Document 145

Daith's Frien

Author(s): Sheena Blackhall

Copyright holder(s): Sheena Blackhall


Daith lowsed the snib on a baillie's yett,
Stap-fu wi a rowth o gear;
It's easy kent, b' the braisse name-plate,
Adversity's ill-liked here.
He'd puckles o calls tae mak yon day,
Bit damned, wid the baillie dee!
Did Daith nae ken he wis due at ten,
Fur gowf wi the committee?
Ye'll dee as yer telt fur aince, quo Daith
Like a dentist pullin teeth.
At ilkie rug in his lang black lug
The baillie screiched oot Thief!
I've ten years owin me yet, he cried,
I've friens at the verra tap!
An ye'll be needin them aa, quo Daith,
An swallaed him, neck an crap.
Daith climmed the stair o a gangrel chiel
On neebourly terms wi wint,
Fa's life wis bare as a tinker's pooch
Wi the cauldrife win ahint.
'Yer welcome man, fur I've waited lang
This day, an the hale year roon.'
An Daith an the gangrel, linkin airms,
Gaed fusslin through the toun.

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Daith's Frien


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