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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 12, recording 3: walking home and opening Christmas cards

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

M1096 Are we walking, Mum? //[child noise]//
F1095 //Aye, we're walking, and we have to go and get [CENSORED: forename] cause we're going on to Elgin.//
M1096 [child noise] [inhale] Fitt for?
F1095 Cause [CENSORED: forename]'s got to go to the hospital, mind?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 [a passerby says 'see ye'] See ye.
M1096 See ye. See ye, [CENSORED: forename].
F1095 That's nae [CENSORED: forename], that's [CENSORED: forename], isn't it?
M1096 See ya Be- [CENSORED: forename].
F1095 Wait till we move in [inaudible]. What were you daein the day then?
M1096 Erm, fighting wi people.
F1095 You was not! Eh? You wasna.
M1096 I wisna playing //wi a-//
F1095 //Hey you've got a// Christmas card in the hoose and aa. Somebody posted it through our letterbox. There's one for you and there's ain for [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 Is, ain for you?
F1095 Uh-huh.
M1096 And ain for Dad?
F1095 Aye, well there's one for me and Dad, one for you, and one for [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 Hey,
F1095 Watch where you're //[inaudible] bus.//
M1096 //See ye [CENSORED: forename]!//
F1095 [passerby shouts over] See ye, [CENSORED: forename]. [traffic] //Fitt were you daein the day then?//
M1096 //Fitt's that?// Nothing. //Nae.//
F1095 //Nothing? You must have been doing something, surely? Mm?//
M1096 Gluein.
F1095 What was you daein?
M1096 Gluein.
F1095 Was you painting?
M1096 Gluein.
F1095 Stop being silly. What was you daein?
M1096 Gluein!
F1095 Fitt's that.
M1096 Ehm, you have to mak bo- baubles.
F1095 Baubl-. Was you makkin Christmas baubles?
M1096 No.
F1095 For the tree?
M1096 Aye. For that tree up there.
F1095 Was ye?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 And what did you dae?
M1096 Ehm, first I have to put glue on it.
F1095 Mm. What's that noise?
M1096 What's that noise? It's [CENSORED: forename]'s paper thing. Can we mak, walk up to [CENSORED: forename]'s.
F1095 No, because we're, Mum made a packed lunch for ye.
M1096 Mm mm.
F1095 We can hae it in the car fann we're going to Elgin. //Will that be fine?//
M1096 //Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye.// Yey!
F1095 [inaudible] //Wait a minute.//
M1096 //[?]That[/?].//
F1095 What you want in your packed lunch?
M1096 Erm a sandwich.
F1095 Aye. What else?
M1096 And a juice.
F1095 Aye. Anything else?
M1096 Mm. Here's [CENSORED: forename] up there.
F1095 Aye.
M1096 [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname].
F1095 Oh wait a minute. This bit's fallin oot. What else are you wantin in your sandwich? Onything else?
M1096 Nothing. Nae.
F1095 Nae in your sandwich, in your box. Fitt about a yoghurt, //or,//
M1096 //Here's [CENSORED: forename]// [CENSORED: surname]. Aye, he's nae awa.
F1095 There's [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]. Is it? That's nae his name. It's nae [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]. [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]'s at school [inaudible].
M1096 No, my [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname].
F1095 Is he called [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname], then?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 No, I dinnae think that's his name.
M1096 Aye it is!
F1095 I dinnae think so.
M1096 Aye it is! Aye it is.
F1095 Oh it's chilly, eh? //[inaudible]//
M1096 //[singing]// Nope.
F1095 I bet you had some fruit.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 What kind of fruit?
M1096 It was toffee apple.
F1095 No, it was not. Dinna think so. Was it apples and bananas?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 And pears?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Strawberries?
M1096 No.
F1095 Melon?
M1096 No.
F1095 Oranges?
M1096 No.
F1095 [?]Pear[/?]?
M1096 No.
F1095 Satsumas?
M1096 N-. Aye.
F1095 So you had satsumas, apples, bananas and pears?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Did you hae a piece the morn?
M1096 No.
F1095 No? And fitt was your story aboot the day?
M1096 Erm, a snowman.
F1095 Ah, was it? And fitt happened tae him?
M1096 Erm, he putted his dad hat on its,
F1095 Did he?
M1096 aye, a snowman.
F1095 What, did a boy mak a snowman and put his dad's hat on it?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Ah!
M1096 And he maked his [inaudible] with arms and hands.
F1095 Fitt did he make airms and hands out of? Snowmans doesnae hae airms and hands.
M1096 Aye they div.
F1095 Fitt was it, fitt were they made oot o then?
M1096 Erm erm toffee apples.
F1095 I dinna think so.
M1096 Aye they div.
F1095 You're speakin rubbish. Was it twigs? Off o the tree?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Oh look, the mannie's [inaudible] awa now.
M1096 Aye. [inaudible]
F1095 Aye.
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 And did you tell Mrs [CENSORED: surname] and Mrs [CENSORED: surname] and Mrs [CENSORED: surname] that you was at a party yesterday and you seen Santa?
M1096 No.
F1095 Did you no tell them, you got a present?
M1096 No. I, well they didna answer me, //back.//
F1095 //Did they nae?// [laugh] [inaudible]
M1096 [?]The pinny on[/?].
F1095 Oh no!
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 Did your teachers nae tell you to take it off then?
M1096 No.
F1095 [inaudible] We'll take it off when we get home and then we'll mak a sandwich for you.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 And we'll go and pick up [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 Youse no mak my sandwich. I will make it myself.
F1095 Will ye? What are you gonna hae in it?
M1096 Ehm a //sandwich.//
F1095 //You'll have to open// aa this cards. How many cards have you got. Look! //One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight//
M1096 //One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!//
F1095 cards. [tut] Jeepers, we havenae even got up our things for our cards yet.
M1096 I'm nae-. I've got sair legs.
F1095 What happened to them. We're nearly hame. Just down here and roon the corner.
M1096 Somebody [inaudible].
F1095 Oh fa?
M1096 Erm that was [CENSORED: forename].
F1095 No. Did anybody get a row the day?
M1096 Aye. Naebody, naebody gets a row.
F1095 Ah, that was good then. Aabody was good boys and girls the day.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Ah, that's granny. Hiya. [other person says hiya]
M1096 Hiya.
F1095 Woops! Careful. Tripping over your own feet now.
M1096 Let's go this way.
F1095 Okay then, if you want tae. But that's a long way home.
M1096 That's a way hame.
F1095 It's the lang way hame. //Right we'll go,//
M1096 //[inaudible]//
F1095 fann we go to Elgin the day and go to the hospital, you goin to go with granny? Go to Tescos?
M1096 Granny.
F1095 And I'll nip up to the hospital with [CENSORED: forename] for his a- appointment.
M1096 Granny [CENSORED: forename]?
F1095 Aye.
M1096 Aye. Faar's it at?
F1095 Well, we've, we've to wait for [CENSORED: forename] to come hame [inaudible]. And then we'll be hame in half an hour for [inaudible].
M1096 Let's go this way next.
F1095 [inaudible]
M1096 Aye. Ca-.
F1095 This here? No, that's [?]paper it's got[/?] books, is it?
M1096 Aye. [child noise] Naebody will find us. [inaudible] find us, cause we're in a forest.
F1095 Mm, forest?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Nae a forest just a [inaudible].
M1096 Aye, it is a forest. Is a [inaudible].
F1095 It's chilly. You caal?
M1096 Uh-huh. //[snort]//
F1095 //[?]Havenae a hat[/?].//
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 Don't dae that wi your feet. Walk properly. Look at aa that rubbish.
M1096 Aye. A shoe!
F1095 I ken. Somebody's thrown it oot. Oh my goodness. There's heaps of stuff here.
M1096 Aye bikes.
F1095 Hmm?
M1096 And bikes.
F1095 Mm, somebody should have put it in their bucket, shouldn't they?
M1096 Aye. Is the bikes gonna fit in?
F1095 No they're no.
M1096 No.
F1095 How will they go then?
M1096 A bucket mannies.
F1095 Is he coming to come along?
M1096 Aye. Cause n- cause it's stupid.
F1095 [inaudible] [NOTE: speaks to a passerby] Hiya. Right, farr do we go noo? What way do we go noo?
M1096 Erm,
F1095 [inaudible]
M1096 that way.
F1095 I dinna think so.
M1096 Aye, cause that's //the way.//
F1095 //No, cause that// doesnae take you oot nae way, [CENSORED: forename]. I dinna think you can get oot of there.
M1096 I can.
F1095 Never been in that way. No.
M1096 That way, up that way. A lanie way.
F1095 Did your teachers ask if your nose was okay noo?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 How was [CENSORED: forename] greeting this morning?
M1096 Fitt? [inaudible]
F1095 I seen her greetin this morning fann you went in. What was wrong wi her?
M1096 Dinna ken. No, she wasna greetin.
F1095 Was she nae?
M1096 No.
F1095 Must have just done it for a minutie then. What about [CENSORED: forename]. Was he back the day?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Oh that's good. He's feeling better?
M1096 Uh-huh.
F1095 That's fine. And eh fitt, fa was you playin with, playin wi [CENSORED: forename]?
M1096 No, he was sitting aside Mrs [CENSORED: surname], //no,//
F1095 //Oh was he?//
M1096 [CENSORED: forename]. [CENSORED: forename].
F1095 Aye.
M1096 Oh a doggy!
F1095 Oh but watch now. Okay. Nae all doggies like little boys [inaudible]. No [CENSORED: forename], dinna touch him. Just look at him. Cause some dogs and cats dinna like little boys and girls and they might scratch ye and bite ye.
M1096 No they wouldna. We're just little.
F1095 Watch your feet here, look.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Dinna stand in that gairden.
M1096 Ken that's poops. Watch that poops.
F1095 It's a stone.
M1096 No it isnae.
F1095 Aye it is.
M1096 What, watch that, that's that's a rubbish [inaudible] shouldna put it in a bucket.
F1095 Mm.
M1096 Somebody pick leaf off.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Le- leafed off.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [snort] That's we hame.
F1095 Fitt songs was you singing the day?
M1096 A Je- baby Jesus.
F1095 Was you?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Fitt, Away in A Manger?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Let me hear you, saying it. Can you mind?
M1096 No.
F1095 Och, forgotten the words already?
M1096 Aye. //[running]//
F1095 //Watch now.//
M1096 Run faster.
F1095 Mm.
M1096 Run faster. And want to watch your [?]jobbies[/?] cause they maybe [?]sting you[/?].
F1095 [inaudible] Get down off of there. Come on.
M1096 [?]It's a ball in there[/?].
F1095 [inaudible] car door. We have to open the car door. Come here till I show you.
M1096 [kicks stones]
F1095 Dinna kick the stanes, [CENSORED: forename]!
M1096 Okay. Take off my //jacket.//
F1095 //You've got// heaps o cards to open, haven't you? You'll have to mind [inaudible]. Right, just wait a minute. //Sit up at the table.//
M1096 //[inhale] Look!//
F1095 Aye, wait a minute though, and sit up at the table and we'll open your cards first. Look. Ah just wait [CENSORED: forename]. Right. Here's aa your cards. And he's the one that came through the door. To [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname].
M1096 Can I open this?
F1095 Aye, you open it and see fa it's fae. Oh! Fitt's that? Aw! It's a furry Eskimo. It's got a furry hood.
M1096 [laugh]
F1095 It says, To [CENSORED: forename]. Have a fluffy Christmas. From [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 [CENSORED: forename]?
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [CENSORED: forename]?
F1095 No, [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s [CENSORED: forename]. Can you manage?
M1096 This is hard ains.
F1095 No, wait till we see. Look, if you dae it from the top. Look. Oh no. It's stuck doon, isn't it? There's that ain. Oh no! Look [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 That's the same ains as you've got.
M1096 Look!
F1095 That's Rudolph. Fitt does that say? Oh that's cute ains. From [CENSORED: forename]. No, that the ains that you've to post in the postbox. Right, next then. That ain. See fa this ain's fae. Look! That's the same ains as you've got.
M1096 Aye. [laugh]
F1095 From [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]. Aw, fitt's that ain?
M1096 It's a mouse.
F1095 Mmhm. Then that says, "To [CENSORED: forename]. Merry Christmas from [CENSORED: forename]. //Jeepers. You've got heaps of cards. You've got mair cards than Mum and Dad has.//
M1096 //[snort]//
F1095 We've only got two.
M1096 Look!
F1095 Ah! What's that ain a picture of, I wonder? //I do-.//
M1096 //Tigg-//
F1095 Who do you think it is?
M1096 Tigger.
F1095 And Eeyore.
M1096 Aye. A- and Bouncy.
F1095 Let me see. Fa's this ain fae? Oh you've been gluein the day. You've got glue aa ower your hand.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Oh, to [CENSORED: forename] from Mrs [CENSORED: surname]. Fa's this ain? Let me see. Oh fa's that a picture of?
M1096 Santa.
F1095 Mmhm. Right. We'll open it and see fa that's fae? It's from, love from [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 For Santa.
F1095 Right. Another ain. //No, not that ain. [tut].//
M1096 //Winnie a, Winnie a Pooh.//
F1095 Winnie the Pooh. And that ain's from //[CENSORED: forename]!//
M1096 //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1095 He's even drawn a picture there for ye.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Right, next ain.
M1096 [opening envelope] Santa again.
F1095 Again! Ah but fa's that that's with Santa?
M1096 Erm a reindeer.
F1095 Rudolph. That's from [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 [CENSORED: forename]. //[sniff]//
F1095 //And that ain, the last ain.// Put aa the papers in here.
M1096 [snort] See that?
F1095 Mmhm. Fa do you think that ain is? What do you think it is?
M1096 San- Santa.
F1095 Santa. And fa's that that's wi him, a little boy, and a little girl.
M1096 [inaudible] A little boy and a little girl.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Look. Fitt does that say?
F1095 From [CENSORED: forename]. So look at aa that cards! Heaps!
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 Will we take off your pinny noo? Just take a minute though and I'll help you. Right, oot your sleeves first. No, cause that's on your jumper noo. Right, and then we'll mak a sandwich and then we'll have to walk up and see if [CENSORED: forename]'s coming oot the school. Okay? Wait, wait wait wait wait. No, wait a minute. Wait till we see. Farr you at? Ah right there you are. Right. Oops! Sorry! //Right.//
M1096 //[exhale]//
F1095 We'll stick this at the back there. Right, now down and get that paper in the bucket and then we'll get the loaf and the ham oot of the fridge. [inaudible] nae the loaf. [tut] That's nae in the fridge, is it? //No!//
M1096 //No!// It's in there.
F1095 Mmhm?
M1096 It's there!
F1095 Right. We'll have to get our thing so we can stick up all your cards. No now, cause that's your ains for pittin oot to the boys and girls the mornin. [CENSORED: forename]'s nae got even as much cards as this either, has he?
M1096 [raspberry] Some [inaudible].
F1095 Right, where's your lunchbox. Look!
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 That's to go in like that. Just to put in a sandwich. Okay?
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 Are you puttin it in?
M1096 Buttons!
F1095 Aye. Is that fitt you got, [inaudible]?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Right, you go and get a knife //And we'll//
M1096 //Knife.//
F1095 [inaudible] the sandwich.
M1096 I'm going to dae it myself.
F1095 Right, okay then.
M1096 Mum. Where's that knife? This m- farr's the knife?
F1095 In there, look.
M1096 Aye. Here. //Open it.//
F1095 //[sneeze]//
M1096 Open it.
F1095 Right. Now you just need a wee sup butter, mind.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 No, wait a minute, though. Right. Ken fitt I'll dae? I'll put it on the loaf and you spread it. Right?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Okay? //That's a good boy.//
M1096 //Aye.// Gie me it. Wait. It's too stiffy //for me.//
F1095 //Will I help// you? Well if I spread it you can put on the ham. Right?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Okay. And then I'll cut it and then we'll have to wrap it up in clingfilm. Right. [CENSORED: forename]'ll come home and get changed quick and then we'll go.
M1096 Aye. Aye.
F1095 No it's open. Look here. See, it's open there.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Right.
M1096 Ham, ham, ham, //ham,//
F1095 //Mmhm.//
M1096 ham, ha-.
F1095 Right, just try and take like one bit. Look, see? Put one bit on there. Right, put on another bittie then.
M1096 And one bit on there. //[child noise]//
F1095 //Aye. Right put on another bittie then cause that's only, we'll get mair on that,// //will we?//
M1096 //Aye.//
F1095 Right, on this ain then. Oh my goodness, it's all joined together.
M1096 All join-.
F1095 I think that'll maybe be enough //for that sandwich.//
M1096 //Oh, no.//
F1095 Right?
M1096 For my sandwich [inaudible]?
F1095 Right, that'll be enough. Right, so we'll cut them.
M1096 I'm nae wantin, I'm nae wantin like crusties. Cause they're just horrible.
F1095 That's good for you. You eat your crusts at playgroup. Don't you?
M1096 [sucks air through teeth]
F1095 You div, cause your teachers tell you. You have to. They're good for you. Mak you big and strong.
M1096 That //black crust?//
F1095 //[CENSORED: forename] eats up his.//
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 Right, come on, we'll get some clingfilm. We'll wrap it, put it in your box, we'll put it in the car and then we'll go and get //[CENSORED: forename].//
M1096 //[inhale]//
F1095 We'll walk up and make sure //he's got his [inaudible].//
M1096 //A straw!//
F1095 Aye, there's a straw in there somewhere, eh? That's one in there. And one in there. Right?
M1096 Right. //[exhale]//
F1095 //Mmhm.//
M1096 [inaudible] in my [inaudible]. //I'm gonna//
F1095 //Eh?//
M1096 put my [inaudible] in.
F1095 Right, here you go then. Right. Put your sandwich in there. No, you put your sandwich on there. Oh no, no. Cause I've cut it, you silly billy.
M1096 Put its.
F1095 Right, one, two, three,
M1096 Oh!
F1095 four.
M1096 No.
F1095 Right.
M1096 [CENSORED: forename]'s wantin this.
F1095 Oh I forgot, I did sausage rolls and aa for you.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Little baby ains. So fitt have you got? Crisps, a bit of cheese, a sandwich, a yoghurt, and a sausage roll.
M1096 [inaudible] I'm going to do //[CENSORED: forename] some.//
F1095 //Right, put his sandwich in here. I'll put this two bits, you put the next two bits.// Right, one two. One, two, three, four. Right?
M1096 I will put them.
F1095 And we'll wrap it up [inaudible]. [exhale]
M1096 It's so-. Dinna take this to //Elgin.//
F1095 //Wait a minute till I get the// sausage rolls. Aye cause you can eat them in the car while I'm driving.
M1096 [inaudible] Just sit in [inaudible].
F1095 Aye, but wait a minute though cause look, there's sausage rolls here and aa. And they're fine cause I've just cooked them so they'll just be fine and warm. Just little ains, see? And they're fine. Wantin ain the noo? They're warm. Mm!
M1096 I'm nae wanting some on my [inaudible].
F1095 We'll put them in there.
M1096 No! Cause I dinna want to go out.
F1095 No, but I'll take this. Leave them in there hot and maybe Granny'll hae them cause she likes them.
M1096 [sob] Can I put them on my [inaudible]?
F1095 Aye, well you put them in there and gie them to Granny, and we'll put [CENSORED: forename]'s in here. Right, that's us. There. Now.
M1096 I'm taking my pack, my-.
F1095 Well just get your jacket on then and put it oot into the car, and I'll get my jacket on an aa. //Watch now.//
M1096 //[inaudible] to pack mines.//
F1095 Aye, in the car though. [CENSORED: forename]! Here.
M1096 Wait! Cause I'm, I didn't do packed lunches.
F1095 Right wait a minute, take them all. //Right, on your jacket.//
M1096 //Do I need to take this?//
F1095 Aye, but I can put in on your jacket. Will that be better? //If I put it on here?//
M1096 //No.// No.
F1095 Look. I'll stick it on there. //That's better.//
M1096 //Aye.// Aye.
F1095 Right.
M1096 Cause it doesna [inaudible] neck.
F1095 Right.
M1096 Go and get my packed lunches.
F1095 We'll put them in the car and we'll walk up and see if [CENSORED: forename]'s [inaudible].
M1096 Aye. [inaudible] back.
F1095 Hmm?
M1096 Can we take this [?]polo mints[/?]?
F1095 Aye, but put them in the car, put them in the back where you and [CENSORED: forename]'s going to sit. Right?
M1096 Okay. Mine's gone. My, my seat. Oh, right. Farr did you have to? This one's going in my space.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 This is my space.
F1095 Right, watch. Just put them on the floor, and [CENSORED: forename]'s in at the other side on the floor.
M1096 In the other side of there?
F1095 No, the other si-, the back. He sits at the back.
M1096 [inaudible] There we are.
F1095 Oh look fitt's here.
M1096 A mi-
F1095 Ah and a Malteser. Well there's one each but you're nae gettin them the noo. You can get them when we're coming hame frae Elgin. Okay? Right.
M1096 Haud my hand. Can we bide at his school?
F1095 No, we're just going up to make sure cause he's nae going back to school this afternoon. Cause he's got the hospital, so we're going to,
M1096 El-
F1095 right, will you stop //scuffing your trainers.//
M1096 //El-// Elgin.
F1095 Aye, so mak sure he's got his school bag hame wi him, that he remembers it.
M1096 Bet he hasna.
F1095 Then we'll run hame, we'll get changed and then we'll go down for Granny. Then you can hae your packed lunch in the car.
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 You had a packed lunch on Sunday and aa,
M1096 Uh-huh!
F1095 practising for your nativity at the Sunday school.
M1096 Aye I ken.
F1095 That'll be another //packed lunch.//
M1096 //An-// and two girls will be there.
F1095 Fa?
M1096 [CENSORED: forename].
F1095 No, [CENSORED: forename] doesna go to Sunday school. //[CENSORED: forename] goes, doesn't she?//
M1096 //Aye.// [CENSORED: forename]?
F1095 Mmhm. That's in [CENSORED: forename]'s class.
M1096 Fa's [CENSORED: forename]?
F1095 [CENSORED: forename]?
M1096 Farr's [CENSORED: forename], like?
F1095 Eh [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname].
M1096 Aye.
F1095 She goes and all, doesn't she?
M1096 Aye. She's got a Santa hat.
F1095 She's going to be the erm nativity a- angel.
M1096 Aye. //And I'm go-.//
F1095 //You're nae an angel? Are you?//
M1096 Aye.
F1095 No you're nae. You're a menace.
M1096 I'm goin to be an angel.
F1095 Are you?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Are you goin to sing oot loud? Maybe Granny will come and see you at the nativity.
M1096 No.
F1095 Nan and Granda'll come.
M1096 No.
F1095 Aye.
M1096 No.
F1095 Hear you singing aa your songs, "It's a party" [inaudible].
M1096 It's half-past eight.
F1095 No, it's only twenty-past twelve. [inaudible]
M1096 Let's go that way.
F1095 Okay then.
M1096 No, you go that way.
F1095 Aw, can I nae come? //[inaudible]//
M1096 //Aye, you can.//
F1095 Aw thanks.
M1096 [inaudible] Look!
F1095 Mm. Dinna touch it. Just leave it, cause it's in somebody's garden.
M1096 Aye, it is, som-.
F1095 Oh look, somebody's got bonny things. Look at their windows. Santa up at the top. See in that window up there?
M1096 Fa's that?
F1095 Santa.
M1096 Aye. It, it's Santa. It's.
F1095 He's on a moon.
M1096 He's on a moon. And there's Santa.
F1095 There you are, look.
M1096 Is there nae Santas?
F1095 Dinna see nae mair.
M1096 Mmhm.
F1095 Maybe we'll see up here, eh?
M1096 Ha! Look, one.
F1095 What?
M1096 [inaudible] aa these [inaudible]. //Look.//
F1095 //That's nae a Santa, that's just a, a thing.//
M1096 Up in their bedroom.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Oops.
F1095 Right, are there any cars coming?
M1096 Nope.
F1095 Look baith ways.
M1096 Nope.
F1095 Nope. So we can go across noo.
M1096 Naebody's in the cars.
F1095 You've got to look and you've got to listen. See if you can hear ony an aa. Don't you? Right, will we go in this way?
M1096 Aye. Cause that's the way to playschool.
F1095 Mmhm. This is farr you'll be coming next year when you've got nursery,
M1096 Aye.
F1095 [CENSORED: forename] used tae go tae.
M1096 Farr for that?
F1095 Up here.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 You'll walk up to school wi [CENSORED: forename] every day.

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Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2003
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