F1104 //I've got, I've go-//
F1103 Watch you dinna slide on and [?]slip[/?] the floor.
F1104 [exhale] This is erm something big. This is a big, big one. This is a big big [inaudible]. Need big big [?]seas[/?]. Thank you for this, Mum.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 I want this.
F1103 Are you using that an aa?
F1104 Yeah. Cause this is for the morn,
F1103 Mm.
F1104 this is for today.
F1103 I'm trying to tidy the hoose.
F1104 This is a big big one, see? Because it needs everything it needs. I'll go and get something from my bedroom. Oh. Erm oh oh of course, Tinkerbell.
F1103 Fitt you daein?
F1104 Tinkerbell needs to swim in my sea.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 She wants to take off her booties if she's gaun to swim in the sea.
F1103 Why do you ayeways hae to take her shoes off? That's how things get lost. You've lost one o Barbie's, Barbie Swan Lake's ains. And fitt happened to Belle's shoes?
F1104 Broken.
F1103 Mm. You tried to eat them. //Mm.//
F1104 //Sorry Mummy.// //[inaudible]//
F1103 //So leave Tinkerbell's ains on, I think.//
F1104 Bing! We lost her wand, didn't we?
F1103 Aye, but we found it again.
F1104 Farr's it?
F1103 Erm. Haud on a minute. It might be through there. There it goes. It's lying beside her.
F1104 Go and put it in her hand, because she needs it to do magic.
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 Fitt's this, Mum? [?]Can you remember[/?]?
F1103 It doesnae even go on, right onto her hand, erm
F1104 Because you remember Phil, pushes doon that mannie wi glasses?
F1103 Eh?
F1104 Cause you remember, Phil pushes doon, erm the mannie wi the glasses?
F1103 Fitt mannie?
F1104 That ain for erm Phil. [inaudible] Daddy was watching it yesterday last night.
F1103 I've nae idea fitt you're on aboot.
F1104 Phil Connors.
F1103 Phil Connors?
F1104 Yeah, and he was watching, that he was watching.
F1103 I dinna ken fitt you're on aboot, Tootie, sorry.
F1104 It was that ain, he was watching.
F1103 Where was he watching it at?
F1104 Doon the stairs. On Disney.
F1103 No, I'm sorry. I dinna ken fitt you're speakin aboot.
F1104 I dinna ken fitt you're speakin aboot either.
F1103 Well that maks twa of us.
F1104 [inaudible] [inaudible] nae making my bed as well?
F1103 Your bed's aaright.
F1104 Is it?
F1103 Aye, come on through and help me.
F1104 Oh. [tut] Watch my sea. Find more things for my sea. Of course! These'll fit my sea.
F1103 Oh aye. Water.
F1104 This is for my sea. This bit's going, no, I need two. No, only needin one thing. Don't want this thing. Or this [inaudible] [exhale] Now, that's better. I don't need these. Cause these are for the [inaudible]. This is crabbies. Mum, I made blue crabs. [long period of silence] Mum, can I hae some popcorn oot o here, please?
F1103 It doesna come out. Just pretend. It's plastic. Isn't it?
F1104 Does it bide in the [inaudible]?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 But I decided to put it here.
F1103 Did ye?
F1104 Are you putting this, the Lion King, on?
F1103 Nae the noo.
F1104 Why?
F1103 [CENSORED: forename] must be goin awa oot the day.
F1104 I see. [inaudible] What's you got?
F1103 Teddy.
F1104 A cute teddy.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 Farr's [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 [CENSORED: forename]. Fi-, farr's [CENSORED: forename] gaun?
F1103 I dinna ken. I think they're going awa leaving that poor dog in the hoose himsel again.
F1104 [?]It'll get stolen[/?].
F1103 Mmhm. Right, come on then, doon off o there before you fall.
F1104 Probably going to leave that cat as well.
F1103 Aye. Right, erm fitt are we gaun tae dae wi this er lake that you've got goin on here?
F1104 Well, this lake's,
F1103 Can I tidy it up now?
F1104 erm, well, okay then.
F1103 Thanks.
F1104 I'll play wi My Little Ponies.
F1103 Oh, well we'll hae to get all this other lot tidied up. Right. //I think Pinky Pie needs her hair brushed.//
F1104 //[?]Socks[/?].// I'll go and get a brushie.
F1103 Erm I'll go and take my ironing up here to do aside you, okay?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 Ah! Dinna even think aboot pittin that in your moo. I saw you just noo, didn't I? You're nae gonna dae that again, are ye? No.
F1104 I'm sorry Mum.
F1103 Aye, that's okay, just dinna do it again. I telt ye nae to eat your toys.
F1104 [child noises] [inaudible] There's [inaudible]. Sh-sh- that's a blue one. [long period of silence] That bit's just came on. Where's your ironing board at?
F1103 Well, I'm goin to sort oot this first. See fitt, cause you dinna iron socks.
F1104 No. Or or s- or this sock!
F1103 No, that's Daddy's sock, isn't it?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 [inaudible] on there.
F1104 You dinna iron socks, div ye?
F1103 Well I dinna. Maybe ither folk div, but I dinna.
F1104 You can wa- jum- you can do, you can do jumpers or cardigans.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Or jackets or anything you want, //or trousers.//
F1103 //Mmhm.// Mmhm.
F1104 Hey Mum, I have a good idea. Maybe at the p-, dress up for the people we could go [?]having wir own show[/?].
F1103 Oh.
F1104 Have you seen Snow White properly?
F1103 Is Snow White on your top?
F1104 Yeah, I canna see her properly.
F1103 Well, that's cause she's ootsides in just noo. Cause she has to be ootsides in for ironing. So that you dinna mark the picture.
F1104 Why's she inside?
F1103 Mm?
F1104 Why's she inside?
F1103 Well that's fitt I said. Cause you iron her ootsides in so that you dinna mark the picture.
F1104 Can I do, we hae to get my ironing board.
F1103 Aye, that's at Granny's isn't //it?//
F1104 //Yeah.//
F1103 Granny'll need to get it, won't she?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 Well we canna go to Granny's just now.
F1104 Why not?
F1103 Cause Mummy'll hae to go back to her work shortly. Again!
F1104 Eh?
F1103 Uh! //Mummy's aye got to go to her work, doesn't she?//
F1104 //Eh eh// eh.
F1103 Doesn't she?
F1104 Ha, ha.
F1103 Huh.
F1104 Huh. Huh. Sure that bit's nae came on or that bit?
F1103 No.
F1104 That bit's nae came on, has it?
F1103 No.
F1104 Yes it has.
F1103 Has it?
F1104 Yeah, because I saw it when you was getting the [inaudible] that bit hasna came on, that bit hasna came on, that bit hasna came on. And this bit came on. //Just that bit.//
F1103 //[cough]//
F1104 [?]Are you sure it's cold[/?]? [inaudible]
F1103 I think that needs new batteries an aa, [CENSORED: forename], we're that skint. //[inaudible] new batteries shortly.//
F1104 //Fitt nee-?// Fitt needs new batteries.
F1103 Your torch.
F1104 Where's my torch at?
F1103 I just put it over there. [inaudible] Granny's shortly anyway, we'll need to see if she's er sorted that skirt for ye.
F1104 Hey! My skirt!
F1103 Mmhm. And your new ain. //Uh-huh.//
F1104 //Yeah, okay.// It was terrible, wasn't it? It was terrible, terrible,
F1103 Oh aye.
F1104 Mum, are you goin to brush her hair?
F1103 I will.
F1104 [?]Brush it[/?].
F1103 Where are you goin?
F1104 I'm goin to hide.
F1103 Are ye? Was you goin to hide from me?
F1104 Uh-huh.
F1103 Are you nae gonna help Mum brush your pony's hair?
F1104 Erm, well. Erm them all?
F1103 Aa of them? Do you want me to brush aa them's hair? //Okay.//
F1104 //Yeah.// And their tails!
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Their ponytails. This there isna any in that one.
F1103 Is there nae? //Are they aa in the other bag?//
F1104 //Mm, yeah.//
F1103 I think Autumn Sky's in the car.
F1104 Yes, she's not the wisest pony in the land, is she?
F1103 No, fa is?
F1104 Kimono is.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Kimono.
F1103 Kimono.
F1104 Farr's Sweetberry?
F1103 She might be in the car an aa, unless er she's maybe in yer schoolbag.
F1104 Here's Pink Sunsparkle.
F1103 No. Star Swirl.
F1104 Farr's Pink Sunsparkle then?
F1103 Maybe in that bags I suppose.
F1104 Pink Sunsparkle.
F1103 Right, gie's her then. //Now, don't throw.//
F1104 //No, way to go, [CENSORED: forename]!//
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 [child noises] Wait wait, [CENSORED: forename]! Ha ha! Huh huh. The ponies are playing [inaudible] po- pony [inaudible]. //[laugh]//
F1103 //Fitt?//
F1104 They're playing don't you go that. [laugh]
F1103 Oh aye.
F1104 [burp] I burped.
F1103 Aye, and fitt do you say when you burp?
F1104 Pardon me.
F1103 That's better. Right, gie me another pony then.
F1104 Minty. Minty. Minty, you're not the wisest pony in the land.
F1103 No?
F1104 No, Kimono is.
F1103 Oh, well farr's Kimono at then?
F1104 I dinna ken. Because she's the wisest pony in the land, isn't she?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Mummy, just change him because he's [inaudible]. //I don't like.//
F1103 //Mr Grumble.//
F1104 Yeah, Mr Grumble. Why does Mr Grumble shout?
F1103 I dinna ken. Maybe he's nae happy.
F1104 But sometimes [inaudible] nice, isn't he?
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 But have you nae seen him?
F1103 No.
F1104 Farr at?
F1103 That doesna mak sense. Never mind. Right, another pony then if you're wantin me to brush their hair.
F1104 [inaudible] [?]fall oot[/?]. [child noises] //It's Kimono!//
F1103 //[inhale]// Oh, the wisest pony in the land!
F1104 Fa could [inaudible] Kimono.
F1103 I think [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]'s got Kimono an aa, hasn't he?
F1104 Yeah. He didna take his ain the day, did he, the morn, did he?
F1103 Yesterday, you mean. //Dinna ken.//
F1104 //Yesterday, didna take it yesterday, did he?//
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 No, but he was greetin for his own //yesterday, wasn't he?//
F1103 //[?]Definitely[/?] not, but it wasnae yesterday, darling, it was ages ago.//
F1104 [child noises]
F1103 Yesterday just means the day that was before today, nae ages ago. Right, in she goes.
F1104 Pinkie Pie. //Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie.//
F1103 //Come on then.//
F1104 What you doing, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 I'm brushing all the ponies' hair, Pinkie Pie.
F1104 Oh [inaudible]. Pinkie Pie, Pinkie. Who is it? Pinks-, oh look, Spring Fever.
F1103 Wahey! [noise of brushing pony's hair] She's got flowers, hasn't she?
F1104 Yeah, he's got nice flowers. Because that's why she's Spring Fever.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Sure it looks like a bit of a Christmas tree, doesn't it? That one.
F1103 Aye, it does. I have never noticed that afore.
F1104 That bit there. And that ain does as well, doesn't it?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 [laugh]
F1103 Right, come on then.
F1104 Is this the stop button?
F1103 That's the off button, aye. Right, anither ain?
F1104 I can put it back on to the beginning, the Lion King, //I could put i-.//
F1103 //Are you wantin me to brush their hair?//
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 Well come on then.
F1104 Who is it, who is it, who is it? It's Love- Meadowbrook. [humming] Mummy, can I brush, can I hae a brush as well?
F1103 Aye, your brushes are in that bag.
F1104 No, see, that go on here beside the other ponies.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 She will, she better go on it as well.
F1103 Well I dinna think there's enough room for them aa in there.
F1104 But Pinkie Pie has to be a star. Oh she has to be a
F1103 Mm.
F1104 a [?]pool[/?]. Oh no, I just got it. [inaudible] we're exercising, you might get a sweetie.
F1103 Why are you whispering?
F1104 Because er Spring Fever can't get a sweetie after swim.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 In erm a big big big big big big big big big sink.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 But they winna go doon the plug. They'll just [inaudible] it up.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 And they'll come out, and wash theirself. And brush their teeth. //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Oh boy.// Right, have you got another ain for me?
F1104 Right. She goes on.
F1103 Mm, I'll just get the bag, will I?
F1104 Yeah. You just get a bag.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 Can I hae a brush and bla-, brush somebody? Thank you. Will you go and get a pony for me, Mum?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Thanks Mum.
F1103 Santa brought Sparkleworks for you, didn't he?
F1104 Yep. I need [inaudible], fa else did he bring me?
F1103 Meadowbrook. And Cotton Candy.
F1104 And fa else?
F1103 I think Sunsparkle.
F1104 And that one.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 And he brought the Celebration //Castle.//
F1103 //Celebration Castle.// And the Beautiful Blooms flower shop.
F1104 I know, we could all put the ponies in the Celebration Castle the day.
F1103 Aye, well if you haud on till we've brushed aa their hair and then we'll take it doon on the flair.
F1104 Yeah, and we can play with it.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 With all the ponies in Ponyville. Is that a good idea?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 I've finished, I've nearly finished brushing Cotton Candy. I think I could get Cotton Candy brushed.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 I'm brushing Cotton Candy. Mum, what I think of her her hair?
F1103 Eh? Oh, it's beautiful.
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 [CENSORED: forename]'s got Amberlocks, hasn't she?
F1104 Yeah, she's got Amberlocks.
F1103 That means she must hae the Lovely Locks Salon.
F1104 And she's got Autumn Sky.
F1103 Has she?
F1104 Yeah because because she saw my one yesterday, did she?
F1103 Did she?
F1104 Yeah, because
F1103 When we gave them a run home?
F1104 No, her, she, //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Aye, well fann I// I said "when we gave them a run no-, home", nae "him". //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Mum, what do you think of that, her hair?// //[laugh]//
F1103 //Oh, she's beautiful. Well done.//
F1104 I just want to g- put her ower there.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 Mum, are you brushing Butterscotch?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Why are you brushing her?
F1103 To make her pretty.
F1104 I brushed er Cotton Candy.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Mum, thae two have fellen doon. //That two.//
F1103 //I know,// that's cause I'm just gonna awa to brush them.
F1104 Yep. Rainbow Dash and oh erm erm erm Sunny Daze,
F1103 Sunny Daze.
F1104 and erm Rainbow Dash.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 It's like Dash. I [inaudible].
F1103 Mm.
F1104 There's [inaudible] there's [inaudible]. [inaudible]
F1103 [inaudible] two doggies yesterday. They're called Flo and Jasper.
F1104 Flo and Jasper?
F1103 Mmhm. //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Why's Ja-?//
F1103 They were like er Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s Bonnie. All-white doggies, like Bonnie.
F1104 Is she standing on there?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Fitt's she bein?
F1103 I dinna ken. Cause you like Bonnie, don't you?
F1104 Yeah. They just have to look after all the big ones have to look after this one, divn't they? //Because she's//
F1103 //Because she's just little.//
F1104 Yes.
F1103 A baby one.
F1104 And she [inaudible] and can she [inaudible] to the castle?
F1103 Mmhm. [inaudible] tidy up [inaudible] This bedroom's like a bombsite. Isn't it?
F1104 Mm. Fa makes a bombsite?
F1103 A little girl nae very far away called [CENSORED: forename].
F1104 Fa else makes a bombsite?
F1103 Just you.
F1104 Does [CENSORED: forename] make a bombsite?
F1103 Aye, [CENSORED: forename] does an aa.
F1104 Sure he throws doon his toys at me, doesn't he?
F1103 Aye, [laugh] aye fann he was throwing them off the top bunk.
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Was he throwing them at you?
F1104 No, he was just throwing them doon //for us,//
F1103 //[inaudible]//
F1104 for us to play wi him.
F1103 Aye, that's what I said, I didnae think he was throwing them at you. Auntie [CENSORED: forename] would have been angry if he'd been throwing them at you, wouldn't she?
F1104 Yeah. She would have. She would have been.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Mum, can I brush Rainbow Dash?
F1103 Well haud on, I'm [inaudible].
F1104 [exhale]
F1103 I tell you fitt you could dae, //you could go and get//
F1104 //Fitt?//
F1103 Sweetberry oot o your schoolbag.
F1104 Well, she's poorly, Sweetberry.
F1103 Is she? Is she just going to stay there?
F1104 Yeah, she has to because she's poorly.
F1103 Oh poor Sweetberry.
F1104 Because her mum and dad [?]poured[/?] her. Her mum and dad were playing sh- mm were on the swings and they knocked her doon.
F1103 Well that wasnae very nice o them, was it? Was it an accident?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 Oh, that's nae so bad then.
F1104 And there was bleed on her.
F1103 Oh no.
F1104 But she's cleaned it up noo. //Bleed.//
F1103 //Is she going to be okay?//
F1104 I think so. I think she was coughing. //She was going "[cough]".//
F1103 //Oh.// Poor Sweetberry. Goodness me!
F1104 She was going "[cough]". I think she was sick.
F1103 Oh that's nae nice. Come here a minute. I can hear Tommy. //Tommy Tommy puss.//
F1104 //I ca-// I can hear Tommy, Tommy Tommy puss. I can hear Tommy, //whisper//
F1103 //Mmhm.//
F1104 whisper whisper.
F1103 There he goes. Right, //[inaudible] tidy up aa this little bits fae your Sylvanian Families,//
F1104 //He's nae comin-.// //He canna//
F1103 //okay?//
F1104 come up on this bed because there's aa the ponies.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 [child noises] I think he wants to oh no, Tom-.
F1103 I think he's just comin up for a sniff. Is that okay?
F1104 [laugh] I'm just going to brush him with my pony thing.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 I'm brushing him. I'm brushing him. Brushing! Keep brushing for him.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 [exhale] Tommy, you're sitting on Sunny //Daze.//
F1103 //Hey! Tommy!//
F1104 Hey Tommy!
F1103 No, don't you shout at him.
F1104 Tommy! Tommy, Tommy! Tommy, down! [laugh]
F1103 [CENSORED: forename], just get that awa fae him.
F1104 I've got something for him to eat. //I've got something for him to eat.//
F1103 //Mm.//
F1104 [exhale] [laugh] Ow! Ow! Tommy, get awa fae the bed. That cat.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 He's a bad boy, isn't he?
F1103 Well he is just noo, aye.
F1104 He was squashing Sunny Daze, wasn't he?
F1103 Well it was y- biting you that I was mair concerned aboot.
F1104 [inaudible] the accident.
F1103 Fitt?
F1104 That that Tommy did.
F1103 Was Tommy biting you?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 It's an accident. Do you forgive him?
F1104 Nothing.
F1103 Well do you forgive him though?
F1104 Yeah. He's being nice again.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 He's going to be nice again.
F1103 Fa?
F1104 Tommy.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Tommy. Are we goin to take that doon, Mum?
F1103 Eh? Aye.
F1104 [sucking air through teeth]
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 Where's erm where's erm Sparkleworks?
F1103 No, it's just me.
F1104 Where's Sparkleworks?
F1103 She's there. [?]Wrong way[/?].
F1104 Well I canna see her. Oh there she goes, she's beside erm er eh Goldielo-, erm Amberlocks.
F1103 That's where she is.
F1104 [exhale] [exhale] Erm hello, hello, erm [laugh] erm hello. Hello Bar- [inaudible] Barbie Swan Lake.
F1103 Hello.
F1104 Say "Hello [CENSORED: forename], Barbie Swan Lake".
F1103 [inaudible] her there. I dinna ken. Fitt have you daen with her other shoe, onywey?
F1104 I dinna ken.
F1103 I dinna ken how you managed to get it off cause they're like taped on. Or was it [CENSORED: forename]?
F1104 I think it was erm I think it was erm, yeah. I think it was me.
F1103 Was it?
F1104 Yeah, I'm sorry, Mummy.
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 I didn't mean to.
F1103 Mm. Well you must have meant tae cause it couldna have come off by accident. Never mind.
F1104 I'm sorry //Mummy.//
F1103 //It's okay.//
F1104 I don't mean to break things.
F1103 No but you keep daein it, don't you? Mm? Aw! [inaudible] [kiss] Thank you.
F1104 [?]Got for you[/?], Mummy. //Are we friends again?//
F1103 //Eh?// Course we are! Fann was we nae friends?
F1104 Because you was [?]glowering[/?] at Tommy.
F1103 Eh?
F1104 You were [?]glowering[/?] at Tommy fann you
F1103 I'm [?]glowering[/?] at Tommy.
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Aye, but [inaudible] you.
F1104 Why was you bad at me?
F1103 [CENSORED: forename], did you nae see the way he went for you?
F1104 No. Mum, there's clouds on top of this.
F1103 Oh I dinna know he was biting ye.
F1104 On this, there's clouds on this [inaudible] Dad, //Mummy.//
F1103 //[inaudible]//
F1104 There's po- there's clouds on this [inaudible], Mummy. //Look.//
F1103 //Oh boy. oh aye.// //They're lovely, aren't they?//
F1104 //Look, two.// Two, three, one, one, two!
F1103 Beautiful castle, isn't it?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 Right, we'll get this oot o the road.
F1104 Is that Lila //the horse?//
F1103 //Mmhm.// She's a unicorn.
F1104 But how does she ride?
F1103 Eh?
F1104 She canna ride.
F1103 How?
F1104 Because she canna.
F1103 How can she nae?
F1104 But she's nae on the carriage.
F1103 You gonna not put her on the carriage?
F1104 [sucking air through teeth] How does erm s-, erm Barbie haud her?
F1103 Wi her hands.
F1104 But she canna, can she?
F1103 How?
F1104 But it's just erm
F1103 See?
F1104 You dinna ken how-, here she's fastened.
F1103 See!
F1104 Nae, she can't go.
F1103 Aye, so right, we'll put her oot the road down here then. Okay? We'll put her there.
F1104 Lila. //Sure L- Lila's nice, ain't she?//
F1103 //[inaudible]// She's lovely, she's beautiful.
F1104 I havena got a Barbie Swan Lake, have I?
F1103 Aye, that's your Barbie Swan Lake.
F1104 I havena got a Barbie Swan Lake top.
F1103 Fitt?
F1104 I havena got a Barbie Swan Lake top.
F1103 What do you mean, a Barbie Swan Lake top?
F1104 The Barbie one I wished for.
F1103 Fitt? //You've got a Barbie Swan Lake outfit.//
F1104 //The Barbi-.//
F1103 Haven't you?
F1104 I've nae a, I havena got a Lila erm shirt.
F1103 Farr did you see a Lila shirt at like?
F1104 In Mackay's wi [CENSORED: forename] [?]last day[/?].
F1103 Och, you're haverin again. [inaudible]
F1104 [sucking air through teeth] You need one erm shoe on if you're going to [?]by[/?] school.
F1103 Are you nae supposed to wear two, no? //Did you take//
F1104 //No.//
F1103 one off o your ains, because [CENSORED: forename] on-, [CENSORED: forename]'s ain only had one.
F1104 Mm well, [CENSORED: forename] lost her last shoe.
F1103 Aye, but it was in here and I gave her it. But farr's your ain noo?
F1104 Dinna ken. I'm sorry Mummy.
F1103 Och, never mind.
F1104 Ah!
F1103 I get "sorry" aa the time.
F1104 Mum, is this a door?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Is this a step as well?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 [raspberry] This was where the [?]vet[/?] stayed yesterday.
F1103 Was it?
F1104 Yep! And she and she let the two, the two, she didna let erm the dog and the cat in her hoose.
F1103 No?
F1104 Nope.
F1103 Oh boy.
F1104 But she give them some food.
F1103 Did she?
F1104 Yeah. [tut]
F1103 Right, that's Belle's hair done.
F1104 Which comb did you dae it wi?
F1103 Barbie's ain.
F1104 I think it's doon the back o my bed.
F1103 Aye, I ken, it's aafa sma. It wouldna have been much use. That's why I just used Barbie's ain, cause it's a brush, it's better.
F1104 That's big, isn't it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 That's big big spiky bob. Spiky! Sure she's got b- brown.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Why did you [?]straight[/?] it back?
F1103 Eh?
F1104 Why did you [?]straight[/?] it back?
F1103 I just sorted it, cause it was aa a mess.
F1104 I can dae mine like that as well.
F1103 Aye.
F1104 I'm putting this in my hair, Mum. I'm putting this in my hair.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 Mum, sure you get your your your hair cut every day, divn't ye?
F1103 Nae every day. No and again.
F1104 But Daddy'll look after me at home.
F1103 When?
F1104 On Saturday.
F1103 Aye, cause I'm working, the day.
F1104 [sucks air through teeth] Mmhm.
F1103 Well, looking a bit tidier.
F1104 Is it like a bombsite again?
F1103 Well, it's nae bad just noo, will we take doon the Celebration Castle?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 Right, put it on. On your marks, steady, go! [humming] Like my c- Winnie the Pooh clock, Mum? //Mmhm.//
F1103 //Aye, it's bonny. Fa did you get that fae?//
F1104 I dinna ken.
F1103 That's [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename].
F1104 [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]? [raspberry] That's nae worse. Bleugh!
F1103 Eh?
F1104 That's nae that's nae worse. Mum, they're gonna dae their homework in here.
F1103 Are they?
F1104 S- Sparkleworks was looking up there. Fitt's this bit for, Mum?
F1103 [?]It's nae a bit[/?].
F1104 Is it a bit for standing on?
F1103 You've heaps o bits o this, gied adrift, have you? Oh there's a bit. No.
F1104 They were haein cups o cocoa,
F1103 Mm.
F1104 ponies.
F1103 Were they?
F1104 Cups o cocoa. That's a tea pan, isn't it?
F1103 Mm. //[inaudible]//
F1104 //But farr's the cooker?//
F1103 It's here. //Yeah, that's a sink,//
F1104 //That's isna the co-.//
F1103 it is, look, it's a cooker and then it's the sink.
F1104 She cut up the things.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 And the pan goes
F1103 [inaudible] kitchen, isn't it?
F1104 Yeah, that's the kitchen. And I'll go and put that in the kitchen.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 This is the kitchen here.
F1103 I think there's bit o chinie and stuff. Look, see there's //That's the charms that's in there.//
F1104 //Charms.// Will we go and put a- their charms back //on?//
F1103 //No,// cause it now looks bonny wi the charms on.
F1104 No, they divna, //div they?//
F1103 //No,// they're dodgy.
F1104 Mummy, you got em the p- all the ponies on okay, Mum?
F1103 How did that get in there?
F1104 Fitt?
F1103 I think it's Barbie Swan Lake's shoe. Right in the back o here. Erm, felt like a something. Fitt you speakin aboot, sorry Tootie?
F1104 Would you go and get aa the ponies back into this //thing.//
F1103 //You can pick them, they're just up there.//
F1104 But I canna pick aa them at the same time.
F1103 I canna pick them aa up at the same time either. You can pick them up one at a time. Lazybones.
F1104 [tut] She's up on the top.
F1103 Oh!
F1104 Her. She's up on the top, on there.
F1103 [CENSORED: forename], they're only on your bed, they're nae high up.
F1104 [child noises] This is the bed, isn't it, Mum?
F1103 Mmhm. There we go. [CENSORED: forename], how did that Barbie shoes get doon the back o there? Tell me.
F1104 That was [CENSORED: forename]'s one that was doon there.
F1103 Aye, so you thought you would put your ain there an aa?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 I'm sorry, Mum.
F1103 You're aye [inaudible] must have been something like that.
F1104 Is this erm the ponies' beds?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Anyone who needs sleep-, who's sleepy, they go i- in their bed and you look at it, "Oh, what a fancy bed, can we sleep in it?" "No!" [inaudible] so we'll go [inaudible] take it [exhale] away.
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 Hey, come back here, [inaudible], beddy, beddy, beddy, beddy, beddy, beddy. [growl] [inhale] I'm going to take it away!
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 [child noises]
F1103 [?]I had another one[/?].
F1104 Mummy, I'm sorry I broke this.
F1103 It's alright, it'll go back on. Mummy will dae it.
F1104 Okay. Mmhm. Mmhm. Is there a [inaudible] water, ah? Spilt her [inaudible]. [laugh]
F1103 [?]Put them in there[/?].
F1104 Mum, fitt div you dae wi this water that's at the back o the, the back o the castle?
F1103 That's just a pond, I think. Right, fitt bit was it, this bit that came //off?//
F1104 //Yeah.// That bit, so the bit could go on it. And this bit goes in //here.//
F1103 //Aye.// //Well just be careful then.//
F1104 //That bit.// Mum, [inhale] some people want to go up there. Mum, you can hae Sparkleworks.
F1103 Okay, hold on till I put this on.
F1104 And I'll have this one. [inhale] Ah, no. [inaudible] she [inaudible] baby baby baby! [singing] [singing] [humming] Is that, that's a pond there, beside her? //That's a pond there.//
F1103 //[inaudible]// //[inaudible] Aye.//
F1104 //That's a pond there,// beside Sparkleworks, her reflection.
F1103 Sunsparkle wants us to put her wee skirt.
F1104 Wee skirt. Well, Sparkleworks wants to talk //do-//
F1103 //Does Sparkleworks want to put on a skirt as well?//
F1104 mm, well. She does it, she wants to talk to erm S- erm S- Star Swirl.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 I think sh- she wants her one on. So, and she wants her [inaudible]. Hey! Dora! Dora's her best friend.
F1103 Is she?
F1104 She's another baby pony.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 Dora, Dora, Dora, Dora, Dora, Dora, Dora. //Dora.//
F1103 //Dora the Explorer?//
F1104 No, it's a different Dora.
F1103 Oh I see.
F1104 A different one. Mum will I put my my foot on this pond?
F1103 Eh? No.
F1104 Why?
F1103 No, just move it. //Cause you'll break it.//
F1104 //Why no?// But it's not got beasties in it.
F1103 [laugh] I never said it had beasties in it. I said you'll break it.
F1104 It's got a frog in it. Oh! //Can frogs bite ye?//
F1103 //Oh.// I dinna ken. I dinna think so.
F1104 [chomping noises] //[chomping noises]//
F1103 //This must be Pink Sunsparkle's toybox,// isn't it?
F1104 Yeah, Sunsparkle. And this must be her her mirror. This must be her mirror. And this must be her mirror. This must be her mirror //here.//
F1103 //Mmhm.//
F1104 I think she wants to look in it. Oh, look at me, I'm super! [music from toy] Wow!
F1103 [inhale]
F1104 [music from toy] We have to keep quiet because we're trying to get, because I'm trying to get [inaudible]. [music from toy] We can't hear the TV! We can't hear the TV! //We can't hear the TV.//
F1103 //Mm.//
F1104 [music from toy] We can't hear the TV! [music from toy]
F1103 Oh.
F1104 [music from toy]

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