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Letter from Frances Gardner 03 - 05/09/89

Author(s): Frances Gardner

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Tues. 5th Sept.

My dear Sheena,

Many thanks for your letter received yesterday with all the exciting news of your "condo". It sounds lovely, well situated spacious and secure. Your service charge may seen high but it does mean that the place is well maintained and that there is cash available for external repairs etc. (K had a similar charge in Ealing.) and as I understand from you all your heating, water supply etc are included. The apartment is carpeted - what about cooker and 'frig? I presume they are there already - you have chairs, table bed curtains etc so hopefully will have enough to tide you over. But do please let us know if you need extra cash. Dad can always be persuaded to dig deep in his pockets when the need arises!! You have bought at a good time for the purchaser and now your foot is on the ladder when you wish to sell and buy something else it usually means only a house for a house - ie if you sell high you have to pay high and vice-versa.

K & K have arranged the date of their wedding 7th July - the following Sat. was not available at the church, and the 21st is the first anniversary of Fred [CENSORED: surname]'s death. As K has asked Judith to be bridesmaid that ruled out that date. We have still to fix venue for reception but are making enquiries. Judith is the only one of the 'gang' who has not been bridesmaid, K was hers, and K wanted someone 'on hand' to help her choose dresses etc. However, I shall need you and Barbara at hand to help with all the other issues at the time so do hope the date will suit you. I think July is a busy month for John & Barbara provided they are still in Lanzarote!! - no word of a baby yet!! I think they are still getting used to Alex. He really is very good - speaks well in three languages - ie Spanish English and his own words '[?]win[/?]' for wind and an "oh dear" for a bump or bruise! and "bed town" for going to bed! etc etc.

No more now - Dad and I are just off to 'flat-sit' for K & K. Their water pipes were replaced recently and today the inspector is to call to check the installation. Sorry I am not available to do similar for you. Hope you can organise a move alright. Employ a firm and leave them to pack everything. It's easier than you think!! Once you have done it half a dozen times!

Love Mum xxx

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Letter from Frances Gardner 03 - 05/09/89


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