Document 1595

Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 12, recording 4: playing with jigsaws and electronic toys

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1095 Dinna keep touchin the tree or aathing's going to fall off it. Gies a bite. Aw! Just a little ain. Since it's my birthday.
M1096 Okay.
F1095 Aw, that's a good boy. I'll just hae a little bit.
M1096 It's lovely.
F1095 Mmhm, it's really good.
M1096 [exhale] Lovely jubbly.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Can I, can you finish that and help me?
F1095 Mmhm. Well you, ehm You put them into piles
M1096 [inaudible] You do it.
F1095 No, it your-, yo- it's you wanted tae dae them.
M1096 No. You do it. Can I do it [inaudible]?
F1095 Look, you've nearly daen it. Look! Let me see. Peep peep. Look you've already got a pile of it. Och aye. That's your pile for rabbits. That's your pile for cones.
M1096 No! [inaudible]
F1095 Okay. There it goes. Look, is that better? I'm just moving them a bittie so they winna aa get muddled up. Right? Nae bother. Good for you.
M1096 See if my-. Go and see my tape recorder.
F1095 Aye, it's fine.
M1096 Can I hear wi my //lug?//
F1095 //But we've to wait until we finish. Okay?// //And then Mum'll let you listen to [inaudible]. Stop it. [CENSORED: forename], stop it!//
M1096 //[child noise]// Did you laugh?
F1095 Oh aye.
M1096 [child noise] //[child noise]//
F1095 //Come on then. That's nae [inaudible] burps.//
M1096 I just [child noise]. Did you hear that?
F1095 Mmhm We'll maybe go to the pictures and see that, will we?
M1096 Aye. Cause, cause //it goes//
F1095 //Elf.//
M1096 [CENSORED: forename]'s nae coming.
F1095 Aye.
M1096 No!
F1095 Uh-huh. We'll maybe go when Dad comes hame the week o Christmas.
M1096 Och aye. Yeah. //[child noise]//
F1095 //No. No. [CENSORED: forename]. Nae just noo.// You've to wait till we're finished.
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 Stop it!
M1096 Did you hear that?
F1095 Aye. Come on then. Look, you've nae got much tae dae.
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 [inaudible] nae funny [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 [laugh]
F1095 No it's nae.
M1096 [laugh] Aye it is, cause I'm only good on //[child noise].//
F1095 //Aye.//
M1096 [exhale] [exhale] [child noise] [exhale] [exhale] [inaudible] [exhale] Oh no no. [exhale] [exhale] See if my tape recorder.
F1095 Aye, it's fine.
M1096 No it isna.
F1095 It is fine. Finish your jigsaws then. Or go and take your, farr's your? Play with your thing. Your construction kit.
M1096 Construction?
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 No.
F1095 You got from the toddlers.
M1096 No. No, cause I'll-. Fitt's that?
F1095 That's a turkey.
M1096 Turkey.
F1095 That's what we'll hae on Christmas Day. Turkey, and brussels sprouts, and little sausages with bacon, and tatties and roast tatties and neeps and carrots.
M1096 Mm. [period of silence] [sniff] Mum?
F1095 Fitt?
M1096 Ehm can I dae that? Can I dae the boats? Cause I'm wantin. Cause I'm colourin in that boat.
F1095 Mmhm, but that's nae for colouring in though.
M1096 Aye it is.
F1095 N-
M1096 Uh uh. Uh-huh. Dinna dae that. Dinna dae that!
F1095 Fitt? It's a crossword.
M1096 Well dinna dae it then.
F1095 Okay [inaudible].
M1096 Shut it. Just shut it. Just shut. [inaudible] [inaudible] Mum.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Mummy?
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Ehm, can you help me with that?
F1095 Eh?
M1096 Hand with that.
F1095 It's nae, it's a doo-, a handle for the door.
M1096 I want a hand. Handle. Look. Can you open that door? Cause I canna.
F1095 You can't open it. It's just in a picture.
M1096 Uh-huh.
F1095 Look at the dogs.
M1096 Try to get a-.
F1095 Mmhm. Right, if you're nae daein your jigsaws, put them back in the box.
M1096 I'm waiting for you.
F1095 Aye, well I've telt you. Put them in their erm [tut] piles.
M1096 I'm waiting. //Why?//
F1095 //Aye but you're managing. You're just about finished. There's only a wee suppie left.//
M1096 No, it-. Look what you did now!
F1095 I havena done nothing.
M1096 Look! You muddled it up.
F1095 I've no muddled it up.
M1096 Aye, did.
F1095 Did you? You must have muddled it up. Just leave it.
M1096 I'm nae wantin that tape recorder on.
F1095 You've just got a wee whilie and then we'll take it off.
M1096 Di- dinna dae that.
F1095 How?
M1096 Because
F1095 Fitt you wanting me to dae?
M1096 Shut it.
F1095 Why? And then fitt will I dae?
M1096 Nothing. //Help me. I need you to.//
F1095 //Dinna pull it. Well, I've telt ye, I'll help you if you put them in piles!// You've nearly finished it. //Mmhm.//
M1096 //Help me dae that.//
F1095 Well put them in piles. //Mmhm, mmhm.//
M1096 //No.// No, no, no!
F1095 Aye, aye, aye!
M1096 No, no, no! //N- n- aye, no, no, no.//
F1095 //Aye, aye, aye!// Aye, aye, //aye.//
M1096 //No, no.// No, no, no.
F1095 Mm hmm hmm.
M1096 No, no, no.
F1095 Mm hmm hmm.
M1096 No.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 No. I [?]finish[/?] [inaudible]. //I'm finished something.//
F1095 //Dinnae, dinnae dae that.//
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 No, stop it.
M1096 Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s go-.
F1095 That was not Auntie [CENSORED: forename]. It was Auntie [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 Auntie [CENSORED: forename].
F1095 Aye.
M1096 She come down and I'll haud his hand.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Cause I'm [inaudible]. Cause I'm [inaudible].
F1095 Mmhm. Granny and Granda hasna seen it yet.
M1096 Granny and Granda.
F1095 Mmhm. They'll see it on Seturday cause they're coming up here on Seturday //to babysit for you and [CENSORED: forename].//
M1096 //[child noise]// Eh?
F1095 Cause Mum's goin oot.
M1096 [inaudible] here.
F1095 Mm?
M1096 Bide here.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 No n- I'm biding at her [inaudible]. Help me. Do it.
F1095 Aye, well put them in the piles.
M1096 No.
F1095 Aye.
M1096 No.
F1095 Aye.
M1096 No, no, no.
F1095 Aye, aye, aye.
M1096 No aye, no, no, no.
F1095 You can dae it.
M1096 No. You can dae it.
F1095 No.
M1096 Aye, aye, aye. Aye, aye, aye. Aye, aye, aye.
F1095 Mm.
M1096 Aye, aye, aye. Uh-huh uh-huh. Aye, aye, aye. Aye, aye, aye. Aye. [exhale] Aye, aye, aye. She took a picture.
F1095 Mm?
M1096 [?]Two girls that[/?].
F1095 Fitt?
M1096 Two girls that. That boy, that boy. It's only that boy. Nae that boy, nae that boy, nay that boy. No, that's a-. Nae that girl, nae that girl. Nae that girl, nae that girl [inaudible] nae that nae that. [inaudible]
F1095 [CENSORED: forename] go show me that card a minute till I see fitt it says.
M1096 What card?
F1095 We'll see. [cough]
M1096 Love from [CENSORED: surname].
F1095 It says "best wishes from [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]."
M1096 [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]?
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]?
F1095 Mmhm. Watch [CENSORED: forename]. Dinna start jumping all over the place.
M1096 This is broke off.
F1095 No it's nae. Now leave it. //Right, go [inaudible]//
M1096 //[inaudible]//
F1095 Well, tidy up the jigsaws. [inaudible]
M1096 Fitt for? [music from a toy]
F1095 [inaudible]
M1096 [music]
F1095 No, put that off. Here, give it to me, put it off.
M1096 Aye. [music]
F1095 Do it!
M1096 [music] [inaudible] [music] [inaudible] [music] This thing?
F1095 No.
M1096 [music] That thing. //[music]//
F1095 //Aye, that thing [inaudible].//
M1096 No. [music] [music] //[music]//
F1095 //[CENSORED: forename] will you leave it! Come here and get this tidied up. Cause you're nae daein them. Hurry up.//
M1096 [music] [inaudible] of it. //I am daein it.//
F1095 //Oh well, dae it then.//
M1096 [music] Do. Just wait. Let's do it [inaudible]. [inaudible]
F1095 Right. I'm gaun to put them awa, [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 Mum [inaudible]. [child noise] [inaudible] can you help me f- for the ambulance?
F1095 Aye, but you need to put them aa into their piles first.
M1096 I canna see the ambulance thing. Cause this is a bit of //ambulance.//
F1095 //No,// but look at the back.
M1096 Traffics.
F1095 Aye.
M1096 Traffics. Traffics at the back. Traffics. Farr does this go? Can I see? Farr does it go? Farr does it go, Mummy? Here. Here it is.
F1095 Mm no.
M1096 Is that it, that ain? And. Here it goes. And traffics. It goes on the back. Look, traffics! Traffics!
F1095 Uh-huh.
M1096 Nope. Nope. That, aye. [snort] Traffics. Traffics. Rrr. Traffics. Traffics. Traffics. Traffics. Ah, just hold on. [exhale] Farr the noo?
F1095 Mm?
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 Mm. It's aa right, just-. No! Dinna dae. [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 [child noise] [noise from electronic toy] [child noise] [inaudible] come back for me.
F1095 Where you gaun?
M1096 To get toys.
F1095 Mm, okay then.
M1096 Brrm brrm. [child noise] [child noise]
F1095 Farr's the [inaudible] at? [inaudible]
M1096 A silver, a silver. A f- silver ain. A silver ain.
F1095 [inaudible]
M1096 Here's one there. Cause that can go in there. And the ladies can go on that one. [inaudible] That's Coca-Cola. Wait, for the lady. [child noise] Mr [?]pop man[/?], Mr [?]pop man[/?], Mr [?]pop man[/?]. [electronic toy] [inaudible] [electronic toy] [electronic toy] //[electronic toy]//
F1095 //Farr's the balls at?//
M1096 [electronic toy]
F1095 [inaudible] Where's the other ball? No, there's two. Well. Oh it's ower there, look. It's ower there. Right, get the jigsaw tidied up then. //[inaudible]//
M1096 //I'm, I'm tidying up this.//
F1095 Aye, well.
M1096 [child noise] [electronic toy] Wait. Just see this. [inaudible] [electronic toy] //[electronic toy]//
F1095 //Right. Come on then, [CENSORED: forename]. Get your jigsaws tidied up if you're nae daein it.//
M1096 My lace is open. //[sucks air through teeth]//
F1095 //Come here then and I'll tie it.//
M1096 I can tie it, watch. [exhale] See I, see I can dae it.
F1095 Aye. Right, put that lace underneath.
M1096 [exhale]
F1095 Let's see. And then [inaudible] Underneath. No. Nae-, no, no, no, no, no. Nae under that. Just under that ain. Look. Then up there.
M1096 And up //there?//
F1095 //Right, and then pull it.// //That way.//
M1096 //I can d-.//
F1095 No. You was right in-, sorry. That way. Right and then we mak a loop, through and mak a loop. See, that's clever for you, eh?
M1096 Can I dae that?
F1095 No, that's fine.
M1096 Can you help me dae that [inaudible]?
F1095 Eh?
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 Help you fitt?
M1096 That ain.
F1095 Fitt?
M1096 [?]That ain[/?].
F1095 Fitt?
M1096 That jigsaw there.
F1095 Aye, well tidy them up, and and put them back in the box if you're nae daein them.
M1096 I am doing that. Help me then.
F1095 Aye well, finish putting them in piles first, I telt you. You've nearly daen it. You havena got a lot left.
M1096 [exhale]
F1095 [cough]
M1096 Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle //bells.//
F1095 //Jingle all the way.//
M1096 [singing] Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells!
F1095 Did you learn that the day?
M1096 Nope.
F1095 Did you learn that song at the playgroup?
M1096 Nope. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells.
F1095 [?]Are you singing[/?] Jingle //bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.//
M1096 //Jingle all the way.// Fitt?
F1095 Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.
M1096 [snort] No.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells. All the way. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells. Twinkle twinkle little stars. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high. Twinkle twinkle little stars. How I wonder, what you are. Up up, world so high. Wise men saw you. In the sky. Twinkle twinkle little stars. How I wonder what you are. Up Up oh so high. Twinkle twinkle little star.
F1095 [throat]
M1096 Twinkle [child noise] Move up. [child noise] Cause I'm going to dae something. [electronic toy] [electronic toy] //[electronic toy]//
F1095 //Come on [CENSORED: forename]. Tidy up the jigsaw.//
M1096 No, no.
F1095 Get the box.
M1096 [child noise] Get th-.
F1095 Get the box.
M1096 Put that. Put it there. Cause aabody can put it there. The power papers.
F1095 Well, go and get the box, for the jigsaw.
M1096 No, I'm doing it.
F1095 [inhale]
M1096 Twinkle twink- [music] twink- [music] //[child noise]//
F1095 //Right.// Are you daein the jigsaw or are you putting them in the box? Leave it.
M1096 Does this go in there?
F1095 Eh? Well you need to look at the back of it. And see if the picture's on the back.
M1096 R- rabbits. See fitt on it. Traffics. Traffics, traffic. Look, fitt's that?
F1095 Mm. [inaudible]
M1096 Ehm, nae traffics. Nae traffics. Nae elbows.
F1095 Fitt colour's dae they go?
M1096 Green amber go. //Green.//
F1095 //No,// red amber green.
M1096 Red amber green. Cause I press the button and it stop. [child noise] [inaudible] [child noise]
F1095 [cough]
M1096 Here's a wrong one.
F1095 Mm?
M1096 Here's a wrong one. Ra- rabbits. Where's hoses? Have you see ony hoses? Hoses? I see hoses. Ho- ho- hoses. Needed the hoses, nope. Rabbits. Rabbits. Club. Club. Where's club. Where's club. Traffic, club. Where's? [exhale] Rabbits. Rabbits. Don't fit it in! Nothing on //the f-.//
F1095 //[?]Nae, no wonder you couldnae try[/?].//
M1096 Can you help me do it //noo?//
F1095 //Right, fitt ain you gaun tae dae then?// Hmm? Are you going to do the hoses? The, traffic lights? Or the rabbits?
M1096 Or the cones. Hoses! //Hoses.//
F1095 //Oh it's here.//
M1096 Farr's the hoses? What? Can you see them?
F1095 Hmm?
M1096 Can you s-
F1095 Right, take them oot and turn them ower then.
M1096 [child noise] //[child noise]//
F1095 //That's right, turn them ower so you see them.//
M1096 [child noise] Fitt's that ain that? Fitt's that ain?
F1095 Dinna ken, that's a corner ain.
M1096 And fitt's that ain?
F1095 Well, you've got to see, haven't you?
M1096 A pit- erm, it's, that's a thing. That's a brickie. Brickie thing. Fitt's like [inaudible]. A pussy cat.
F1095 Uh-huh.
M1096 Oh! And fitt's a [inaudible] that?
F1095 Dinna ken, that's a corner and aa.
M1096 That's it, a fire engine, that. Fire engine that.
F1095 And see if you can find another fire engine now.
M1096 Nope.
F1095 Fitt's the bucket daein ower there? Put it back.
M1096 No, cause, cause my thing's in there. Cause I [inaudible] find a bucket.
F1095 Mm.
M1096 A pussy cat. Farr's the pussy cat's legs? Div you see him onywhere?
F1095 Na. I canna see him anywhere. Can you?
M1096 Nope.
F1095 You've nae turned aa the bits over yet though.
M1096 See I did.
F1095 No.
M1096 Aye I did, //look.//
F1095 //Only some o them.// Turn them ower and spread them oot a bit.
M1096 A fire engine bit.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Two fire engine bits.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Two. [exhale] And one fire engine bit.
F1095 Mmhm. Well join on that bit.
M1096 And another fire engine bit.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 And another fire engine bit.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 And another fire engine bit. [inaudible] And another fire engine bit. No. [inaudible] Right. [inaudible]
F1095 Mmhm Must spread them oot a bit. Look.
M1096 [panting]
F1095 Right.
M1096 Oh!
F1095 Right, you get all the fire engine bits and join them up. Look, there's a bit there. And there's a bit there. The wheels an aa.
M1096 That goes there.
F1095 Oh, that's it.
M1096 Look.
F1095 Mmhm [inaudible] fire engine back on there then. Do the other fire engine bits.
M1096 Nope.
F1095 No. You just put doon ain, and look. The corner ain. Aye that bit. No, other side. Try the other side. That's it. That's it in there.
M1096 Aye!
F1095 Mmhm. Other side. Turn it roond. Does it fit? No. Keep turning it. Keep turning. Keep turning it roond. Keep turning roond.
M1096 No.
F1095 Like that. That's it. Good for you.
M1096 Bit of hoses and
F1095 That's it. mmhm. Right so fitt's the next bit? You need a fire engine mannie going, that bit maybe? Try it and see.
M1096 That bit?
F1095 No. The bit wi the fire engine mannie.
M1096 But what fire engine mannie?
F1095 Mmhm. //Go on then.//
M1096 //[inaudible]//
F1095 I can see him fae here.
M1096 Farr at? Here? No!
F1095 No, the fire mannie.
M1096 Couldn't see his hat, look!
F1095 Aye, that's his hat, but farr's he at though? I can see him.
M1096 Farr's that?
F1095 I can see him standing in the road, and he's got his hands on his belt.
M1096 Farr that?
F1095 Well, if you look you'll see. [cough] Aye, but farr's he at? That's him! Right, so mind, farr's the bit with his hat and his hat can go on his head? Find hat.
M1096 Oh! //It's a bit//
F1095 //The bit// wi his hat.
M1096 bit wi his hat.
F1095 That's right.
M1096 [inhale]
F1095 Mmhm. //Mmhm. Aye.//
M1096 //See! [inaudible] I dae it.//
F1095 Fitt's that now, that's a bit o fitt?
M1096 [snort] Car.
F1095 No, that's a bit of the road. So that's to go doon to the bottom, where the roads are. [inaudible] //Doon there.//
M1096 //Farr? [panting] Farr's the road?//
F1095 You've got it in your hand.
M1096 [?]Is that another[/?] road!
F1095 Okay.
M1096 A bit o ladder.
F1095 Mm. No it's a gate. They canna get in, is it?
M1096 That's a ladder.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Aye, for a fire engine.
F1095 Mm.
M1096 Nope.
F1095 No, try it the other side.
M1096 Other side. Oh [snort] oh, look!
F1095 Oh good for you.
M1096 Nope.
F1095 No, that's a corner bit, in there mind. Fitt about the pussy cat. Can you find it?
M1096 Aye. Farr's that?
F1095 You've only got four bits left.
M1096 Ah!
F1095 Found it. That's it.
M1096 [child noise] Look!
F1095 Ah! Good for you. You've only got two bits left. One two. //Mmhm.//
M1096 //Oh!//
F1095 That's right.
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 There's one mair bit left. That's it. Nae bother.
M1096 But. The fire engine bit.
F1095 That's fine.
M1096 You got pfff pussy cat, and a ladder, and a fire mannie, and a
F1095 It's a sun.
M1096 and a fire mannie, and a hose and a ladder and a [inaudible], and a fire engine.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [exhale] He's got his hat on,
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 that mannie.
F1095 Aye. Cause fire mannies have to wear their hats.
M1096 Aye, they div wear boots.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Cause it's too, canna [inaudible] fann their erm toes.
F1095 Mm no, their feet would get burned if they went into a fire?
M1096 Aye. [child noise]
F1095 Dinna dae that to your boots [CENSORED: forename]. You'll hae the toes oot of them. Did [CENSORED: forename] hae on that boots the day, like?
M1096 Fitt?
F1095 Did [CENSORED: forename] hae on the boots the same as you?
M1096 No.
F1095 No? Well how would you ken he's got the same ains then?
M1096 Cause I ken. Brak it up. [period of silence] Dinna get hands on.
F1095 Mm?
M1096 [child noise] [inaudible] there?
F1095 Mm?
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 [throat]
M1096 [child noises] Look fitt I did!
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 That was aa myself.
F1095 Mm [inaudible].
M1096 I'm clever daein jigsaws.
F1095 Mmhm you are. Do you dae them at the playgroup?
M1096 No.
F1095 No?
M1096 The teachers help me.
F1095 Do they?
M1096 Aye. And, and [inaudible] mums are helping [inaudible].
F1095 I dinna ken fitt mum was in this week. [CENSORED: forename]'s mum? I dinna ken fa the other ain was.
M1096 No, it's not.
F1095 Fitt other mum was in this week? Was it [CENSORED: forename]'s mum?
M1096 Aye. Was that fa it was? Aye, nae, [inaudible]. Aabody else was there.
F1095 Nae?
M1096 Aabody else was there.
F1095 Aye but there was other mums the day cause you was going aa ower to the High School for your snack.
M1096 [inaudible] Dad go there.
F1095 And so they needed mums to help. Fa else was there? [CENSORED: forename]?
M1096 No.
F1095 And [CENSORED: forename]?
M1096 No.
F1095 [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s mum.
M1096 No.
F1095 Fa then?
M1096 [CENSORED: forename]'s mum wasna helping and
F1095 She was.
M1096 No she wasna.
F1095 She was.
M1096 I was, I was eh haudin my mum's, no, eh my teacher's hands.
F1095 Fa?
M1096 My teacher's.
F1095 Aye, fitt ain?
M1096 Eh, Mrs [CENSORED: surname].
F1095 Ah!
M1096 Mrs [CENSORED: surname]. I can touch them.
F1095 No, dinna touch that. //Do you want to try//
M1096 //I can touch them [inaudible].//
F1095 the other ain then?
M1096 No.
F1095 Well, put them in the box then.
M1096 That ain! Rabbits!
F1095 Okay then.
M1096 Fitt's that ain?
F1095 Well, that's a corner, that's a bush. [inaudible]
M1096 I'm going to put this ain up here cause I can learn to do it.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [child noise] Will you help me do it?
F1095 Mmhm. //[inaudible]//
M1096 //[child noise]// I turned a bit over.
F1095 Aye, but turn aa the bits over.
M1096 Sleep. Sleep tight. Sleep Mum.
F1095 Mm?
M1096 Sleep Mum.
F1095 It's nae bedtime yet though.
M1096 Wait. Wait. [inaudible] [snort] [exhale] [period of silence] [child noises]
F1095 [inaudible]
M1096 Fitt?
F1095 Turn them aa ower then.
M1096 I got this.
F1095 Aye, but nae just one o them. All o them.
M1096 No. [child noise] It's like guns. There's two [inaudible] guns. Guns, can maybe get guns. Get guns. Maybe get guns.
F1095 Mm.
M1096 And they're pretend guns, this.
F1095 No, that's nae a gun. That's a jigsaw.
M1096 Pretend it's a gun. It's guns, pretend guns. And er look what's here, my tape recorder. Cause
F1095 No, it's fine. Just leave it the noo. Just a wee-. No, just leave it [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 Can I hear? //[inaudible]//
F1095 //Wait a minute though.//
M1096 Hear?
F1095 Go on then. Finish your jigsaw. Dinna touch that now. You'll get to open it in the morning. You'll get number five the morning.
M1096 No I winna.
F1095 Mmhm. //Leave it [CENSORED: forename].//
M1096 //You look,// in that eyes and then and then looking down at us.
F1095 Eh?
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 Well when we get mair cards we'll put them in there, okay?
M1096 [child noise] Mum?
F1095 Eh?
M1096 Mm, it's getting [inaudible].
F1095 Aye, I know. It's just about finished.
M1096 I'm going to spin it, so it
F1095 Spin fitt?
M1096 Er my Beyblades. My Beyblades, [inaudible] Cause he's getting this. I'm going to sort it.
F1095 Eh? Come here.
M1096 Look, no! I'm gonna spin this Beyblade on it. [child noise]
F1095 You okay? Kisses and aa? [inaudible] I love you. Ow. You banged my heid there.
M1096 I'm going to kiss your heid.
F1095 Oh, you're going to kiss it better. Oh, thank you. //Love you.//
M1096 //[kiss]// Another kiss then?
F1095 Another ain? Urgh! //[laugh]//
M1096 //[laugh] I'm gonna kiss ye on your nose.//
F1095 No way!
M1096 [laugh] Aye. Urgh! [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1095 //Nose!// Aw! That was my cheek.
M1096 [laugh] I'm upside down. Trying to dae that.
F1095 Eh?
M1096 On another cheek.
F1095 Another cheek. Oh! Thank you.
M1096 [laugh]
F1095 Missed.
M1096 [laugh]
F1095 Missed.
M1096 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1095 //Missed, missed, missed, missed, yeah, missed, missed, missed.//
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 Missed.
M1096 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1095 //What you laughing at? Eh? What are you laughing at?//
M1096 You tickling me.
F1095 I'm no touching you.
M1096 Aye you are.
F1095 I'm no. My hands are here.
M1096 [laugh] You're tickling //me.//
F1095 //I'm nae touching you.//
M1096 Aye you are tick-
F1095 Nae.
M1096 [laugh] [laugh] Do it on my back.
F1095 Wanting tickled on your back?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Is that fine?
M1096 No! On my t-shirt.
F1095 Okay. Is that fine?
M1096 No, it's not. Tickles.
F1095 Is it tickly?
M1096 Mmhm. [laugh] Go, go and do it Up. Go and do it again. Tickle my back. ah, no, uh [laugh] Go and dae that again. [laugh]
F1095 [inaudible]
M1096 Go and dae it again. [exhale] [exhale] Go on, tickle my back again. Wait, I'm gonna hear something.
F1095 [inaudible]
M1096 Go and tickle me, tickle me. Go and tickle me!
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 On my back.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 12, recording 4: playing with jigsaws and electronic toys


Audio audience

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Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2003
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Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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