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Conversation 34: Two students on leisure interests and part-time work

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Audio transcription

M1048 I was so glad we got up late this morning. Well, I didn't get up late, I got up early. //I-//
F1049 //I didn't even realise you'd got up.//
M1048 But, I had, I got up cause I was awake, //[laugh] bu-//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 but erm, no, I really wanted to read my book because I was really kind of traumatised i- [laugh] by it last night. //erm and I wanted to g-//
F1049 //Did you have the radio on?//
M1048 Uh-huh, I put the radio on, I put the //I put it on, er//
F1049 //I think that's what I woke up to.//
M1048 I put it on on the laptop,
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 because it's easier to turn the volume down on it. Erm I needed some kind of distraction //cau- [laugh] cause I//
F1049 //[inhale] Was it really upsetting you?//
M1048 I was readin and I don't like it to be too quiet, so, yeah. //[sniff]//
F1049 //What time did we get up?//
M1048 Erm, ma alarm clock went off at nine, so I //bounced out ma bed at nine//
F1049 //I didn't even hear it.// //Right.//
M1048 //to switch it off so that you didn't notice that it was on.// //Erm and then//
F1049 //Ian sent one, Ian had texted me back at like// half two in the mornin, but I didn't even get it until ten.
M1048 Oh right, I I seen there was a message on your phone at some //point when I got up this mornin.//
F1049 //And that would have been Ian.//
M1048 Er
F1049 He was just saying "that's me going to bed now", and I was like
M1048 "Great, thanks for texting me //to to let me know". [laugh]//
F1049 //Yeah. [laugh]// //That was awesome, thank//
M1048 //[laugh]// //Erm,//
F1049 //you.//
M1048 wh-wh- when I got up at nine to switch the alarm clock off there was a text frae Catherine,
F1049 Mmhm.
M1048 erm sayin that she was, er, I think she was on a train, and er askin if I was going to Maths, so I invited her to breakfast.
F1049 [laugh] //And Janice texted me.//
M1048 //[laugh] Erm.// Janice texted? What did she say?
F1049 Just like, "do you want to do something this weekend?" and stuff, so I said they could all come round to mine if they want,
M1048 Cool.
F1049 like, and I don't know who, Daniel, Kayleigh,
M1048 On Saturday?
F1049 I think so, //cause//
M1048 //Cool.//
F1049 Janice and Ed will be goin out for dinner on Friday night.
M1048 Right.
F1049 Erm, I'm not workin Sunday, so I don't have to get up. //And mum and dad are away//
M1048 //I'm off Saturday.//
F1049 on Saturday night as well,
M1048 Right. //Where are they goin?//
F1049 //cause they're goin,// you know how they went to that wedding?
M1048 Uh-huh.
F1049 Well it's like the sister of the guy that they went to the wedding with's play.
M1048 Right.
F1049 And she's like, I don't know, it's like her first lead or something. //Her name's Ray. They're all going to see Ray in the play.//
M1048 //Oh right.//
F1049 And erm, //[laugh] Yeah.//
M1048 //Ray in the play! [laugh]//
F1049 And I wasn't invited. //Mmhm.//
M1048 //You weren't invited. Mm.// That was nice of them.
F1049 They said "You could go some other time in the week if you really want to go".
M1048 Oh right. //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh] Dad's like "You're working".// //Mm, yeah.//
M1048 //Great. Er,// //I've got Saturday off, because [CENSORED: forename] said she would work it.//
F1049 //[inaudible]//
M1048 Erm but now Alan wants to swap with [CENSORED: forename] [laugh] so that [CENSORED: forename] will be workin the two till ten and Alan gets to work ma twelve to eight. Er, so yeah, //but//
F1049 //What's she doin?//
M1048 I I don't know. She seems quite happy to work it, so //I do-//
F1049 //That's the first time I've really spoken to her, on Saturday there.//
M1048 She's alright. I thought she was goin to be a bit kind of snobby and stuff, but she seems //alright.//
F1049 //I don't know. She looks grumpy, but// //I think she's not really.//
M1048 //She does, but she's actually quite nice. She was kind of grumpy wi me, but// she was doin it jokingly, and it took me a wee while to realise that she was carryin on and not gettin me into bother for stuff. //She's like "You're as bad as Rankin".//
F1049 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh] I just thought "Oh, no".// //[laugh]//
F1049 //I'm sorry. [laugh]//
M1048 Er, yeah, but I've got the the karate er championships on Saturday, so,
F1049 Is it like a competition or?
M1048 It's just like a club competition, //so erm//
F1049 //Right.//
M1048 it's more for the kids //erm but//
F1049 //Mm.//
M1048 I'll probably need to like join in because there'll be people whose like eh partners for team kata won't have turned up, so
F1049 That's a shame.
M1048 I know. Erm, there's there's like tons o, not tons of them but a few groups of like older people that are that are doin it, the kind o [tut] senior grade
F1049 Mmhm.
M1048 and er, I I reckon there'll be a few o them won't turn up, so there'll be like a few of them that won't have a team, so if they're just missing like one person I'll join in.
F1049 Mmhm. Are you judging or
M1048 Well, er I think I'll be doin like some judgin, but not all of it, //er//
F1049 //Mmhm.//
M1048 so I think for kata it's gonna be other judges, but I'll be judging the junior kumite //so er, yeah, looking forward to that.//
F1049 //Cool.// I present the prizes, //That's ma job. [laugh]//
M1048 //Cool. [laugh] I don't think I'll get to present prizes or anything that exciting.//
F1049 People get photos taken with me. //[laugh] I know.//
M1048 //[laugh] Great. [laugh]//
F1049 Last time, it was the Irvine one.
M1048 Right.
F1049 And all the wee kids were like "Can I have a photo of you with my //medal?" and I was like//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 "Okay, you know that I don't actually", [laugh] //"it's just ma dad, it's fine".//
M1048 //Yeah, yeah.// //Erm,//
F1049 //Mm.// We're havin a, what do you call it? A, not a play, it's like a
M1048 Presentation?
F1049 Uh-huh. Soon.
M1048 You are?
F1049 Our club.
M1048 What for?
F1049 I think it's for Civic Week. I think we a-, we usually do one, //like a demonstration.//
M1048 //Right.// //Oh right, uh-huh, yeah.//
F1049 //Erm,// doin one o them for Civic Week I think.
M1048 Oh right, cool. I-, what do yo- what do youse do for it?
F1049 Well I don't know, cause like the guy that my dad went to the wedding that was the best man,
M1048 Uh-huh.
F1049 he's Sammy, he used to like train ma dad.
M1048 Uh-huh.
F1049 Er, so they used to have really cool ones like where you'd have the //table set up and they'd all be, [laugh], no they'd all be like playing cards and then like//
M1048 //You juggled wi fire or something! [laugh]//
F1049 a fight would start and then somebody would get flipped over the table and //there'd be like massive jumps and stuff, it'd be really good.//
M1048 //Oh wow! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1049 //And Jack always does// this thing where they like, he breaks like six bits of wood in a row and then he gets hit with sticks across his back, and it ends up, he's got big red marks, it's horrible. Dad hates doin it. //But Jack always insists//
M1048 //Right.// //[laugh]//
F1049 //that he's fine and he's, [laugh] you know, he wants to do it.// But they had this thing in the Metro the other day, and it was this guy that had like broken his fist and all his wrist cause he punched oak,
M1048 He punched oak? //[laugh]//
F1049 //Uh-huh, I just seen it on TV, he like// //I think he full on punched it so he didn't do the//
M1048 //[laugh]// Oh right, uh-huh, I've I've never tried it, I've never even thought about tryin it because I don't think I'd be able to break wood.
F1049 It's easy. //Really easy.//
M1048 //Is it? Really? What kind o wood though?// //Balsa! [laugh] Yeah. [laugh]//
F1049 //Eh, [laugh] it's something like that.// It's just like pine I think they use.
M1048 Pine. I I don't think pine's that hard to to break, I don't know. I've never tried it.
F1049 It's just the way you hold it more than //anything, it's like//
M1048 //Right.//
F1049 the way that somebody holds it for you.
M1048 Put pressure and you're hittin the centre so it's //it's making a//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 a pressure point on it.
F1049 And the way that the grain's runnin.
M1048 I was in erm you know the kinda, er the weight trainin shop that's on er, see as you come out Central, you come out the downstairs //entran-.//
F1049 //Workout World?//
M1048 Uh-huh, in there. Erm and I went in and I was just havin a look at stuff. I was actually lookin for them mitts.
F1049 Mmhm.
M1048 But all their mitts were like boxin gloves. I was quite annoyed, but erm I seen like this huge big punchbag, and I always thought, see the ones that you don't hang from the ceiling, they were always like quite //flimsy and would just fall over.//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 Whereas this one, I don't know what they've used to weigh it down but it weighed a //ton.//
F1049 //Sand?//
M1048 And I was actually kickin the hell out of it //[laugh] and it was, it was takin it pretty well//
F1049 //Mm?//
M1048 er in the middle o the floor and the guy was //just lookin at me, I was like "Yeah,//
F1049 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
M1048 //lookin for mitts", [laugh]// so he showed me the mitts, like the wee soft ones.
F1049 The ones that are just
M1048 Uh-huh, like they just cover and no more, it's not like huge //big boxin gloves.//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 Erm and he had, I think they had them behind the counter or something, but er yeah, I was quite impressed. They were a tenner. //So I quite fancy a pair o them. That is, it's no bad.//
F1049 //Mm, that's no bad.// Dad gets some new pads
M1048 Oh, I I really want a pad at home.
F1049 His was only like fifteen. He was really //impressed.//
M1048 //Fifteen?// //What kind o pad?//
F1049 //Somebody was sellin them and he just// it was the the banana one, //and an armpad.//
M1048 //Right.// Superb!
F1049 I think they were both twenty-five or something. //Cause that's the first time//
M1048 //Wow.//
F1049 we've had like an armpad. It's for erm kicks.
M1048 Right. Er, does he keep them at home?
F1049 No, they're in the hall.
M1048 Right.
F1049 He's got two at home just now, he's got the two that he just bought at home cause the hall's //broken.//
M1048 //I'll come down then for a shot, okay?// //[laugh]//
F1049 //Right. [laugh]// We'll have them in the hall until ni- the ninth.
M1048 I I should really come and train with youse, but I cannae train with youse just now cause I'm er trainin wi ma own club.
F1049 Mmhm.
M1048 Erm, //I'm gonnae go on Friday, I I really need to go on Friday,//
F1049 //I'll need tae go back.// Mm.
M1048 erm, er I think I- I'll go home on Friday maybe afternoon cause I might stay in the morning an try an get something done. That's tomorrow, isn't it?
F1049 Mm.
M1048 Erm try and get something done tomorrow and then //I'll just drive.//
F1049 //Well if Cat's comin up you could//
M1048 If Cat's comin up in the mornin I'll just drive, drive home with her, erm what are you doin tomorrow?
F1049 Ehm, stayin at Ian's tonight, //so I'll just//
M1048 //Mmhm.//
F1049 be there tomorrow, I don't know what I'm doin.
M1048 Right. If you want a lift home, gi- give me a shout.
F1049 It depends what time, I'll probably not be up until like three. //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]// Lucky bitch! //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh] Oh.//
M1048 Catherine's gonna get me up at nine.
F1049 I know.
M1048 Maybe she'll come and cook me breakfast though, again cause she done everything this morning except for the eggs.
F1049 I feel really bad that I didn't help but I know that //if I helped something would go on fire.//
M1048 //No, she knows that you can't.// //[laugh] She told me that//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 she said erm [sniff] when we in Morrisons and you were at like at the watermelon and stuff, //and ehm//
F1049 //[laugh]// Really //wanted it.//
M1048 //She looked// at me and gave me this like strange look and I was like "Yeah, I know, you're on an adventure again". //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh] She's like "Every time I go out with you two, it's on a bloody adventure", I was// //"Oh right."//
F1049 //Janice said that to me as well.//
M1048 [laugh] It's like an epic. //[laugh]//
F1049 //Uh-huh. [laugh]// //And something happens and you have to like lie your way out of something. [laugh] Uh-huh.//
M1048 //[laugh] Yeah. [laugh]// Ehm, I I I really liked this morning though, when she came round for breakfast.
F1049 It was really good actually.
M1048 I'm really surprised Paul didn't come but Paul's like //that sometimes.//
F1049 //He was bein weird today.//
M1048 you know, he's always like that, like see if he's got a class to go to, he won't, like we were missin the same class //and he wouldn't uh-huh.//
F1049 //As him? Really.//
M1048 But he wouldn't miss it. Ehm,
F1049 Dan's like that.
M1048 I don't know, that's kinda, that's kinda strange, although he misses classes, like he doesn't not miss classes, //but//
F1049 //Right.//
M1048 do you know what I mean?
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 Ehm, so I was quite surprised and then he said that he would think about coming down, after Maths, ehm and then he didn't even text me back, I texted him "Mm! //Breakfast is good!"//
F1049 //[laugh]// //He didn't text you back?//
M1048 //[laugh]// //No, I told him to bring Neil as well and he just totally blanked me.//
F1049 //Mm?// Mm. Oh well.
M1048 So erm yeah, I was quite annoyed about that. Catherine was in a really good mood today.
F1049 She was.
M1048 ehm, I was glad she was there though cause she knows how to cook //and I had no clue.//
F1049 //Uh-huh. [laugh]//
M1048 I know roughly how to cook things but
F1049 I've got no idea. //[laugh]//
M1048 //No.// I know. [laugh]
F1049 Although I did make rice last night.
M1048 Rice? //Wow, how do you make rice?//
F1049 //Mmhm.//
M1048 Can you do it?
F1049 Yeah.
M1048 Really?
F1049 I don't know, Mum started //it. [laugh]//
M1048 //Yeah, I thought that. [laugh]//
F1049 Yeah. I came in and I was like "I'm hungry", //cause we had been drivin for like four hours,//
M1048 //[exhale]// That's right. [laugh]
F1049 And ehm mum's like "Right, what do you want?", so she said she'd make me sweet and sour chicken, and I was in charge of like the rice. Although she started it //and finished it, and I was in charge of stirring it. [laugh]//
M1048 //Yeah, yeah, yeah. [laugh] I thought it would be something like that.//
F1049 Yeah.
M1048 Mum made erm
F1049 It was so good though. //[laugh]//
M1048 //er, I've n- I've never never made sweet and sour in the house.// I love eatin Chinese out though, I don't //really like Chinese//
F1049 //Me too.//
M1048 in the house, it's just no the same.
F1049 If you're gonna have Chinese you should do it properly. //[laugh]//
M1048 //That's right. [laugh]// Spend a fortune on it. //[laugh]//
F1049 //Uh-huh [laugh]// Well I'm always, it's just a fiver, you know, it's not //that much.//
M1048 //Yeah, it's no that much,// especially when I don't eat any of the meat from it, and it's just like basic fried //rice.//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 But it's still good. //Yeah.//
F1049 //Involves Chinese.//
M1048 Mum made erm
F1049 I hope we can get it tonight, I hope I can convince Ian to [laugh] get it for dinner. //He'll be like, "Do you want to go out?" and I'm like "Mm".//
M1048 //[laugh] Well n-// Can we phone in Chinese? Th- that's //that's//
F1049 //But there's such a good Chinese just across from him.//
M1048 Really? Oh, I I I think it looks kind of minging //though.//
F1049 //It does, it looks horrible, but it's amazing.//
M1048 Chinese-cum-kebab shop, //co- [laugh] how manky//
F1049 //Cum-pizza place, I know. [laugh]//
M1048 does that look?
F1049 It's so good, I mean the pizzas out of there are even good. //They are!//
M1048 //No they're not, it's like a stupid base, it's not even a real one.//
F1049 Kyle.
M1048 It's not a //real pizza base, [laugh] it's not.//
F1049 //It is really good, and they do like// pizza and chips and Coke for a fiver.
M1048 Oh aye aye and they do a huge one, like a huge pizza, and all that, er you get a big bottle of Coke and chips and something else for a tenner.
F1049 Really?
M1048 Uh-huh, oh it's like huge.
F1049 But if you want chips, you need to go to Checks down there.
M1048 Checks?
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 What is Checks?
F1049 It's like a chip shop, it's got like the most amazing guy in it, he's so funny. //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1049 //He's so like not somebody that should work in a chip shop.// [laugh] I don't know. He's just amazin.
M1048 Can you imagine [CENSORED: forename] fae Henley's workin in //in a chip shop. [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh] "Is that in or out o batter?"// //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// That's a shame, she's lovely.
M1048 She is lovely, I really like her.
F1049 You.
M1048 I didn't even notice Helen had her hair done yesterday.
F1049 I don't know whether she'd had it done or if it was just straightened.
M1048 Ma-, aye maybe it was //just straightened, cause she//
F1049 //It was maybe just straight.//
M1048 make-up on as well. Did you notice the lipstick all over her like take-away //cup? [laugh]//
F1049 //Oh! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
M1048 //You know how they've got white lids? [laugh]//
F1049 I suppose if she was goin to that funeral she was like
M1048 Oh I know, di- did you hear me sayin to her [laugh] //[laugh] "Enjoy yourself!"//
F1049 //I know!//
M1048 She laughed, //but.//
F1049 //Sh- she went "That's not even// //funny." [laugh]//
M1048 //No, that's not funny. That's// //that Anna, as well, [?]should have seen[/?] her face. Oh! [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// And you wi the chairs. I told my mum about the new chairs. She's not even that excited. I think it's cause she's never been. I was so tempted to take her last night, but then I thought no, they'll be //closed, when we were lost//
M1048 //Yeah.// //Mu- mum doesn't get it,//
F1049 //at Partick.//
M1048 er I brought my mum up, I brought my mum up one day with Pauline,
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 and er my mum was not impressed at all. //She didn't like it.//
F1049 //Really?//
M1048 How can you not like Henley's? //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// Just go and sit outside. //[laugh]//
M1048 //Yeah.// What do you mean your beans should be on your toast, get out! //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 [sniff] Although I hate taking Pauline places sometimes,
F1049 [sniff] //[laugh]//
M1048 //like see how cheeky she can be to [?]waiting[/?] staff,// like "Can I just have ketchup!" It's the way she says it.
F1049 We were in China Buffet King the other night.
M1048 Who with?
F1049 I was with Ian, it was after the Science Centre, and ehm we were just sittin and like we'd finished and he'd had ice-cream, and we'd like fallen out but not really. And ehm, he w- he was like not speakin to me. And he like went to like push his bowl as if like "Hm" and he like knocked everything off the table, and I was like,
M1048 [inhale] //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// And you know how that way they're so attentive, so they totally run over //and I was like "Jesus".//
M1048 //Yeah, oh that's right.// Oh, you'd be like //ask you every five minutes, smiling.//
F1049 //I was so embarrassed.//
M1048 [laugh]
F1049 And then he dropped curry sauce all the way down his jeans. //That was nice.//
M1048 //Great. [laugh]// //[sniff]//
F1049 //[tut]// //Uh-huh. [laugh]//
M1048 //I qu- I quite like// it in there, I think I've only been in once though.
F1049 I've been in so many times. It's always the place you go when you're really hungry. //[laugh]//
M1048 //Yeah, I'm always really skint and can't afford it though.//
F1049 I know!
M1048 Remember the ni- the night we went up to, when we went up to Edinburgh to meet //Linny and er Miriam?//
F1049 //Mm.//
M1048 And that stupid girl that came //and sat there and didn't eat?//
F1049 //[exhale]// Uh-huh.
M1048 Oh, it's like, how, how could she, do you know what I mean?
F1049 What was the point in coming? //She knew we were going to a restaurant.//
M1048 //[laugh] I know! We're going to the Chinese, do you want to come?//
F1049 Yeah.
M1048 Oh yeah yeah //I'll come//
F1049 //I'll just have a water.//
M1048 I'll just have a water. //It's like what, it wasnae even that dear.//
F1049 //[laugh]// O- why would you go to //a restaurant?//
M1048 //I I know. [laugh]// For a glass o water. And even the even the wee Chinese people were like
F1049 Something wrong? Uh-huh.
M1048 Ju- just water? [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1049 //What's wrong with this girl?// //I haven't seen//
M1048 //Mmhm.//
F1049 Miriam in ages, she's comin back down //before//
M1048 //I haven't seen Linny.//
F1049 I know. Linny's comin back down for Lynn's big sister's twenty-first but I'm going to take them out Sunday that night.
M1048 [tut] Ah, erm Linny's been home every weekend but I just never see her.
F1049 Really?
M1048 Cause like I think on a Sunday, she goes to church on a Sunday night. And most of the day Sunday she spends with her parents; they go out for lunch and stuff like that. So erm and Sunday night she spends at church as well, so she's like at church all day Sunday practically.
F1049 Yeah.
M1048 And on a Saturday I think like she tries to get work done and stuff like that so I never ever see her, and I'm workin most Saturdays.
F1049 Yeah, and Sundays.
M1048 But remember, do you remember we wrote a letter to her?
F1049 Mm
M1048 We wrote like this like five, //no, five million//
F1049 //Uh-huh, ten//
M1048 page long //yeah.//
F1049 //Not like eleven pages or something.// //I saw it in Henley's.//
M1048 //It was huge.// Er me and Cat just kept swappin, writin more and more and more. So Cat said yesterday I think that she'd posted it, so she might get it tomorrow,
F1049 Mmhm.
M1048 but at her flat, so she should get it before she comes home.
F1049 Right.
M1048 Erm, I think she'll give me a wee phone when she gets it //cause//
F1049 //Yeah.//
M1048 she'll just sit and laugh all the way through it.
F1049 [laugh]
M1048 It's one of those letters that's like completely pointless, there's nothing in it //that's like//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 really that good content but she'll just laugh all the way through it. //And out of curiosity she'll just follow it right through.//
F1049 //So it's nonsense.//
M1048 Yeah.
F1049 I saw postcards at the Science Centre that I was going to send to Miriam cause they were really cool, but they were like a pound //fifty or something for a postcard. [laugh]//
M1048 //Yeah. [laugh]//
F1049 Yeah, can't afford that. //[laugh]//
M1048 //Two for a fiver! [laugh]//
F1049 And Ian got into trouble for opening his juice in the shop, so we got like chucked out.
M1048 The the wee shop, it's like tiny, right, and er see when I was working in Towerlands
F1049 What wee shop's tiny?
M1048 The wee shop in the Science //Centre, right?//
F1049 //Uh-huh, yeah.//
M1048 Erm when I was workin at Towerlands we went to the Science Centre, that's how I've been.
F1049 Mmhm.
M1048 And er there was like five million kids there, there was like every primary and er [laugh] they were all there and they were like queueing in this shop, well, you know how it's like a wee square?
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 And then there's like wee squares in it in the aisles and stuff, they were queued like right round every aisle. [laugh] //And [laugh] they//
F1049 //Aw.//
M1048 couldn't move, like to go and see things, //cause o all the people queued.//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 So there ended up people in the queue that [laugh] got to the checkout and had nothing because they couldn't get //anything.//
F1049 //Aw! [laugh]//
M1048 It was absolutely hilarious. [laugh] And then the headmistress was shoutin at them all tellin them to move, get out. //"Time's up folks", [laugh] I was like "Aw!"//
F1049 //Aw! [laugh]// //[laugh] It was//
M1048 //[laugh] Mmhm.//
F1049 really busy when we were there with schools, and you'd think because it was like //May Day, uh-huh.//
M1048 //There's always schools there though.// //Like it was May Day and they were there?//
F1049 //It was May Day and they were there.//
M1048 I thought every school had a holiday on May Day.
F1049 I don't know whether they just had like rubbish schools //that took th- [laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1049 //"If you want to go on a trip it's gonna have to be in your// //holidays."//
M1048 //[laugh]// //[laugh] "Cause you're not comin on ours."//
F1049 //[laugh]// [laugh] //Yeah, there was loads o//
M1048 //Yeah.//
F1049 schools, it was all like private schools wi like the ties and the clipboards and they were like writin down what they'd seen and stuff.
M1048 Oh right, uh-huh.
F1049 That would [?]write[/?] the Science //Centre but okay.//
M1048 //I know, how ho- how horrible was it, see when you're like// you had to go, we always went to, erm, oh what was the park?
F1049 Blackshaw Farm? //Oh. [laugh]//
M1048 //No no, it was a park in Largs. What was it called?// I cannae even reme-, er it wisnae Kelvin something.
F1049 I don't even know where Largs is. //No, I do, but I I uh-huh, I don't know where it is.//
M1048 //You know, you know roughly where it is. There's like this// big long stretch o road and then there's a park in there. And they used to take us to this place all the time, I'm no kiddin, every year I'd been there about //three times! [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh] We went to Blackshaw Farm like that.// //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]// And it was one of those places that we'd been so many times that you'd just get bored of it,
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 you know that way, cause it was a trip you didn't mind it, and then see when you got to like Primary Four, you'd been tons of times so you knew exactly what was there, you were fed up of it, but it was just nice cause it was an outing.
F1049 Uh-huh, and you weren't at school.
M1048 Uh-huh. [laugh] And then we started, like Primary Four onwards, it was like you had to take your clipboard and your notebook, and then when you came back you had to like //write, uh-huh [laugh]//
F1049 //Write a story about your trip an [laugh].// //"My Experience at Black- Blackshaw Farm" and uh-huh.//
M1048 //your experience, uh-huh.// Erm, //and then//
F1049 //Then it got closed down because of Foot and Mouth.// //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 [laugh] Gutted. //And then the trips//
M1048 //Great. [laugh]//
F1049 after that were like, where was it? The place where they tried to like make you aware of all the dangers and like //"Clued-up Kids". [laugh]//
M1048 //Oh that's right, "Clued-up Kids". [laugh]// It's hilarious, //like,//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 we all got like intae bother for goin wi the stranger. //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 She looked so //cute though. [laugh]//
F1049 //We got into bother cause we all// split up durin the like fire thing. //It was like, [laugh], you know how there was the smoke room?//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 Instead of crawling like to get out, [laugh], we were all dancing.
M1048 They took us in and it was like erm, it was the drugs awareness one. And it was tic-tacs, [laugh] we were all eating //tic-tacs. [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 [laugh] They had this like wee, wee woman that was meant to look like a junkie. And she's like erm "Wa- want some sweeties?" And we're like that //[laugh]//
F1049 //Yeah! [laugh] You got any more, I'll pay for them. [laugh]//
M1048 It was the wee orangey ones. //You know how, the the mixed ones, I was like//
F1049 //Uh-huh, yeah.//
M1048 "Have you no got any mint ones?" she was like "Oh, I think I've got some", [laugh] it was just, [laugh] so we got into bother for that as well.
F1049 I think I died three times. //[laugh] You know how they were all like "Who's died?"//
M1048 //[laugh] Y-// //life-lines, uh-huh, yeah.//
F1049 //Me, uh-huh.//
M1048 And then at the end "How many of you have been caught out on every single one?" [laugh] "Yeah!" //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
M1048 //"How many of you went with the stranger?" "Mmhm" [laugh]// //"Did anybody check any of the badges?" and there was like a couple o hands over in the corner. [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// That was the teachers. //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 What else was there? There was the smoke room, the electricity box that you'd to go and get the balloon, [exhale].
M1048 What was that? Oh no, there was a tenner in ours.
F1049 Really? We'd a balloon. //Totally wanted the balloon.//
M1048 //Oh no they'd, they'd a a ten// pound note in the electricity box and I went in and I seen the the tenner and I was like [laugh] "I'll climb //in for a tenner." [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 I kind of climbed up onto the fence, and that and they were like "No, come down, this is you, you've failed the test", //I was like "Aw, can I get the tenner?" [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// //There was the guy, when you went into the room, that was lying dead and the knife was above his head.//
M1048 //[laugh]// Oh we didn't have one like that.
F1049 And he'd been electrocuted and you were not meant to go and like //uh-huh. [laugh]//
M1048 //"Are you okay?" [laugh]//
F1049 Cause then you died. //There was//
M1048 //W- we the the burnt-out car.// //And the//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 shards o glass all over the place? Like, right, erm, I I don't know, we had some kind o weird guy for that. And erm //he was like "Look,//
F1049 //I don't remember that.//
M1048 look what I found, look what I found, this burnt-out car and it's well amazin", an I was like "Oh aye", he's like "Erm I think there's something in it, want to go and have a la-?" [laugh] I was like "Aye, come oan". //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// //[laugh] Give me a lift in it.//
M1048 //[laugh]// We just had a pure laugh and they must have thought, "Look at these thick kids", //[laugh] "This is why we have these things, to teach them this".//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 They must have felt it was really useful but we were just
F1049 We went to like another one in like fifth, sixth year. [laugh]
M1048 Oh we did as well, was it er Ayr College produced it?
F1049 Ah, I don't know, it was like the night-club //and//
M1048 //That's right, I did that as well. It was amazin.//
F1049 uh-huh.
M1048 And they were trying to get you to smuggle the drugs? //I was actually really scared cause the actors were//
F1049 //Uh-huh.// //They were so good, uh-huh.//
M1048 //amazin! [laugh]// //It was like "Here, here mate, will you take this into the club fur me?"//
F1049 //I was like "Janice!"// //[laugh]//
M1048 //And I was like "No!" [laugh] "Leave me alone".// //[laugh]//
F1049 //Janice held ma hand.//
M1048 Did she? Aw.
F1049 Oh and then //Lynn that I was with//
M1048 //Se- see the guy that made the pizza?//
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 The pizza guy, how scary was he?
F1049 Oh uh!
M1048 Do you remember? //And he spat in everythin and urgh.//
F1049 //Well,// Lynn that I was with, not Lynn but another Lynn, p- eh, passed out //on the floor//
M1048 //Right.//
F1049 and the paramedics that were meant to be there just to like show you stuff had to come //and [laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]// And then you get the //drugs talk.//
F1049 //And she just like// dropped down on the floor, everybody just looked at her, and I was like //"Guys!" [laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]// //Help! [laugh]//
F1049 //Uh-huh. [laugh]// //[sniff]//
M1048 //The drug talk was amazin though.// They kept askin questions and then were really surprised when we knew the answers. //It's like, "So what does cocaine do to you?" [sniff]//
F1049 //[sniff]// //[laugh]//
M1048 //"I know, I know!" [laugh]// "Fuck, what are these kids up to?" [laugh] Er,
F1049 "Who's tried hash?" and the hands go //up and all that, uh-huh.//
M1048 //Uh-huh, [laugh].// Are youse from Ardrossan? [laugh] //Ah,//
F1049 //[inaudible]// //Uh-huh. [laugh]//
M1048 //ah, that's it. [laugh]//
F1049 Yeah. [laugh]
M1048 The- they were good though. Then we went to a café and the teacher was devastated the fact that we had like made such //a muck-up o all these things. [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// No, [laugh] we got put on the bus. [laugh] //[laugh]//
M1048 //Like most of us had drugs in our pocket and [laugh]// //we're all smashed wi wi drug-, yeah. [laugh]//
F1049 //Cause somebody in ma group stole uh-huh. [laugh]// Yeah, cause we stole the drugs.
M1048 Oh well we we had the drugs in our pocket, ,er we all had bottles o beer and we're in the night-club, the the empty //bottles that they kept.//
F1049 //We'd copies o the Metro.//
M1048 Er I wa- I was involved in the fight. [laugh] It was like "Oh right".
F1049 Uh-huh. [laugh] And we're throwin the cocaine //about the bus on the way home.//
M1048 //Oh,// and then after being involved in the fight, then there was the stabbin and the guy was on the floor, everybody was crowded round. And of course what do I do? "Anybody first-aid trained?" They're all like [inhale] //"It's okay, I'm a doctor". [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh] You didn't?//
M1048 [laugh] I think that's hilarious though, and it works. I thought, "Oh right", [laugh] steppin back cause they're tryin to act. The folk from the school like, "You're no a //doctor". [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 [laugh]
F1049 "Stop it, Kyle." [laugh] No, cause that's what happened. The guy that was stabbed
M1048 Uh-huh.
F1049 fell on the floor and then Lynn just fainted. And everybody's round this guy. I was like tryin to think why nobody had //helped her.//
M1048 //And then the cops// came in and they were like quizzin us all, and I'm like that "I had nothin to do with it". "Were you involved in the fight?" "Uh-huh?" [sniff] "Thought you had nothing to do with it?" "I was involved in the fight."
F1049 I lied. //[laugh]//
M1048 //"Yeah, sorry." [laugh]// //"Do you have any drugs on you?" "Yeah, this girl gave me them". [laugh]//
F1049 //It was wrong. [laugh]//
M1048 "Were you drinking alcohol?" //"Uh-huh." "What did you have?"//
F1049 //Yes.// //[laugh]//
M1048 //"Don't know. It was an empty bottle o something."// //[laugh]//
F1049 //Couple o blues, was it?// //Uh-huh.//
M1048 //Aye, and then we had the drink-drivin talk.//
F1049 [inhale] Yeah.
M1048 And they told you about mouth alcohol and stuff.
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 That was quite interestin. I was quite into that.
F1049 Yeah.
M1048 And then they told us they were comin to our school. "How many of you are drivin?" "How many of you have drunk-drive?" [inhale] //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// //Mmhm.//
M1048 //[laugh]// //Uh-huh.//
F1049 //Well i-// that was just after, there was a guy in my school that like got drunk and stole his dad's car and drove in it with his friend and almost killed his friend. //[CENSORED: forename]'s still got brain injuries.//
M1048 //Oh right.//
F1049 Erm that l- that talk was just after that so everybody was like //totally listening and nodding. [laugh]//
M1048 //Uh-huh.// //And then you got the beer goggles, do you remember trying them on? They were amazing.//
F1049 //[laugh] Mmhm.// [laugh] I poked Tina in the eye. //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 Cause it we- tryin to to- touch [laugh]
M1048 [inhale] What a stupid thing!
F1049 [laugh]
M1048 Er, no I had something on, it wasn't the beer goggles, it was the the ones that, the the drugs ones.
F1049 Oh yeah.
M1048 And er they told me to walk like round the //cones. [laugh]//
F1049 //Oh fell over.// //[laugh]//
M1048 //I fell over and took three o them with me. [laugh]// Yeah, it was funny.
F1049 Cause there was only like one person I think drivin at that point, //in my year.//
M1048 //Right, no there was// quite a few o us. I was drivin at the time, which was
F1049 Nobody really bothered at my school, //that much.//
M1048 //What, about learning to// drive? There was quite a lot of people, er tons of them were taking drivin lessons. Liz, I felt sorry for Liz, Liz was like one of the oldest people in the year, er have you met Liz? She was one of Rachel's friends from West Kilbride.
F1049 I might have met her, I just didn't realise who she is.
M1048 And er like she spent ages doing driving lessons, I think she had failed like three tests, I actually did feel sorry //for her.//
F1049 //There was a girl at my// school like that, like she'd done like I don't know how many lessons, like thirty-six or something, right, //and she still hadn't sat her test,//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 and then her driving instructor left, and the driving school made her go back to the very beginning //with her new instructor,//
M1048 //Really? Oh wow.//
F1049 and she just stopped. //Cause//
M1048 //You see I wouldn't,// you'd go and get another instructor and not be with a drivin school, do you know what I mean?
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 Ehm, no my instructor was like, kind of l- at Christmas, he was like "Kyle, you've been ready for your test for three weeks now. Get that bloody theory test done." And then I failed my theory test three times. //So it took me//
F1049 //Really?//
M1048 to the June to do. [laugh] //Well I failed it twice and passed it the third time.//
F1049 //Uh-huh.// //It's a fortune to like resit it.//
M1048 //Ehm.// //Oh I know and then y- I had to get the bus to Ayr cause i- I wasn't drivin at the time. [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// I still need to go to Kilwinning, cause you know how you can do that thing where you hand in your passport? //Can you take me?//
M1048 //That's right.// //Uh-huh, I'll take you one day, aye.//
F1049 //You hand in your passport and they give you a provisional.// Or they don't give you a provisional, they'll send it away for you, //but you don't have to send away your passport.//
M1048 //Well, see if you come home with me on// //Friday, we'll do it on Friday.//
F1049 //Friday.// So, my passport's, where is it? On my room floor, under my //chair,//
M1048 //Right.// //Or, will it be open on Saturday,//
F1049 //cause dad asked me to check the date on it.//
M1048 cause I'm off on Saturday.
F1049 I'm workin.
M1048 Are you? When are you working?
F1049 Ten till half six.
M1048 That's not bad. And what are you doin at half si-, you're br- eh //having folk over?//
F1049 //Gettin the stupid train home.//
M1048 No, I could come and pick you up if you want?
F1049 And go to Kilwinning.
M1048 Uh-huh.
F1049 They're not comin over until about eight or something.
M1048 Erm, and go to Kilwinning? What for? Half six it will be closed. //[laugh]//
F1049 //Oh, why are things not open twenty-four hours?//
M1048 I know, it's bad. //I was thinking about that the other night,//
F1049 //It does upset me.//
M1048 see when we like drove up to Glasgow at two in the mornin?
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 Yeah, I was //thinking, uh-huh, this is fine for us.//
F1049 //And we still went to the shop. [laugh]//
M1048 Twenty-four shop, twenty-four hour Asda Govan. Oh but they're not selling alcohol after ten. //I was devastated, last ni- [laugh]//
F1049 //Such a bitch, I know! [laugh]//
M1048 I I did, I was really quite shocked, and I seen them pullin the wee barriers across, like to //stop you goin into the aisle.//
F1049 //And it didn't even//
M1048 And it took me until we passed like //three o the aisles//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 and I was thinking "Ah, alcohol after ten". //And then I seen the guy who did the [exhale]//
F1049 //It's so stupid on a Sunday,// I hate workin a Sunday morning and people argue with you.
M1048 See, even if it was twelve o'clock and not half twelve. //[laugh] The half twelve thing's stupid.//
F1049 //I know.// A-, it pisses people off, they're like, "Can you not just put it through", and I'm like //"No.//
M1048 //No!//
F1049 My till won't let me." //I'm like "Uh-huh, but"//
M1048 //Yeah, cause ge- generally I've// //tried to put it through three times, it's like [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]// //It's not working!//
M1048 //[laugh]// //[laugh] Er.//
F1049 //And then like// twenty-five past, they're all like
M1048 Oh they're all waitin? //And you see them all hangin about the aisle, just er standin about holdin their bottles.//
F1049 //Uh-huh, uh-huh.// //Alcoholics, I know! [laugh]//
M1048 //Christ's sake, go and look at clothes or DVDs or something for a minute.// You don't stand there lookin like an alcoholic.
F1049 I know. It's a lot o old women as well. //This woman gave me hell last week, cause//
M1048 //I know they're quite bad.//
F1049 you know they have like the gin and tonic //cans?//
M1048 //Uh-huh.//
F1049 Right? She was like "Where are you, I can't believe you don't have it", totally goin off her //head.//
M1048 //Was she with her friend?// Did she have her wee alcoholic //friend with her? I know. [laugh]//
F1049 //I don't know. [laugh]//
M1048 There's two wee alkies that come in and they buy like stupid cans o things.
F1049 Well she was goin off her head, and I was like "Have you tried down this aisle?" "Yes, don't you think I've tried - that's where it always is." //And I went "That's it just there", and she went//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 "Well you must have just put that out", and I was like "Yes, I just put it out". //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 Cause it was easier than sayin, "No, it's been there all along".
M1048 You know how you get these stupid bottles, right, that guys are meant to buy? It's like a wee fat stupid shaped bottle and it says like "Stork" on it, and like, really cheap beer.
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 Right? All the old women buy them. //And you'd expect//
F1049 //I know!//
M1048 old men to try it as if er "I'll gie that a wee shot", and it'll maybe cost two pounds a //bottle or something.//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 And it's not, it's all the old women.
F1049 I know. //Bottles of gin.//
M1048 //Like how could you drink that [?]gads[/?]?//
F1049 Constant bottles o gin.
M1048 It's whisky; I sell tons o whisky. They must be really cheap for whisky in [CENSORED: company name].
F1049 Well see the [CENSORED: company name]'s own stuff, it's apparently really cheap.
M1048 Right. It's probably water! //[laugh]//
F1049 //I know! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
M1048 //Wee touch o iodine in it to kill. [laugh]// [laugh] Wouldn't surprise me.
F1049 Not at all. Ehm, no it's apparently really cheap though.
M1048 Right? I do- I don't know cause I don't drink whisky.
F1049 Although somebody was, like, you know how cause I was workin in the beers, wines aisle?
M1048 Who?
F1049 I was, //like a couple o weeks//
M1048 //Wh- oh that's right.//
F1049 in a row. I don't know, Kyle's like, not Kyle, Keith's like decided that I'm quite good at tidying that aisle, //so just keeps puttin me in there, and sending me a//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 friend when I'm takin too long. //He sent me Donald this//
M1048 //Oh aye.//
F1049 week. Derek was raging with him //for going.//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 Cause Donald was doin cheese, //[inaudible]//
M1048 //Oh right.//
F1049 Yeah, erm,
M1048 [CENSORED: forename] doesn't care though, he doesn't ask anybody, he just assumes that he's got //authority to do what he likes.//
F1049 //I know.// It's quite funny. But erm //I was there,//
M1048 //I really like [CENSORED: forename]'s wife.//
F1049 and these women were like "Where's the half bottles of vodka?" And I was like "Er, they must be out of stock; they're not on the shelf", and she went, "What do you mean they're out o stock?" //And do you know what I mean, I didn't want to explain out of//
M1048 //[laugh]// //Uh-huh, cause she knew, uh-huh. [laugh]//
F1049 //stock because she knew. [laugh] I was like// "Sorry", she went "This just isn't good enough", and I was like, "We've got like the quarter bottles or the litre bottles", //and there was four of them all wantin a half bottle,//
M1048 //Uh-huh.//
F1049 so, //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh] Aye. [laugh]//
F1049 They got no sympathy. [laugh]
M1048 Well why didn't they take like a litre //or or two litres between the the four of them?//
F1049 //Uh-huh, yeah, that's what I was thinking.//
M1048 And like put it into like Coca-Cola bottles or something, the way we used to do //it, when you were like fourteen. [laugh]//
F1049 //Uh-huh at school. [laugh]// No, I never did that, I don't know what you're talking about. //[laugh]//
M1048 //Yeah, right! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1049 //It was [CENSORED: forename]. She always did that.//
M1048 Yeah, heard it!
F1049 Uh-huh. //[laugh] My//
M1048 //We weren't that bad actually, I think I was like sixteen before I started gettin wasted.//
F1049 school was nuts.
M1048 I mean there wa- there was people like in my area and stuff that you knew they were your age and they were like out gettin ekkied out their face and stuff. //I I wa- I was good, until I went on holiday.//
F1049 //We- well.//
M1048 The first time I went to Spain, it was like you could do what you liked there, it was, sixteen was the legal age for anything you wanted. //I was like//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 "Yes!" it was bliss, A free shot wi every drink you bought.
F1049 I know. //[laugh]//
M1048 //How good an idea's that? [laugh]// [laugh]
F1049 We got really friendly wi the bar guys, and they used to like bring us jugs o shots, //you know, it would just be like, this is gonna waste me, uh-huh.//
M1048 //[laugh] Jugs o shots, great, uh-huh. [laugh]// [laugh]
F1049 No ehm, my school was nuts. Although in saying that, [CENSORED: forename] was like modelling for you know how the boxin things?
M1048 What boxing things?
F1049 You know how there's like amateur boxing and they have girls in //bikinis? [CENSORED: forename] was modelling for that at thirteen.//
M1048 //Oh yeah, uh-huh.// Oh right, uh-huh.
F1049 Uh-huh and her mu- she was like tellin her mum she was stayin at mines and all that, //and like//
M1048 //[inhale]//
F1049 goin out and modelling.
M1048 God! //Oh wow.//
F1049 //She's always looked really old though.//
M1048 Eh, //I've never met her [laugh], so I don't know, but I I always feel as if I know who she is.//
F1049 //I know. [laugh]// Well no, when I met Sean the other day he was like "So are you still hangin about with like [CENSORED: forename] and Christina?" and I was like "Yeah." Cause I'd said "Tina" and he was like "Who's Tina?" And I was like "Christina" and he was like "Really? Still?" and I was like "Uh-huh". And then he'd asked about [CENSORED: forename] and stuff, and he went "She's the hot one?" //I was like "Yes, she's the hot one." [laugh]//
M1048 //Aye, yeah, she's the hot one, yeah. [laugh]// See when you phone Jenny's house, do they bother about you asking for Jenny?
F1049 No, Jenny's mum calls her Jenny.
M1048 See if you phone Christina's house, do they do they shout at you?
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 I remember the first time, I was totally devastated, //cause I knew her as Tina, she was in, sh- she's in my phone saved as Tina.//
F1049 //I know!// Uh-huh mine, mine too.
M1048 So like if she was saved under Christina, I'd ask for Christina,
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 but cause she's under Tina when you phone her, I'm like "Hi, is Tina there?" "Who? Sorry."
F1049 Uh-huh "We don't have a //Tina."//
M1048 //Tina.// [laugh]
F1049 "We have a Christina, //which is what I christened her".//
M1048 //Uh-huh.// //I was like woa!//
F1049 //[laugh] Jesus.// //[laugh]//
M1048 //Her dad's like "No, sorry, I think you've got the wrong number." I'm like "No, I think it is the right number."// He was like "Are you maybe looking for Christina?" I'm like "Oh right, uh-huh." //[laugh]//
F1049 //Chris [CENSORED: surname] and they go "Yes."//
M1048 [laugh]
F1049 And I'm like "Well, can I speak //to her?" [laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 Yeah.
M1048 And then Tina picks up and you go "Hi Christina", and she's like "What?" //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh] "Hi." [laugh]// //"What's wrong wi you today?" [laugh] Uh-huh.//
M1048 //[laugh] Yeah, uh-huh, Christina. [laugh]// She's like "Don't bother wi my mum and dad", //"Well they don't put you on unless I ask for Christina."//
F1049 //[laugh]// //[laugh] Yeah.//
M1048 //[laugh] So you have to kind of bother with them a wee bit.// Yeah.
F1049 [laugh] They think I'm bad though. [laugh]
M1048 Well I think they know I'm a bad influence. //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh] They just generally think I'm a nutter.// //[laugh]//
M1048 //You are a nutter. [laugh]// I think the day that I screeched away from their front door. //Oof. [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh] Beepin the horn! [laugh]// //[laugh] Yeah.//
M1048 //[laugh] They were not impressed wi that.// Although her mum seems really nice and stuff, but her dad seems really grumpy to me.
F1049 [laugh]
M1048 "Who are you? What do you want?" [laugh]
F1049 I'm used to is my mum and dad just don't //care. Uh-huh You could paintball the house. [laugh]//
M1048 //They do, aye, you just stroll in and out. [laugh]//
F1049 [laugh] Run salsa lessons in the living room while you've got a rock climbing class in //kitchen.//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 And they just [?]feel like shoutin[/?] like "Where's your brother?" //"I don't know."//
M1048 //Er, [laugh]// //"Maybe in Glasgow?" [laugh]//
F1049 //"Alright, okay." [laugh]// //[laugh] Yeah.//
M1048 //[laugh]// I I loved the way your mum was like "Yeah, Cheryl got into bother at college." She was just laughing about it. //She's like//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 "because o you", I was like "Oh right", and she was just laughing. She's like "because you penned her". //She was like//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 "You'd think people at University, you know, they'd know a bit better than to pen each other."
F1049 [laugh] //[laugh]//
M1048 //Just like. And then the lecturer was// oh she said she was freakin out.
F1049 She's like "See if ma son ever comes home with pen on them, oh I'll just go nuts." Nuts! And //I was like "Well,//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 I didn't want him to do my sudoku, so I said no, and then he penned me." //And she was like//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 "No, I mean that's not good e-", like that and I was like //"[?]where are my nails[/?]?"//
M1048 //You should have told her you had a wee tear.// //[laugh] She'd have appreciated that, I'm sure.//
F1049 //[laugh]// Yeah. Took me ages to get it off.
M1048 Did it?
F1049 I was totally scrubbin it with like a loofah. And I went all red.
M1048 I didn't think it would like take loads to come off, cause it was one of those easy wash-off pens.
F1049 No, it's not. //[laugh]//
M1048 //Oh are they not? [laugh]// //They look//
F1049 //No.//
M1048 easy wash-off, remember I put in on the plate? It came off right away.
F1049 The plate's ceramic.
M1048 Oh, that's maybe why. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 Oh right.
F1049 Yeah, [laugh] mmhm. [laugh] //[laugh] Yeah.//
M1048 //Oops. [laugh]//
F1049 [?]Kyle he[/?] would ruin the plate.
M1048 And do you think erm [CENSORED: companyname] will pull us up for the discount card thing?
F1049 No.
M1048 I do, I think cause two separate di- er discount cards have went through on the same shoppin. I think they'll, they'll notice it. There'll be an investigation launched. //Oh, [laugh]//
F1049 //That'll be awesome. I don't care if they fire me.//
M1048 Neither do I actually. I was thinking the other day, [CENSORED: forename] was in.
F1049 Oh yeah.
M1048 And er, do you know that way, like I wasn't bothered, and er there was somebody asked me where the gravy was, and er she's like "Pre-made gravy?" and I was like "Yeah, if you just go down that aisle, it's on the end at the left." And er she was like "Oh right, thanks son", and then [CENSORED: forename] just kind of looked me up and down.
F1049 Cause you're meant to take her and show her and point out and say //"Is there anything else?"//
M1048 //Yeah.// //So I just kinda, uh-huh.//
F1049 //Did she actually see you?// Right.
M1048 So I actually just looked at her.
F1049 I never saw her.
M1048 And er I went back to the the produce bit, //and er//
F1049 //Mm.//
M1048 then somebody came down. Who was it that came down? //See that Anne woman that's in the bakery?//
F1049 //Sorry, I'm just [inaudible]// //[tut]//
M1048 //[tut]//
F1049 No.
M1048 No. D- sh- Anne, she's fresh manager. //Right. She looks//
F1049 //Right, mmhm.//
M1048 like erm Joanne [CENSORED: surname].
F1049 Uh-huh.
M1048 Right, well it was her that came down and told me. And er she's like er "[CENSORED: forename]'s in, can you like try and tidy up, and those strawberries need to go in the chill, and this needs done, that needs done, this needs done and that needs done." And I was like "Look, I don't have time".
F1049 [laugh]
M1048 [laugh] And she just looked at me. And I was like "Well, I'll try and get it done, but I really don't have time. I'll I'll do a tidy and //then I've got reductions to do".//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 She's like "What, you haven't done your reductions? [CENSORED: forename]'s in." And I was like "Oh right." [laugh] But in the end up I think they managed to convince [CENSORED: forename] not to come round and scrutinise the department.
F1049 Right.
M1048 Either that or I was on my break at the time. //[laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 I generally don't care, and see if they're going to put like tons of pressure on us, I'd give up my job before I'll like //ponder to their requests.//
F1049 //I do-// Pander. //[laugh]//
M1048 //Yeah. [laugh]//
F1049 I wasn't, well Derek came up and he was like "[CENSORED: forename], woman, dark hair, she's gonna come and shout at you if you don't do things right." And I was like "Oh right." //He was like//
M1048 //You're gonna get mystery shopped by her.// //"Oh yeah it's//
F1049 //uh-huh,//
M1048 gonna be a mystery now that you've told me. //And what she looks like." [laugh]//
F1049 //[laugh] I wonder who she'll be. [laugh] Yeah.// //[CENSORED: forename] got her.//
M1048 //[laugh]// Who's [CENSORED: forename]? //Quite heavy, blonde hair?//
F1049 //New girl.// Dark hair.
M1048 Oh, I do know who she is, yeah.
F1049 Cause
M1048 What did she get?
F1049 Ehm, I don't know, but, you know how you have to apologise for the wait?
M1048 She didn't.
F1049 She did. //But she didn't have a wait, she just said it automatically.//
M1048 //Oh she did?//
F1049 You know how that way you get into the thing where you're //"Hi, sorry//
M1048 //But//
F1049 for the wait, would you like a wee hand to pack?"
M1048 I know, but Lilian got erm //marked marked down cause she didn't say it.//
F1049 //Ninety-eight percent cause she didn't, uh-huh.// Well like //[CENSORED: forename] had forgotten//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 that she was in, an was just doin it au- automatically, //and then//
M1048 //Uh-huh.//
F1049 before she was leaving [CENSORED: forename] said "I'm really, you know, that's the first time I've been apologised to for my wait. "George'll be so happy", like that. //And [CENSORED: forename] went//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 "Oh right, see you later." Like "Who are you?" //kind of thing, and//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 then Derek came up and went "You got [CENSORED: forename]," like, "how did it go?" and she was like //"Ah", [laugh] like that, uh-huh, that woman's crazy. Uh-huh. [laugh]//
M1048 //Oh that's why, George will be so happy, who's George, [laugh], sad woman, [laugh] bet this is her imaginary friend. [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1049 //Her husband and her rate the checkout operators, [laugh] it's a game they have going.// //[laugh]//
M1048 //[laugh] "[inaudible]. George. We'll have to go visit her."// //[laugh]//
F1049 //Should totally go back in when she's working,// //if she apologises.//
M1048 //It was the grill that she gave me, like, it was// //just a look up and down.//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 I don't think the the gravy was there anyway, cause Alan told me later that //erm this woman came and//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 complained to him about a boy that had told her where the gravy was, [laugh] //and it wasn't actually there.//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 Well I thought it was on like, see the cold meat aisle, I thought it was over at the end where the steak pies are, //like on there.//
F1049 //I don't know.//
M1048 But obviously it's not. //[laugh]//
F1049 //But you know that way, when you're workin,// and then like somebody asks you something, so you go and get something and then before you've come back to them somebody else asks you //something, and you're like "Wait a minute". [laugh]//
M1048 //Uh-huh, so you get nothing done.// "Hang on I'm dealin with a customer just now", and then you just get a look. [laugh]
F1049 Well I was dealin with this woman and she had asked where the wine was but I was on the way to give this vodka to another woman,
M1048 Uh-huh.
F1049 and then another woman asked me where the cold meat was, //and I//
M1048 //Uh-huh.//
F1049 just went "It's down that, it's on aisle twenty-three or whatever it //was",//
M1048 //Yeah.//
F1049 and she went, like that. And I was like "If you want to wait a wee second I'll take you to it, but I've got two customers just now".
M1048 [laugh]
F1049 And she went "Hm", like that. //And then this other customer//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 "I'll show you where it is", and I was //like "She'll show you where it is", I don't//
M1048 //[laugh]//
F1049 care, [laugh]
M1048 There's this wee guy that comes in three times a day for the produce reductions, //cause they're//
F1049 //[inhale]// Tall man, teeth?
M1048 Uh-huh, right. And er like he comes in and you know how sometimes when you've got like tons of stuff, you'll just leave the reductions on the shelf rather than put in on the wee trolley? Erm ra- cause then it doesn't like bulk out your trolley //sort o thing.//
F1049 //Uh-huh.//
M1048 So er I I was scanning all these things, I had left them, and then he came in at the the six o'clock one, he's like erm [laugh] "There's grapes round there that are out o date the day and you huvnae reduced them".
F1049 Mm. //[throat]//
M1048 //And I went "Oh right, I'll get to them eventually."// And he went "No, I want them reduced now". Like that, and I was like "Oh right, ehm, sorry they're not gettin reduced any further", like, [laugh] I thought I'm no goin round.
F1049 Uh-huh
M1048 The next thing this other guy came, and he comes in like every day for the really cheap reductions. I I think about eight he comes in. And er he was like, "See that yin, that yin would pinch the reductions fae yer trolley, so he would. //Takes it all up.//
F1049 //Like that, "What do you want?" [throat]//
M1048 He's got hunners o freezers in his his garage. And the pits aw this reduced stuff in his freezer and then he sells it." [laugh] It was like "Oh right, aye", [laugh] "Whatever, like I'm interested". "A- are you looking for anything in particular here?" He's like, "And do you know what, he's a Jehovah's Witness, and he comes to ma door", [laugh] //[laugh] "Comes to ma door//
F1049 //[laugh] [?]I'm amazed[/?] wi the customers.//
M1048 every Sunday, //and sterts preachin about aw this crap and that how [laugh] ma religion's a load o rubbish, an//
F1049 //[laugh]//
M1048 how it's only Jehovah's Witnesses that are praisin the Lord in the way that they want him to be praised //an,//
F1049 //Is that that man that was gonna give you a book?// //[laugh]//
M1048 //That's right! [laugh]//

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