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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 14, recording 1: making gingerbread biscuits

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1107 Now, if we're gaun to make gingerbread men we'll need the scales.
M1108 Why we needing the
F1107 We need the scales, and you've just blocked the way so Mummy'll tak you oot the road. Rrr. Here you go. Fitt's the matter? Is that pack pulling your breeks down?
M1108 Mmhm.
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 Mummy!
F1107 What?
M1108 Mummy!
F1107 Mmhm?
M1108 What, Mummy!
F1107 Yeah!
M1108 What are you doing?
F1107 Well, I'm gaun away to weigh oot the butter.
M1108 Aye.
F1107 And, fitt else do we put in the pan, butter and fl-?
M1108 Flour!
F1107 That's right. And fitt shape of gingerbread men are we gaun to mak the day?
M1108 Crocodile teeth!
F1107 Crocodile teeth ones! Rrr! We'll mak ones that lie flat [cough] and have got the big sharp teeth lying oot on the tray.
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Aye, would that be cool?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Aye, okay, we need flour.
M1108 Yes!
F1107 From the press. There we go, flour.
M1108 [inaudible] and, and sure Max spills every fl- flour in Ruby's house?
F1107 Oh Max did, did he?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Right, Mummy needs that number to go up to four. So if you could, no, no! It's okay, dinna press, dinna press, no it's alright. Mummy's gaun to pour in the flour and you tell me when it gets to number four. You tell me, is that number four?
M1108 No, one.
F1107 Tell me the next number it goes.
M1108 Two.
F1107 Okay.
M1108 Three.
F1107 Uh-huh.
M1108 And, and, and four!
F1107 Well done!
M1108 Now what, what are we needing for sugar?
F1107 Oh! We've put the flour in the wrong thing, we need a bowl.
M1108 Why we need a bowl?
F1107 We need to sieve it.
M1108 Are we, are we wrong?
F1107 A wee bit. //Here, here we are, and I'll just get the sieve.//
M1108 //Ha.// And I, will I put it in here? //Like.//
F1107 //Fitt?// No, wait! Put it through the sieve. Okay, can you manage to tip it? What a good boy.
M1108 [banging sieve on bowl]
F1107 Right, good boy, got it?
M1108 And we have to mix it.
F1107 You have to shake it.
M1108 Now can I do it?
F1107 Aye, you shake it. Alright? Come here and I'll put a wee bittie in, in case that bit you bumped [?]just leaves off[/?]. Right? //Okay.//
M1108 //Thanks Mummy.//
F1107 You're welcome. //Okay.//
M1108 //[banging sieve]//
F1107 Right.
M1108 Righty-hos!
F1107 Fitt's next, we need butter I think.
M1108 Yes!
F1107 Oh michty, look at all that. Oh! Flour aa ower the cookbook. Hm?
M1108 Is that aa we're needing?
F1107 No, it's nae all we're needing. Oh! Open the book again. [?]We'll never mak it that way go in[/?] //Now, fitt else do we need?//
M1108 //Okay.// I dinna ken.
F1107 Flour. Oh sugar.
M1108 Oh sugar!
F1107 Aye, no, nae sugars like that! Sugar, I mean, like, you need to weigh oot some sugar.
M1108 Oh sugarlumps!
F1107 Oh sugarlumps!
M1108 [laugh] Oh sugarlumps!
F1107 Aye, but it's nae sugarlumps, it's just sugar.
M1108 I'll say sugarlumps.
F1107 Are you?
M1108 Sugarlumps! Oh sugarlumps! Oh sugarlumps!
F1107 Oh sugarlumps! //Here we go.//
M1108 //[laugh]// [inaudible] Hey! I've got aa dirty hands.
F1107 Have you?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Michty, that's nae good, is it?
M1108 Oh what's that?
F1107 Sugar.
M1108 What is it? Sugar?
F1107 Soft brown sugar.
M1108 Can I feel? //Can I feel the soft brown sugar?//
F1107 //Oh!// Mmhm
M1108 Why is it soft?
F1107 Cause it is. It would be horrible if it was hard sugar. We need it to go up to number two. Oh! Two and a half straight and away. Bit too much. Now, that's just aboot it. Want a taste? Like it? Mm!
M1108 Mm! Yummy!
F1107 Yummy! Now fitt I need you to dae
M1108 Mm mm mm! Postman's fart!
F1107 [laugh] Postman's groovy [CENSORED: forename].
M1108 Mm mm mm! Postman's fart!
F1107 Oh has the postman got a fart?
M1108 Aye!
F1107 Ew, that's not very nice. Ooh you better nae fart!
M1108 [raspberry] //[child noise]//
F1107 //Dinnae you fart.//
M1108 [raspberry] //Whoa!//
F1107 //You little tinker!// //It's okay, I'm just [inaudible].//
M1108 //Is, is there nae sharp knives?//
F1107 No you dinna need to check the sharp knife drawer. Cause you might
M1108 Hey, we're needing some of that!
F1107 Fitt? //That? That? To decorate.//
M1108 //That.// No, not that.
F1107 What?
M1108 Not that, Mam.
F1107 We need the ginger though.
M1108 Why are we needing ginger?
F1107 Cause that's fitt maks the cakes all lovely and gingery and that's why they're called gingerbread men.
M1108 Mum!
F1107 What?
M1108 I'm wanting
F1107 What are you wanting?
M1108 Uh, that!
F1107 Fitt, the eating icing?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Was it, to mak the faces on the, on the gingerbreads?
M1108 Aye!
F1107 That's aifter, we dae that, remember?
M1108 No, what
F1107 Could you get a wooden spoon please, [CENSORED: forename]?
M1108 A wooden spoon?
F1107 Aye, from the spoon drawer here. A wooden one.
M1108 Which one, this one?
F1107 Yep, that's the one! //Now I need you to rub that through the sugar.//
M1108 //Okay.//
F1107 Rub that sugar through [?]the bowl[/?]. Uh-huh.
M1108 Can you put some mair sugar?
F1107 No cause the sugar's, well, unless you shake the sieve, you're best putting the sugar through the sieve, like that, see? There we go. [banging sieve] Bang bang bang. We dinna play drums with the wooden spoons, cause fitt happened the last time? Hm?
M1108 It broke.
F1107 It broke! And we wouldna hae nae mair wooden spoons, would we?
M1108 No.
F1107 No, nae if you kept brakking them aa.
M1108 I'm stirrin, can I stir?
F1107 You stir, I suppose you can.
M1108 Was it for stirring?
F1107 Aye, you mix up the flour and the sugar and the ginger. Right, now Mam has to get butter, and milk, and treacle.
M1108 [inhale] [child noise] //Tr-//
F1107 //And fitt do I dae? The hot bit.// //[inaudible]//
M1108 //This one?//
F1107 I m-
M1108 Mix it.
F1107 Melt it, melt it in a pan.
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Uh-huh. Well, it'll be a good job we just went to the Coppie for butter, isn't it?
M1108 I'll I'll stirred.
F1107 You gaun to stir it? //Aye.//
M1108 //I'm I'm I stirred!//
F1107 Aye, I see that, it's aa mixed up now, that's fine, just bump the wooden spoon like that, see? [taps spoon on bowl] And then //[tapping noise]//
M1108 //Pour that in there.// //Why we//
F1107 //No, we need a bit of butter.//
M1108 l'll need, and we're needing the knife
F1107 Aye, but Mum'll cut it.
M1108 Why? Will we cut it in half to to
F1107 Aye, well, fitt happens if you use a knife?
M1108 Bleed ma finger.
F1107 Aye it would, wouldn't it? //Oh, big lump of butter.//
M1108 //What we need.// A big lump of butter. Chop!
F1107 Ha, see that's spot on, Mam's been cooking good, huh?
M1108 It's-
F1107 Right. //Ah//
M1108 //Right, we're//
F1107 we'll need the milk, wait now, you canna touch the gas.
M1108 Why?
F1107 Cause I dinna want you to burn your fingers, do we?
M1108 Nope!
F1107 Nope! [kissing noise]
M1108 Are we gaun to burn it in that one?
F1107 We're gang to melt it.
M1108 Why?
F1107 Cause that's fitt you dae for gingerbreads, you melt the butter and the treacle.
M1108 You dinna burn it.
F1107 Na, fitt does Dad say? Pop into you local
M1108 Shop and buy some scones!
F1107 Ha ha!
M1108 Pop into your local shop and buy some scones.
F1107 Aye. //[laugh]//
M1108 //[laugh]// Choo-choo-choo! [?]and cow[/?] coffee and.
F1107 Five, four, three, two, one!
M1108 One, two, three, [?]five two one[/?]. One, two,
F1107 [?]Five to two like crispy rice[/?]. //Five, four,//
M1108 //[fart]//
F1107 [CENSORED: forename], what a tink you are! //I heard that ain!//
M1108 //[laugh]// //[child noise]//
F1107 //What a big fart!// //What a guffing honk.//
M1108 //Poo poo! Can I have a taste? Can I have a taste?//
F1107 Oh poo! //Aye, you can get a taste.//
M1108 //Can I have a taste?//
F1107 Wait, wait, wait, nae fae the bottle!
M1108 Farr?
F1107 I'll gie you a tastie anow. //Oh silly pup.//
M1108 //[laugh]// Can I have that?
F1107 Aye, you'll get the spoon after, right wait. //Whee! Right, here you go.//
M1108 //[moan] [raspberry]//
F1107 Mm! [laugh] //Did I stick it up your nose?//
M1108 //[eating noises]// Aye.
F1107 Oh! Oh and you a rotten min, aren't ye?
M1108 Ahm[eating noises]
F1107 Right, milk, we need a suppie milk.
M1108 Why we need a suppie milk?
F1107 We need just a tiny, tiny bit up to that line, see, fifteen mils o milk.
M1108 And can I [?]see it[/?], pour it?
F1107 Aye, you pour it into the pan. Very carefully now.
M1108 Why?
F1107 Because, if you spill it we'll have to start again and it'll mak a mess.
M1108 Farr's the pan?
F1107 It's ower there. Look [?]see if I'll[/?] bring a pan. Well done! Now fitt happens, I m-
M1108 Mix it.
F1107 Melt it. You wanting to help? Can you help my hands? Mm? [?]Like that[/?] syrup? //This could take all day.//
M1108 //Mmhm!// Can I get some more in it?
F1107 Some more? Aye, I'll put a wee suppie on, but nae too much. //Cause sugar's bad for yer//
M1108 //Why nae too much?// Throat.
F1107 No it's bad for your te-?
M1108 Tee-
F1107 Teeth, ain't it?
M1108 Aye, sug-.
F1107 Too much sweeties and sugar's bad for your teeth, ain't it, Fattie-boom-booms? And fitt happens if you get too much sugar, it's bad for your teeth, you have to get them?
M1108 Hospital.
F1107 Aye, and get them all...
M1108 Out!
F1107 Aye.
M1108 And buy some mor- some silver teeth!
F1107 You buy silver teeth if you get aa your teeth oot, I dinna think so!
M1108 That will be fun, //won't it?//
F1107 //No it winnae.// //No it wouldna.//
M1108 //Mm!//
F1107 Ooh!
M1108 Thank you, Mummy.
F1107 You're quite welcome my little sweetheart.
M1108 So I love this ones.
F1107 Do you?
M1108 Uh-huh.
F1107 That's good. Fitt else do you love? Hm? Fitt else do you love?
M1108 You and Dad.
F1107 Aw thank you! Aren't you a sweetie pop.
M1108 And I love [CENSORED: forename].
F1107 Oh you love [CENSORED: forename], is she your girlfriend now?
M1108 Mmhm
F1107 Oh, is she? Nae [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname]?
M1108 Yes it is, [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] and [CENSORED: forename].
F1107 Oh, [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] and [CENSORED: forename]'s your girlfriend?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Oh, you're just playing the field?
M1108 And [CENSORED: forename].
F1107 [CENSORED: forename]'s nae yer girlfriend! [CENSORED: forename]'s one of yer bestest friends, isn't he?
M1108 Oh! Farr? I never see Bono before.
F1107 Did you nae see Bono before? I didna see him the day. Has he been in for his beefies? //Uh-huh.//
M1108 //Mmhm.//
F1107 Has he? Did Dad and you feed him?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Was he a good pussycat?
M1108 But, is Smudge a bad cat?
F1107 Sometimes, Smudge is aye trying to get in wir house isn't he? //Aye.//
M1108 //Aye.// And we shut the door and he canna come in.
F1107 That's right, cause he's a smelly horrible cat.
M1108 Aye, Bono's nae!
F1107 No, Bono's lovely. Isn't he?
M1108 And I tickle him.
F1107 You tickle him, and he's soft and cuddly. //Mmhm.//
M1108 //Mmhm.// And I'll put this in here //for a change.//
F1107 //No no no no// no, no, no, no, no. The milk is going in the hot pan and you dinna touch the hot pan. You were meant to help Mammy stir //but you've been licking up that syrup.//
M1108 //Mm.//
F1107 Oh are you aa sticky? Wait anoo then, I just get this melted.
M1108 No! I'm gaun to help. //Can I do it, Mum?//
F1107 //No, no.// See that's it done, right, and we'll le-leave it to cool, but we- fann we leave it to cool, we 'll get your hands washed. //Oh you look up farr you gan tae then [inaudible]//
M1108 //Mm.// Mm Mam, I like [?]syfit[/?], syrup.
F1107 Syrup! Seerup!
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Like seerup!
M1108 Oh!
F1107 What?
M1108 Mam!
F1107 Want more?
M1108 You stink!
F1107 Ew! Just a little bit then. //Just a wee tottie.//
M1108 //Ah.//
F1107 Ooh!
M1108 [inhale]Mm mm!
F1107 [smacking lips] Yum! Is that good?
M1108 Aye! Yum!
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 Oh yummy!
F1107 Is it? Scrumbly-wumbly-wums!
M1108 [inhale] [exhale] Feel my belly!
F1107 Cor, it's getting big and fat!
M1108 Like dodge.
F1107 Aye.
M1108 Mum, are you rea-, I'm nearly growing all the way up there!
F1107 Are you nearly growing all the way up there?
M1108 Aye!
F1107 Oof!
M1108 I've growed a bittie bigger as you!
F1107 Aye, that's cause you eated all your crumbs, isn't it? Did you eat all your, all you chips and burgers and peas the night? //Yorkie puddings.//
M1108 //Mmhm!//
F1107 Mmhm. You love them, what kinda rice was it at playschool the day?
M1108 Erm, rice.
F1107 Aye, but fitt kind? Was it yellow rice?
M1108 Yellow rice.
F1107 Wi vegetables in it?
M1108 Oh one with peas.
F1107 Oh nice, you like that one don't you?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Aye. //What? Who made it?//
M1108 //Mummy.// Erm Miss [CENSORED: surname] and Mrs [CENSORED: surname].
F1107 Oh did she, are you missing Mrs [CENSORED: surname] this week?
M1108 No.
F1107 Mm? You've nae got Mrs [CENSORED: surname] this week, have you?
M1108 No.
F1107 Eh, do you miss her?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Aye, I ken, and you love her, don't you?
M1108 Aye, and I love Mrs [CENSORED: surname].
F1107 I know, and last week you didna hae Mrs [CENSORED: surname], did you?
M1108 No.
F1107 No, just Miss [CENSORED: surname] and Mrs [CENSORED: surname]. Hey, did Mrs [CENSORED: surname]'s, get a new baby yet? No, nae yet? Mrs [CENSORED: surname]'s daughter was gaun to hae a baby. //And Mrs [CENSORED: surname] was gaun to be a grunny again.//
M1108 //Um I- // I thought you was having a baby.
F1107 No darling! I dinna ken where you got that idea fae,
M1108 Ah!
F1107 unless you're trying to tell me something.
M1108 Ahm! [noise of a doorbell] Mum.
F1107 Fitt?
M1108 I think I
F1107 Aye, it wisna the doorbell. It was something on TV. Some o the people on TV, I think Dad's watching Casualty or something. It's peeperin. Mm, better check this thing.
M1108 I'd better check mine //as well.//
F1107 //No! I'll do it.//
M1108 I'll check mine.
F1107 No, no! No, no, no, no, no, I'll tell you. I'll tell you if it is. Wait! Wait. Oh! I'm gaun to check your big dock Turn to the light for Mum, turn, turn round, turn round, turn round, turn round, [?]skusshle[/?]. That's a boy. Good lad. Good lad. Right, fitt do we dae once that bit's cooled? We hae to put on the oven, won't we, and get a tray oot.
M1108 Farr's my spoon? Oh, there it goes.
F1107 Ew! It's gaun be a sticky on there. Wonder if we've got mair ginger. Usually mak them a wee bit spicier than that. Wait, just you stand on that chair. Mummy'll hop up beside you. Aaright? [drawer opens] There you go. Oh there it goes!
M1108 [fart]
F1107 You smelly bam!
M1108 Whoa!
F1107 I heard that fart again.
M1108 [laugh] //[makes farting noise with his mouth]//
F1107 //It's nae funny! It's just tinky!// //Is that tinky?//
M1108 //[makes farting noise with his mouth]// Can I [inaudible]? //Can I?//
F1107 //Fitt?//
M1108 What's that?
F1107 Chopping it, oh! Smell!
M1108 Can I do it?
F1107 Oh poo! [CENSORED: forename]! What a guffing honk!
M1108 Did it guff you out?
F1107 Aye, it guffed me oot!
M1108 Can I do it, Mam?
F1107 No, cause that's plenty, okay?
M1108 Can I stir it?
F1107 Please.
M1108 Okay! //[child noise]//
F1107 //Here.//
M1108 Oh thanks!
F1107 Stirry stir. Right, put ony of them, will we?
M1108 Can I eat some?
F1107 No, cause it's just flour, and, and eh sugar and ginger anoo. You canna dae that. [?]How much to put it up[/?]?
M1108 Now I've all mix it!
F1107 Have ye? Aye, well see [banging noise], we have to mix it, wi the butter stuff and then we put it oot on a tray. //After we mak crocodiles!//
M1108 //Aye.//
F1107 [CENSORED: forename] [inaudible] didna come back wi my rolling pin I dinna think.
M1108 Fitt? //Fitt?//
F1107 //Did J- did [CENSORED: forename] come in and lift my rolling pin?//
M1108 No.
F1107 No, that means we'll just have to squidge it oot.
M1108 Look!
F1107 Wow!
M1108 Poo. Whee!
F1107 Whee-ee-ee-ee-ee!
M1108 Are we gaun pour that in there?
F1107 That's right, and then we mix it and it goes aa sloppy. //Doesn't it?//
M1108 //And// //and then//
F1107 //Oh.//
M1108 put them to cook there.
F1107 Aye, put it in to cook in the oven. And then fitt dae we dae?
M1108 We just
F1107 And then we sco-
M1108 score it.
F1107 Scoff 'em! //Don't we?//
M1108 //Sco-// aye, we score it!
F1107 No, no, wait! Ooh, that's aa sticky. //Dicht that bottle.//
M1108 //That's aa sticky.//
F1107 Aye, that spoon's aa sticky. It's still got syrup on it.
M1108 Why's it got s- syrup?
F1107 Syrup.
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Cause you wanted a wee suppie.
M1108 T- is it, is, is syrup for eating?
F1107 N- aye! You can put it on pancakes, and you can put on yer toast and heaps o things.
M1108 But ye-
F1107 Right. Oh! I need your spoon!
M1108 Aw, there you go, Mum!
F1107 Need to mak a hole.
M1108 And I'm
F1107 No, and just one pours. What's wrong? You're nae needing a widdle, are ye? //Whee!//
M1108 //Whee!//
F1107 In it goes!
M1108 In it goes and then stir!
F1107 Aye, Mam'll do
M1108 I I will do it's
F1107 Oh, well, tell you fitt, look, w- we'll baith dae it. Oh ho ho ho ho, look. Fitt's it look like noo?
M1108 Erm It's like chocolate!
F1107 It kinda does look like melted chocolate a wee bit, doesn't it?
M1108 Let's eat some!
F1107 Not yet!
M1108 Why?
F1107 Because we have to let that bit cool.
M1108 Is it hot?
F1107 Darling, can you let go o the spoon a wee minute? //Ta, cause I'm twisting roond yer hand.//
M1108 //Can I do this one?//
F1107 Aye, aifter I, aifter I do this bit.
M1108 Why's this got a hole?
F1107 Why? Cause it's a ventilated spoon. Can you say ventilated?
M1108 Evenchulated!
F1107 Evenchulated, well, it's pretty close.
M1108 Evenchulated!
F1107 Did you tell [CENSORED: forename] that he lives on Earth yet?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Did ye? And he disna live on Jupiter, does he?
M1108 No, he disna.
F1107 No, fa does?
M1108 [CENSORED: forename] does!
F1107 Oh, [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename], is he a derrick?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Is he? Are you ain?
M1108 No! [CENSORED: forename]'s a derrick!
F1107 Is he?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Fa telt you that?
M1108 Naebody.
F1107 You just thought he was a demented derrick?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Aye, so fitt was that he did to Miss [CENSORED: surname] the day?
M1108 He stood on his h-
F1107 Stood on her hand?
M1108 Aye. //He.//
F1107 //How'd he manage that?//
M1108 So he just kicked and stood on it.
F1107 Aye, but, but was Miss [CENSORED: surname] on the floor?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Was she playing wi the ither boys and girls?
M1108 Aye and. Is that your rings?
F1107 Aye, but dinna play wi them.
M1108 You put them on.
F1107 Mm mm. //I'm taking them off cause I've got aa stuff.//
M1108 //Why?// [inaudible] Can I get up?
F1107 Up? Fitt, snuggly up?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 No, but I could gie you a cuddle farr you're standing. Aw! Huggle!
M1108 [inaudible]
F1107 [kiss]
M1108 Can I get that torch to shine?
F1107 No, you can't get the torch to shine.
M1108 I want to shine that!
F1107 Well. Ooh! Okay, just for a little bit.
M1108 Okay. //Th-//
F1107 //Okay!// There you are. Don't shine it in your eyes, look at you! Quite a nice mix this time. We haven't made gingerbreads for ages, have we?
M1108 No!
F1107 We've not probably made them since Christmas.
M1108 No!
F1107 Mm.
M1108 That's funny.
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 [raspberry] I'll shine somewhere else!
F1107 Will you?
M1108 I'll shine if there's some ghosts!
F1107 There's nae ghosts! Fitt is there? There's nae such
M1108 Thing!
F1107 As gho-
M1108 Ghosts!
F1107 And?
M1108 Monsters.
F1107 Very good.
M1108 Very not.
F1107 I said very good! Hey! Come and get [?]flowy[/?]
M1108 Yay!
F1107 Yay! //Okay, you want to jump up?//
M1108 //I want to// //no, I want to//
F1107 //No wait! No, no, no, no, no!// //Jump off the seat, come on.//
M1108 //I want.//
F1107 Hug to Mum. //Ooh!//
M1108 //And then can I get the torch?//
F1107 Wait, come off the seat. //Bring the seat over, come here.//
M1108 //And then// I'm getting [?]that stool[/?].
F1107 Why?
M1108 To shine at the flour.
F1107 Mm.
M1108 I'm looking for monsters, Mum.
F1107 Are ye? //But there's nae such thing, is there?//
M1108 //Aye?// But Da was a monster yesterday.
F1107 Was he?
M1108 Aye. He's scaring [CENSORED: forename] and me.
F1107 Did he?
M1108 Wi scary vampire teeth. A- are you making a crocodile?
F1107 No, I will give you some mix. There you are. You can put it down, that torch, and you can start making yer ain crocodiles.
M1108 No, I canna!
F1107 No, but I'll help ye!
M1108 Oh, you will?
F1107 Course I will.
M1108 No, I want to shine.
F1107 You can shine once they're in the oven!
M1108 Why?
F1107 Once these gingerbreads are in the oven, you can shine. Can't ye?
M1108 Hey Mum!
F1107 What? //Now, you've got a big heap so fitt ye dae is, you brak off a wee bit.//
M1108 //What's this?// Aye.
F1107 You mak it into something.
M1108 Hey Mum!
F1107 Fitt?
M1108 I mak that. And then, I put a hole in, and that's how you make a vampire.
F1107 Oh it's how you mak vampires? //I though you was makkin crocodiles, though?//
M1108 //I-// Are you sure you never make vampire ones before?
F1107 No, I've never made vampire ones, will I mak vampire teeth cookies? //Gingerbread cookies.//
M1108 //Aye.// Aye.
F1107 Okey-dokey.
M1108 Hey look! This is a worm!
F1107 Is it?
M1108 Aye, I made a worm.
F1107 Wow, you're clever!
M1108 I like s- can I eat my syrup?
F1107 No, nae jist noo.
M1108 [inhale] Is that a crocodile?
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 Pooey!
F1107 Fitt? It just smells o syrup [CENSORED: forename].
M1108 Pooey!
F1107 Now dinna start chucking it! //Cause then fitt we're gaun to dae?//
M1108 //Mam?// Mam, I like, can I eat some?
F1107 Erm, a little bit, cause it's nae got any eggs in at the minute, I suppose.
M1108 Mm. [eating noises]
F1107 It's better fan it's cooked, so.
M1108 [eating noises]
F1107 Want me to mak heaps o crockies?
M1108 Uh-huh!
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 Can I eat some o this?
F1107 Just a little bit [CENSORED: forename], but nae too much.
M1108 I'm eating some for the the [inaudible], I'm gaun to eat some. And another little bit.
F1107 Are ye? Then another bit, and another bit, and another bit?
M1108 Aye!
F1107 Are ye?
M1108 Aye. Yummy!
F1107 Yummy.
M1108 Do you want some?
F1107 Eh, no thanks. I'm fine just now.
M1108 I like this!
F1107 Do ye?
M1108 Why's it nae got eggs?
F1107 Because there's nae eggs in gingerbread men. But if there was eggs in it you couldnae eat it.
M1108 Yum!
F1107 You ken why? Cause raw eggs are nae good for ye.
M1108 Yummy!
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 I like this!
F1107 Do ye?
M1108 Yummy! Fitt, hey, you've got aa messy hands as well!
F1107 Got messy hands, have ye?
M1108 Mum?
F1107 Mmhm? //Fitt else are we gaun to mak?//
M1108 //We've got. [dusting hands together]//
F1107 Oh, I ken! Will we mak a crocodile's heid side on so we can put big teeth? //Just a heid?//
M1108 //Oh.// Aye. //And look Mum!//
F1107 //Aye.// What? Oh! Ye scunner!
M1108 [eating noises] //Yummy! Whee, woo!//
F1107 //Fitt are ye?// Mmhm.
M1108 Mum!
F1107 Uh-huh?
M1108 Can you make crocodile teeth like this?
F1107 Naw, I'm gonna mak, I'm gonna mak big biscuit crocodile teeth!
M1108 O- hey! That's a lion teeth!
F1107 Is it like a lion teeth?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 [?]We could have that[/?] with our crocodiles' teeth?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Aye, I bet you it's that big and that sharp, eh?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 [eating noises] I like these!
F1107 Do you?
M1108 Yummy yums!
F1107 Mmhm. [inhale] Will we sing that other song about the snowman? //Hm?//
M1108 //[exhale]// A little snowman ran down the back, I've got a bobble scarf and a [clapping hands] little bobble hat. When the snow was falling he hear me say, happy, happy Christmas day!
F1107 Aw! I love that song!
M1108 Why do you do? //You never maked "Happy and you know it" ?//
F1107 //Cause I do [inaudible]// No, I never made that ain.
M1108 Will we make "Happy and you know it" cookies?
F1107 How do you make them?
M1108 You have to go, A, B, C, D, A, F, G. That's how you make it.
F1107 Is it?
M1108 Aye. Here Mummy, let's put some
F1107 You go A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, //Q [clapping hands]//
M1108 //Q//
F1107 R, S, T,
M1108 U and V, W, X, Y and Z, come along and sing wi me!
F1107 No, you've forgot "Now I know my ABCs". Haven't ye?
M1108 [raspberry]
F1107 Fitt aboot "All Shook Up"?
M1108 Oh! I never sing that one before.
F1107 Havena heard you sing it in a wee while. Do you want to listen to Elvis later?
M1108 Aye!
F1107 Aye. Do you remember how it goes?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 How does it go? How does it sound like? //"Well bless"//
M1108 //[eating noises]// Elvis.
F1107 Aye, how does Elvis sound like? //He goes, "Well bless my soul, what's wrong with me"//
M1108 //[singing]// He gaun, hey "Conversation more action, plea-!" [singing] Have you never sing that one before?
F1107 I've never sing that one before "A Little Less Conversation". You can sing it good though.
M1108 Why?
F1107 Fitt ither ain do ye like?
M1108 Erm, "I'm All Shook Up".
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 Aye, "Bless My Soul".
F1107 "Bless My Soul"?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 But that is "All Shook Up". Fitt aboot [inaudible]?
M1108 Aye, I div like that one.
F1107 Mmhm. You like "Blue Suede Shoes"?
M1108 Fitt?
F1107 "Blue Suede Shoes"?
M1108 Aye.
F1107 Fitt else? Do ye like, erm, "Hunk a Hunk a Burning Love"? Mmhm.
M1108 Fitt that one's [?]called[/?]
F1107 That ain? //Is it, I think it's number twenty-eight, isn't it?//
M1108 //Aye.//
F1107 Right. Are you having a good time?
M1108 Uh-huh!
F1107 You're in a bit o a mess, aren't ye?
M1108 Aa ower ma jumper and ma tee-shirt!
F1107 D- oh, dinna eat mair o that raw stuff.
M1108 Why?
F1107 Cause you'll get a sore tummy!
M1108 Yum!
F1107 And it won't be nice.
M1108 Can I eat some o this bits?
F1107 Just that tiny bits there and I'll put this bits here. Was that in yer mouth?
M1108 Fitt?
F1107 That bit, was that in yer mouth?
M1108 No.
F1107 Okay.
M1108 [child noise] Mam, why are you making that ones?
F1107 Just making funny shapes.
M1108 Hey!
F1107 What? [something hits the floor] Whoopsie! Well that bits canna go in the cooker, can they?
M1108 No. //Hey Mum! I've made you a worm!//
F1107 //Mmhm.// Oh, cool!
M1108 I made you a crocodile worm!
F1107 Oh that's perfect, I'm gaun to just pop him there.
M1108 And when this crocodile moves he's gaun to eat him and go "Rrr yums!"
F1107 Is he gaun to go "Yum yum yum yum yum!"? Delicioso!
M1108 Aye. //Can I, can I eat this bit?//
F1107 //Is he?// [inaudible] I suppose so since you're eating it.
M1108 Mm! Yummy!
F1107 Yummy-yummy-tums! Oh, look at that flour, dinna get it on ye?
M1108 Why?
F1107 Cause, I'm nae wanting a midden.
M1108 Yes!
F1107 It's Mummy's turn to drive to Elgin the morrow.
M1108 Fitt? //Wh-.//
F1107 //It's Mammy's turn to drive tomorrow, to Elgin.//
M1108 Why?
F1107 For swimming.
M1108 Look Mum! [clapping hands]
F1107 [inhale] You gonna be good at swimming tomorrow? //Oh!//
M1108 //Is that our//
F1107 [CENSORED: forename], dinna clap so close.
M1108 Is Dad staying home?
F1107 Aye. You, me, [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s going.
M1108 Why?
F1107 Well, cause it's swimming lessons tomorrow.
M1108 Why?
F1107 Cause it is.
M1108 [inaudible]
F1107 Oh! What a mess you are, huh?
M1108 Yes, I am.
F1107 They're bunged in to there, so we'll just clean up while we cook, will we?
M1108 Yes.
F1107 Mmhm.
M1108 [raspberry]
F1107 Right. Ew! Look at all that flour! //Give my hands a wash.//
M1108 //Ew!//
F1107 You're nae wanting to wash yer hands, are ye? Oh! Dinna dae that, Dad washed the flair the day!
M1108 Fitt?
F1107 Daddy mopped the flair the day, you dinna want to mak a mess o it.
M1108 No. Did I nae make a mess o it!
F1107 No, dinna mak a mess, I'm saying! //[inaudible]//
M1108 //[clapping hands]// I'm makkin a mess wi the chair!
F1107 Well dinna mak a mess wi the chair! //Don't be silly!//
M1108 //[burp]//
F1107 Don't be a silly billy! [CENSORED: forename], get yer airms oot o it!
M1108 Why?
F1107 Cause you'll just be all fluffy and floury.
M1108 I will be floured?
F1107 Whit?
M1108 I'll be all floured.
F1107 Ew! Look at you, your face is cakit, yer hauns is cakit! Yer jist a midden! Fitt are ye?
M1108 A midden.
F1107 Aye, jist a big midden!

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