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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 11, recording 1: making jigsaws and playing with games

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1104 Make jigsaw.
F1103 Mmhm, will we mak a jigsaw. Can you manage to open the box?
F1104 Yeah! Mum, fitt's that smell?
F1103 I dinna ken, I canna smell onything. What can you smell?
F1104 It's the smell o the jigsaw.
F1103 Well, that's what it is then. Right, you take oot aa the bits.
F1104 [inhale]
F1103 Oh, you've already been trying to make one. Fitt ain's that?
F1104 Sleeping Beauty.
F1103 Oh, is she beautiful!
F1104 And this [inaudible].
F1103 Uh-huh right, pop that on there. //That's it.//
F1104 //[exhale]// [singing] //[inaudible]//
F1103 //That's mair bits o Sleeping Beauty, isn't it?// Can you see farr they go? There. Farr does this bit go?
F1104 In here.
F1103 No, silly!
F1104 [exhale]
F1103 [tut] That's it. Where does that bit go?
F1104 [exhale] Up here.
F1103 Aye, and that bit?
F1104 That bit goes here.
F1103 And what's that bit? That's her head.
F1104 This bit goes here. This bit goes here.
F1103 See, you can mak that ains aa by yourself. You're clever. //Aren't you?//
F1104 //Mum, will we make another one?//
F1103 Aye, you can make them aa. Fa-, fitt ain are we gaun to mak noo?
F1104 Belle.
F1103 Belle. And fitt colour is Belle's dress?
F1104 Erm, silver.
F1103 It's nae silver!
F1104 Gold.
F1103 Aye, that's better. So we'll-. That bit's [inaudible] oh there's Belle's heid, look. Tak aa the bits for Belle.
F1104 [exhale] Mummy.
F1103 Over here.
F1104 Mum, this is Rudolph fallen doon.
F1103 Oh no! Has he fallen down?
F1104 This is Rudolph and this is Prancer. //[inaudible] This is Prancer and this is Rudolph, [inaudible].//
F1103 //Oh, I see.//
F1104 Come.
F1103 [inaudible] next up here, Snow White's skirt is yellow as well. So come on then, [inaudible] Belle.
F1104 [exhale] Ah, oh.
F1103 That's quite a hard ain, cause it's the same colours is aa mixed in, //aren't they?//
F1104 //Mm.// [tut] It's a bit hard.
F1103 A bit hard. //No, but it's aaright, cause//
F1104 //It's a bit hard.//
F1103 look, that's a purple background, that's Snow White and that's Snow White and that's Snow White and that's Snow White [?]ain[/?]. That bit's Belle.
F1104 It's Belle.
F1103 And that bit's Belle.
F1104 And this is B- Belle. This bit's Belle. //Oh. No.//
F1103 //Does that bit go in there? Maybe. No.// Maybe there? No. I dinna ken farr that bit goes. No, that's a bit.
F1104 That bit must be, go //here.//
F1103 //I think that's it. Well done!// Now, there's one bit missing, isn't there? Here it goes!
F1104 Here it goes. In the box.
F1103 Is that it? //Here we go.//
F1104 //Yeah.// Mum, will we make another one?
F1103 Aye, are we gaun to mak Snow White?
F1104 Snow White, I like Snow White!
F1103 You've got Snow White on your top, haven't you?
F1104 Yes, I have.
F1103 Whaur did you get her fae?
F1104 Mum, I want this off noo, Mum.
F1103 Just leave it on. Dinna, you'll you'll forget it's there.
F1104 Mum, what is this?
F1103 You're Snow White! Oh boy!
F1104 [inhale] We're doing good at this game, are we, //Mum?//
F1103 //Aye.// //You're clever.//
F1104 //Doing [inaudible] this.// Mm. This is, this is Snow White, is it?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 That's the same as that, do you think? //It's, it's Snow White.//
F1103 //Nearly, it's the same colour.//
F1104 There's a witch in Snow White, is there?
F1103 Aye, she's bad, isn't she? She's scary.
F1104 Fitt ain is it?
F1103 Fitt, the witch? //It's the wicked witch.//
F1104 //Uh-huh.// //Wicked.//
F1103 //Oh she's got a wicked stepmother, [inaudible], hasn't she?//
F1104 And there's a wicked wi-, there's a stepmother in C-, erm erm, Cinderella as well, isn't there?
F1103 Aye, there's a lot o wicked stepmothers, //aren't there?//
F1104 //Yeah.// A lot o them.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Canna name, [?]claim[/?] their names, can we? //Mmhm.//
F1103 //Well erm,// Only ain I ken's the ain in Sleeping Beauty. Fitt's she called? //The bad ain in//
F1104 //Ma-.//
F1103 Sleeping Beauty? Can you remember?
F1104 Maleficent.
F1103 Maleficent, that's right. She's scary.
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 She's nae nice at aa, is she?
F1104 No. Fitt does she dae to the Princess?
F1103 She casts a spell on her, doesn't she? //And erm,//
F1104 //Yeah.//
F1103 maks her faa asleep. But she, it was supposed to kill her for a start, but they got it changed, didn't they?
F1104 Yeah, she was sleeping. Sleeping, Sleeping Beauty.
F1103 Aye.
F1104 It was Sleeping Beauty, wasn't it?
F1103 Mmhm. And fitt was her her other name when she was living in the in the forest? Can you remember?
F1104 Laura.
F1103 No, it was Briar Rose, wasn't it?
F1104 Briar Roses. And her sixteenth birthday she she was prick her finger on a spinning wheel.
F1103 That's right. That's exactly right.
F1104 Fa's got Snow White?
F1103 You.
F1104 And fa else has got it?
F1103 I dinna ken fa else has got it.
F1104 I saw somebody watching it the last day.
F1103 Oh, you were watching it when we was at [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s, weren't you?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Did [CENSORED: forename] hae it on tape?
F1104 Yep, and there was [inaudible] [?]came[/?].
F1103 Was there?
F1104 She was greeting because she was
F1103 Cause she was fitt?
F1104 She was greeting because she was scared of the the the faces, looking into her.
F1103 [inhale]
F1104 And she went in the water and there was crocodiles.
F1103 In Snow White?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 I dinna think there is.
F1104 Yep there was, and she went in the water, and they nearly ate her up.
F1103 Was there?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Oh boy, right, are we gonna mak the ither ain, fitt ain's left?
F1104 Erm Cinderella!
F1103 Cinderella!
F1104 I, [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename]'s, I [CENSORED: forename] was dressed up as, fann it was Hallowe'en, wasn't she?
F1103 Uh-huh.
F1104 Fitt ain does, fitt princess does [CENSORED: forename] like?
F1103 I dinna ken, you'll need to ask her, won't you?
F1104 Yeah. She's my pal, is she?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 [CENSORED: forename] doesna say anything, does she?
F1103 No, [CENSORED: forename]'s a bit shy.
F1104 Yeah, she never says anything, but she sings. She says "We wish you a Merry Christmas".
F1103 [laugh] And a Happy New Year.
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 She [?]always[/?] sings.
F1103 Does she?
F1104 She sings a lot but she doesna speak. //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Her mum says she speaks at hame though, I think it's just she's shy at playgroup.//
F1104 [singing] Mam, fitt's this bit?
F1103 Eh?
F1104 Mam, which bit's this?
F1103 That's its horn. Cause unicorns have got horns. Does it look like your other unicorn?
F1104 Mum, fitt's its horns for?
F1103 I dinna ken, it's just something that a unicorn's got.
F1104 Mum, farr's Barbie Swan Lake at? [inaudible]
F1103 She's ower there. Underneath there.
F1104 Ah. Does she drive, does she go in the co- the //carriage?//
F1103 //The carriage. She sits in here, look.// //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Ah.//
F1103 Erm, I think she holds onto this bits, look.
F1104 Does she?
F1103 Aye, //I dinna think I've [inaudible]. Right.//
F1104 //[laugh]//
F1103 Ehm. Do you want to mak mair jigsaws?
F1104 Yeah. Yep.
F1103 Fitt ains do you want to mak noo? [inaudible] brak this, and you broke it on [inaudible]. Never mind. Fitt jigsaw do you want? //Stop touching that thing.//
F1104 //Erm, erm, erm, erm, erm, erm, erm.// Let me see, me see.
F1103 Do you want to mak your Little Pony ains?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 Eh?
F1104 Yep, I want to make.
F1103 Oh. //Watch!//
F1104 //This one!//
F1103 Put this ains back in the box.
F1104 Mum, they didna break up, div they?
F1103 No I think they maybe gonna fit in withoot breaking them up. I dinna ken if Snow White will though, cause the Snow White ain's a bit big. Isn't it? Than the rest o them. //That's all of them. They all fit.//
F1104 //Snow White d-.//
F1103 That's good, isn't it?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 Now, will we mak this pony ones?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Yeah.
F1104 Yeah. Mam, that's a bit [inaudible] that's a bit, a bit mixed up, is it? //That's a bit mixed up.//
F1103 //Mummy'll sort them oot.// [inaudible] You're no supposed to touch. Right noo, let's see. So that you dinna get them mixed up. Put the black ones in there and the white ones in there. See, cause they're different colour on the back, so that you ken fitt ains is fitt, see? See that? Aye?
F1104 Which colour's on the back bits. //A black one.//
F1103 //Fitt's on that ain?//
F1104 It's a [inaudible].
F1103 What do you think it is?
F1104 Sparkleworks.
F1103 Sparkleworks, that's what it is. //[inaudible]//
F1104 //[inaudible]// Fa's on this ain?
F1103 Eh?
F1104 Fa's on this ain?
F1103 I dinna ken. That's a pony that you've nae got. I dinna ken fa that ain is.
F1104 I think it must be Rainbow Dash.
F1103 Oh, it looks a bit like her.
F1104 Yeah, because she's blue, isn't she?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Rainbow Dash is a blue, isn't she?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Gallopy up, gallopy up, gallopy up, gallopy gallopy. Gallopy gallop. Mum, she's going to gallopty up the hill. Mu-, Mum, pretend this one
F1103 Eh?
F1104 he's goin to gallop up the mountains.
F1103 Up the mountain? //Oh boy!//
F1104 //Yep.//
F1103 Fitt mountain?
F1104 This mountain. //Hello [CENSORED: forename].//
F1103 //Oh I see.// Hello Barbie.
F1104 What are you doing?
F1103 Well, we're sorting oot these jigsaws.
F1104 Oh. //Mu-!//
F1103 //So that me and [CENSORED: forename] can make them.//
F1104 Mum, when I was a little girl, I didn't know where the bits goed.
F1103 Did you not? And do you want to help us?
F1104 Yep, I [inaudible]. [inaudible] wants to watch.
F1103 Oh does he?
F1104 Yep, she's a girl.
F1103 Will we make this one first?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 See if you can find the straight edges.
F1104 Say "Unicorn, div you want to help as well?"
F1103 Unicorn, do you want to help as well?
F1104 Neigh!
F1103 Right, we'll take the straight edges oot o this box. Okay? //Come on now, are you gaun to help me?//
F1104 //He says "Neigh!"// This a girl ain.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Cause the girls say neigh as well, divn't they? //No, I dinna want that bit.//
F1103 //Aye.// No, but I'll just lay it doon there. Come on then, are you going to find the straight edges?
F1104 Yeah. The unicorn wants to do this as well, because sh- he doesn't know how to make jigsaws. //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Mm.//
F1104 Say "I like your shoes, Barbie".
F1103 I like your shoes, Barbie, they're very pretty.
F1104 Erm I know, they're ballet shoes.
F1103 Oh they're lovely. Can you dance with them?
F1104 Er no, I just walk with them.
F1103 Oh. But I thought ballet shoes were for dancing.
F1104 Erm but this ones aren't.
F1103 Are they nae? //Why no?//
F1104 //No.// Cause they're just erm they're just erm for walking wi mum.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 [exhale] [inhale] Say "What's that on your heid, Barbie?"
F1103 What's that on your heid, Barbie?
F1104 It's a swan.
F1103 Oh, cause it's Swan Lake?
F1104 Yep, it's Barbie Swan Lake.
F1103 I see.
F1104 My unicorns is called [exhale] Prince, erm my princess is, my horse is called Maya.
F1103 I thought she was called Lila?
F1104 My horse is called Lila. She always wants carrots.
F1103 Does she? Just like Rudolph? //Rudolph ate a carrot, didn't he?//
F1104 //Yeah.// Yeah.
F1103 Do you think Rudolph was in the hoose?
F1104 Yeah, I think so.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 But, well I couldna hear his hooves.
F1103 Did you nae? But you were sleeping. Weren't ye? //When Rudolph was in.//
F1104 //Yeah.// But cu-, erm reindeers arenae supposed to be inside, are they?
F1103 Well no, but seeing as it's Rudolph, I think we can let him off, eh?
F1104 But I like Rudolph, do we?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 My horse likes, Lila likes Rudolph as well, [CENSORED: forename].
F1103 Does she?
F1104 Yeah, he gives her, sh- he gives her, she gives her, he gives her, he gives her erm someone gives to Lila erm erm carrots.
F1103 Oh boy!
F1104 And Smarties and sweeties.
F1103 Smarties and sweeties?
F1104 Yeah, because she likes sweeties and carrots.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 And she gi-, and erm sh-, you know what, [CENSORED: forename], //she eats for her tea?//
F1103 //What?//
F1104 She eats Alphabites for her tea, Lila.
F1103 Does she? That's lovely.
F1104 Erm I know. She always eats Alphabites, she always goes "neigh" for Alphabites outside.
F1103 Does she?
F1104 Yeah. Cause she's always hungry outside.
F1103 Oh, there's bitties missing, I think. Oh, there's ain. The bittie that was missing. //Where does this bit go?//
F1104 //Mum,// Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum.
F1103 Are you sleepy?
F1104 There was bad, there was a witch erm the the the cottage, wasn't there? The witch was at a cottage.
F1103 Was there?
F1104 Yep. //And fitt else was there//
F1103 //[inaudible]//
F1104 fann Sleeping Beauty was on?
F1103 Oh aye.
F1104 And fitt else was on it?
F1103 I canna mind. You was watching it. I was doon the stair.
F1104 There was erm there was creatures, thingsies.
F1103 Oh, what kind o creatures?
F1104 There was a warthog ain.
F1103 A warthog?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 I think that was maybe in The Lion King.
F1104 No, it was a black one.
F1103 Oh I see. Somebody's booming music outside, can you hear it? It's aafa loud.
F1104 Fitt's it called?
F1103 I dinna ken. But it's aafa aafa loud. Now, farr does this bit go?
F1104 [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Say "Yes, Barbie Swan Lake".
F1103 Yes, Barbie Swan Lake.
F1104 Erm, my sisters went out.
F1103 Did they? Where did they go?
F1104 They went to Elgin. They went out without me.
F1103 Oh, that's a shame. That's nae nice tae dae that, is it, to go out without you?
F1104 Yep. Now I'm all alone with my mum and my dad.
F1103 Aw, and did you want somebody to play with?
F1104 Yeah, but my mum played with me with my games and my toys and my jigsaws.
F1103 Did she? Aw well, that's good, isn't it?
F1104 And she played with my domino game.
F1103 Oh!
F1104 I've got a a bone domino g- game.
F1103 A bone domino game?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 Have ye?
F1104 Because I like dogs and bones.
F1103 Do ye?
F1104 Yes, because I've got a pet called, I've got a doggie called Pono.
F1103 Called Pono?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Oh that's nice, that's an unusual name for a dog.
F1104 Have you f- [inaudible], have you got two pets?
F1103 I have.
F1104 I've got a hamster called Colin.
F1103 Called Colin?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Div ye?
F1104 He died a long time ago.
F1103 Oh that's that's quite sad.
F1104 I haven't got one now.
F1103 Oh you're right morbid.
F1104 He's died noo. I-, but I've got another one.
F1103 Have you? What have you got now?
F1104 I've got erm I've got ain called Pluto.
F1103 Pluto? Like Mickey Mouse's dog?
F1104 Yeah. I've got a dog called Pluto as well.
F1103 There we go.
F1104 That's her.
F1103 That was a hard jigsaw.
F1104 Mum, fitt's colour's on the bottom?
F1103 Erm yellow. That was a hard ain. Daddy wouldnae have managed that ain.
F1104 No, it's black on the bottom o that ain.
F1103 Oh underneath it! Aye, //it's black.//
F1104 //Yeah.// //Black black black.//
F1103 //[inaudible] that fitt in there?//
F1104 Ah.
F1103 Just and nae mair, eh?
F1104 Yeah, just and [?]nae mair, are you[/?]? //Which one are you goin-?//
F1103 //Right, we'll mak the ither ain noo?//
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Will we?
F1104 Erm, [CENSORED: forename], you're good at this jigsaw.
F1103 Aye. I practise aa the time.
F1104 Oh div you? //Do you practise aa,//
F1103 //Aye.//
F1104 erm. What say, "What you doing Barbie Swan Lake"?
F1103 What you doing Barbie Swan //Lake?//
F1104 //I'm kicking away my// the dirt that's on my shoes.
F1103 Oh, how did you get dirt on your shoes?
F1104 I just walked out of my [inaudible] the beside the sand at my at my hoose.
F1103 Oh, I see.
F1104 Say what, what you doing, [CENSORED: forename]? What you doing [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 I'm nae daein onything.
F1104 [?]Why?[/?]
F1103 I'm gaun to mak this jigsaw.
F1104 Oh, can I help as well?
F1103 Aye, if you want.
F1104 Oh, thanks.
F1103 This jigsaws is hard.
F1104 The horsie wants something to eat.
F1103 Oh, fitt does he want to eat?
F1104 He wants some, s- he wants some some dominoes.
F1103 He wants to eat some dominoes?
F1104 No, he wants to eat some chicken dominoes.
F1103 Chicken dominoes? //[?]I've nane o them[/?].//
F1104 //Yeah, because we've got some.// We get them in Safeways.
F1103 Chicken dominoes? //Mm, I've never heard o them.//
F1104 //Yeah.//
F1103 Are they nice?
F1104 Mmhm. //Yeah.//
F1103 //That's good.//
F1104 I like them. I like I like erm I like turkey and chips and gravy and tatties and stuffing.
F1103 Dae ye?
F1104 And I like tu-, turkey. //I need always,//
F1103 //Did you eat some turkey yesterday?//
F1104 yes, I did, for my breakfast.
F1103 For your breakfast?
F1104 Uh-huh.
F1103 Ooh. I'm sure that was lovely, to have turkey for your breakfast.
F1104 Yeah. Has erm [CENSORED: forename] had turkey for her breakfast?
F1103 No, I dinna think so. We dinna we dinna eat turkey for our breakfast.
F1104 No, we, I have toast for my breakfast as well.
F1103 Do ye?
F1104 And and I have lots of other things for my breakfast. I have erm I have sweet- I have Barbie Swan Lake dom-, I have Barbie Swan Lake erm yogurts and my juice.
F1103 Have ye?
F1104 And I've got unicorn I've I've got unicorn, I've got unicorn, I've got unicorn pu- pudding.
F1103 Unicorn pudding?
F1104 Yeah. //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Oh I've never heard o them.//
F1104 You get erm you [inaudible] you get pies from Safeways and milk and sugar.
F1103 Dae ye?
F1104 Lots o, lots o things.
F1103 Mm. That's handy for your shopping then, isn't it?
F1104 S- Santa's coming the morn.
F1103 Santa's been.
F1104 But he's coming to morn to my house.
F1103 Santa winna be back for another year.
F1104 Eh?
F1103 Uh! What do you mean "Uh"?
F1104 No, I said "eh"?
F1103 Aye, I heard ye.
F1104 Aye, what's your horse doing? What's my horse doing? Erm su-, where's Sugar at, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 I dinna ken, Barbie.
F1104 Oh. Sugar's my friend.
F1103 Is she?
F1104 I've got s-s- sandals on. I've got sandals on my feet, [CENSORED: forename].
F1103 Have ye?
F1104 I've got sandals on today. [exhale] Erm Barbie, they've got Barbie Swan Lake on them. And she's got [?]wheels[/?]. //Look at, look at the//
F1103 //Has she?//
F1104 wheels on her carriage. //My carriage.//
F1103 //Oh aye.//
F1104 Can I watch in here?
F1103 Mmhm, you can.
F1104 Mum, can I take this off noo?
F1103 No, nae just now. In a wee while. Leave it on just now.
F1104 [inaudible] She wants [?]a look at that[/?]. Neigh! Mum, can I make it as well?
F1103 Aye, I've been waitin on you to help me. Dinna touch that.
F1104 [exhale] Mummy, mummy, mummy, mm.
F1103 That's right, that's it. This is hard jigsaws, this ains, //aren't they?//
F1104 //Yeah.// They're hard, hard, hard.
F1103 Can you manage? That bit's got a bit of purple, so that goes, is that an edge, see?
F1104 [child noises]
F1103 Nearly finished.
F1104 Nearly finished. //We've finished!//
F1103 //[clapping] Yey!// Manage that bit in?
F1104 Mm. Mm.
F1103 Well done!
F1104 Mum, we'll make another ain like this?
F1103 Aye, go and get them.
F1104 Do do, do this, do this, let me do this. //Do this,//
F1103 //Right.// //[inaudible] two ower there, [inaudible].//
F1104 //do this.// Ah. //This one.//
F1103 //You got it?// //There we go, right, come and sit doon, Sunny Days.//
F1104 //Mm, it's Pinky Pie and s- Sunny Days.//
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Mm. Mm, mm.
F1103 [inaudible] Why are you makkin a funny noise?
F1104 [laugh] Yes, I am! //[laugh]//
F1103 //You're a silly sausage.// //Right, come on and sit doon and we'll mak this jigsaw.//
F1104 //[laugh]// [laugh] [inaudible] [laugh]
F1103 Right, Mummy'll have to mix this bits up, won't she?
F1104 Mum, but she wants to watch.
F1103 Aye, but she's a bit too close.
F1104 But she needs to watch, she's a bit too close.
F1103 Oh okay then. [inaudible] sort oot this bits. //again, like, remember like we sorted oot the last ain.//
F1104 //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1103 Didn't we? Black ains into one bit, //and white ains into another bit. Fitt?//
F1104 //[CENSORED: forename]?// I like, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 Fitt?
F1104 Erm, [exhale], no it's Barbie Swan Lake that's asking you.
F1103 Aye, well, well, I said "Fitt?"
F1104 Erm, I like pony jigsaws, [CENSORED: forename].
F1103 Do ye?
F1104 Because my dad makes me a pop-up dragon thing.
F1103 Oh boy! Well we can play wi it after. Okay?
F1104 [inaudible] Ah yeah! Can Barbie Swan Lake play wi, play wi it too?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 And can you can play wi it as well?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Can you-. Yeah! Unicorn. I like my unicorn. Fa did I get this fae?
F1103 Santa.
F1104 Santa. I wa- I I wan-, I always wanted Barbie Swan Lake.
F1103 Mmhm. That's what you asked for, isn't it?
F1104 Yep.
F1103 You told Santa you was wanting Barbie Swan Lake. And a My Little Pony's Flower Shop and you got that an aa, didn't you?
F1104 Yeah. So I got aa the things. And I asked for Sylvanian Families, didn't I?
F1103 Aye, and did you get them?
F1104 Yeah, fitt ain did I? Which cottage did I get?
F1103 The Bramble Cottage.
F1104 Bramble Cottage? There's a there's a there's nae a [inaudible] living room, was there?
F1103 Eh?
F1104 There's nae a, there's a d- door [inaudible] living room [inaudible] go oot, //is there?//
F1103 //Aye, and there's a ladder for going up the stairs,// //isn't there?//
F1104 //Yep.// [inaudible] a bedroom for them, //[inaudible].//
F1103 //Aye, we'll need to see aboot getting a bedroom for them.//
F1104 Yeah, because there's nowhere for them to sleep, is there?
F1103 No! Right, straight edges.
F1104 [exhale] Erm, [CENSORED: forename], can I help as well?
F1103 Course you can, Barbie.
F1104 How div you make it together?
F1103 Well, I'm gaun to find aa the straight edges first, //so that we can do the edges.//
F1104 //Oh. Mum, there's a straight edge I've got.//
F1103 Aye, I'm puttin all the straight edges on there, look.
F1104 Oh.
F1103 See.
F1104 Mum, you have the Barbie Swan Lake. //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Who's in this jigsaw?//
F1104 Erm, I dinna ken.
F1103 Who do think it is?
F1104 Rainbow Dash.
F1103 Mm, I think so, maybe. Yep, well done!
F1104 Rainbow Dash. She's cool, is she, Rainbow Dash?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 I've got a bit erm, I've got a bit of Sunny Days, I've got [inaudible] ow ouch!
F1103 That maybe is Sunny, aye, it's Sunny Days, it's nae Rainbow Dash.
F1104 Sunny Days. Sunny, Rainbow Dash, is it, [inaudible]. Sunny, //that's//
F1103 //No.//
F1104 that is Sunny Days. But Sunny Days isna blue, is she?
F1103 No, but I think it's just the way the light is shinin on her. I think. Do you think that's maybe fitt it is? //Yep.//
F1104 //Yeah, I think it's just because// the light's shinin on her.
F1103 And there's a corner there. Erm.
F1104 I thought she was she was supposed to be white?
F1103 Aye, she is, but I tellt you, it's the way the light's shining on her.
F1104 Oh, I think so, it is.
F1103 Do you think that's what //it is?//
F1104 //I've got a// unicorn to help me dae it.
F1103 Aye, a unicorn'll help you mak a jigsaw.
F1104 [laugh] Can he put his feet on //here?//
F1103 //No, cause that's in the road.//
F1104 Oh. [CENSORED: forename]!
F1103 Yes.
F1104 Say "Yes, Lila".
F1103 Yes, Lila.
F1104 Erm, my my sisters are erm in Africa.
F1103 Are they? //Oh boy.//
F1104 //Yeah.// Because I bide in Africa.
F1103 Do ye?
F1104 Because we and Barbie Swan Lake bide in Africa.
F1103 Oh, I see.
F1104 We bide the [inaudible] big big big big [inaudible].
F1103 Do ye?
F1104 We bide beside, we bide beside erm, beside erm, erm we bide beside er
F1103 Beside fitt?
F1104 we bide beside erm erm erm [inaudible] erm [?]Cookie[/?] Road.
F1103 Oh. I see.
F1104 [laugh] [exhale]
F1103 Erm. Aye, there we go. I think we're getting some wey noo, aren't we?
F1104 Erm, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 Mmhm?
F1104 Are you a home help, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1103 I am.
F1104 Oh, are you?
F1103 Mmhm. How did you know?
F1104 Because I just, my erm my sisters are home helps as well.
F1103 Are they?
F1104 Because they always be home helps. They always help me get out of loads of stuff.
F1103 Div they?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Oh, cause that's what home help does, that's right. Now, here we go, we're goin to mak Sunny Days. She's smiling, see? See her smiling?
F1104 Mm I ken. //Mm, she's smiling.//
F1103 //Mmhm.//
F1104 [laugh] Because that's [inaudible] you smile [inaudible] smile at your friends, div they? //Smile at your friends.//
F1103 //Mmhm.// [sniff] Now.
F1104 Is it in the road again, Mum?
F1103 Eh? //No, it'll be okay.//
F1104 //Is it in the road again?//
F1103 That bit doesna go there.
F1104 Mam, this is my unicorn.
F1103 So it is. She's very beautiful, isn't she?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 There's hair bits, here's there.
F1103 Aye.
F1104 There's hair bits here. There's nae hair bits over here, [inaudible]. Say, [CENSORED: forename], "I like your carriage, Barbie Swan Lake".
F1103 I like your carriage, Barbie Swan Lake.
F1104 I know. My mummy made it for me.
F1103 Did she? //It's really//
F1104 //Yeah.//
F1103 beautiful. She must be very clever.
F1104 Yeah, it was a long time ago when I was a little girl.
F1103 Oh was it?
F1104 Yeah. It's got swans on it.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 They look on [inaudible].
F1103 There you go, look!
F1104 Mum, she's yellow.
F1103 Nae, look, she's kind of white. And all her pretty mane and her tail.
F1104 She's ye- she's a bit white, //is she?//
F1103 //Mmhm.// Are we gonna mak Pinky Pie noo?
F1104 Uh uh. Uh-huh. Pinky Pie, Pinky Pie. I shook my horse.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 Mum, will I fit in here?
F1103 No, and dinna try because you'll break it.
F1104 Fa sits in here?
F1103 Barbie.
F1104 Mum, fitt's this bit here?
F1103 That's just a decoration bit. [?]It moves[/?]. [sniff] Dinna sit in it.
F1104 It's got a little seat in it for Barbie, has it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 [exhale]
F1103 You helpin me with the straight edges?
F1104 Mm, mmhm. Mm. I will, I will.
F1103 You will, you will?
F1104 The unicorn wants to watch.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 Because he doesn't know how to make jigsaws.
F1103 No, well, I've never seen unicorns making jigsaws before. //[sniff] [sniff]//
F1104 //But but horses div.//
F1103 [?]My nose[/?]. //There.//
F1104 //But some horses div.//
F1103 Mak jigsaws?
F1104 Some o them. Little ones can.
F1103 Can they?
F1104 Yeah. They do it with their mums. The mums do the straight edges.
F1103 Oh I see, just like wi us?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Cause I do the straight edges, don't I?
F1104 Yeah, divna.
F1103 Mm, you help me. Don't you? //Sometimes.//
F1104 //Mum, there's hor-// there's horseshoes,
F1103 Aye.
F1104 isn't there?
F1103 Careful.
F1104 [inaudible]
F1103 Now.
F1104 Mum, this is a
F1103 This ain's in here.
F1104 Sure, erm, Philip's got a horse.
F1103 Prince Philip? //Aye, in Sleeping Beauty?//
F1104 //Yep.// //Yeah.//
F1103 //Mmhm.//
F1104 Fitt's his horse called?
F1103 I canna mind. Can you remember?
F1104 No. Come on Mum.
F1103 No, I've forgotten. It has got a name, cause I mind him speaking to it, but I canna mind fitt it is. [sniff] Mummy's got a runny nose.
F1104 Here you are, div you need a tissue?
F1103 No, I'll be okay just now.
F1104 Oh.
F1103 But thank you. It sounds like somebody got a new stereo for their Christmas, doesn't it?
F1104 Mmhm.
F1103 [inaudible] aa that noise ootside.
F1104 Is it a new baby car?
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 Will it be a new toy car?
F1103 I dinna ken.
F1104 But you don't get big cars for your Christmas, div ye?
F1103 No, nae real cars. Nae for your Christmas. That's too big a present. Somebody's got a scooter that's makkin aa that peeping.
F1104 Can we see it?
F1103 Oh, he's awa noo. It's far far away.
F1104 Mum, I'll push it here.
F1103 Eh?
F1104 I'll push it over there.
F1103 Ah. [sniff]
F1104 Mam, fitt you makin it on?
F1103 I'm makkin eh, I'm makkin it on another jigsaw box.
F1104 Which jigsaw box?
F1103 I don't know. Yeah, the ain wi aa your princesses. Mm? Farr does this bit go? There. We're gonna hae a lot o tidying up tae dae again, aren't we?
F1104 Mm, yeah.
F1103 Wi aa this Christmas presents and stuff.
F1104 Nae this Christmas present.
F1103 Aye, it doesnae mean put them aa awa, but you have to tidy up. You canna just leave aa o them lying aa the time, can you?
F1104 Na.
F1103 That's a horrible mess, isn't it?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 And we dinna want to leave a mess.
F1104 Na. I wouldna dae that, would I?
F1103 No, you always tidy up, don't you? Well, sometimes.
F1104 Yeah. Might need to tidy up erm Barbie Swan Lake, divn't I?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 I put it up, I put it up the stair last //night, didn't I?//
F1103 //Aye, that was a good girl.//
F1104 Mm.
F1103 Helping Mummy. There's Pinky Pie.
F1104 I didna help you dae that ain, //did I?//
F1103 //Yeah, I did it aa by myself.// You didna help me at aa. Nae even a little bit. Do you want to mak that ither ains?
F1104 Yeah. Mum, that's Pinky Pie you made. //I like Pi-.//
F1103 //Aye, will I go- will I get that ither// the Belle ain and the Cinderella ain?
F1104 No, I want to make my Pop-Up //Dragon.//
F1103 //Okay.//
F1104 Pop-Up Dragon. [CENSORED: forename] did that one, didn't she? //And this.//
F1103 //Aye.// Oh, take a look there.
F1104 Mm.
F1103 [inaudible]
F1104 Pop-Up Dragon. Pop-Up Dragon. [laugh]
F1103 Aye, right.
F1104 Mummy, Mummy, he's gonna blow that erm fire on you. [blowing]
F1103 Oh boy. //Right, come here.//
F1104 //It's aa steamed up.//
F1103 Right. //Right, fitt colours are you taking?//
F1104 //I I li-, I've got.// //Erm, I'm go-.//
F1103 //Well, I don't suppose// it matters, does it?
F1104 I'm gonna take blue. [exhale] Ah, you've got pink and I've got green. //I've got green for Celtic.//
F1103 //Oh.// Yeah.
F1104 [laugh] I've got yellow noo. Do you like yellow, Mum?
F1103 Mm, yellow, oh, that's him. //Right, start again.//
F1104 //Po-.// He popped up, didn't he?
F1103 Aye. //Right, we'll [inaudible].//
F1104 //Fann did he pop up?//
F1103 Right, haud on, we'll get the colours, do you want //the pink ones and the blue ones?//
F1104 //Fann?// I want the pi-, the blue, the pink ones and the blue ones and the green ones and the yellow ones.
F1103 You take that ains, okay? //And I'll dae this ain.//
F1104 //Yeah.//
F1103 Okay?
F1104 But you dinna like green.
F1103 Aye, but it's okay, I'll manage.
F1104 I've got pink and //blue.//
F1103 //Right, come on then, put in a flag.//
F1104 Yeah, I've put in, I've put in my blue. Yuck [inaudible]. Div you mind you've got [inaudible]. //Do you want.//
F1103 //Oh!// //Aw, it's ower already.//
F1104 //Ah!// Fa popped him up?
F1103 Me. So you won. Right, we'll put him doon in again.
F1104 I've got blue and pink again. Mum, we nearly pop up.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 He always pops up, doesn't he?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Cause it's Pop-Up Dragon, is it?
F1103 That's just fitt it is.
F1104 Mum, fitt's the tower for?
F1103 That's farr he's sleeping.
F1104 But he's nae sleeping very well, is he?
F1103 Aye, he's fast asleep.
F1104 Why's he sleeping?
F1103 Cause it's sleeping time.
F1104 [laugh] Then he jumps up and he doesna sleep and he and you put him ba- back doon again and he jumps up.
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Then he jumps up, doesn't he? Because it's Pop-Up Dragon we're playing, is it?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Pop-Up Dragon. I've got [?]it still[/?]. So, he left. //Ah!//
F1103 //Ah, he did it again!// You've won again!
F1104 [laugh]
F1103 Right, take oot aa the flags again. Do you want to play it again?
F1104 Yeah. I'll turn the bottom, okay? No, I'll put him back in. //No, I'll dae it, I'll dae it.//
F1103 //[inaudible] Well you've done the top bit.// That wey. That's it, well done.
F1104 Mum, can I erm.
F1103 Oh!
F1104 Fa made him pop up?
F1103 Me, straight awa. Oh boy.
F1104 You've put ony. Mum, can I hae [?]that two[/?] noo? //Can I hae that?//
F1103 //You want this// colour?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 Have pink and blue. //I want erm. [exhale]//
F1103 //You take that ains, and I'll take this ains ower, look.// //Oops.//
F1104 //No, but I want// pink erm pi-. //I want pink and blue.//
F1103 //Well do you want to put them aa in?// //Okay, then, you put them aa in.//
F1104 //Yeah.// Mum, there's nae for you, is there?
F1103 No, I'll just hae to sit. Right, you pop them in, see if you can mak him pop. Or we'll try nae tae make him pop, even.
F1104 Mum, it's sleeping time //noo, isn't he?//
F1103 //Aye, he's fast asleep.//
F1104 He's fast asleep, then you pop him up. Mum, he's nae gonna pop up.
F1103 Is he nae? //Oh//
F1104 //No.//
F1103 look, see aa this ains. This is the fire fighters, isn't it?
F1104 Yeah, there's a shop ain as well.
F1103 Is there? Oh a shark!
F1104 Shark!
F1103 And vikings and pirates and aa things. //Oh there's a shop, look.//
F1104 //[inaudible]//
F1103 Oh boy!
F1104 Mum, I [inaudible] I have got erm this Christmas ain, haven't I?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 I've got a Santa ain.
F1103 Mmhm. //Oh look, that's a big house, look, and it's got a Christmas tree//
F1104 //Look fitt//
F1103 and aa thing. //Right, are you puttin in the//
F1104 //I've f-.//
F1103 flags?
F1104 Mum, can I move this ain to you?
F1103 Aye, Mummy'll hae some of that. Will I just take the same colours again?
F1104 Yeah. //I'm taking this ones.//
F1103 //Right.//
F1104 I took this ones. Now.
F1103 Ah, I did it again!
F1104 And I won.
F1103 Aye, you keep winning. I think you're cheating. Are you cheating?
F1104 I didna ch-, I didna play wi you cheating!
F1103 No, I ken you werena cheating. I was only joking.
F1104 Mummy, can you take this off me?
F1103 In a little minutie.
F1104 After we play Pop-Up Dragon?
F1103 Aye, okay, in aboot fifteen minutes.
F1104 I'm gonna do blue and pink ones.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 I did it again! I popped him up. Popped up, didn't he?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Mum, have //we finished playing Pop-Up Dragon?//
F1103 //[inaudible]// Aye, fitt do you want to play noo? Will we mak mair jigsaws?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Yeah.
F1104 Can we take this off noo?
F1103 After we mak the jigsaws. Need you to keep it on for another little wee while. //Right, you get that jigsaw.//
F1104 //[singing]//
F1103 Oh, watch what you're standing on. Are we makkin the jigsaws?
F1104 Mm. Fimble one.
F1103 Well fitt aboot your new ains though? The Cinderella ain and the Belle ain?
F1104 This one.
F1103 Do you want to play Spotty Dog game? Come on then.
F1104 Spotty dog game.
F1103 Remember, you hae to count properly wi it.
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Aye. Right, sit it doon there and I'll //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Mum, that's a bit like my doggy, is it?//
F1103 Aye.
F1104 [laugh] [humming] Mum, look at this!
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 [?]Spin[/?] that's a clock. //It's a clock.//
F1103 //Mmhm.// //[inaudible] weren't we?//
F1104 //This is a clock for the game.// Mum, why have you got to put it on here?
F1103 Aye, but you put the cards and that doon there, look. Right, you spin. Three. Can you see a doggie with three spots on its back?
F1104 This one.
F1103 No that's nae got three spots on its back. That one, aye, right.
F1104 So this ain comes //oot.//
F1103 //Aye, [inaudible].// Oh, nae bones on that ain.
F1104 Aw.
F1103 Is it Mummy's shottie? One! Find a doggie wi just one spot, there it goes.
F1104 Goes.
F1103 That's got two bones. //Right, you go.//
F1104 //Got two bones. My ain hasna got any bones, has it?//
F1103 Aw. Three! No, that's only got two. //How many has that one got?//
F1104 //Bones in that.// Three.
F1103 One, two, three, that's right.
F1104 There's a bone in that ain.
F1103 Bone in that ain. //Yey!//
F1104 //Yeah, one bone!//
F1103 One.
F1104 Hm hm.
F1103 One bone. It's your go.
F1104 Oh. //This one.//
F1103 //Oh, you have to spin the wheel first though.// You're cheating!
F1104 This one.
F1103 Five. You wantin ain wi five bone-, five spots. That's nae got five spots.
F1104 This one?
F1103 No.
F1104 This one?
F1103 No, you count, count the spots. Look, how many? One, //two,//
F1104 //One,// //three, [?]four, five[/?].//
F1103 //three, four, five!//
F1104 There's bones in that ain!
F1103 Two bones.
F1104 There's nae a bone in that, there's nae bit-, any bones in that ain, //is there?//
F1103 //No.// //Mummy's got ain.//
F1104 //[shriek]//
F1103 Two bones. //Right it's your shottie.//
F1104 //[laugh] [clapping]//
F1103 Your shottie. Oh you have to spin the wheel first.
F1104 I'm no cheatin, am I?
F1103 I think so. //Three, three, aye three, you've already spun it, look, three.//
F1104 //Mum, I played this t-//
F1103 Ain wi three. Do you think that one's got three?
F1104 Mm one, three. //[inaudible]//
F1103 //One, two, three.//
F1104 One, two, three
F1103 That's it. //Aye. Three bones in that ain, oh boy!//
F1104 //bones in that ain, there's heaps o bones in.// Mum, you'll get ain wi no bones in it, will you?
F1103 Aye, right, we need ain wi four spots. Here we go. Two bones in there. //Right, it's your go again.//
F1104 //Hm.//
F1103 Six, you want one wi six spots. Do you think this one's got six spots? Count them.
F1104 One, two. //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Three, four, five,// //six!//
F1104 //Six.// //It's nae bones.//
F1103 //Aw, no bones!// //Aw no.//
F1104 //Aw no!// None. There's none. Sh-, none for me, is there?
F1103 None for you. //Right, I need ain wi three spots.//
F1104 //Mm.// //[laugh]//
F1103 //Here we go.// He's got two bones. //No.//
F1104 //Two bones. I didna get any, I've nae got any// ains wi no bones, am I? //[laugh]//
F1103 //It's you to go.// Hey, you only spin it once! Ain wi two spots.
F1104 You.
F1103 Do you think that one's got two spots?
F1104 One, two.
F1103 That's it. //No bones again, oh//
F1104 //Nae bones in that! Ha!// //[laugh]//
F1103 //no!//
F1104 I'm getting [inaudible]. I'm nae getting any bones wi my ains, am I?
F1103 No. I got ain wi three bones.
F1104 Aw.
F1103 Aw me. You hinna got a lot o bones this time. //Right, it's you to spin the wheel.//
F1104 //No.//
F1103 Spin the wheel first.
F1104 Mm. //I think this one's got//
F1103 //You want// three, you want one with three.
F1104 Three dots on its back.
F1103 I dinna think there's any ther- left wi three spots.
F1104 Mm, this one has!
F1103 Tell you fitt. We'll cheat a wee bit, right? You can take a one and a two, there you go, look. No bones again.
F1104 Nae bones again.
F1103 Mummy needs ain wi two. There we go.
F1104 Mum, is [inaudible] finished?
F1103 Aye, ages ago. Right, you spin the wheel again. Six. One with six spots. One, two, three, four, five, six. Two bones!
F1104 Ah yeah!
F1103 Need ain wi five. There we go. No bones.
F1104 No bones you've got, ha ha ha ha ha.
F1103 That's nae nice! Right, here we go, spin the wheel. One. Oh, you spin again. Two, och, try again. Spin again. Okay, just take that ain then. //Wahey!//
F1104 //Bones in that ain! Yeah!// Hey.
F1103 Need ain wi six. Ah, I've got aa that bones. //That's mine.//
F1104 //Yeah.// //It's yours.//
F1103 //Right, it's you to go again.//
F1104 [laugh] I made a big [inaudible] ain.
F1103 Aye. //Right, it's you. Spin the wheel first.//
F1104 //And you made a c-.// And that ain.
F1103 Four, that's right. //Aw, nae bones.//
F1104 //Nae bones.// Aw! I'm nae getting aa, aa bones, am I?
F1103 No, it's your shottie again, cause, no there's nothing for me. //[inaudible]//
F1104 //One,// two, three, four.
F1103 Well done, four!
F1104 Bone in, other one bone in that //ain.//
F1103 //Aye.//
F1104 Hey! Hurray! //[inaudible] in.//
F1103 //It's your shottie again.// Cause I dinna get to go.
F1104 [exhale] Has that ain got two [?]spots[/?]?
F1103 Right, you cou- count the spots.
F1104 One, two, three, four.
F1103 That's got five, but you can have that one.
F1104 Hey, it's got bones in it. //Got one bone//
F1103 //[?]Four[/?].//
F1104 in it.
F1103 Okay. //And you have that one, cause that's the last one left.//
F1104 //It's got//
F1103 Noo we hae to count aa the bones. One, two, three, four, five, six, //seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen.//
F1104 //One, two, three, [inaudible]// -teen.
F1103 How many have you got? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. Oh, I just beat you! Right, do you want to mak that other jigsaws noo?
F1104 Mm, I want to make a Fimble one.
F1103 A Fimble one. You can make a Fimble one yourself. I'll get it, will I?
F1104 Yeah. //And would you make maybe the hardest ain?//
F1103 //[inaudible]// Aye, I'll help ye. //But you can make Fimbles ains yourself.//
F1104 //Yeah.// //Hard one.//
F1103 //Right, go and gie us the lid for the// spotty dog game. Put that in the box. //[inaudible] sure.//
F1104 //But we'll play it, we can play it the morn, can't we?//
F1103 Aye.
F1104 In my, in Mummy and Daddy's bedroom, can we?
F1103 Aye. Aye, on the floor.
F1104 Yeah. [inaudible] Mum, look, look at my jammies!
F1103 Oh, they are bonny. //Farr did you get them fae?//
F1104 //Bonny!// Dinna ken.
F1103 [?]Nechty[/?] Nana.
F1104 [?]Nechty[/?] Nana. [inaudible] Oh, look, we'll make the big one first. There's a bit o Fimble.
F1103 Is it ain o the bigs, ain o the bigs pieces? //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Fimble, Fimble.// //Fimble, Fimble, Fimble.//
F1103 //[inaudible]//
F1104 And the Fimble, Fimble, Fimble. And the Fimble, Fimble, Fimble. Fimble, Fimble, Fimble ba-ba-bam. //Ding dong ding ding dong.//
F1103 //Can you see it?// //Right, come on then, make a jigsaw.//
F1104 //Ding ding ding. I'm singing that ain aboot// Fimble.
F1103 Oh, did you mak that up by yourself?
F1104 [singing] //[singing] I'm making the pony, I'm doing the po-, I'm singing the pony ain noo.//
F1103 //Come on then. Mak it on there.//
F1104 [singing]
F1103 Oh my.
F1104 [singing] //[singing]//
F1103 //That's lovely music.//
F1104 [singing] [singing] Mam, this is tricky ains,
F1103 That's nae. That ain's easy. Easy as pie that ain is.
F1104 Easy pie!
F1103 Can I help you wi that bit? //There you go. There's one bit left.//
F1104 //Mm.// One bit. [exhale]
F1103 There you go.
F1104 This ain's a bit hard, is it? //[inaudible]//
F1103 //Aye, it's a bit harder.// Right, will I help you with the straight edges?
F1104 Mum, this ain's boring. //This one's boring.//
F1103 //Do you want to dae this ain?//
F1104 So boring!
F1103 Do you nae want to dae this ain?
F1104 Yeah. No.
F1103 No, do you want to dae the princess ains? Your new princess ains?
F1104 Yeah. I want to make a Cinderella first.
F1103 Okay.
F1104 Canna make them one at a time, can we?
F1103 You'll have to make them one at a time. Canna make them baith thegither, can we?
F1104 No. Might get mixed up, will they?
F1103 Aye, and we dinna want that, do we?
F1104 No. Mam, fitt ain, which one is there making the day?
F1103 Oh, it's in the wrong box! [exhale] Isn't it?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 So Mummy'll just swap the lids of the boxes and that'll be them sorted.
F1104 Is Belle in this ain, is it?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Belle. [laugh]
F1103 There you go, look. That's the right lid.
F1104 [laugh]
F1103 Right, we'll need to brak it up noo, won't we, to mak it again.
F1104 Where's Cinderella at?
F1103 She's ower there.
F1104 No, but I need to make Cinderella.
F1103 Well we'll just mak Belle noo, cause that's here. Then we'll mak Cinderella.
F1104 Yeah, I like Cinderella and Belle, div I?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 Ah, we like princesses, div we?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Cause they're nice, aren't they?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 I'm wearing a princess top anyway, am I?
F1103 Aye, you've got on your Snow White ain. That's a new ain, isn't it?
F1104 Can I take this off noo?
F1103 Er, another five minuties. //Very soon.//
F1104 //Yeah.// //But it's hurting my lips.//
F1103 //Now, Mummy do the straight edges?// It's naewhere near your lips! It's you that took it off so
F1104 Can I sit on your knee, Mum?
F1103 Aye, if you want.
F1104 Can I sit on your knee?
F1103 Oh!
F1104 It's nice and cosy!
F1103 Oh!
F1104 [laugh] A bosie!
F1103 Ow, [CENSORED: forename], I canna mak a jigsaw though if you're sitting like that.
F1104 [singing] //[singing]//
F1103 //[CENSORED: forename], are you going to sit on my knee or no?//
F1104 Mm. [singing] Here's the baby, here it is, here's the baby. Here it is, here's the baby girl.
F1103 Are you speaking like they were on Ice Age?
F1104 No.
F1103 Aye you are.
F1104 [laugh]
F1103 You're [?]leein[/?].
F1104 Na, I wasna.
F1103 Aye, [inaudible].
F1104 Na, I wasna.
F1103 No, but that's the way they were speaking on Ice Age.
F1104 Fitt does erm does er big one say?
F1103 Fitt? The big woolly mammoth?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 I dinna ken. I wasna watching it. I just heard wee bits. That bit goes there.
F1104 Erm fitt was that ain wi the long teeth oot its moo?
F1103 That was a sabre-toothed tiger. They're scary, aren't they?
F1104 Yeah. But the mammoth's nae scary, is he?
F1103 No.
F1104 Mammoth. I like mammoths, div I?
F1103 Dae ye?
F1104 And and one o them were standing on the funniest thing, it said "Ah!"
F1103 Oh.
F1104 There was a big one there. Nose [inaudible] boo.
F1103 [laugh]
F1104 It got to have a [?]stretch neck[/?].
F1103 Oh boy.
F1104 Because it's, and I saw somebody's furry foot, and it was the mammoth.
F1103 Was it?
F1104 Yeah, it was the big mammoth. This big mammoth.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 And someon-, one of them said "You're [inaudible] big", "No I'm a mammoth". //Mammoth.//
F1103 //Is that what he said?//
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Oh.
F1104 Cause we said oh, mm, he said cause I'm a big mammoth. Mmhm mmhm. I've got a blue one, //haven't I?//
F1103 //Aye.// Dinna open it oot just noo though. //Stand up a wee minute.//
F1104 //And you've got a// you've got a silvery ain, have you?
F1103 Aye. //Are you sleepy?//
F1104 //[yawn]// Uh-huh uh-huh. Uh-huh. Mum, is Dumbo aa finished?
F1103 Well I would think so, cause you switched it off. Didn't you?
F1104 Yeah.
F1103 Yeah.
F1104 But does it musics, start with, does the music sound like when it finishes? //When it finishes?//
F1103 //[?]Press that[/?].// I dinna ken. //No, five minutes.//
F1104 //Mum, can I take this off noo?// //[child noises]//
F1103 //We'll mak this ain then we'll mak erm// //Cinderella, and that'll be it, okay?//
F1104 //[child noises]// [child noises] [singing] [singing] Mum, [inaudible]. //And can we make//
F1103 //There we go.// //Aye.//
F1104 //Cinderella noo?// Farr's Cinderella?
F1103 Still over there. //I'll get it.//
F1104 //[humming]// No, I'll get it.
F1103 No, I'll get it so you dinna get tangled up. //[inaudible]//
F1104 //But you've got tangled up as well.//
F1103 Will you stop touching that, please? Sit doon. //Aye, sit doon.//
F1104 //Sit down Mum!// //[inaudible] the little baby horsie.//
F1103 //Now.//
F1104 That's a little baby horse.
F1103 It's nae. It's a great big horse.
F1104 This is a little horse.
F1103 It's great big.
F1104 Is Sugar great big as well?
F1103 Aye.
F1104 Which horse is little?
F1103 Your ponies. Your My Little Ponies, they're little.
F1104 [Mm]. Ain o them are little, are they? That ain's little [inaudible] //that big?//
F1103 //Aye, that's a baby ain, isn't it?//
F1104 Yeah. Fitt will we call the baby one?
F1103 She's called Pink Sunsparkle.
F1104 Pink Sunsparkle.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 But she's purple.
F1103 Well I no ken, but that's her name. That's what it said on the box.
F1104 Oh, did it?
F1103 Mmhm. //Did you think I just made it up?//
F1104 //Oh.// //I see, I see, I see, I see, I see.//
F1103 //Oh, I see.// //Do you see, do you see, do you see?//
F1104 //I see, I see.// I see, I see. //I see, I see.//
F1103 //I see said the blind man.//
F1104 I see a [inaudible], I see a wifie.
F1103 Mm.
F1104 But she's in here. //There she is.//
F1103 //Oh!// //[inaudible]//
F1104 //Oh [inaudible].// Mum, sure we're girls?
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 And will you go and get a bit for me?
F1103 Eh?
F1104 Can you go and get a bit for me?
F1103 Well, if you werena hangin roon my neck you would maybe manage to do it yourself.
F1104 [inhale]
F1103 Look, what's that in the box? Right, you've got to fill, fill it in, I was doing the edges.
F1104 [humming] [humming] //[inaudible]//
F1103 //I'll help,// //will I?//
F1104 //[humming]// [humming] //[humming]//
F1103 //[humming]// You singing?
F1104 Mum, fitt you singing?
F1103 I dinna ken, fitt're you singing?
F1104 I was singing.
F1103 Where does that bit go?
F1104 I was singing erm the [inaudible]. //[humming]//
F1103 //[laugh] Are you?//
F1104 [humming] //[humming]//
F1103 //[inaudible] farr that bit goes.// //Aye, it goes//
F1104 //[humming]// [humming] //[humming]//
F1103 //Mmhm that's nice.//
F1104 [humming]
F1103 Well sing it properly if you're gonna sing. Dinna just go "mm mm mm mm".
F1104 So, but I [inaudible].
F1103 Mm.
F1104 [singing] [singing] //[singing]//
F1103 //[inaudible]// [inaudible] //Cause you're j-. Aye, but you're just makkin a mess, to be honest.//
F1104 //Mum, I can't erm.// Farr does this bit go? Farr does this bit go? //Wher-//
F1103 //Speak properly.//
F1104 where does this bit go?
F1103 Well come on, you can //see.//
F1104 //Oh huh huh huh.// Oh ah. Can I hae some?
F1103 That'll be that bit.
F1104 Farr's my Smarties at?
F1103 Doon the stair, they've been doon the stair for aboot the last three hoors.
F1104 Mum, can I go and get //the Smarties?//
F1103 //No, just wait.// We're just aboot finished this jigsaw and then we can go doon the stair.
F1104 [child noises] //Mummy?//
F1103 //Nearly finished.//
F1104 Can I hae a bit to do?
F1103 There you go. You put in that bit.
F1104 I'll put in this bit. [exhale] Mum, finished.
F1103 Mmhm.
F1104 It's all finished.

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