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The Borth’ick Waitter

Author(s): Matt Rodger

Copyright holder(s): Matt Rodger


“The Borth’ick Waitter”
Roberton Pairish, Roxburghshire, Scottis Borders.

Ma naem is Matt. Rodger, son o the umwhile Mattha an Lizzie Rodger o Deanburnhaugh, Roberton Pairish, TD9 7PN; laist residenter Joiner i Borth’ick Waitter. It’s efter ae gey wheen yeir o aff-pittin i pittin pen til paper, is the say gans; the fallaen skreivens ir ae cursory accoont o hou things wur, espaiciallie it the tap end o Borth’ick Waitter; frae ma howdien it Deanburnhaugh i Februar, 1929, til A gaed til New Zealand, i August, 1950. Sin syne, A’ve anerlie bade i the waittergate fur, i total, aboot echteen months or sae. Sax month whan hame on holiday frae Australasia i 1954 an the feck o ae towmond i 1960/61, efter A retoured frae Sud Afrika: afore A gaed aff til Glesca, i September, 1961, tae stert ma professional training, tae becum ae Social Worker.

A mak nae apology fur furthsettin this document in oor nain Scots Tung, kis efter-in-aa, isna ane’s hamelt langage thair buist, ken-merk, staump-airn an hallmerk o thair ain ethnicitie n’? Is ae maitter o fack, A wuid leifer speak ma hamelt langage than ochts ense, kis eet’s i ma bluid/genes tae dae sae; an onie ither leid soonds fremmit i ma lug. It’s ma ettle throch this airticle, tae spell the names o baith fock an places, is naur is A kan tae hou ma paurents, an ithers afore thum, wur wont tae pronoonce thum; an tae yaise oor Border Lallans pronoonciation o the pronouns an saiveral ither wurds is weil.

Ay, chynge ae focks tung an ee chynge thair thinkin an thair kulter tae buit: an oo’ve hed eneuch o at n’ i Scotland, owre the laist threi til fowre hunner yeir, div ee na think n’? Nae doot, the dootsum micht leuch; bot masel, A daur tae weird; at the tyme micht naw bei sae fer aff n’, whan, juidgin bi the fouth o ‘Scotts Tung’ Wab Steids, at keep bein addit til on the Internet; it ‘ull bei the duin thing tae speak i Scots, rather nor i common standart English: an it ‘ull bei auldfarran an oot o stap no tae dae sae. Applicants fur tap jobs i Scotland; cuid weil hev tae hae guid academic qualifications i the Scots Langage, tae qualifee fur sic employment. Oor leevin in o ae maist onsiccar tyme, i the histor o the woarld, an republicanism cuid juist bei roond the nixt corner, fur aa on huz, n’.

Tae ma wey o thinking, gin the U.K. hed been foondit on ae federal seestem, the feck o the praisent day poleetical cark an canglin cuid hev been evitit. Thar wuid hev been saipret domestic pairliaments i the fower saipret kintras: ”Scots” wud hev naitralie cairriet on, is oor ain State Leid, an the langage o the fek o the population. Thar wuid hev been nae linguistic discriminatory legislation, sic is the 1872 Scottis Eddication Ack, an A weird thit Scotland wuid hev, lang-sin-syne becum, ae bilingual societie i.e. Scots/Eng an Gaelic/Eng: wi fock swutchin frae the tae tung til the tither, is circumstances demandit, completely frei frae onie Scot’s Creinge embarrassment, sic is the haunt o ae gey wheen o the population o Scotland, the day; i the yeir (2005).

A’m skreivin, fecklie frae maimorie, An A fin masel thinking i parteeklar on place naems an the fock at A kent up yonder; whan A wur growin up. Fur the etymology o the sindry place names an backins (addresses at ir nae mair nouadays than ae rickle o stanes) up Borth’ick, sei the skreivens i the Hawick Archaelogical Society Transactions 1955, bi the umwhile R.E.Scott, Enteetled, “Borth’ick Waitter.” Thar’s ae fouth o ither literature aboot, anenst Roberton Pairish, at fock kan mak reference tae, fur ae mair i-deepth study o the socio-economics o the waitter gate doon throwe the generations.

The fallaen Leet, is ae wheen o thaim documents thit A hae i mynd:
(A). “Borth’ick Waitter” (Twae centuries o life i Roberton Pairish), bi Kathleen Stewart, (1991)
(B) “The Makkin o ae Pairish” bi Geo. O. Wud (Wood). Hawick Archaeological Society Transactions 1991.
(C) The Borth’ick Waitter 2000 Millennium Beuk.
(D) “Borth’ick Waitter”, bi the umwhile R.E.Scott, Hawick Archaelogical Society Transactions 1955.

Baith the fallean airticles bi George Scott, ir furthset i (A) pages 160 / 175.
Hawick Archaeological Society Transactions 1909. “Reminiscences o Borth’ick Waitter Saxtie ‘ear Sin.” By George Scott.
Hawick Archaeological Society Transactions 1910. “Ae Scottis Sabbath Seventie ‘ear Sin.” By George Scott.
George Scott wis aither ae son or ae brither til the local Joiner, Wull Scott, whaes faither wis aye kent (accordin til ma muther) is auld Geordie Scott, an the than Joiner’s workshop wis on Hoscote grund, is ee gaed up the toun o Deanburnhaugh, on yer ker haund anenst the yett it the fit o the Hoscote Peth, yonner.

Thar’s aboot 190 pages i Kathleen Stewart’s beuk anenst historical facks an ae wheen maist informative airticles bi fock, whae kent the waittergate an its fock weel, frae the mid 1800’s throwe til 1991. A hae an airticle in eet masel, whilk is mair o ae sociological account o life i the Pairish whan A wis ae laddie, than is ma ettle i this ane.

Thar’s anither source o information wurdie o listenin til, an at’s ae cassette recordin o ae crack atween Ian W Landles, History teacher it Hawick Hie Schuil, an Yid Nichol, i Yid’s hoose it Deanburnhaugh, Roberton, i 1992, anenst historical events an siclik up Borth’ick Waitter.

Ay, Yid’s still tae the fore up it the Haugh yonner, an A’m juist gey shuire at hei wud bei maist approachable, gin onie bodie wis tae speir him the day, anenst the history o Borth’ick Waitter. Ay, yince Yid gits his pipe kinnilt, thar’s nocht at hei likes better, than ae guid auld fashont crack n’. Ian Landels is ae weel kent public speaker anenst local history an Border kulter, an hei isna blate tae express himsel i his ain hamlet Border Lallans Tung, aither.

Howpasley Ferm. Geographically this ferm raxit frae the tap o the Ringin-stell Brae (whilk merkit the mairch atweesh Eilrig ferm an Howpasley ferm; is ane traivelt up the publik hiewey, twartis the heid o the waitter-gate.) tae the mairch atween Roxburghshire an Dunfrieshire: ae fell skelp o grund n’. Thar wur saivrel ootbye herd’s houses on the ferm, twae it laest, it the Auld Toun an than Howpasley Hope; baith o thum lig up the burn frae the ferm toun itsel; an owre it the heid o Borth’ick Waitter (kent locally is the Back Waitter) is ae herds biggin cad Howpasley Combe, whilk is mair nor lyklie nou; ae rickle o stanes. A’m gaen tae forstand at the naem Comb; is mair nor liklie ane Auld Welsh naem; ae left owre naem frae the tyme whan Auld Welsh wis the langage o the Scottis Borders.

Ma faither yaised tae tell ae story aboot the Howpasley fermer, whae wis yonner i the Napolionic Wars. Appearinlie ae French invasion wis expeckit an ae day, sumane telt the fermer thit the French hed landit an the fermer reponed wi the quaisteen, “Wull A hev tae tak ma swuird wi mei?” Frae at repone ane maun jalousie thit he maun hae keepit ae swuird handie.

Ae Mr Hedley, whae hailed frae the Newcastle airt; wis the fermer whan A masel, wis born. Athough hei wis tee-tottal himsel, his familie hed adae wi ae Newcastle-upo-Tyne, Brewery Business. Hei hed ae Rolls-Royce car an gin A mynd richt, it’s Nummer Plate wis KS.1. ie. Roxburghshire No. Yin. A’ve herd eet sayed thit hei wud perk his Rolls i the Touer Hotel car perk I Hawick, bot isteid o hevin ae meltith i the hotel dinin room, naw, hei wuid eat his piece i his car, tae hain his expenses. Hei wis ae man wi ae hertie appetite an hei wis yince heard tae say, “Ae goose is raither mukkil fur yin tae eat bot no eneuch fur twae fock.” His son, George, whae A mynd on weel, wis the fermer o Nether Horsburgh, Innerleithin. Ay, George hed ae hert attack ae day whan drivin his car anenst the river Tweed, him an his car endit up i the waitter, an sadlie hei wis droont.

Thar wur twae ferm cottages anenst the on-steid yonner an baith wur occupied bi the Tamson faimlie. The Tamson’s wur it Howpasley fur kens hou lang? Auld Wattie Tamson, whae wis deed afore ma day, wis the ferm hind an twae o his sons wrocht the non-herdin pairt o the ferm wurk: plooin, seiin til the kie an wunnin hey an sic lik. Auld Wattie wis ae tallentit fiddler an whan ma muther wis young; Wattie played fur the Deanburnhaugh Boolin Club Dances an sic lik. Tom Scott o Mulsintoun hes ae wheen intrestin things tae say aboot Auld Wattie Tamson an ithers (sei A, pages 147 / 153). Yid Tamson, ain o Wattie’s grandsons, serred his tyme fur ae joiner it the Haugh, wi ma faither an ma maternal grandfaither. Descendents o Wattie ir nou fermin Howcleuch Ferm, anenst Roberton Schuil. Chrissie Tamson did the ootbye Post job fur ae wheen ‘ear. Auld Watt’s son, Mark Tamson, bade i the middle hoose it the Haugh yonner fur ae wheen ‘ear, it the stert o the 1939/1945 War; whan hei wis in charge o the steam engine at pouered, the temporary saw-mill, at wis seetiatit, i whit wei ca’d, the Hoscote Ludge Wud. Ay, the Wud Mairchent whae hed the contrack fur the fellin o the wud on the Hoscote Estate wis ae Mr. Bain. A’ve juist brocht tae mynd, thit Bob Tamson, anither o Auld Watt Tamson’s sons, bade wi his wife Kate,(whae kam oot o Es’dalemuir) i Hoscote Ludge yonner it the fit o Deanburnhaugh, roond aboot the samen tyme is Mark, his brother, bade i the middle hoose. A’ve niver forleit hou Kate Tamson yaised tae refer tae J.D.Williams Mail Order Catalogue is, Jai Dai Williams catalogue

Ma ferthest back maimorie anenst Howpasley Hope is, at Allie Murray (auldest son o Wullie Murray o the Braidlie, Roberton) an his marrow (spouse), Kate Burnet o Beldhill, up Rankle Burn, wur it Howpasley Hope. A think A’m richt i sayin at thay flitted tae Mulsintoun ootbye herds hoose, Whaupshaw, frae the Hope. The Glendinning faimlie wur i the twae houses it the Auld Toun: A’ve vivid maimories o the auld John Glendinning an his marrow. The youngest son, Johonnie Glendinning, wurkit yin o the horses i Hoscote wud, i the airlie 1940’s, draggin the felled treis oot o the wud; tae bei laidit on the wud wagon tae bei taen intil the sawmill i the Hoscote Ludge wud, it the Haugh. Nou afore A leave the Auld Toun, A dinna ken hou monnie fock ‘ull ken this, bot thar’s ane auncient auld cairt road, frae Howpasley, via the Auld Toun, owre tae Ti’iot Heid (Teviot). A wur telt, monnie ae yeir sin, at afore the praisent road up Borth’ick wis gaen ae sicker an savendle foond; the Waitter Heid fock an thair ferm cairts, yaised tae gang doon the valley wi thair empie cairts, bot fur thair retour hame; tae evite gittin boggit doon wi thair cairts laidit wi thair messages, vittals an siclik, thay gaed up the Ti’iot tae Ti’iot Heid an owre the hill tae Borth’ick Waiter Heid, via the Auld Toun.

Craik Ferm. This ferm ligs juist doon the waitter frae Howpasley. Thar wis threi herd’s hooses on this ferm, Meadshaw, Craik Faulds, whilk hes been ae rickle o stanes fur, ay, mebbies 50 yeir nou an Craik Sheil, wheech nou A’m telt, is anither rickle o stanes. Ay, Craik Sheil wis the Craik ferm ootbye herdin, whilk stuid i the waitter shed o Rankleburn; anenst the , Buccleuch Ferm’s threi ootbye herdins, Ropelawsheil, Beldhill an Henwudie: tae git til aa fowre, ane hed tae walk up an authort, the Craik Burn. The fermer, whan A wis born, wis ae Mr. Moffat; whae hed twae sons, Wullie an Jimmy, whae wur eddicatit it ae boardin schuil. Is laddies, hame fur thair holidays frae thair schuil, thair faither hed thum kivver the heids o the yett an fencin posts; wi the tin lids, o empie sheep dip pails, tae keep the weet oot.

Anenst the on-steid wis a smaa bungalow, kent is the Coachman’s Hoose whar Tammy Wulson an his faimlie bade. Tammy wis the gairdner/chauffeur/ferm stewart. Mr an Mrs Wulson hed ae callant ca’d Bertie, gif ma mynd sers mei richt; Bertie’s ferst job wis i the gairden it Chisholm Hous, ferther doon the waittergate yonner. The laist tyme A saw Bertie, ay, mebbies 40 ‘ear syne; hei wis dreivin yin o the S.M.T’s. buses i Hawick. The hoose just ahint the on-steid, asyde the Craik burn, wis the Byreman’s hoose an the laist man an wife A reca bidin yonner, wis ae couple whae hed kum doon frae ae ferm job anenst Cape Wrath, richt i the tap Nor Wast corner o Scotland. A mynd on him telling uz aboot things up yonner. Nou than, the laist bodie thit A kent whae leeved it Craik Sheil wis ae Davie Riddle whae played the bagpipes wi mei; i the Hawick Boy’s Brigade Pipe Band. Hei marriet ae lass frae Lanarkshire or thar aboots, an Yid Nichol o The Haugh tells mei, at thay flittit throwe i that airt ae gey lang tyme syne nou. The hoose ahint the Craik wuid, wis whaur the hind’s faimlie bade. Ay, Geordie Foster wis the hind yonner fur a gey wheen ‘ear. His wife, Edith, wis the ootbye Post Wumen efter Chrissie Tamson o Howpasley, gaed the job up. Ay, the Post, whae kam up frae Hawick, fisht fur troot i the burn yonner; the tyme the ootbye Post gaed hir roond. Ay, Geordie wis ae keen dancer, an weel A mynd on ‘um dancing it the dances i the Forman Memorial Hall Roberton, frae 8.p.m. til 3.a.m. wiooten missin ae dance, an gey affen wi his tackitie buits on

Robbie Byres wis the laist Herd an occupant o Craik Faulds hoose; an A mynd on him an his faimlie flittin doon tae the Meadshaw herdin, whaur hei wur fur ae gey wheen yeir n’. A mynd yince whan Robbie hed tae bide the nicht wi uz it the Haugh; kis the Borth’ick Waitter wis i spate an the waitter frae the Borth’ick wis weel up the main street o the Haugh. It wur onpossibill fur him tae wun up the main road or git throwe til his ain hame it Meadshaw: i thay days, tae git owre the waitter tae Meadshaw; yin hed tae, is best is yin cuid, walk alang the waitter-yett, atweesh the tae waitter baunk an the tither.

Ae Geordie Byres (nae relative o Robbie Byres) wis herd it Meadshaw is fer back is A kan mynd, an hei wis kent fur his thrift, an aince whan his milk saiperator brak doon an cuidna bei mendit, hei sayed til sumbodie, “Ay, Mr. Saiperater’s ae gey yaisless craiter, hei wunnae ein burn i the fyre.” Geordie wis sayed tae bei guid it catchin moles; A foryet whae it wur, bot hei wis ance askit bi ae fermer tae hae ae go it trappin his mowdies. Appearinlie the fermer’s openin wurds tae Geordie wur, “A’m telt thit ee ir ae expert it settin mowdie traps.” Geordie askit the fermer tae tryst wi him it Meadshaw the neist morning (whilk hei greed tae dae) an thit hei cuid gan roond wi Geordie is hei checkit his mowdie traps. Howsumever, the storie gans thit Geordie, that nicht, put ae deed mole intil yin o his traps an kum the neist morning; whan him an the fermer checkit at trap, thar in eet wis Geordie’s deed mowdie. Whan Geordie himsel wis telling the tale aboot this mowdie, hei sayed thit hei hed been descrived is ane expert (ae big wurd) sae it hed been necessar fur him tae pruve til the fermer thit hei wis, ithoot doot, ane expert. Juist i the passin n’, A think at A shuid mint at thar wur ae Keb Hoose; aboot halflins atweesh Meadshaw hoose an Craik ferm toun, whilk wis kent is the Royal, anenst Dirthope Burn, wheech rins doun intil the Borth’ick waiter (sei D.). Yin o ma Scots dictionars mints at Royal can bei yaised, tae descrive ae state o drunkenness. ‘Royal blue’ is anither naem for whuskie.

Staundin, weel up the brae face, abuin the Borth’ick waitter, fornenst Craik ferm; anenst the Howpasley an Craik sindrins i the road-wey; stands ae biggish biggin, wheech wis the Howpasley Schuil an Schuil Hoose fur the teacher. That Schuil closed i the simmer o 1947, whan Mrs Dodds, the teacher an hir man, muved doon tae tak owre the rinnin o Roberton Schuil, frae that September, fallaen the retiral o Miss L.D.Cameron, whae hed muved, alang wi hir sister, Mrs. Paxton, intil yin o the Cement Cottages, pairt o the Borth’ickbrae Estate. A think it wur Mr Wat. Ferguson an his marrow, frae Ropelawsheil, whae wur the ferst tenants i the Howpasley Schuil Hoose, efter the schuil closed. Thair son Jockie Ferguson an his marrow, bade on is herd fur Buccleuch Estates i Ropelawsheil. Jockie, i his youth, wis notour fur his lue o Scottis Kintra Dancin, an Ropelawsheil, kis o it bein central tae saivrel waittergate, Jockie hed anerlie tae walk, mebbies threi myle owre the hills i onie airt, an hei wuid find, i the wunter months, ae Friday nicht dance.

A juist aboot forleit tae mint thit i the guid simmer wuther, it wis ae raigler thing tae sei Mrs Dodds an hir scholars; daein thair lessons, sittin, liggin an mebbies yin or twae agrouf on the brae, juist abuin the sindrins anent the schul biggin yonner. Ay, thaim wur the days n’. Thar wur dances held i the schuil i the wunter nichts, an monie ae guid nichts dancing the waiter heid fock bruikit, i yonner n’. Is ae maitter o fack, fock kam frae fer afield tae dance throwe til 3a.m. afore gittin hame, verra aften juist i tyme tae hae thair brekfast an stert anither days wurk. It wis it ane o thaim dances whaur A, masel, laist danced the lancers n’.

Nou, is yin staunds on the auld schuil hoose fore-door stap, wi yer back til the hoose, ane hes ae byous panoramic vizzy; richt owre the waittergate. Liggin tae yer ker haund is the mairch o whit wis Howpasley ferm. Nou, atween thar an whit wis the Craik ferm mairch, ir twae ither sma sheep ferms; Wolfcleuch Heid an Craik Hope: twae gey ootbye bits tae bide n’. Nae road tae thum whan A kent thum ferst, bot sin the Forestry Commission kam on the scene i the late 1940’s, thair ir nou motor roads tae the fek o they ootbye places. In ma bairn heid days, fock hed tae cairrie thair vivers (shoppin) saivrel myles frae Howpasley an Craik, ower the hills tae thair hames. Is ae maitter o fack, yin kan leuk strecht intil the fore door o Wolfcleuch Heid herd’s hoose, frae the schuil door. The story gans, thit the fermer o the Wolf, it yae tyme, wis haein ae collogue wi ae potential herd an his wife fur the Wolf herdin, the wife speirt efter hou fer the bairns wuid hev tae walk tae the schuil. The fermer hed reponed bi sayin til hir, “Marcie mei ee kan sei the bairns gangin oot an in throwe the schuil door, frae yer ain fore-door”. Ay. Hei spak the treuth, bot hei didna tell hir thit eet wis atween twae an threi myles atweesh the twae doors.

A wis telt whan A wis ae callant, at the praisent herds hoose it the Wolfcleuch Heid, wis biggit fur ae herd, whae’s marrow hed T.B. The Potts o Shairnscleuch, Reidfordshire, wur mebbies the laist resident fermers i Wolfcleuch Heid. Whan A wur ae callant Jockie Tailfer, fermer o Braid Hauch, New Mill-on-Ti’iot, fermed baith the Wolf an Craik Hope; wi herds resident i baith hirsels: an at tae buit, he fermed ana, the neist ferm doon the waiter, ca’d Eilrig; wheech mairched wi Howpasley ferm on the tap side, an Philope Ferm on the bottom syde. Ay, Jockie wis aye kent is ae guid maister, whae leukit weel efter his herds. Tae the best o ma knowledge; aa thaim ferms ir nou pairt o the waiter heid aforestation, an ir nou, kivvert wi treis, cept fur the wheen, kinda sma haudins, roond aboot the dwallins.

Ma faither an mei did a fair bit o joinery wurk ithin Craik Hope hoose; whan a wur ae teenager. Wei teuk or motor tae the Howpasley meedie heid an than carriet or tuils an sic lyke, owre the hill tae Craik Hope. The ferthest back fock A kan mynd on it Craik Hope, wis the Nichol faimlie. Thar wur saiveral sons an yince, whan A, masel, hed tae tak a horse tae Bowie the ferrier, it Borth’ickbrae Burnfit Smiddy; A met in wi young Matt Nicol frae Craik Hope an Gledson Scott, the Mulsintoun hind, whae wir thar wi thair ain horses. The crack got roond tae Norhope, Craik Hope an the Wolfcleuch Heid an efter ae bit Matt askit Gledson gif hei hed ivver been up that ‘back waitter’ (the local tairm fur the tap en o the river Borth’ick) tae Craik Hope, an whan Gledson sayed at hei hedna, Matt’s repone wis, “Hout! Ee henna seen hauf the woarld”. A’m gaen tae forstaund, at ae sister o Matt’s, Isa Nichol, wis the servant-lass wi the Scotts o Mulsintoun fur ae wheen yeir an left tae git marriet, i 1938.

The neist herd it Craik Hope wis ca’d Reid bi naem. Ay, Mr. an Mrs Sandie Reid hed ae biggish faimlie, sons an dochters. Mr. Reid, whae nivver tuik his bonnet aff i the hoose; hed been throwe the ferst Woarld War 1914-18 an hed focht i the trenches it Passendale. Ae tyme, whan wei wur haein oor piece it the faimlie meltith buird, (meal table) Sandie gat gey sair carriet awa wi himsel, whan telling uz aboot trench warfare it Passendale; an isteid o steerin his tei, hei put the spuin i the jam jar an keepit steerin the jam fur kens hou lang. His marrow, Mrs.Reid, whae wis ae fell, eident, hard wurkin wuman, juist sat yonner, wi hir elba on the buird an hir chin i hir luif; quaitlie, wi ae leuk o pleasure on hir face, tentin ilka wurd at hir man mintit: gin shei hednae herd eet aa afore.

Thar’s ae bit o Covenanter histor conneckit tae Wolfcleuch Heid. The storie gans at ae haunt o the Covenanters wis tae tryst i the hoose, it whit wei nou ca Auld Wolf, whilk ligs oot o sicht, in ae slack i the hills, naur haund tae the praisent biggin. Ae day the government Troopers gat wurd o thair forgethern, an hied awa oot tae the Wolf, tae grip thum; kis sic trysts wur wrangous. Bot appearinlie the Guid Laird abuin wis wi thum at day, kis the mist kam doon, an tho the Troopers cuid herkin the cock crawin it the Auld Wolf throwe the mist, thay wur bate tae licht on the hoose, an hed tae gie eet up is ae bad job, an gang awa hame empie haundit.

Talkin aboot wolves, the laist wolf at wis seen i Borth’ick Waitter Heid; turn’t oot tae bei ae ‘wusp o rouk’ amang the bent, in ae sma slack i yin o the hills. (Bent is ae species o girs/gress o the genus Agrostis) The storie gans at this wolf wis lurkin in o ae slack, oot on the hill, an this wis brocht tae the tent o the Howpasley fermer, whae hied oot tae fell the beast. Housomever, whan hei wun forrit tae inflick the fatell strik; it turn’t oot tae bei naithin mair nor ae wusp o rouk, amang the bent.

Nou, A wuid lyke tae tak ee back, fur ae meenit or twae tae Craik Hope hoose an onsteid; whilk A’ve aareadies mintit, wis ane o Jockie Telfer’s ferms. Efter staundin empie fur ane-an-twuntie ‘ear, the Deuk o Embro Awaird Comatee wur gaen ae hunner yeir lease o the bit; frae the Forestry Commission. A’m telt at the Deuk, himself, fleid in an oot o the bit bi helicopter whan the centre wis apent i Mey, 1976. The auld biggins wur brent doon i 1979 an ae new centre wis biggit, an wis apent i 1983. Ae myle or thar aboot ferther doon the waitter frae Craik Hope, ligs Norhope Haugh, whaur the Wolfcleuch Heid ferm Faulds ir tae bei fund. The Wolf ferm hoose, staunds awa up frae Norhope on the hill end; wuppen tae the elements. Doon it Norhope, nixt tae the Keb Hoose, stands the Wolf stable fur the horses. Nou than juist feegur yersel i the howe o wunter, i the mids o ae drift, hevin tae sklimb saiveral tymes ae day; up an doon yon stey brae face, tae sei til the horse. A read i the Borth’ick Waiter 2000, Millennium Magazine, at Norhope Haugh wis aince upo ae tyme, ae Drovin Halt fur Drovers an thar stock, an is nou; pairt o A.J.MacKenzie o Eildrig’s haundling. (sei C)

A’m juist tryin tae mynd on the names o the Herds thit A kent, whae wur it Eilrig afore A left the waitergate i 1950. A think it wur ae Jock Scott an faimlie thit wur thar i ma airlie days. Than it wur mebbies the Wud faimlie. Ay, Wullie Wud an his marrow hed a gey wheen bairns o baith sex: fifteen i total, Am telt. A mynd on yin nicht whan Mr.Wud sat i oor hoose it the Haugh yonner; speakin aboot the supernaitral, til weel intil the howe o the nicht. A mynd on’t gin it wur yestreen, it wur ae muinless nicht, fair Pit derk, it wur, an is hei gaed oot intil the derk; A weill mynd masel, takkin tent o the fleysum leuk at kam intil his een: ay, mebbies threi meenits efter; hei wur back hammerin on oor fore-door, compleinin aboot the derkness, an askin fur the len o ae torch; wheech wei lent ‘um. Hei hed, ithoot doot, frichtent himsel talking aboot the supernaitrel. A seem tae think thit Dod Elliot an his faimlie falloet the Wuds it Elrig. Ma ferthest back mamories o the Elliot’s wis whan Dod an faimlie wur it Whaupshaw, juist up the Haugh Burn yonner. Whaupshaw wis the ootbye Herd’s hoose on Mulsintoun ferm, an A hae eet i ma mynd; thit afore thay gaed tae Elrig, Dod wis herd it Meadshaw fur ae whyle. A’ll staundin correckin on at n’, gin A’m wrang. Whan A wis ae callant, thar wur anerlie the ae hoose it Elrig, bot sin syne, is fer is A kan gether, pairt of the auld on-steid hez been convertit intil anither dwallin hoose ca’d Eildrig. Marcie, whit ae stey brae it wur n’; frae the Elrig bike shed, on the side o the road wey, up tae Elrig hous. The gradient felt gin it wur 1 - 1. The laist tyme A wur up Borth’ick, the valley wis black wi treis on eer ker haund; frae Elrig Dipper tae Es’dalemuir. The Sheep Dipper anenst the Eilrig brig, wis ae pairtie affair, atweesh Elrig an Philhope ferms. Is ee gan forrit an owre the Elrig Brig, twartis the waiter heid, ee begin tae gan up whit wis kent is the milestone brae. Nou than, gin ee leukit doun til the Waiter owre ee’r richt shouder, yin cuid sei the Fit Brig, atourt the Borthw’ick, whilk wis biggit an up-haudit bi the Local Authority, fur the yaise o the bairns frae Ootersyde an Meadshaw tae mak thair wey tae an frae Howpasley Schuil. Thar wis anlie ane either siclyke brig i the waittergate, at A kan mynd on, an it wur anenst Bitsun Wud on Pairk Hill an the confluence o the Manse Burn an the Borth’ick; fur the yaise o the Whit’ope schuil bairns.

Philhope Ferm ligs atween Braidlie Ferm an Elrig Ferm, on yer ker haund is ee gan up the waitter-gate, fornenst Meadshaw herd’s hoose; wheech staunds on the ither side o the Borth’ick Waitter. Rob Jackson, whae wis ae ferst kizzen o ma maternal grandfaither wis the Herd it Philhope, whan A wis born. His marrow wis Jessie Forsythe an thair anerlie bairn wis thair dochter Lizzie, whae marriet ae John Rettie whaes surviving bairns ir George an Mary, whae bide i Hawick; whaur thay wur born an brocht up. Is ae laddie A wur ae raigler veesitor it Philhope. Ay, A suppone Rob Jackson wis ma substitute maternal grandfaither, efter ma muther’s faither, the umwhile Adam Elliot, (Joiner) Deanburnhaugh deyd whan A wur 5 ‘ear auld. Oor twae families wur close i friendship n’, an A hae fond myndins o thum aw.

Philhope, aye hed ae herd-laddie whae bade i the hoose wi Rob an his faimlie. The laddie herdit, whit is kent is the Hope Heid an, Rob gaed the Lumner Knowes. A yaised tae gan roon the hill, sumtymes wi the tain an sumtymes wi the tither on’t thum. On Philhope, i sicht o Eilrig Hoose, thar’s ae man-made loch an A hae clair myndins o Rob expleinin tae mei, the histor o the loch. It wis, whit ane cuid ca, ae byproduct o the growthe o the Mills i Hawick; whilk wur, i the beginin, pouert bi waitter taen frae the Ti’iot an Borth’ick Waitters, afore thay gaed on tae bei pouert bi Steam. The herd appent the sluice gate is hei leukit his hirsel it nicht an shut eet agane whan hei gaed roond his sheep the neist morning: the waitter hevin made its wey doon tae Hawick throwe the nicht. Anenst Philope hoose an on-steid, i the Philhope Burn yonner, thar wur the avidence o inither siklyke dam, bot naeboddie cuid ivver enlichten mei is tae its oreegins an purposes.

Ootersyde Hirsel, pairt o the Hoscote Estate ligs on the tither side o the Borth’ick Waitter frae Philhope an Braidley. It mairches wi Meadshaw on yae side an Girnwud Ferm on the tither. Whan A think on whae wis the Herd yonner is fer back is A kan mynd, the naem Dave Rutherford rings bells i ma heid. Dave Jackson an his marrow, Peg, wur yonner frae airlie on i ma life an micht still hev been yonner i 1950; whan A masel emigratit tae New Zealand. Thay hed threi dochters, Ella, Myrtle an than Margaret born 1946. The middle yin, Myrtle, wis the Mulsintoun servan-lass fur ae gey wheen yeir n’. Ella, the auldest, marriet ane o the Pow’s o ‘The Vales’, anenst Newmill-on-Ti’iot an gin A mynd richt, hir man wis the local road-man up Ti’iot an thay wur bidin i The Vales yonner, whan A laist kent ocht ont thum. The laist tyme A spak til Dave, wis it the heid o the Loan yonner, i Hawick. Hei wis oot exerceesin his dugs, him an Peg, hei telt mei, wur bidin in ae Cooncil Hoose, up yonner. Ay, ma faither an Dave an faimlie, wur guid friends. Weel A mynd-on Peg’s muther, whae deyd it Ootersyde, hevin ae cataract operation i the 1930’s, A think it wur, i Embro. Gin A mynd richt, shei hed tae lig ithoot muvin hir boddie,fur saiveral days, efter hir operation. A’ve fond myndins o ma faither an mei daein repairs tae the Cobbis, ae Keb-hoose on Ootersyde, juist ower the mairch fence frae Girnwud Lynns. Ae bonnie bit n’, i guid wuther. A think nooadays it ‘ull bei hoddit, oot o sicht, amang treis.

The Hoscote Estate wis awned bi the Stavert Faimlie fur owre twae hunner yeir, bot wis selt aff til ithers i 1994. The Estate comprised o the Mansion Hoose an eets policies, the herdins o Ootersyde an Hoscote Peth Heid an oot athourt the Hoscote Rig, ir the ruins o ae hoose an ae byre ca’d, Hoscote Sheil. A wis ay gaen tae forstaund at Hoscote Sheil hed been ae kinda sma haudin on its ain. Tradeetion hes eet, at thar wur yince upo ae tyme, ae Whuskie Stell it Hoscote Sheil. A’ve nae idaia hou monie sheep wud rin on Hoscote Sheil, bot A wudnae hev thocht monie, kis the grazin fur sheep is anely ae nairra strip o hill pastur; whilk rins frae juist ablow the dwallin hoose oot owre tae the Yill Waitter, juist fornent the Blackcock Ha, hoose, whaur ma paternal grandfaither bade; whan hei wis ane o the Deuk o Buccleuch’s game keepers. Ma faither an aw his siblings, bar twae, wur born yonner. Frae ma speirins, whan ae callant, naebodie wis ivver yibble tae tell mei whan Hoscote Sheil functiont is ae saipret unit, an aa ma life up Borth’ick, it wur tied in wi the Peth Heid hirsel. Weil A mynd on the auld byre/stable itsel, kis ma faither an mei, whan A wur ae laddie; aince strippit ae wheen slates af its ruif tae replenish sum ruifin slates, in aboot the mansion hoose on-steid.

Tae the best o ma knawledge, the ferms wur selt saiprait frae the Mansion Hoose an its policies. Masel, A’ve nae idaia whae awn’s thum noo. Gin A mynd richt, afore the praisent mansion hoose wis biggit; thair stuid on yon, whit wis kent is the dryin green, it the back o the big hoose, whare the claithes wur peggit oot tae dry, the auld Hoscote ferm hoose. A dinna ken fur certaint but, A jalousie, at mebbies, the gate tae the auld Hoscote ferm hoose cuid hev been up the Hoscote Peth an, alang afore the Peth Heid herds hoose tae the Hoscote on-steid, an than doun yon back road til the ferm hoose. The Skelton faimlie wur the tenants o the big hoose, is fer back is A can mynd; an than, i the late 1930’s, the Dunlop faimlie, frae the Harrowgate airt, Yorkshire, teuk owre the tenancie, an wur thar, mebbies fur ten yeir or sae. Major Dunlop wis ae weedower, wi twae dochters an A think it wur fowre schons; gin A mind richt, the dochters naems wur, Angela an Daphne an the laddies wur ca’d Chairlie. Geofrey, Teddy an Ian. Chairlie jyned the R.A.F. an gin ma maimorie sers mei richt, hei wis killt accidently, whan trainin tae bei ae pilot. Teddy, whae gat wurk i Wast Afrika, wis killt i sum brulziement or ither wi the indigenous dwallers oot yonner. Major Dunlop’s sister, Janet Dunlop, kent is auntie Janet, hed the owerance o rinnin the hoose, an seyin til the bairns. The Dunlop faimlie hed Scottis Border’s conneckions aareadies: A say this, kis Jimmy Cook, the gairdner it Hoscote, hed wrocht fur thaim relatives; whan hei hed wrocht i the gairdens, fur the Dunlop faimlie, it Whitmuir Ha, Mansion, whilk ligs i the Selkirk airt. Jimmy Cook wis the gairdner it Hoscote fur ae gey wheen yeir an serd saivrel tenants whae rentit the big hoose. Jimmy likit his nip o whuskie an whan hei gat aff Bert Nichol’s bus; efter hevin been i Hawick, hei wud gie ae bit stagger an tak off up the dreive til his hame wi speed, no stappin tae speak tae oniebodie whae hei happint tae fa-in wi. A wis telt thit yin tyme whan him an his marrow gat aff the bus frae Hawick, hei turnt roond an sayed til hir, “kum on Aggie lats git hame an intil bed, sae at A kan warm ma cald feet on yeir warm hint end.” Ay, thaim wur the days n’. Aye! Jimmy wis ae daub-haund wi ae gairden spade an cuid turn owre ae gey bit grund in ae days darg, wiooten onie wannecessar trauchle nor sweet. Whan A wur ae callant, thar wur saivrel servans i the Big Hoose, whae bade on the premises. Agness Rutherford, gin A mynd richt wis ane o thum, an agane, gin A mynd richt, Agness marriet Yid Tamson o Howasley, him whae lairnt the Joinerin wi ma faither it the Hauch.

The Laird o Hoscote, Mr. Ralph Alan Stavert, whae deyd i the 1980’s, wis ae Mechanical Engineer (gearbox expert, accordin tae his marrow) an hei wrocht fur ae gey wheen ‘ear, i the Indian sub-continent. Tae stert wi, fur mebbies saivrel yeir or sae, Mrs Stavert bade wi him oot yonder, leavin thair twae bairns, (Tricia an Adam) ahint thum, it ae boarding schuil doun England; an i the schuil holidays, thay wur leukit efter bi Mr an Mrs Tom Scott, whae wur it at tyme; nae anerlie the Laird an fermer o the nixt door ferm, Mulsintoun, but wis the tenent fermers o Hoscote ferm frae 1940 til Tom’s daith i 1973. Latterlie afore Mr. Stavert retoured for guid frae India, mebbies i the airlie 1950’s; thar wis ae tyme whan his marrow, an thair twae bairns, bade bi thairsels i Hoscote big hoose. Mrs.Stavert, hailed frae Coventry City. Shei wis ae yibble, gleg, langheidit wuman, whae hednae ae lazy inch i hir bodie. Yin o Stavert’s forefock, wis ae military General an it the confluence o the Hoscote Burn an the Borth’ick Waitter, thair aince wur ae brig owre the Borth’ick Waitter, an tho the brig wisna thar whan A wis ae callant, at parteeklar place, wis ay kent is, the ‘General’s Plank.’

Hoscote Peth Heid. Wullie Byres an faimlie wur i the Peth Heid herd’s hoose, whan A wur born. A can sae this fur fak, kis Mrs. Byres wis the kimmer-wife it ma howdien; doon it Deanburnhaugh, juist doon the Peth frae the Peth Heid. Shei cuid sei oor fore-door frae hir ain fore-door. Whan the Byres faimlie flittit frae the Peth Heid, gin A mynd richt, Gledson Scott an his faimlie fallaed intil at herdin, an thay wur thar fur ae gey wheen ‘ear n’. Twae o Gledson’s sons, young Gledson an Frankie wrocht it Mulsintoun fur Tam Scott. Is ae matter o fack Gledson wrocht it Mulsintoun fur the rest o his life, an deyd thar, juist ae wheen yeir sin.

A’ve juist been thinking thit thar wur mebbies nae Peth Heid hoose an on-steid at aw; whan the auld ferm hoose, alang it Hoscote, wur tae the fore, kis thar wudnae hae been onie need fur thum. A jalousie thit the praisent day Hoscote steidin alang it the mansion hoose, wis the ferm toun fur the Ootersyde, Peth Heid an Hoscote Sheil herdins. The title deeds tae the Peth Heid ‘ull tell yin, whan thay biggins wur biggit.

The praisent day Hoscote Ludge (gate hoose), is biggit anenst the sindrins, it the fit o the Toun o Deanburnhaugh: it the ingang tae the prevat roadwey up til Hoscote Hoose. Ae George Scott, i 1909, maks reference tae his airlie bairnheid days it the Hauch, i the 1850’s. (sei A; page 160/175), whaur hei mints thit this biggin wis than, the local village schuil; whilk hei gaed til afore gaun doun tae Roberton schuil it seven ‘ear auld. A wis telt bi ma muther, thit lang afore A wis born, ane ex-pupil o at schuil, ae wuman, hed veesitit the Haugh an hed telt hir; thit is bairns, thay hed ca’d the schuil, “Scamper Doon College.” Frae at naem, ain gits the vissie o the bairns scamperin doun the Haugh til thair schuil. Ae blithsome, hertitsome sicht, div ee no think? The oreeginal auld schuil wis ae laich biggin, wi ae theekit ruif, an wis fludit raiglar, whan the Borth’ick wis doun i spate. That biggin hes been structurally altered on saivrel occasions and the fluir it praisent is abuin onie anticipated flude level. Ma maternal grandpaurents set up hoose i Hoscote ludge, an it wur thar, whar ma muther an hir brother, ma umwhile uncle Adam Elliot, baith hed thair howdien. A kan mynd on saivrel families bidin i Hoscote Ludge, bot it wur ae Mr. an Mrs. Ailison whae bade yonner is fer back is A kan mynd. Is A’ve aareddies mintit, Bob Tamson o Howpasley an his marrow bade yonner, fur ae wheen yeir, i the 1939/45 War. Bob an his ludger, Tammy Wylie, wrocht i the wuds it Borth’ickbrae, A think it wur.

Owre the stane dyke frae the ludge gairden, on yon braid gress verge atween the dyke an the road up the Hauch; stuid ae auld fassiont Roadman’s fowre wheeled, wudden cleedit wagon, plenisht wi stove tae cuik on, an twae bunk-bed. Nou, fur ae wheen yeir, ae George Menzies bade in that wagon an wrocht it his uncle, Mr. Bain’s sawmill yonner. George, whae kam frae Glesca, an hed been ae Medical Student thar, hed haen ae bit o ae nervous brekdoon an hed failed his medical exams. Ma muther supplied George wi milk frae oor kye, an ilka nicht hei cad it oor hoose tae colleck his milk: weel A mynd on him an ma muther, hevin some rare cracks anenst the diagnosis an treatment o ailments, an sic lyke.

Ay, whan A think back on George an hou hei put wi uz bairns, aye bein in an aboot his fowre wheeled place o residence; ane maun bot kum tae the ae conclusion, thit he wis o ae patientfu tholemoodie naitur. Weel A mynd on the tyme whan hei reistit on the job an hei wudnae lat huz intae his wagon. Ay, wei suin got roond at ane n’, an whan wei stuffed his lum heid wi ae seck it wis ithin saiconts whan hei flung apen his wagon door, wi the reek fallen efter him, is hei ran doon the steps oot o his mobile hame. Masel, A got ae guid leatherin frae ma faither for at mischievious ploy / pliskie.

Accordin tae whit A read thar wur aboot 25 houses i Deanburnhaugh, i the 1840’s. George Scott mints thit thar wur i the Hauch, it at tyme, 21 Lums, biggit on whit wis kent is the “cat an cley” preenciple; an thar wis anither 20 siclik lums ithergates, i the Pairish. (sei A, pages 160 /175.) A hae faint myndins o ma muther telling mei aboot George Scott, whae, accordin tae yin amateur genealogist, Morvin Wricht, whae bides i Embro, whaes forfock, Rutherford bi name, bade it Blackcock Ha, Yill Waitter; hei wis ae brither o Auld Wull Scott the Joiner it Deanburnhaugh: whae wis, is ae matter o fack, ma maternal grandfaither’s step-faither. Agane, Morvin Wricht’s wey o’t is at hir findins, efter raikin throwe Auld Wull Scott the joiner’s faimlie trei, is at his yingist bruther maun hae been Mrs. Govenlock’s (Nell o the Snoot) faither. Mynd yow, A nivver herkint ma muther mintin siclik.

Girnwud Ferm. Mr. an Mrs. Walter Davis, whae wis sib tae Miss Davies (sei A, pages 147/153) wur the fermers o Girnwud whan A wur born. Thay hed twae bairns, Scott and Dorothy. Is bairns wei wur affen up an aboot Girnwood playin hide an seek i the hey shed an roon aboot the on-steid. A mynd yince whan Scott tuik mei oot tae the Girnwud Mill pound, tae sei the raft hei hed biggit fur himsell. The waiter frae the pound wis yaised tae dreive the threshin mill. Gin ma maimorie sers mei richt, Watt Davies wis the ferst tae hae ae ferm Fordson tractor up Borth’ick. Watt wis keen on mechanics, an whan owre seventie ‘ear auld, hei fufillt his lifetime ettle, tae lair tae flei ae airplane an hei hed his ain plane, fur ae gei wheen yeir n’. The Davies’ flittit frae Girnwud tae Harrot ferm, anenst Newmill–on-Ti’iot, mebbies i the airlie 1940’s. Scott, thair son deyd ae wheen ‘ear sin, bot the faimlie contenna tae ferm Harrot. The dochter, Dorothy, mairriet ae Paul Hunter, the son o ae New Zealand sheep fermer, whae shei got in towe wi, whan hei wis ae student i Scotland. Mebbies it wur whan Paul wis, whit thay ca’d, ae ‘Glaur Student’, it Mulsintoun wi Kathleen Stewart’s faither, Tom Scott. Is ae matter o fack, yin o the ferst fock A veesitit efter A laundit i New Zealand, wis Paul an Dorothy, on his paurents sheep station i 1951. Tae the best o ma knawledge, Dorothy is still tae the fore oot yonder.

The Bryden’s o Wudburn Ferm, pairt o the Chisholme Estate, fallaed Wat Davis intil Girnwood ferm. Ay, is ae teenager an lang efter, A hae fond myndins o lang intil the howe o the nicht, guid auld fashont cracks roond the Girnwood Ferm Hoose kitchen meltith buird n’. The Bryden’s wur grit conversationalists an cuid talk on monie ae subjeck. Lyke the rest on huz, thay spak i guid Border Lallans an wuid seldom, gif ivver, speak ochts ense: nae matter whae thay happint tae bei speakin tae. A mynd on ane parteeklar guid nichts crack, whan the praisent Mrs. Betty Warwick’s paurents, wur forrit it Girnwud. Ay, Betty’s muther wis ae sister tae Mrs. Netta Bryden, James Walter Bryden’s wife, an hir husband wis Jock Short, ane o the Shorts whae yince fermed Borth’ickbrae Burnfit. Ay, Betty’s paurents, an shei hirsel an hir man, Tommy Warwick, an the feck o the ither families up Borth’ick i thain days, aa spak ae guid consistentScots, (Border Lallans).

Juist efter the Brydens flittit tae Girnwud, ae late middle aged couple frae Perthshire, ae Mr. an Mrs. Scougal, muved intil the Girnwud ferm cottage, an John, Mr. Scougle, bekam weill kent i the localitie; kis hei wurkit til his ain haund daen orra jobs fur fock. A ken at hei wrocht fur ma faither ae gey bit whan oo wur daen wyre fencing. John hed been ae hind aa his wurkin life til than, an it yae tyme hei traivelt ae stallion, ca’d ‘Johnson Victor’, roond Perthshire whan ae younger man. Hei hed sum grit tales tae tell an affen spak aboot the ongangins in an aboot Auchterarder. Ae day hei upset the umwhile Yid Nichol, “the auld laird o the Haugh,” It sae happint at Yid wis pittin the slates richt efter ae gale, on yin o his hooses, is John kam doon til the Hauch; efter passin the tyme o day til ither, John leukit up it the ruif, at Yid wur wurkin on, an sayed til Yid, “It’s ae ‘Bryant an May’ at yow need thar.” Inferrin at the best thing Yid cuid dae wuid bei tae burn the biggin doon. Ay, Yid wis sair mis-set wi whit John hed sayed til ‘um, n’.

Afore A forleit, A read (sei D ) at aboot hauflins atween Girnwud an Henwuddie, anenst ae mairch-fence, the foonds o ae place ca’d Girnwudsheil, ir clairlie tae bei seen.

A’m nou thinking aboot it laest twae fock at bade it Deanburnhaugh, whae hed ae life tyme o dailins, wi Girnwud an Wudburn. Tammy Hudson, whae wis sib tae the Broun’s o Musielee, makin him sib tae the praisent day Nichol faimlie, whae conteena tae bide i the Haugh; wis the laist residenter Cobler i the waittergate. Tammy’s hoose stuid nixt til the Joiner’s hoose, atween it an the Haugh fit. Ma muther cuid mind on ‘um, an A think mebbies on Tammy’s faither ana, whae wis kent is Auld Yiddie Hudson whae it yae tyme, A read, wis the pairish Post-Maister. Is ae maitter o fack, wei hed ae photo o Tammy, (whae walkit wi the help o crutches), is hei stuid ootsyde his ain fore-door. A think ma muther gaed at photo tae Yid Nichol, fur his keeping. Ay, Tammy’s hoose wis juist ae rickle o stanes whan A wis born. Whit A’m gittin roond tae tell ee, is aboot the tyme whan Tammy tuik his annual order, fur ae new pair o buits up fur thair final fittin, tae the fermer it Girnwud. Frae whit ane gethers, frae (A, page 149), this fermer maun hae been Miss Davies’ uncle. The storie gans thit efter the dael hed been settled owre the new pair o buits, the fermer hed sayed til Tammy, wurds tae the effeck, “A hed better order richt nou, anither pair o buits fur nixt ‘ear, kis it’ull tak ye that lang afore ee git roon tae makkin thum”. Tammy wis ill-pleised wi the inference o whit the fermer hed sayed til ‘um. Yin kan juist jalousie Tammy’s thinking is hei strampit, wi crutches ana, doon owre Hoscote Rig tae the Haugh. The storie gans on tae say, thit hei sat up aa nicht makkin anither pair o buits fur the Girnwud fermer an kum day-licht, hei hed feenisht thum an strecht aff hei retoured tae Girnwud an haundit owre tae the fermer anither pair o buits.

The ither denizen o the Haugh thit A hae i mynd is the praisent Yid Nichol’s faither, anither Yid Nichol (sei A, page 147). Bein sib tae Tammy Hudson, throwe his mothers genes; Yid hed his ain idiosyncrasies an yae tyme, whan dain ae hey-tyme fur Watt Davies it Girnwud; hei hed been set on tae maw, sum affa sweir tae cut gress, doun anenst the Girnwood burn yonner. Watt kent thit Yid wisnae taen on wi his days darg an cuid ethlie gie-owre an reist on the job, gin hei didnae haundle him richt. Sae aff Watt gaed doun tae the burn side, tae gie Yid ae hertnin, bot hei wisna verra shuir how tae pit eet tae Yid; housomever, is hei sclam owre the wyre fence tae Yid, hei wis inspired tae say til ‘um, “Gie mei ae haund o yer scythe Yid,” an Yid did sae, an Watt made machts tae maw the gress an efter ae wheen strakes wi the scythe hei stappit an leukit it Yid an sayed til ‘um, “Marcie Yid A juist dinnae ken hou ee ir managing tae cut eet at aa,” Yid smilt tae himsell, wi ae leuk o saitisfaction on his face an reponed tae Wat bi sayin, “Oh, A’ll cut eet, oh, A’ll cut eet.” Watt nou kent thit his gress wuid bei sneddit, sae hei bade Yid guid day an left ‘um tae feenish his stent.

Roond aboot the airlie 1940’s, A think it wur, whan Yid wis daein ae lambin fur the Bryden’s it Wudburn, juist afore thay flittit up til Girnwud; Yid teuk bad, whan leukin the sheep on the hill, hei wis brocht intil the settle, i the ferm hoose kitchen, whaur hei lay doon an turnt his heid towartis the wa; sayin tae Bessie Bryden, James Walter Brydon’s sister, wi mukkil feelin i his vyce, “Yin kan bei whuppit awa maist terrible quick.” Hei maun hae thocht thit his end hed kum. Housomever, the Lambin bein ae thrang tyme fur sheep fermers; fock hed tae git on wi thair wurk, sae Yid wis left liggin, ostensibly sleepin on the settle, wi fock keeping ae periodic ey on ‘um. Efter sum tyme it wis discovert thit Yid hed disappeared, the Bryden’s, being the tentive faimlie at thay wur, gat the wund up an stertit tae leuk aa owre fur Yid, e’en tae the extent thit hei micht hae gane awa back ontil the hill, tae the sheep, bot naw, hei wisna tae bei fund. Efter ae whyle Yid wis seen walkin up the road twartis the Wudburn ferm, smoking his pipe, an whan askit whaur hei hed been, hei reponed, “ A fund masel feelin ae lot better an whan A raise frae the settle A fund oot at A hedna onie bacca fur ma pipe, sae A’ve been up tae the Haugh fur sum mae bacca.” In spite o thair relief; ane’s left jalousin hou the Brydens maun hae felt aboot eet aa? Ay! The Brydens wur notour fur thair guid hertitness.

Ay, Yid wis ae man wi ae warm sense o uimour, an ey hed ae readie tung i his heid. Yae tyme A mynd on, wis whan his yingest sister, Kate Nichol, wis veesitin the Haugh; an whan thay wur haein ae meltith, it the meltith buird, Kate teuk tent at Yid didna hae his teeth in, an shei sayed til ‘um, “Maun Yid, fur why div ee na pit yer teeth in, kis yer nose end an chin ir aboot meetin is ee eat?” Yid reponed, “ It disnae maitter, kis thev’re ae been company concern onie wey.” Yid wis affa guid hertit an wis guid tae baith fock an beas. Monie tymes A’ve seen him an his dog takkin aff frae hame fur ae days darg i the Hoscote wud, fallaed bi thair faimlie cat an the threi on’t thum wuid spend the hail day thegither up i the wud, retourin thegither it lowsin tyme. A kan reca saiveral mae uimoursome happenins bot A think A’ll feenish wi the fallaen ane, at teuk place afore Yid an his wife, Jean got mairit. Jean wis the servan-lass i the ferm hoose, fur the Scott’s o Mulsintoun. This efternuin ma faither hed been wurkin it Borth’ickbrae Burnfit ferm, i the days whan the Shorts wur the fermers. It lowsin tyme whan ma faither wis aboot tae gan hame; Jock Short kam til ‘um, an askit ‘um tae gei ‘um ae haund wi Yid Nichol, whae hed kythed on his wey hame tae the Haugh frae Hawick, an hei wis appearinlie the waur o drink. Nou A maun say at naeboddie cuid label Yid is hevin ae drink problem; fer frae eet, bot his haunt wis, whan hei made his antrin ootins tae Hawick, hei likit his wheen pints o beer. Hei nivver drank speerits. Ma faither drove his car oot tae whaur Yid wis, an seiin at the canvas hood o the car wis doon it the tyme, ma faither an Jock Short atween thum, juist liftit Yid up an owre the back end o the car an sat ‘um on the back saet whaur belyve, Yid hed faen owre. Whan ma faither wum hame til the Haugh hei drove the car intil it’s garage an left Yid, liggin i the car sae at hei micht hae his sleep oot. Ma faither thocht nae mair on’t an didna tell onie bodie whit hed transpired; an efter ae whilie, ae Netta Jirdin, whae wis helping ma muther oot, i the hoose, happent tae gan tae the stick hoose, anenst the garage, an is shei retoured back past the garage door, wi hir airms fou o eldin fur the fyre; shei gat the glif o hir life, kis Yids vyce roared oot o the mirk-ness o the garage, “Whit tyme is’t, kis A’ve tae meet Jean it the Mulsintoun on-steid it 6 o’clock?” Whit ae glorious sense o uimour Yid Hed, n’.

Nou ae wheen thochts aboot Mulsintoun ferm an the Scott faimlie. (sei A, pages 147/153). Whan a kent Mulsintoun ferm toun is ae laddie, it wur ae hive o thrangity, fock gangin aboot thair daily darg, wi blithsome herts. The day, the steidin is seelent, nae beas, nae fock, an i that seelence, yin kan sense the praisence o the speerits; o thaim focks thit yaised tae mak that ferm toun sae gleesum. Ay, it’s juist is auld Marry Elliot o the Kirk’or yaised tae say til iz owre saxtie yeir sin, “Things an fock irna the same is thay yaised tae bei.” Chynged fur aa tyme, A doot. Mebbies hauf ae mile up the Haugh burn, frae Deanburnhaugh, on the end o the Mulsintoun inner hill, thar’s ae sheep stell ca’d, “The Pot Syke Roond.” Nou than, whan A wis ae callant, local oral histor hed eet, at thar wur ae pot o gowd buiriet anenst at sheep stell. A hae nae idaia at aa, o the genesis o at storie. Juist owre the wyre fence frae “The Pot Syke Roond”, is the Mulsintoun ootbye hirsel, ca’d Whaupshaw, an the herd’s hoose thar wis biggit i the mid 1840’s an the laist herd tae bide yonner; wis Allie Murray (ex-Howpasley Hope herd) an his faimlie, whae left the bit, i 1940.

Thar wur aye, ae servan lass i the Mulsintoun Ferm Hoose, an ae lass frae the Holm airt, Jean Fairish bi naem, wis ane o thum, an shei marriet Frankie Scott whae wrocht yonder ana, an thay set-up hoose it Mulsintoun i yin o the Back Syke cottages. Kis Frankie’s ettle wis tae tak up the herdin o sheep, lyke his faither afore ‘um, A’m telt, at him an Jean flitted up til Craick Ferm i 1946, it the Whussenday: it wur frae thare thit they flittit tae ae herdin it Harrot, anent New Mill-on-Ti’iot, wurkin fur Wat Davies (the ex-Girnwud ferm tenent).

Kathleen Stewart maks mention (A) o Mrs.Hopkins an hir faimlie, threi laddies thit A kan mynd on, thit wrocht fur hir faither on Mulsintoun ferm. Weil A mynd on thum leevin i the cottage i Greenbank’s ferm onsteid, afore flittin til Mulsintoun i the airlie 1940’s. Ay, Mrs Hopkins an hir faimlie fun ae rael hame fur thairsels it Mulsintoun, whaur shei endit hir days, an Billy, ane o hir laddies, tae the best o ma knowledge, wrocht aa his wurkin life yonner til painsion age an sinsyne; him an his marrow hev been the residenter caretakers it the Foreman Memorial Hall, Roberton.

Tom Scott o Mulsintoun’s wife wis Nannie Kirkpatrick o Chaipel Hill Ferm, wheech mairches wi the Chisholm Estate, on the waiter-shed atween it an Branxholm Hoose i the Ti’iot valley. Ay, Mr an Mrs Scott hed twae bairns, Kathleen an Charles, whae ma sister an mei gaed tae the schuil wi. Kathleen, bein the praisent Mrs. Sandy Stewart o Gunhill ferm, Inverurie, Aiberdeenshire, an Charles ferms ‘The Middles’ ferm, on the Cavers Estate, on the ither side o Hawick toun. It wusna lang afore ma muther deyd, A think it wur, whan A mintit til hir at Tom Scott o Mulsintoun wis guid tae the late Yid Nichol, whae wis still tae the fore it the tyme. Ma muther reponed bi saying, “Ay, Tom hes keepit the hecht at hei gaed his muther on hir daith bed, whan shei askit him tae promise hir, thit hei wud ey mak shuir at Yid wus aa richt.”

Frae ma pynt o view, it’s juist gei hert-heisin n’, tae discern that, i spite o onie ups an douns thit micht hev gain aff owre the ‘ears, at same-lyke carin concern atween the twae faimilies, is still tae- the-fore the day. Ae reciprocal attitude o mynd, conform til ae mutual carin for yin anithers weilfare, thit hez manifestlie transcendit, frae the 19nt. til the 21st. centaur. A’m makkin reference tae the continuing caring relationship atween the praisent Yid Nichol (the young Laird o the Haugh) and Kathleen Stewart (Tom Scott o Mulsintoun’s dochter) whae nou descrives hirsel is hevin the custodianship o Mulsintoun Ferm. Ay, Mulsintoun, kis o the lang tyme faimlie connection wi the bit, hes appearinlie, ae parteeklar hert felt emotional place i Yid’s hert. Gim A’m richt, Yid’s paternal Grandfaither hed his howdien it the Mulsintoun, Shank Fit Ferm Cottages, whae stuid on yer richt haund is ee gaed doun ontil the main road yonner; it the fit o the Mulsintoun Brae.

Kathleen, hirsel skairs hir tyme equal-aqual atween Gunhill Ferm, Aiberdeenshire, an Mulsintoun Ferm. (Twae weeks aboot, ilka month, throuoot the yeir.)

Tho wei ca ‘um the young Laird, Yid is anerlie threi yeir ma junior. Megstie mei, thair irnae monie Lairds at kan bloust at thay awn mair nor hauf o thair ain hame toun, is Yid kan dae.

Ay, fur ae gey wheen generations n’, doun til the praisent day; the Scotts o Mulsintoun hae exerceesed thair fair skair o moyen on the life an rinin o Roberton Pairish; throwe thair inpit on sindry Boards, Comatees and guid neibourliness.

The Braidley herdin. ( A, pages 147/153) Wullie Murray wis the herd it Braidley whan A wis ae callant. Mr. an Mrs Murray hed fowre sons: Allie, Tammy, Jock an Edwin whae played the accordion an whan ae young man, hed his ain Scottis Kintra Dance Band, kent is the Roberton Band. Is fer is A ken, Jock, whae leeved i Hawick, is still tae the fore. A think it wur Henry Scott, auldest son o Gledson Scott o the Peth Heid; whae fallaed Wullie Murray intil at herdin. Mr. an Mrs. Murray retired intil yin o the Wudburn ferm cottages an ae wheen yeir efter at, thay muved intil ae hoose i Hawick. A think Wullie wis weil intil his 90’s whan hei deyd an the laist noos A hed o Henry Scott wis, at hei wis leevin i Copshawholm. On the Braidley ferm hill, juist up abuin yon waitterfa anenst the road brig owre the Camp Burn, better kent is the booglie burn brig, ir the avidence o ae Roman Camp, hence the naem Camp Burn. A’m gaen tae forstaund at the Roman’s ca’d at Camp, “Afrika.”

Maislee hoose an onsteid ( A, pages 146 & 147/153) ligs on the road side, on eer ker haund, juist efter ee gan owre the Maislee brig frae the Haugh. Ma airliest maimories o Maislee wis on’t bein ae Gamekeepers estaiblishment, an on the tither side o the burn frae the hous thar wis ae rectangular wudden biggin, whilk wis dividit intil, ay, mebbies ae dizen saipret kennels fur the keeper’s huntin dogs. The naem Anderson o Maislee rings bells i ma heid, bot gin ae mynd richt, ae man ca’d Cawmill wis the keeper yonder, i ma airliest days. A read i the Scottis Langage Socitie magazine “Lallans” Nu. 48, page 19, Caunilmass 1997 edeetion, at the naem Campbell is the Englished version o the Scottis naem Cawmill. Nixt til the kennels stuid anither wudden biggin whaur the Deanburnhaugh Carpet Boolin Club hed thair meetings on ae raigler fittin. Ma muther yaised tae tell uz aboot the Boolin Club dances shei gaed til thar, whan shei wis ae young wuman. The yae musicianer wis Auld Wattie Tamson frae the waiter heid, playin the fiddle, ( A, pages 106-119). Sei (D, page 9.) whar it mints thit the naem Maislee is o Anglo Saxon origin meanin “shelter bi the bog”.

The umquhile Maislee hoose an onsteid stuid, mebbies 800 tae ae 1000 yairds or sae, ferther doun the valley, whaur the Maislee meedae an twae or mair fields ir; i yon corner whaur the Maislee/Wudburn mairch stane dyke, raxes doun til the Borth’ick Waitter itsel. Ingaen an ootgaen tae auld Maislee wuid, A jalousie, bei throwe yon ford anenst Deanburnhaugh toun fit, an doon yon auld cairt road ahint, on the Maislee side o whit wis, the stane mairch dyke atween, whit yaised tae bei, the Joiners meedae/cowgang.

Comin doun the Waitter, owre the stane mairch dyke frae Maislee ligs the Wudburn Ferm. Is A’ve mintit aareddies, the Brydens wur the fermers yonder whan A ferst kent the bit an efter thay flittit tae Girnwud; ae Mr. an Mrs. Ballantyne, fermers frae Kale Waitter, tuik the tenancy on. Thair son, Elliot Ballantyne, whae wis o siclyke age til masel; rejeckit fermin is his wey o makkin his leevin an wrocht til his ain haund, is ae hill drainer. Ellot marriet an biggit yon bungalow forenenst the Howcleuchsheil hoose, bot it wur maist misfortunate trigidy n’, fur him an his faimlie, whan hei wur killt ae day, wi his ain tractor, whan oot drainin. ( A, pages 128/129). Sid Anderson an faimlie fallaed the Ballantyne’s intil Wudburn ferm, an tae the best o ma knawledge, Sid’s grandson is nou the fermer o Wudburn.

The twae Wudburn ferm cottages (semi’s) stuid on yer richt haund anenst the burn, is ee gaed up past the ferm, on yer ker haund. James Walter Bryden an his marrow Netta, bade i the boddom hoose an Mr. an Mrs. Jimmy Heatlie, paurents o Addie Heatlie whae it yae tyme ran his ain motor bus service i the waittergate, bade i the tap hoose. Jimmy’s feet wur camshach (deformed) an hei hed tae weir spaicialie made buits. Hei wis the Chisholm Estate horseman, an kis o his feet, hei hed tae aye bide on his cairt, an A’ve seen ‘um yonner, after styin himself atweesh the sides o the cairt, on his kneis, gangin throwe some gey precairious terrain n’. It the stert o the 1939/45 War, is ae beild frae the air-raids owre Glesca, ae Mrs Helen Nelson nee’ Lothian, whae wis sib tae the Brydon’s, bade i the boddom cottage wi hir twae sons, Stewart an Billy Nelson, whae baith gaed tae Roberton Schuil fur ae yeir or twae, afore retourin til Glesca, i Dizember 1941. Stewart mairiet ane Australian an hes been oot yonder fur 50 yeir or sae, an Billy hes been doon England fur monie ae lang yeir, mairit wi saivrel bairns.

Chisholme 18nt. centuar mansion Hoose an policies. Mr. Bruce, a retired Banker, wis the resident laird whan A wis growin up. ( A, pages 147/153). Thair wur saivrel servans i residence i the Big Hoose, an the estate manager / heid gairdner wis ae Johnnie Howe, him an his marrow hailed frae the Blairgowrie airt: thay bade i yon hoose i the steidin. Bill Jirdin, whae wroucht on the estate, bade i yon airn hoose athort the road frae Mr an Mrs Howe an Mr. an Mrs. Addie Heatlie bade i the Ludge. Addie tuik owre frae Mr Howe whan hei retired. Chisholm Hoose hes been fur ae gey wheen ‘ear nou, awned bi the Bshara Institute. Ma faither an mei, whan A wis ae teenager, did ae gei bit o wurk on the Chisholm estate. The milieu o the place wis ay plaisant an relaxt.

Authourt the Big Hoose policies is Pairkhill ferm. Gin A mynd richt it wur Pringle the Butcher frae Hawick whae hed the tenancy o this ferm whan A kent the bit ferst. The herd wis ae Mr. Dickson, whae hed fowre or five o ae faimlie, whae A gaed tae the schuil wi. The Pairkhill bairns walkit doun owre the Bunkers Hill an owre the Snoot fit brig an than alang the road til the schuil it Roberton. Harry, the auldest i the faimlie, jyned the RAF (air crew) i the 1939-45 War, bot wis killt, gin A mynd richt, in ae training accident. A’m telt at Billy Dickson, ane o the sons, is nou bidin i Denholm, doun ablo Hawick. Ae Mr an Mrs Roedemor an faimlie, frae the Dumfrieshire airt, muved intil Pairkhill is resident tenant fermers, an wur thar fur ae gey wheen yeir. Mr Roedemor, whae wis glib, cuid tell ae guid storie an cuid speak on monie subjecks. Hei aince hed the pownie an trap milk roond i Copeshaw Holm, whan hei fermed de Main Holm, Kershopefit, juist doun the railway line frae the Holm, yonder.

The Snoot / Pairkhill Haugh.
Masel, A kan reca’ the auld Kirk opening is ae SYHA Hostel on 22/06/1935. (sei A, page 98 & 178.). A mynd, gin it wur yestreen, Mrs Helen Govenlock (the Janitor) (kent bi the naem Nell) shawin uz roond the newlie refurbisht biggin. The Union o the Snoot Kirk (United Frei Kirk) an the Pairish Kirk wis i 1930. Fur mair facks anenst the history o the Snoot Kirk (sei A, pages 93-97).

Ay, Mrs Govenlock nee’ Scott, wis born i ane o the fowre hooses it the heid o the toun o Deanbernhaugh, at stuid whaur the saw mill wis biggit; pairt o Yid Nichol’s lairdship nou-a-days. A’ve read someplace, thit hir faither wrocht on the Hoscote estate. Nou, whan A wur ae laddie gangin til Roberton Schuil; ilka yeir, shei wuid hae mei fesh hir doun, ae bunch o Lilac blossom frae yon lilac trei on the burn side, fornenst the saw mill, whilk stuid it the boddom o hir focks gairden; whan thay bade yonner, whan shei wur ae lassie. Hir man, whae belangit Embro, wis Nichol o Philip’s heir-at-law an A’ve herd eet mintit at this cuid hae been, the motivation ahint at courtship n’. A read i (A) at thair Banns wur annunced on 22nt. Janwar, 1904. The short an lang on’t is, at things didnae wurk oot, hei, tae the best o ma knowledge, bade wi Nellie an hir muther, auld Mag Scott, it the Snoot, a recipie fur disaster i maist instancies. A wur telt at hei retourt tae Embro, whaur hei hed ae drink problem. Ae rather waesome story n’. Masel, A kent Nellie Govenlock gey weil an affen enjoyt hir hospitalitie, ae caup o tei an ae jammie piece. Shei hed ae pouerfu steven an ane cuid carrie on ae crack (conversation) wi hir, is oo shoutit til ither athort the gap atween hir hoose an eersel, ridin yer bike on the roadwey yonner. Hir attire wis aye mair i the eemage o ae spae wife than ochts ense. (black aa owre, hat an shuin ana). Nellie weirit derk tintit glesses, an ae day whan A leukit it hir side weys on, in ahint hir glesses; A thocht thit she micht bei keepin i hidlins some defeck i hir richt ey. Shei appearinlie wur o guid intelligence an made monie lestin freenships wi fock frae aw owre the woarld, fock whae hed bade the nicht i the Youth Hostel an wrat til hir, raiglar.

Nou hir muther, “Auld Mag o the Snoot”, whae hed depairtit this life afore A, masel, wur born. A kenna whan shei deyd. Shei an Nellie hed ae bit o ae sma haudin yonder, anenst thair hoose, mebbies twuntie acre or sae. Thay wur weil kent til oor faimlie, kis o ma muther an hir faither’s insnorl, wi the administration o the Snoot Kirk. Ma muther wis the organist an ma grandfaither wis ane o the Snoot Kirk Elders. Gey affen, sic is thaim an monie ither, hed tae gie Mag an Nellie ae heize i the hey tyme, an sic lyke, whan things leukit lik thay wur gittin owre muckle fur thum. A’ve herd eet sayed at thar wurnae ae dale o gratiteed shawn, tae thaim whae hed helpit thum. Ay, the woarld hisnae chynged, hes’t?

Ma faither affen spak, wi umour, aboot Auld Mag, whae A’m telt, smuikit ae cley-pipe an whan sittin, ay, ae gey bit back frae the fyre, shei cuid spit intil the hert o the fyre, throwe hir teeth; ithoot takkin the pipe ooten hir mooth. Anither tale ma faither enjoyt telling wis whan Mr. Scott, Mag’s husband dyed. Appearinlie thar wur ae lull i the mid o the funeral Service, held i the hous, it the Snoot; whan Mag gaed ben throwe til hir pantry tae sei til sumhin or ither, whan ane o the gethern shoutit ben til hir, “Wuid ee come ben Mrs. Scott kis the Meenister wuid lyke tae say ae wheen mair wurds.” Auld Mag reponed in ae lood steven, “Howt, hei hes sayed plentie.” Ma faither aye feenisht at storie aff bi sayin, “Mag wuid bei richt eneuch, kis hei wuid hev sayed plenty, areddies.”

The umwhile Bobbie Tamson o the Snoot, the laist Pairish Plumber, stertit tae wurk til his ain haund, it the Snoot after hei wur dischairged frae the Airmie i the late 1940’s. A’ve nivver kent the rael connection atween him an Auld Mag an Nellie, whuther or na hei wis sib til thum, A juit dinnae ken, but gin ma maimorie sers mei richt, A’ve herd fock talkin aboot him bidin wi Mag an Nellie whan he wis ae laddie. Bobbie wis ae byordinar skeelie tradesman, plumbin, paintin, paper hingin an ae dab haun it the plaisterin, tae buit. Ay, the laist tyme A wis it the Haugh, Yid Nichol shawit mei ae sowderin job at Bobbie hed daen fur him, on ane o his Fordson tractors, monie, monie yeir sin, an still is guid is new. Ay, Bobbie’s weedae flittit intil the toun (Hawick) ae guid wheen ‘ear sin nou whan shei selt the Snoot cottage. Accordin tae (C) the auld Kirk is nou ae dwallin hoose.

Mr. Usher wis the fermer o Todshawhauch whan A wur ae callant, thar wur twae ferm workers hooses juist on the brae side up frae the ferm toun itsel an Mr an Mrs Welsh bade it Whit’ope, the ootbye herds hoose. (sei A, pages 147/153). Saivrel o the Welsh bairns gaed til Roberton Schuil, an gin A mynd richt, twae o the lassies wur cryit, Carolyne an Georgina Welsh. Ae faimlie ca’d McWhir bade i yin o yon workers hooses anenst the ferm toun, an Angus an his sister gaed tae Roberton Schuil. The laist tyme A spake tae Angus, wis it yin o yon Jimmy Shand dances i the Croun Hotel, Hawick, i 1954; whan A wis hame frae New Zealand an hei telt mei, at hei wis hame on holiday frae East Afrika; whaur hei wis ane engine dreiver wi the East Afrika Railways. Angus wrat tae the Hawick Noos, airlie 2004 frae Australia; whaur hei hes seeminlie been bidin, fur ae guid wheen yeir nou.

Borth’ickbrae Estate. (sei A, pages 147/153)
The estate wis made up o threi ferms an the Mansion Hoose an fowre workers cottages fur the estate workers. Scot-Noble wis the Laird an Mr an Mrs Scott-Noble bade i the big hoose. A kent thum baith gey weill; kis ma faither an mei did ae gey bit o wurk i the big hous an on the estate i the 1940’s: at wur juist afore A gaed abreid tae wurk. Yid Scott, ae smeddumfu man, whae wis the Estate Manager, wis bi naitir; blunt, ae bit coorse an tae the pynt, bot guid hertit an forstaundin. Hei bade i the Ludge anenst the main Yetts intil the big hoose. Hei wis ithoot doot o guid intelligence an ane cuid hev guid collogues wi ‘um, on monie ae differn subjeck. Hei wis weill kent i the waittergate; whar hei bade fur the fek o his life; an wur on saivrel o the local comatees, i.e. Flouer Show, Boolin Club an nae doot ithers is weill, i his tyme. Yid, is ae ying man, wis fur ae while ae polisman i Newcastle-upon-Tynne, bot wisna owre taen on wi the job an gaed in his notice. Whan Yid wis wechtit doun wi sum concern or anither, yin nivver herd ae coorse wurd ooten his mooth, bot whan aathin wis gangin ithoot ae hanker, Yid wis his auld sel agane. A mynd on ‘um yae Seturday day nicht gittin ontil Bert Nichol’s bus, anenst the Auld Chaipel yonner, tae gan tae Hawick. Is hei sat doun hei taen his hat aff an Geordie Foster, the Craik hind shoutit til ‘um, “Yer gittin gey beld o the heid Yid,” an Yid reponed, “Haud on til ee git is auld is mei, an ye’ll bei ae gey queer leukin Bu---r.” Ay, at wis Yid Scott n’. Yid deyd i 1952, whan A wis abreid.

Whan A ferst kent the Borth’ickbrae, Gairdenfit Cottages, Wullie MacKinnon, ane o the local roadmen an his marrow, wur i the ane on yer ker haund an ma uncle, Jim Rodger, an his wife, aunt Lizzie, nee’ Jirdin, wur i the richt haund ane. Latterlie uncle Jim an faimlie, Billy, Jenny an Graham, flitted up til the Kennels hoose, whilk wis ferther up intil the estate frae the Gairdenfit. Uncle Jim tuik owre Auld Yid Scott’s job, whan Yid retired an i the hinnerend, hei flittit intil the Ludge efter Yids daith; whare hei bade til hei deyd. A hae fond mydins o ma veesits wi Uncle Jim and Aunt Lizzie an thair faimlie. Ay, Wullie MacKinnon an his colleg, Geordie Balmour, whae bade wi his marrow i the auld Polis Station, anenst Howcleuchshiel; wur ae day ribbin the road fornenst the Roberton Schuil an whan huz bairns kam oot fur oor twaloors brek, thay happint tae bei haen thair piece, sittin on the side o the road yonder: uz bairns jyned thum, an the crack wis guid an A mynd on’t, gin it wur yesterday. It at tyme, wi wur aw taen on wi yasin elestic bands tae fyre paper darts it ilk ither. Nou than, whan A leukit alang the raw o fock, A tent at Wullie MacKinnon’s nose wis protrudin oot frae ither fock’s. A quaitlie tuik aim wi ma elestic band weill stretchit oot, an whan A let go ma paper dart lo-an-behaud it gaed strecht til Wullie’s nose end. Thair wur seelence aa roond til Wullie jumpit up an wyted Angus MacWhir, A think it wur; whae hed nae idaia whit hed happent. Masel, A juist bade quait an lat things sattle doon. Ay, thaim wur the days n’. Is ae matter o fack, Mr an Mrs MacKinnon’s son, Jock MacKinnon, marrit ae Nottinghamshire lass; juist efter the 1939-45 War an hes bade i Ollerton Pit Village sin syne, ten myles frae whaur A bide here i Southwell, Notts. Jock, whae is nou five-an-echtie yeir auld, haed fowre sons, an ilk ane o thum gaed tae Universitie an ir i guid jobs. A mak antrin veesits owre yonder tae sei Jock an the wife.

The threi ferms.
Borthwickbrae Burnfit. Whan A kent the bit ferst,the umwhile Jim Scott wis the tenant fermer an his eventual wife, Netta Clerk, wis his housekeeper. Jim wis ae strecht upricht man, i aa his dailins. His ay wis his ay, an his nae wis his nae: ae man o evendoon rectitude. Whan peyin his creeditors or weyin oot yits, it wur nae ae drap mair an nae ae drap less: ay, ae dooms siccar man n’. That wur Jim Scott o Burnfit Ferm. Thar wur twae workers cottages nixt door tae the Smiddy hoose an Smiddy. The hind in the end yin, an the orra-man i the middle ain. A mynd on ae Wattie Airmstrong bein i the middle hoose, whan A wur ae teenage loun.

The Smiddy. (sei A, page 150.) Masel, A kan juist mynd on Eck Pow the Ferrier (Blacksmith), whae deyd fallaen ae accident, whan feshin hame ae caulf frae Meadshaw. Mr.Bowie, ane o the Hawick blacksmiths, wrocht the business, sae monie days ae week, fur ae gey wheen ‘ear efter Eck’s daith. Eck’s weeda sei’t til Yid Scott o the Ludge’s domestic needs efter his wife deyd: that arreengement wurkit weill fur thaim baith n’. The laist tyme A wur i the Borders, A hed ae crack wi Eck’s youngest lassie, Ena, whae bides i Hawick, doun Weensland. Whan A wur up Borth’ick ae wheen yeir sin, A wur affa vext tae tent at the Borth’ickbrae laird, hed lat Eck Pow’s auld byre, faa doun. At biggin yaised tae bei ae hoose, whaur forbeirs o Yid Nichol o the Haugh, yince bade. Is ae matter o fack A’m telt at Yid’s great,great paternal grandfaither hed his howdien yonder. Its backins wis “The Burnsyde”, whit ae bonnie place tae bide n’, an wud, nae doot, gin it wur still tae the fore, fesh ae guid price the day, gif it kam on the merkit.

Waster Yillmuir.
Whan A stertit it Roberton Schuil, A sat nixt til ae Wullie Tait, whae bade it Waster Yilmuir. A mynd on his faimlie flittin thar frae Henwuddie ootbye herdin on Aist Buccleuch ferm, up Rankle Burn. Tae tell ee the treuth n’, A mynd on the Tait faimlie walkin frae Henwuddie tae the Haugh, hevin walkit owre the Girnwud hill an doun owre the Hoscote Rig, tae git Bert Nichol’s bus intil Hawick: at wur afore A gaed til the schuil. A mynd ma faither an mei daein sum wurk ithin the Waster Yillmuir hoose, juist afore ma wagaen tae New Zealand i 1950. A canna mynd on the herd’s naem, but the wifie hed ae readie tung i hir heid; an aince whan Yid Scott (Estate Manager) wis in haen ae leuk it hou oo wur makkin oot, the wifie poor’t huz oot ae caup o tei an is wei wur crackin, politeeks wur mintit an Yid stertit tae uphaud the Tory manifesto. Is Yid expoondit his poleetical pynt o view, yin cuid sei thit the Herd’s marrow wis gittin gey sair hert-ruggit (emotional), an aw o ae suddent shei lat blast it Yid, an wi ae lood steven she sayed til ‘um, “Yer nae ae Torry ir ee, kis gif ee ir A’ll shuit ee wi at gun?” Stellin hir een on ae shuitgun thit wis staundin i the corner o the room, yonder. The eftercast o hir emotional eruction wis total seelance, Yid, himsel, wis gey sair bumbazed, naethin mae wis sayed, oo feenisht oor tei an gat back tae oor job o wurk. A mynd whan wei threi on huz gaed back outside, Yid, still manifestlie takkin abak, sayed til uz, “That’s ae naffu wuman, that.” Or wurds tae siclik effeck.

Ay, forenenst Waster Yillmuir hoose an onsteid wis Yillmuir Loch an the Yill Waitter ran throwe the loch an tae git throwe til baith Waster an Aister Yillmuir, traffic hed tae gan throwe a ford it the boddom o the loch. Aboot fortie/fiftie yeir sin the loch wis damed an turnt intil ae waitter reservoir wheech fleudit oot o sicht, the hoose an onsteid. Ae new Waster Yillmuir wis biggit on the back side o the Greenbanks Hill yonder, anenst the sinderins i the road throwe til the Yillmuirs. Annie Ferguson, the youngest dochter o the Ferguson’s o Aister Yillmuir, whae marriet Sandy Speirs o Blackcockha, it the heid o Yill Waitter, hed tae flit throwe frae the auld til the new hoose, whan the Dam wis fleudit. Ay, Annie an Sandie Speirs nou bide up the Wulton i Hawick, alang wi monie ither ootbye focks whae hae gravitatit intil the toun, i thair auld age.

Greenbanks Ferm.
Mr. Halloday wis the fermer yonder whan A kent the ferm ferst, an gin A mynd richt, hei wis falloet bi Tam Aitkin, frae Horseliehill ferm, anenst Hawick: whae wis yonder aw throwe the 1939-45 War, an mebbies efter at is weill fur ae whyle. Ma faither an mei wur affen daen joinery wurk in an aboot Grenbanks ferm. The estate saw mill is i the onsteid yonder, an it’s driven bi ae waitter wheel, the waitter cumin frae ae mill-pound, up i the wud, ahint the onsteid, i sicht o, an forenenst the twae ferm cottages, sittin yonder on the road side; afore ane gangs awa oot the Borth’ickbrae Heichts, owre intil Yill Waitter. Nou than, the local Curlin Pound ligs up ahint the ferm cottages i the wud, ane cuid sei the ruif o the Curlin Club Shed, frae the main road. (A, pages 28/37). A mynd on ae Bunt Airmstrong an his marrow an faimlie bidin i ane o yon cottages, an hei wrocht on the ferm. Bunt wrocht fur Tom Scott o Mulsintoun it yae tyme ana, an bade i yin o the Mulsintoun cottages it the Back Syke. Gin ma mynd sers mei richt, Bunt drove the ferst fordson tracter at Tom Scott bocht an A think it wur i 1939; whan A mynd on ‘um plooin yon field it the back o oor hoose, atween the Haugh Burn an the Dyke Neuk, wi the tractor.

Thinkin aboot Greenbanks hes brocht tae mynd the wifie o the herd whae bade i yin o the cottages yonner. Weel A mynd, whan A wis ae teenager, daein sum joinery i the herd’s hoose, an hou his wife, whae wis ae Londoner, spak braid Scots wi ae kenable Cockney accent. Ay, owre the laist hauf centuar an mair, A’ve aft thocht back on that young wife an hir wullint ettle tae identifie wi, an integrate hirsel intil the local indigenous population. Ma prayer the day, i 2005 is, at the samen micht bei sayed fur the feck o thaim ootlins, whae hev mair raicentlie tuik up raisidence i the waittergate. A dinnae want ti soond juidgemental or condemnatory, bot whan up an aboot i the Hawick airt, owre the laist 10 / 15 yeir or sae, A coudnae bot tent the chynge, the substitution o juist ae gey wheen common standart English wurds fur thaim auld Scottis wurds; at wis common tae ma generation an thaim afore at n’. Anither phenomina at A’ve tent, is the sweirtie o some fock, thit spoke nochts ense bot Border Lallans i thair youth, tae mint ae single wurd in’t, the day. Mr Shallis, whae hails frae England, an wis, is fer is A ken, man-muckle afore hei kam tae bide i Scotland, hes pruiven at hei isna blate tae prent airticles i Scots i the Borth’ick Waitter Noos Letter. Aa credit til ‘um, div ee no think?

Ay, contergates tae sic “sel inflickit monoglotism”, is A’ve just descrived twae sentences back; A hed seemilar expairencies whan mellin wi Afrikaaners i Sud Afrika; whae ir sweir tae speak wi ootlins, gif the frem irna makkin machts tae forstaund an speak ti thaim i thar tung. Dae at n’, an thay wull wullintlie speak wi yow i yer ain tung, gin thay ken eet. Doon i this quarter oo hae ae wheen o Afrikaaners whae hev gotton thairsels jobs owre here, an it fair gies yer hert ae lift; whan ane tents the pleesure it gies thaim, whan yin speaks til thaim, i thair ain hamlet leid: juist is siclyke dis, tae the lave o humanitie authourt the yird.

Juist i the passin, A fun the seemilaritie atween oor Border Lallans pronunciation o oor numerals an that o the Afrikaaners, maist intriguing n’, an A jalousie for ain tae redd this conneckion oot; it’s necessar fur uz tae turn oor thochts back til whan the Toun o Berwick, wis Scotlands staple Port; wi direck contack wi Flemish speakin Flanders, throwe the than staple Port o Bruge, i praisent day Belgium. Ay, the Flemish an Afrikaans leids ir gey sib n’.

Ay, it wus efter the merciless pillaging bi Edward I o England, i 1296, an capture o the Port an Toun o Berwick, at the Port o Leith, Embro, hed its oncome. (development). Ee kan read aa aboot this aspeck o Scottis histor i Michael Lynch’s beuk, “Scotland A New History”. ISBN 0-7126-9893-0.

Nou back tae Greenbanks Ferm, Ay, the Greenbanks Boolin Club yaised tae haud thair meetins an thair dances, up i the Greenbanks grainery laft yonner, afore the Forman Memorial Hall wis apent it Roberton. ( A, pages 106/119)

On the tap side o the Laich (Low) Road, i yon neuk i the Greenbanks ferm field, anenst the Howcleuch Burn, stands twae semi detached cottages, Borth’ickbraehaugh, kent locally is the Cement Cottages. The ain on yer ker haund, wis the Borth’ickbrae Post Office an i the tither, whan A kent the bit ferst, bade Davie Clerk, Netta Clerk o Burnfit’s faither. Is A’ve mintit aaredies, Netta becam the wife o Jim Scott, the Burnfit fermer. Nellie an hir sister May Short ran the Post Office. They wur Mrs. Betty Warwick o Girnwud’s aunts. (A, pages 158/159 & 178). Fornenst this biggin, athort the Borth’ick Waitter, is the Craw Wud on the Chisholm Estate. (sei A, page 163-anenst Quill Pens).

Retourin tae the Hie Road, atween Greenbanks ferm an Howcleuchsheil, stands the Auld Polis Station, (sei B ) Whan A gaed tae Roberton Schuil ae Jock Balmer (roadman) an his wife bade yonder. Mrs.Balmer hed ae unique turn o phrase whan i conversation, sic is: Shei hed ae habit o makin the fallaen adage tae ane affirmative prouncement, “bot is it’ist,” i.e. Shei wuid say, “It’s ae grand day, bot is it’ist.”

Ma paternal grandpaurents endit thair days it Howcleuchsheil; efter hevin bade yonder fur ae gey wheen yeir, an A think it wur efter ma wa-gaun tae New Zealand, whan ma uncle Wullie an aunt Chrissie flittit intil Hawick. Yon wis ae bonnie place tae bide n’, til yon hoose fornenst wis biggit, an blockit oot the byous vizzie ane hed, richt up the road til the Greenbanks ferm.

Howcleuch Ferm Hoose an onsteid ligs on the boddom side o the road, juist doon the brae ae bittie frae the Sheil. Auld Wull Airmstrong an faimlie bade yonder whan A kent the bit ferst. Wull wis the herd fur ae Mr. Fasson, whae bade i the Borth’ick Mains ferm hoose, an hei fermed baith ferms. Col. Fasson wis ae POW wi the Japs i the 1939-46 War i the Fer Aist. Is ae matter o fack, Margaret Nichol, the wife o the praisent “Laird o the Haugh”, Yid Nichol, wis mebbies born yonder, Wull Airmstrong wis hir maternal grandfaither. Ay, Auld Wull cuid walk wi speed, hei yaised ae langish nibbie an hei hed ae gey strang, ‘Heather Loup’. Weil A mynd, whan A wur attendin Roberton Schul, the day whan the Howcleuch Ferm on-steid ruif gaed on fyre an wis brent til ae shunder, an the fyre engine hevin been forrit an aa.

Borth’icksheils Estate.
Mrs. Forman, whae hed the local Hall biggit it Roberton i maimorie o hir umwhile husband, wis the laird o Borth’icksheils, whan A wur born. Hir heir-at-law wis the praisent day laird’s faither, an whan A wur ae teenager, ma faither an mei did ae gey bit o wurk fur Mr. Campbell-Frazer i the Big Hoose an on the Estate ana. Mr an Mrs Campbell-Frazer, whae hed the auld farrant paternalistic attitude, wur plaisent warm hertit, forstaundin fock tae wurk til, an it wis wi gryte birr at him, i parteeklar, put forrit his maist raicent idaia’s aboot whit hei ettled hevin huz joiners dae fur ‘um.

Ma ferrest back maimories o the bit, wis the collogues atweesh ma faither an the Estate Manager, the umwhile Wullie Murray, whae wis ae traint gairdner an bade i the Gairden Cottage yonner, anenst the big hoose gairden. Kis o his manifest intelleck hei wis notour, an A sei (A, page 67) at hei wis, it sindrie tymes, baith Thesaurer an Secretar o the Roberton Horticultural Socitie: hei wis ane Elder i the Snoot Frei Kirk, an ae member o the Kirk Comatee ana. Ma umwhile kizzen, Billy Rodger, wrocht under Wullie Murray atween leavin Roberton Schuil an jyning the airmie i the 1939-45 War. Billy telt mei thit it Borth’icksheils, whan the Estate workers lined up tae colleck thair pey packets, it wurna onlyke gitting peyt i the airmie. Appearinlie Wullie sat ahint ae table an whan yer naem wis cryit, ee stood literally tae attention, on the tither side o the table facin Wullie, whae haundit ee yer pey packit, an ee did aa, bot salute ‘um.

A read i (A) at Wullie Murray deyd on the Echt Juin, 1941; whan Geordie Wud, whae wrocht yonner aareddies, teuk owre frae Wullie. Mr. Wud wis anither gleg lang-heidit man, wi harns afouth, whae kent his job an cuid converse on monnie ae subjeck n’. Geordie MacKay wis Mrs Forman’s chauffeur an bade i yin o yon cottages anenst the big hoose. Peter Ferguson wis the Gamekeeper yonder fur monnie ae yeir, him an his faimlie bade i the ludge. Thar wur anither estate worker, A think his naem wur Jackson, whae bade i yin o yon Glenburn, semi-detached cottages, at stuid on the brae face, juist ferrer up the burn frae the Roberton Manse: whan hei gaed up wurkin, him an his marrow tuik owre the rinnin o the local post office, A think it wur, frae Nellie Short. Ay, the Glenburn’s ae bonnie place tae bide n’. Nixt door, i the ither hauf o the semi, bade the Borthwichsheils Ferm Herd, an gin ma maimorie sers mei richt; his naem wis mebbies Jackson ana. This wur i the late 1940’s.

Is fer is A can reca, thar wur juist the twae ferms on the Borth’icksheils Estate; Borth’icksheils itsel, an Whitslade, whilk ligs athort the Yill Waitter, wheech happens tae bei the mairch, atween Borth’icksheils ferm an Whitslade. The umwhile ferm cottage, at stuid juist alang ae bit frae Whitslade ferm hoose, hed been turnt intil, whit ee cuid ca ae ‘simmer retreat’ bi Mrs Forman, ay, mebbies i the 1920’s. Ay, Mrs.Forman an ae wheen menyie bade thar fur ae wheen days, it antrin tymes. The Glendinning’s wur the fermers o Whitslade i ma youth.

Whan A kent the bit ferst, the fermer o Borth’cksheils wis ae Mr.Mitchell, an him, alang wi his faimlie, flitted i July 1946 tae the Whitriggs ferm, on the Cavers Estate; juist ablo Hawick an ae faimlie ca’d Geddes, frae the Ancrum airt, A think it wur, tuik owre the tenancie o Borth’icksheils ferm; an wur yonder fur ae gey wheen yeir n’. Mr an Mrs Mitchell, hed twae sons, Jim an Bill. Jim wis guid it tinkerin aboot wi mechanical things. Hei convertit ae auld Morris Cowley car intil ae ferm tractor. Hei put ane back axil an gearbox intilt frae anither car an made eet intil ae pouerfu motor (twae gearboxes) at cuid muve ae hivvie wecht. Mr Mitchel, the faither, selt this vehicle til huz fur 30/-; an wei made eet intil ane articulated vehicle an shiftit ae gey wheen fellt treis n’, ooten the Hoscote wuds, doon til the saw mill it the Haugh.

Makkin towartis Ashkirk, alang yon back road, on yer kerr haund, juist is ee ir aboot tae gang forrit owre the mairch atween Roxburghshire an Selkirkshire; i the corner o the Borth’icksheils ferm hill grund; stands ae hoose ca’d, ‘Blawearie’. Nou than, gin thar bei onnie bit weill naemit, yon’s it, staundin yonner on the waiter shed atweesh Borth’ick an Yill Waitters: leukin doon owre the Harden hill an Harden Hoose, oot owre the boddom end o the Borth’ick Valley, richt owre Ti’iot intil Slitrig Waitters an ay, mebbies richt owre twartis the Scottis an Englis Border. Frae the back o the hoose, ane hes ae siclik vizzie doon owre the Yill Waitter an Sheilswud, twartis Ashkirk, an mebbies the Eildon Hills ana. I ma young days up Borth’ick, Blawearie wis feklie staundin empie, gin A mynd richt.

Afore makkin yer wey doun intil Harden Glen, A wuid ax ee tae staund on the road yonner, it the mairch atweesh the twae coonties an refleck upo the wurds o Wull H. Ogilvie’s poyem, “The Hill Road tae Roberton”, the fowert verse i parteeklar; kis ee wull bei staundin i the verra mids o Ogilvie’s thochts an emotions, is hei wrat at verse n’. Leuk roond aboot ee, an it’s aw thar fur yowe tae mell, i speertit an thocht, wi Ogilvie.

The Hill Road tae Roberton (fowert verse)
The twustin road tae Roberton is littill merkt o wheels
An lanesum bi Blawearie rins the gate tae Borth’icksheils.
Whitslade’s sloomin ondistrubilt an doun i Harden glen
The tall treis musie i thair drames o Wat’s moostroopin men.

Makkin eer wey doun twartis Harden Glen, yin suin kums til, on yer ker haund, the sindrins fur Harden Hoose an Mabonslaw. Harden is the ancestral hame o the Scotts o Harden, the praisent awner, Laird Polworth, is himsel, ae descendent o the notour Border Reiver, “Watt Scott, o Harden”, whae, i 1576, marriet Mary Scott, ae dochter o Philip Scott o Dryhope, kent is the “Flouer o Yarrow”.

Whan A wur ae laddie up Borth’ick, oral tradition hed eet at ae day whan Watt an his men wur abreid, herrien ither focks cattle, thay kam upo ae stack o hey an Watt wis reputit tae hae sayed til the stack, “gin yow hed fowre legs, A wuid dreive yow awa an aa, alang wi thaim bease.”

Ay, yin hes anerlie tae read aboot hou Watt an his wife eikit til thar Lairdship, tae tent at the per on’t thum, wur ae gleg, langheidit couple, whae wur pang fou o rummil-gumption. (Sei, “Tales o the Borders” Bi Michael Brander. ISBN 1 85158 395 5).

The Scotts o Harden keepit thair herried cattle; (gey affen frae the English syde) juist ablow the big hoose; i hidlins, i whit wis, an still is, euphemistically ca’d, the Beef Tub: whilk is, i ackwal fack, the tap end o the glen; whilk isna onlyke the prow o ae ship wi seemilar brent (precipitous) sides kivvert wi treis an saplins an siclik. Mebbies it wur i the mid 1940’s, fur ma yuise in ae fancie dress Ball it Roberton, A borraed ae swuird frae the than Laird Polworth an his wife. A mynd on ae laddie whae bade it Mabonslaw attendin Roberton schuil, bot A’ve forleit his naem.

A read i ( B, page 31) at accordin til the Royal Commission on the Auncient Moniments Inventorie o Roxburghshire (1956) thar ir threi o the five mansion hooses i the waittergate, o spaicial architectural intrest, viz. Harden, Chisholm an Borthw’ickbrae.

Ferrer doun frae the Beef Tub on yer richt haund stands a hoose ca’d Harden Glen Cottage. Whan A wur it Roberton Schuil, Kit Young an his marrow an faimlie, twae laddies an ane lassie, bade yonder. The bairns wur ca’d Geordie, Bobbie an Margaret. Bobbie an mei wur o age an wei wur gey grit i thaim days an A haena spoken til ‘um fur owre 50 yeir. Kit, the faither, wis the the Harden herd an efter ae whyle thay flittit doun til Heychesters Mill, an bade yonder fur ae gey wheen yeir. A mynd o yin nicht whan A wis bikin intil Hawick tae the Boys Brigade Pipe Band practice, wi ma pipes in o ae bag, slung owre ma shouthers, riding ithoot onie lichts shawn on ma bike, is A wis wont tae dae, doon throwe yon derk wuddit owre cuttin, i the main road, juist abuin the Harden road end brig; whan aa o ae suddent the shedda o twae fock leanin ower ilk ithers bike i the mids o the road, staundin speakin til ither juist momentarily reised up afore mei, an A fun masel ridin richt throwe atween thum. Aw A cuid hear wis Bobby Young’s expletives. The nixt tyme him an mei collogued hei confirmt it wur him an ae June Morrison whae, gin mae maimorie sers mei richt, bade wi hir faimlie i yon Heychesters Mill hoose, doun i the steidin anenst the brig at raxes owre tae Todshawhauch ferm hoose an onsteid.

Heychester’s big hoose wis the hame o the Maister o Polworth an his marrow, the Hon. Mrs. Scott, whae wis a raigler veesitor tae Roberton schuil, whae A suppone, ilkane on huz bairns kent tae speak til. Shei wis appearinlie ey ettlin efter daen sumane, sum guid, i the districk. A mynd on the tyme whan the Bishop o Aiberdeen, whae wis sib tae Mrs. Scott, kam an spak till huz bairns it Roberton schuil. Ay, at’s ae gey wheen yeir sin nou n’.

Thar wur twae semi-detached cottages ferrer doun the road, on Harden grund, anenst the mairch wi Borthauch ferm., ca’d Kinnelcuttie. Yid Hawkins an his marrow bade i yin on’t thum, bot it blecks mei tae reca the naem o thaim whae bade i the tither ane. Ay, Yid wis gairdner/handyman it Harden Hoose. Anenst thaim biggins on the Borthauch side, wis ae horse troch, whaur hinds, whan travilin thair horses an cairts, cuid waitter thair horses it. Ay, monie ae drink A hed yonner, whan peddlin ma bike up an doun tae Hawick, an ae braw drink o waitter it wur n’: mebbies the bettermaist waal i the waittergate.

It the boddom o whit wei kent is, Klintie Brae, “Borthouch Hill End”, the main road rins doun anenst the Borth’ick Waitter an it at pynt, thar yaised tae bei ae weir athort the river Borth’ick, whilk sheddit the waitter intil whit wis the mill-lade; whaur it traivelt i hidlins aneth the grund, doun an owre or aneth the pit-wheel at gaed pouer tae dreive the gaun gear (machinery), i the Borthouch Ferm threshin mill. On yer ker haund, is ee gan doon the hill end yonner, is ae wheen auld treis up on the brae face, an A think thay ir oaks, gin A mynd richt. Weill! A’m shuir, at someane telt mei aince, at thay treis ir remnants o the auncient Etterick Forest.

Ae bittie ferrer on alang, on yer ker haund, stands twae semi-detached ferm cottages an strecht fornenst thaim, authort the fit brig owre the Borth’ick Waitter wis ae Smiddy an ae wheen mae hooses, the place is ca’d, Branxholm Wudend. Ay, Wullie Pow wis the ferrier yonner i ma schuil days. Back on the main road, just ae bittie nerrer til Hawick, wis Borthauch ferm hoose an the fermers naem wis Wulson. The Wulson’s wur musicianers, an ae day whan ma sister wis traivlin on Bert Nichols bus, Mrs Wulson happint tae bei on the bus is weill, an the subjeck got round til muisic, an efter ae bittie, Mrs.Wulson sayed oot lood tae aabodie, “Oh! It’s grand tae git faither on wi the melodeon, A think it wur, an Jimmy on wi his accordion, an wei ir gittin Reeky ae set o the drums.” Reeky wis the Wulson’s yingest callant, whaes rael naem wis Eric. It wisnae at lang efter at n’, whan baith Jimmy an Eric becam players i the Roberton Kintra Dance Band unner the owerance o Edwin Murray o the Braidley, anenst Deanburnhaugh, Roberton.

The laist dwallin afore ee gang forrit tae gan owre Mertin’s Brig, tae jyne the Hawick til Langholm road, is Borthouch big hoose, juist on yer ker haund, is the road bends til the richt take mak fur Mertin’s brig owre the waiter o Ti’iot, juist ablow the confluence o the Borth’ick an Ti’iot waitters. Whan A gaed tae Hawick Hie Schuil, ae Mrs Elliot bade yonder. Shei wis aye eident daen sumhin or ither tae ease the social burdens on societie, an i the War, shei wis ey seen tae bei weirin hir WRVS uniform. It yae tyme Mrs.Elliot wrocht i the Fuid Offish, i Hawick.

The hamlet o Roberton comprises o the Pairish Schuil an Kirk, the Forman Memorial Hall, the twae bungalows, Kirk’or an Kirkwud, Skerend Hoose at sits ablow the schuil, on the banks o the Borth’ick Waitter, it the tap end o whit is kent is the Sker, the semi-detached Glebefit workers hooses, on the road side, it the fit o the Manse glebe; an thar’s yon dwallin it the tap end o the schuil pleygrund, whilk hes been gaen the naem,”The Auld Schuil Hoose”, anenst the sindrins o the Laich an Hie roads. In ackwal fack, at biggin, afore it wur convertit intil ae hoose; wis the auld schuil stable, i whilk the Schuil Dominies yince keepit thair horse. (sei A, B, C, D.).

Kirk’or bungalow wis biggit bi Mrs. Forman whan shei convertit the raw o cottages, thit wur kent is, Roberton Wudfit, intil the Forman Memorial Hall. Dave Fox an his marrow, wur the Hall caretakers i ma bairnheid days. Twae sisters Mary an Nellie Elliot bade i the Kirk’or, an frae the produce o thair bit sma haudin, thay plenisht Mrs. Forman it Borth’icksheils, wi fresh milk dailiday. Ay, thar wis nae “Scots Creinge” embarrassment i the psyche o Mary or Nellie Elliot, nor i onie ither o thair generation, whan it kam tae speakin thair muther tung; nae maitter whae thay wur speakin til. Hou things hev chynged up Borth’ick sin syne an athourt the lave o Scotland is weill. Whit ae price wei Scots ir hevin tae pey, fur the peremptory hubristic anti Scots Tung deceesions o the Scottis Establishment, owre the laist wheen centuries.

Thar wis ae Joiners business it the Wudfit an A wis aye gaen tae forstaund; at whit fock ca the Wee Hall, wis oreeginallie the Joiner’s workshop. Whan A wur abreid i the 1950’s, yon wudden bungalow, ca’d Kirkwud, wis biggit fur the Engineer whae wis i chairge o the Yillmuir, Waitter Wurks, whan the Loch wis dammed an the Filter Plant it Roberton Moss wis biggit. Anenst the Glebefit hooses, ma ferest back maimorie on’t thum, wis at ae faimlie ca’d Ripeth bade in ane on’t thum an A think at hei wis hind it Borth’ick Mains. A mynd on ae Addie Wulson, whae sat anenst mei it Roberton Schuil, hei bade yonder ana.

The Revd. C.M.Mortimer wis the Pairish Meenister frae 1930 til 1954. Mr. an Mrs. Mortimer hed twae dochters, Eileen an Dorothy. The Meenister’s Manse wis aboot ae thrid o ae myle up the Manse burn frae the hamlet itsel, an the Manse Orchard, fornenst the hoose, wis ae favorit haunt fur youth, i the back end o the yeir, tae bei adventursum an help thairsels til ae wheen o the Meenister’s aipples. A dinnae suppone at the spulzie itsel kam intil thair rackonin, an nae doot, it wud bei their ettled flichter (buzz) at wis thair motif ahint thair forrays intil the orchard. The Roberton Manse wis selt i 1984. A mynd on Revd. Mortimer, whae hed been i the Airmie Air Corps, i the 1914-18 War; hevin ae job, tae dae wi Engineerin, i Hawick, i the 1939-45 War.

The Roberton Pairish Kirk Yaird is ferrer up the brae frae the Manse an is still i uise: i yon tap side fer back corner, stuid whit wei kent is the Manse Cottage, whaur the Kirk Beadle / Graff digger, Mr.Blaickie bade wi his wife an twae laddies, Logan an Wullie. Gin A mynd richt, Logan gat permeeshion frae the Eddication Authoritie; tae leave the schuil afore hei wur fowerteen ‘ear auld, sae at hei cuid bide wi his granny an tak on some financial ontak, fur hir throu-bearin. A’m makintlie sicker at shei bade i yon cottage i the Greenbanks ferm onsteid, an than shei an Logan muved tae yin o Tom Scott’s cottages it the Mulsintoun Backsyke, efter at n’. Weel A mynd on Tom Scott settin Logan on tae pent aa the huntin yetts i the waitergate. A kan sei ‘um nou, hyne awa yonner, penting yon Huntin Yett i the Wudburn / Maislee mairch stane dyke. Wullie Blackie left the schuil an wrocht til ma faither til hei jyned the Royal Navvy i the 1939/45 War, an efter hei wur demobit, hei wrocht on the Borth’ick Mains ferm, A think it wur: bidin it hame an keepin ae ruif ower his paurents heid.

Anenst the Roberton Kirk, A read at, tae aa intents an purposes it’s closed cept fur the antrin meetin. Nae doot thar ir thaim whae rue this deceesion an thaim whae cuidna bother thair heids aboot eet. Masel, A find ma thochts refleckin upo at account o the valley o ’dry banes’, at Ezekiel is on aboot, i chaipters 9 an 10 i the Beuk o Ezekiel. Weel wurdie o readin throwe an refleckin upo. The prophet wis leal til his caain an wei read i verse ten, at the deed banes wur brocht back til life. Ae picter o lealtie an hou Gud fufills his hechts. A say this frae ma ain expairience o hevin been brocht til ‘wut’s end corner’ (Gud’s postal address) an hevin takkin the rue an on cumin afore Gud, on cruikit hochs, wi hert felt remord, Hei answert ma pley fur forgieness, Hei, thar an than, kam intil ma hert, quickint ma deed speerit an turnt ma life around, an A’ve nivver been the same agane sinsyne. Whit ae howp, whit ae gospel an whit ae Saufier wei hae i the Laird Jhesu, n’.

Whan A contemplate the complexities an wancertainities o oor praisent day Woarld circumstances, A fin masel leukin up intil the Lift, an prayin til Gud, “Laird send anither Pentecost, at ‘ull sweep athourt the face o this Yird, is ee did twae thoosan yeir sin, an restore sum order an sanitie among yer creation, at haes appearinlie gaen gyte aathegither.” O! Hou byordinary perfeck an pure the Son o Gud can bei, tae thaim whae hae gaen Him the owerance o thair herts an mynds.

A wudnae hev thocht at the Laird Jhesu hed i mynd at aabodie hed tae lair Aramaic, his ain langage, whan hei gaed the Kirk its Gud gien commission at wei read aboot i
St. Mattha’s Gospel, chaipter echt-an-twuntie, verses nynteen an twuntie.

Tharatour, kis o the nigh on complete absence o the yaise o oor auld, yae tyme State Langage, ma muther tung, i raiglar Kirk worship athourt Scotland, owre the laist threi til fowre hunner yeir, ma semple plea til the Christian Kirk i Scotland is, tent the scriptur imperative, “Preach Christ an him crucified, risen, ascendit an cumin agane”, wi aa yer hert, saul an strenth tae yer focks; i thair ain hamelt tungs. Dae at n’, an the effeckwal ca o Gud i the preachin o the Gospel; ‘ull convick fock o thair need, an wun sauls intil the Kindrick o Heiven. Lat’s devalna i howp, an grip ticht til Gud’s hecht til uz i (Mattha. 16:18); whaur Jhesu, himself tells huz, “A’ll big ma Kirk an the yetts o Hades sanna hae owerance ower eet.” Masel, A trow at wei ir in fur the gritest Halie Speerit waukenin thit the woarld hes ivver seen. O’ay, Gud still hes plans afuit fur “His Kirk”, i Roberton Pairish.

“Borth’ick Wa’as grave-yaird”, kent is “The Auld Chaipel” is tae bei fund on the Laich road, aboot ae fardel o ae myle doon frae the Burnfit sindrins; gin ma maimorie sers mei richt: Mr.Blaickie dug the graffs thar ana. (sei A, page 150.). Historie tells uz at thar wis ae kirk fornenst the Grave Yaird, on the tither side o the praisent roadway i whit wis, i the days o Clydesdale Draucht Horses on ferms, the Burnfit ferm horse pairk. The buirial grund itsel is nar eneuch tae bei ca’d square, an thar’s airon yetts i the mids o the front an back wa’s, makkin the yetts apposeet ilk ither. Nou than, ae wheen o the forebeirers o the Nichol’s o Deanburnhaugh, hev been buirit i the direck lyne atween the front and back yetts. It wur mebbies afore ma howdien, whan ae day ma faither wis gien the umwhile Yid Nichol ae lift hame tae the Haugh. Whan thay wur traivlin past the front yetts intil the graff-yaird, Yid, aw on ae suddent sayed til ma faither, “Thar’s ae lot o ma forebears lyin in thar, an thay ir lyin in ae maist terrible bad bit n’. Ay, richt i the draucht atween the twae yetts.” Whit wut, div ee nae think?

Roberton schuil (sei A, pages 38/63; 147/153; 166/178). & (B, Pages 31/34.).
It wur roond aboot the threi-an-twuntiet Februar, nynteen hunner-an-fowr-an-thritie, whan A begoud ma fultyme eddication, i the wee room i Roberton schuil. The infant teacher wis ae Miss Scott, whae A mynd on weel; shei hed ae fareweel praisentation o ae clock, whan shei left tae git marriet i Dizember 1937. Miss Cameron, the heid teacher, exerceesed hir owerance i the big room. Nae schuil meltiths i thaim days, naw, wei aa carriet or ain piece an ae bottle o fresh milk tae weet oor thrapples an wesh oor piece doon wi. A suppone the ilka yeir Xmas concert, i the Forman Memorial Hall, Roberton, wi aa its necessar forerede; wis the maist, past ordinar, extra-curricular happenin, i the academic yeir. Ay, Mrs Paxton, Miss Cameron’s sister, played the piano fur oor dancing it oor Xmas concerts, an weel A mynd it oor practices, hou shei yaised tae pley wi aa hir pith – ae tait owre fast fur huz tae keep up wi, it tymes – an ivverie wheen saiconts hir heid wuid keep bobbin roond the end o the piano tae sei hou wei dancers wur mellin wi hir pleyin. It twal ‘ear auld, A muved tae Hawick Hie Schuil, leavin thar on ma fowrteent birthday, whan A sertit ma Joinery apprenticeship wi ma faither it Deanburnhaugh. A did ma Naitional Service fur twae yeir i the Royal Engineers, 1947/49 an A emigrated tae New Zealand i August 1950.

Huz bairns, whan walkin hame frae the schuil, aften cadged ae hurl on yin o the waitter heid ferm horse an cairts, is the hinds, made thair wey hame wi thair cairts laidit wi vittals for baith bease an fock an ither sic messages. Ay! Thaim wur the days afore frei schuil milk an schuil buses n’.

Thar’s ae aspeck o the ethos o Roberton schuil at A’ll ey bei grytfu fur, an at is the wey wei hed tae lair, aff bi hert, pithy portions o Hailie Scripter, (albeid in ae tung fremit til oor ain haimelt ain) whilk it the tyme, an fur monie ae yeir after, made littil or nae sense til uz. Houanever, on the 28/01/1975 it 3-45p.m.; at verra meenit at A kam afore the Laird wi remord, Hei quickint mei wi his Halie Speerit, an thar an than hei gaed mei hert kent forstaundin o thaim portions o scripter, at A hed lairt aff bi hert, aa thaim ‘ears afore, an whit hei hez ey been ettlin tae tell iz aa; anenst his divine wull fur oor lives, an the byous Glorie at kan bei oor’s, on the tither side o daith, itsel. Ay! At’s ae deceesion oo hev tae mak fur oorsels.

Div ee wonner n’, whan A tell ee at A begoud tae blirt, an ma hert wis fair lipperin owre wi joy an gledness, whan A tent the Daily Record’s report o the 29nt. Mairch, 2005, anent James, the 11 year auld in ae schuil i Lanarkshire; whae lackit inspiration i the clessroom, til his teacher; whae hed the wusdom an perspicacity, ettle an abeelitie tae sei intil Jame’s problem an introduced him tae Scots poetry. James tuik til his new subjeck wi muckle virr, an is nou soarin on ahead o his 21 clessmates, i aa his subjecks. James himself says at Studyin Scots hes eikit til his vocabular an made him mair skeilie i English. This account o Jame’s academic impruivment lends graith/wecht til whit A read ae wheen month sin, whar it sayed at bairns cognitive skills wur gritlie improved in ae bi/multilingul cless-room setting

Nae doot, common stannert English is the langage o science an commerce, bot dis at raelie necessitat at oor muther tung maun bei sacrifeesed on the altar o thaim twae saicred Kye, i perpetuitie? Ma prayer is at thaim fock, whae raipresent the Scottis estaiblishment, i this praisent day an age, wull tent an herkin til the souch, o “the wunds o linguistic chynge” at ir nou, manifestlie, waffin athourt the Scottis Kinrick.

The sweirtie o the Scottis Media tae promote the yaise o oor Scots langage; fair raxes ma jalousins tae the verra leemit. Wuidn’t eet bei grand n’, gif oor ain Scottis Borders Noos Papers wur tae pit the lave o the Scottis Press tae shame, bi publicklie giein uz ae heize wi or ettle, twartis the hainin an promoval o oor auld hamlet Tung.

Gin it’s yer ettle tae lair mair aboot the fash o the “Scots Creenge Girn”, hae yersel ae leuk it Dr.David Purves’ observations, anenst the psychological eftercast o sic linguistic discrimination i the Scottis schuil cless-rooms, doun throwe the generations; on pages 1 & 2 o his preface tae his beuk, “A Scots Grammar” ISBN 0 85411068 2.

Ma life lang fash hes been the fack thit, is ae schuil bairn i the Scottis Borders, A wis deliberately denied ma human richt tae lair tae read, skrieve an spell, i ma ain hamelt tung, ‘Scots’. Housomever, jalousie ma relief tae lair in ae cuttie skrieve, at A hed frae the Scottis Borders Cooncil Eddication Dept. i Apryle 2004, thit this hed been pairtlie put richt; bot on the tither haund A wis vex’t tae lair, at Scots isna taucht i the Scottis Borders is ae discreet subjeck. A wud urge the Border’s Cooncil, local politeecians an the scholars paurents an aa, frae ae Scottis Border’s kulter pynt o view; tae tent the wusdom o implementin i thair schuils; ae plan o action at wuid enshuir the hainin an promoval o baith oor yae tyme State Leid and oor auncient tradeetional Border Lallans Tung, tae buit. Ense the hail o oor auld “Border Landscape” wull, ithoot onie doot, tak on ae complete new sense o identitie awthegither, an the anlie thing at ‘ull bei left tae mynd fock o thair ancestrial Scottis Border kulter, wull bei the auld place names.

A’m nou thinkin on the eftercast i the Ooter Hebrides, efter Scotland hed bocht the island o ‘Lewis an Harris’ frae Norway i the 13nt. centurie. Appearinlie, accordin tae whit A’ve read, the island fock, adopted the Celtic kulter an langage o thair naurest neipers, an the anlie thing left on the island the day, tae mynd fock o thair Norwegian forefock, is the fouth o Norse place names.

Thar ye hae eet, ae wheen o ma thochts an myndins o Borth’ick Waitter is A reca it wur, is A wis growein up intil young adulthood. A suppone, lyke fock hev ey dune doun throwe the centuries, yin tends tae leuk aback til ain’s bairnheid days wi mixt emotions, some plaisant an some juist gey hertruggin n’. A wuid hev thocht thit life up Borth’ick, afore the 1939/1945 War, wis, i general, compared tae monie ither places, is fer is the feck o the fock gaed, wis siccar an predictable. Verra few fock wuid bei i receipt o unemployment benefit an makin ends meet, an providing fur thair families needs, keepit fock juist gey thrang n’.

A’m juist thinkin i the licht o the praisent day, say cad equal-aqual opportunities atween the sexes, thar wur up Borth’ick, whan A wur ae callant, little or nae extreme deveesions o labour, sic is ain wuid find i urban industrial communities. A think it wuid bei trew tae say at the men fock wur fairlie weel domesticated, helping thair marrows oot wi sindrie chores ithin the faimlie hoose, an mebbies tae ae griter extent, the weeman focks cuid turn thair haunds tae monie oot side jobs; sic is leukin the sheep, helping wi the lambin, hervestin the fodder fur thair kye an ither bease, cuistin peats an wunnin eldin fur thair fyres. Letter writin, i maist instances, wuid bei ae wuman’s darg an gey affen, A wuid jalousie at it wur thaim, mairsay than thair menfock, whae dailt wi the local schuil teachers anenst the teachin o thair bairns.

The war ‘ears, ithoot doot, brocht aboot its concomitant trauchles an wancertainties, bot wei aw hed eneuch tae eat and clathes tae weir, an thar wur economic rewairds tae buit; wheech wis tae awbodies benefit. Wei didna hae onie fash, frae the likes o German air-raids, atho oo hed tae adhere tae strick black-oot raigulations. Hard physical wurk an guid neibourliness, wis the norm i the waittergate. Naw. A wuid hev thocht at ergophobics wuidnae hev lestit fur verra lang, up yonder, n’. Tae tell ee the treuth, mair or less ilka tyme A think back upo ma young life up Borth’ick; it’s hard physical wurk thit comes maist readily intil ma mynd.

Ay! A’ll ne’er forleit hou by-ordinar it wur tae mei, tae wutness; up Borth’ick Waitter, i the Ware (Spring) o 1961, i contrast tae the wuther i the warner climates, whaur A hed juist spent ten ‘ear abreid; muther naiter bringin fouth ance mair, frae the growthe (vegetation) aw around mei; thaim byous sichts o new life i the affin. Whit ane awesome sicht n’.


Abreid = abroad; away from home.
Agrouf = lying face downwards.
Albeid = albeit; although.
Anenst = = over against; concerning.
Anerlie = only
Antrin = occasional.
Athourt = across; all over
Athort = across.
Awesome = inspiring.
Begoud = began.
Believe = soon; quickly.
Biggit = built.
Blate = shy.
Blirt = cry; weep.
Brent = burned.
Bruikit = experienced.
Brulziement = quarrel.
Byous = exceptional.
Caain = calling.
Cark an canglin =
Collogue = meeting; interview.
Cuttie = short.
Deval = cease.
Deyd = died. (tae dei = to die)
Dooms siccar man n’ = an upright honest person.
Draucht = draught.
Eident = diligent.
Eldin = firing for one’s fire.
Eneuch = enough.
Ense = else
Ergophobics = work shy.
Ettle = intentions.
Evite = avoid.
Ey = eye.
Fash = concern.
Feck = the majority.
Fleid = flew.
Fleudit = flooded.
Fleysum = frightening.
Moyen = influence
Noos = news.
Notour = renouned for.
Onsteid = farm buildings.
Ontak = responsibility.
Ootlins = outsiders; strangers.
Plenisht = furnished; provided wi.
Promoval = furtherance.
Raxes = stretches.
Reistit = refused to do more.
Remord = remorse.
Rouk = mist; fog.
Rue = regret; repent.
Ruif = roof.
Rummil-gumption = level-headedness.
Seelent = silent.
Sei = see.
Sicker an savendle foond = A firm an secure foundation.
Sindrins = parting of the ways.
Sindry = varied.
Sinsyne = since then.
Skeelie = skilled.
Skreivens = writing
Sloomin ondistrubilt = musing patiently
Forerede = preparation.
Forleit = forgotton.
Fornenst = opposite.
Forstand = understand
Fouth = abundance.
Fowre = four.
Frei = free.
Fremmit = strange; foreign.
Fuid Offish = food office.
Furthsettin = put forth; print.
Gey Wheen = quite a few
Graith = equip; make ready.
Grip = arrest.
Hainin = preservation.
Hechts = promises.
Hei = he.
Herkin til = listen to.
Herrien = rustling; robbing.
Hertruggin = emotional.
Hez = has.
Hochs = the shin area.
Howe = middle.
Howdien =
Insnorl = involvement.
Iz = us.
Jalousie = suspect.
Kye = cows.
Kythed = manifested.
Laich = low.
Leal = loyal; sincere.
Leifer = rather.
Ligs = lies.
Lipperin = overflowing.
Makintlie = confidently
Man-muckle = an adult.
Marrow = partner; spouce.
Mei = me.
Mellin = coming together.
Meltith = meal.
Souch = the sound of the wind.
Spulzie = stealing.
Steven = voice.
Sweirtie = reluctance.
Swuird = sword.
Thesaurer = treasurer.
Tholemoodie = tolerant.
Threi = three.
Throu-bearin. =
Towmond = one year.
Trauchles = struggles.
Trei = tree.
Tryst = meet.
Twartis = towards.
Umwhile = former; deceased.
Uz = us.
Menyie = household.
Mint = mention.
Virr = vigour.
Vizzy = view.
Waffin = wafting; blowing.
Weeda = widow.
Weird = foretell
Whilk = which
Wuppen = open.
Yow = you.

Ae copie o ae maist yaisfu “Scots Grammar”, bi C.P.L.Young, (echteen blats lang); kan be accessed wi Adobe Reader 7.0., fur nochts, frae the fallaen Wab-Steid:

The monthlie Blat, “Scots Tung Wittins”, can nou be gotten i pdf format frae Scots Tung’s wabsteid at:

(Hev ae bit keek it eet fur yersel n’)

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The Borth’ick Waitter


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Method of composition Wordprocessed
Year of composition 2005
Word count 21032
General description Childhood memories

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Author id 931
Forenames Matt
Surname Rodger
Gender Male
Decade of birth 1920
Educational attainment University
Age left school 14
Upbringing/religious beliefs Nominal Presbyterian
Occupation Social worker, joiner, miner (retired)
Place of birth Deanburnhaugh
Region of birth Roxburgh
Birthplace CSD dialect area Rox
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Southwell
Father's occupation Self-employed Joiner
Father's place of birth Blackcockha
Father's region of birth Roxburgh
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Rox
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Professional housewife
Mother's place of birth Deanburnhaugh
Mother's region of birth Roxburgh
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Rox
Mother's country of birth Scotland


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Bantu (Other) Yes No No No Chikabanga - Bantu Esperanto
English Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scots Yes Yes Yes Yes