Document 1402

The sound of hammers

Author(s): James Hiddo Moncrieff

Copyright holder(s): James Hiddo Moncrieff


The sound of hammers
Echo from a wooden hull
And the axe-like strokes
Of the shipwright's tool
Ring like a muted bell
Dancing a backstep
On the new-laid keel
Ahead of the swinging arc
And the follow through.

The sunlight glancing
Through the slatted wooden pier
Cuts the rippling shadow
On the sea beneath
As a cauldron filled with drift nets
Gently stews, and steams
The pungent smell
Of oak-bark in the air
And the smithy door is open - wide.

The window with its twisted frame
And drunken bricks of glass
Refracting light,
Distorting shape
In the haze from the forge inside.
And forearm bare and sinew taut
Beat the anvil drum
As the shower of sparks
From the grinding wheel
Dance along the ground.

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The sound of hammers


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