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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 03, recording 1: jigsaws, building blocks and hairdressing

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1113 Do you want to play jigsaws? //Yes?//
F1114 //[cough]//
F1113 Okay.
F1114 That's Mum's ain.
F1113 This is [CENSORED: forename]'s one.
F1114 No, this is [CENSORED: forename]'s one.
F1113 Okay. We'll put this one onto your trousers. Okay? There you go.
F1114 This is my one.
F1113 Is that okay?
F1114 Yes. Where's Mum?
F1113 Mam's got her one. Right, where's your jigsaws?
F1114 Where's my one?
F1113 Can you get the jigsaws out the cupboard?
F1114 Where's my, that one's my one.
F1113 No, it's on your trousers.
F1114 I made it.
F1113 It's in a little bag. //Right, here's [?]the jigsaws[/?].//
F1114 //I made it!//
F1113 You pick. Are you going to pick them out? There you go. Oh! Look at all that ones. //What are we going to do?//
F1114 //[inhale]// Er.
F1113 You pick one.
F1114 Er. [inhale] [?]I choose[/?],
F1113 Or there's blocks. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //I made the Boohbah one,// [inaudible]. Made the Boohbah one. That that ones.
F1113 The Boohbah jigsaw.
F1114 Here we go.
F1113 Right, come on then.
F1114 And this ain.
F1113 And that one, okay.
F1114 Anything else, Mum.
F1113 This is plenty. Do this one first. Do this one first?
F1114 No, this, um the t- the Teletubbies ains.
F1113 Right, come on then. Sit round here. Leave that. Okay, right, round here.
F1114 The Boohbah's one. //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Right, are you gonna do it first for Mum?// //Leave that bit.//
F1114 //[child noises]// You do do that. //Po.//
F1113 //Right.// There we go.
F1114 [singing] //[singing]//
F1113 //There we go. Now, are you gonna do it for Mum? There you go.// Are you singing?
F1114 [singing] I was singing [?]dire[/?].
F1113 You were singing what?
F1114 [?]Dire[/?]. //D-d- [inhale] not the Fimbles one!//
F1113 //Oh, [?]I don't know that song[/?].// And that one's wrong. Right.
F1114 That's that's the
F1113 It's got mixed up. Right, you make that one. Mum will put that one back in the proper box. Right, on you go. //Will you do that one for me?//
F1114 //[inaudible].// This ains go in there?
F1113 Mm?
F1114 This go in there?
F1113 It goes in there? Well you try.
F1114 This ains go in here. //This.//
F1113 //That's it.// Well that's pink, look. There's pink.
F1114 Pink.
F1113 [inaudible] it in there.
F1114 It's goin here.
F1113 In there. //No.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// This ain.
F1113 No, here, look. //Is that it there?//
F1114 //Oh!//
F1113 [inhale] Oh, what's that?
F1114 It's the doggy. Doggy's ootside.
F1113 Dog's outside?
F1114 Yes, here's the pole. The pole.
F1113 That one. See there? That's it. Hey.
F1114 That's the p-, see.
F1113 Clever.
F1114 Where's the next bit? //There.//
F1113 //There.// //Okay.//
F1114 //Where's the Boohbah's one there?//
F1113 That's it.
F1114 [?]That's the bus one[/?]. //Let's go this one.//
F1113 //What colour's he?//
F1114 It's purple.
F1113 Purple.
F1114 Oh and that that ain.
F1113 That on-, what colour's that one?
F1114 It's white.
F1113 No, what colour's that?
F1114 It's
F1113 Pi-?
F1114 yellow.
F1113 No, pi-?
F1114 Pit.
F1113 [laugh] Pink.
F1114 Pink. //[inhale] [exhale] Right.//
F1113 //Pink. [laugh] Right, here you go, here you go.//
F1114 No, what's that ains? //[inaudible]//
F1113 //No.// //I don't think that fits there.//
F1114 //No.//
F1113 That one. //That one there.//
F1114 //Eh.// //There.//
F1113 //That's it.//
F1114 This go in there?
F1113 Nope.
F1114 That in there. This go in there.
F1113 That's it. You've got it right.
F1114 Where's the next one? //Go in there.//
F1113 //In th-.// That's it. Clever. Clever girl. //Right.//
F1114 //Next one's goin there.//
F1113 That's it.
F1114 Boohbahs, with the Boohbahs, the, //[inaudible] oops.//
F1113 //Well done.// That's it. Nearly done. //Nearly all done.//
F1114 //There. Oops.// Next one. //It's//
F1113 //This one.// //What?//
F1114 //go in there?// This one go in there.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 No. This one's goin in there.
F1113 Nearly finished.
F1114 Oh!
F1113 Oh oh, it's coming attached. It's okay. Wait a minute. Mum'll sort it. Put it on top of the box. //We'll put it on top of the box? No? Okay.//
F1114 //No, no, no!//
F1113 Just there. There. That's it.
F1114 One piece is left.
F1113 One piece is left. Ye-hey!
F1114 Let's do it again!
F1113 You want to do it again? Okay, break it up again then. Wee-hee! //Right, [inaudible] again.//
F1114 //It's Mu-, it's Mum's turn.//
F1113 My turn? Right, that one?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 And does that one go there? No? There?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 That's right. That one?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right. And what's that one called?
F1114 Mister Boohbah.
F1113 Mister Boohbah? And what's that one called?
F1114 Mister Boohbah.
F1113 Mister Boohbah. Right. And this one //goes?//
F1114 //I-// in here.
F1113 In here? Here?
F1114 Here, yes.
F1113 Now, does it, here?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 That's it. And that one?
F1114 Eh, yeah.
F1113 Yes, and that one.
F1114 Eh, no, it's not goin there.
F1113 There? That one?
F1114 Yes! //Well done!//
F1113 //That's it.// //[laugh] Hooray!//
F1114 //He's nae got a mouth.//
F1113 He's nae got a mouth?
F1114 No.
F1113 Where's his mouth?
F1114 It's not in there.
F1113 Not in there? How does he eat then?
F1114 Through, through the mouth.
F1113 Where does he eat his food?
F1114 Eat, see the [?]vegetables[/?] in the plate.
F1113 [laugh] He eats [?]bouncy ball[/?]? [laugh] That one there?
F1114 Yes! Well done!
F1113 And that one?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 And that one?
F1114 Yes, well done!
F1113 Good. And that one there?
F1114 Yes! //Oh one.//
F1113 //Do you want to do that one?//
F1114 Yes. //This.//
F1113 //Do you want to do that one then?// No. //[laugh] That way. Right, [inaudible].//
F1114 //This. [laugh]//
F1113 Right, sort it. Here we go. You sort it again.
F1114 This is goin there. It's my turn.
F1113 Your turn again?
F1114 Yes!
F1113 Right, you sort it, I'll find another one. Okay? I'll find another one. What about this one? Oh no, that's teddy bears.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Not that one? No. //Here's a book.//
F1114 //No.//
F1113 Who's that?
F1114 Teletubbies [inaudible].
F1113 Teletubbies? Are you goin to read Mam a story?
F1114 Once upon a time, the sky in the hole, the
F1113 What's that?
F1114 The tree's got the boxie.
F1113 The tree and the boxie?
F1114 What's this?
F1113 That's a ribbon.
F1114 Ri- what's this?
F1113 That's their house, the Teletubbies' house.
F1114 Where's the Teletubbies?
F1113 Must be hidin.
F1114 There! Tinky-Winky.
F1113 There's Tinky-Winky. //Tha- what's that he's got?//
F1114 //[inaudible]// He's got a handbag. He's got a handbag, a handbag.
F1113 And what's that?
F1114 A ball present.
F1113 A ball present?
F1114 Yes!
F1113 It's a ball with a big bow. A big bow tied round the ball, isn't it?
F1114 Yes, the orange ball.
F1113 An orange ball, yes.
F1114 Look, look! [laugh]
F1113 What's that?
F1114 Dinna ken. //That ain's orange.//
F1113 //[laugh]// //That one's what?//
F1114 //That ain's orange.// Orange and white.
F1113 And what's happened to the ball?
F1114 Oh, it's the sun.
F1113 It's a sun?
F1114 Yes, the sun.
F1113 Mm.
F1114 [inaudible] be a sun.
F1113 Oh what's happened?
F1114 Oh oh, Dipsy's sun. Mum's [inaudible] Dipsy has sun.
F1113 Dipsy's got the sun? What's what's he doin there?
F1114 Teletubbies.
F1113 And what are they doin?
F1114 They [inaudible] big [?]clock[/?] lovie.
F1113 They give each other a lovie?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 A bosie?
F1114 That ain.
F1113 What? //I'll find another one. You sit there.//
F1114 //That//
F1113 There you go. //What about this one?//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 Sit up.
F1114 No no no this book. //The Pumpkin.//
F1113 //Oh you want that one?//
F1114 The Pumpkins.
F1113 That's Santa.
F1114 Santa. [inhale] [inaudible].
F1113 Aw.
F1114 What's he, the spider? The spider, spider.
F1113 The spider?
F1114 S- spider.
F1113 A big spider.
F1114 No, a little spider.
F1113 Oh right. Oh look, what's that?
F1114 A reindeer.
F1113 A reindeer.
F1114 It's got [inaudible].
F1113 What's all that there? What's that, what's that there?
F1114 Oh, that's a Santa the stu- the- is
F1113 On his sleigh.
F1114 He's on his sleigh.
F1113 On his sleigh. Away to take presents. Who gets presents at Christmas time?
F1114 [inaudible] share it.
F1113 Does [CENSORED: forename] get presents?
F1114 And something else.
F1113 Something else.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Here, there's books here. //That book. What's that?//
F1114 //Yes, books.// A piggy book.
F1113 A piggy book? //Want to read that one? Will Mum read it for you?//
F1114 //Yes, that book.// Yes. I read that ain. I'll read it.
F1113 Mum read? [inaudible] Look, there's Nemo? Do you want Nemo? Do you want to do Nemo? [CENSORED: forename]. Do you want to do Finding Nemo? Or this one? //See.//
F1114 //No. I do Finding Nemo.//
F1113 You want to do Finding Nemo? Right, we'll put this one away.
F1114 Finding Nemo.
F1113 Finding Nemo. I'll put this one over here. Wait we see. Mummy find it.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Okay.
F1113 It's a big ball.
F1114 Um mm. Train book.
F1113 Train book? Will Mum show you the pictures in that one?
F1114 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Catch the ball?// //Put it over there just now.//
F1114 //[inaudible]//
F1113 Wait till we see. What else do you want?
F1114 Er, something else.
F1113 What?
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 That?
F1114 What's this?
F1113 What's this? What? Take it oot. Oh that's for the Tweenies. There's a Tweenie book. Wait and we'll have a look at this one, look. //[inaudible]//
F1114 //I want a Tweenie book.//
F1113 [inaudible] here goes.
F1114 I want the Finding Nemo jigsaw puzzle. //I wan-.//
F1113 //Finding Nemo jigsaw puzzle?// //Okay, there we go.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 There we go. Do this one then? Come on then. //There you go.//
F1114 //Finding.// [squeal]
F1113 Is this your favourite?
F1114 Yes. //I canna//
F1113 //Come on then. You do it.//
F1114 I canna //dae it.//
F1113 //Will I help ye?//
F1114 Yes. //Mm.//
F1113 //Wait a minute. You move your hand roond there, that's a girl.//
F1114 Mummy //and [CENSORED: forename].//
F1113 //There we go.// //Mummy and [CENSORED: forename]?//
F1114 //Yes.// //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Is that Dory?//
F1114 Yes, that's Dory. //Yes.//
F1113 //That Dory?// Right, you going to help me? Does that go on there? No. Fitt aboot this one?
F1114 No.
F1113 No. That one?
F1114 [inhale] Yes!
F1113 No. I'm gonna try and find Dory.
F1114 Find Dory.
F1113 Here we go. Oh here we go. That one.
F1114 Where's the next one then?
F1113 Where's the next one then?
F1114 Let's go and do Dory.
F1113 Right.
F1114 Where's his mouth?
F1113 Where's his mouth? Here's his eye.
F1114 Here's his one eye.
F1113 Has he got one eye?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 There's his tail. There's his tail.
F1114 Where does his eye go?
F1113 Erm, let me see. Let me see. That's one on there, look. That's that one.
F1114 And the next piece.
F1113 That's the next piece, thank you. //Wait till we see.//
F1114 //Ah.// I've got the next piece.
F1113 Oh here's the tail, look. What colour's his tail?
F1114 No, that's his, that's his arm.
F1113 Oh that's his arm? //What co-, what colour's his arm?//
F1114 //I've ma-// it's yellow.
F1113 Yellow.
F1114 That's the colour this [inaudible].
F1113 Thank you. Who's that?
F1114 I-, that's Finding Nemo's daddy.
F1113 That's Finding Nemo's daddy? Okay. Right, here's this one. //Where does it go?//
F1114 //S-, it's goin in// //here.//
F1113 //There.// Aw, who's that?
F1114 Mm.
F1113 Turn it round this way. Who's that?
F1114 It's Dory. //And it's,//
F1113 //It's Dory. Can you find Dory's eye?//
F1114 there it goes.
F1113 Okay, put it in. [CENSORED: forename] do it.
F1114 Erm, next piece goes there.
F1113 No, that one. That's it!
F1114 It's got one eye.
F1113 He's got one eye? And where's his other eye?
F1114 That's his mouth.
F1113 Is it?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Okay. Clever. Right.
F1114 What's this?
F1113 That's his mouth, he's smiling.
F1114 Where does this go?
F1113 Erm, aye, it's this one, is it? //Yeah. That's it.//
F1114 //Er, yes.// This one this goes
F1113 Is that his tail?
F1114 That is is go in there.
F1113 No. Look, this one would go, no, go, oh look! In there. He's got two now, look. What's that?
F1114 His eyes.
F1113 His eyes.
F1114 This this is going there.
F1113 And this one go there?
F1114 Yes!
F1113 Now, you gonna do the rest o them?
F1114 This ain.
F1113 [CENSORED: forename] do the rest.
F1114 I've got the rest in!
F1113 Hey! //Wh- what colour's Nemo?//
F1114 //Do this ain.// It's it's red.
F1113 Mm, well he's like orange-red, isn't he? No, I think that one goes there.
F1114 Yeah! Well done! //This colour.//
F1113 //Here.//
F1114 Yes. This next piece, this goes
F1113 Where does it go?
F1114 This ain is goin there.
F1113 That's it.
F1114 Mm, it's Mum's turn.
F1113 Mum's turn now.
F1114 There you go, Mum.
F1113 Okay. What one will I do first?
F1114 This. Gie me the pieces. //Okay.//
F1113 //Right, you give them to me.// One at a time. And we'll make them. //Okay?//
F1114 //[inaudible]//
F1113 Right, you give me one bit then. This one? //Right.//
F1114 //That ains.// The pieces. //One, there.//
F1113 //Thank you.// Another one.
F1114 That that ain's going there.
F1113 Thank you. Another one.
F1114 Er, the piecie.
F1113 Thank you.
F1114 The next one is going there.
F1113 Thank you.
F1114 Next one going there.
F1113 Thank you.
F1114 Next one going there. //Mm.//
F1113 //Thank you.// Here we go. //Where's [CENSORED: forename] gone?//
F1114 //Mm.// In the school.
F1113 Mm?
F1114 She's in the school.
F1113 In school?
F1114 Yes, that's it.
F1113 Are you going to playschool?
F1114 Yes, there you go, there you go, there you go.
F1113 Are you going to play with the toys?
F1114 Yes, and painting.
F1113 Uh-huh, and what else? What else are you going to do at playschool?
F1114 Play the blocks.
F1113 Play with blocks? Uh-huh. What else? You've got one there. What else are you going to play with? Draw?
F1114 Draw.
F1113 Draw a picture for Mum? Draw a picture for Mum? Right, [CENSORED: forename], you going to do this bit? His eye?
F1114 Yeah. Ah ah go in there.
F1113 You tired?
F1114 Yes. This ain is goin there.
F1113 You going away to your bed? [laugh] Not yet.
F1114 It's there.
F1113 That's it.
F1114 Next piece.
F1113 Next piece. That one?
F1114 [child noises] Eh no.
F1113 No? That one? Here?
F1114 Yes, well done! Where's this ain?
F1113 Oh, very good.
F1114 That's his
F1113 Is that his Dad? //Uh-huh.//
F1114 //Yes.// This next piece going there.
F1113 That's good.
F1114 Next piece goes there.
F1113 There.
F1114 No.
F1113 No.
F1114 This ain's going there.
F1113 Right. //This one//
F1114 //No.//
F1113 going there, look, and he's got two eyes again.
F1114 [inaudible] //Oh.//
F1113 //Oh, oh oh here we go.// That's it. Just a wee bit stuck. That's it. Now, can you do the last one?
F1114 Yes. //The last one's//
F1113 //Good girl.// //Yey!//
F1114 //going mm there?//
F1113 Do you remember when we was in Aberdeen, did we see dories? Remember in the water? //Yeah.//
F1114 //Yes.// That's //that's that's//
F1113 //[?]Did we see dories?[/?]// //Will you put them in there for Mum?//
F1114 //this colour next.// No. [inhale] Let's play, I want to play [?]honkety honkety honkety[/?]. [musical toy makes a noise]
F1113 Honkety honkety. A noise. It's music. Let's look at this book here. [CENSORED: forename]. Let's look at this book here. Right, ready? Who's this? Who's this?
F1114 Um this.
F1113 Oh look! Who's this here? //Oh look.//
F1114 //It's [inaudible] book.//
F1113 What's that?
F1114 It's the doggy singing, the cat singing. //[exhale]//
F1113 //The dog's singing and the cat's singing, are they?// Oh, what's that?
F1114 It's the toys.
F1113 Is that toys? Right, stop pressing the buttons just now, [inaudible] this one. What's that?
F1114 It's [?]Tanza[/?] [inaudible].
F1113 Oh she's singing now, is she? Playing her flute.
F1114 Yes. //Yes.//
F1113 //And what's he doing?//
F1114 He's doin //he//
F1113 //What's he doing?//
F1114 he's doin
F1113 Is he singing? Look at this one here.
F1114 Say honkety honkety //ho-//
F1113 //Look at this one.// Oh! Who's that?
F1114 Me does it, let me does it. //Me me.//
F1113 //Look.// Look, who's that? Put that one down a wee minutey, Mam shows ye this one. //Look, who's that?//
F1114 //Mum, [inaudible].// Mum, you got buttons.
F1113 Okay, I'll po- press the buttons. In a minute. I want to look at this one with you.
F1114 Right.
F1113 What's that?
F1114 The Tweenies.
F1113 Is that the Tweenies?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 What colour, what colour is that?
F1114 It's red.
F1113 That's right.
F1114 Red dinosaur.
F1113 A dinosaur? Mm.
F1114 Where's [inaudible].
F1113 Who's that?
F1114 It's Jake.
F1113 What's he doin?
F1114 He's playing, playing
F1113 Drums.
F1114 drums.
F1113 Playing drums?
F1114 He's playing drums.
F1113 Ah.
F1114 Where's, where's him?
F1113 You lost it?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right. Let's find him again. There he goes. There he goes, look!
F1114 [?]Where no[/?] one drum?
F1113 He's goin "toot toot".
F1114 He's got one drum, he's got one drum.
F1113 Ah, and what's that he's got there though?
F1114 It's it's a stick.
F1113 A stick? //Mm.//
F1114 //Yes, a stick.//
F1113 What are they doin? What are they doin, [CENSORED: forename]? //What's he doin there?//
F1114 //[inhale] [exhale]// Playing football.
F1113 Mmhm. He's got a big football, see?
F1114 Yes, mm, where's Milo? What's this?
F1113 Judy.
F1114 Judy. What's this, that's that's Bella, that's Max.
F1113 Who's your favourite?
F1114 It's my book.
F1113 Uh-huh, but who's your favourite one there, who's your favourite?
F1114 It's [inaudible].
F1113 Ah, but have you got a favourite Tweenie? Who do you like the best?
F1114 Tweenies.
F1113 Ah but which one do you like the best? //Do you like Max the best, or do you like Judy the best?//
F1114 //It's d-.// Oh it's the clocks.
F1113 That's clocks. //You going to count the numbers?//
F1114 //One, two,//
F1113 O-?
F1114 One.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 Two. //Ding ding ding di- ding ding.//
F1113 //What's else? Thr-. Count the numbers. One,// two,
F1114 Three.
F1113 Fo-?
F1114 Two.
F1113 Can you count the numbers to Mum?
F1114 Four.
F1113 Are you gonna count the numbers?
F1114 One, two, three, four, [mumble] ten!
F1113 [laugh] That's was quickly.
F1114 I counted two clocks.
F1113 How many clocks? There's one, two, three, four, five, six //clocks.//
F1114 //That's purple.//
F1113 Uh-huh. //Uh-huh.//
F1114 //That's purple.// That's, what's this?
F1113 Blue.
F1114 Blue. What's this? That's purple.
F1113 That's right.
F1114 That's red.
F1113 Mmhm. //Mmhm.//
F1114 //That's purple.// That's blue.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 That's red.
F1113 That's right!
F1114 Two reds.
F1113 Uh-huh.
F1114 [inaudible] colour, [inaudible] colour, //colour, colour.//
F1113 //They've got fancy hats, look, look at their hats.// Aye. Oh look, what's that?
F1114 It's a prammie.
F1113 What's in the pram?
F1114 It's the baby, it's just the baby. Look at these clouds.
F1113 Ah, lots, are you going to count the clouds?
F1114 No, [inaudible] no.
F1113 Count the clouds.
F1114 No, I want to tell Barney. I want to play with the balls.
F1113 [inaudible] Okay, you sit down then.
F1114 Bounce it. I want to play at bounce it.
F1113 Right, you sit over there. Right, are you ready? //I will bounce it to you and you bounce it back to Mum. Ready?//
F1114 //[laugh]//
F1113 Go!
F1114 [laugh]
F1113 Ready? //Whee! Again.//
F1114 //[laugh]// [laugh]
F1113 What colour's that ball?
F1114 It's pink.
F1113 That's right. Oh! I catched it, are you going to catch it?
F1114 Yes. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1113 //Okay.// What aboot rollin it this time?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Are you goin to catch it when I roll?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Okay [CENSORED: forename], here we go.
F1114 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1113 //Now, [inaudible] [CENSORED: forename] be home at dinnertime?// [CENSORED: forename]?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes? We give her her dinner?
F1114 Yes, [inaudible].
F1113 Are you going to walk up to school with Mum? [CENSORED: forename]? You going to walk up to school with Mum? You go up to school? Walk up?
F1114 [inaudible] //Open your legs!//
F1113 //Are you goin to walk up to school?// Roll it in there? There we go. Roll!
F1114 Oh, throw.
F1113 Throw it, catch, throw it, hup!
F1114 Huh throw it. //[laugh]//
F1113 //Ah [inaudible] [CENSORED: forename].//
F1114 What?
F1113 You coming to the school wi Mum?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Walk up and get [CENSORED: forename]?
F1114 I've
F1113 Oh, it's stuck on your feet. There we go.
F1114 [splutter]. I'm going to school.
F1113 You going to the school?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 You're going to playschool.
F1114 I'm not going to school.
F1113 What's your teacher's name going to be?
F1114 Red.
F1113 No, what's your teacher's name, in the school?
F1114 It's it's blue.
F1113 But no, her name, Br-?
F1114 [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 [CENSORED: forename], that's right.
F1114 It's my [inaudible] I want pink in the school.
F1113 You want a pink?
F1114 In the school.
F1113 Pink ball in the school?
F1114 Not pink ball, school.
F1113 What are you goin to do then?
F1114 Catch.
F1113 Catch.
F1114 [laugh] //[inhale]//
F1113 //Okay.//
F1114 Catch! [laugh]
F1113 Catch.
F1114 [laugh] Catch! [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1113 //Oh me!// You're throwing it too high. There you go.
F1114 [inhale] No, no. No we we better roll it.
F1113 A little bittie. //Roll it.//
F1114 //Roll it.// //Open your legs.//
F1113 //We roll it.// Right, put feet to feet. That's it. //And roll it along. That's it!//
F1114 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1113 //Catch it!// //Right, [inaudible].//
F1114 //Catch the feet.//
F1113 Touch feet, that's it. Now, can roll along. Whee! Again. Whee! Do you hear a clock? A clock ticking? Mmhm.
F1114 No, that's the [inaudible]. That's the Po scooter. //That's//
F1113 //Oh, a Po scooter?// //[?]Is that his[/?] scooter?//
F1114 //Yes, hear it.// Hear it?
F1113 Oh aye. I thought it was the clock.
F1114 Silly Mum!
F1113 [laugh] Am I a silly mum? //[laugh] Ah no.//
F1114 //Yes. [laugh]//
F1113 Do you hear the birdies outside?
F1114 Yes. //[exhale]//
F1113 //You like birdies?//
F1114 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1113 //Do you like playing football?//
F1114 Throw it to me faster, faster, faster.
F1113 Okay. Is your eye okay?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Okay? You hurt your eye? Wipe it. Is it okay?
F1114 No.
F1113 Is your eye okay? Okay?
F1114 No.
F1113 No? //Got an eyelash?//
F1114 //It's// [exhale] yes, it's an eyelash.
F1113 Will Mum see?
F1114 [exhale] I will get him, it.
F1113 Is that it? //Okay.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 All better now? Right, here we go. Roll roll the ball. //Whee! Whee!//
F1114 //[laugh]// [child noises] //[laugh]//
F1113 //Oh! You hit Mum's head!// //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh] Throw it to me.// //[laugh]//
F1113 //Manage to catch it.//
F1114 [laugh]
F1113 Hold on. That's it. //Oh. What do you want for your dinner?//
F1114 //[laugh]// Muck.
F1113 What do you want to eat for your dinner?
F1114 Muck. //[laugh]//
F1113 //You can't eat muck. Would you like soup?//
F1114 Muck.
F1113 Soup? What kind o soup?
F1114 [?]Puck[/?].
F1113 You're just being silly billy.
F1114 [inaudible] //[laugh] Whee!//
F1113 //There you go. Mam Mam's got soup for dinner.// //[inaudible]//
F1114 //Roll. [laugh] It's jumpin it.//
F1113 Is it jumping?
F1114 [squeak]
F1113 Bang bang bang.
F1114 I got it! Whee! Are we goin to build blocks noo, here we go.
F1113 Let's build a house.
F1114 You build a house, Mummy.
F1113 Right. Gently, dinna throw, cause they're wooden.
F1114 Mm. //Let's share them.//
F1113 //Right, here we go.// We'll share them, alright, okay. //You build it up then.//
F1114 //S- that's, you go.//
F1113 You gonna, you build it up high? Build a tower?
F1114 I canna build it, I build a fire.
F1113 A big tower? //I'll build a big,//
F1114 //No, I bui- build a fire.//
F1113 I'll build a big tower and then you can knock it down. Right? Up high, so you can push it down, see? There we go. //How high is it goin to go//
F1114 //[laugh]//
F1113 before it falls? Here we go. //There you go. That's you. Oh no! [CENSORED: forename], [inaudible].//
F1114 //[laugh]// //Silly chicken!//
F1113 //There you go.// You're a silly chicken! [laugh]
F1114 A silly chicken.
F1113 Whoa! Oh no. //Oh no! All fall down.//
F1114 //[laugh]// [laugh] I'll make Mummy's ain and [CENSORED: forename]'s ain.
F1113 Right. Is that your one? //Is this my one?//
F1114 //It's erm// yes.
F1113 Okay. //See whose goes the highest. Here we go.//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 What's that on there?
F1114 It's a kangaroo.
F1113 A kangaroo? Kangaroo. Right, oh! Nearly, oh. I'll hold them there, right. //Right. More. [laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh] There we go. Again.// Up again. Up again. Up again. Let's see them go really high. Right, here we go. No, don't push it yet. Let's see if we can get it higher. Wait, wait, wait wait wait wait. Here we go. Wait, wait. //Oh it's mega-high, look.//
F1114 //[exhale]// [exhale] //[laugh] Yey!//
F1113 //Wait a minute, [CENSORED: forename].// //Wait wait. [?]Another one[/?]. Oh no! [laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// //Silly Billy Billy.//
F1113 //[laugh]// Silly Billy. Will we do it again?
F1114 Yes, I'll [?]pull[/?] it out. //[inhale] [exhale]//
F1113 //Right, here we go, here we go.// //Here we go.//
F1114 //[laugh]//
F1113 Here we go. Try and get it up really high.
F1114 Right, really high.
F1113 Really high. //Oh, it's just aboot there.//
F1114 //[exhale]//
F1113 Up the top. //[laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh] Silly Billy!//
F1113 Look, what's that on there?
F1114 Oh, it's owl.
F1113 An owl. And what's that one?
F1114 It's Piglet the drum.
F1113 Piglet and a drum. Right. And what's that one?
F1114 The piglet, the the bottle, he's goin it, he's goin to catch the butterfly.
F1113 Catch the butterfly. Fitt's that one?
F1114 It's [inaudible] stuff.
F1113 He's got a bunch o flowers.
F1114 No.
F1113 Has he not?
F1114 Yes! Well done!
F1113 What's that one? //That one?//
F1114 //It's// it's kangaroo the [?]bomb[/?].
F1113 Oh right, and what's? Who's that?
F1114 That's [?]tiger[/?], two [?]tiger[/?].
F1113 That's Eeyore.
F1114 Two Eeyores.
F1113 Two Eeyores.
F1114 No, no, put it real high.
F1113 Real high?
F1114 Really really small.
F1113 Oh look. What's he got there?
F1114 S- got a doggy.
F1113 It's an apple. //And what's coming oot the apple?//
F1114 //The apple.//
F1113 See? A worm.
F1114 A w- big high, we want it slow.
F1113 Open it really slow, right, in case it falls. Right, here we go.
F1114 I'll kick it down [inaudible] fingers.
F1113 Right, here we go.
F1114 [squeal]
F1113 Here we go.
F1114 Here we go!
F1113 Oh no! //Oh no. Fell doon again.//
F1114 //[laugh]// [laugh] I'll build it.
F1113 All fell down.
F1114 I put it in the nets.
F1113 Put it back in the box? We'll put it back in the box and we'll build something else.
F1114 We was slow. //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Right, back in the boxie really slow. Okay?// Oh! Oh no.
F1114 [squeal]
F1113 Right. Put them in like this, look, see? One, two, three, four.
F1114 Five.
F1113 Six.
F1114 Seven.
F1113 Eight.
F1114 Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, sixteen, eighteen, [?]fourteen[/?], sixteen, eighteen.
F1113 Eighteen?
F1114 That's them all in there.
F1113 No there's nae- there's some missing I think, is there? No there's only ever been that ones. See, there's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
F1114 Bi- build a house, build a //tower.//
F1113 //That's a bridge.//
F1114 No, build a, build two bridges.
F1113 Right. Who's goin to walk across the bridge?
F1114 A people.
F1113 People, people's goin to walk across the bridge? //Right, okay, look.//
F1114 //No.//
F1113 He can walk across the bridge.
F1114 Yeah, ah ah.
F1113 Who's that?
F1114 It's Piglet. Pig- pig-. No, Muppets go across the bridge!
F1113 Okay, put them back and we'll cross the bridge with them. Right. //Sit down.//
F1114 //[child noises]// //Me.//
F1113 //That's it.// Right, here's a-, we'll make a big bridge and they can walk across the bridge.
F1114 Right, I've got them. Have to count them. //[inhale]//
F1113 //There we go. This,// this, this, this and //this.//
F1114 //In// tens, in tens.
F1113 Right, it's a big bridge, look.
F1114 It's a big bridge. There a piglet in.
F1113 Right, there, right, are you going to walk him across the bridge?
F1114 Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down.
F1113 Right. //Another one?//
F1114 //[inhale]// Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down. Down, down, down, down, down.
F1113 A big bridge. //Right, walk the bear. Ah but, [inaudible] speak.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// Mummy, where's the muppet?
F1113 He's got to go across the bridge, look. This one sits here, right, and this one sits here. That one sits there. That one there! And where does this one go? Here?
F1114 Aye. No, [inaudible] down down down down down down down.
F1113 And this, is this, is this one nae workin? There we go, that's it. Now, you going to walk him across the bridge?
F1114 Where's the- //Where's [inaudible]?//
F1113 //Eh? Where are you goin?//
F1114 Need [inaudible]. //Need over there.//
F1113 //What?// I'll get it for you.
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Oh! What's that?
F1114 It's a big, hello!
F1113 Hello! Keek through. //Hello, hello.//
F1114 //[laugh] I can see your, I can see//
F1113 I can see you.
F1114 [inhale]
F1113 Opens up, see? I'll pop this on here. [inaudible] brush Mummy's hair? //You going to brush Mummy's hair?//
F1114 //No, no, no, no.//
F1113 No. I thought you was going to be a hairdresser there.
F1114 Mummy.
F1113 Right, come on you brush Mummy's hair a minute.
F1114 No, no, no!
F1113 Play wi the farm?
F1114 No. Oh.
F1113 Play wi the farm?
F1114 Where's the [inaudible]? //This//
F1113 //It's a farm.//
F1114 look, no. //Where it a-.//
F1113 //You open up the farm.// [toy makes neighing sound] [laugh] What's that? //Was that a noise? [toy makes baaing sound]//
F1114 //It's//
F1113 That's a sheep. [toy makes clucking noise] Chickens. [toy makes oinking noise] What's that?
F1114 A pig.
F1113 Piggies. [toy makes oinking noise] //[toy makes oinking noise] [inaudible]//
F1114 //That's// that's a piggy.
F1113 You get them oot the boxie and we'll play wi them. //[inaudible] farm.//
F1114 //It's the piggies,// it sound like.
F1113 Sounds like a piggy. [toy makes oinking noise] [?]What's the name?[/?] //[toy makes oinking noise]//
F1114 //That's a "meeh-meeh".//
F1113 [laugh] That's right. [music from toy farm] Ah! A tune noo. You going to get out the farmer?
F1114 Where's all the animals?
F1113 Where's all the animals, we've found the animals. There's the animals.
F1114 Oh. We've found them.
F1113 Okay. give Mummy the bag. Right. We've found the animals. Right, //you sit down//
F1114 //We've found the b-.// //Here's one!//
F1113 //and we'll find the animals.// That's, who's that?
F1114 That's the horsie.
F1113 Horsie.
F1114 That's the horsie. What's this ain? That ain's little.
F1113 That one's little. Here's ains, what's that?
F1114 That's the cart I pushed, the, the, pushed it.
F1113 Push the horsie in the cart? Yeah, there's that. //Here, look, who's that?//
F1114 //The horsie's too big.// It's the birdie. It's goin there.
F1113 The birdie. Okay, what else can we find? Oh look, here you go. Fitt's that?
F1114 It's the [inaudible]. //It's two,//
F1113 //It's a cow.//
F1114 that's two horsies.
F1113 Two horsi-, no that's a horsie and that's a cow.
F1114 Horsie and a cow. //Horsie and a cow!//
F1113 //Right, will we find something else?//
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 Here's the farmer. [toy makes a mooing sound]
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 [toy makes a mooing sound] Oh! What's the cow saying? [toy makes a mooing sound]
F1114 Where's //where's//
F1113 //Saying "Moo".//
F1114 the [?]tin[/?]?
F1113 Which one are we lookin for? Oh look, here's the scarecrow. He goes over, stands there, see?
F1114 No, he go up the tower.
F1113 Go up in the big tower.
F1114 Oh here's another big tower, look. That's going down the tower.
F1113 Right, and where do the chickens stay? That's the chickens' beddy here, isn't it?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right an the an the an the sheep goes there.
F1114 No, no! Th- the sheeps go wet.
F1113 Oh they all get wet. They go inside? Is it raining like? //Oh right.//
F1114 //Yes.// The towers go wet.
F1113 There you go.
F1114 Thank you.
F1113 What's that? What's that, in your hand?
F1114 It's a chicken.
F1113 Chicken.
F1114 That's nae goin in there. //There's//
F1113 //Here's here's the hay// to put inside the cart. //Okay?//
F1114 //Th-// th- the chickens go hide. The chickens go hide.
F1113 He's going to hide, is he?
F1114 Yes, to make a [inaudible].
F1113 Okay, and where's the where's the other farmer? There he goes. Right.
F1114 I pushed the chicken.
F1113 Oh, are you getting a hurl?
F1114 The, the, what's this?
F1113 That's a cow.
F1114 No, that's the horsie, that's the cow.
F1113 That's right. Are you stuck? It goes under here, see. Goes on there. Well, it should be the horsie, see. You put the cart on the horse's back. And then he pulls them along, see? //So he can give a [inaudible].//
F1114 //What's that noise?//
F1113 Er, the shower.
F1114 Toot toot, toot toot, toot toot, toot toot, toot toot, toot toot.
F1113 You goin "toot toot"?
F1114 Yes. //[inaudible]//
F1113 //Here's another lady,// noo the man, look, there he goes.
F1114 It's going knock knock, all the, it's going all the people.
F1113 Another bonny chicken.
F1114 Aw! Oops. [squeal] What's the noise?
F1113 Is that a bonny chicken?
F1114 Where's that noise, Mum?
F1113 [toy plays 'Old MacDonald'] You keep pressing the songs. That is Old MacDonald.
F1114 No.
F1113 Old MacDonald had a farm.
F1114 No, that's the hay. There, where's the hay? //[?]Faster[/?].//
F1113 //Oh right.// //We're getting "Old MacDonald had a farm".//
F1114 //[child noises]// [child noises]
F1113 What's that?
F1114 It's a para- [inaudible] hey!
F1113 It's a parachute? //Oh right.//
F1114 //Yes. [child noises]//
F1113 Okay.
F1114 That's a parachute.
F1113 And what's this one?
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 A lion?
F1114 [child noises]
F1113 Is it a parachute?
F1114 It's a parachute.
F1113 Oh wow!
F1114 It's the horse's turn. [child noise]
F1113 The horse's turn?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Right, what's that?
F1114 It's a lion.
F1113 A lion? //And what does the lion say?//
F1114 //Look! [laugh]// Roar roar roar!
F1113 Now, what's a piggy say?
F1114 Look, he's got one poop. //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh] No, that's his tail.// //That's his little curly tail.//
F1114 //child noises.// child noises Look at this!
F1113 And what does the little piggy say? //He goes "oink, oink".//
F1114 //He says "meh"!// He says "meh"!
F1113 No he disnae, he goes "oink, oink". Oink oink, see. And what does the cow say. M-?
F1114 Moo.
F1113 Moo. What does the horsie say?
F1114 Oink oink, oink oink, //oink o-.//
F1113 //That's the piggy, yes, but what does the horsie say?//
F1114 Moo-. [laugh] Meh, meh. Horsie, horsie, don't [inaudible]. Horsie's dancin.
F1113 Is he dancin? [toy plays music]
F1114 Yes, he's dancin.
F1113 He's dancin to the music. Is he?
F1114 [inaudible] dancin a
F1113 Oh right, so does the sheep, look. [?]It will be the[/?] sheep. Watch the sheep.
F1114 Go "meh, meh, meh, meh."
F1113 Oh, is he sad? //Is he cryin?//
F1114 //Yes.// No, he's good.
F1113 Eh? //Here we go. Line them up bonny, now.//
F1114 //Eh.// Da-da, da-da, baa.
F1113 We're getting Old MacDonald again, are we? On the farm.
F1114 This this this little pig is going in the farm.
F1113 Oh right.
F1114 This little [inaudible] the little pig's going in there. //This o-//
F1113 //We'll put that one in here, see?//
F1114 Where's the little piggy's home?
F1113 Little piggy's home is in there. //That's his home.//
F1114 //No.//
F1113 Or you could put him up there.
F1114 His home.
F1113 In his home, look, and the little chicken goes in there. //And the little sheep goes in there.//
F1114 //This.//
F1113 And this goes up the top. It's the wind, for the wind. //See? Goes round and round.//
F1114 //No!// This ains go in there. //This ains go in there.//
F1113 //Right.// Right.
F1114 You have the other one. //I'll have//
F1113 //Right, and the horse// the horse goes in here, that's where the horse goes, in here. //Right, and the cow//
F1114 //[inaudible]// Cows go in there, //beside the horsie.//
F1113 //Alright.// It goes beside the horsie? Here's a lion. I dinna think the lion should be in the farm, should he? Should he?
F1114 It's goin there.
F1113 The lion's goin there? //Do lions stay on the farm?//
F1114 //[?]Neh![/?]// [laugh] This one's going there, [?]then this one[/?].
F1113 What's that?
F1114 It's [inaudible] [?]this the blow aways[/?]. Not gonna blow away.
F1113 What's going to blow away?
F1114 This [inaudible].
F1113 Oh what's that? //That's cute.//
F1114 //Th-//
F1113 What's that?
F1114 The teddy bear. //Here's one.//
F1113 //A teddy bear?//
F1114 A [?]teddy bear[/?].
F1113 A teddy bear.
F1114 A [?]teddy bear[/?]. I no want a lion.
F1113 You no want a lion. No, I I dinna think the lion stays on the farm. No. Does he, really?
F1114 Er, no.
F1113 No. //There's a bonny hen, look, it's beautiful.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// //No, no no no no, [inaudible].//
F1113 //That's a nice one.// Does that go up there?
F1114 Er, yes.
F1113 Yes. //Okay.//
F1114 //Yes.// There's the little piggies. He's goin
F1113 He's up th- in his house, see?
F1114 This little piggies is going. //This, this, yes.//
F1113 //Do you want to do it with your toes?// You say it then.
F1114 This little piggy [inaudible].
F1113 Do it wi your toes? This little piggy //had roast beef, and this little piggy had none.//
F1114 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1113 //And this little piggy cried "wee wee wee wee wee wee" all the way home. Is your feet tickly?//
F1114 Yes, it's too tickly.
F1113 Too tickly for your feet. Put back on your socks.
F1114 Ticklish. //[laugh] Yes.//
F1113 //You're ticklish, are you? You're ticklish?//
F1114 Yes, ticklish.
F1113 You're ticklish.
F1114 How do your feeties go?
F1113 My feet's tickly too. Oh. //Tickly.//
F1114 //This little, this// this little piggy's go farm. This little piggy is going to upstairs. This little is going to s- the farm! This little piggy is going to see the baby. This little piggy is going to play with the box.
F1113 Oh. //They're going to be busy little pigs, aren't they?//
F1114 //Then they [inaudible].// //Yes.//
F1113 //Busy busy busy.// Busy. Come on back here a minute and see this. Look. //Right.//
F1114 //Mm mm mm mm mm mm.//
F1113 Come here and see this a minute.
F1114 Mummy, sit doon here.
F1113 Are you going to sit down there? Are you tired?
F1114 Mum, you go and sit down there, this seat.
F1113 Right. How aboot you brush Mummy's hair?
F1114 Okay, the hairdryer.
F1113 You be the hairdresser, okay?
F1114 Okay. Nice to see you.
F1113 Nice to see you too.
F1114 Right, [?]the things[/?].
F1113 And are you going to do my hair nice today? //Am I going to have nice hair?//
F1114 //Mm.// That's not working.
F1113 It needs new batteries.
F1114 Aw. Got new batteries in the shop.
F1113 Got new batteries in the shop? //Did Dad put in new batteries in the hairdryer?//
F1114 //Yes. Zzz.// //Got batteries.//
F1113 //You just can pretend, can't you.//
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Go "zzz".
F1114 [inaudible] use that [inaudible].
F1113 Are you goin to brush my hair?
F1114 No. I'm no.
F1113 Oh. Watch you dinna fall. That's a mirror. Will I have a look in the mirror? [inhale] Oh that's lovely! //You've done a lovely job with my hair.//
F1114 //It's [inaudible].// Right.
F1113 Right.
F1114 Zzz.
F1113 Zzz. //Zzz. Pretend the hairdryer's working.//
F1114 //Zzz.//
F1113 Okay.
F1114 The hairdryer.
F1113 Is broken. //It just needs a new battery.//
F1114 //Yes, it's// Where's the hairdryer? //It's//
F1113 //That's the hairdryer there.// //And there's, there's perfume, see, and there's lipstick.//
F1114 //Wh-//
F1113 And there's the ither hairdryer, see? And they're all needing batteries. [?]Have you used up[/?] all your batteries?
F1114 Yes. Oops.
F1113 Oops. //Right, brush my hair with a brush.//
F1114 //Smell.// //[sniff]//
F1113 //[sniff] Oh, nice smell.// //Is that nice perfume?//
F1114 //[sniff]// Yes.
F1113 Wow! I'll put the top back on the perfume. Right, you going to brush my hair? Okay? Oh that's fine. Is it goin to be pretty?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 There's a little baby brush.
F1114 I need that brush.
F1113 Okay.
F1114 Oops.
F1113 Oops-a-daisy.
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Oops-a-daisy. //Are you okay?//
F1114 //It's// your, it's your turn.
F1113 Will I do your hair now?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Will I be-? Right, you sit down here. Hello! Hello!
F1114 I've got a sore tummy.
F1113 You've got a sore tummy? //Have you?//
F1114 //Yes.// Yes.
F1113 Oh right. //You sit down and I'll make your hair pretty.//
F1114 //[inaudible]// No, you go in the back.
F1113 Where have I to go? Oh you want to sit on the beanbag? Right, you going to sit on the beanbag? //Right, [inaudible].//
F1114 //You, you//
F1113 I'll move it round there. Right, you sit down. //Okay?//
F1114 //Th-//
F1113 Right.
F1114 This-
F1113 Are you fine?
F1114 You do the brush. [exhale] //I'm doing this.//
F1113 //I'll brush your hair, okay?// Are you fine?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes, do you like getting your hair brushed?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Yes. Would you like it washed as well?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Okay. Are you tired?
F1114 It's [?]soaked[/?]. Look this //[inaudible]//
F1113 //I'll pretend to wash it, there we go.// Wash wash wash. Right, I'll dry it now. Bzz. //Right.//
F1114 //Bzz.//
F1113 With my hairdryer.
F1114 I'll get a bobble. //[?]Here it is[/?].//
F1113 //Would you like, would you like some// //perfume?//
F1114 //I'll// Yes.
F1113 Would you like some perfume?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 You're lookin pretty. Here we go then. Smell.
F1114 [sniff]
F1113 Is that nice?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 [inaudible] //Okay?//
F1114 //[squeak]// //Want to play till//
F1113 //[inaudible] Lipstick?// //Want some lipstick?//
F1114 //Yes.//
F1113 Here we go. Let me see you. Now, you gonna smile bonny? //Hiya! [laugh]//
F1114 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1113 //[laugh]// Now, very nice. Where you going out? To a party?
F1114 No, I'm
F1113 [toy makes a noise] What's that?
F1114 It's the Noo-Noo [?]sook up[/?].
F1113 Is the Noo-Noo makin a noise?
F1114 It's just go
F1113 Right.
F1114 [laugh] [inhale]
F1113 What's the Noo-Noo doing?
F1114 Sook up t- sook up the Tubby Custard.
F1113 Sooking up the Tubby Custard?
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Right.
F1114 O- open the book, we'll have a lookie. //Look!//
F1113 //Right.// There's, who's that? Who's that?
F1114 Po.
F1113 And who's that?
F1114 It's Dipsy.
F1113 And who's that?
F1114 Laa-Laa.
F1113 And who's that?
F1114 Tinky-Winky.
F1113 Tinky-Winky. And can you find the Noo-Noo?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Find Noo-Noo.
F1114 There's the Noo-Noo!
F1113 There he goes. He's, look, he's clearing up all the mess. Look at the mess. Who made that mess?
F1114 Tinky-Winky.
F1113 Tinky-Winky?
F1114 Yes. Open the book.
F1113 Open the book. [inhale] Is that Noo-Noo making a noise? [noise from toy] That's his hooter, see? Look, find him with his hooter. Wait till we see. Oh look, they've all fall down. What happened?
F1114 [inaudible] here's the scooter!
F1113 That's his, that's Po's scooter. Okay, over here, look.
F1114 Th-
F1113 Oh look, what th- what they doin here?
F1114 All mak a mess.
F1113 All makin a mess. And who cleans up the mess?
F1114 Noo-Noo.
F1113 Noo-Noo. Poor Noo-Noo.
F1114 He's nae got a mouth.
F1113 He's nae got a mouth?
F1114 He's got, he's got a long, what's that?
F1113 It's like a a pipe, like a long trunk, pipe.
F1114 It's no, it's not a pipe, it's a trunk.
F1113 It's a trunk. It's like an elephant's trunk.
F1114 Elephant's trunk.
F1113 Isn't it? He's got two eyes. Has he not got a mouth?
F1114 No.
F1113 That's his mouth, look, see, he's got a like a trunk and then he sooks up the custard there, see?
F1114 [?]Go away[/?]. I've got a little custard.
F1113 Little custards. Oh right.
F1114 What's this, Mum?
F1113 Mmhm.
F1114 Th-
F1113 That's the noise o him makin, is that him sooking up the custard?
F1114 You press it [inaudible].
F1113 I'll have a shot to press it?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Well, what's that one?
F1114 That's Po.
F1113 Oh that's on his hooter. Wait till we see. What they do-, what happened there? What's that one? Oh, it goes "honk honk". They all fall down, look. Fall down on the grass. Oh that's nice bells. Is that bells?
F1114 Yes.
F1113 Bells. //Aw, what are they doin?//
F1114 //[laugh]// //[inaudible]//
F1113 //They've bumped// yhey've bumped into each other, look. Aw! Who's that?
F1114 [?]Dipsy[/?].
F1113 What's that one?
F1114 Laa-Laa!
F1113 Did they bump into each other?
F1114 Let's find the Noo-Noo.
F1113 Finding the Noo-Noo. Is that your favourite?
F1114 [inaudible]
F1113 Is that your favourite?
F1114 Mm. You have that ain.
F1113 Okay. That's nice. Are you finished getting your hair done? I'll put that ones away.
F1114 Up on the aeroplane.
F1113 That's it. What are you finding now?
F1114 Another book.
F1113 Another book. Aw! That's bedtime songs. Songs when you go to your beddy. It's nae beddy-time yet. Is it? You tired?
F1114 Here's the song! //Let's let's dance!//
F1113 //Yes, [inaudible].// [inaudible] Oh, watch! Careful. In case you knock this off. That's like, that's that's nae songs to dance. That's ones when you go to your beddy, when you're tired, isn't it? When you go to your little beddy. It's not beddy-time yet, [inaudible] get your dinner. Want to get your dinner? What do you want for your dinner?
F1114 Soup.
F1113 Soup, what else?
F1114 Puck.
F1113 And juice?
F1114 And juice.
F1113 And juice. //And a pud-, and a pudding?//
F1114 //Mm.// Mmhm. [inaudible]
F1113 Eh?
F1114 [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1113 Eh? Who's that? Who's that in there?
F1114 Mm, that's [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 That's not [CENSORED: forename], who's that? That's [CENSORED: forename], that's you when you were a baby.
F1114 That's that's not [CENSORED: forename], that's [CENSORED: forename].
F1113 Aye, that's, you're [CENSORED: forename] now, you're big, but that is you, that's you when you was little, that's you when you was a baby. That's your photo when you was a wee baby. That's you. //It is, that's you.//
F1114 //Mm mm mmhm.//
F1113 You're a bigger girl now, but that's you when you was a baby.
F1114 I'm big.
F1113 You're big now. //A big girl now.//
F1114 //Ah ah.//
F1113 You sleepy? //Are you sleepy?//
F1114 //[laugh]// [laugh] Yes.
F1113 Sleepy. We'll go and make wir dinner?
F1114 Mm mm.
F1113 Are you going to help Mum?
F1114 Mm mmhm. [inaudible] I'll take one downstairs.
F1113 Yes, but for you to help Mummy, g- get out the pan with soup?
F1114 Yes. //Ah, come on, come!//
F1113 //And what else? Listen!// Who's that? //There's Dad!//
F1114 //Ah, [inaudible].//

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 03, recording 1: jigsaws, building blocks and hairdressing


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

Audio footage information

Year of recording 2004
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 59
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Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Geographic location of speech Buckie

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Occupation Housewife
Place of birth Buckie
Region of birth Moray
Birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
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Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Welder
Father's place of birth Buckie
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Mother's occupation Housewife
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Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
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