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Author(s): David Purves

Copyright holder(s): Prof Geoffrey F Dutton: Published in Camp One, Macdonald, 1978, David Purves


craw, ye ir wyce as a man.
ye wait on the bare bou for the wabbit mappie
the unborn lamb.

ye hae the gait
o fenyiein no ti see
the nest whaur the best eggs liggs.

or thay ir set ti flie
an gin Ah luik up at ye skimmerin abuin

happit in maimorie,
ye jouk bedein
at yeir ain skyme.

ye hae gaen back til the mukkil elm
ye made yeir hame.
its tap is diein, ye micht suin hae ti flit.

ye sit an watch the dwynin loanins
the broun riggs the maws wul caw ye frae,
whan the sie rairs.

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Author id 17
Forenames David
Surname Purves
Gender Male
Decade of birth 1920
Educational attainment University
Age left school 17
Upbringing/religious beliefs Protestantism
Occupation Retired Biochemist
Place of birth Selkirk
Region of birth Selkirk
Birthplace CSD dialect area Slk
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Edinburgh
Region of residence Midlothian
Residence CSD dialect area midLoth
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Master Grocer
Father's place of birth Selkirk
Father's region of birth Selkirk
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Slk
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Housewife
Mother's place of birth Selkirk
Mother's region of birth Selkirk
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Slk
Mother's country of birth Scotland


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