Document 1593

Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 12, recording 2: doing jigsaws

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1095 Fitt was ye daein the day then?
M1096 Erm paintin.
F1095 Paintin?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 What was you paintin a picture of?
M1096 A firew- a st- fire, from last day, from [CENSORED: forename] came up.
F1095 A firework?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 It's past firework time.
M1096 I was going to sit in for Gordon.
F1095 Portgordon? No, that's past. It's nearly Christmas time noo. Here, farr's your Santa sweetie at? Is it through aside the computer?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Go an see then and you can [inaudible] noo.
M1096 Hm.
F1095 Is it there?
M1096 No.
F1095 Where did you put it then?
M1096 Och um [inaudible].
F1095 Through here.
M1096 I took it.
F1095 In the bathroom maybe?
M1096 Hmm aye. I think so, I think so. Hmm.
F1095 Is it there? I dinna ken fitt you've daen wi it then [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 Dinna ken. We have to get another ain.
F1095 Hmm Did you put it back then [inaudible].
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Number two?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 It must be somewhere. It's nae there.
M1096 [inaudible] fitt?
F1095 Oh it was a little Mars, wasn't it?
M1096 Little Mars, Mars.
F1095 Canna see it anyway. Fitt about your pocket? Did you put it in your pocket or in your bag?
M1096 No.
F1095 Hmm. That's strange.
M1096 Oh just taken anither ain.
F1095 No you canna. Cause you've got to wait till the morning. We'll find it. It'll be somewhere. No. That's nae, that's for anither day. [inaudible]
M1096 Aye.
F1095 No. Look. Watch, you've to be careful.
M1096 Let's play a jigsaw then.
F1095 Okay then.
M1096 [inaudible] this ain.
F1095 Fitt ain?
M1096 This ain. This ain. [child noise]
F1095 Right. Okay, and open it up a box then.
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 [inaudible] This bit. And then pop it up and that's it. That's right. Empty them aa out.
M1096 Em-.
F1095 Empty. Yes, empty them all out.
M1096 Empty them out.
F1095 Mmhm Right. So fitt do we do first then?
M1096 Erm.
F1095 You've got to sort them cause how many jigsaws is in a box?
M1096 One, two, three! //Four.//
F1095 //Four.// Right. So, one two three four.
M1096 [inhale]
F1095 So, wait till we see? Look. There's rabbits. And hoses. And cones.
M1096 And cones.
F1095 And lollipop sticks.
M1096 Lollipop sticks.
F1095 You goin to sort them out.
M1096 Hmm.
F1095 Put aa the
M1096 [exhale]
F1095 The hoses there, the bunnies there. Cones there.
M1096 [snort]
F1095 Right?
M1096 Farr that? Cones. Co-
F1095 Fitt's that?
M1096 A fire engine.
F1095 No! Bit fitt's it in the back so you've got to, sort them oot into.
M1096 A ladder.
F1095 No, fitt's that on the back? Look. Turn round and look on the back. Whit's that?
M1096 It's hoses.
F1095 So this goes on the hose pile.
M1096 Hose pile!
F1095 Right, fitt's this ain?
M1096 Erm.
F1095 Aye, we'll put it there.
M1096 A broken car.
F1095 Fitt's that ain?
M1096 A-
F1095 That's a cone. So farr does it go? That right, okay. And the other ain?
M1096 Erm [inaudible]. Cone.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Eh. [sniff]
F1095 Right. //Okay.//
M1096 //Fine.//
F1095 Goes here an aa. Right you get some and I'll get some.
M1096 They're aa fix.
F1095 Mmhm We'll sort them oot and then we'll mak them.
M1096 Hmm Here's rabbits, bunnies, rabbits, bunnies, rabbits.
F1095 Aye. You put them in the right pile then.
M1096 Oh oh Mam.
F1095 Oh, careful.
M1096 Oh.
F1095 We'll check it's still
M1096 Gonna take it off cause I dinna like that.
F1095 Aye, but it's just for a wee whiley. No. Oh, I'll move it to this side then. There you go, that's better. [inaudible]
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 [inaudible] We'll just leave it doon there like that, okay?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 You sort the rest of them oot.
M1096 Hmm.
F1095 Rabbits. Traffic lights. Rabbits again. Traffic lights. Right, you get some then.
M1096 Hmm rabbits.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Hoses.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Hoses.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Traffics. Fire engines.
F1095 Aye, but fitt's in the back?
M1096 Hmm.
F1095 Turn it roon in the back. See if it's pictures on the back.
M1096 Em, hoses.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Tr-
F1095 Cones.
M1096 Cones. Cones.
F1095 Uh-huh.
M1096 Oh! Wait. Wait. Say it a one minute. [child noise] Traffics.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Oh.
F1095 Whit's it called?
M1096 Erm.
F1095 Co-
M1096 Cones.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Look, hoses.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Rabbits. Erm cones.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 No, wait.
F1095 Aye, that's right.
M1096 Erm traffics.
F1095 Mmhm. Traffic lights.
M1096 Erm traffic lights.
F1095 Again! Right.
M1096 No, wait. Right.
F1095 Fitt ain ye gonna dae
M1096 [snort]
F1095 first? Hoses. Right turn it ower then.
M1096 Dum.
F1095 Now turn aa the bits ower. Look.
M1096 Mm fa- farr's the fire ladder.
F1095 Dinna ken. Go look for another orange bit that maybe goes next to there. Look. Can you see ony orange bits? I can see a bit.
M1096 Farr at?
F1095 Nae telling you. Can you see it? That's right. //Is that//
M1096 //[snort]//
F1095 a bit in there.
M1096 Hmm ah mm
F1095 That's it.
M1096 And the last bit in here.
F1095 Oh. Good for you!
M1096 Er.
F1095 Jeepers!
M1096 I can dae that!
F1095 Oh.
M1096 Sitting on.
F1095 [inhale] You're good at this, aren't you?
M1096 Aye. And a mannie.
F1095 Mmhm. Where does he go?
M1096 [snort]
F1095 That's right. //You'll maybe have to get ither bits in first.//
M1096 //Farr is it?// Hmm. Here's a ladder.
F1095 Well, you can see if you can find any mair red bits and see if it fits in beside the red bits.
M1096 Hose.
F1095 Mmhm. Is that one there? That's it.
M1096 Nope!
F1095 Well turn it roon the other way. That's it. Hmm, I think you got to have to try new bits. I can see anither bit of the pussy cat.
M1096 Farr at?
F1095 The ither eye.
M1096 The other eye.
F1095 Mmhm. //I can see it in there.//
M1096 //What?//
F1095 The pussy cat.
M1096 [snort] Nope. Farr's it at then? Oh
F1095 Watch. [inaudible]
M1096 [snort]
F1095 That's right. You've found it.
M1096 [snort] Farr does it go?
F1095 Do you think it goes in here? Where you had it at.
M1096 Oh!
F1095 Good for you! How many bits have you got left?
M1096 One.
F1095 No. One. No, well look that's got green bits, so farr's the very green bits at?
M1096 [snort]
F1095 That's it.
M1096 [?]Whit[/?]?
F1095 No, that's a corner, mind, so it has to go at the corners. Cause it's got two straight edges. That's it.
M1096 [snort]
F1095 And one mair bit. Aw! Good for you!
M1096 This is bit.
F1095 The fire engine, right. Whit ye going to do next? //This ain?//
M1096 //That. A rabbit.//
F1095 Rabbits. What's on that, I wonder. Oh!
M1096 A ro- Look. Look. Look at this pict-.
F1095 Aye. What's that picture of?
M1096 Erm, a rabbit eating his dad's food.
F1095 No, I think it's fallin off a lorry, is it nae?
M1096 Aye. An an eatin all the carrots.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 There.
F1095 What else? Whit's that?
M1096 Erm, [inaudible].
F1095 No, that's lettuce.
M1096 Lettuce.
F1095 Look for the other bits o the road. //The same colour as the road.//
M1096 //[child noises]// //[child noises]//
F1095 //Look. Fitt bit's that?//
M1096 Erm this bit.
F1095 No.
M1096 No that bit.
F1095 The bunny's tail.
M1096 A bunny's to-
F1095 That's it.
M1096 And this bit goes //here.//
F1095 //No// that's a straight edge so that must go at the top or at the side. Look for mair bits of the road.
M1096 Mm. Here it.
F1095 No, that's nae the same colour.
M1096 [burp]
F1095 [?]Oh nice[/?].
M1096 Nope. No maybe it's this one. Oh!
F1095 No, it's got to be a straight edge going along here. Look, it's aa straight edges here. So look for aa the straight edges.
M1096 [inhale]
F1095 [inaudible] Let's see if we find a straight edge. Is that a straight edge? Look there. No, to go on here. Does that fit in there?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Right if it's happened there, fitt's that bit there? No [CENSORED: forename], that's nae a straight edge. Fitt's that there?
M1096 Erm erm a car.
F1095 Uh-huh. //So find the other bits of the car, maybe.//
M1096 //[child noises]// Now, that's a car.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [child noises]
F1095 That'll go there, maybe. [telephone rings] //Oh.//
M1096 //Ah.//
F1095 That's the phone. Wait till we see. [NOTE: on phone] Hello? Hello? Oh [inaudible] Oh no! //Erm. We'll just take you out the buffet. Or go oot yourselves too. Uh-huh Oh right. Uh-huh.//
M1096 //[child noises]// Ah dinna want that on! //[child noises]//
F1095 //Uh-huh [inaudible] onyway. [inaudible] Oh well. So what you going to dae then? You'll either have to hae it on the Friday or just scrap the hotel and just [inaudible] instead of haein the two nights or go oot yourselves too.//
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 [inaudible] No [CENSORED: forename], leave it.
M1096 But [sob] Take it off cause I dinna //like it on.//
F1095 //Leave it a minute, [CENSORED: forename].// //No, I had to go and collect him. He'd a nosebleed. [inaudible] I couldnae get it to stop. But he's been in this morning already. So erm I telt them when I went in, ken cause sometimes he gets that. eh? Sometimes he gets that,//
M1096 //[child noises]// //[snort]//
F1095 //ken an, erm but it doesn't usually start again but [inaudible] but [CENSORED: forename] has bother with it an all so. Erm Oh God, it's just typical is it.// //[inaudible] Nevermind.//
M1096 //Mum, can you do my buttons?//
F1095 [inaudible] I forgot to ask my mum, about my hair. I'll just come ower the night I'll just [inaudible]. Whit time will I come over? I'll just put it-. Aye, okey-dokey. [inaudible] Have you phoned [CENSORED: forename] like, no? See whit she says. [laugh] //You should have came home [inaudible] plan. Okay. [laugh] Okay. Okay. Well he certainly doesna suspect you or anything onyway cause he was telling me yesterday he [inaudible] a day early. Och well. See what [CENSORED: forename] says. To book up. Okay then! See you later, bye. [NOTE: end phone call]//
M1096 //[child noises]// I was [inaudible]
F1095 I know, just leave it, right. [inaudible] that was [CENSORED: forename]
M1096 Jigsaw [CENSORED: forename].
F1095 Your Mum's gonna get her hair doing tonight. So we'll have to get our supper. An eh, get your jamas, quick and then. Dinna lick your t-shirt, right. Come on then, find another bit for the lorry then.
M1096 Farr can you see ain?
F1095 Na, I canna see it. Well find a bit for here then. Find a bit of the road.
M1096 [panting]
F1095 Oh, I can see a bit of the lorry, noo, look there it goes.
M1096 Aye. [laugh]
F1095 Yes, that's it.
M1096 [laugh] //[child noises]//
F1095 //Oh oh oh.// //There we go.//
M1096 //[laugh]// [inaudible]
F1095 How's that?
M1096 [exhale] Heid.
F1095 Wha's that mannie?
M1096 Ehm he's [inaudible].
F1095 I think he's the doctor, is he?
M1096 Aye, he is.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Across his car.
F1095 Mm.
M1096 Oh no.
F1095 Ken fitt we'll dae it after we've daen this. We'll go an mak your sausages.
M1096 Erm, for ma party?
F1095 Aye.
M1096 Oh yeah!
F1095 Will we go an cook them? No, cause that's a straight edge so that has to go up at the top or the bottom or the side.
M1096 Mm f-f-f- oh!
F1095 Find a bit for, fitt aboot, find this rabbit's ears.
M1096 Erm. Farr's?
F1095 I can see them. Orange. No, that's, that's a corner bit. Aye. So turn it roond it it'll go in there. That's it.
M1096 He's putting his head up [?]in his hair[/?].
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [panting]
F1095 That's another corner, so farr does it go?
M1096 Mm.
F1095 Aye. That's it, it's right.
M1096 [child noises]
F1095 No, I think there's a bit missing from this ain. Must be in the cupboard, or something.
M1096 [child noises]
F1095 Yes, we've muddled it up somewhere.
M1096 [snort]
F1095 There's a straight edge, mind. There's a straight edge there. No, turn it roond. So, there's a bittie missing, fitt bit's missing?
M1096 [panting]
F1095 Mm?
M1096 Dinna ken.
F1095 Well, fitt do you think's missing? I think it must be the lorry.
M1096 A lorry.
F1095 And fitt's happened to it?
M1096 Crashed.
F1095 Cause it says a sharp corner. It must have been going too fast.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 It's spilt aa its stuff.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 And the rabbits are going to eat it.
M1096 Aye?
F1095 And faa's this coming here?
M1096 A fi- erm mannies.
F1095 Faa's. But fitt mannies is it? No firemannies. It's p-?
M1096 Policeman's.
F1095 Policemannies. Policemans. Right. Mm. What will this ain be?
M1096 It's [?]crashed car[/?] Oh! I will find a bit for that.
F1095 Well, we'll see if it's lying in the cupboard, will we?
M1096 Aye. See if it's lying in the cupboard. Hmm. Farr can it be? Mm.
F1095 I wonder.
M1096 Mind. Farr's it at?
F1095 No. It's nae here, [CENSORED: forename]. Oh we'll hae a proper look for it after. We'll maybe empty the toybox and hae a look for it.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Okay. Fann was the last time you did that jigsaws like?
M1096 With Dad. Wi Dad, cause he showed me farr a bit was at, farr that.
F1095 Oh it's there, look! You was sitting on it! [tut] [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 [laugh]
F1095 You silly billy. //That's it.//
M1096 //[laugh]// Look, look noo.
F1095 Aye, it's aa s- it's aa eh
M1096 Crashed.
F1095 Complete. //Right.//
M1096 //-plete.//
F1095 Fitt's this ain then?
M1096 Erm, a [?]crashed car[/?] [laugh] two [?]crashed cars[/?].
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [child noise] Lorry. Stand there.
F1095 Right. You goin to do the next //one?//
M1096 //That's a fire engine.// //That's a fire engine. And that's a broken car. And that's a//
F1095 //Mmhm.//
M1096 And that's a broken car. And
F1095 Crashed.
M1096 it's crashed.
F1095 Police.
M1096 And police. Is, and he's puttin his [?]heid on his hair[/?].
F1095 He's the driver and he's thinking, [tut] hmm how did that happen? Or he's maybe hurt his heid.
M1096 Aye, he is.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [inaudible] Aye, cause he goes like this. And he bumped //it.//
F1095 //Did he bump it?//
M1096 Aye. Like when he was bumping on a ground.
F1095 Mmhm. Right you goin to dae next ain?
M1096 Right.
F1095 Right.
M1096 Mmhm. I think I think a bit's missing for that fire engine. What's, here? I'm going to hae a look.
F1095 Wait a minute. Fitt? No, there's nae a bit missing frae that fire engine. It's hard. You're goin to dae the same, fitt's this ain?
M1096 Erm, a fire engine.
F1095 No, you've already got a fire engine. What's this one here?
M1096 Ehm. [child noise]
F1095 This ain. //Is it a breakdown truck, maybe?//
M1096 //Mm.// Aye it
F1095 A garage?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Cause there's a spanner.
M1096 Spanner. Look fitt he's daein! [child noise]
F1095 He's standing with his legs crossed.
M1096 Aye. Like this. [laugh]
F1095 [?]Will we mak this ain?[/?]
M1096 A dogs! [laugh]
F1095 The dogs. Is he driving the car?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 No!
M1096 [child noise] Dogs ca-.
F1095 A straight edge mind. //Oh spot on, good for you. Right. What's next?//
M1096 //[child noise]// See this. Nope. [inaudible] Can you see a bit?
F1095 No. Was you playing wi [CENSORED: forename] the day?
M1096 No, cause he was fighting.
F1095 Was he?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Why?
M1096 Erm, his mum told him, stop fighting!
F1095 Was his mam in the day, helping?
M1096 Aye. And he, and he. Erm, nope.
F1095 Nope.
M1096 No.
F1095 And was [CENSORED: forename] off again?
M1096 No. N-
F1095 I think he was.
M1096 No
F1095 [inaudible] [CENSORED: forename]
M1096 No!
F1095 Is he still sick?
M1096 Aye. [child noise] Farr does this go? Farr's this?
F1095 Well, look, here's a wall. See if you can find the wall. I can see it.
M1096 Bit of wall.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 Fa-
F1095 That's it.
M1096 Fitt's that?
F1095 Mm I dinna ken. Fitt do you think it is? Think it's maybe a pussy cat. Can you find the rest of the pussy cat? See if you can find it onywhere. What colour is it?
M1096 Ehm. Dinna ken. //It's ca-.//
F1095 //Orange.//
M1096 Orange. Clouds.
F1095 No, that's a cloud there. You can see if you can see any mair clouds. [cough] Nearly, na, that doesnae fit in there. See if there's any mair clouds.
M1096 Mm. Aye.
F1095 Right. Here we go.
M1096 [snort] [exhale]
F1095 Mm. There it goes, right. Maybe that clouds goes on to that clouds. Does it?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Oh, good for you. Right, whit about a bit of road for doon here? Can you see any road? A bit of road? I can, and can see a tyre for a lorry and aa.
M1096 [exhale]
F1095 That's a corner.
M1096 No it isna.
F1095 Aye it is. See if you can find another bit of road.
M1096 [child noise] Here it goes.
F1095 That's a straight edge so it goes down the bottom. Or up at the top.
M1096 The top.
F1095 Or at the side. Well but it's a road so it must go down the bottom cause the roads isna up in the sky, is it?
M1096 No!
F1095 No. Aye that's right.
M1096 [snort] [inaudible]
F1095 That's it.
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 Right.
M1096 Mm.
F1095 Whaur's the next bit of road? That's a corner. No that's, hmm, farr does that go?
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 No, cause that's a straight edge so it's got to go down the side somewhere. That's a corner.
M1096 [exhale] [child noise]
F1095 Right.
M1096 [exhale]
F1095 Just turn it round. And that's it.
M1096 [exhale] [exhale]
F1095 There we go. What's that? A picture of, fitt's happening here?
M1096 A broken car.
F1095 Aye. So fitt's this mannie? This mannie must be the mechanic cause he's takin it to the garage.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Aye.
M1096 Cause it.
F1095 One mair to do, [CENSORED: forename]. That's three that you've daen.
M1096 Aye. I'm [inaudible] ma last jigsaw.
F1095 [inaudible]
M1096 Aye. Go and get one of my jigsaws.
F1095 There you go. Right you've to move back a bit cause you've nae room.
M1096 [snort] Where for our jigsaws?
F1095 Mm?
M1096 Where for our jigsaws?
F1095 Right we've got room here. Put them doon. Turn them ower. Turn them roond. [inaudible] see the backs. Turn them aa round.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 I wonder fitt this ain's gaun to be noo.
M1096 [child noise] Erm, it's the wrong way. He's broken, he's, he's br-, he's falled off his bike.
F1095 Faa has?
M1096 Him. Him.
F1095 Oh aye, and he's greetin.
M1096 Aye. For his mum.
F1095 Is his mum aside him?
M1096 No.
F1095 No, well we'll hae to make it up and see fitt happens then, won't we?
M1096 Aye. There's a bit missing, I think.
F1095 You think?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Well, well have to see. I dinna think so.
M1096 Aye, there is.
F1095 Is there?
M1096 Nope. //[panting]//
F1095 //You can dae it on the flair.//
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 That's right. That's it. Just move it a wee bittie. That's it. And that's the driver.
M1096 [snort] [exhale] There's his mum there.
F1095 Oh aye. She'll gie him a cuddle and mak him feel better, will she?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 But faa else is there and all?
M1096 A [inaudible]
F1095 What's this here?
M1096 Erm a driver mannie
F1095 Aye but fitt's he drivin? He's in a, fitt?
M1096 A fi- ehm police car.
F1095 No, it's nae a police car. That other ain was a police car. What's this ain? If you fall and hurt yourself. What would you have to go in?
M1096 A ambulance.
F1095 Aye. Only if you fell and hurt yourself bad. If you broke your leg or your airm.
M1096 Airm. //[inaudible]//
F1095 //But nae if you've just got a bleeding knee.//
M1096 No. Farr does it?
F1095 A corner bit. No I dinna think so. Try put in mair o the straight edge bitties. What about his bike? Farr's his bike?
M1096 [laugh] Here's his legs. [snort]
F1095 Oh aye, so it is. I think this goes in here at this side. Does it? //Yeah. Oh!//
M1096 //[child noise]//
F1095 Right. An other bits. No, that's a corner. Mm, no near, not that corner, try another corner. What about the corner doon at the bottom? Try that. Aye, that's it.
M1096 [laugh] That's his bike bit.
F1095 Aye, that's his bike. That's another corner.
M1096 Farr's it go? [inaudible]
F1095 [inaudible] That's it.
M1096 Mm. Where's his mum? See!
F1095 Mmhm. Two mair bits. Then you've finished.
M1096 Oh.
F1095 That's it.
M1096 Look!
F1095 Four jigsaws. You're clever, aren't you? Managing aa that.
M1096 Look! [inaudible]
F1095 An ambulance, a breakdown truck, police car and a fire engine.
M1096 Farr that?
F1095 Here's your fire engine. Police car. Breakdown truck. Ambulance. [yawn] He'll be sad, won't he?
M1096 Aye. Cause that's his mum there.
F1095 She'll cheer him up, won't she?
M1096 Aye. A fire engine. And he has to lie on his back.
F1095 But I think he looks okay. I dinna think he'll have to go in an ambulance, will he?
M1096 No he wouldna. Cause he's just a [inaudible]. He fell, look, he fell off his bike.
F1095 And look fitt he's nae, he's nae got on a hat, has he? So he maybe's hurt his heid.
M1096 Aye. [inaudible] go, speeding, fast.
F1095 No, you've put on, you put on your hat, divn't you? So that if you fall, you you winna hurt your heid, will you?
M1096 No, cause I got a hat.
F1095 Ah.
M1096 Oh go.
F1095 Now will we tidy them up and put them back in the box?
M1096 No, we're doing it again.
F1095 Nae the same ones again! What about daein the farm ains? And then after the farm ains, we'll go and make the sausages. For the party this afternoon.
M1096 Aye!
F1095 Right okay, dae the farm ains then.
M1096 Aye, dae the tractors. Can you see a tractor?
F1095 Mmhm. Wait a minute then.
M1096 That's a tractor. Tractor.
F1095 And that's sheep.
M1096 Tractor.
F1095 I think that's a bit o tractor.
M1096 That's a tractor.
F1095 Coos.
M1096 Coos.
F1095 Another bit o tractor. Here's sheep and coos and hens.
M1096 And farr's the [inaudible].
F1095 Aye. [inaudible] I dinna ken fitt that's a bit o, it must be a sheep.
M1096 That's a bit of, another bit for the tractor.
F1095 Ah [?]Jeeper[/?]. You've daen it already [CENSORED: forename]. Right, fitt are you going to do next? The hens, the sheep or the coos?
M1096 Ah ehm coos.
F1095 Coos. Right. Fitt do they say?
M1096 Boo.
F1095 Moo. //[laugh]//
M1096 //Moo. They're funny.//
F1095 Are they?
M1096 [laugh] Aye.
F1095 Now there's a corner, but you've to look for the sky. Where's, no, that's a corner and aa [CENSORED: forename]. Where's the other bits of the sky? See if you can, see if you see the other bits of the sky.
M1096 [child noise] I dinna want this on.
F1095 Aye, but just for a wee whilie, and then we'll [inaudible]. //Right, you look for a sky bit. Have you got it?//
M1096 //Mm mmhm.// Aye, in my hand.
F1095 And that'll go next to it, won't it?
M1096 Aye. [child noise]
F1095 Aye, that's right. Just take your time.
M1096 [child noise]
F1095 No, that's a corner, so you'll need other bits.
M1096 He's pooping.
F1095 No, he's nae. That's his udder. That's where his milk comes oot of. The milk that you drink for your, the milk that you take in your Sugarpuffs. And that you drink at the playgroup.
M1096 We dinna hae Sugarpuffs.
F1095 No, but you hae Sugarpuffs here. And Frosties and Crispies.
M1096 Look, who's this?
F1095 That's nae right.
M1096 [snort]
F1095 That's it.
M1096 [?]I try it[/?].
F1095 Oops.
M1096 [child noise] [inaudible]
F1095 No, carefully. Did you tell your teachers at the playgroup that you've got the Gruffalo book and aa?
M1096 Mm, no.
F1095 Have you read it at playgroup yet?
M1096 No.
F1095 No. Right, sheep or hens. //Sheeps?//
M1096 //Ehm sheeps.//
F1095 [cough] Fitt you going to sing the day at your party?
M1096 Baa baa, baa baa, sheep, any wool.
F1095 Yes sir.
M1096 Yes sir, three bags full. Yes sir. //Yes,//
F1095 //No, one for the// //master. One for the dame. One for [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname] who lives down the lane.//
M1096 //Master. One f- [inaudible] One for the. Down the lane.//
F1095 That's nae right, is it? //You dinna live doon a lane, do you?//
M1096 //No.//
F1095 Where do you bide?
M1096 Erm.
F1095 Thir-
M1096 tee- //four.//
F1095 //No, thirty-four//
M1096 [CENSORED: streetname].
F1095 Bu-?
M1096 Buckie!
F1095 That's it. Clever you.
M1096 Farr does this go?
F1095 I dinna ken. //[laugh]//
M1096 //Farr does this go?//
F1095 I dinna ken. Well look for what you got there. That's a sky. That's a red sky. It must be night-time. It's a red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Nearly there, look [CENSORED: forename] cause that's red an aa. Try it next to there. Turn it roond. That's it.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 No, that's a corner. Look, get the bits o the sheep.
M1096 [laugh]
F1095 Sheeps legs. No, that doesn't go there.
M1096 [laugh]
F1095 No, that's a corner so it goes doon the bottom.
M1096 Doon the bottom.
F1095 No, nae. Hmm, maybe it does go there, right enough. It doesna go there. No, that doesna go there. Try and put in the next bits then.
M1096 Aye. [exhale]
F1095 Try the other side.
M1096 Nope. //[panting]//
F1095 //Aye, it does go there. Just move it along a wee bittie. That's it. See! I see another bit.//
M1096 Farr that?
F1095 Move this down.
M1096 [exhale] //[laugh]//
F1095 //Good for you!// Right, and noo we've got the hens. This is the tricky ain.
M1096 Aye. //Ah.//
F1095 //Can you manage to do it?//
M1096 No. No.
F1095 Yes you will. You can try, can't you?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Right.
M1096 Right. Yes.
F1095 No. That's nae right. No, that bit doesna go there cause look, look, put it //back on and I'll show you. Look that goes awa oot. That's no straight. [CENSORED: forename].//
M1096 //[child noise]// [laugh] S-
F1095 Look at aa, fitt about this yellow bits. See if they aa join up. Look. See that. They join up along the top.
M1096 [laugh] Look that ain's sleepy.
F1095 He's sleeping. And fitt's that there?
M1096 Erm a bumble bee.
F1095 And fitt does that go? Bzzzz!
M1096 [laugh] Aye. He goes, he [inaudible] goes bzzzz!
F1095 And the coo will shake his heid to get him awa fae him.
M1096 Bzzzz Aye. Cause he goes like this. [inaudible] shak his aa, awa.
F1095 He likes to shake his heid and all.
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Her, it's a girl.
M1096 It's a girl. She shakes [inaudible] a bee come on, on her hair. Aye.
F1095 Right, you got to see if you join that yellow bit up and this is the last ain.
M1096 Erm There's another ain. Last ain. Last //ain.//
F1095 //Aye, but finish// the hens first though.
M1096 I'm sleepy.
F1095 How can you be sleepy? You're nae long up oot your bed.
M1096 [yawn]
F1095 Are you going to your bed early the night?
M1096 Fitt?
F1095 Are you going to your bed early the night?
M1096 No. Cause I've got a party. Fa-
F1095 Aye, but that's this afternoon. No, that's not right. You're a silly billy. //No, that's nae right either.//
M1096 //No I amnae.//
F1095 Try another yellow bit then. //Look, look at this bit.//
M1096 //Try this.// [laugh]
F1095 No, well that's a corner, mind. So it's to go at the edge.
M1096 Nope.
F1095 Aye, that's right. That's it. Right. No, that's a corner. //It is,//
M1096 //No it isna.//
F1095 a corner, look cause it's got two straight edges. So that winna go there. Fitt about finding this hen's beak? Look. It's duckin doon.
M1096 Duckin doon. [laugh] //[child noises]//
F1095 //Find this hen's beak there. Look. Can you see it onywhere? Wait till we see.// Hmm.
M1096 [laugh] //[panting]//
F1095 //That's an edge, so it has to go at the edge.//
M1096 [panting] [laugh]
F1095 Would it be this? Is that the beak there? Look.
M1096 Aye. //[laugh]//
F1095 //Try it an see. No, this hen here, this ain here. No, this ain. The hen here. That's it.// That's a corner, mind. No, that's a corner cause it's got two straight edges. That's it.
M1096 [squeal]
F1095 Alright, just take your time. No, that's a straight edge. No, that's a straight edge. I think //[inaudible] see, be//
M1096 //A sheep!//
F1095 careful.
M1096 [panting] [child noise]
F1095 Would that maybe be the bottom of this hen's beak, that bit you've got? Try it and see. Do you think it will be? No, this ain here.
M1096 Beak.
F1095 Aye, that's right. See.
M1096 Aye. [laugh]
F1095 No, that goes at the bottom cause it's a straight edge.
M1096 Bottom.
F1095 Doon here somewhere. No, it's this bit in here. //Try the next ain.//
M1096 //Aye.//
F1095 That's it.
M1096 [exhale] Mmhm. A hens bit. All the hens. Hens. No. No.
F1095 Aye, that was right.
M1096 That's it.
F1095 That's it.
M1096 Wait. [snort]
F1095 Ah, good for you. How many jigsaws it that you've daen noo then? Will we count them?
M1096 Aye. One, two, three, //four, five, six, seven, eight,//
F1095 //Four, five, si- six, seven, eight.// Eight jigsaws!
M1096 nine,
F1095 Good for you!
M1096 ten, eleve-
F1095 There's eight, look. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
M1096 Mm.
F1095 Right, will we tidy them up then? And then go and do the sausages.
M1096 Can I take that to my party.
F1095 You canna take this to your party. There'll be plenty of things at your party.
M1096 [inaudible] party.
F1095 I dinna ken fitt toys there'll be the day or no, maybe some of them, or we'll maybe be playing games. Like bobby bingo that you was playing at the eh playgroup. And fitt ither ains?
M1096 Erm Incy Wincy spider, climbing up //[child noise]//
F1095 //Aye, leave it though. Right, come on and we'll get the sausages then. Right, and I'll take oot the grill. [inaudible] Right.//
M1096 Will I put the sausages on?
F1095 Aye. Here it goes. Right, look. I'll do you the sausages and you can put them on there, right? //And we'll switch on the grill and then//
M1096 //Aye.// //Switch on the grill.//
F1095 //[inaudible]// There you go. Wee willie winkies.
M1096 [inaudible] Wee willie winkies.
F1095 Right.
M1096 Right. No, I put them on. You need my help Ma?
F1095 Right, you've got to put them on straight that way in, okay?
M1096 [snort]
F1095 Right, no straight. Aye, that's it. How many's that? One,
M1096 One.
F1095 two. //How many's that?//
M1096 //It's cauld.// One.
F1095 No. One, two, aye but you can put them next to ain anither. Look, see? That's it. Just move it along a wee bittie. Just one, okay.
M1096 [inaudible]
F1095 That's right. Just put it next to it that way. Okay. Next ain. Oh, no.
M1096 Next.
F1095 That way.
M1096 Aye. Beside that one. Beside that one.
F1095 Right, they're just too close. Put them a wee bittie apairt. That's it. Right. So put the next ain in that space. And the next ain in that space.
M1096 They're cauld.
F1095 Are they cauld?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Cause they're just oot the fridge.
M1096 Are they?
F1095 Mmhm. We keep them in the fridge to keep them fresh.
M1096 Fresh?
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 [laugh] Like really cold?
F1095 Are they?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 No. [laugh] Pull it down this way noo.
M1096 [inaudible] last one.
F1095 Put them in the same as that way so that it maks a big line, okay?
M1096 Aye. Dump that one. [inaudible] the line. Dinna eat them.
F1095 No, you canna eat them the noo. You'll be nae well if you eat them cause they're nae cooked.
M1096 No?
F1095 That's nae good.
M1096 No it isna. Isna. [inaudible]
F1095 Put that ain in there. Put that in there, and one more at the end, and that's us! Right, so fitt are we going to dae with them noo?
M1096 Wait. Find.
F1095 What have you found? Oh, here it goes.
M1096 When I get a [?]fixin, a fixin?[/?]
F1095 No, I'll put them in cause that grill's hot and you'll maybe burn your fingers. Put that bit in the bucket, look.
M1096 Fitt?
F1095 Look, pop it in the bucket. And we'll have to get a plate. We'll just get a paper plate. That'll save us [?]soapin[/?].
M1096 And that be us? Finished. [CENSORED: forename] plate. [inaudible] [CENSORED: forename] be there?
F1095 Aye, [CENSORED: forename]'ll be there. And [CENSORED: forename]. And fa else? [CENSORED: forename]? And [CENSORED: forename].
M1096 [CENSORED: forename] winna be there cause she'll be feeling sick.
F1095 No, I dinna think so.
M1096 I think she is.
F1095 She was fine at the church. We'll have to take this back to your teachers.
M1096 That?
F1095 [inaudible] it's aa got blood on it.
M1096 I've not got blood on it.
F1095 Dinna put that on your [inaudible]. Dinna put your germs on the sausages. Right, you gonna tidy those jigsaws while I'm making the sausages, [inaudible]. Or are you going to watch and look?
M1096 Fitt?
F1095 Watch them and I'll see when we're turning them round.
M1096 Turning them round?
F1095 Aye, but dinna touch. Look, you can go up on a chair and watch but dinna touch, cause you'll burn your eh fingers. This is for your party, and there'll be, fitt else do you think there'll be to eat? //Mmhm.//
M1096 //Crisps.// Sweeties.
F1095 Mmhm!
M1096 And sausages.
F1095 Aye. And fitt else?
M1096 We're just makkin the sausages.
F1095 Sandwiches maybe?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 And jeely?
M1096 I dinna like jeely.
F1095 Jeely and ice cream and fluff, I do!
M1096 I do.
F1095 Mmhm, yummy, yummy.
M1096 Yummy yummy. I want fluff, [inaudible] hands, f- when we get, went for Peter Fair.
F1095 Fitt?
M1096 Fluffy things.
F1095 Did you?
M1096 Aye. [snort]
F1095 Mmhm. What's that?
M1096 A sword.
F1095 A sword. Fitt you going to dae with it?
M1096 Dinna ken.
F1095 You dinna ken? I wonder if Dad'll phone the day? [inaudible] the party and you can tell him. You can tell them you've got your advent calendar and we're going to get a Christmas tree the morning.
M1096 Aye. This is a real sword.
F1095 And get bonny lights to put on it?
M1096 Aye.
F1095 Right, look at the sausages. Look you'll see them gaun brown in a minute. Need to start turning them roond.
M1096 Turn them roond.
F1095 Aye. We'll get a fork and we'll turn them.
M1096 Roond. Fork them //turn them.//
F1095 //Fitt you going to hae// for your dinner the day? There's macaroni. You wanting it?
M1096 Aye. No.
F1095 Aye cause [CENSORED: forename]'s not coming hame. He's got a packed lunch the day.
M1096 I see.
F1095 Watch now or you're going to fall.
M1096 And they're going to grow and grow and grow.
F1095 Fa?
M1096 A-, sausages.
F1095 No, they dinna grow. They just cook.
M1096 Cook.
F1095 They'll grow broon and //then they'll be ready.//
M1096 //Can I, can I put on that?// No that'll burn. That'll melt. How will it?
F1095 With the hot grill.
M1096 Grill.
F1095 Mmhm.
M1096 A hot grill there?
F1095 Mmhm I hope you dinna get no more nose bleeds, nae at your party. We'll have to take tissues with us.
M1096 Aye. No I winna.
F1095 What happened. Wis you running and it's, did you bang it?
M1096 No.
F1095 It just started bleeding?
M1096 No!
F1095 All by itself?
M1096 No, it goed itself.
F1095 Ah.
M1096 And I tell, tell the teachers.
F1095 Fa did you tell? Mrs [CENSORED: surname]?
M1096 No, Mrs [CENSORED: surname].
F1095 Oh and what did she say?
M1096 Dinna ken.
F1095 She says "oh dear [CENSORED: forename]." Did she?
M1096 Nope.
F1095 No?
M1096 I'm doing this to my sword. [snort] [inaudible] sword, [inaudible] comes. I- I'm going to dress up [inaudible] //Power Rangers.//
F1095 //But you dinna dress// up at this party cause it's a Christmas party. You dress up at em, look, see the sausages. Gone brown. You dress up at Hallowe'en parties. And if Santa comes what are you going to tell me you're wanting?
M1096 Erm um.
F1095 A Playstation?
M1096 A Playstation.
F1095 Anything else?
M1096 A pl- erm I dinna ken.
F1095 A Scotland strip?
M1096 Aye. No, no I- I- I don't want a Scotland strip.

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