Document 1492

Going Home

Author(s): Sheila Templeton

Copyright holder(s): Sheila Templeton


Peesie weeps and whaups shrieking
wheeling high above ploughed parks.
Granda's calloused hand holds mine.
We are watching oyster catchers
mincing in the shining shallow
waters of the quartz pebbled Don.

He wears faded flapping dungarees
with a craftsman's special pocket.
His bonnet covers bumpy bits
and narrow strands of hair. I lean
against his smell, freshly dusted
sawdust mixed through
Capstan Navy Full Strength.

We wonder at a salmon glistening
on a bed of fragrant weed.
Then like a serving spoon
the river flips it over.
We see what's underneath.

'Ach. Otters are right bonny beasts
but they're selfish wee buggers'

He shows me distant Bennachie
with Mither Tap glassing
black against its clouds. I listen
rapt to tales of vanished tribes
who built tall fires there, who
knew how to melt rock
and weld stones forever.

Then going home planting
my feet in Granda's prints,
in that careful space
down the side of a park
filled with young green corn.

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Going Home


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