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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 16, recording 1: washing up

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Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1093 What do you want to do now?
M1094 Think [?]I'll play[/?] that.
F1093 Finish the jigsaw?
M1094 Yes. Are you helping?
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 What do you do? Fitt? One piece goes. This school. One piece goes it. Do you put the other bit?
F1093 What bit?
M1094 One that goes on. Em, [?]don't put it[/?] there. The middle bit.
F1093 Right, take all the pieces over so we can see them all.
M1094 Here they go. What do you need? //Ah ah, aye mine falled off!//
F1093 //I need, I need to find a little boy and a girl going to school, look.//
M1094 Itself
F1093 Did it?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Did it fall off itself?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Are you sure?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 [?]Oh well[/?].
M1094 Shouldn't we?
F1093 [?]Back on here.[/?]
M1094 Why?
F1093 Okay?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Right.
M1094 Need that back on?
F1093 There.
M1094 Mummy?
F1093 Okay?
M1094 Do you need first?
F1093 Right.
M1094 And this goes?
F1093 I dinna think that goes in there. I think we ought to put this bit down the bottom, okay? Turn it round that way.
M1094 That goes in the middle.
F1093 In there. //That's it, that piece goes in there.//
M1094 //Puzz-.//
F1093 Right now you need to find
M1094 The boy making sandcastle.
F1093 the boy making a sandcastle, which is down the bottom.
M1094 Yeah cause he does.
F1093 Because he does?
M1094 Yeah cause he does.
F1093 Right. //And the boy and the girl in the swimming pool?//
M1094 //[?]Too nice[/?]// Yeah, I know, but that bit goes up here. I seen a bit of her. One of her.
F1093 That's it. That goes in there.
M1094 A wee bit more.
F1093 Where's the other bit of swimming pool? Are you sitting on it? Yes. You're hiding it.
M1094 Because you didna see it.
F1093 [laugh]
M1094 Where's Daddy going?
F1093 I don't know.
M1094 Away out for a minute?
F1093 No. //Here's Pudsey Bear.//
M1094 //Where's he going to?//
F1093 Oh you missed him. There's him, look! //See Pudsey Bear.//
M1094 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1093 //What's he doing?//
M1094 Dancing.
F1093 Dancing.
M1094 He's thinking of a dance.
F1093 [?]He's still there[/?]
M1094 Is he still there?
F1093 Yeah, he's still there.
M1094 Why?
F1093 Look.
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 It's re- er, Children in Need today.
M1094 What?
F1093 Children in Need. That's what Pudsey Bear's for. Right. //Right, another piece of your jigsaw.//
M1094 //[inaudible]// Uh-huh. [inaudible]
F1093 Right, the boy and the girl going to school next. That's the little bit that you need to do now.
M1094 Why not a big bit?
F1093 Mm?
M1094 Why not a big bit?
F1093 It's just a little bit. [cough] Right? Put the pieces in.
M1094 Are you going to help it? //[child noise]//
F1093 //Right. Where does that one go?//
M1094 Up the top.
F1093 Up the top, that's a boy. Now. //[cough]//
M1094 //There's another piece look.//
F1093 Where does the other piece go?
M1094 There.
F1093 In there.
M1094 Yes. //Was you.//
F1093 //[inaudible]// And that bit. Where's the last bit go?
M1094 Hmm, the bit must go.
F1093 Right and the last bit.
M1094 [child noise]
F1093 Eh?
M1094 It's in middle.
F1093 The big bit?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Wow!
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 Can you manage?
M1094 [inaudible] [sneeze]
F1093 Now look, you've made it. Well done! [clapping]
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 Give yourself a clap.
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 Right, put that bit on this side. Look. Like that see. Give yourself a clap [CENSORED: forename]. Well done!
M1094 They have to put it here.
F1093 Put it there then. //[clapping] Yay!//
M1094 //[clapping] Yay!// //[clapping]//
F1093 //You're clever. Making that jigsaw by yourself.// What does the jigsaw say on it? It's got m-?
M1094 Mur-.
F1093 Mon-?
M1094 Monday.
F1093 And Tue-?
M1094 Tuesday
F1093 And We-?
M1094 Wednesday.
F1093 And Thur-?
M1094 Thursday.
F1093 And Fri-?
M1094 Friday.
F1093 And S-?
M1094 Saturday.
F1093 And S-?
M1094 Sunday.
F1093 Sunday! All the days of the week, isn't it?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Eh?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 What do you do on a Monday?
M1094 Go to Auntie's.
F1093 Go to Auntie's.
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 What do you do on Tuesday?
M1094 Go to Grandma's.
F1093 And Wednesday?
M1094 Granny's.
F1093 And Thu-?
M1094 Thursday.
F1093 And Fri-?
M1094 Friday.
F1093 Where do you go on Friday?
M1094 Ehm er.
F1093 No, Mummy doesn't work on Friday.
M1094 Toddlers!
F1093 You go to Toddlers on Thu-?
M1094 Thursday.
F1093 Mummy doesna work on Thursdays. Go to the Toddlers! Yay!
M1094 Why?
F1093 You like going to the Toddlers. //What do you do at the Toddlers?//
M1094 //No.// Play.
F1093 Play? What do you play with?
M1094 Bikes.
F1093 Bikes? [laugh] Is that your favourite? Eh?
M1094 [child noise]
F1093 Is that your favourite to play, bikes?
M1094 [inhale]
F1093 Eh? Will we go and wash the dishes? Go and help Mum?
M1094 Remember and take a chair through.
F1093 Take a chair through?
M1094 Yeah. A big chair.
F1093 Now, //wait till I sort the,//
M1094 //To stand on.//
F1093 Pop that thing on your back. [inaudible]
M1094 Why?
F1093 Pop it on your back. There we go, that's better, isn't it?
M1094 [inaudible] like that.
F1093 Eh?
M1094 [inhale] They're funny. Put your one on your back an aa. Is your one on your back?
F1093 Mmhm. [?]At your side[/?]
M1094 Have to wobble it
F1093 Wobble? You'll need to get your [?]chair over first[/?], you won't be able to reach from there. Go and get your seat.
M1094 Yeah. You forgot to get
F1093 I forgot to get it?
M1094 Yeah, cause you do.
F1093 Who says?
M1094 How do ye, how will you lift it up?
F1093 Right, come to Mum.
M1094 I want to see if Pudsey Bear's still on. O- what?
F1093 What?
M1094 I see Pudsey Bear.
F1093 [laugh] Did we see Pudsey Bear today?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Yes.
M1094 Grandma didna bought it the day.
F1093 Eh?
M1094 Grandma didna bought Pudsey Bear today.
F1093 Come here.
M1094 Look. They have it.
F1093 Put the seat here. [inaudible] Now. Wash the dishes?
M1094 exhale It's slipping.
F1093 Do you want another bit of my Swiss roll? [inaudible]
M1094 I'll have a bit after my bath. What can I, ca-, what can you do first?
F1093 I have to wash all the dishes first.
M1094 What do you do, next?
F1093 Rinse all the plates.
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 That's done.
M1094 You doin this and that?
F1093 Rinse that, that's a boy. Rinse it under the water. We need to rinse them all. And then we wash them. Okay.
M1094 Is he washed?
F1093 Give him a rinse. Good boy. Now, clever!
M1094 Mmhm. //Can I do?//
F1093 //Eh?// Are you helping Mum the day?
M1094 Yeah cause I do.
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 But I help Grandma do it.
F1093 Do you help Grandma do the dishes too?
M1094 Yes. //But I'm helping you//
F1093 //Well, that's a good boy.// //Yes.//
M1094 //next.//
F1093 You're good.
M1094 Yeah.
F1093 Yeah.
M1094 Am I good?
F1093 You are good. You're helping everybody. Mm? Are you helping everyone?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 Right. Put some water into the basin.
M1094 [?]New soap even?[/?] Is you wanting the soap?
F1093 We'll need to put in erm [?]Fairy Liquid[/?].
M1094 What? What?
F1093 We need to put in some bubbles?
M1094 [?]Aye[/?].
F1093 Pour some in. [?]Castaways![/?] That's it. Well done!
M1094 And some more?
F1093 Watch your leg. //Uh-huh.//
M1094 //You needing this?// Are you needing this? Are you needing this to clean them?
F1093 Yes, we'll need to wipe everything down. [inaudible]
M1094 Are you putting this down as well?
F1093 Mm.
M1094 Are you putting this down as well?
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 Are you putting some of them down the sink?
F1093 Now.
M1094 This is this bouncy one. [?]I think[/?] What do you do? I'm cleaning this.
F1093 Are you wiping everything up? Good boy.
M1094 I'm cleaning.
F1093 That's the way to do it. You cleaning up?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Making everything nice and clean?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 Oh yeah. That's it. Put some bubbles on.
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 Right wait a minute. It run us off some water cause it's going all over. That's it. Right. //Oh! [laugh]//
M1094 //[laugh]//
F1093 [inaudible]
M1094 What do you do? What do you do with it? What else do you do?
F1093 Eh?
M1094 What else do you do with this? //What else do you do?//
F1093 //[cough]// //Start washing the plates.//
M1094 //Cu-.//
F1093 And the cups. //What else have we got to wash?//
M1094 //The cups.//
F1093 Eh? What else can you see that we need to get washed?
M1094 Plates.
F1093 Plates?
M1094 Yes and bibs.
F1093 And your bib too?
M1094 Yes. Where's Dad goin tomorrow?
F1093 Eh?
M1094 Where's Dad goin tomorrow?
F1093 Where's Dad going tomorrow? I don't know, where's Dad //goin?//
M1094 //Work.//
F1093 He's nae goin to the work tomorrow.
M1094 Why?
F1093 He doesna go to his work on Saturday.
M1094 Why?
F1093 The office isn't open on Saturday.
M1094 Uh! What?
F1093 Right, you put them in.
M1094 [child noises]
F1093 Here look.
M1094 Clear ups.
F1093 Right. //This one.//
M1094 //Clear ups.// //[child noise]//
F1093 //[inaudible]// Make them all nice and clean.
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 And this one?
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 And what's this?
M1094 Fork.
F1093 Fork. [laugh] What's this?
M1094 They're spoons.
F1093 Spoons. What's this one?
M1094 A knife.
F1093 A sharp knife. What's this one?
M1094 A sink.
F1093 Right, I'll do the knives then. What's that then? It's a tin opener.
M1094 Yes.
F1093 For opening the tins?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 And what's that?
M1094 A spoon.
F1093 Another spoon?
M1094 Two spoons.
F1093 Two spoons?
M1094 A fork and a spoon.
F1093 Now, another?
M1094 Fork.
F1093 Fork. Now.
M1094 What else have you got?
F1093 This, now?
M1094 A cup.
F1093 What colour's that cup?
M1094 Blue.
F1093 Blue.
M1094 Why's it blue?
F1093 Mm. It's just the colour of it.
M1094 But the orange ains! Where's the orange ain?
F1093 It's in the cupboard. //Right.//
M1094 //I can't see it.//
F1093 There you go.
M1094 Two cups the same.
F1093 Two more cups.
M1094 Two clear ones.
F1093 What's this?
M1094 My one.
F1093 Yours.
M1094 Yes.
F1093 There you are. And whose cup's this?
M1094 Mine.
F1093 [inhale] Yours again! You've got lots of cups.
M1094 What's it this time?
F1093 What's this time? Whose is this?
M1094 Mine.
F1093 Oh, your cup again! [laugh]
M1094 Whose cup this time?
F1093 Whose is this?
M1094 Is it yours?
F1093 It's mine. It wasn't your one this time, was it?
M1094 [laugh] Who was it, whose one this time?
F1093 Whose is this?
M1094 Mine.
F1093 [laugh] You've got lots of cups. What's this?
M1094 Mine.
F1093 Is that yours?
M1094 Yes. It is. Do they go in there? //Whose ain's that with bubbles.//
F1093 //Mm?//
M1094 It get bubbles on it.
F1093 Has it got bubbles on?
M1094 Because it needs bubbles. Now these have got bubbles.
F1093 Mmhm. //Oh!//
M1094 //Stick it in.// //Stick it.//
F1093 //Stuck?//
M1094 Yeah, cause it is stuck. [inaudible] this time? Whose is this?
F1093 Whose is this?
M1094 Mine.
F1093 What is it?
M1094 Bib.
F1093 Your bib?
M1094 Yes. Are you pushing it in a bit?
F1093 Are you falling down?
M1094 Yes. //There.//
F1093 //[pushes chair in] There you go.// That better?
M1094 Yes. Whe- where's the towel? //Where's the to-//
F1093 //Fitt's next?//
M1094 It's a plate.
F1093 It's a plate.
M1094 Up. You know what it is it this time.
F1093 I wonder what this is?
M1094 Yours.
F1093 That's a gra-?
M1094 Grate.
F1093 A grater for the cheese.
M1094 Grater for cheese.
F1093 Mmhm. [laugh]
M1094 Auntie's got one.
F1093 Has she? Has Auntie got one of them too?
M1094 Yeah. Not the sharp thing.
F1093 Not the sharp thing?
M1094 Nope. What's this?
F1093 Oops-a-daisies. Plates are falling down.
M1094 What else there is this time?
F1093 Mm I wonder what this is in here? What do you think's coming out of the water next? //Ah! [laugh]//
M1094 //laugh// It's a big one.
F1093 What is it?
M1094 A plate.
F1093 Whose plate is it?
M1094 Mine.
F1093 It's your one. What's it got on it?
M1094 It says one, two, three, four, five.
F1093 What are they? What's all on there? Tell Mum.
M1094 One
F1093 They're shee-?
M1094 Sheep.
F1093 And
M1094 A cow.
F1093 And a
M1094 Cat.
F1093 And a
M1094 Pig.
F1093 And a
M1094 Duckie.
F1093 A little duck.
M1094 A a we-.
F1093 They're nice. //plates.//
M1094 //What is in this ain?// //[laugh]//
F1093 //What's coming out next do you think?// What is it? //[inhale]//
M1094 //A plate.// //[laugh]//
F1093 //[laugh]//
M1094 That's your plate.
F1093 That's my plate.
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Pop it down there.
M1094 Why?
F1093 That's it. Now. That's nearly all the dishes done. Nearly washed them all.
M1094 We have to dry them next.
F1093 Yes.
M1094 Well let's get the towels.
F1093 Okay.
M1094 And I can dry them? Cause you can't dry them yourself. Cause I have to help you. And you can do the things. Why divn't you? I can help you do this. There's one there.
F1093 That's a boy.
M1094 What one's this coming out next?
F1093 [laugh]
M1094 What's coming out next?
F1093 [laugh] I don't know what's coming out next. Are you going to finish this cause it's [?]waiting[/?]. Oh, it's gone all over the //floor.//
M1094 //But you did it up there.//
F1093 It's the wrong way round.
M1094 [laugh]
F1093 Right I'll just pop that in the bucket now.
M1094 Why?
F1093 It's all done.
M1094 What is coming out next? There's another one. I wonder.
F1093 I wonder.
M1094 I wonder what it is. It's mine! //[laugh]//
F1093 //[laugh]// A spoon.
M1094 Yes. I'm I'm just dryin the dishes. //And you're do- and I'm doing this.//
F1093 //Mm?// Okay.
M1094 What are you doing?
F1093 I'm cleaning out the fridge.
M1094 Why?
F1093 Well, it's dirty.
M1094 I'm doing this for ye.
F1093 Ah, that's good, helping Mum. You need to clean out the fridge, don't you?
M1094 Yes you do.
F1093 Make it nice and clean.
M1094 Yes. Now I'm doing this for you.
F1093 Aye, you're good! Thanks for helping. Mm.
M1094 Is it nice, helping?
F1093 You're a good helper you are.
M1094 What was this next? What was this? What's coming out next? A woo-.
F1093 In there.
M1094 A fork. //I see these//
F1093 //A fork.//
M1094 through a window. And what is coming out next? I w- wonder what that is?
F1093 I wonder what that is.
M1094 It's a spoon. This. How did you do that next? What can that be?
F1093 Watch that's not too heavy.
M1094 Which ain? Not this one.
F1093 Mm.
M1094 Not the heavy one cause that's the nice one. Not. Wonder what this is? I w-w- wonder what it is.
F1093 I'll do that one. [?]and that's okay[/?], okay?
M1094 And you do it and I can do the rest.
F1093 [inaudible]
M1094 And you can do these.
F1093 I'll do the big plates.
M1094 And I can do these.
F1093 You do the little cups.
M1094 Yes.
F1093 The plastic cups. That's that [inaudible]. Well done.
M1094 You can do these an aa. I'll- can dry this one. This. Dry this and aa. Will you put this away?
F1093 Mmhm.
M1094 Can you dry it? Will you put it away now.
F1093 Okay.
M1094 It's nae [inaudible]. I can't. What is this next?
F1093 Leave the big plates. Mummy'll do them You can't manage to them, Tootie.
M1094 Why?
F1093 Cause they're awful heavy.
M1094 Here's another one. Now give me some water, Mum.
F1093 Right.
M1094 What is this?
F1093 It's a grater for the cheese.
M1094 That ain?
F1093 That's a boy. You're doing a good job.
M1094 Mmhm helping for you. This ain's done! //Can you do it?//
F1093 //Is it all done?//
M1094 Yes. Will you get it?
F1093 That's a boy.
M1094 Will you put it in it? Will you put it in the green, the other green one?
F1093 Yes.
M1094 Will you pu- I'll put it in for you. Oh, these [?]fall out[/?].
F1093 Just be careful.
M1094 Remember the other green one's coming this time. I think, I think there's more coming this time.
F1093 Mm?
M1094 The [?]dry it starts[/?] drips again. Drips and drips. Dripping and dripping. Can you put this in? Can you put it in?
F1093 Okay. Pop it in there for you.
M1094 Put this ain in. Put this in with the other green one.
F1093 Okay.
M1094 Pu- put it in properly,
F1093 That's it.
M1094 What's inside this one? This ain next? This one's a- This ain's done.
F1093 Okay.
M1094 What is this next?
F1093 You did well cleaning all that. //Eh?//
M1094 //For you.//
F1093 You're a good help for Mum.
M1094 What is there next?
F1093 That's a boy.
M1094 Have you got yours on your back? Why? I cannae get this in. Cause it's too sti-.
F1093 Oops-a-daisies. [laugh] You're nearly falling down. //Eh?//
M1094 //I need th-// [?]You're to dae that.[/?]
F1093 You're nearly falling down.
M1094 [inaudible]
F1093 You weren't watchin what you were doing, was ye?
M1094 No.
F1093 Eh? Now. We're nearly finished.
M1094 This ain's done.
F1093 Well done!
M1094 You going to do this ain?
F1093 Yes I'll do the big one. You winna manage that ain.
M1094 No. And I can do the plastic ones.
F1093 You do the plastic ones.
M1094 You can do. Can you put these away? Cause I'm not drying these anymore. I'm not drying these anymore. Will you put these away?
F1093 Okay.
M1094 I'm not drying them. I'm nae drying them anymore. Will you get them?
F1093 Okay.
M1094 Where do they go?
F1093 [?]We'll[/?] put them into the drawer.
M1094 What drawer is it? What drawer?
F1093 You winna be able to put them away just now cause you canna get into the drawer cause you're standing in front of it. We'll put them away after we've dried all the other dishes.
M1094 [?]How come I have[/?] to put them in next? Will you hold the towel? In a minute.
F1093 Well, be careful. Okay? Alright?
M1094 Mmhm.
F1093 Are you okay?
M1094 Yes.
F1093 Okay.
M1094 I'm not falling down.
F1093 Watch yourself.
M1094 Where does this go? [?]Mama[/?]. Where does this ain go?
F1093 Erm, in there, look. In that bit there.
M1094 Where does this ain go? [child noise]
F1093 In there, that's it.
M1094 Where does this thingie go?
F1093 I'll take that one and I'll put it away. It goes over here, look. Up there. In there.
M1094 And where does this ain go? I know.
F1093 You know.
M1094 Yeah.
F1093 Don't ye?
M1094 Where does this ain go? Here. [?]Here Ma[/?].
F1093 [inaudible]
M1094 Where's this ain go?
F1093 [laugh] You know. You know where the forks go. Where does this knife go? You know.
M1094 No.
F1093 Don't you?
M1094 Where does this ain go?
F1093 [laugh] You know where the spoons go.
M1094 The towel.
F1093 Hmm? //Towel's down behind you.//
M1094 //I've got the towel.// What is this one? A spoon.
F1093 Now that's us. Nearly finished now. Eh?
M1094 Mmhm. Nearly finished the dishes.
F1093 What a good help you are.
M1094 Mum, I've done this. Do this one next. I'm doing this. What are this one? I'm doing this ain.
F1093 Thank you.
M1094 What's this? Want a go on it? I've done this ain.
F1093 What's that? A lid for your cup.
M1094 Yes. Now this is your one. I've done your one.
F1093 Thank you.
M1094 I'm nearly finished with this cup. Are you done?
F1093 Thank you.
M1094 Now.
F1093 Now. We're nearly all done.
M1094 Because this one, I done this.
F1093 Eh? Careful darling. Oh they're heavy.
M1094 Best take them over to you.
F1093 Right, we have to pour out the water.
M1094 Why?
F1093 Cause we're all done. Pour it out. Whee! Do you want to give your hands a wash in the basin? Watch yourself.
M1094 Is the basin off. Will you take this away? We need [inaudible].
F1093 Pull your seat over a bit.
M1094 Is it hot?
F1093 No, it's alright.
M1094 It's too hot.
F1093 No. //Try it.//
M1094 //[inaudible]// I'm all done with the basin next?
F1093 Aye, is that you? Get out all the water. Where's the water gone?
M1094 Where's the water going?
F1093 Where's it going? //Eh?//
M1094 //Where's it going?// Where's it going?
F1093 Where's it going? //Away down the drain.//
M1094 //Down this.// Yeah cause it is. This Mummy?
F1093 What do we do after we've done the dishes? What happens next?
M1094 What happens next?
F1093 What do we do next?
M1094 D-.
F1093 Dry your hands now. //[inaudible]//
M1094 //What do you do next?//
F1093 What do we do after the dishes?
M1094 Put them away.
F1093 Yes.
M1094 Uh-huh.
F1093 You wash them and you dry them, and after you dry them, you? Put them away. It's nice and tidy again.
M1094 What?
F1093 We're all nice and tidy again.
M1094 Know where this goes. Where does this one go? Mm. One goes.
F1093 Aye, just be careful though. Okay?
M1094 Yes. Remember. Remember. You havenae [?]closed doon that again, that's just in that[/?].
F1093 Eh? //Right.//
M1094 //[inaudible]//
F1093 Stop making so much noise.
M1094 [inhale] //Mum, where's the other one?//
F1093 //[inaudible]// That one goes in there now. That's it. That's a boy. Well done. //Yay!//
M1094 //Now.// //Yay!//
F1093 //Yay! [clapping]// Thank you.
M1094 Can I have a wee bit of fizzy?
F1093 A wee bit of what, darling?
M1094 Of fizzy?
F1093 Fizzy? Fizzy juice? Mm. I don't know.
M1094 Uh-huh.
F1093 You're not supposed to get fizzy juice.
M1094 But you gave us fizzy juice at Granny's.
F1093 Mmhm. You don't get a lot of fizzy juice.
M1094 But I want a w-
F1093 A wee drop, //and that's all.//
M1094 //a wee//
F1093 Okay?
M1094 Okay. [inaudible] Are you taking it through to the other room?
F1093 No, we're going over here to sort the washing out. Put all the clothes into the washing machine.
M1094 [inaudible] have a wee drink of it. [cough]
F1093 Mm? //Right, we need to get some washing powder.//
M1094 //[inaudible]// I will fill it. Cause you don't know how to fill it Just so. Where's the thing?
F1093 Where's it? Now. We need your hot water bottle out too, to fill out for your bed.
M1094 It's ready! It's ready!
F1093 What did you say?
M1094 Falled off again. Falling, I'm //falling off.//
F1093 //Falling off again. Eh?//
M1094 Because I'm //I'm okay.//
F1093 //No.// [someone else speaks briefly] Aye.
M1094 How much //do you need?//
F1093 //Right, open the drawer.//
M1094 How much do you need?
F1093 Right, keep putting it in. Wahey. That's it. That's enough. Right, you can go and put that back through to the cupboard.
M1094 [panting] Hey, you've [exhale], I'll leave that there for you.
F1093 Right. And the- there they are. Oh dear! You're nae watching what you're doing. Let go. You have to be careful and watch where you're putting it. //Eh?//
M1094 //It's a-. Is it going down the drain?//
F1093 Yes.
M1094 Down there?
F1093 Go and put the washing powder back into the
M1094 How much? //How much you need the?//
F1093 //And dinna spill it.//
M1094 [inaudible] [inaudible] What are you going to do next?
F1093 Well I think it's bath time next. Mm? You ought to clean your seat after your tea.

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Year of recording 2003
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