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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 18, recording 1: making jelly, making paper snowflakes and having a bath

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1111 Right, what do we need to get?
F1112 I will go and get the jellies!
F1111 Okay, where are we gonna get them from?
F1112 From out the fridge.
F1111 Okay.
F1112 It's a Coopie [?]one[/?].
F1111 Oh is it the Coopie?
F1112 Aye.
F1111 Are you pretending you're in the Coopie, away for your messages?
F1112 Huh?
F1111 Careful wi that chair!
F1112 Hey. I sometimes slip.
F1111 Mmhm, well you be very careful. We'll need to boil a kettle, won't we?
F1112 [chair scraping along floor?] Want black.
F1111 Let's see, let me see what flavour it is, that's going to be raspberry, raspberry, is that okay? You like raspberry, don't you?
F1112 [?]I don't[/?], I having that kind.
F1111 Er, I think there's two jelly, an two raspberry.
F1112 We will see. Which one's that?
F1111 Put this handie under here.
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Okay.
F1112 Mummy, erm, what is this? It's raspberry. And they're all raspberry. Are they?
F1111 Let's see. What other kind are there?
F1112 [exhale] There's two o them.
F1111 Oh, that's strawberry, that one.
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 Oh, that's m-. So we've got two strawberry and two raspberry. What would you like? //What flavour would you like?//
F1112 //You tell me.// You tell me. You tell me. You tell me.
F1111 Erm, let's have strawberry, I think. One o that ones. //Okay?//
F1112 //[exhale]// //How about leaving them?//
F1111 //Right, just put,// yes, just put, we'll pop that ones back up now. You jump down carefully. Very carefully. Oh now! Into the cupboard and get a bowl.
F1112 Okay. Maybe I will steal a bit.
F1111 Oh, maybe you will, will you?
F1112 Er, this //ones.//
F1111 //Now, before// we do anything else, before we open the packet, //what have you got to do with your hands?//
F1112 //No, I know m-.// //No.//
F1111 //Come on.// And use soap here. Take the stool over. //Slide slide the jug up there first, darling.//
F1112 //[inaudible]// //Sli-.//
F1111 //Slide it over there first, wash hands.// //You don't touch//
F1112 //It's a bit hot.//
F1111 a-, no I've put on the cold. We touch any food unless we've?
F1112 Wa-, you washed, I saw you //washing your hands.//
F1111 //I know, but I'm gonna do it// again to make sure they're really clean. Ooh, that's a bit cold. //Okay, I'm very clean now.//
F1112 //I'm re-//
F1111 What about you?
F1112 I'm not clean.
F1111 Not yet. You will be in a minute though, won't you? Careful darling. Keep it in there. And you rinse? Okay, is that you ready?
F1112 No.
F1111 Yes, cause look, we need to get going with the jelly, come and dry your hands. Here you are, darling. Dry them carefully. I wonder where that ambulance was going. I hope nobody's hurt.
F1112 I don't know.
F1111 Mm.
F1112 I don't know if somebody's //hurt or s-.//
F1111 //Aye, you want to// hold onto my head a wee minute.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 Hold onto my head //and I'll move you across. Watch, darling.//
F1112 //No, I don't w-.//
F1111 Watch your feet, watch your feet.
F1112 I'm holding onto your shoulder.
F1111 Okay, hold onto my shoulder. [laugh] [?]Onto[/?] my head. [laugh] Okay. //Now,//
F1112 //And and jelly?// And jelly over. Have I to open it?
F1111 Okay, can you manage?
F1112 No. Have to pul-. Maybe I will eat a bittie, cause it's hot the day. //[child noises]//
F1111 //Okay? You take it out and break it into little squares.// That's a clever girl. //Mm! Is it a nice smell?//
F1112 //Mm! Oh, it's// [?]delicious[/?]. Smell it in fact!
F1111 Oh, it just smells like a big strawberry! [inhale] But you don't have to eat it like a strawberry, now!
F1112 Mm.
F1111 You s-s- squeeze the rest. Pull it apart, into little squares.
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 And pop it in the bowl.
F1112 Mmhm. Look!
F1111 No, but you've got to s- you've got to cut it into bits first, pull it into bits.
F1112 But [inaudible] my ha-.
F1111 It's alright, don't worry, your hands are nice and clean. Will we help?
F1112 [inaudible] [?]through it[/?].
F1111 You take out a spoon, will you please? //Out the drawer.//
F1112 //Mm.//
F1111 Yeah, that one, ta-, no, take one with that kind of handle. Hot water can make that one get hot. Take o-. Take a blue one. [inaudible]. Okay? What do the instructions say? Tell me. You read them for me.
F1112 You tell me.
F1111 You normally tell me the instructions.
F1112 Oh let me have one, oh let me have one!
F1111 Oh wait a wee sec, cause it needs to melt a wee bit. That'll be burning, so just wait a wee minute.
F1112 I wanna make a bit.
F1111 Oh that's going to be very hot, darling, it's b-, it's made with boiling hot water. You just have to stir very gently, [?]while we're[/?] watching.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 No, you keep stirring. Cause as you keep stirring, darling, they melt away. Oh look! //Well, cause it//
F1112 //Eh?//
F1111 sticks to the bottom if you don't keep stirring. And that helps it melt away.
F1112 [child noises] [child noises]
F1111 Will we just have a jelly, or will we make a fluff?
F1112 No no, if we will make a fluff or not.
F1111 You be careful cause you're stretching over there where you shouldn't be. //I hope you don't go down with a crash.//
F1112 //Mm.// [inaudible] do the lighter bits.
F1111 No, I don't wan-, don't touch matches.
F1112 No I will give them //to you.//
F1111 //No, well you// shouldn't be touching them, cause that's in a cupboard that you don't go near.
F1112 No, I won't give it to you. //I want-.//
F1111 //[CENSORED: forename], I do not want you near that cupboard.//
F1112 No, I want to give some to you.
F1111 I do not want you in that cupboard. //You should just come out of the cupboard.//
F1112 //No I want to go [inaudible].//
F1111 Are you ready? Here's one for you.
F1112 [exhale]
F1111 Oh, it's running away. There it goes.
F1112 It's not hot.
F1111 That's a tiny little one that's dissolving wi the hot water, isn't it?
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 Think we'll have any more?
F1112 Mm? Now look at it. It's all [exhale].
F1111 You've got to keep stirring.
F1112 How are you doing that?
F1111 Makes it disappear. I'll look for another one just now.
F1112 S-s-, [laugh] that's [inaudible], that's
F1111 Seeing any?
F1112 No. Let's see. //No I wan-.//
F1111 //Now,// taste! Will it be good? Will it be lovely? //Okay.//
F1112 //I tasted it.//
F1111 Well leave it just now.
F1112 There.
F1111 Now what, I think we should maybe go and have a bath.
F1112 Not yet.
F1111 No but, when Mummy was sanding all that wood today, I'd to wear a mask, cause yesterday I was choked up.
F1112 How?
F1111 Because all that stuff goes in your eyes, it makes your eyes sore, and it goes up your nose and makes your no-, tickles your nose and makes you sneeze. And it gives you a dry throat as well. Mummy should have had a mask on yesterday too. I did today, so I should be okay. But it would be nice to go for a big clean wash. Would that be a good idea?
F1112 No, what about watching Monsters Inc?
F1111 Watching Monsters Inc? //You d-, you know Mummy doesna watch that.//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// [?]You canna[/?] watch that.
F1111 Who does watch it?
F1112 Daddy.
F1111 Mummy doesna watch it.
F1112 I got the [inaudible] here.
F1111 Will we make a snowflake?
F1112 No.
F1111 Will we cut out a snowflake?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Will we?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Okay. Let's go and get paper then.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 Let's go and get paper, look, in here.
F1112 Mm. [panting] [exhale] [inaudible]
F1111 [?]We've got some of[/?] these little bits.
F1112 Uh-huh. [laugh]
F1111 Wow, we'll have to get our special scissors, won't we?
F1112 No!
F1111 Yes, to do
F1112 Uh-huh. It's my ones. It's out of this cupboard.
F1111 Yes, you're right. Where's it, where's your cupboard then? Through the?
F1112 No, I I'm going to [inaudible].
F1111 Dinna press that darlin.
F1112 Eh.
F1111 Dinna press that one.
F1112 [child noises] Let's see if you can do that.
F1111 Eh?
F1112 Well, I'm going to share with you.
F1111 Certainly.
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Well there's two scissors. Let's sit on the floor and we'll do it. Will we? Or are you going to sit up here?
F1112 I am. Well.
F1111 Up at the table.
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 That's a good idea.
F1112 And I'm going to have two bits!
F1111 Mm?
F1112 I'm doing two o-. Well, I better cut out my [inaudible] two scissors.
F1111 Oh, you're going to [?]cut oot[/?] that design, are you?
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 Okay. Now, can I have your knee a wee minute please?
F1112 Eh?
F1111 That's it. Now, it's not staying on that bit, so we're going to have to put it on somewhere else.
F1112 No I don't want that on, no I don't want mine on. Don't want mine on. I don't want mine on.
F1111 Okay. //Don't bother then.//
F1112 //[?]Pick them up[/?].// [laugh]
F1111 Now. Now what have to got to do? Got to make a snowflake, fold it in half.
F1112 Aye.
F1111 You going to fold it in half too?
F1112 No, I'm not.
F1111 Are you not?
F1112 No.
F1111 I thought you were gonna make snowflakes. Fold it in half again.
F1112 I can't do that yet.
F1111 Well you could easily try, I think. Fold it in half again. And once more.
F1112 That's snowflake.
F1111 Pardon? //Now.//
F1112 //Oh!// Your one's snowflakes.
F1111 I've got to try and make a pattern now. Cut in triangles. And what else could I cut? Maybe a big rectangle. A box.
F1112 Eh? You can not do that.
F1111 No? //What are you making?//
F1112 //[inaudible]// It's just a bunch o designs.
F1111 Just designs?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Oh a bunch of designs.
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 I hope they're going to be nice ones, are they? //What are you using to do your cutting?//
F1112 //Mmhm, they are.// Two scissors.
F1111 Two? //I hope it's just one at a time.//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// //[inaudible]//
F1111 //Now I'm going to open out my snowflake.// Do you think it'll be pretty? //[inhale]//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// Want to see my one?
F1111 It's very very nice. Look at this! //Oh!//
F1112 //Wow!//
F1111 Wow, that's lovely.
F1112 We could draw inside it.
F1111 We could actually use a pen and on a clean piece of paper make patterns using it. Couldn't we?
F1112 Not yet.
F1111 Would that be a good idea?
F1112 No, no, cause that's a new paper. Just leave that for us. When we're finished with this one I'll need a bit.
F1111 You going to? Well I would like another bit as well because I'm going to draw my pattern.
F1112 Oh! [inaudible] Look at my design.
F1111 Oh, that's a lovely one. You're a very good cutter now.
F1112 Look at my design.
F1111 Look! I can make patterns with the holes that I've made in my snowflake. That's really nice, isn't it?
F1112 I'm making designs.
F1111 I wonder-. What about drawing round your buttons?
F1112 What's that?
F1111 That would be a good idea too, wouldn't it?
F1112 No, let me draw it, //that one.//
F1111 //Yes, but there's lots of different ones. Mummy's just put them in the box.// You've got a nice star shape. Hold your fi-, hold your finger on the middle. Do you want a pen?
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 Okay, you can have this one, darling. Now, hold your finger on the middle and draw round your sta-, your buttons. Let's see what different shapes we have. Can you manage it? It's a bit tricky. //What shapes have you got?//
F1112 //I got it!//
F1111 Oh well done! What colour was your shape too? Was it a star?
F1112 Eh.
F1111 I knew that was a star. Well done. Are you trying another one now?
F1112 No, just wait a minute. [sucks air through teeth] Look at that now, oh.
F1111 I've got a star and a triangle and a hexagon.
F1112 Look at my one!
F1111 Oh, that's lovely. What else is there in here? I think I need a square now.
F1112 How?
F1111 Cause I don't have a square yet. Let's see.
F1112 [?]See if I could[/?].
F1111 Oh that's good. What else is there in here?
F1112 Mm, I will need one o them.
F1111 I know which one I don't have yet. I don't even have a circle yet.
F1112 Okay. //Okay, I [inaudible].//
F1111 //I've found it!//
F1112 [inaudible] find something else [inaudible] that one. [inaudible] [inaudible] shapes [inaudible].
F1111 The shape's already out, look. [inaudible] Which one are you looking for? [inaudible]
F1112 That one. [inaudible]
F1111 Pardon?
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 One hole? How many's that one got?
F1112 I'm going to draw that, my one.
F1111 You're going to draw it, okay.
F1112 Where is my pencil? Where is my pencil?
F1111 It fell down I think. Woops-a-daisies, here it is.
F1112 Woops. Woops-a-daisies. [inaudible], will you look at my design, what's that? Mummy, why don't you make that for me.
F1111 Will I try to do one? I've got to hold it in the middle.
F1112 I can't do that yet.
F1111 It's very hard, but you're doing a great job.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Okay, will we make another shape?
F1112 [inaudible] after. What's inside?
F1111 What's inside? Is it a surprise?
F1112 What's that?
F1111 I don't know.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Pardon? //[inaudible]//
F1112 //[inaudible]//
F1111 A surprise, hooray! Isn't it lovely?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 [laugh]
F1112 [inaudible] Going to roll off.
F1111 It'll roll right off.
F1112 Will it roll right off?
F1111 It will, cause it's round, so it'll keep rolling.
F1112 Why doesn't it roll down there?
F1111 No, not yet. We need to keep the pot for keeping all the buttons in, don't we?
F1112 Hey, I catched it. [laugh]
F1111 Oh that was lucky, before it rolled away. //Let's look,//
F1112 //It was, wasn't it?//
F1111 I'm going to look, I think I'm gonna look for //all the//
F1112 //Oh I've found!//
F1111 yellow buttons. //There's a yellow,//
F1112 //No, I'm going to have the yellow b-.//
F1111 and there's a yellow and there's a yellow. //Is there any more yellows over in your pile?//
F1112 //No, I'm going to draw this.//
F1111 Have a look and see.
F1112 That's mine.
F1111 Let's see in your pile over there. Are there any more?
F1112 That's mine. That's [?]mine[/?].
F1111 Okay. This time I'm going to find the [sucks air through teeth] blue ones!
F1112 No, I'm going to find them after this ones.
F1111 Are ye?
F1112 Mmhm. I'm going to find them all.
F1111 Ah, but look, you've got lots over there //too.//
F1112 //No, that's// I'm going to do this.
F1111 Oh, you're going to do that pile next? //So you're finding yellow first, then blue.//
F1112 //You do it.// Hey, look at my
F1111 You've got lots I think. Then green, then we'll do pink. Then we'll do orange. Are you back to cutting again?
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 That's the zig-zag scissors you've got. It makes funny shapes, doesn't it? //It makes shapes like a big crocodile's mouth, doesn't it?//
F1112 //But this one's [inaudible].// [inaudible] Look!
F1111 Now don't, remember we don't put fingers near it. Just put them in the holes, that's clever. You're very clev-, oh, well done.
F1112 Hey. Think this one's not a sharp one.
F1111 It is a sharp one, darling.
F1112 Ah, it's quite.
F1111 Mmhm.
F1112 [inaudible] Oh I nearly [inaudible].
F1111 Up you come in case you cut the carpet. Come on, up on the table, darling. [CENSORED: forename]! In case you cut your ca-, up you come.
F1112 I'm just making a beautiful design, look.
F1111 You're making a beautiful what?
F1112 Design.
F1111 A design? //Okay.//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// What you making on yours? [inhale] Oh my goodness! I never knew you was making [inaudible]. Put it on, when [inaudible]? I want Noddy on.
F1111 No, not on, not on, we're not watching that just now, darling.
F1112 I just don't want to do that just now.
F1111 Well, we- we'll see Noddy when you're having your milk before you go to your bed. We're to have a bath and everything before that. Will we go and have our bath now?
F1112 No, I want to watch [inaudible]
F1111 Pardon?
F1112 [noise from microphone]
F1111 Will we make a design on here? Okay. Come on then. Jump up, let's see what designs you're gonna do.
F1112 Ah, [inaudible].
F1111 Why are you taking that off? Ready for your bath?
F1112 I'm just too [inaudible].
F1111 Are you too hot?
F1112 Uh-huh. That's why I'm taking all this off.
F1111 Oh I see.
F1112 [?]Can't you[/?].
F1111 Remember take down the zip as well, before you take it over your head.
F1112 Oh it's sore when I
F1111 Well just be careful over your nose. That's a good girl.
F1112 [exhale]
F1111 Well done. Are you keeping on your vest?
F1112 No.
F1111 That as well? Dear me.
F1112 [inaudible] Oh it's a tight vest top on.
F1111 Mmhm. Jump up!
F1112 Right, [inaudible].
F1111 That's in the wrong place. Okay, what design are you going to do first, for the road? What ro-, what design are you going to use? This one? That's a good one. Oh, that's like a tyre wheel. A wheel mark, isn't it?
F1112 No it's not. [inaudible] somebody [inaudible]. Who's [inaudible] cross the road?
F1111 Well what what do you think could be crossing the road? Who uses the road?
F1112 It's a lamb.
F1111 A lamb? So we've got to draw a little lamb.
F1112 No, I th-, I th-, I think one o my teddies will do it. What about little ted?
F1111 What?
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Well maybe Mummy'll have to draw Mary had a little lamb. //Will we do Mary, and a little lamb?//
F1112 //No!// No!
F1111 And it followed her to school one day?
F1112 No. //[laugh]//
F1111 //[laugh]// We could do a picture of the school, and aboot the little lamb going away to the school. But lambs canna go to the school, can they?
F1112 No, it's, no it's [inaudible].
F1111 Oh I see.
F1112 Right. That's Mary's [?]like her[/?]?
F1111 That's Mary, mmhm.
F1112 No that's li- Mary's little lamb. //No, he's not on the road.//
F1111 //Aw!// Not yet, he's very sensible, that lamb, he's staying at the side in case he gets knocked down by a car, I think. Because here comes the cars, oh, oh, oh, oh no, lots o cars. And he's not goin to get knocked down, is he? //Cause he's staying on the?//
F1112 //Hey look.// Path. //Look at him!//
F1111 //Staying on the path.//
F1112 Look at that!
F1111 Oh, that was lucky. Lamb, I think you'd better go away back to the field beside your Mummy.
F1112 Why?
F1111 Because the mummy sheep will be looking for you.
F1112 How he's not going away home?
F1111 Cause he's out exploring. He's escaped from the field. He pushed his nose out through the fence, a hole in the fence, and he escaped. [inhale] And his poor mummy'll be crying in the fields for him.
F1112 [inaudible] Going away and he's [inaudible]. //Oh what is that?//
F1111 //Okay, so we'll do, we're to draw him in his hoosie now?// I don't know. Right, you draw the hoosie.
F1112 That's a wall bittie.
F1111 Oh a big wall that is. //And the roof.//
F1112 //It is.// The roof.
F1111 Oh wow! That's a huge house.
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 And is this the lamb going away back to his house?
F1112 Soon be.
F1111 Soon be. Where's he going first?
F1112 Oh no, he's [exhale], is, he's in there just now.
F1111 Hiding? //Is he?//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// And the car's in there.
F1111 Oh, has he lost his way home? Does he not know how to get home? Is he lost?
F1112 He's in there.
F1111 Oh he's in there.
F1112 He's just coming up the path?
F1111 Coming up the road to his house?
F1112 Y-. Right. [inaudible] my hand.
F1111 Right, you've got to spread out your hand if you're going to draw around your handprint. How many fingers have you got? Let me hear you counting.
F1112 One, two, three, four!
F1111 Four ha-, four fingers? Wow! So you have. How ha-, how many has Mummy got? Count Mummy's.
F1112 One.
F1111 Okay. Draw round them. How many have I got?
F1112 Take it off and see.
F1111 Hooray! How many did I have?
F1112 Two!
F1111 Just two ha-, two fingers?
F1112 Look, drawed this.
F1111 Oh that's fancy.
F1112 You [inaudible].
F1111 Oh I see, that makes sure it doesn't f-, go away. That's a good idea, isn't it? Okay. What will we draw this time? Right, I'm gonna draw Granny's garden.
F1112 How?
F1111 Because she's got a shed, it's got a big black door, and there's big trees round beside it.
F1112 Won't you go on the bus to it?
F1111 And round about it she's got lots of beautiful flowers, //and beautiful shrubs.//
F1112 //Want to,// want to go on the bus to it?
F1111 Over to Granny's?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 We've just come from Granny's, darling.
F1112 No, but I'm going to that Granny's this time.
F1111 Oh I see, in the picture?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 That would be a good idea. And Granny's got mushrooms //for you to play with, hasn-, hasn't she?//
F1112 //Mushrooms?// Eh?
F1111 And toadstools. What else has she got? She's got little rabbits.
F1112 What about going to see a little rabbits, oh I'd better take big James on here.
F1111 He'll want to see what happens over at Granny's.
F1112 [tut] //I o-.//
F1111 //Okay, tell James about Granny's garden.// Go and tell him about it. What we've got so far.
F1112 Okay. Right. Right, tell him, right, tell him.
F1111 Well you tell him. I drew it, you've to tell him. //Tell him what's in the picture.//
F1112 //No, no I draw it.// I draw it.
F1111 You never drew it.
F1112 I d- I drawed.
F1111 You dawed. You never did.
F1112 I drawed.
F1111 You never did. //Mummy drew it.//
F1112 //I drawed.//
F1111 Okay, I'm gonna draw clouds up in the sky. What else will I draw?
F1112 Why are you not going away?
F1111 This is grass.
F1112 Why's not going away?
F1111 Cause you haven't cleared it. Do you want it cleared? Okay. Now we're going to draw a little house. This is [CENSORED: forename]'s house.
F1112 No, this i-, that's your house. No, I'm going to draw it. //[inaudible]//
F1111 //Okay, you draw the house.// And maybe you can pretend you've even got a little dog stays in your house.
F1112 [inaudible] tell him, [inaudible].
F1111 Okay.
F1112 Sometimes, sometimes n-, sometimes Nicky does [inaudible] Mr [inaudible] bubbles.
F1111 [laugh] What a loud noise she makes when she blows her nose, doesn't //she?//
F1112 //Uh-huh.//
F1111 [laugh]
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 What can you see in the window?
F1112 Right.
F1111 Okay, well done, that's the bottom of the house.
F1112 That's a triangle one the blocks.
F1111 Okay. //We need the roof,//
F1112 //You better.//
F1111 come on, let's draw up the roof.
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 The top of the house. //Oh.//
F1112 //The top.//
F1111 Well done. Now windows on the house,
F1112 Windows, windows, windows, windows, //win-.//
F1111 //And a big door for us to come in and out.//
F1112 You do it.
F1111 You do the nice door. That's a good idea.
F1112 A big one.
F1111 Yes, a big door there. Okay and the garage is at the side, where we keep the car. Okay? Well done.
F1112 You put in the ga-, you put in the car.
F1111 I'll draw the car here.
F1112 No, in the [inaudible]. //Uh-huh.//
F1111 //Oh, in the garage, okay.//
F1112 Oh it's having a sleep in the garage.
F1111 Cause that's where it goes at night. Wher-, when we're sleeping it goes to the garage as well. //It has a rest.//
F1112 //[?]Maybe[/?].// Why don't we go to [CENSORED: forename]'s?
F1111 No darlin, it's nearly bedtime, it's getting dark now, [CENSORED: forename]'ll be going away to her bed.
F1112 How will we go to her dancing?
F1111 Yes, but I think she'll have finished her lessons by now. She'll be getting, doin her reading, her homework.
F1112 How?
F1111 She'll be doing her reading for for her teacher. And maybe even doing spelling and writing sentences.
F1112 So we we can't go just now?
F1111 No, we can't go at night-time during the week, cause she's got homework and she's got after-school clubs. Sometimes she's got Rainbows and sometimes she's got swimming lessons. Sometimes she goes dancing. She's very busy.
F1112 Where her be? //[?]You tell me[/?].//
F1111 //What day's this? This is Wednesday.// Mm.
F1112 It's Thursday //now.//
F1111 //Aye.// Thursday tomorrow. Mm. It's [CENSORED: forename]'s birthday tomorrow. We'll have to remember to go over. Will we? Will you remind me to go? Take over a card and a present for her?
F1112 No.
F1111 We'll have to remember, cause that's not nice if you forget.
F1112 I don't want to make a parcel for her.
F1111 We'll have to buy a parcel for her. //Maybe buy some nice flowers or something, will we?//
F1112 //Why?// Why?
F1111 Would that be nice?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Know what we forgot to do on Monday? We forgot to go to the dentist. Mummy had to phone today and say "I'm really sorry. We f- we forgot to come." //When Daddy comes home next time we're going to go.//
F1112 //Mm.// You'll be there an aa?
F1111 Yes, oh yes, of course. What do we do at the dentist?
F1112 No I want [inaudible]. I don't want to go to the dentist.
F1111 Why's that?
F1112 Cause I'm scared.
F1111 Why?
F1112 Cause I am.
F1111 Why are you scared?
F1112 I don't want the dentist pulling out my teeth.
F1111 He's not going to pull out your teeth. Why would he pull out your teeth? You've got beautiful healthy teeth. You've got to open your mouth and say "Look at my new teeth!" Cause you've got four new ones since he l- saw you last.
F1112 He will get them. He will pull them out.
F1111 He will not.
F1112 No, th-, he will pull out the new ones coming out there.
F1111 No no no no. You've got that ones, and they, you've got them until you're about seven, till you're about [CENSORED: forename]'s age. And then they start to c- fall out themselves, the baby teeth, and then you get the nice big teeth, but you've got to look after them. We've got to brush them, haven't we?
F1112 Uh-huh, take the babies one, will come out.
F1111 Yes, we've got to look after all our teeth, baby ones and big ones.
F1112 And [inaudible] teeth.
F1111 And how, how does Mr [CENSORED: surname] check your teeth? What have we got to do? You lie down on the? Special chair, cause it goes away back, doesn't it?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 And he shines a light in yer?
F1112 In your mouth.
F1111 In your mouth, uh-huh. And what does he do? What does he say? Open?
F1112 Wide.
F1111 Open wide! Yes. //And he gently looks at your teeth.//
F1112 //And//
F1111 And he counts them, and he says "Oh yes, she's she's got them all now", I think he'll say.
F1112 [exhale] //Ah! [laugh]//
F1111 //[laugh]// And he'll say "You're really looking after your teeth, I know you brush them a lot". And what will you say?
F1112 And he will brush them.
F1111 He'll maybe brush them for you, yes. That would be good, how to show you, how to do it very cleverly.
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 Mmhm.
F1112 And not in my house.
F1111 No, not in your house, cause we've got to go to where the dentist works, don't we?
F1112 Mmhm. He's not going away home [?]this year[/?].
F1111 Pardon?
F1112 He's not going away home. Ah! Mummy, can I watch Noddy just now, cause I [inaudible] watch it.
F1111 No, we're going away to run your bath. //You can actually go and run it.//
F1112 //I don't want a bath.// No, I don't want. [inaudible]
F1111 Well you'll have to be, right, if you do that, you'll need to
F1112 Getting my stool.
F1111 Get your stool.
F1112 Then clamber in.
F1111 Cl-. [laugh] Then what?
F1112 Then go in.
F1111 What di- what did you say? Then clam-?
F1112 Go in.
F1111 You didn't say "go in", you said "clamber in". I've never heard you say that before. Okay, we need to close the plug. Well done. Right, the other one first, darling. [water starts running] And then jump out. Okay? And Mummy'll give you yours.
F1112 My bath. [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1111 Okay [?]turn[/?], thank you. Now, while that's running, we're going to go through to your bedroom, we're gonna go and look out jamas for after the bath.
F1112 Not wet my hair!
F1111 No, we're not going to wet your hair. You can look out jamas.
F1112 Mmhm. I can look out them. I can look out this one. [inaudible] [?]Play a game, the playing game[/?] [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1111 Let's go and close all the blinds then.
F1112 [inaudible] [inaudible] Whee! Jump.
F1111 Come on and close the blinds, darling.
F1112 Do the [inaudible]. [inaudible] No, cause I haven't got on clothes now. Eh, put this on there. Testing testing.
F1111 [laugh] Testing testing.
F1112 Testing testing.
F1111 Wait a minute.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 [?]In here[/?].
F1112 Hey, it's testing testing.
F1111 No, come on then, you come and shut the blinds for me, while the water's running.
F1112 Okay.
F1111 Right, we've done that ones, through this bedroom. Through here.
F1112 Let me play toybox.
F1111 No, not just now.
F1112 Why?
F1111 You can maybe do that after the bath.
F1112 Aye, [inaudible]. Right, I've done it.
F1111 Through here, you've to do the lounge. Come on!
F1112 Jam jam jam jam jam. It's a bit dark.
F1111 Well we could easily put on the light, couldn't we?
F1112 [inaudible] see Cinderella.
F1111 Okay, close the blinds then for me.
F1112 I can't find the way to work [inaudible].
F1111 Other one darling. Other one. Other one, to tilt it.
F1112 [exhale] Er.
F1111 Close it first, darling, before you tilt them.
F1112 That one.
F1111 No, you have to close it darling. You're opening it further.
F1112 That?
F1111 Okay, that's it.
F1112 Mmhm?
F1111 Right, this one?
F1112 No, can't do it. [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1111 Okay, I think that's probably plenty water, let's run.
F1112 Let's run and see. See if it's full. No, [inaudible] see if it's full. Oh my goodness!
F1111 It's going to be very hot. We'll need to put in a wee drop of cold water. //Go and put down the toilet lid, please darling.//
F1112 //Mm?//
F1111 Pop down the toilet lid.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 Put down the toilet lid, sweetheart. Will you go through to our bathroom and get erm get towels. [water stop running]
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Okay. I think it might be too hot for you, you be careful!
F1112 [inaudible] Mm. [inaudible] Oh it's too hot.
F1111 Is that far too hot?
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 Mummy sort it. [?]Get up[/?].
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Okay, will we put in a wee drop more cold? [water running] //Are these ducks going in tonight?//
F1112 //Yeah.//
F1111 Are the ducks going in?
F1112 This one's going in.
F1111 Oh, is that one going in too?
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 Those dolls have already been washed today. Right, I think it's fine for you now darling. Jump in.
F1112 [inaudible] Oh. It's very good. Barbie, you want in? [inaudible]
F1111 Are you not in yet? Oh, I'll be in first then, I think. Who's in first tonight?
F1112 Me! Me. I can just get in.
F1111 Will there be room for all these dolls and us?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Think so?
F1112 I'm going to be first in the bath. Yum yum yum. [humming]
F1111 No, keep them on there, darling.
F1112 I'm just going to put them on.
F1111 No. You go in first then, jump in.
F1112 [inaudible] Shout [inaudible].
F1111 Oof!
F1112 [singing]
F1111 Jump in.
F1112 [singing]
F1111 Right, it'll be me first then, if you don't go quick.
F1112 Ow, ow it's too hot now.
F1111 It's not.
F1112 Yes it is.
F1111 No it's not. //It's just lovely.//
F1112 //No.// It's too hot for me.
F1111 Mummy go in first? Oh, that's lovely. Oh there's a cheeky little duck in here first. He beat us to it. That's okay for you, darling, in you come.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 That's okay. Not too hot. It's just fine.
F1112 You took the hot water.
F1111 Yes. I made sure it's not too hot for you, cause I've come in first.
F1112 You took out hot water?
F1111 Yes. You gon-, you gonna sit beside the dolls?
F1112 [?]But there's no room, look[/?]. [inaudible]
F1111 Lots of room.
F1112 Look, [inaudible]. Eh? Eh?
F1111 Oh yes.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 We'll need to wash her again.
F1112 Oh, I will take out //shampoo?//
F1111 //No, we're not having that.//
F1112 Why?
F1111 Cause we're not
F1112 Okay.
F1111 Oh! Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!
F1112 [?]Oh I do it[/?].
F1111 [laugh]
F1112 Oh, big doll.
F1111 Oh, thank you!
F1112 And little doll.
F1111 Oh, nice doll.
F1112 I'm just wetting my hairs now.
F1111 We don't need to wet our hair at night. Just have a little play in the bath at night, don't we?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Make sure all our, any muck or any sand, or whatever's on us from o- playing during the day.
F1112 Hey, fitt about [?]throwing the dollies backies[/?]?
F1111 Not that one, this one. Oh no, lost her. Which one?
F1112 That one.
F1111 Where's the other one? Oh, she's under here, hiding!
F1112 What one?
F1111 [laugh] She gives you a scare.
F1112 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1111 //Gurgle gurgle gurgle. [laugh]// Oh, you hear the bubbles! //I think she's making more bubbles every time she does that.//
F1112 //I do hear.// //Uh-huh. [inaudible]//
F1111 //Is she?//
F1112 [inaudible] Gurgle gurgle gurgle on you!
F1111 On me? //[laugh]//
F1112 //Gurgle gurgle gurgle.//
F1111 That's nice and cosy, that water, isn't it?
F1112 Put it on to the dollies.
F1111 What?
F1112 Put them on your knee.
F1111 Okay. Hang on, I'll get the hair out of her face. Okay!
F1112 [noise of something being submerged] Do you hear the bubbles?
F1111 [laugh] I hear them. //Bubble bubble bubble.//
F1112 //Ho-.// Do you want to go s- //swim?//
F1111 //She's going for a swim.//
F1112 Swim. Oh!
F1111 She's got lots of bubbles all over her, hasn't she?
F1112 Mm? Gurgle gurgle. //[laugh]//
F1111 //[laugh]// You're giving her a shower. //[laugh]//
F1112 //That's like a shower.// Barbie go under the water and see what's happening? //[inaudible]//
F1111 //Yes, she's going away scuba diving.// Away under the water. //Here she comes again!//
F1112 //No, ha-.// [inaudible] No what about [inaudible] hold on her hair.
F1111 Hold onto her hair. //Is she just snorkeling?//
F1112 //Just hold on.// Hold on to her body.
F1111 Okay, I'm holding on to her body. Are they two finding each other under the water?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Hello! [laugh]
F1112 I got some water from her.
F1111 Oh! Is it time for her shower?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Okay.
F1112 Cause I've been out in the mud and out in the sand.
F1111 Out in the mud and the sand? Okay, right, go, give her her shower. [exhale]
F1112 I'm just scrubbing her hair. Mmhm, I see. Oh it's nice Mum. Well, nice fun we're having in the //bath.//
F1111 //Mmhm.//
F1112 [inaudible] that dolly.
F1111 Oops. Where's Barbie? Is she in too?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Where's she? Oh I can feel her.
F1112 I can feel her.
F1111 I've got her.
F1112 I've got her. Tilt back her head and take it off and put water in it. And that will swish out. [inaudible] that one!
F1111 What are you doing?
F1112 Putting water in there.
F1111 And squishing it out.
F1112 Uh-huh. Take off her head and get it off.
F1111 No, that's not really nice doing that to the dollies, taking off their head, is it?
F1112 Take it off.
F1111 Okay. //Filling up the body with water?//
F1112 //Just tak-.//
F1111 [laugh] [water bubbling] Hear the bubbles? I'm giving you a shower now.
F1112 [inaudible] taking her, it's cosy for her.
F1111 What about these ducks tonight?
F1112 They're getting a shower.
F1111 Are they? Are you giving them a shower in a wee minute?
F1112 Mmhm. [inaudible] [inaudible] You open that one and pour it over that dollies. Now we'll pour it //[inaudible].//
F1111 //But this poor dolly that I've got's just a body. Where's her head?// //She's lost her head.//
F1112 //[inaudible]// Yeah.
F1111 Oh no! Can you lose your head?
F1112 No, I can't.
F1111 Why not?
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Why can't you lose your head?
F1112 Eh?
F1111 Why can't you us- lose your head?
F1112 Cause my head's stuck on with my neck.
F1111 Oh, it's stuck on with your neck. Oh I see.
F1112 [inaudible] [singing] Ah, maybe do do her hair.
F1111 Ow! Oh, I bashed my arm on the tap.
F1112 No you didna. [inaudible]. [inaudible] on her. Why don't I put it on that kind? //I think we [inaudible].//
F1111 //Aye. [inaudible]// //Right, I'll hold her.//
F1112 //[inaudible]// What is this for?
F1111 Washing her hair.
F1112 But it's for, [inaudible] that soap. //What soap?//
F1111 //Mmhm.// That one in the corner.
F1112 I can't see it. I can't see it!
F1111 The green one in the corner.
F1112 I can't see the green one.
F1111 That one.
F1112 It's that one.
F1111 Uh-huh.
F1112 I couldn't see it, [inaudible].
F1111 No, just a wee sippie.
F1112 What do you put it on that dolly and [?]inside[/?] me.
F1111 Pardon?
F1112 What do you put it in her oxters, in her, inside her, inside the body? //Uh-huh.//
F1111 //In her body? Want me to do her oxters? Why?// //[laugh] Is she smelly?//
F1112 //That's smellies.// One.
F1111 That's just her body!
F1112 Uh-huh, I'm finding her. There's Barbie. There's Barbie under the water. Oh find her. There's one of the ducks [inaudible] their chute.
F1111 Pardon?
F1112 That's their chute.
F1111 Is that their chute? Oh right. And what do they do?
F1112 But that one's a broken one.
F1111 What? That chute's broken?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Why?
F1112 Cause the mummy one broke it.
F1111 Why? Was she too heavy?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Did she break the chute?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Oh dear, mummy ducks like to have fun too, don't they?
F1112 Yeah, but they're on this chute now.
F1111 Oh I see, you've got a new one. Is it higher?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 And what do they do? Do they take a big jump at the top?
F1112 Uh-huh. They do. [inaudible]
F1111 And then what do they //do?//
F1112 //Jump!//
F1111 Jump right in like that?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 [laugh] Aw! You know what I think that ducks are waiting patiently for us to learn them a song. Cause every time we come in the bath, we learn them a song, don't we?
F1112 They don't like a song just noo.
F1111 [inaudible] just now? Okay. When do they, when are we going to do it?
F1112 Want a song just now? Yes. Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row.
F1111 Aw! I think they would like to clap if they had hands. Maybe they'll just clap their wings. Will they?
F1112 [inaudible] they not clapping?
F1111 Are you gonna ask them if you, if they remember you singing that last one, Cause last time we were in the bath you sung them "Mary, Mary, quite contrary".
F1112 You think they liked that?
F1111 [laugh] I think they did. I think they're smiling.
F1112 Mary whi-, quite con-. Little Bo Peep has lost his sheep and doesn't know where to find them. Leave them alone and they'll come home, bringing their tails behind them.
F1111 Oh that's a new one for them tonight. I don't think they've heard that one before, do you?
F1112 Eh?
F1111 We haven't sung that one before, have we? //Little Bo Peep.//
F1112 //What one?// Lost her sheep. [inaudible]
F1111 You be careful. Cause it's very slidy and there's lots of bubbles in tonight.
F1112 No I didna put all that in.
F1111 You did put in a lot of bubbles.
F1112 Right.
F1111 Where are you going?
F1112 Up here. And sliding down their broken chute.
F1111 No I don't think you should, darling, cause th- there's quite a lot of water in tonight as well. It'll make the water splash up.
F1112 No, //oh.//
F1111 //You can only slide down the s-,// that side o the bath when there's not much water.
F1112 Well there's lot of water, [inaudible]. Right.
F1111 What? //Ready?//
F1112 //I just I just slip in.//
F1111 Steady?
F1112 Where's the [inaudible] not shooting down? [?]That's staying[/?]. //[laugh]//
F1111 //Ah, you're sliding. Woo-hoo!// //You didn't know you was going just now, did you?//
F1112 //[laugh] No, I,//
F1111 You didn't hurt yourself, did you?
F1112 No, [inaudible].
F1111 [phone rings]
F1112 Who's that on the phone?
F1111 I don't know. We'll just leave it though. We'll get it later. They'll leave a message.
F1112 No, I think it will be Granny [CENSORED: surname] asking us to go over again.
F1111 You think so?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 We're not going over.
F1112 I think her [inaudible] you [inaudible].
F1111 Maybe the- she is.
F1112 [laugh] [inaudible] her hair. //[laugh]//
F1111 //Was you wetting your hair?//
F1112 I didna wipe my hair.
F1111 Oh, what a good swimmer. //You're as slippery as an eel, going round and round and round. [laugh]//
F1112 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1111 //Oh!// You're splashing on me.
F1112 [laugh] I'm a silly tattie.
F1111 Are you?
F1112 [inaudible] //[inaudible] Uh-huh.//
F1111 //Is there bubbles over my shoulder? Is there?//
F1112 You can't make it far far away up here.
F1111 I can, no you've got to put, come up a wee bit.
F1112 My turn. This is cream.
F1111 It's not cream.
F1112 Yes! No, I just pretending.
F1111 Okay, just pretending. Rub it in gently. Oh, that's nice on my cheeks.
F1112 Yes, it's Vaseline.
F1111 Is it?
F1112 Uh-huh. [inaudible] go to our beddie.
F1111 Oh? Put Vaseline on before you go to your bed. Why's that? Where do you put Vaseline normally? //On your?//
F1112 //On// cheeks?
F1111 No you don't.
F1112 On your cheeks.
F1111 No you don't.
F1112 On your chest.
F1111 No, we put Vicks on your chest, don't we, when you've got a cold.
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 What's what's the thing we put on your jamas? Ka-?
F1112 Karvol.
F1111 Karvol, that's right. Makes your cough all better, doesn't it?
F1112 You are not speaking now cause I I tricked you. [?]So I see[/?].
F1111 You're being really nice and gentle.
F1112 Hey. Hey, this is the [?]hairdress I'm doing[/?]. //You are!//
F1111 //Am I in the hairdresser's?// And I get I get cream on my face as well at the hairdresser's? //This is a great hairdresser's.//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// Uh-huh. Yeah, it is. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1111 //Now you are being a silly sausage.//
F1112 [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1111 //I can't even see!// No, no foam in the eyes, darling.
F1112 [laugh] //Yeah, yeah.//
F1111 //No, that's being silly, come on.//
F1112 Yeah. Splish splash. Mm, whee!
F1111 Now, we haven't done any washing yet.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Right, you go down to the bottom, we've got to start at the top.
F1112 No, what about me washing you?
F1111 No, you wash yourself and I'll wash myself.
F1112 No, [inaudible].
F1111 Right, first thing we do.
F1112 Clippy clop.
F1111 No.
F1112 [?]What is it?[/?]
F1111 You sit over there.
F1112 No.
F1111 First thing we've got to do is put a wee drop water in our hands. Make a cup. Make a cup. //Aye.//
F1112 //Make a cup.//
F1111 We'll wash our face. Okay? Make our cup. That's it. No bubbles though. Make a cup with water, [rubs face in hands], wash our face. [rubs face in hands] Don't open your mouth though, no no no no, just wash your face. [rubs face in hands]
F1112 Lovely in my face.
F1111 Ready? [rubs face in hands] Now you do it yourself. Keep your mouth shut, and your eyes. Mouth and eyes shut. Dinna sook it! Yuck!
F1112 I spit it out.
F1111 Okay, now, now we'll do our necks. Are you ready? One hand up, and we'll do our ears. Like this. //One hand up,//
F1112 //[inaudible]//
F1111 do our ears. Where are you going?
F1112 On my back.
F1111 Oh are you going away to wash my back? Oh that's lovely. That's really nice. //Come on then.//
F1112 //I-.// [inaudible] you washed your hair.
F1111 Now monkey.
F1112 [laugh] That's okay, cause you're at the hairdresser's now.
F1111 Oh I see.
F1112 [inaudible] I'm Angela!
F1111 You're Angela?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Oh!
F1112 I have got bookies.
F1111 I see. So, to let me read, while you're cutting my hair?
F1112 Yeah.
F1111 Oh, that's really nice.
F1112 Tuggy stuff.
F1111 Oh? Is my hair tuggy?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Oh dear, you'll have to give it a good condition then, will you?
F1112 I'm going to put in strawberries.
F1111 Strawberry conditioner? //Hmm, that'll be nice.//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// No. [?]Tortoise[/?] conditioner.
F1111 Turquoise conditioner? Oh! What smell's it got?
F1112 Want to smell it?
F1111 Mmhm. [sniff] Oh, that smells just fine. Okay. //Scrub in all over.//
F1112 //I'm going to sniff it.// [inaudible] Tee-hee! [inaudible] I nearly put some shampoo in your eyes.
F1111 You be very careful! [laugh] //Now, have you have you washed my neck?//
F1112 //[inaudible]// No, I've not.
F1111 Well, come on then, up you get. We wash necks next. Up you come, darling. //And then after necks we're gonna do//
F1112 //Hey, [?]Mum[/?].// Ha- hairdressers always put bubbles over our //ears.//
F1111 //Mmhm.//
F1112 They do.
F1111 Thank you very much.
F1112 Some conditioner on.
F1111 I thought I wasn't having my hair washed tonight. //Uh-huh I think that, uh-huh.//
F1112 //Yes you are now.// Oh right. Oh let me go up on your shoulder.
F1111 No, cause that's dangerous in the shower where it's, in the bath where it's slippery.
F1112 Oh, it's nice.
F1111 Okay, now, we've got to wash the rest of our bodies.
F1112 No, not yet.
F1111 Yes.
F1112 Burst the bubble. The soap the last.
F1111 Soap last? Who says that?
F1112 Soap last, s- last, and comb it, and you better sit back on that [inaudible]. //No!//
F1111 //I think we're needing a heat up.// //It's getting a bit cold.//
F1112 //We are.// Cold. [inaudible] You want your hair cutting now? You want your hair cutting now?
F1111 Oh that would be nice. Are you a good cutter?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Are you?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 That's good. Now don't take off too much. Just a tidy up, a trim.
F1112 Uh-huh just at the back.
F1111 Yes, just at the back.
F1112 It's a bit tuggy there.
F1111 Yes, that's a tuggy bit, cause it's dry. I'm needing a cut.
F1112 Mum, this is hot.
F1111 It's getting hot.
F1112 Oh, it's a bit hot on my [inaudible].
F1111 Oh that's just lovely.
F1112 I nearly burnt my toe.
F1111 Well you be very careful.
F1112 [inaudible]. You you you [inaudible] legs on that to- hot tap.
F1111 Yes, you're right.
F1112 Oh, that's a [inaudible]. Move it over to the side.
F1111 I will.
F1112 [inaudible] over here. Big doll. [inaudible]. Ow! It's hot. You put it off.
F1111 Is that hot enough? Is that nice and warm now?
F1112 Oh it's a bit hot.
F1111 Oh, it's just lovely, I think. //Oh!//
F1112 //No, I//
F1111 We're sliding doon.
F1112 No!
F1111 That's cause it's all slidy in here wi bubbles.
F1112 Uh-huh it is.
F1111 Uh-huh.
F1112 You better have a haircut then.
F1111 Okay.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Okay, now take your time.
F1112 Snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip [?]and washing[/?]. [inaudible] I'm brushing your hair. //Brushing brushing brushing brushing.//
F1111 //Are you?//
F1112 Right, first I will shampoo now.
F1111 Okay. No, just pretending darling.
F1112 Just pretend it was this bottle.
F1111 Okay. //Oh, you nearly murdered the client! [laugh]//
F1112 //[drops shampoo bottle] [laugh]// //[inaudible]//
F1111 //People winna come back for a haircut if you gie them a bottle o shampoo on their head.// //[laugh]//
F1112 //[inaudible] like that.//
F1111 I think that was an accident, //was it?//
F1112 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1111 //I hope it was!// //I'm not coming back here.//
F1112 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1111 //[laugh]// //Now be careful, no, no no, no no. Right, down the other side with it.//
F1112 //[laugh]//
F1111 Okay. Right. Have you snipped my hair now?
F1112 You snip it.
F1111 Have you cut it all? I hope I've got some hair left.
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Have I?
F1112 Mmhm.
F1111 Okay, now, you going to do, what are you going to do now? Dry it?
F1112 You dry it. Well, I'm [inaudible] the hairdresser.
F1111 Well I hope you were the hairdresser, if you were cutting my hair.
F1112 Here's the hairdresser. That's the brush.
F1111 Thank you. Have I to dry it myself?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Oh this is a poor hairdresser's.
F1112 How?
F1111 I hope it's cheap.
F1112 Uh-huh it is.
F1111 Is it? How much is it going to cost
F1112 Oh!
F1111 to get my hair cut?
F1112 Two pence.
F1111 Two pence? Oh well that is quite cheap. Maybe I will come back again.
F1112 How?
F1111 Cause it's nice and cheap.
F1112 Oh it's nice and cheap alright. Oh it's a bit cheap. [inaudible] cheapie, [inaudible] [inaudible] //[laugh]//
F1111 //What you doing squeaking back there?//
F1112 [laugh]
F1111 You're too slidy, now, it's gonna be dangerous, be careful.
F1112 No I just [inaudible].
F1111 Okay, little ducks.
F1112 Okay.
F1111 Come on and sit on me, sit on my knee.
F1112 No, that's good.
F1111 Come away.
F1112 Oh that's a bit slidy alright, Oh it's a bit slidy. [squeal] [laugh]
F1111 Now, what happened?
F1112 [laugh] I slided doon. Oh I wetted my hair now.
F1111 Yes, come on up here. //[laugh]//
F1112 //I'm a silly tattie.//
F1111 Come on then, up you come.
F1112 No. [inaudible]
F1111 Last time.
F1112 [inhale] Oh.
F1111 Cause we're going out in a minute.
F1112 [splashing]
F1111 Okay, I think that's plenty. //No, that's plenty, [CENSORED: forename].//
F1112 //No it's-.// No, I want to show you, I want to show you, [exhale]. No I want to show you what I did. [?]When I was doing[/?]. Mum, look what I did, erm just s-s- slide in like that!
F1111 Okay, time to go out then.
F1112 No!
F1111 Yes, cause you're still splashing.
F1112 S-, I was showing you what I did.
F1111 I know you're showing me darling, but you showed me it, oh it's about five times now. Okay, let's get the ducks in. //We'll give them a singing lesson.//
F1112 //Mm.// They're going to do their back and fore lesson.
F1111 Okay, now. Ooh!
F1112 Do their back and fore.
F1111 Right.
F1112 Ducks.
F1111 Okay ducks.
F1112 Do their back and fore.
F1111 Now you go forwards and backwards.
F1112 [exhale]
F1111 Forwards,
F1112 Faster, [inaudible] like that ain in the bubbles.
F1111 Is that what they're going to do? Are they going away over beside the bubbles tonight? //Th-, they're learning to swim so we've got to, can't leave them too far.//
F1112 //No that-.// We will go in amongst the bubbles and away, [inaudible] Mummy. Away in there, away in there, away in there.
F1111 Okay, I think we should maybe sing a song, cause they may be lost in the bubbles. //You'll need to make a, sing a song that they know.//
F1112 //Oh.// But they're
F1111 And they'll know where you are if you sing them a song.
F1112 Hey! //But they're covered up now!//
F1111 //So are you ready?// Yes, but they're lost in the bubbles. Oh no, poor ducks, won't find their way home. //You'd better sing them a song.//
F1112 //We're we-.// we're going to eat them up!
F1111 Eat them!
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Oh no, no, no, we're not going to eat the ducks, they're our friends in the bath.
F1112 No.
F1111 Yes.
F1112 They're wir friends.
F1111 The dolls.
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Are the ducks not your friends tonight?
F1112 No.
F1111 Why not? They're normally your friends. I'm going to sing "It doesn't cost you anything to", and see if they can find me. Ready?
F1112 So we are going to eat them.
F1111 No we're not. //I'm not going to eat them.//
F1112 //No, it, no it's// tatties.
F1111 Are they tatties?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Are they? I thought they were yellow ducks.
F1112 No, they're not now.
F1111 What are they now?
F1112 They're brown now.
F1111 Brown?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Brown ducks?
F1112 Uh-huh.
F1111 Or brown?
F1112 He's he's butter.
F1111 Yellow like butter? //Are they?//
F1112 //Uh-huh.// Let's find their way home.
F1111 Okay. Well, we'll sing for them and let's see if they can find their way home. It doesn't cost you //anything. [inhale]//
F1112 //I found one!//
F1111 to S-M-I-L-E.
F1112 [laugh]
F1111 It doesn't cost you anything to S-M-I-L-E. They're all coming home. //Smile away your troubles,//
F1112 //[laugh]//
F1111 they will banish like a bubble, //if you//
F1112 //[inaudible]//
F1111 S-M-I-L-E.
F1112 They're on their way home.
F1111 Oh they've found their way home. That's cause they knew the song. I think it was. Will we hide them again and you can sing it this time and see if they come out? Will we? Right. Down in the bubbles.
F1112 I [inaudible].
F1111 Now, you've got to come up here beside Mummy. Hide them in the bubbles.
F1112 S-M-I-L-E.
F1111 No hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on. Up you come, up here. This is, this is home up here.
F1112 Eh?
F1111 This is home up there, okay? //Now.//
F1112 //Home.//
F1111 You start singing. It-.
F1112 Doesn't cost you anything to S-M-I-L-E. Smile away your troubles, they will banish like a bubble, if you S-M-I-L-E.
F1111 Oh hooray, they must have heard you singing! They've jumped right out of the water, all the way home. Just as well you've been learning them some songs, I think.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Have we got one last nursery rhyme before we climb out?
F1112 They're going to climb out an aa.
F1111 Can you think of one that they haven't learned yet?
F1112 They're going to climb out. [clatter]
F1111 Oops-a-daisies.
F1112 [inaudible]
F1111 Right. Leave the dolly. Mummy will get it in a minute.
F1112 [?]Don't want to.[/?]
F1111 Just leave it.
F1112 Go away cause I will get it.
F1111 No you won't get it, cause you'll slide, cause there's nothing on the floor yet. Mummy'll get the mat just now.
F1112 Mm.
F1111 [CENSORED: forename]! Leave it just now.
F1112 No, there's a wet one up here. That's a wet one.
F1111 But you'll slide if you stand on the tiles just now. And probably hurt your bum.
F1112 We will step out.
F1111 Right, is it time to come out then?
F1112 Yeah, that's okay. I've got this thing on now.
F1111 That's a good girl.
F1112 I'm going back in now.
F1111 No, it's time to get out darling.
F1112 Splish //splosh.//
F1111 //Now,// you stay, stand there a wee second. Put on, see if the frog can catch you. //Oh, he'll keep you warm.//
F1112 //Eh?// [singing]
F1111 Now, when we're drying ourselves, where have we got to dry?
F1112 In our toesies. In our toesies.
F1111 Where else do we have to dry? You're making your jamas wet and that's silly.
F1112 I want them now. //No.//
F1111 //You won't like it if your jamas are wet, will you?//
F1112 Just outside.
F1111 Well, don't be silly.
F1112 It's only outside I'm waiting. It's not inside. [singing] Shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle. Do we want to play, [inaudible].
F1111 Go and lay out the towel nicely for Mum to stand on please, //so I don't slip.//
F1112 //Eh?// Well it's [?]all[/?].
F1111 It's not lying flat, come on.
F1112 Have to stand on that bit if we're going.
F1111 Lay it out flat please.
F1112 Okay.
F1111 That's a big girl. I'm not going to stand on the stool.
F1112 Yes you can. //You can.//
F1111 //[exhale]//
F1112 Can't come off of //it.//
F1111 //I don't// see you drying yourself.
F1112 Well I'm just going away out here.
F1111 No, stay in here darling. It's nice and cosy. I haven't dried between my toes yet, have you?
F1112 I've picked my stories. I've picked my stories to read now.
F1111 You've picked your stories? Well you haven't got your jamas on yet then.
F1112 Right, tidy up towel now.
F1111 Stand on there till I dry you off. Stand on the purple towel, [CENSORED: forename].
F1112 Mm.
F1111 You're not dry enough yet.
F1112 I am!
F1111 You're not.
F1112 Yes!
F1111 Your jamas'll stick to you and it won't be comfortable.
F1112 [inaudible] It's not comfortable. //Oh.//
F1111 //Well, if you're sticky and dry, the jamas'll stick.//
F1112 They are. They're, they are. [inaudible] Look, they are, look.
F1111 Right, hang on, round the other way. [inaudible] Okay, hands out.
F1112 Oh, see it will stick.
F1111 Well, are you dry now? Yes you are. This one.

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