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Daddy's Girl

Author(s): Sheila Templeton

Copyright holder(s): Sheila Templeton


You were Alan Ladd. All chiselled
cheekbones and blond hair falling
into your eyes. I had no idea
you towered above him.
You towered over everybody.

At tea time I raced to meet you
my legs carefully bowed.
'Born in the saddle' you'd say
each day, sounding amazed.
We'd saddle up and gallop
through our canyon, chasing
maverick steers around the kitchen
until the ding of a chow wagon triangle
brought us sweaty to the table,
pushing stetsons back, hitching
horses to the old oak dresser.

'Pork an' beans AGAIN'
you'd say, looking down
at brimming plates of broth.
'No, pardner. Tonight,
it's Beans and Pork!'
Slapping our knees in glee
knowing who we were.

Until the night of my first
school Christmas party
where in my new blue silk
dress and butterfly hair slides
suddenly you couldn't see me.

But I always knew you.
You were Alan Ladd.

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