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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 06, recording 1: tidying bedroom and making tea

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1097 Now, so did you bake a cake at playschool the day?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 And was it good? Uh-huh. And fitt was [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname] saying to you the day?
M1098 Nae, but nothing the day!
F1097 Did she nae say nothing the day?
M1098 No.
F1097 No? Oh well.
M1098 Will you gaun to see him?
F1097 Eh?
M1098 Will you gaun to see him?
F1097 Fitt am I gaun to see them?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Fitt do you mean? I'm nae gaun to see nothing. You gaun to help Mam empty the washing machine.
M1098 No, no. //Dropped. Look.//
F1097 //Mm?//
M1098 When you gaun to see him?
F1097 Right, come on and help Mam.
M1098 No.
F1097 Right, you want to take oot the stuff for Mum and fold it. Oh look! Oh dear!
M1098 Oh dear!
F1097 [exhale] Do you want to help Mum?
M1098 No.
F1097 No, why?
M1098 What you put it on //for?//
F1097 //Eh? What?//
M1098 Put on for.
F1097 Just pretend that it's nae there, okay? There we are. So was, fitt was erm [CENSORED: forename] saying to you the day? Never mind, come on. Oh, your belt's open. You want to fasten it? //Mam fasten it?//
M1098 //Aye.// That was mm //Mrs//
F1097 //Eh?//
M1098 [CENSORED: surname].
F1097 Was that Mrs [CENSORED: surname]? //[tut] [inhale]//
M1098 //Aye.//
F1097 Oh? Mrs [CENSORED: surname]! [tut] Oh dear. Is she terrible?
M1098 Aye. //Uh-huh.//
F1097 //Eh?// So what kind of cake did you bake the day?
M1098 Um
F1097 Eh?
M1098 I don't kn- know.
F1097 You don't know? Did you eat it?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Have you got a big tummy?
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Let's see! Let me see your big tummy! Oh wow!
M1098 [child noise]
F1097 So fitt do you want for your tea?
M1098 Fitt you're pressin?
F1097 No, just you leave it.
M1098 Fitt's that?
F1097 Just leave it.
M1098 A camera.
F1097 Aye. It's a special one. Okay? Now, that's all the washing. What you wanting for your tea the night?
M1098 Nothing.
F1097 You have to eat. Now, all Mum's washing all done. That's it.
M1098 Fitt you're going to do?
F1097 No, leave that.
M1098 [inaudible]
F1097 Aye. That doesnae matter. That's, that's nae for wearing just now. That's the bit for the batteries. Okay? I'll put them away. Put them over there. Okay? Now, are we gaun upstairs to tidy your bedroom?
M1098 No. Hae tae [?]put on the light[/?]. //Hae-//
F1097 //Nae mind that. It's okay.// Eh?
M1098 I'm nae that.
F1097 You're nae that?
M1098 No, please take it off.
F1097 No, just keep it on for a wee whilie. //Okay?//
M1098 //[exhale]// //[inaudible]//
F1097 //We gaun to pick up Dad tomorrow.// Dad's comin hame.
M1098 No.
F1097 Aye, he is!
M1098 Oh take it off then.
F1097 No.
M1098 Oh please.
F1097 I thought you was gaun to do this with Mummy?
M1098 No!
F1097 Aye. Will I put it in your pocket? Right, well you turn round. Right, come here. Right, just wait a minute. Turn around. Put it in there. Now that's better, is it? Is that better?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Right, wait a minute. Now, that's better. Is that better?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Okay. Well, just it leave it though. No, no, no! Dinnae touch it.
M1098 It's a camera.
F1097 Ah but Mam will show you it after, okay?
M1098 Camera!
F1097 But mam will show you it after. Look, you can hae that bittie just now. Leave it [CENSORED: forename].
M1098 No.
F1097 Right okay, let me show you. See, okay?
M1098 The camera!
F1097 But don't touch. Okay?
M1098 Or you'll whack on my rear.
F1097 Aye. See, look, it says [CENSORED: forename]'s one. See, [CENSORED: forename]'s one, so put it in your pocket. Turn around. No! Put it into your pocket. It's for a special //little boy!//
M1098 //No.// No. The camera broke! I broke it!
F1097 Aye. It's nae a camera. It's a tape recorder.
M1098 No. //It's-//
F1097 //It's a little tape recorder.// Okay. Right, we'll put it in your pocket. //Don't touch nothing on it!//
M1098 //No.//
F1097 Okey-dokey. It's not a camera.
M1098 I know, it's a camera!
F1097 It's not a camera. Okay, cheese!
M1098 Sh!
F1097 Okay, we'll take nice pictures of Mam. Nae touch that though. //Right, put it in your pocket.//
M1098 //[exhale]//
F1097 Turn around please.
M1098 You fix it!
F1097 Eh?
M1098 You fix it!
F1097 Need to fix it? //Well, you//
M1098 //Aye.//
F1097 turn around and Mam will fix it for you. Right turn around, please. Right, ken fitt I think we should dae?
M1098 Uh-huh.
F1097 We'll go up the stair, into your bedroom, and tidy up your toys! Come on, cause there's a mess. Up you go.
M1098 No. //I f-.//
F1097 //Right, I'll take your boots off.// Just leave it. Fa put on your boots the day? Mm? Fa put on your boots the day?
M1098 I don't know.
F1097 You don't know. //Was it//
M1098 //Mm.//
F1097 Mrs [CENSORED: surname]?
M1098 No.
F1097 Mrs [CENSORED: surname]?
M1098 No.
F1097 Er, Mrs [CENSORED: surname]? Miss [CENSORED: surname]?
M1098 Nae there.
F1097 Nae there?
M1098 No.
F1097 Fa was she at the day then?
M1098 Oh! Was her holidays.
F1097 Was she on her holidays?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Was she?
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Oh nae! That's nae good, is it?
M1098 No.
F1097 Right, come on then. Let's go. //So fa was at playgroup the day?//
M1098 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1097 //Aa your friends?//
M1098 [inaudible] //Yes. [laugh]//
F1097 //No, let me be up the stair.//
M1098 [laugh]
F1097 Fa was at playgroup the day?
M1098 Eh. [inaudible]
F1097 Is aa your friends there?
M1098 Aye. [inhale] Look!
F1097 [inhale] Oh who did that?
M1098 [CENSORED: forename].
F1097 [CENSORED: forename]!
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Oh dear!
M1098 Hae to bash him!
F1097 You hae to bash him?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 [tut] That's nae nice. Is it? //You gaun to take your cars out your lorry?//
M1098 //He's.// Oh. No, I'm not.
F1097 Aye, and that ain. And get cars right. You get cars and Mum'll help you.
M1098 Help me.
F1097 Right you find cars that you're gaun to put in.
M1098 That ain.
F1097 That ain?
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Will we hae nice sports cars.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Sports cars on this side.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Right, you find them then. It's upsides doon.
M1098 Oh that my super ain.
F1097 That your super ain?
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Wow! It's a beauty. Come on then, find more.
M1098 Oh. //Th-. Aye.//
F1097 //That's a bus.// [laugh] We'll put him in there, cause he's too big to go in there. Right, find more.
M1098 That ain. That's [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s.
F1097 Is that [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s?
M1098 Uh-huh. And that's Auntie [CENSORED: forename]'s ain.
F1097 Auntie [CENSORED: forename]?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Uncle [CENSORED: forename]. You're putting them in upsides doon. That's a sports car.
M1098 Aye! Brmm! That's a sports car!
F1097 Is that another sports car?
M1098 Aye!
F1097 Right, you find more sports car. Have you got on deodorant the day?
M1098 Aye. Look.
F1097 Fa gave you deodorant?
M1098 Dad.
F1097 It wasnae Dad. Dad's at his work. Was it Granda?
M1098 Mm. Aye. //It is.//
F1097 //Mm.//
M1098 He did.
F1097 [inaudible] So was you painting the day?
M1098 N- no. Nae the day. Oh! That.
F1097 So fitt aa was you doing at playgroup the day? Are you gaun to tell Mum?
M1098 Nae bad.
F1097 Nae bad.
M1098 No.
F1097 Did you get a row?
M1098 No. Nobody.
F1097 Nobody got a row the day?
M1098 No.
F1097 Was all the boys and girls good?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Erm, was you speaking to [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname] the day?
M1098 No.
F1097 Is she not your friend?
M1098 No! No more!
F1097 She's no your friend no more?
M1098 No! I sick of her!
F1097 You're sick of her?
M1098 Aye!
F1097 [laugh]
M1098 I'll batter her! Batter her! I'll batter her!
F1097 You what?
M1098 Just batter her!
F1097 You blasted her?
M1098 Aye. //Batter her. Look!//
F1097 //[cough]//
M1098 That [inaudible]. That's [CENSORED: forename]'s ain.
F1097 Is it [CENSORED: forename]'s ain? //Need two more.//
M1098 //Mmhm.// Oh. [exhale] [inhale] Silver ain?
F1097 Oh aye, silver ain.
M1098 A silver ain! Look! [car noises].
F1097 Fitt colour's that?
M1098 Mm blue?
F1097 No, gr-?
M1098 Green?
F1097 Green. Right, that's that side filled.
M1098 That's that side filled. //Hey [inaudible] side full.//
F1097 //[inaudible] cars for this side.//
M1098 Aye. //No.//
F1097 //Dae ye fancy [inaudible]?//
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Right, come on then, you find them.
M1098 Oh that's a lorry. That's it.
F1097 I think the lorry's too big to go in there, You found cars yet?
M1098 That's that ain. That's that.
F1097 Just that ain? //[inaudible]//
M1098 //That ain goes in there.//
F1097 That ain'll hae to go in there cause it's too big. Fitt aboot this ain? This ain?
M1098 Oh aye!
F1097 That ain?
M1098 No. [inaudible] batter.
F1097 Okay, that ain'll hae to go in there an all.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Right, you find another.
M1098 That. Faa's is that?
F1097 Don't know.
M1098 Maybe somebody pick it up.
F1097 Aye. Put that there then.
M1098 That's that. [exhale] Nae. You nae got that.
F1097 You wantin your lifeboat in?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Oh well, it'll go in like that. That's it.
M1098 That's it.
F1097 Right, get more cars.
M1098 Oh!
F1097 That [inaudible]. I [?]sort it[/?]. //So fitt else was you doing at playgroup the day?//
M1098 //Broke.// Nae bad. Er, mm.
F1097 Was you making things?
M1098 Aye. A key. [humming]
F1097 Was [CENSORED: forename] there the day?
M1098 [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename] cat.
F1097 [inaudible]. Was she there?
M1098 Aye, [inaudible].
F1097 Were you speaking to her the day?
M1098 Aye. Speaking her.
F1097 And fitt was she saying?
M1098 Nae bad.
F1097 She's nae bad the day.
M1098 No.
F1097 So fitt was you doing with Granda this morning?
M1098 Nae bad.
F1097 Did you get the papers with Granny's?
M1098 Aye. No Granny nae here.
F1097 Was Granny nae there?
M1098 No. Her hoose
F1097 Mm.
M1098 did awa. Her did awa [inaudible].
F1097 Is she awa?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 And where was she going to?
M1098 Want, wa- want to get a sweetie.
F1097 Want to get a sweetie?
M1098 Aye. [burp]
F1097 What do you say?
M1098 Pardon me!
F1097 I'd like to think so.
M1098 [exhale]
F1097 We're needing your cars.
M1098 Look! Grr!
F1097 Oh a dinosaur! Mum'll be frightened!
M1098 Look! Granda got him!
F1097 Oh aye, fa's that?
M1098 I don't know.
F1097 [inaudible]
M1098 [?]Bog off[/?].
F1097 Do you like him?
M1098 Mmhm.
F1097 Is he silly?
M1098 Aye. They're here. Look.
F1097 Well what are you wanting for your tea?
M1098 [inaudible]
F1097 Who's that?
M1098 [CENSORED: forename] car.
F1097 Is that [CENSORED: forename]'s car?
M1098 Look! That was [CENSORED: forename].
F1097 Was that [CENSORED: forename]?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 [exhale] Oh dear! //[inaudible] lots more.//
M1098 //He got.// That, lots. That Granny's ain.
F1097 [tut] Oh aye!
M1098 Erm.
F1097 So what do you think about Dad coming hame the morrow?
M1098 Er I don't know. Okey-dokey.
F1097 Do you think it's a good idea?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Are you chuffed?
M1098 Aye. //[blowing]//
F1097 //And fitt are you gaun to say to him?// Mm?
M1098 Can't find mair cars. Cars.
F1097 There's heaps of cars there.
M1098 [whistle] Oh. That [?]bloody[/?] thing.
F1097 You wanting that? That's too big. Too big. You wantin this ain in?
M1098 No! Too big.
F1097 Okay. You find more then.
M1098 [blowing] There's that, don't feel that thing. Too sticky.
F1097 Is it too sticky.
M1098 No.
F1097 Oh no. An fitt you get to drink the day? Did you get milk?
M1098 Aye. Look! We'll get him!
F1097 Oh! There's a dinosaur. Oh! It's scaring Mam!
M1098 Hee. A big tortoise!
F1097 Oh aye. A big turtle.
M1098 Turtle.
F1097 Dinna put him inside the cars though. //No, that's silly.//
M1098 //He-.//
F1097 Put him inside the cars?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 But he's nae a car. That lorry's just for cars.
M1098 Just for cars. //[singing]//
F1097 //Aye. Just to put your cars in.// //That.//
M1098 //[singing]//
F1097 Are you singing?
M1098 [singing].
F1097 Oh, you're a good singer. Go and sing a song. Was you singing at playgroup the day? //[laugh]//
M1098 //[singing] [laugh]// You get a [inaudible]. [noise from a toy] //[noise from a toy]//
F1097 //I'm saying, was you singing at playgroup the day?//
M1098 Mmhm. //[noise from a toy]//
F1097 //Fitt was-? Take that out your mouth.// Fitt was you singing?
M1098 Happy birthday to you!
F1097 Happy birthday to you?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Fa's birthday was it?
M1098 Mm. [CENSORED: forename].
F1097 Whose?
M1098 [CENSORED: forename]'s.
F1097 [CENSORED: forename]'s? Nae [CENSORED: forename]'s birthday, you ninny. //[laugh].//
M1098 //[laugh].// It is. //[laugh]//
F1097 //It's nae, you [inaudible] sausage!//
M1098 [inaudible]. You silly billy.
F1097 You're a silly billy.
M1098 Silly billy. [exhale]
F1097 Come on then, you gaun to fill it with cars and then we'll go and make the tea. You gaun to help Mam make the tea?
M1098 Look! That beauty //beauty!//
F1097 //That's a beauty.//
M1098 Aye.
F1097 That's a fancy ain that.
M1098 Hot wheels on that!
F1097 Hot wheels.
M1098 Aye. [car noises] [panting] Oh, here's Granda's car. Here's Granda's car.
F1097 Oh, so it is.
M1098 [car noise]
F1097 Granda's car's too big to go in there though.
M1098 [car noises] Look. There [?]feel[/?] these.
F1097 Mmhm. //[inaudible]//
M1098 //[car noises]//
F1097 Right, come on then. //You gaun to fill up the rest of this thing?//
M1098 //[car noises]//
F1097 You gaun to fill up the rest of this lorry?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Well, come on then. You've got cars lying all around.
M1098 [CENSORED: forename]'s car.
F1097 Whose?
M1098 [CENSORED: forename]'s car.
F1097 [CENSORED: forename]'s?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 I dinna think doggies drive cars.
M1098 I I think so. Get boat with, got to get in there.
F1097 [CENSORED: forename]'s boat in an aa?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Okay. Right.
M1098 It fit. Oh me. [inaudible].
F1097 [CENSORED: forename] often will take the wee boat out to the water. //[inaudible]//
M1098 //Uh-huh.//
F1097 Mmhm.
M1098 He's [?]trailer[/?].
F1097 On his trailer, aye.
M1098 He's got a farm.
F1097 Has he got a farm?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Into the water. Oh, he'll drown! Can he swim?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Is he a good swimmer?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 I hope so.
M1098 Hope so.
F1097 He'll need to put on his life jacket.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Mmhm.
M1098 He brak his boat!
F1097 He brak his boat?
M1098 Aye! [exploding noises] //Like//
F1097 //Uh-huh.//
M1098 like that way.
F1097 Was it?
M1098 Aye. [exploding noises]. Like that way.
F1097 [laugh]
M1098 [laugh] Clunk. [blowing] Heave. Fff.
F1097 Oh that's a big snake.
M1098 Fff.
F1097 I'll get it.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 I've got it. //I'll chase you! [hissing noises].//
M1098 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1097 //[inaudible]//
M1098 [hissing noises]
F1097 Right, come on. We need one, two, three, four, five, six, seven cars.
M1098 [exhale]
F1097 Count seven cars. Look, let's keep the cars here, look. Look at aa this ains, what's wrong wi aa this ains?
M1098 I want the one, that ain. I want that ain.
F1097 Okay. Right, we need five more cars.
M1098 Five, five, six.
F1097 Five.
M1098 Five, five, five, six!
F1097 Six comes after five. We only need five cars. [CENSORED: forename], you're pulling oot mair junk.
M1098 Look, I got [CENSORED: forename] got that.
F1097 Ah, that was [CENSORED: forename], aye.
M1098 Aye. I got, I got her.
F1097 That's Penelope Pitstop.
M1098 Pitstop. [car noises]
F1097 Right, we'll leave the cars till after. Come on, we'll go and mak the tea cause it's nearly teatime. You wantin that ain? Alright. We need just [inaudible]. We need four more.
M1098 Four more, oh. Four four eight! Six!
F1097 Right, we'll leave it till after teatime. Come on. Let's go and make the tea. Come on. Right come on then. Go doon the stair.
M1098 Bag of coal.
F1097 A bag of coal?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Oh no! Wait a minute then. [exhale] You on?
M1098 Aye
F1097 Wait a minute.
M1098 Oh me heavy. [exhale]
F1097 [exhale] You okay? You okay?
M1098 Mmhm.
F1097 Oh, [exhale] Oh man.
M1098 [exhale]
F1097 Now,
M1098 Mm.
F1097 Now we'll pull the blinds.
M1098 After.
F1097 You put on the light.
M1098 Aye. I want to watch cartoons.
F1097 You want to watch cartoons?
M1098 Uh-huh.
F1097 [inaudible].
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Bob the Builder will be coming in soon. You want to help Mam make the tea?
M1098 I'll help you. [laugh] That one nearly.
F1097 Want to hae a look and see what there is.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Go on then. No!
M1098 Oh wow! That brand new? Is that that?
F1097 We could hae
M1098 Hae.
F1097 bacon and egg and sausage,
M1098 No.
F1097 or you could hae that?
M1098 That. //Or that.//
F1097 //Chicken?// //Erm, look.//
M1098 //Chicken.//
F1097 No, you're nae supposed to [inaudible] that. Let me see. Wait. Aye, you can hae crispy pancakes.
M1098 Aeroplanes.
F1097 You wanting aeroplanes?
M1098 Aye. My tea.
F1097 You wanting aeroplanes for your tea?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Okay then.
M1098 Okey-dokey.
F1097 What's Mam gaun to hae?
M1098 I don't know.
F1097 You don't know? Mam might hae that. Mam hae that?
M1098 Aye. Your tea. You're no.
F1097 I dinna really fancy that.
M1098 No.
F1097 Right, close the fridge door then. And I'll make aeroplanes for your tea. Fitt you wanting with your aeroplanes?
M1098 Eh, sausage!
F1097 Sausage?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Wi aeroplanes?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 I dinna think so.
M1098 [?]Stuck[/?]!
F1097 Let me see then.
M1098 [clip-clop]
F1097 We do them in the oven. How many do you want?
M1098 Want two.
F1097 How many?
M1098 Want two.
F1097 Two? Is that aa?
M1098 Mmhm.
F1097 Do you want three, four? Will I gie ye four? Cause there only little thingies.You wantin four?
M1098 [exhale]
F1097 Fitt else would you like?
M1098 Erm.
F1097 You want a suppie suppie chips?
M1098 Uh-huh. [throat]
F1097 Do you think you might want four, you rascal?
M1098 [laugh]
F1097 How many chips do you want?
M1098 T-. Eh. [cough] [inaudible]
F1097 How many?
M1098 [inaudible]
F1097 Is that enough?
M1098 Aye, aye. That's enough. That's enough.
F1097 Will that dae me and you?
M1098 Mmhm.
F1097 Right so there.
M1098 I need a pee.
F1097 Whit? You want a pee?
M1098 Aye. Help me pee. Shit.
F1097 Wait on me then.
M1098 Need to go, to go! Need to go! To go, to go, to go, to go, to go.
F1097 [inaudible]
M1098 [child noises] [scream]
F1097 Noo, just wait.
M1098 [exhale]
F1097 [CENSORED: toilet visit of about one minute]
M1098 [Mobile phone rings]. Oh no! Fa's that noo? [inaudible] Shut up! Just shut up! Go on. We'll be there.
F1097 [laugh] It'll probably be Granda or Dad.
M1098 Granda. Maybe Granda. [raspberry noises]
F1097 It's Dad.
M1098 Aye. [raspberry noises]
F1097 Right, you wash your hands. Go and wash your hands.
M1098 I do wash them [inaudible]. Look. I did!
F1097 Okay. Now. So you wantin, fitt else you wantin with your aeroplanes and your chips? You wanting peas?
M1098 Aye. //Pe-.//
F1097 //Or beans?//
M1098 Bea-, nae, ba- beans.
F1097 You wanting beans, or peas?
M1098 Peas.
F1097 Peas. Right. And fitt's Mum gaun tae hae?
M1098 Erm. I don't know.
F1097 You don't know? Mm.
M1098 I don't. Mm. [exhale]
F1097 What's Mam gaun to hae?
M1098 [humming]
F1097 You drank all my Coca Cola again, you rascal. Rascal! Cheeky rascal.
M1098 [laugh]
F1097 So do you want to go round and see Granda after teatime?
M1098 Mmhm.
F1097 Mam's car's all sorted noo.
M1098 Oh oh right.
F1097 It got its service
M1098 Oh.
F1097 and a MOT the day.
M1098 Oh aye.
F1097 Mmhm. It's faster.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 It's all better now.
M1098 Uh-huh.
F1097 The man fixed Mum's car.
M1098 Oh.
F1097 It's to go back in on Friday and get a new pollen filter.
M1098 Mmhm.
F1097 Mmhm. Cause the man thinks it needs a new one. That lady's gaun to make a coloured glass window.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Right, gie it to Mum. Look, she's got nice colours.
M1098 Mmhm. [burp] //[cough]//
F1097 //What do you say?//
M1098 [laugh] Mm, pardon me!
F1097 Mm. Fitt's she doing now?
M1098 [exhale] [sniff]
F1097 You finished? Thank you.
M1098 [exhale]
F1097 Wonder what it's a picture of.
M1098 [?]Tamber[/?].
F1097 What?
M1098 [?]Tamber[/?].
F1097 Oh dinna dae that now. Leave that on there. Okay, just for just now.
M1098 Mum?
F1097 Yes?
M1098 [exhale] Fitt ain is that ain?
F1097 [inaudible]
M1098 It's [?]Tamber[/?]!
F1097 Who?
M1098 Tamber.
F1097 Scamper?
M1098 [burp]
F1097 What's his name?
M1098 Tamber.
F1097 Tamper? Stamper?
M1098 Stamper.
F1097 Him? Oh. I don't know his name. [tut] So I wonder fitt time Dad will be in Aberdeen tomorrow?
M1098 Uh-huh.
F1097 Are you comin to Aberdeen with Mam //in the car?//
M1098 //Mmhm.// Aye. D- Dad just moan.
F1097 Will Dad just moan?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Will he?
M1098 Aye. Just moan about you. //Mmhm.//
F1097 //Just moan about me? [laugh]//
M1098 Your car.
F1097 Aye.
M1098 He brak your car.
F1097 He braks my car?
M1098 Aye. Get him!
F1097 Silly dad. It's eight o'clock on that clock. //Past bedtime.//
M1098 //Uh-huh.// Aye.
F1097 [inhale] Oh dear, you better go to your beddie.
M1098 Nah.
F1097 It's nae really eight o'clock.
M1098 No.
F1097 It's only teatime, isn't it?
M1098 No. Oh! [inaudible]
F1097 That's an owl.
M1098 Aye. A owl. Mm.
F1097 Hear that wild wind ootside?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Mam hung oot her washing the day and it was nearly aa blown away.
M1098 Oh.
F1097 Mmhm. It was aa wrapped roond the whirlie.
M1098 Oh, I thought that.
F1097 You thought that?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Did you?
M1098 Granda's blown doon and aa.
F1097 Was it?
M1098 Aye. Thought that.
F1097 Fa was you speaking to the day?
M1098 Eh [loud child noises]
F1097 You hear me? //You speaking to your Auntie [CENSORED: forename]?//
M1098 //Aye.// [exhale] Nae her the day.
F1097 She was goin on to her work.
M1098 Oh oh right.
F1097 Uh-huh.
M1098 Uh.
F1097 Then she says "Farr's [CENSORED: forename] at?" //I says he's with his Granda.//
M1098 //Aye.// //Mm mm.//
F1097 //And she says "Oh well, they'll be having fun."//
M1098 I s- I sees her. Look, I see her.
F1097 You see her?
M1098 Aye. //Oh.//
F1097 //She says that you're a silly sausage.//
M1098 Sleepiness.
F1097 Are you sleepy?
M1098 Sleepiness.
F1097 Oh, you've got sleepiness in your eyes?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Let Mum see.
M1098 Look.
F1097 Let me see. Turn around, please. //Let Mam see.//
M1098 //That's it oot.//
F1097 Let's see. Tilt your head.
M1098 That's it oot.
F1097 Let's see. Okay, do you want it kissed better?
M1098 No. [mobile phone rings] //Oh! Goodness me!//
F1097 //Oh, goodness me!//
M1098 [laugh]. [CENSORED: forename]. Oh sorry, [CENSORED: forename]. Sorry [CENSORED: forename].
F1097 [answers phone]
M1098 That's [CENSORED: forename]. [shouting]
F1097 [CENSORED: forename], do you want to speak to your Dad?
M1098 Oh. [NOTE: speaking on phone] Hello. No. Hello. Aye, aye, aye. Makkin cake. Mak. Aye! Uh-huh!
F1097 Ask Dad what time he's gaun to be in Aberdeen tomorrow.
M1098 Be in Aberdeen tomorrow? Aye.
F1097 What time did he say?
M1098 Eight o'clock.
F1097 Fitt time?
M1098 Eight o'clock.
F1097 Eight o'clock?
M1098 Aye, Sunday.
F1097 On Sunday?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Tomorrow's Wednesday. //[inaudible]//
M1098 //Yeah, you.//
F1097 no coming hame till Sunday?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Oh well.
M1098 Aye. Aye. Aye, aye. [laugh] Aye! [laugh] Egg! [inaudible] her her egg!
F1097 Can I get that phone? [NOTE: on phone] Hello.
M1098 [child noises] Look. Look! [laugh]
F1097 He's was laughing at play-, at playgroup.
M1098 [laugh]
F1097 Aye, okay, right see you. [NOTE: end of phone conversation] I'm at the hoose. Right, see you, I'd better go, cause I'm makkin the supper, and I'll hae to go [inaudible]. Right, cheerio! Right, come on, we'll see your aeroplanes. You stay back cause it'll all be hot. Oh wow! Look at your aeroplanes!
M1098 Yum yum!
F1097 See they're ready. So fitt else you wanting //with your aeroplanes?//
M1098 //Er.//
F1097 You wanting beans or peas?
M1098 Peas.
F1097 Them?
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Garden peas.
M1098 Garden peas.
F1097 Right, okay. Stay there. Stay back now! [CENSORED: forename], come on, get oot o there.
M1098 [Uh].
F1097 [inaudible]
M1098 Mammy.
F1097 Don't take it off. Up your chin. Right, leave it on there. Okay? Is that better? Right, gie Mum a cuddle. //Oh there. Mummy's baby the day.//
M1098 //Mm.//
F1097 Oh [CENSORED: forename]!
M1098 Mm mm.
F1097 You're Mummy's baby boy the day. Eh? Aw, is the baby sleepy?
M1098 I'm not.
F1097 Does the little baby want to go to its beddie?
M1098 Nah!
F1097 Is the little baby got sleepy //eyes?//
M1098 //Nah!//
F1097 Aw, better carry the little baby up the stairs to its beddie.
M1098 Nah.
F1097 Are you sleepy?
M1098 Nah.
F1097 Why are you lyin on the floor then?
M1098 Mm.
F1097 [CENSORED: forename] was off school the day cause he was ill. //He's got the cold.//
M1098 //Oh.// Sick, he nae is!
F1097 Mm.
M1098 He's not!
F1097 He is. He wasnae at school the day. He was at [CENSORED: forename]'s.
M1098 I'm going with [CENSORED: forename]'s [inaudible]. He nae well.
F1097 Leave that now.
M1098 Her nae well.
F1097 [CENSORED: forename]'s okay. [CENSORED: forename]'s at her work.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 It was [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] that was nae feeling well.
M1098 That. //That full, that full.//
F1097 //[inaudible]//
M1098 Oh.
F1097 I think your aeroplanes are ready.
M1098 Aye.
F1097 Right, do nae touch them just noo cause they're very hot. Haud on a bittie.
M1098 They're very hot!
F1097 They're very very hot, aye.
M1098 Aye!
F1097 You'll burn your fingers.
M1098 Mmhm.
F1097 Mmhm.
M1098 Burn your fingers.
F1097 I'd better put the peas on.
M1098 Mm. [humming] [child noises] [child noises] [singing]
F1097 [microwave beeps]
M1098 Hiya! Hiya Dave, hi Mark! [inaudible] Hi! [child noises]
F1097 Right, your peas are ready.
M1098 [child noises]
F1097 Right, come on. Behave, get up.
M1098 [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1097 //Right behave. Sit up at the table.//
M1098 [child noises] Oh God! [inaudible]. Can't get down [inaudible].
F1097 You get aeroplanes.
M1098 [aeroplane noises]
F1097 Now peas.
M1098 Peas.
F1097 You wantin salad cream or anything, sauce? Is that good? Right, come on we'll take this thingy off, cause that's time up I think.

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