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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 20, recording 1: getting ready to go to a birthday party

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Audio transcription

F1139 I'll just get a pen the noo.
F1140 Mum, ca- can I, Mummy, I'm writing my name first. Mum, can you tell me fitt it is I've got to write? //Mum!//
F1139 //[inaudible] recordin.// Haud on, does your ain say "record"? Oh you'll just have to write, "Happy Birthday, from [CENSORED: forename]".
F1140 But Mum, I dinna ken how to write that.
F1139 Well, do you just want to write "from [CENSORED: forename]", then?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Will I write it on a bit o paper?
F1140 Aye.
F1139 Yours is, oh aye, it is. Mic, right, come on we'll get a pen, and I'll write, just write "from [CENSORED: forename]" and you can do the kisses, okay?
F1140 Okay.
F1139 Right, come on to the kitchen table.
F1140 I'll write "[CENSORED: forename]".
F1139 Aye, can ye nae write "from" an aa?
F1140 I-, well you write "from" and then I'll copy it to "from".
F1139 Well dae it at the table, rather than up at the //unit, so you can sit bonny.//
F1140 //Yes.//
F1139 Will I gie you a pencil, so you can rub it oot if you mak a mistake?
F1140 Aye.
F1139 Haud on till I get a bit o paper. This is "from", right? That's an F. And then an R. An O. And then M., but it's a little M., nae a big M. like the start o your name. [CENSORED: forename spelt out] And dae some kisses. And then you can maybe try and write [CENSORED: forename] on the envelope.
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Okay? Can you write "from [CENSORED: forename]" on the card there.
F1140 I canna write [CENSORED: forename].
F1139 Well, just write "from [CENSORED: forename]" just now and I'll write [CENSORED: forename] on the envelope. Oh, you've tae dae yer kisses last, ye neep! [laugh] Right, you write "from [CENSORED: forename]" and then you dae yer kisses last. //Will I write "from"?//
F1140 //[whimper]//
F1139 Right, I'll write "from". Right, you write "[CENSORED: forename]".
F1140 No, nae wi that. //Wi this pencil.//
F1139 //The pencil.// Try an dae your best writing. //[tut]//
F1140 //My best writing?//
F1139 That's nae yer best writing!
F1140 It is!
F1139 [CENSORED: forename], rub that oot. [inaudible]. //You can dae it bonnier than that!//
F1140 //[laugh]//
F1139 Right, try again. Third time lucky. Right, sta-, no. Start here, a bonny M. //Will I just write it for ye?//
F1140 //No!// I'll write "[CENSORED: forename]".
F1139 Right, it's down, up, round and round. Okay? A bonny M. like that. No, dinna write it awa doon there. Oh, okay, write it doon there if that's what you want. [CENSORED: second letter of forename]. //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1140 //[tut]//
F1139 You can write your name bonny. //Fitt on earth! Right, will I dae it?//
F1140 //Argh.// //Argh.//
F1139 //You're just ruining the card.// Right, I'll write then. You can just write your name in the [?]cardie[/?].
F1140 I I wanted to //dae the kisses!//
F1139 //Oh ye dae, ye dae, sorry.//
F1140 No, with that pen. The penc-, I want to do the kisses! //[sob] No, cause you're doin the kisses!//
F1139 //[inaudible].// Sorry, I forgot.
F1140 I dinna like you!
F1139 Look!
F1140 [sob] I want to do the kisses! [sob]
F1139 Oh. Well, you dae some mair kisses underneath.
F1140 [sob]
F1139 Sorry [CENSORED: forename].
F1140 [sob] //[sob]//
F1139 //Ah, see, yours are better than mine. That's good ains.// //I think that's plenty.//
F1140 //[sob]// //[sob]//
F1139 //That's a good girl.// //You want to lick it?//
F1140 //[sob]//
F1139 Right, just up the stick-, the shiny bits you lick, up and down. [inaudible] Stick it down. Okay, and fa's it for? [CENSORED: forename]. //So it's [CENSORED: forename spelt out].//
F1140 //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1139 Okay? Right, will we wrap up her present?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Where's the sellotape? Would you get the sellotape for me, please?
F1140 Mmhm. I got it.
F1139 You got-, oh that's [?]white[/?] [inaudible], I think it's, look, it's here.
F1140 Oh okay.
F1139 Scissors. Does she like Barbie?
F1140 Aye. //Mmhm.//
F1139 //Here's the scissors.//
F1140 I'm gonna put up two. //Mummy, can I cut it?//
F1139 //Oh, [inaudible] this paper.// Will that be big enough? Just, maybe. Aye, we winna need to cut it. Put this tube in the bucket.
F1140 Do we nae need to cut it?
F1139 No, we no need to cut the paper. There's there's just enough paper to cover it.
F1140 May I sellotape?
F1139 Okay. //Right, you haud onto that for me, will you?//
F1140 //You take it off for me.// //Mummy,//
F1139 //Finger on there.// //I'll gie you the sellotape to put on, aye.//
F1140 //can I put it on?//
F1139 Just haud on till I cut a, look, I'll cut a piece. [?]I get the scissors[/?], right. Right I'll d-. Got it? //Right?//
F1140 //Mm.//
F1139 Put it across that line to join the two pieces. That's it. Good girl. And you can stick it there. //Right,//
F1140 //No, can I do it over there?//
F1139 aye, but I'll, I'll cut another two pieces and then I'll hold it and you can stick them on. Will we go and look oot your claes after we've done this?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 You're maybe better wi trousers on if you're, got a bouncy castle. Fitt dae ye think? Here we go. [tut] Silly sellotape! Now, oh dear, this is maybe goin to show. Och, never mind, she'll probably just rip it open anyway. Right. We ne-, we need two bits. Right, that's one. I think I'll stick this ain along here.
F1140 I'll do this one.
F1139 You hold that for me. I think I'll just do one long one. Now, there we go! //And we'll,//
F1140 //Mmhm.//
F1139 will we stick her card on?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 The top o the parcel?
F1140 I'll stick it on.
F1139 Okay. Right, you ready? A bit o sellotape.
F1140 Mummy, it's nae sticking.
F1139 Let me see.
F1140 Put it like that?
F1139 Aye, that's fine. Okey-doke? Right, will we go and look oot your claes?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Come on ben the bedroom then.
F1140 Mum, I probably will need to wear, but Mum I dinna wanna wear troosers.
F1139 Do you want to wear your denim skirt?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 And your sandals?
F1140 Yes. My wedding ains.
F1139 Well no, nae your wedding ains.
F1140 [whimper]
F1139 You canna run aboot and play wi them, [?]else[/?] they keep slipping off. Er this skirt? //Yes.//
F1140 //Yes.//
F1139 [inaudible] your pink, [CENSORED: forename]'s got gymnastics the day, so we'll have to look oot her leotard.
F1140 Nae, I'll do it.
F1139 You look it oot then. Mm, where is it? That's it there.
F1140 Mum, er, mm! //I-.//
F1139 //Is that your one or my one?//
F1140 I think it was mine. //Is it mine?//
F1139 //Must say-.// I dinna ken. Haud on till we have a look on your bum. //I dinna ken.//
F1140 //It's mine.//
F1139 No, it's alright though. Right, pop it back in. Right. Did you get her leotard?
F1140 Aye. Can I put on my things right noo?
F1139 No, you better nae, cause that's nae, it's nae near four o'clock yet. Want to go and get something to eat? You wanting crisps or something?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Cause if you go and eat something and then you get it dirty then [inaudible] socks. Cause I think you need socks for a bouncy castle, don't you?
F1140 Mmhm. I want socks.
F1139 Ah but, [inaudible] they're multicoloured, so you'll need your bonny white socks for
F1140 [exhale] Mum, fitt colour bouncy castle will it?
F1139 Pardon?
F1140 Fitt colour bouncy castle?
F1139 Colour o bouncy castle?
F1140 Aye.
F1139 I've no idea, [CENSORED: forename]. I hope it's nae Barney.
F1140 Aye. //Don't think I like Barney.//
F1139 //No,// you dinna, did you?
F1140 No.
F1139 That octopus ain was good, mind //at the playgroup picnic?//
F1140 //Aye.// //Aye, that ain was good.//
F1139 //[inaudible]//
F1140 That was good, aye, funny. [laugh]
F1139 Was that ain funny?
F1140 Aye.
F1139 I dinna ken if this is your socks. Your and [CENSORED: forename]'s socks. They're all mixed up.
F1140 [squeal]
F1139 [inaudible] white socks [inaudible].
F1140 Wa-hoo, wa-hoo, wa-hoo, wa-hoo, wa-hoo.
F1139 Look at that socks that Dad bought you. In Glasgow. Is this your ains? [tut] I think this is yours. Aye, it's it's it's in [CENSORED: forename]'s drawer by mistake. Now, where's your sandals? Are you just putting on your blue ains? Is that okay?
F1140 Aye.
F1139 [inaudible] When did you last have on your blue sandals? Maybe on the stair. Have you had them on this week?
F1140 Erm, no.
F1139 Not since you and [CENSORED: forename] were in that shoe wardrobe.
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Uh-huh. Oh dear. Under the bed, are they? And that, hey hey hey! Right, just leave that, okay? Right, you watch it. [CENSORED: forename] put hers in her- in a backpack and put it in her bag, her back. Put in a bag on her back, should say.
F1140 Fitt?
F1139 This.
F1140 That?
F1139 Uh-huh.
F1140 She got ain [inaudible].
F1139 Aye, she had it, she had ain. [?]Probably[/?]. And [CENSORED: forename], you know [CENSORED: forename] that goes to playgroup?
F1140 Aye, does, has she got ain?
F1139 She's got ain.
F1140 Is she goin?
F1139 Er, I dinna ken.
F1140 No, she isna goin.
F1139 She's nae goin? Was she at playgroup today? //[inaudible]//
F1140 //No, so she didna,// she didna get a invitation.
F1139 She didn't get an invitation?
F1140 [CENSORED: forename] did.
F1139 I thought you said [CENSORED: forename] didna.
F1140 He did!
F1139 Oh he did. Is he going?
F1140 I think he isna.
F1139 Aw.
F1140 He never go to playschool.
F1139 Oh right, does he just go sometimes? //Fitt's in this [inaudible]?//
F1140 //Aye.// Baby [?]Barn's[/?] vest.
F1139 Baby [?]Barn's[/?] vest?
F1140 Aye.
F1139 Right, will we go through and get wir crisps then?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Come on we'll get our fly cuppie. Right, I'll pop this on your bum. So you goin to join in the games?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Fitt do you think you'll be playing?
F1140 Pass the parcel.
F1139 Uh-huh. //[?]Pop in[/?].//
F1140 //Erm.//
F1139 Will we take your clothes through the hoose?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Right, you take your shoes then. I'll take your er, [inaudible]. Pass the parcel, what else do you play at parties?
F1140 Disco.
F1139 A disco? //Fitt's your favourite song?//
F1140 //Mmhm.// //[singing] One step closer//
F1139 //One Step Closer?//
F1140 to heaven, baby, one step closer to you. No, Automatic's my favourite.
F1139 Pardon?
F1140 Automatic's my favourite.
F1139 Automatic High?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Mm. What kind o crisps would you like?
F1140 Mm. Skips! Skips, Skips, Skips.
F1139 I don't think I've got any plain yins, I've just got Tickle Pickle or Buzz Boltz.
F1140 Buzz Boltz.
F1139 That's bacon flavour. //You want them?//
F1140 //Bacon.// No!
F1139 No. [inaudible].
F1140 Tickle Wickle.
F1139 Tickle Pickle. [inaudible] shoes on tables is bad luck.
F1140 Fitt?
F1139 It's bad luck to put shoes on tables.
F1140 Is it?
F1139 Yes. [inaudible] book.
F1140 Uh-huh.
F1139 [inaudible]. Mm, see if there's any stories in here.
F1140 Mmhm. Mummy?
F1139 Fitt?
F1140 Go back to that page. You buy them two watches.
F1139 That's Digimon. //Do you like Digimon?//
F1140 //Yes.// //Mmhm.//
F1139 //Digimon's for boys.// That's a Digimon competition.
F1140 Is it?
F1139 Mmhm.
F1140 I don't want to go.
F1139 You dinna want to go?
F1140 No.
F1139 Oh look, [CENSORED: forename]'s been doing the crossword.
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 [?]Easter[/?]. "Dill Pickles is the baby of the Pickles family. He has been thinking about some animals. And the names we give to their young." That's their babies. "The names of eight different types of animals are written in the yellow box below. The names are given to their young are in the blue box. But they are not in the correct order. Can you match up each animal with h- its young?" So what's a baby cow called? Is it a kitten, a gosling, a piglet, a cygnet, a lamb, a calf, a foal, a joey or a puppy?
F1140 I don't know.
F1139 A baby cow's called a calf.
F1140 Is it?
F1139 Mm. What about a baby cat?
F1140 A baby cat.
F1139 Is called a? Is it a kitten?
F1140 Yes.
F1139 Yes. And a baby dog is called a p-?
F1140 Puppy?
F1139 Puppy. And a baby horse, I dinna ken if you'll ken that, is a foal.
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 And a baby swan is a cygnet. A baby kangaroo is a joey. Where do kangaroos live? Do you know? They live in Australia. A baby sheep. You ken fitt that is. Fi- what's it called? What do we go and see, when we go oot on our bike? The sheep and their la-?
F1140 Lambs.
F1139 Their lambs. A baby sheep's a lamb. A baby pig. Piglet.
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 And a baby goose
F1140 A baby goose.
F1139 is a gosling.
F1140 Gosling. Wanting that Rugrat story.
F1139 This isn't, I dinna like reading that stories wi the pictures on them though. That's for people that can read them theirsels. There's nae other stories there.
F1140 I'm wanting that Rugrat story.
F1139 You wanting your Rugrats book?
F1140 Mmhm.
F1139 Mmhm. Farr's that?
F1140 I put it up high.
F1139 Why?
F1140 Mm.
F1139 Oh, I've got it.
F1140 Mm mm.
F1139 Right.
F1140 I'll get it. [runs away to fetch book]

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 20, recording 1: getting ready to go to a birthday party


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Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2002
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Decade of birth 1970
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Age left school 16
Occupation Registered child-minder
Place of birth Buckie
Region of birth Moray
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Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Portknockie
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Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Quantity Surveyor
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