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Conversation 41: Two Shetlanders on building houses and Up-Helly-Aa

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): Prof Christian J Kay, SCOTS Project

Audio transcription

F960 Du wis aksin aboot wir hoose in Shetland?
F961 Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
F960 De new een //at we're biggit.//
F961 //Yeah.// Is it whaar you bedd when you were a bairn?
F960 Mmhm, weel, it's joost ower de hill.
F961 Uh-huh
F960 Mi midder was de headteacher in //Sand//
F961 //Uh-huh//
F960 an so we bedd in de scöl-hoose.
F961 Oh right, //mmhm.//
F960 //But dis is// in ower at Innersand.
F961 Uh-huh
F960 And hit's richt next door ta de lass at I wis freendly wi in //primary scöl, an she really//
F961 //Mmhm mmhm//
F960 helped wis ta get de site //done. It-//
F961 //Yeah.//
F960 It's aafil fine.
F961 Yeah, is it is it herd ta git land oot dere //or do you hae ta//
F960 //Uh-huh//
F961 really ken de fok afore dey're willin ta sell it tae you, dat kind o thing.
F960 Weel it's hard to get land //anywhere in Shetland.//
F961 //Mmhm//
F960 Erm, yondroo we did hae a bit o budder wi plannin permission //but erm we eventually got it; it held wis up for aboot a year, I tink.//
F961 //Mmhm mmhm.// Oh.
F960 And er, we got it. It was erm, [exhale] joost things tak a lock o time an erm we startit biggin I suppose last //September.//
F961 //Uh-huh uh-huh// [CENSORED: deleted passage] //[CENSORED: deleted passage]//
F960 //[CENSORED: deleted passage]// [CENSORED: deleted passage] //[CENSORED: deleted passage]//
F961 //[CENSORED: deleted passage]//
F960 [CENSORED: deleted passage] [CENSORED: deleted passage] [CENSORED: deleted passage] //[CENSORED: deleted passage]//
F961 //[CENSORED: deleted passage]// //[CENSORED: deleted passage].//
F960 //[CENSORED: deleted passage]// [CENSORED: deleted passage]. Dey wir been owld chalets //on de site afore we//
F961 //Uh-huh uh-huh//
F960 göd dere, so //er.//
F961 //Oh I ken whaar dat is.// //Yeah, I mind, I mind whar dat chalets wis, dey wir//
F960 //Oh!// //Yeah, dat, tree o dem dat's right, dey wir.//
F961 //tree o dem up up up fae de beach.// //Yeah. Uh-huh, I mind me//
F960 //Dey're gone noo, so//
F961 sister and her bairns bein oot dere for a week ee simmer, //and dey took een o dat chalets, yeah.//
F960 //Is dat so? Uh-huh.//
F961 Dey hed a very fine week. Of coorse it's such a lovely place wi de beach, //and dat, it's lovely, yeah.//
F960 //Oh hit's absolutely super, an// you look right doon tae de sooth ta //Fair Isle an.//
F961 //Uh-huh, yeah.//
F960 Yeah, hit- hit's boany, an we try ta go oot ta Fora Ness, at least wance every time we're up, and, yeah, it's it's good dere. I laek it.
F961 Yeah.
F960 And de hoose is fine too. George [CENSORED: surname] fae erm, weel he's really fae de Wastside //originally,//
F961 //Uh-huh//
F960 and erm hit's a Norwegian hoose at he biggit for wis //an er//
F961 //Een o yon kits?// //A a widden kit?//
F960 //Yeah, mmhm.// //Yeah.//
F961 //Is it// widden clad as weel or is it //blocks, uh-huh?//
F960 //Yes, na na, it's widden.//
F961 Uh-huh.
F960 And erm lot o insulation so it's gyain tae be fine an //warm, aye.//
F961 //Yeah, be aaright in de wintertime.// //Cause i- it'll be standin empty a lot o de time, durin de winter.//
F960 //Yeah, hit's er.// //Weel we worried aboot it but Patricia next door of coorse gengs//
F961 //Uh-huh.// //Uh-huh.//
F960 //in// erm, an if der's been wind or rain or onything, she gengs in and checks de windows an //she can pit up//
F961 //Yeah.//
F960 de heatin, cause we're left a bit o heatin //on. Yeah, uh-huh. Yeah, yeah.//
F961 //Yeah, you hae ta lave heatin on idderwise it'll juist run wi damp, onything in Shetlan goes dat wye if you laeve it empty in de wintertime, dat's true, even in de simmertime.//
F960 Yeah, hit's true. Dat's why we didna buy an owld //hoose actually, cause we thowt hit wid be difficult to keep de damp oot o.//
F961 //Uh-huh, yeah.// //An owld hooses//
F960 //Mm//
F961 of coorse wer meant ta be fired aa de time, //dey get dat wye, expectin somebody to be in, [laugh]//
F960 //Yeah, mmhm, mmhm, dat's right.// //Yeah.//
F961 //[laugh] makin maet on a fire// //all de-. Every twartree hoors, yeah. Dat's de wye dey wir.//
F960 //[laugh] Yeah.// //I suppose de//
F961 //So, mm.//
F960 only problem wir really hed is been wi de bit o land. I mean we hae a big bit o land but hit's really juist a bit o de hill. //An//
F961 //[laugh]//
F960 we're kinda on a a flat bit in de middle o it. //An den//
F961 //Uh-huh.//
F960 doon in front o wis we wir wantin ta pit up a fence because de sheep wid come in an //lie aboot de doors//
F961 //Mmhm.//
F960 kwen we wirna dere. And de bit o land juist right doon at de boddam was juist an eartbile. //An//
F961 //Mmhm.// //Mmhm.//
F960 //hit needed ta be drained an// an dere wis an aafil kerry-on but we got de fence up eventually, //so,//
F961 //Yeah, uh-huh.// An you'll no hae de sheep comin in ower him? //Weel dey can win in, dey can go in tae nearly//
F960 //Oh, never towt aboot dat. [laugh]// //Yeah, I suppose dey could, right enoff.//
F961 //onything, sheep, if dey pit der mind tae it. [inaudible] Yeah.// //If dey//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 dey hiv something at dey tink dey want ta go efter.
F960 Uh-huh.
F961 But er //mmhm mmhm.//
F960 //No, weel as far as I ken, dey're no been in.// //[laugh]//
F961 //[laugh] You'll ken when you win back, dat's for sure.// //Yeah, so hoo big is your hoose?//
F960 //[laugh]// De hoose hes tree bedroom,
F961 Uh-huh.
F960 an erm hit's hit's really a fine size. Wan o de rooms is braalie //peerie, bit//
F961 //Mmhm.//
F960 erm wir no usin //de whole thing.//
F961 //No.//
F960 So hit's hit's good.
F961 An is your, is your faemily laekely ta go up ony time? //Yeah, [inaudible] mmhm.//
F960 //Yeah, John is been up already an// he towt it wis fine. He's very keen on de fishin so //[laugh] dat wis fine.//
F961 //Oh, oh yeah, I suppose.// //Uh-huh.//
F960 //An// er Robert is no been yet but he'll, he'll come //dis next simmer I//
F961 //Mmhm mmhm.//
F960 imagine. //Mmhm.//
F961 //So is your intention ta go for a while in de simmer, or//
F960 Yeah, mmhm, twartree mont.
F961 Uh-huh.
F960 Erm an next simmer we'll hae ta try an pit in some, something at'll grow, I don't know whit //dat'll be but.//
F961 //Oh I don't know. Trying to grow onything in// Shetland is a bit of a hertbrak. //Uh-huh.//
F960 //Yeah, it is.//
F961 I don't know hoo much money I'm spent on wir-. We juist really hae a peerie paved bit oot afore wir hoose, but I keep p- pittin in plants and dey keep deein! //[laugh] I'm lucky if dey, yeah, lucky if//
F960 //[laugh] Dat's in Lerwick, isn't it? Yeah.//
F961 dey grow at all. And noo of course when wir been away for sae lang, it juist gets completely owergrown wi weeds and every time I geng haem, I poo oot a lok of dem an next time I come hom dey're joost as //bad as ever dey were.//
F960 //Yeah, uh-huh.//
F961 It's juist //[?]a mess[/?].//
F960 //Is du tried yon [CENSORED: brandname] at everybody// //says is wirt pittin doon but it's no very good.//
F961 //Well, it does it// but den it kills onything dat you might //want ta keep in among it. Yeah.//
F960 //Oh, at grows! [laugh]// Yeah.
F961 So it's er //it's//
F960 //Mm.//
F961 De trouble wi me as a gairdener is I hae nae patience, I I juist want it ta be done //noo and I have no//
F960 //Yes, I ken.//
F961 eye for kennin what it's going to look laek in twartree years' //time, or anything.//
F960 //No.//
F961 Dat's what you really need, is dat //kind of vision//
F960 //Mm,// //yeah.//
F961 //I tink, ta// be able ta pit things in and ken whit, how it's goin ta grow and what it's going ta, how it's aa goin ta look //tagedder, I//
F960 //Yeah.// //Mmhm.//
F961 //juist pit things in and hoop for de best.// //And de best//
F960 //Yeah. [laugh]// //[inaudible] [laugh] Yeah.//
F961 //very rarely grows [laugh] wi my// my my gairdenin //an so.//
F960 //Mm.//
F961 No, wir hoose in Lerick wis a a hoose at we biggit, erm
F960 Oh.
F961 We're been in him aboot I suppose aboot fifteen year noo. //It- it's in Park Lane.//
F960 //Whaaraboots in Lerwick is dat?// //Oh yes, I ken.//
F961 //Just doon fae de Chinese restaurant.// //Next ta John [CENSORED: surname]//
F960 //Yeah.// //Oh yes.//
F961 //we bide.// //Er, and we used ta,//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 we first bedd doon in de boddam o Park Lane, //er//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 in a owld hoose, and it really wis quite an owld hoose because de first deeds wis seeventeen-eighty but de hoose was been biggit afore dat.
F960 Oh right.
F961 An it was caad "Gregor or MacGregor's hoose in de nort part of Lerwick".
F960 Oh.
F961 So it was, dat was nort pairt o Lerick which is juist aboot a hundred yards, [laugh] //it's no even//
F960 //Yeah. [laugh]// //A hun-, no, de market cross.//
F961 //a hunder yards past de market cross.// Er, so an it was owld erm stood gable-on ta de ta de street, but up a, kinda up a stair fae //de street.//
F960 //Oh I ken kwaar dat is.// //Yeah, fine hoose.//
F961 //And very//
F960 Mmhm.
F961 very tick waas. //We actually//
F960 //Yeah.//
F961 took doon wan o de gables cause dey were a- dey towt dey were a crack in him, //and dan when we took//
F960 //Aye.//
F961 it doon it wisnae a crack it was juist wan enormous great big ston in him. //We needit never//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 ta tak it doon at aall.
F960 Aw.
F961 But what it did by takin dat doon and biggin up a double block, weel a block and a a widden er inside
F960 Uh-huh.
F961 wis, it gae wis aboot tree feet extra. //[laugh] in de in de hoose because, cause dat was gone.//
F960 //Yeah, well dat was good. Uh-huh, [laugh].//
F961 But it wis aafil biggit in doon there, very sheltered //but nae ootlook or onything whereas noo we//
F960 //Uh-huh. No.//
F961 hae a very good view right oot ower de harbour, //which is de best//
F960 //Yeah, dat'll be super.//
F961 bit o wir hoose //cause it's//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 it's kinda odd shape and dat cause o de wye hit's biggit in //[inaudible]//
F960 //Yeah.//
F961 right in de middle //o de toon, yeah.//
F960 //Of de toon, yeah.// It's a winder you got plannin permission for dat.
F961 Yeah, well in dat days, it wisna too difficult.
F960 No. //Mmhm.//
F961 //And it wis// pairt o, hit actually wis pairt o de Sandsoond estate aa yon //[?]owld[/?] hooses around yonder.//
F960 //Was it? Uh-huh.//
F961 Er, a whole block o dem, erm, Ian [CENSORED: surname], //you might mind, he//
F960 //Yes, I kennt him.//
F961 built dem aa fae de Sandsoond estate. //And dan he//
F960 //Oh.//
F961 sellt dem aa, he did up some o dem, and sellt dem, and he sellt aff idder eens for idder fock ta do up. //And dis was juist//
F960 //I see.//
F961 a peerie bit o grund //at dere wis naethin on//
F960 //Uh-huh.// //Uh-huh.//
F961 //an an we// got dat //an an//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 managed ta get permission ta pit de hoose up in it. //Bit//
F960 //Mmhm.//
F961 bit hit is very closs ta idder hooses but dan dat's de wye de toon is, so //so it it is//
F960 //Yeah.//
F961 fits in wi de de whit's aroond aboot it, //so dat's why we got//
F960 //Yes, uh-huh, yeah.//
F961 plannin permission
F960 Yeah.
F961 an hit fits in //withoot too much budder, uh-huh.//
F960 //Yeah, I tink I tink I ken kwaar dat is.//
F961 It was a deevil ta bigg in though because it wis so hard to get onything in an oot. //Everything had to come in//
F960 //It most have been.//
F961 wi a borrow; dey were, you couldna get ony //machinery in idder as//
F960 //Of course.//
F961 a tiny peerie digger, //dat's de only thing you could get in, so.//
F960 //Yes, uh-huh.//
F961 Hit wis a lot mair wark dan biggin a hoose //in Sandsoond, [laugh] or Sand or or wherever! Yeah.//
F960 //Yes. [laugh] Yeah, hit wid a been.// //Uh-huh.//
F961 //Uh-huh.//
F960 Although, I mean, dere are problems dere //too, when dey//
F961 //Yeah.//
F960 delled in ta s- get dis //foond for de hoose,//
F961 //Uh-huh.//
F960 dey discovered hit wis juist a a rattle o blue clay //as de man//
F961 //Uh-huh.// //Uh-huh. Mmhm.//
F960 //said, and hit wis really hard stuff ta dell oot,//
F961 Uh-huh.
F960 erm, so dey hed plenty o diggers, but de diggers got stuck
F961 Aw. //Oh right, yeah.//
F960 //with de liftin o dis stuff an it's aafil heavy.//
F961 Yes.
F960 But dey got it aa oot //eventually.//
F961 //Yeah.// Well wi- wir hoose is no really as low as he should be because we juist cam on de rock, //an//
F960 //Ah yeah.//
F961 dey knocked away as much as dey could, but dey couldna really //get [inaudible] de lot oot. So dey ended up//
F960 //No, well withoot er machinery.//
F961 yeah, ended up bein a piece higher dan //hit really wis meant to be.//
F960 //Uh-huh.// Dat's probably quite good.
F961 It's aaright, yeah, it's better fae wir point //o view! [laugh] But,//
F960 //Yeah. [laugh]//
F961 er //w-w-//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 we we kinda windered at dat time whedder der wid be a problem wi de plannin but dey //werena buddered.//
F960 //Uh-huh uh-huh.//
F961 In dat days dey were tryin ta get as much building done really //cause dey were dat mony//
F960 //Yeah.//
F961 fock lookin for hooses and so //on.//
F960 //Yeah, der wid a been.// //Yeah.//
F961 //Yeah, so.// //Erm,//
F960 //So foo aften does du go hom, noo?//
F961 no as aften as I wid lik. Aboot tree or fower times a year. Oh, I dunna really ken noo whit my routine //is going ta be, but when I//
F960 //No, I ken, uh-huh.//
F961 when I wis wirkin away I wid go mebbe fower or five times a year, //Christmas, Up-Helly-Aa,//
F960 //Yeah, uh-huh.// //Yes.//
F961 //and dan// twartree times throo de rest o de year, //so I was hom in September.//
F960 //Yeah.// //Uh-huh.//
F961 //I was hom in// July,
F960 Uh-huh.
F961 I was hom, I canna mind when I was hom in de Spring.
F960 Yeah.
F961 But er //so I'll go, no.//
F960 //I'm no been ta Up-Helly-Aa for years, I'm// //goin ta go wan year, but [laugh]//
F961 //[laugh]// //Well I I've only ever missed//
F960 //[?]likely no[/?].// //Is dat so? Uh-huh//
F961 //wan, and it was when I was at University, yeah.// I I'm really no sae buddered aboot it noo, but I I hev a share in a hall so I hae ta kinda //hae ta go or gie it up, so//
F960 //Oh does du? Uh-huh.//
F961 and I dunna really want ta gie it up yet, //so, we'll see.//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 And mi midder only gae her een up last year. //She was seeven- seeventy-five. Hit's de//
F960 //Uh-huh, which, which hall is dat?//
F961 hit's de ferry terminal, //Holmsgarth, er which is kind of a//
F960 //Oh uh-huh, mmhm.//
F961 funny kind of a place ta hev a hall, //but//
F960 //Yeah.// //Uh-huh.//
F961 //but hit's// hit actually wirks oot very weel for Up-Helly-Aa, big space an
F960 Yeah.
F961 but we but we hae ta get stuff fae aa ower, laek you hae ta get furniture, I mean dey're nae furniture dere. //You hae ta borrow//
F960 //Dey're naethin dere.//
F961 tables fae here and chairs //fae dere an//
F960 //[laugh]//
F961 cookers and aa dat kind o stuff, you ken, dere dere's naethin in de //place dat dat laek a laek a//
F960 //No, [inaudible].// //Uh-huh.//
F961 //hotel or a or a// //public hall or somethin dat hes aa dat kind o stuff.//
F960 //Mmhm, uh-huh.// //But hit's fine an//
F961 //So,//
F960 in de middle o de toon //really, I mean mmhm, yeah.//
F961 //Weel it-it-it- hit's very good for// gettin ony vehicles tae; dere nae budder wi dat //kind o stuff an car//
F960 //No, dat's right.//
F961 parkin an er and hit's a very good hall. //Hit seems to work very weel.//
F960 //Uh-huh uh-huh yeah.// Weel I tink I wis last at Up-H- Up-Helly-Aa kwen I wis seeventeen,
F961 Oh my lord. //It'll be quite different. [laugh]//
F960 //so hit's a lang. It will be, I'm sure! [laugh]//
F961 [inaudible] //But//
F960 //Yeah.//
F961 Hit seems to kerry on. Dis year dey've relaxed de rules, so at you can geng oot if you're biddin five year in Shetland, not juist five year in Lerwick, //which//
F960 //Oh.//
F961 is been noo for de last oh twenty odd //year I suppose. Dey//
F960 //Yeah, uh-huh.//
F961 kinda pat de restrictions on it when de oil //boom wiz.//
F960 //Yeah, uh-huh, yeah dat's right.//
F961 Cause dey were dat mony fock at cam //in//
F960 //Wantin// //mm.//
F961 //wantin to go oot// an hit really widdna a wrought. You really need ta ken fock. //Der no much point goin oot if you//
F960 //You do, yeah, uh-huh, yeah.// //No, I ken, if you dunna ken onybody, mm.//
F961 //dunna ken onybody when you when you get dere.//
F960 Dat's right. //An of coorse dere's dat mony//
F961 //So it's juist//
F960 erm Up-Helly-Aas oot throo de //country noo! [laugh]//
F961 //Oh yes, [laugh]// Yeah, I'm never been at a country wan. //[inaudible]//
F960 //No, nedder am I. I mean I'm heard a lot aboot de Scalloway een, but// //I'm I'm never been to it.//
F961 //Mmhm, no.//
F960 And de Bressay een aye seems to be in de paper,
F961 It's er hit's de last ane I tink usually, Bressay, o dem aa. //Er//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 i- it's away inta March //afore dey//
F960 //Yeah, hit's a funny funny// notion, I [inhale] didna really approve o it when it first cam on //de go.//
F961 //Whit whit idder// //places haein [inaudible] uh-huh//
F960 //Idder places idder than Lerick, it doesna really seem laek//
F961 uh-huh.
F960 weel, right //Up-Helly-Aa, I mean.//
F961 //Yeah, weel maybe no// but de Brae wan is a is a big //do, dat's de next biggest ane an//
F960 //Uh-huh, yeah.//
F961 but er I tink it's usually good for for de locals //I mean dat it's juist, if if you're no fae de area I tink you'll maybe hae an aaricht time, but you dunna really understand aa at's//
F960 //Och, I'm sure it will be. Yeah.//
F961 goin on and aa de allusions to local //events and fock and dat kind o thing.//
F960 //No, dat's right, yeah.// //De thing on de Market Cross, what is it dey caa dat? The Bill, that's right.//
F961 //Yeah, uh-huh, de Bill, mmhm.// //Yeah, yeah.//
F960 //Yeah, dat used ta be funny cause you kennt aa de fock at dey were spaekin aboot.//
F961 Well you usually ken dis time o year, you can start wirkin oot what's laekely ta be on, onybody does onything stupid in de next //[laugh] while, dey're bound to bound to get on dere, so.//
F960 //[laugh] Yeah, on de Bill, uh-huh.// //Yeah.//
F961 //Yeah,// hit's quite an honour really to get your misanters pitten on de Bill, //I wid say. [laugh]//
F960 //Yeah, I tink so, I tink fock are// //plaesed aboot it. [laugh].//
F961 //[laugh] Somebody's noticed, but er//
F960 Mm.
F961 sometimes de sarcasm can be //somewhat cuttin, but er//
F960 //Oh yeah, uh-huh.// Hwa writes it aa?
F961 Weel dere- dere's whit's caad de Bill Committee.
F960 Uh-huh.
F961 And eh I tink they kind of tink aboot it for a while afore, but hit's only actually done de night afore so if dere's onything really //very up ta de meenit, dey get it.//
F960 //Juist [inaudible] at de last minute.// //Uh-huh uh-huh.//
F961 //Dey get it an dey laekly hae a lot o// material dat dey dey dan wale among it //an see what dey're goin//
F960 //Yes.//
F961 ta pit in an what dey're no. Er, I ken Charlie [CENSORED: surname] has quite a bit tae //dae wi it noo.//
F960 //Oh yes.// //Uh-huh.//
F961 //Various// //just various fock.//
F960 //Uh-huh.// //Yeah. Is he de man at wrote dat//
F961 //[inaudible]// //Mmhm, yeah. "In de Galley", uh-huh, mmhm, mmhm.//
F960 //cookery book, about de Galley, or "In the Galley", or something? Dat's right, yeah.// //Yeah.//
F961 //And he's// er but he was a a Jarl eetime so hit's various ex-Jarls an //juist fock laek dat.//
F960 //Yeah, uh-huh, right.//
F961 And dan somebody pents de billhead
F960 Uh-huh.
F961 wi a erm some kind of scene fae de life o de person dat de Jarl is meant //tae be or something laek dat.//
F960 //Yeah, dat's right.//
F961 Last year dey had [tut] juist a kind o cartoon version,
F960 Uh-huh.
F961 and dat, for de first time, and dat wis really good, hit wis very weel done, I tink it most've been Smirk at did it. //Uh-huh.//
F960 //Yeah, Smirk is// //very good at da, uh-huh, mm, mmhm.//
F961 //an it was uh-huh, it was juist kind o different, and so on, different// fock has different ideas //aboot what dey're//
F960 //Mmhm.//
F961 what it's goin ta look laek; sometimes it's very traditional and er idder times //it's//
F960 //Yeah.//
F961 it's no.
F960 Dey most spend an absolute fortune on der costumes, de Jarl's squad //particularly.//
F961 //Oh yeah.// In, inta de thousands, dey //are, yeah, yeah dey//
F960 //Is dat so? Yeah.// //Yeah.//
F961 //cost a lot o money.// //Erm.//
F960 //Yeah, cause a// cousin o mine was in de Jarl's squad, oh, some years //ago, I wis juist//
F961 //Mmhm.// //Uh-huh.//
F960 //astonished,// how it all hed to be juist //perfect, uh-huh.//
F961 //Oh absolutely, everything is// I mean aa yon chainmail and dat //dere's aa, dey//
F960 //Yeah.//
F961 mak it aa, cut it aa out and //[inaudible]//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 pit it aa tageddir, dey're a huge amount o wark in it, //but a huge//
F960 //Yeah.// //Uh-huh.//
F961 //amount o cost.//
F960 Yeah.
F961 So I ken, mi bridder wis a couple o years ago, and dey had er, dey got skins fae Norway. An dey thowt dat was going ta cost dem an absolute fortune, er reindeer //skins it was//
F960 //Uh-huh.//
F961 er for der backs //an, but dis//
F960 //Mmhm, [sniff].//
F961 Norwegian man sent dem ower ta dem and didna tak //onything for dem. Yeah.//
F960 //For nothing?// //Well dat wis good, wisn't it? Yeah.//
F961 //It really wis, cause er// er maybe he didna hae ta pey sae much for dem in Norway, but dan //if dey wid o hed//
F960 //No.//
F961 tae buy dem, dey wid a been a lot //yeah, so, yeah.//
F960 //Oh dey wid a been a lot o money, I'm sure, yes, uh-huh. Oh dat was splendid. [inhale]//
F961 Dat cut it doon a bit but still dey- I tink dey were somethin laek twelve hundred pound for de //uh-huh.//
F960 //For de ootfit? Yeah?// //Yeah, I doot dat.//
F961 //It's, so it's// //it's a lot o money, hi- him an his boy baith, so.//
F960 //Mmhm, mmhm, yeah.// //Yeah, I suppose fock//
F961 //Yeah.// //[laugh] Start savin up.//
F960 //wance dey ken dey're gyain ta be in de Jarl's squad, dey start saving up for it. [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F961 //Weel de Jarl himsel, dey tend to tak oot insurance.// Cause dey dey'll, erm dey ken for fifteen year, so dey dey juist hae something at //dey pay inta at//
F960 //Yeah.// //An dat covers it kwen de time comes, yeah, ah dat's a good idea, yeah I suppose, right enoff.//
F961 //dat comes oot, it comes oot when de time comes, yeah, saving scheme, uh-huh.// //Aye, dun- dunna pey oot as weel as dey used tae, but//
F960 //[laugh]// No. //No, well.//
F961 //dat was de kind o thing dey used ta do.//
F960 I'll maybe win up //next year! [laugh] Yeah.//
F961 //[laugh] Yeah, well it's certainly wirt goin tae.//

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