Document 1392

Vocabulary: outdoor sports

Author(s): Laureen Johnson

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(1) water-based

black calm; a flyin gell;
a tap flöd; plaise deesel;
a boddam ebb; hing aff;
cummled; dooking; baff;
wrang ert; he’s aisin; flanny;
a grain o swall; caa canny

(2) land-based

drooshy; blashy; shooers;
poor ootlook; twartree ooers;
slester; soomin; platsh;
guttery; elted; clatch;
nae simmer; windy sky;
closs; midgies; brunt; led by

(3) spectating

dreepin; drookled; weet;
gansey; cot; cowld feet;
on-lyin; winna alter;
stivvenin; lee side; shalter

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