Document 1473

Makin Pancakes

Author(s): Rowena M Love

Copyright holder(s): Rowena M Love


Tastin the pancake, mindins o ma great-aunt
seem thick as butter Ah’d spreid therr:
efternuins wi the douce dame that sugared ma ginger
fur fear Ah’d git gas.
It wud volcano up and o’er the gless,
its leemonade lava poorin doon the sides
afore finin its ain level oan the marble coonter.
Sweet bit flat, Ah guzzlet it doon, gritty syrup an a,
whaur Ah sat tucked high oan hur bentwood chair,
legs hingin.
Then oan tae the best joab: makin drap scones,
aye the same teacup wi its fadin rose yaised as measure,
same spuin skiddlin the batter in the muckle broun bowl.
Staunin oan the chair noo, peenie girdet roon ma middle,
twice roon fur it tae fit,
wi Auntie’s airms the kinch tae keep it oan.
Ah hud tae beat the batter hard
til it soundet lik weans plowterin in the burn,
then, drap bi drap oan the het girdle,
Ah makkit letters for a in the hoose
afore feenishin wi ordinar roons.
Watchin fur the bubbles as sign
fur me tae turn them, usin hur blade
whase bane haunle had lang syne departet
afore tuckin them up warm in a teatowel,
cosy in thir linen as me wi hur.

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Makin Pancakes


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