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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 01, recording 4: tidying the toybox

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Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1122 What are we gonna do da- today, Mummy?
F1121 What do you want to do? Do you want to tidy the bedroom, sort oot your toys? //How does that sound?//
F1122 //I'm wanting. No, we just tidied// oot our, my toybox.
F1121 I ken, but [CENSORED: forename] just made it all messy again, didn't she?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 So we'll maybe have to try. [baby coughs in background]
F1122 No, we could try building the blocks.
F1121 You wanting to do the blocks? //Okay.//
F1122 //Mmhm.// //Blocks.//
F1121 //Can you find them?//
F1122 Here's one!
F1121 Okay, right, find them all cause we need ten. Is there some missing?
F1122 Mmhm. //There's one.//
F1121 //Oh no.//
F1122 There's one, there's one.
F1121 Right. //I don't know. What have you done with them?//
F1122 //Where another one?// I don't know.
F1121 Look, there's that one there. Take that one over. Oh dear.
F1122 [inaudible] Oh dear oh dear.
F1121 Have you got them all?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Right, well let me see you do it. //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Mummy, can you help me, will you help me?//
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 [vibrates lips]
F1121 Okay? You start off then.
F1122 [inaudible] woo! One, Mummy, we're putting the blocks here.
F1121 You've to do it the right way, haven't you? //Wi the numbers.//
F1122 //Mmhm.//
F1121 Will we, stick it on the middle here, that's right.
F1122 Mummy, [CENSORED: forename]'s playing wi a block.
F1121 That's okay. We'll give her the box to play with. Look! There you go.
F1122 Mummy, can you give me that, put on that ain?
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Is it this one next?
F1121 I think so. I think you're right.
F1122 Mum, bit six goes on it.
F1121 Oh, wow! You're doing aafu well.
F1122 Mummy, what else [inaudible] got? This one goes o-
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 This one go on.
F1121 Well build them up //first and then you can tell me.//
F1122 //This one.//
F1121 No, I think you're missing oot number three.
F1122 Aye, Mummy, we are.
F1121 There you go. //[inhale] Oh dear, you nearly knocked them down.//
F1122 //Woo!// //[laugh]//
F1121 //[laugh]// Here we go, you've found them all.
F1122 No, this one's a bit wobbly. No, this one's a bit wobbly.
F1121 This one.
F1122 Wobbly. It's on!
F1121 Very good. Right, can you tell me what the numbers? //What number's that?//
F1122 //Um, one,// one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
F1121 Very good! Right, if I point to a number, you tell me what it says.
F1122 Okay.
F1121 What one's that?
F1122 Six.
F1121 Mm good girl.
F1122 Five. Four. Three. //Two!//
F1121 //Two and one.//
F1122 Hey.
F1121 Okay then, we'll go roond this side,
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 and we'll see what's all here.
F1122 [shriek]
F1121 Oh no, you've knocked them doon.
F1122 And we have to build them up again to get that //one.//
F1121 //That's// right, okay, can you get that ones over?
F1122 Mm.
F1121 Oh dear. Was that you?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Oh no. Have you got them all?
F1122 Here we go. Mummy, //I think we're missing one.//
F1121 //Right.// //Start again.//
F1122 //See.// Mmhm. Now we have to [?]need two[/?].
F1121 I think you've got one missing, Toots. Ehm, have we, there we go, that's them. Right, you'd better come roond this side. //Right.//
F1122 //[inaudible]//
F1121 We'll do the numbers.
F1122 Numbers, yes. As I point to a number you have to say what it is.
F1121 Okay, you point to a number and I'll guess. I think that's number one. Two, is it? Three? Four. Mm, I don't know, what does that say?
F1122 Five!
F1121 Five, that's right. Mm, that's a hard one.
F1122 Six.
F1121 Oh, six, oh that's //good.//
F1122 //Look.//
F1121 Oh, would that be seven?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Mm.
F1122 Eight.
F1121 Eight.
F1122 Nine. Nine.
F1121 Oh, what's that one. I think that must be
F1122 Four. Four.
F1121 Ten!
F1122 Ten.
F1121 [laugh] Okay,
F1122 Come and, let's go round this side.
F1121 Look, there's loads o pictures on these.
F1122 And these are a egg.
F1121 An egg. //Ducks.//
F1122 //Ducks.// Fish, balloons, seagulls, footballs, flowers, apples, [?]eggshells[/?], and kites. //They go round this.//
F1121 //Wow!// Is there more pictures on that side? //Oh aye, what's this? It just tells you the colours.//
F1122 //[inaudible]//
F1121 Right, what colour's that?
F1122 Blue, green, pink, green, orange, grey, purple, red, yellow and blue.
F1121 Very good. Well done.
F1122 They go round this side. //See.//
F1121 //What's round that side?// What's there? Oh look!
F1122 What's this?
F1121 It's aa pictures of little mousie them aren't they? What's he doing?
F1122 He's having a bath.
F1121 Mmhm. He's scrubbing his back, look.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 What's that?
F1122 Little mouse feeding his goldfish.
F1121 That's right.
F1122 Fish is having a party and he splashes with his friends in the puddles, and there's little mousie playing football, and there's little mousie rolling down the hill, and there's little mousie at the beach, and there's little mousie at the seaside, and there's little mousie at a party.
F1121 Well done!
F1122 Let's go roond this side. We've done them all!
F1121 We did them all. That was really good.
F1122 And now we have to knock them down.
F1121 Oh no. //Can [CENSORED: forename] Wow!//
F1122 //Timber!//
F1121 You knocked them all down.
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 What about we go through to your bedroom cause we really have to tidy oot that toybox.
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Okay, let's go.
F1122 Erm, I'll go really really fast. [inaudible] [inhale] [inaudible] [inaudible].
F1121 Everything out? [inhale] [CENSORED: forename]. //Tell me what you're going to do.//
F1122 //Hey, a hole, a hole,// I'm gonna go in that hole. Why? Why does this so a mess?
F1121 I think you must have made it a mess, did you?
F1122 No, [CENSORED: forename] made it a mess.
F1121 Oh no.
F1122 Cause [CENSORED: forename] was scrappling, Mum. She was scrampling. She was scam- scrampling, Mum.
F1121 What does that mean?
F1122 Cause she was n- being naughty.
F1121 She was being naughty? She'd better nae have been.
F1122 Mummy, can I go under my my bed?
F1121 No you canna go //under your bed.//
F1122 //Why?//
F1121 Cause there's no room. Right, tell me what you keep. Is this doggie going back in?
F1122 Aye. //H- he's//
F1121 //Right.//
F1122 not going [inaudible] [?]the ball[/?].
F1121 Right, what about if I put him in at the side and he sticks his head out? Will I put him at your side so he he looks on at you when you're in your //bed.//
F1122 //Mm.//
F1121 What about this one?
F1122 He goes, [?]he's saying[/?], I'll put him at the top.
F1121 Put him at the top. Okay, here's a bag, we'll //put that in the bottom.//
F1122 //The bottom.//
F1121 Erm.
F1122 Flag!
F1121 Oh, where did you get that flag at?
F1122 At the Happy Gang.
F1121 Do you want to go back to Happy Gang this year?
F1122 Mum, is my torch really bright?
F1121 Too bright in my eyes.
F1122 Mum, I'll take your photo. //Cheese!//
F1121 //Okay.// Cheese.
F1122 [toy says 'Hello'] [toy camera]
F1121 Wow, what's that noise?
F1122 [toy camera]
F1121 That's a fancy //camera.//
F1122 //Mum,// I'm going to do [CENSORED: forename] a photie. Cheese, [CENSORED: forename]. //Cheese.//
F1121 //[CENSORED: forename], cheese!// //Say smile!//
F1122 //[toy camera]// Aw.
F1121 That was a good photo.
F1122 [toy camera]
F1121 Are you gonna be a //photographer when you're bigger?//
F1122 //[toy camera]// //[toy camera]//
F1121 //[CENSORED: forename],// you gonna be a photographer //when you're bigger?//
F1122 //Mum, can I clean?// //Yes. Can we//
F1121 //Mmhm, we're going to tidy up your bedroom, that's right.//
F1122 clean up?
F1121 Yes, well once we've got aa the toys back in the box. And then you can tidy up the rest. Okay? Is that goin back in your toybox?
F1122 Mm, I want to put this at the the front.
F1121 At the front. Oh, that's bonny.
F1122 I could put this in the bottom.
F1121 That dolly sits on your bed though, does she? Mmhm. Okay.
F1122 Here she is.
F1121 Oh, there we go. That's a bonny doll. Go and gie that to [CENSORED: forename]. //She likes playin wi dollies.//
F1122 //Aw!// Mum, here's a bunny.
F1121 Mmhm. That's a cute doggy. //[inaudible] it in.//
F1122 //Mummy,// aye, look at this dolly.
F1121 Mm, that's Baby Lisa, is it?
F1122 I'm gonna put her in her bed.
F1121 Mmhm. She's sleeping. Try and be quiet.
F1122 No she's not, she's just having a wee ri- lie down.
F1121 Is she? Okay. Hey! Are you gonna be a photographer when you're big?
F1122 No.
F1121 What are you gonna be when you're big?
F1122 Ice-cream lady.
F1121 You're gonna be an ice-cream lady?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Aw, will you gie Mummy lots o free ice-cream?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Will you?
F1122 Uh-huh. I'll make it. //I have//
F1121 //I like// I like strawberry ice-cream the best.
F1122 But you have to try another kind. I'll give you a chocolate, I'll give you a chocolate ice-cream.
F1121 I don't like chocolate ice-cream.
F1122 But it's delicious.
F1121 Is it?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 What kind would Dad get?
F1122 He'll get white ice-cream.
F1121 White ice-cream.
F1122 Does he like that?
F1121 I think so. He likes everything.
F1122 Mum huggle huggle huggle huggle, a wee snuggle.
F1121 Aw, you're a cuddle bunny, aren't you? Right, the rest of these toys. Penguin. You got him fae [CENSORED: forename], didn't you?
F1122 [child noise] In here.
F1121 Mmhm, Minnie Mouse, is it?
F1122 Look.
F1121 Go and show, aye, go and show [CENSORED: forename] Minnie Mouse walking. That's a good one, I think she'll like that, will she? Is she still moving?
F1122 No. //[claps hands]//
F1121 //Yo- I think you've to clap your hands to get her to move.//
F1122 Hello [CENSORED: forename], I'm putting her here.
F1121 You tell her to move.
F1122 Move!
F1121 Is she no working? That's her, look. I think that's something else the batteries are nearly done, [CENSORED: forename]. You need new batteries? What do you think?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 I think you've got far too much toys. Will we start a shoppie? Eh?
F1122 Mum, this will be perfect. Mummy, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, has a really shiny nose. If you ever call him, he'll let you glow. You'll say he glows. Oh! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer had a really shiny. If you ever call him, he'll let it glow. All of the other reindeers, //Mum,//
F1121 //Used to laugh and//
F1122 play, mm, call them names. er, let poor Rul- //Rudolph,//
F1121 //Rudolph.//
F1122 join in any reindeer games.
F1121 What a good singer you are, aren't you?
F1122 Cor.
F1121 But that's songs you sing at Christmas time.
F1122 Oh? Christmas songs?
F1121 Mmhm. And it's a, Christmas is a long way away yet, isn't it?
F1122 Why Santa?
F1121 Mm.
F1122 Where does Santa live?
F1121 He lives up at Lapland.
F1122 Lapland? //Can I go to Lapland?//
F1121 //[?]That's it[/?].// Well you can ask your Uncle [CENSORED: forename], he'll take you.
F1122 Lapland. //That's a really cold place.//
F1121 //Mmhm.// It is. Really cold and there's s- lots of snow and you need loads o clothes on an you could see aa the reindeers and you get to see Santa, and that's where he makes all these presents for all the bairnies. Mind [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] went there last year.
F1122 I was wantin to go to Lapland.
F1121 Oh, you'll maybe get, maybe Granny and Granda will take you, what do you think?
F1122 I just want to go and see Santa.
F1121 Do you?
F1122 Mmhm. Can I have a ride in S- Santa's sleigh, Mum?
F1121 [laugh] Would you like that?
F1122 Uh-huh.
F1121 Oh.
F1122 Can I really, can I really go to Lapland?
F1121 We'll see. Maybe at Christmas time.
F1122 I want to go to Lapland.
F1121 Well you can't go now.
F1122 Why?
F1121 We'll have to wait until Christmas time, when Santa's getting ready, you see? Eh?
F1122 Aye, December, is that really really really far away?
F1121 It's really really far away.
F1122 Where are we gonna get there?
F1121 By aeroplane.
F1122 Aeroplane.
F1121 Mmhm, that's right. Right, what else are we gonna tidy oot in this bedroom? What all in here? Come and show me.
F1122 Mummy.
F1121 Oh look, here's a puzzle that I've nae seen for ages.
F1122 Can we make that?
F1121 If you want to.
F1122 Mummy, can we can we do this ain first?
F1121 Mmhm, that's a nursery rhyme puzzle, is it?
F1122 Nursery rhyme //puzzle.//
F1121 //Mmhm.// //[CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname], I heard that.//
F1122 //Bubble.// That was bubbles going up my n- my [?]ear[/?]. Put this over here. I do this ain.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 I do. He's got eyes.
F1121 He has. Look, that's Little Bo Peep that you just made. //Do you know h-//
F1122 //Can you help me?//
F1121 the nursery rhyme, Little Bo Peep?
F1122 Mummy, Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, and doesn't know where to find them, leave them alone, they'll come home, their tails behind them.
F1121 Very good! And what one's that you're making //now?//
F1122 //I don't know.// //Mum, what else [inaudible]?//
F1121 //That's good.// Little Jack Horner sat in a corner, eating his Christmas pie, he put in his thumb, and pulled out a plum, and he said, "What a good boy am I!" [laugh] That's it. What other nursery rhyme you makin up? //This is a good ain, we've nae done this for ages.//
F1122 //I'm go-// No, I do this one.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Ba-ba-ba-bum-ba-bum-ba-bum, ba-ba-ba-ba-bum, //Bum-ba-ba-ba-bum-ba-bum-ba-bum-bum.//
F1121 //That's good. [inaudible]// //Well done. That's it! You did it!//
F1122 //Ba-bum-bum.//
F1121 Right, what one does that say? It says "Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he, he called for his pipe and he called for his bowl and he called for his fiddlers three". Well done. //Right, last one.//
F1122 //Mmhm. Hic-// Hickory-dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock. Can you do this one?
F1121 Mmhm. The clock struck one,
F1122 The mouse ran down! Hickory-dickory dock. Tick-tock. //Tick-tock.//
F1121 //Are we missing a piece?// I think we are, are we? Oh, it's still in the box. Oh, I'm silly, amn't I?
F1122 You emptied it out, did you?
F1121 Mmhm. //I forgot about that bit.//
F1122 //Didn't you?// Hickory-dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one, ding!
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 the mouse ran down, Hickory-dickory dock. S- tick-tock, tick-tock.
F1121 That's good, [CENSORED: forename]. //Well done, you did them.//
F1122 //Mum.// //Put them back in//
F1121 //What else have you got?//
F1122 put them back in the box, //put them put them//
F1121 //Very good.//
F1122 back in the box they go. //Back in the box,//
F1121 //That's a good girl.//
F1122 back in the box. Be-be-be-be-be-be-be-be.
F1121 Right.
F1122 Can we do another one?
F1121 Right, let's see what's on this shelf here. What all do you need? Look, what this in here?
F1122 Oh! Let me see. //Let me see!//
F1121 //Oh! Will I lift it open?// What's inside? Oh, it's your teddy jigsaw.
F1122 We didn't know it was that.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Mummy. Mummy, This one go here, and that one go there, and that one go there.
F1121 Well done, that looks a good one.
F1122 Can we do another one //with these please?//
F1121 //Yes.// That's really good. I think [CENSORED: forename]'s got this puzzle as well.
F1122 This one?
F1121 Mmhm, right if we turn aa this pieces over, like that, then we could maybe find a dress that matches that, eh? //That's it, well done.//
F1122 //[Ha].//
F1121 Very good. Can you manage?
F1122 Aye, this is a good ain.
F1121 I dinna think that trainers go wi her outfit.
F1122 But.
F1121 Has she not got pink shoes to match? What about them, look. I think that's the ones, is it?
F1122 Mum, these are the ones.
F1121 Oh, that's pretty.
F1122 [inhale] Mummy,
F1121 That's a good puzzle, that.
F1122 Mummy, can we do, is this one angry?
F1121 Has she got an angry face?
F1122 Look.
F1121 She has. Mm, oh I think she's sad, look. She's got a tear in her eye. She's upset, is she?
F1122 Look, what's this ain?
F1121 Ehm, I think she's got a sad face.
F1122 As well.
F1121 What do you think? That's a happy face.
F1122 Aye, [inaudible]
F1121 Mum, I think we should do another one. What one now? Is that a smiley face, that one? Mm, I like her bow in her hair. Do you? That's pretty, look that would, that would go nice. That's it. Her jumper matches her hair bow.
F1122 [inaudible] That's her trainers.
F1121 Mmhm, that's really //nice, that one.//
F1122 //We could do another one.//
F1121 We could.
F1122 I'm gonna leave that on, we could put another jumper.
F1121 Change her top. Oh that's a nice tartan jumper. Isn't it?
F1122 This match? Does this match?
F1121 Yes, that matches, look, she's got blue in her trainers and blue in her dress, so yes it does match. What face you gonna put on her? A happy face or a sad face?
F1122 Sticking out her tongue!
F1121 She's sticking oot her tongue, that's a funny face I think, isn't it?
F1122 Aye, funny face.
F1121 That's like you, you've got a funny face.
F1122 Can we, [inhale] sad!
F1121 A sad face. Mmhm, she is sad, isn't she?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 I think somebody pinched her toys.
F1121 Oh, do you think so?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Oh, that's not nice, cause you've always to share, haven't you?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Mmhm. //Do you share your toys?//
F1122 //[inaudible] Mmhm. Do I?//
F1121 Aye. Does [CENSORED: forename] share hers?
F1122 Aye, does she, sometimes she, sometimes she she didn't share.
F1121 I know, but she should always share.
F1122 I'm gonna do another one. Mm, this ain.
F1121 That's good, that ain, isn't it?
F1122 This ain.
F1121 Do you like doin puzzles? Eh? //Do you enjoy doin puzzles?//
F1122 //This ain, this//
F1121 Oh, it's a green jumper. That's nice. You've not got a green jumper like that, have you? Eh?
F1122 Er no.
F1121 No.
F1122 How can this squeeze in?
F1121 You're doing it, that's it, well done. That's a good one. And she's got a really happy face.
F1122 Aye. //[cough]//
F1121 //Now what have we got up in this shelf that we can tidy up?// [inhale] Look! //Lot of bookies.//
F1122 //Can we can we can we do that ain?//
F1121 You want to tell me what's inside them?
F1122 Mm, can you read it, can you read it?
F1121 Mmhm. //Right,//
F1122 //Read that ain, read this ain.//
F1121 read, you wantin that one first, well you have to tell me what's in the pictures, because this was a bookie that you had when you was a baby.
F1122 I want to you read //it.//
F1121 //Okay, right, you've to tell me// //what's in-.//
F1122 //That's a welly boot and that's strawberries.//
F1121 That's right.
F1122 And that's a, that's a flower and that's a duck.
F1121 Mmhm, and what's baby ducks called?
F1122 Ducklings!
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Pigs and shoes.
F1121 And what's baby pigs called? //Mmhm.//
F1122 //Piglets.// A frog.
F1121 And what's that there?
F1122 Leaves.
F1121 Leaf, very good.
F1122 Purple. A flower.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 You s- [inaudible] a pumpkin. //A candle.//
F1121 //What's that?//
F1122 A pumpkin with candles in it.
F1121 A pumpkin with candles in. Maybe that's like ehm what you get at Hallowe'en, is it?
F1122 Look, a butt-, a blue butterfly [inaudible].
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 And all birds, and a donkey.
F1121 A donkey.
F1122 A bunny and a shoe.
F1121 That's well done.
F1122 A [inaudible] and a spider.
F1121 A spider, I don't like spiders, yuck.
F1122 A baby tiger.
F1121 What's a baby tiger called?
F1122 Cubs.
F1121 Very good.
F1122 And that's, that's a ladybird.
F1121 Yeah.
F1122 And that's a ba- ball, and that's a parrot.
F1121 Mmhm. Where did we see a parrot at?
F1122 At at [CENSORED: forename]'s.
F1121 Did we?
F1122 Mmhm. //There was birds.//
F1121 //And where else?// Mmhm. But where else did we see a parrot? Remember there was a parrot whistling at you? Think. Where did you see it at?
F1122 I don't know. At the safari park.
F1121 Safari park.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Aye, but there's a place in Elgin that you saw a parrot in. //Where would that be again?//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 The pet shop, //wouldn't it?//
F1122 //We,// [laugh] we never seed it.
F1121 Remember it was whistling at you?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 This is, you've nae seen this bookies for a long time. //Oh look.//
F1122 //A bunny.//
F1121 What do bunnies like to eat?
F1122 Carrots.
F1121 Aye.
F1122 Teddies.
F1121 Teddies.
F1122 Dogs.
F1121 What's baby dogs called?
F1122 Puppies. Fish.
F1121 That's funny looking fish, isn't //it?//
F1122 //Aye.// Mum, I've found one, that's like a clown fish.
F1121 A, what kind of fish?
F1122 A clown fish.
F1121 Clown fish?
F1122 Mmhm. //Aye.//
F1121 //Do you get clown fishes?// //Who told you that?//
F1122 //Aye, you, i-// Nemo.
F1121 In Nemo? //Mm.//
F1122 //See.//
F1121 What's that there?
F1122 Boats.
F1121 Is that like Granda's boat?
F1122 No. //Chicks.//
F1121 //No.// Chicks, they're cute, aren't they?
F1122 Aye. Shells!
F1121 We was looking for shells on the beach the last day, but we couldn't find any. //Is that right?//
F1122 //No.// Pumpkins.
F1121 Pumpkins again.
F1122 Flowers. Pens. Don't know.
F1121 That's finger puppets.
F1122 Finger puppets. Do another book.
F1121 I think these books would be fine for [CENSORED: forename], when she's learning. Do you think //so?//
F1122 //Mmhm.//
F1121 What's all here then in that pictures?
F1122 That's a boy eating a apple.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 That's a dinosaur with a clock.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 A frog and a elephant.
F1121 That's right.
F1122 A hen. I don't like hens.
F1121 Why?
F1122 Cause I'm afraid of them.
F1121 How?
F1122 Cause last year I was scared of that gooses when we went to that that place.
F1121 Was you?
F1122 Aye, we saw the trai- a [?]trains[/?], and I was afraid.
F1121 Aw.
F1122 We were, I was afraid of that gooses.
F1121 Oh dear.
F1122 Cause I think I was afraid of them.
F1121 Oh, that's no fine, is it?
F1122 No.
F1121 So what does hens lay then?
F1122 Eggs.
F1121 Eggs. Do you like eggs? //[laugh]//
F1122 //Erm, no, I don't like boiled eggs.// //Look, ice-cream,//
F1121 //What's that?//
F1122 and a jigsaw puzzle, a lamb and a king,
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 a owl and a mouse,
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 a king, a king and a dog,
F1121 That's right.
F1122 a space rocket and sh- shorts and a j- [?]shirt[/?], a jumper, and vegetables, and a umbrella.
F1121 Can you tell me what vegetables is there?
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 What's that one?
F1122 Broccoli,
F1121 Well done.
F1122 carrot, beans, a potato.
F1121 What's that one there?
F1122 A tomato. //A cabbage.//
F1121 //Well// done, that's it. You like cabbage?
F1122 No.
F1121 [tut] Aw.
F1122 A cat!
F1121 Pus-, and what's baby cats called?
F1122 Kittens.
F1121 Kittens.
F1122 Look, no, we missed one.
F1121 I missed a page, sorry. No, I didn't.
F1122 No, and that's a xylophone.
F1121 Well done, that's right.
F1122 That's a zebra, and that's a yogurt.
F1121 Mmhm, cause this is your ABC book. That's the alphabet, you see?
F1122 Mummy,
F1121 Okay, is there one more? What's in here?
F1122 Circles.
F1121 Mmhm, so what's that? What can be a circle?
F1122 Oranges.
F1121 Mmhm. And what else?
F1122 Wheels.
F1121 Wheels, aye, like a bike wheel could be a circle, isn't it?
F1122 Mmhm, a boat.
F1121 A boat.
F1122 Triangles.
F1121 What does that look like there?
F1122 I don't know.
F1121 That's flags, isn't it? They're in the shape of triangles as well. I saw you just now. That was a bit cheeky, was it?
F1122 Mm, blocks.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 And a clock.
F1121 A clock.
F1122 A tape, and [?]pens[/?].
F1121 What shape is the tape?
F1122 There's erm one edge, two edge, three ends.
F1121 Mmhm, there's four edges so //what shape does that make it?//
F1122 //That's pens.//
F1121 Mmhm, but what shape does it make it? A rec-?
F1122 A rectangle.
F1121 Well done.
F1122 A kite shape.
F1121 Mmhm, kite shape.
F1122 Stars. Look, that's, what are those?
F1121 That's biscuits. //Party rings.//
F1122 //Biscuits.// Look, a egg and balloons.
F1121 It's like oval shape, isn't it?
F1122 Mmhm, a oval.
F1121 Oval.
F1122 That's a, that's a heart and that's a heart sunglass.
F1121 Heart sunglasses, that's right. //Mmhm.//
F1122 //That's blocks.// That's a shape is a block,
F1121 Mmhm, so it's really a cube, cube shape.
F1122 That's a drum,
F1121 Mm.
F1122 and that's a pot.
F1121 Mmhm, that's right.
F1122 And that's that's a clam.
F1121 A clam? Well done.
F1122 And that's a leaf.
F1121 Have you seen a clam before?
F1122 No.
F1121 No? Who learnt you that then? Did you hear about that at playgroup, no?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Well, I think we'll gie that books to [CENSORED: forename], cause you know everything that's in there. We can learn her about all the different shapes //and things.//
F1122 //Mummy, can we// [child noises]? Is there nothing in here?
F1121 There's nothing in there. Mm.
F1122 Mummy, look.
F1121 I think you've got far too much toys. Ehm, if you, will we see what's in this drawers over here? //That's a funny hat you've got on.//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 You being silly again? //Are you? [laugh]//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 You're a silly sausage.
F1122 [inaudible] more vegetables, see.
F1121 What are you gonna do wi that?
F1122 Mum, I can't do
F1121 What is it?
F1122 It's a tennis game.
F1121 Mmhm. There's a little chick.
F1122 A puppet.
F1121 Is it a puppet?
F1122 Look, [CENSORED: forename] gave me this.
F1121 Did he?
F1122 Mm mmhm.
F1121 When?
F1122 When he didn't want it, he didn't want it.
F1121 Are you sure, or did you take it from [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 No. [CENSORED: forename] didn't want it.
F1121 Oh, you sure about that //now?//
F1122 //Aye, [CENSORED: forename]// gived it to me.
F1121 Oh, that was nice o [CENSORED: forename] then. Here's your phone. Here look, here's your sunglasses. You've got two pairs. Do you want to put them on? //No?//
F1122 //No, no no, it's not a sunny day.//
F1121 It's not a sunny day, that's right. What's this in here? Look, you've lost the pen oot o this Etch-a-Sketch.
F1122 Mummy,
F1121 Can you find it in there?
F1122 Mummy,
F1121 No? There it goes, Toots. That's a fine little one for [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 I'm gonna draw on it.
F1121 Mmhm, you can easily, that would be a fine ain to take in in the car.
F1122 What?
F1121 That would be a fine little Etch-a-Sketch for the car. Eh? How does that sound? Will we keep that one in the car? [CENSORED: forename], I think you hide everything in here. Do you? Here's your bandies for your hair.
F1122 Mum, look.
F1121 That's a bonny picture. You're good at drawing, aren't you? Eh? There's a little mirror. Is that a Barbie mirror?
F1122 Mm, aye.
F1121 That's good, Toots. //Do you want to keep that?//
F1122 //Look.// Mmhm.
F1121 Keep it in this one here? Or does that stay in there?
F1122 Mummy,
F1121 [inhale] Look, here's all your Baby Annabel things. You're going to be losing them, are you? //What have you got here?//
F1122 //No.// Mummy, I need a [inaudible]
F1121 What do you need?
F1122 I need this is
F1121 This is your backpack. See it?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Can put Annabel in there, could you?
F1122 Mmhm. //No.//
F1121 //Aw, that's pretty.//
F1122 Mummy, can we check out the other drawer?
F1121 Oh, there's too much things in here. //What are we gonna find in here?//
F1122 //Magazines.// Don't [?]we have any[/?]. //I keep//
F1121 //There's lots of//
F1122 I keep mag-, in my magaz-, can we do these?
F1121 Mmhm, just a second and we see what all in here. Here's your crown that you made at playgroup. Do you want to keep aa these magazines, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 Aye, and that's my card //I made for you.//
F1121 //[inaudible]// Well thank you. That's lovely. [inhale] We're finding lots of things in here. Look. What do you think this is?
F1122 Mmhm. [inaudible]
F1121 Eh?
F1122 Mm, aye.
F1121 What do you think? Do they, are you keeping these? Have a look.
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 What do you think?
F1122 I'm keeping all those. //Mm.//
F1121 //You're keeping all those?//
F1122 Aye look [?]a bonny[/?] big picture.
F1121 But you could colour that in. See? Did Dad take that off the computer for you?
F1122 Did he do that?
F1121 I don't know.
F1122 I did all that paintings. They're all all for you.
F1121 They're all for me?
F1122 They're all, the pictures are all for you. //I I can show you//
F1121 //They're all f-.//
F1122 my pictures I made at playgroup.
F1121 Okay, let's sit down here and we'll have a look.
F1122 Okay.
F1121 Your bedroom's looking a lot tidier now, isn't it?
F1122 No, look Mummy. Look Mummy.
F1121 Right, tell me what's this then.
F1122 A green ain.
F1121 A green what?
F1122 A green tree.
F1121 A green tree. That's good. Right. What's this?
F1122 It's a pink monster.
F1121 A pink monster. //And this,//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 is this Barney?
F1122 Mmhm, Barney.
F1121 Barney, I thought it was.
F1122 Mummy, this //Mum,//
F1121 //Oh this is good.//
F1122 these are stuck together, so we have to keep them there like that.
F1121 I like this one.
F1122 Ah, you like that.
F1121 That's really good. //And there's a rabbit,//
F1122 //I did some//
F1121 a horse. //Yo-//
F1122 //I did some printing.//
F1121 you did printing that day? That was good.
F1122 Look at, look at
F1121 Erm, this one looks good. What's that?
F1122 Dot monster.
F1121 A dot monster. //[laugh]//
F1122 //Mmhm.//
F1121 That's funny. That's a pretty one.
F1122 Aye, you like that?
F1121 I like that ain. Mm, is that a tree again?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Is there, oh look, you put red on it. Is that for apples? An apple tree? Well done.
F1122 [laugh] That's a green, that's a green monster.
F1121 You've painted loads o monsters, have you? That's a pig.
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 That was good. That's a really good one.
F1122 A black [?]tree bunk[/?].
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 You like that ain?
F1121 I do, I like that ain. This must have been a a sticking-on day. Was it?
F1122 Aye, I was sticking.
F1121 Mm.
F1122 No, Mummy, you missed one.
F1121 Sorry. Is this aa the fireworks?
F1122 No, it's not fireworks. This is one [?]ain[/?], I done this, this is a string picture.
F1121 Mm. A string picture. That's good. What did you do wi that?
F1122 I put strings in some paint and //this mmhm.//
F1121 //You made patterns, did you?//
F1122 Look, look at this one. Like this, //this is the orange monster!//
F1121 //[inhale]// Oh, [CENSORED: forename] you've painted loads o monsters.
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 And what else have you got in this pile here? Ooh.
F1122 Th- that's another printing. //I think I'll put this one.//
F1121 //Mm.// //[laugh]//
F1122 //A black monster!//
F1121 Oh that's good.
F1122 A leaf.
F1121 That's a leaf. Very good.
F1122 Want to see? This is my drawing.
F1121 Well done, that's good though.
F1122 Do you like that?
F1121 I do like that.
F1122 That's that's that's that's that's my string picture.
F1121 Mm, very good. Did the teacher say well done?
F1122 Aye. Do you like that ain?
F1121 I like that ain. Yeah, I like the colours. Mm, where did this come from?
F1122 From the, from, I think that's from the Sunday school.
F1121 I think it is. Mmhm, must be. Mm, I think that is too, is it?
F1122 Mmhm. //That's//
F1121 //Yes.//
F1122 drawing.
F1121 That's good though, [CENSORED: forename]. So are you still gonna keep all these?
F1122 Oh, a card. Let's see what's inside.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Remember, I got that for Christmas.
F1121 That's right. Mmhm. And this is your Christmas card that you made for me, was it? //And you've got bells//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 and there's loads o glitter on it, isn't there?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 That's good.
F1122 Well, I put on these.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 To [inaudible] all the bells about //Christmas.//
F1121 //Aw, that's// good, that's special, that one.
F1122 [cough] Mum, that, is that all the pictures?
F1121 Aye, you've done quite a lot, haven't you?
F1122 Mum, you missed out one.
F1121 I'm sorry.
F1122 I'm gonna read that one.
F1121 Oh, that's a brilliant one. Oh, it has to be my favourite. Cause you've got loads o colours in there. So do you want to put aa these back into the drawer?
F1122 Mum, that's, Mummy, that's one I made at Christmas.
F1121 That was your letter to Santa.
F1122 Aye, my letter for Santa, can I give it up, can I give her it, can I give it? Can I, [inaudible], hang it up.
F1121 Aye, but that's to be hung up at Christmas time. And it's way past Christmas, [CENSORED: forename]. Well that's really good. And have a look at this magazines. Do you want to keep them?
F1122 Mmhm. Mummy, [exhale]
F1121 Go and see what's in the bottom drawer over there, see if you can throw some stuff out.
F1122 Here's one, here's one out the bottom drawer. Mummy, look. Little bunny Foo-Foo, hopping through the fore-, scooping up the fieldmouse then bopping them on-. And look! //Oo. I'm all bunny Foo-Foo.//
F1121 //Woops-a-daisy.// You're bunny Foo-Foo? How does that go like? Do you have to put on the ears //to be the bunny?//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 Right. How does it go? Tell me.
F1122 Mum, you're too big to //put it on.//
F1121 //Oh my head's too big for that.//
F1122 Mum, how about this? You could try on this.
F1121 Do you think that one'll fit me? //The crown.//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 Ah, that's better.
F1122 No, it doesn't fit you.
F1121 Well, can I try it on you? Let me see. Oh, that's pretty. You're a princess.
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 So what else have you got in there?
F1122 I want to play with this.
F1121 What's that?
F1122 This is.
F1121 Right, come here then.
F1122 We can make up. We have to press the button.
F1121 Make up a puzzle. [toy says 'Let's play'] Let's play. //Right. Okay, that one.//
F1122 //No, this one. I want to play that one.//
F1121 Right. [toy says 'Let's play'] Right, you show me. That's a girl. [toy says 'Excellent'] So then. [toy says 'You are right'] The first one here. What does the hen lay?
F1122 Eggs.
F1121 Well done. [toy says 'Excellent'] What does the pussycat like to eat?
F1122 Ehm, a fish.
F1121 [toy says 'You are right'] Well done, that's good. What does a horse like //to eat? [toy says 'Well done']//
F1122 //Grass.//
F1121 Grass. Well done darling. [toy says 'Excellent'] Right, you choose the next one.
F1122 This ain.
F1121 Right. [toy says 'You are right'] What does a cow make?
F1122 Milk.
F1121 Well done. [toy says 'Well done'] What does potatoes make? //What's that? [toy says 'You are right']//
F1122 //Chips.//
F1121 Chips. You like chips?
F1122 No.
F1121 How? [toy says 'Well done'] //Right, do that one.//
F1122 //Mummy, do you know why I don't like?//
F1121 Ehm.
F1122 No, erm.
F1121 [toy says 'Let's play'] Let's have a look. Shapes. //[inaudible] shapes.//
F1122 //No, that ain.//
F1121 Right, okay, it says 'Mix the colour'. //[toy says 'Let's play'] Right, right.//
F1122 //Mum, I s- what does pink make?//
F1121 What does blue and yellow make? Blue and yellow. What does that make?
F1122 Green.
F1121 [toy says 'Excellent'] Well done. What does red and blue make?
F1122 Purple.
F1121 Good girl. [toy says 'Well done'] What does yellow and red make? //[toy says 'Excellent']//
F1122 //Orange.//
F1121 Good. Well done darling.
F1122 Do this ain.
F1121 Right. [toy says 'Let's play'] What would red and white make? [baby cries] Oh, [CENSORED: forename]'s raging, look. //[laugh]//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 She's getting angry wi you. She wants you to move.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 [toy says 'You are right'] See? [inaudible] hold on a second. [inaudible] be quiet, she's being a bit noisy. //[inaudible]//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 What would black and white make? [toy says 'Let's play'] Grey, wouldn't it? Is that right?
F1122 Can I press?
F1121 What does blue and yellow make? What would that make? [toy says 'You are right'] Green? //Mmhm.//
F1122 //Aye, green.//
F1121 Why? //[toy says 'Let's play']//
F1122 //Can we do erm, one er//
F1121 Dae another one? I thought we was tidying your bedroom. //Weren't we?//
F1122 //That ain.//
F1121 Okay, it says "What is the right place?" [toy says 'Let's play'] Right. So where, what is the right place that a duck would be? Would it be up a ladder or in a pond? [toy says 'Excellent'] [laugh] In a pond of course. Where do monkeys like to be? [toy says 'You are right'] Where's that?
F1122 A tree //hou-//
F1121 //In trees.// Where do piggies like to stay? //Mud [toy says 'Let's play']//
F1122 //There.//
F1121 puddles, eh?
F1122 Where's the mud?
F1121 What's this ain? //You no going t-. Are you wanting to do that one?//
F1122 //No, I don't want.// //No, I want to do that ain.//
F1121 //[toy says 'Let's play']// This one, okay, what one's this? It says "What is the right place?" So what is the right place for a baby? What is it? You tell me.
F1122 It's cribby.
F1121 Mm, cribby. [toy says 'Uh-oh try again'] It is! You were right. What- where's the right place to keep pens?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 [toy says 'Excellent'] Mmhm. That's right. [toy says 'Well done'] You're supposed to tell me. [toy says 'You are right'] //Okay, well we'll see, see what else is in that drawer,//
F1122 //Yeah, na, na, na.//
F1121 cause we really have to tidy up this room.
F1122 Mum, there's nothing else.
F1121 Ah, but what's in the bottom one?
F1122 There's skipping ropes.
F1121 Skipping rope?
F1122 And this ain.
F1121 Your computer. I think we should put this skipping ropes oot to the garage. What do you think?
F1122 No. Mummy, can we do this?
F1121 Is that your computer? Is it?
F1122 Mmhm. Aye.
F1121 That's noisy. I think [CENSORED: forename] would like that ain. Will you let her press the buttons there? Would you?
F1122 [noise from toy computer]
F1121 Are you going to gie [CENSORED: forename] a shottie? Eh? You're nae speaking to me.
F1122 Mummy, Mummy, I'm playing wi it.
F1121 Does your bedroom look a lot tidier? What do you think?
F1122 Mmhm. Not for [CENSORED: forename], she's gonna tear up.
F1121 Oh no. [inaudible] let her do that, [CENSORED: forename]. Right, do you want to put aa this things back? Do you want a shot o the duster?
F1122 Can I clean?
F1121 Mmhm. Right, are you wanting to do the dus- use the duster and I can spray on the polish? //You want to spray it on? Right, okay. Take off//
F1122 //No, I want to spray spray.//
F1121 Mickey and Minnie off the top shelf. Right, can you do it?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Right, put some on there. Press the button. That's it. Okay. Rub it in. That's a good girl. Let me see. Have you done it? Your bedroom's nice and //clean, is it?//
F1122 //Mum, what else// has to be dusted? //Okay.//
F1121 //Here. You have to dust all that.// Do you like cleaning? Eh?
F1122 Mmhm. I love cleaning.
F1121 What aboot these videos?
F1122 Aye, we have to take those off the shelf, so I can dust this whole shelf.
F1121 Okay, right, you take off the videos, just maybe one at a time, okay?
F1122 One at a time.
F1121 Okay? You managing? Look at aa this videos you've got. You've too much. Have you? Can you manage?
F1122 Mmhm. Mmhm. I will.
F1121 Oh! [laugh] Mickey Mouse fell on your head just now.
F1122 I'm gonna do these.
F1121 That's a girl.
F1122 I can, this, we'll have this, a wee shottie.
F1121 You wantin a wee shottie? Right, there's your polish. //No, you've did the top one.//
F1122 //And//
F1121 Here, can you do there? Manage? //That's a bit hard, isn't it?//
F1122 //[exhale]//
F1121 Okay, use your duster.
F1122 Duster. Clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean. All done!
F1121 Well, let me s- check. Oh! Well done. Right, what video are you puttin up first? Let me see. You choose.
F1122 I want I want this [inaudible].
F1121 Do you want to keep this ain out, and you can watch that after tea? //What one's that?//
F1122 //Mmhm, I want// Scamp's Adventure.
F1121 Scamp's Adventure? Right, okay, what one are you putting up on the shelf first?
F1122 I'll choo-, I want this one, look, I didn't want that off.
F1121 Oh sorry. //It's got a sticker on it.//
F1122 //I [?]love[/?]//
F1121 Like that?
F1122 Aye, so I don't know which video it is.
F1121 Right, okay, right you pop it on. Can you dae that?
F1122 I know I would not put [inaudible] on to put on first.
F1121 Right, you choose one then. Which one?
F1122 [child noises]
F1121 What one's that?
F1122 Winnie the Pooh.
F1121 Come a bittie closer. What a mess you're making. Okay, what one next? What one's that?
F1122 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
F1121 Right, you tell me. This one?
F1122 Aye. What's that ain?
F1121 That's Sesame Street.
F1122 Sesame Street.
F1121 You've never watched it before.
F1122 I don't like it. I think it's [inaudible]. //See,//
F1121 //What do you think it is?//
F1122 cause I don't like.
F1121 You think you don't like it but you've never watched it so you don't know. This one?
F1122 Aye. Or, I like that ain, do I?
F1121 Mmhm, what one's it called?
F1122 Ariel.
F1121 The Little Mermaid. Okay.
F1122 I'm gonna choose Kipper.
F1121 Kipper.
F1122 Kipper the dog. [?]We've got five[/?]. //Got one,//
F1121 //[inaudible]//
F1122 two, three, four, five.
F1121 Well done. Right, what one next?
F1122 Alice in Wonderland.
F1121 Mmhm, Alice in Wonderland. You've never watched that one.
F1122 Little Red Riding Hood.
F1121 Is there? Is there pictures on the back? That's right. Okay.
F1122 And now we have one, two, three, four, five, six.
F1121 Very good. Right, you choose one.
F1122 Beauty and the Beast.
F1121 Beauty and the Beast.
F1122 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
F1121 Okay, next.
F1122 Next, that ain.
F1121 Leave that box out, cause that's [CENSORED: forename]'s. You have to give him it back, okay?
F1122 Okay, I'll give it back today.
F1121 Very good, that's a //good girl.//
F1122 //I'll give him back// tomorrow.
F1121 Okay, you can watch it one last time. //Then you have to go back wi it tomorrow, okay. Cause that's//
F1122 //I'll get, aye, tomorrow.//
F1121 fair, cause you've had it for a whilie, haven't you?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Okay?
F1122 Barney is a dinosaur. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
F1121 Nine videos, right, next.
F1122 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
F1121 Well done, okay. That must be number eleven.
F1122 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
F1121 Eleven, you you missed oot Barney.
F1122 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.
F1121 Well done. //Another Tweenies.//
F1122 //One,// two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve!
F1121 What comes after twelve? Thirteen.
F1122 I'm putting up more videos.
F1121 That's good. And Bambi, well done.
F1122 Don't they go in this ain?
F1121 Oh, right just put that in the top shelf cause I'll have to give it back to [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Aw, tomorrow.
F1121 Tomorrow then, that's fine. //Right, you've got to clea- clean this shelf now, haven't you?//
F1122 //[exhale] Aye.// Mummy, can we clean now?
F1121 Uh-huh, we'll sort that in a minute. Right, where's your polish and your duster? //There you go.//
F1122 //Argh!// //Polish, I'm gonna//
F1121 //Right, press it there.// Oh, that's a good girl. Here you go. Rub it hard in. Oh, what a good girl you are!
F1122 Mummy, I'm gonna do this book.
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], that ain needs batteries as well. Oh oh, [CENSORED: forename], look, [CENSORED: forename]'s ripped her crown.
F1122 [child noises]
F1121 No, no, no, [CENSORED: forename]. [CENSORED: forename], look what she's done. [CENSORED: forename], look at [CENSORED: forename]. //Look she's broke it.//
F1122 //Aw, aw!// In pieces.
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], she's a monkey, isn't she? Right, we've done a good job today, haven't we?
F1122 Can we go and play noo?
F1121 Mmhm, what are you gonna play with now?
F1122 Watch the TV.
F1121 Watch the TV?
F1122 Aye. //Can you//
F1121 //Would you like a drinkie?//
F1122 can you take off this, we're finished?
F1121 Okay, well I'll just take it off through in the kitchen. Can you erm, do you want a drinkie o juice? //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Aye. March, march, march, march.//
F1121 Hey, hey, look. //Look what you've forgotten.//
F1122 //What?// //What?//
F1121 //To tidy up the skittles.// //Go on then.//
F1122 //[inaudible] forgotten, have we?// //We forgotten, did we?//
F1121 //We forgot.// //That's right.//
F1122 //Aye, we forgot.//
F1121 Can you pop them in that bag for me, darling?
F1122 Mum, I think it'll be hard work tidying up my own.
F1121 I'll help you. //[laugh] Oh dear.//
F1122 //[exhale] [laugh]//
F1121 Right, have we got them all? //Are you sure?//
F1122 //Aye. Aye.//
F1121 What, what's that there?
F1122 Tambourine!
F1121 Is that your tambourine? Are you going to keep that in your toybox? Just pop it on the top.
F1122 Mum!
F1121 Aw, we missed ain out. Did we miss that one out? Silly me. Sorry.
F1122 I knowed it was there.
F1121 Did you?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Sorry.
F1122 March, march, march, march, march, march, march, march, march, march, march.
F1121 Right, look, do it, I'll take it off in a second. What do you want to drink?
F1122 Orange juice.
F1121 Or milk?
F1122 Orange juice.
F1121 Okay. Where's your cup? //Oh no, what have you done with your cup?//
F1122 //[laugh] Here, here, here.//
F1121 Here we go. //Forgotten.//
F1122 //You forgotten. It was there.// Forgotten, you forgotten.
F1121 Which cup do you want, your yellow or your purple one?
F1122 Yellow.
F1121 Mm, //watch your fingers.//
F1122 //Mum, take off this.//
F1121 Okay, in a second, but we've got to tidy up these blocks as well. //Then you'll get your juice.//
F1122 //[raspberry]//
F1121 Oh no, what a mess!
F1122 We have to just tidy up my blocks.
F1121 Okay, can you manage?
F1122 Aye. Here's one!
F1121 Right, you pass them to me and I'll pop them in the //box.//
F1122 //To you, I'll// //pass them, pass them with my foot.//
F1121 //Okay. Looking for the// the block wi number seven on it.
F1122 Where is it? Seven.
F1121 Well done, that's it. Right, find the block with number six.
F1122 Six.
F1121 Good girl. And five.
F1122 [laugh] Five. Five, four, three, two, one, blast off!
F1121 Right, number four.
F1122 Here's one.
F1121 Have you got it? Good girl. //Three?//
F1122 //E-// [CENSORED: forename]'s on her own.
F1121 It's okay, we'll go and get her.
F1122 What, after my juices are ready?
F1121 Mmhm. Are you thirsty?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Has that been hard work tidying up your bedroom?
F1122 Huh, it's hard work.
F1121 Mm, aye, look at the playroom. //There's toys everywhere. Who made this mess?//
F1122 //Mm, mm.// [CENSORED: forename], too, [CENSORED: forename] did it too.
F1121 I think it was you, was it?
F1122 Aye, [CENSORED: forename] did it too.
F1121 Did she?
F1122 Aye, she
F1121 Right. There's your hoover. Oh, what's under the couch? Look. Who put that there?
F1122 [CENSORED: forename]. She dropped it.
F1121 You blame [CENSORED: forename] for everything, don't you? I think it was you.
F1122 No, it was [CENSORED: forename] dropped that book.
F1121 Did she? Look. Who did that to your new balloon?
F1122 I did it. I trampled my balloon, it
F1121 Well, //why did you do that?//
F1122 //pop.// Cause I was wanting another balloon cause of my-. Mum, I can't reach doon to get one those. //Get one of those//
F1121 //Can you see it?//
F1122 I can't get one of those. //[laugh]//
F1121 //You can't get one?// Well, what do you say?
F1122 Please!
F1121 There you go, that's a //clever girl.//
F1122 //Mmhm.// [inaudible] Go and get my juice please. //Mm, please.//
F1121 //Go and get juice!// //[exhale]//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 Right, if you, you gonna take it oot the fridge for me?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Are you getting sleepy?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Are you? There you go, look. Right, that's a girl.
F1122 Mm.
F1121 Are you thirsty?
F1122 Mm.
F1121 What are you doin now? [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 [laugh] I didn't see you brought those.
F1121 You didn't see them? Go on through and see your sister. //And then you'll get your juice.//
F1122 //[laugh]// She's fell over.
F1121 Oh, no, no again.
F1122 What did it come s-s- [inaudible].
F1121 Right.
F1122 [child noises]
F1121 What do you want for your tea?
F1122 Can I take off my, this?
F1121 You want to take it off now?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Okay, well we'll go and have our tea.
F1122 Aye, no, erm, I'll let mine cool.
F1121 But it's not cooked yet. What would you like for your tea then?
F1122 Mm, noodles.
F1121 Noodles?
F1122 Aye, noodles.
F1121 Not again.
F1122 Aye, noodles is my favourite.
F1121 Oh, [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname], //eh?//
F1122 //Ca-// can you, can you open this?
F1121 Mmhm, right we'll switch this off okay, and we'll go and have wir tea.
F1122 Aye, can you take off this?
F1121 Okay.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 01, recording 4: tidying the toybox


Audio audience

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Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2004
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