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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 16, recording 3: playing match the pairs game and with building blocks

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

M1094 Are we goin-, jigsaw are you going to do?
F1093 What jigsaw would you like to do?
M1094 Have to close the door. Where's it going to? I'll, I close the door. The heat will go out if you dinna close the door. //Well the heat the heat.//
F1093 //[laugh] That's right, the heat'll go out if we dinna close the door,// won't it? //We're going to put your hot water bottle up to your bed first.//
M1094 //[?]Or what[/?]?// Why?
F1093 So it gives your bed a chance to heat up nice and cosy for you. Okay? You alright?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 [?]Okay[/?]? Well I'll go and do that if you want to go and pull out a jigsaw. //Or do you want to help Mum?//
M1094 //But I've,// help you.
F1093 Okay.
M1094 Where's hot bottle?
F1093 Oh it's here.
M1094 Did you take it?
F1093 Yeah, I put it out already.
M1094 Why? Who's taked it out?
F1093 Mm?
M1094 Who's taked the hot bottle out?
F1093 Me, I took it out a wee while ago. That's a nice Christmas card you've got, eh?
M1094 [?]Yeah[/?].
F1093 Is that your first Christmas card?
M1094 Mm yeah.
F1093 Mmhm. What did it have on it?
M1094 It had a snowman. What one did you have on your one?
F1093 Er, I think I had a snowman too.
M1094 No.
F1093 What is it then?
M1094 [inaudible] //Mmhm.//
F1093 //Is it? [laugh]// Well I'll pop your bottle up. //No.//
M1094 //Are you taking that ain?//
F1093 Oh that's a lovely, what's that? What's that you got today? For your party?
M1094 [?]I'm wearing mine now[/?].
F1093 A sh-?
M1094 Shirt.
F1093 [laugh] You got a nice new shirt for your parties?
M1094 [child noise]
F1093 Oh you'll be a smasher!
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 Eh? You'll be lovely. Won't you?
M1094 Mmhm. Can I put this in my bankie?
F1093 Mmhm. You've got lots of pennies in your bankie.
M1094 No I've nae, I've got one. I've got four! I've got two. //I've go-.//
F1093 //Have you got two?//
M1094 Yeah!
F1093 Oh yes, we put all your pennies into the bank, didn't we? Eh? You going to empty your bankie out?
M1094 Yeah. What do you do with this?
F1093 Mm?
M1094 You put this one yet?
F1093 No, wait a wee minute, just sit there. Sheet first.
M1094 Why?
F1093 [inaudible]
M1094 What bittie, what bittie's that?
F1093 That's your mattress.
M1094 What's a mattress?
F1093 That's what you lie on in your bed. When you're nice and comfy.
M1094 When you're nice and com-.
F1093 Right. There's your pillow. //Put your bottle in.//
M1094 //Have you put my jammies?//
F1093 Yeah.
M1094 Will will you put my jammies on?
F1093 Mm?
M1094 You put these in here. Do you put these in in here?
F1093 Put your jammies on?
M1094 Why? Why?
F1093 You going to get ready for your bed?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Yes. Right, I'll take your //[inaudible].//
M1094 //Dressing me?// Is, dressing me here today?
F1093 Mm?
M1094 Are you dressing me here?
F1093 No, we'll go down the stairs.
M1094 Why? Why? Downstairs? But I'll be cold down here.
F1093 No you won't be.
M1094 Yeah I will. Are you going up here? Going to do up here?
F1093 No it's cold in here.
M1094 [whimper]
F1093 It's cold outside tonight, isn't it?
M1094 Yeah. And it's raining.
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 But it's nae raining now.
F1093 Hmm?
M1094 It's nae raining now.
F1093 It is still raining.
M1094 No it's nae. It's nae. Grandpa said it's nae stopped raining.
F1093 Eh?
M1094 It's stopped raining. [panting] Wh-. It's stopped raining.
F1093 Has it?
M1094 Yeah. //[inaudible] back in.//
F1093 //Still very cold.// Isn't it? //[inaudible]//
M1094 //Yes it is.//
F1093 Hmm?
M1094 Is it [inaudible] and I'll get my jammies on.
F1093 [inaudible] [inaudible] Oi!
M1094 Come on. Is this mine through here?
F1093 Just [inaudible].
M1094 Why?
F1093 It's nice and cosy in here.
M1094 In the living room?
F1093 Mm.
M1094 Come on. [?]Let's go through there[/?].
F1093 Come on then.
M1094 Are you dressing [inaudible] couch?
F1093 Close the door.
M1094 Why? Why? Why? To keep the heat in? //Is it?//
F1093 //That's what you just told me.//
M1094 Take this off. Back.
F1093 Right. //[inaudible]//
M1094 //Take this, take this bit off as well.//
F1093 Right take off your jumper.
M1094 Why?
F1093 Over here. Who's rumbling?
M1094 Me.
F1093 Is that your tummy rumbling?
M1094 Can you put on this?
F1093 You'll have to take off your boots first. [laugh] //No, come over here, look.//
M1094 //Can I take this one off?// Can I put my top on?
F1093 Aye, that's okay.
M1094 It's nae okay [inaudible] put my top on.
F1093 One foot out. And two.
M1094 Two.
F1093 Two feet out. That's a boy.
M1094 Socks.
F1093 Socks off.
M1094 It's going to be fun!
F1093 Yes. [laugh] You've got sweaty feet.
M1094 Yes. //[inaudible]//
F1093 //[laugh]// Cheesy! //[laugh]//
M1094 //[laugh]//
F1093 Cheesy feet.
M1094 Can you take this off?
F1093 Just leave it just now.
M1094 You've got my top.
F1093 Well that's okay.
M1094 It's nae.
F1093 Right, stand up. One, two, three.
M1094 Can you put it on me?
F1093 Mm?
M1094 Put it on me.
F1093 [laugh] There you go, see? Go on. //Yay, clip it on, clip it on.//
M1094 //Clip on.// Clip it on, clip it on.
F1093 Clip it on. //[laugh]//
M1094 //Clip it on.//
F1093 Miaow! [laugh]
M1094 Aya aya aya!
F1093 Aya aya aya? What are you saying?
M1094 Aya aya!
F1093 Here you go.
M1094 [exhale] //[exhale]//
F1093 //Jammies.//
M1094 Jammie top. [child noise]
F1093 Jammie top and jammie bottoms.
M1094 Jammie and top an-.
F1093 Right, socks.
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 What? What are you saying? Telling a secret?
M1094 Yeah, it's a secret.
F1093 Is it? What's the secret?
M1094 It's a secret.
F1093 Is it?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 [laugh]
M1094 Remember [inaudible].
F1093 Are you telling a secret?
M1094 Yes, I'm telling a secret.
F1093 Is it
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 ah! [whistle] //[inaudible]//
M1094 //[inaudible]//
F1093 Why are you whispering?
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 Oh! //[inaudible]//
M1094 //[inaudible]//
F1093 You not got a snowman? //Ah!//
M1094 //No you've not.// I've got a snowman and you've got [inaudible].
F1093 Mm?
M1094 You've not got a snowman. You've not got a snowman [?]either[/?].
F1093 No. You've got a snowman on your card, haven't you? Was that your secret, was it?
M1094 Yeah.
F1093 [laugh]
M1094 What secret? What's your one?
F1093 Fitt?
M1094 What secret was your one?
F1093 I've not got no secrets.
M1094 That's your secret over there.
F1093 Is it?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Is that my Christmas card?
M1094 It's a secret card.
F1093 Is it a secret card?
M1094 [inaudible] //It's a//
F1093 //[laugh]//
M1094 secret.
F1093 A secret Christmas card? [laugh] //Oh you're a funny thing.//
M1094 //[inaudible]//
F1093 Eh?
M1094 I'm nae.
F1093 You're not funny? I think you are. [inaudible]
M1094 [child noises]
F1093 [inaudible] Right. What are you going to do with all these dirty clothes? Are you going to leave them here?
M1094 Yeah.
F1093 Oh! What?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 What?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 I don't think they stay there in the middle of the floor. You better tidy them away. Put them in the laundry basket. Hm? You wanting a drink?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 Are you going to pop on your Bob the Builder slippers?
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 Keep you cosy. Eh?
M1094 That ain? That ain? Can we do that ain?
F1093 Is that the one that you want to play?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Okay. Would you like a drink?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Okay I'll go and get you a drink and you set up the game.
M1094 I will set it up.
F1093 Okay.
M1094 I can do it. What game is this called?
F1093 It's called Pairs.
M1094 Bears? //What's?//
F1093 //Mmhm. Find the pair.// What would you like to drink? You get some milk tonight?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Would you like a tangerine?
M1094 Mmhm. Mmhm.
F1093 Yes?
M1094 Mmhm. [NOTE: thirty seconds of silence] [inaudible]
F1093 Okay!
M1094 Yes. [inhale] [exhale] It's set up.
F1093 You got the game set up?
M1094 Yes
F1093 Okay, I'm just coming with your milk. And a tangerine.
M1094 I've got it set up.
F1093 Okay.
M1094 [inaudible] That one.
F1093 Who's that a picture of?
M1094 Nemo.
F1093 Nemo the fish?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Yes. //You like Nemo, don't you?//
M1094 //Uh-huh.//
F1093 Is he your favourite? Huh? Is Nemo your favourite?
M1094 Mmhm. He makes his [inaudible].
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 You get [exhale]
F1093 Now then. Okay, will we go through and play the game?
M1094 Yeah.
F1093 Here, take through your tangerine then. //Is it all ready?//
M1094 //I'm going to take this cup.//
F1093 Okay?
M1094 Mmhm. See? See?
F1093 Aw well done. You got the game all ready. Mm?
M1094 Mmhm. I think doggy'll want to help.
F1093 Eh?
M1094 [?]Doggy[/?]'s wanting to help us too. [?]Doggy[/?]'s wanting to help too.
F1093 [?]Doggy[/?] want to help too, does he?
M1094 Mmhm. [child noise] I've got one of your [inaudible]. [child noise]
F1093 What game are we playing?
M1094 This game.
F1093 What's it called?
M1094 [exhale]
F1093 Eh?
M1094 It's [exhale] [inaudible] [?]the bear one[/?]? The bear? The bear? //You've gotta//
F1093 //The pair one?// Right. Let's choose something then.
M1094 [?]A star[/?]! //I've got a star.//
F1093 //What have you got?//
M1094 Stars. //There you go-.//
F1093 //Did you pick two?//
M1094 Are you [inaudible]?
F1093 I'm going to pick a doggy. So now I need to find another dog to make a pair. //Have a look where the dog is.//
M1094 //I'll find it for you.// //I'm wanting to help find it.//
F1093 //Have a look where it is.//
M1094 I'll find it. //I'll find, I'll find it.//
F1093 //Where's the dog, where is the dog?// //There it is. Yeah [clap]. Woohoo!//
M1094 //I got it, for you.//
F1093 That's a pair. Two dogs make a pair. //Right.//
M1094 //I've go-.//
F1093 Right, you pick another one. You pick another picture.
M1094 Eh, I'll pick er er the horsie. //With the//
F1093 //Right.//
M1094 with the horsie [inaudible]. And there's the the horsie. I've found a [?]clue[/?] for you.
F1093 Thank you.
M1094 And where can the ho- the horsie be? We're wanting a horsie.
F1093 What? //Where's the other horse?//
M1094 //The horse [inaudible].// //[clip-clopping]//
F1093 //[clip-clopping]// Where are you horsie? You found him yet?
M1094 [?]Where is[/?] that horse?
F1093 Mm? Let me see. Is it in your pile?
M1094 No that's it //What's,//
F1093 //Where's the other one then?//
M1094 aye, aye I've found it. [inaudible] //I've got it.//
F1093 //Ah! There it goes.// Well done.
M1094 It was hiding.
F1093 You've got another pair. //I'll choose//
M1094 //That one [exhale] is. You choose these ains.//
F1093 tangerine.
M1094 Oh I've got that.
F1093 Find the other tangerine. //Here it is.//
M1094 //I'll find it.// //Got it, over there.//
F1093 //And that makes another pair.// Right, it's your turn.
M1094 Got it. [?]What have me got[/?]? How many have you got? //What have,//
F1093 //Choose something else then.//
M1094 I'll choose, erm this where where can other pink one be? It's your turn. It's your turn. //It's your turn.//
F1093 //Right, what one am I going to choose now?// //I think I'll ha-, choose the chicken!//
M1094 //[inaudible]// //[child noises]//
F1093 //Where's the other chicken?// There it is. Two makes a? //Pair.//
M1094 //Pair.//
F1093 Mm. It's your turn.
M1094 Can get a pear. I got two pears.
F1093 You've got a pair of pears! [laugh] You like eating pears, don't you?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 Yes. Right I'm going to choose an apple this time. I need to find another apple the same to make a pair. There it goes.
M1094 I've found it.
F1093 You found it for me, didn't you? Thank you. Right, you choose something else. What one are you choosing now? Is that the baby with his rattle? //Where's the other baby to make a pair?//
M1094 //[inaudible].// Where? //[?]You can[/?].//
F1093 //Can you see it?// Could it be over here?
M1094 It's mine.
F1093 [laugh] You've got it.
M1094 [inaudible]. It's your turn.
F1093 It's my turn. I'm going to choose this yellow triangle. //Now I need to find another triangle the same.//
M1094 //[child noises] I've got it!//
F1093 Oh you've found it for me. Thank you. Okay. What have you picked now? //That's a nose.//
M1094 //[laugh]//
F1093 What do you do with your nose? What do you use your nose for? [sniff] [sniff] //Smelling.//
M1094 //[sniff] [sniff]// //[sniff]//
F1093 //[laugh]//
M1094 It's your turn.
F1093 My turn? I'm going to choose a little pussycat.
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 Where's that little pussycat? There he is.
M1094 [inaudible] I got the
F1093 Right. It's your turn.
M1094 I've gone already.
F1093 Oh have you choosed one already? Okay, I choose another one then, I'll choose this cows. Make a pair. It's your turn. //Do you want the boy playing football?//
M1094 //Where's the other one?//
F1093 You need to find him, make a pair.
M1094 But you've hidden him.
F1093 I'm nae hiding him at all!
M1094 Where's it at then?
F1093 Well you'll just need to keep looking and then you'll see him. I can see him.
M1094 Where?
F1093 Not telling.
M1094 What?
F1093 I'm not telling you.
M1094 Where? //Mmhm.//
F1093 //Well.// //Coming for you [inaudible] [laugh]//
M1094 //I got it.//
F1093 You got it.
M1094 It's your turn.
F1093 I'm going to choose this yellow loveheart.
M1094 Choose that.
F1093 Er where's the other one?
M1094 I pick this one. A girl, I'm picking her.
F1093 Oh look you've picked the girl. You want to pick the sun. The sun. Nice orange sun.
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 Where do you find the sun? Where does the sun stay?
M1094 Up there.
F1093 Up in the?
M1094 Sky.
F1093 Sky. Away up there. //Eh?//
M1094 //And where does the sea stay?//
F1093 The trees?
M1094 No the rain.
F1093 Rain? You get rain from the clouds, up in the sky. Mm? //What else stays up in the sky?//
M1094 //What else stay?// //The moon.//
F1093 //At night?// //What comes out at night? The moon.//
M1094 //Moon, moon.//
F1093 And what else?
M1094 It's your turn.
F1093 What else comes out with the moon? I'm going to pick this woman here. What else do we get with the moon?
M1094 Stars.
F1093 Stars, that's right.
M1094 The other one.
F1093 That's a pair. Right, your turn. Ooh, lovely bananas. //Where's the other one?//
M1094 //Where's the other one?// They're mine. //I found it.//
F1093 //Mm!// I'm going to pick this duckies. Little ducks. What does the duck say? //Quack, quack.//
M1094 //Quack, quack.// //[inaudible]//
F1093 //Right, it's your turn.// You're picking a yellow rectangle, are you?
M1094 Mmhm
F1093 Eh? //I'm going//
M1094 //.//
F1093 to choose grapes. //One, where's the other one? There it goes.//
M1094 //[laugh]//
F1093 Two makes a pair. What are you picking now? That's a le-?
M1094 Lemon.
F1093 A lemon. What colour's the lemon?
M1094 Yellow.
F1093 Yellow. Did you get the other one to make a pair?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Yes. I'm going to choose, oh, eyes. What do you do with your eyes? What do you need your eyes for? You need your eyes so you can? S-?
M1094 See.
F1093 See. That's right.
M1094 And what do you see? I've got the toes.
F1093 Have you picked toes?
M1094 It's your turn.
F1093 Er, I'm going to choose this one. What's this?
M1094 A cloud.
F1093 Clouds.
M1094 With the rain.
F1093 Mm, clouds with the rain. Now. I've got a pair.
M1094 [?]Look, hand[/?].
F1093 I'm going to choose the man reading the paper.
M1094 [?]That reading[/?].
F1093 Now, that's us. //Well done.//
M1094 //[inaudible]// [?]what is[/?] There we go. It's your one?
F1093 That's not a pair, there's one missing. Can't make a pair with that one. I think you've won! Have you won more pairs than Mum? Have you won the game? I think you have. //Well done.//
M1094 //What we ma-.// What are we making next?
F1093 [throat] We'll have to put this ones back in the box so they don't get lost.
M1094 Why not?
F1093 Well we dinna want to lose them, we won't be able to play the game.
M1094 Why? Why not do it again?
F1093 Hmm? We'll play something else now.
M1094 What will we play then?
F1093 I don't know, what would you like?
M1094 Erm another game. //Think,//
F1093 //What would you like to play?//
M1094 a game.
F1093 Which game would you like?
M1094 There's not any games.
F1093 There's plenty games.
M1094 There's not any games.
F1093 You've got lots of games.
M1094 I've nae.
F1093 You have.
M1094 No, I've got one game.
F1093 I dinna think you've got one game, I think you've got lots more than that.
M1094 No. I've got to do it over, through there.
F1093 You've got lots there. //Play with a jigsaw or something.//
M1094 //But, I've got, but,// but, but
F1093 There's plenty to choose there.
M1094 But I'll get one frae here. [inaudible] on here. //No.//
F1093 //Just take something from here.// What about taking out your blocks and making a big house or a tower or something? //Mmhm.//
M1094 //Will you make this one?// What house will you make? Your house or t-?
F1093 Woo! What a noise!
M1094 What a lot of blocks I've got i-.
F1093 Building blocks.
M1094 How many do you put, how many do you need?
F1093 Lots of different colours and shapes and sizes, isn't there?
M1094 Mmhm. And what bits do you do first?
F1093 The big bits first.
M1094 This bitties first?
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 But they go on here though.
F1093 What?
M1094 That bitties.
F1093 We'll make a great big house, will we?
M1094 For Daddy.
F1093 That's not the right block, wait a minute. Put them all along that way. //Right, find some more long ones.//
M1094 //What bitties do you make?//
F1093 We need all the long bits. So we can join them all together.
M1094 Ah.
F1093 Make a big house! That's it. Put it along that way. That's a boy!
M1094 More bitties?
F1093 There's another one, look. Pop that one on. What colour's that one?
M1094 Blue.
F1093 Blue one.
M1094 What colour's these ones?
F1093 You tell me. //What colour are they?//
M1094 //Se-.//
F1093 Right here's another [inaudible], look.
M1094 [child noise] This one?
F1093 That's it.
M1094 Where is it, the other big ain? One more big ain.
F1093 We need one more big one. Can you see another one?
M1094 There's ain. [?]There's got[/?] four. //Oh.//
F1093 //We need// the little one.
M1094 That's not long. //That's [?]still in[/?].//
F1093 //Now we put that two on together.// That'll make a big one. That's it. Right. [throat] I'll do some more big ones. Find some more long ones. //Some more bits.//
M1094 //[child noise]//
F1093 That's it. Right.
M1094 What's that little bittie? I've just got four. I've got got more over he-.
F1093 There's another one, an orange one.
M1094 But I needs purple. Can you put another purple one, orange one.
F1093 Now along that way, that's it. Now.
M1094 Put that bittie there.
F1093 There's some more long ones, look. Right, now we'll have to make some windows this time. So if we just get bits with two. Like that. Now leave a space for our window. So that'll be our window, there. Okay? //Right, just build it up again.//
M1094 //Need to//
F1093 One more. More blocks. That's it. And leave a space for our window at the back too.
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 [inaudible] Okay. Right? Put some more bits in.
M1094 I need a space now.
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 I need this space. //This space.//
F1093 //No we'll leave that bit blank.// We won't put a block in there and we'll leave it so we can make a window in there. Alright?
M1094 A bittie there.
F1093 Aye, but that's for our window there. We're not putting a bit on there, remember.
M1094 That bittie. This bittie?
F1093 No, see. We're leaving it for a window.
M1094 That bittie. //Does that bit go in there?//
F1093 //Right, put more bits on.// //Put mair blocks on.//
M1094 //I can make that bittie bigger.// [?]Want to[/?]. Why is there a window?
F1093 Yeah, we're leaving a, we're going to leave a square there. We won't put any blocks in there so it makes a window. Okay? So that we can see out. Cause you've got windows in your house, haven't you? That you can see out of.
M1094 Yeah.
F1093 Right, come on then, I'll make some more. Put some more blocks in.
M1094 I've got little bits in this one. But I need a lady to go in the h- house. //[inhale] Lady.//
F1093 //Lady to go in the house?//
M1094 There's a door there for her.
F1093 Is that a step, so she can get up? Get in her house.
M1094 Mum where's your daddy? Where's your daddy?
F1093 Mm?
M1094 Where's the daddy? Where's the daddy?
F1093 Where's the daddy one?
M1094 Here.
F1093 Don't know.
M1094 Here.
F1093 Get him?
M1094 Yeah. And where's the door for him?
F1093 See, now it's a window. See that? Like that window?
M1094 Will I take that ains out? Now what? There's some, are you wanting that bit [inaudible].
F1093 No thanks, Toots. That's a boy.
M1094 I put a bit on there.
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 That bittie? What [?]juice[/?] did you make? I want it bigger.
F1093 Hmm?
M1094 That's nae bigger. I put it, one of these on. Put one of these on.
F1093 Yeah. On there. Up at the top.
M1094 Why?
F1093 That's it.
M1094 That one?
F1093 Yes.
M1094 [inhale] [sneeze]
F1093 Oh bless you.
M1094 I've got [?]really that ain[/?].
F1093 Sneezing. Mm? Are you sneezing?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Yes. Right? Are you putting some more on? Now that's a nice house we're making, eh?
M1094 Yes. //We're making [inaudible].//
F1093 //It's lovely.//
M1094 [inaudible] pick up.
F1093 Would you like to stay in that house?
M1094 Mmhm. Yes.
F1093 Would you?
M1094 Mmhm. //There's lots o colours.//
F1093 //Hmm.// It's got lots of colours, hasn't it?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 What other houses have lots of colours? What programme?
M1094 Balamory.
F1093 Balamory. All the house are nice colours, aren't they, in Balamory?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 You like that programme, don't you?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 What's the song they sing? //Can you sing the song?//
M1094 //In Balamory.// //Balamory, wouldn't you like to know?//
F1093 //What the story in Balamory, wouldn't you like to know?//
M1094 Does that go there?
F1093 No. Hold on. Right.
M1094 [child noise] //Let's do another one.//
F1093 //Well done! Woo woo!//
M1094 Let's do it again.
F1093 We need to finish it.
M1094 I've got to do a bittie, in there.
F1093 Hmm?
M1094 Have you got a flag?
F1093 Yes.
M1094 Why?
F1093 I like our roof now.
M1094 Why? //Balam-, wouldn't you like to know?//
F1093 //What's the story in Balamory, wouldn't you like to know?// I said what's the story in Balamory. //Wouldn't you like to know?//
M1094 //Wouldn't you like to.// Is that ain there? That was a door, that one!
F1093 Mm? [whistling] //[whistling]//
M1094 //Will I put one of them in there?// Look. Look.
F1093 That's lovely.
M1094 I [inaudible] other one.
F1093 [humming]
M1094 I'm going to put that.
F1093 Mm, think that one will go under there.
M1094 What?
F1093 Let's put them in the middle. Right. That's it.
M1094 Get another one. Another one.
F1093 That's it. It's a nice house, eh?
M1094 Mmhm. It's a blue ain, that ain. Four.
F1093 [throat]
M1094 You need two of that ain. More? More of that ain? I'm going to have it.
F1093 [humming] We've got to use all the blocks for this one, eh?
M1094 Yes. Why? Why?
F1093 Make a nice big house.
M1094 Why? Who for? Whose house is it going to be?
F1093 I don't know.
M1094 All houses all houses [inaudible] make. [inhale] All of the house. All of the house. I tip them all on. Is this going to be a big house?
F1093 Mm?
M1094 And be a big house?
F1093 Do it up this bit now? Up the top. That's it. Wow, this is a great big house, isn't it?
M1094 Yes. [laugh] Whose house? [inaudible]? //Can we, are we putting this one in there?//
F1093 //[laugh]// Eh? //Is that all the blocks finished?//
M1094 //Put it in there.//
F1093 Not got any more now?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Wait a wee minute, look. Move that one along. [inaudible]
M1094 Can we put this on now?
F1093 Put that ones on the top.
M1094 On there.
F1093 That one's on there. Is there one left?
M1094 Mmhm. Now.
F1093 Now look at that house! That's a lovely house! [laugh]
M1094 Is it?
F1093 Eh? //There's the lady and the man.//
M1094 //[child noise]//
F1093 Are they looking out the window? Will we put them down here so that they're looking out the window? Mm, see now. [inaudible] that thing. //[laugh]//
M1094 //[laugh]//
F1093 Now they're looking out.
M1094 But but here's but.
F1093 Oh she's not round the right way.
M1094 But, but she [inaudible] ears.
F1093 Her ears isna going in. //She's too big for that window.//
M1094 //Why?//
F1093 Isn't she?
M1094 [child noise]
F1093 Think I'll just have to put her in the car. She's coming home from doing the shopping.
M1094 Is it all done, the shopping?
F1093 Uh-huh.
M1094 It is nae. Put the shopping away.
F1093 Has she done the shopping? Oh there's there's the man. He's waiting for her to come home with the shopping. So they can make their dinner.
M1094 Their dinner? [inhale] But. But. But. She's not going in the window. See? But she's little. She'll have to go in the top.
F1093 Putting her up on the very top? She's awful high up there, isn't she?
M1094 What's all [inaudible]
F1093 Hmm?
M1094 A-. Car.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 16, recording 3: playing match the pairs game and with building blocks


Audio audience

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Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2003
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