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European Scots

Author(s): Sheena Blackhall

Copyright holder(s): Sheena Blackhall


Pict, Celt an nesty Norseman,
My, fitiver wid fowk say,
If they kent that they're still bidin
Here in Aiberdeen the day!

'Aber''s Pict fur river mooth
Roman 'Deva''s Dee,
The Frenchmen gied us 'Bon Accord'
'Corbie' an 'pertrick' tee!

Should ye gae up tae Hazleheid
O 'golf' tae play a roon
As ye 'hunker' in a bunker
Yer a Flemish kinna 'loon'.

Takk a daunder up Deeside awhile
Tae 'loch' an 'glen' an 'Ben'
Admirin 'strath' an 'burnie'
Thon's some Celtic wirds ye ken!

At the skweel ye meet the 'dominie'
A Latin kind of mannie
An if yer gweed an tidy,
Ye'll be likit bi the 'jannie'

Watch oot fur the Scandinavians,
Vikings at the 'Brig' o Dee!
They'll burn yer 'kirk' aroon yer 'lugs'
Withoot ae wird o lee.

European Aiberdonians
Skinnie dippin on the 'san'
At 'nicht' pairty wi the Germans
We're a mixed linguistic 'lan'!

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European Scots


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