Document 142

Doon an Oot

Author(s): Sheena Blackhall

Copyright holder(s): Sheena Blackhall


A doon an oot. A wino.
Her face wis minkit.
Lord, she stank tae High Heaven
Tarts nails, beetroot reid
Braith, sickly sweet
Whit scaffie's bin
Forgot tae pit the tin
Lid on her?
I tell ye - I hid tae move ma seat.

The state o' yon,
Sittin, in an Art Gallery
Some fowk's nae sense o' decency

She's nae alane.
Van Gogh gaed doon the drain
Aabody liked him.. posthumously
Fame's a funny thing.
Me? White wis I there fur?
Tae see the picturs, naturally.

Hogarth wisna on view. A peety.
His 'Gin Lane's' maist affectin
An yon chiel Degas, hard tae beat,
Peintit an absinthe drinker
Sae real, ye'd nearly greet.
Whit happened tae the wino?
Yer nae in ony doot!
Realism's best ahin a glaiss,
Nae face tae face
They pit her oot.

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