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Letter from Frances Gardner 10 - 17/01/90

Author(s): Frances Gardner

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17th Jan. 1990

My dear Sheena,

A wild and stormy January day to-day, but still no snow!! In fact I think some of the ski resorts in Switzerland are in short supply too and the 'in' place to go for ski-ing this year is America - and Colorado!! Dad has been nursing a cold for a few days now but I think he's on the mend though still looks for his breakfast in bed in the mornings. We had some lovely days at the weekend and had three short afternoon runs in the car - one to Longniddry - we can get there is under half an hour now that the entire city bypass is completed. It makes such a difference. At Longniddry there were at least one dozen wind-surfers out - the tide was high and the sea quite choppy and they made a lovely picture.

The following day I wanted veg. from the allotment - we then had a run round the hills by the Marchbank and Balerno and watched some gliders doing their stunt for a while. On Sunday we went to S Queensferry where some lads were out on Jet-skis. I hadn't seem them before. I thought what a leisure orientated corner of Scotland we live in!!

Monday was a different experience. I was playing bridge at Corstorphine and had taken 2 others in our car. When coming away I was all set to drive off but had difficulty with the key - only to discover it had snapped in two in the ignition!! We had to come home by taxi and Kevin took Dad and I back in the evening with the spare key and tools but could do nothing so had to call out the AA. - Two hour wait in the car for them to come! Then we were ignominiously towed home!! Whole ignition required to be replaced. However, we might have been stuck miles away from nowhere. Moira had a couple of nights in hospital. She required a further examination following cervical smear test. A precaution hopefully. She will get the results in a few weeks. She was so delighted with your Christmas present. Such a surprise as of course they had not previously seen the photo! No doubt she has already written to you. We all enjoyed 'Cats' so much on Friday. If you get the chance you should see it. John seems to be still looking for a suitable job, determined to go into sales, not teaching, so I hope something turns up for them soon. I thought the enclosed cuttings might be of interest. I am also sending a newspaper with further report on Chomsky's lecture - tho' it is political not linguistic now - but you might still be interested!

Hope all is well - Have fun -

Much dear love
Mum xxx.

P.S. we are having fun with the jig-saw. Its not complete yet.

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