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The Former Pupils' Guild of the Mary Erskine School 300 Club - Minutes May 1994

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This was a working party cum meeting at which the name/year/decade labels for the Reunion Lunch/Tour of Ravelston were made out. We were glad to have the help of Vivien [CENSORED: surname].

PRESENT: Joan [CENSORED: surname], Yvonne [CENSORED: surname], Arran [CENSORED: surname], Vivien [CENSORED: surname] and Audrey [CENSORED: surname].

MENU/NOTELET: The order has been placed for 1400 with homes of the school, 400 menu and 400 blank of which 200 will be given to Margery [CENSORED: surname] in appreciation of her doing the artwork without charge and liaising with the printer. Also as a thank you 10 notelets will be given to Graham [CENSORED: surname], 5 notelets and a tapestry kit to Sarah [CENSORED: surname], a tapestry kit to Fiona [CENSORED: surname] who all submitted art work.

CONCERT: It was agreed that Treasurer and Mrs [CENSORED: surname] and Mrs Helen [CENSORED: surname], Head of Music, and her husband be invited to the concert and reception. AAL to do this.

Arran [CENSORED: surname] will order three Safeway hors' d'oeuvres trays @ £19.95 each and will collect them and bring them to Greyfriars.

Joan [CENSORED: surname] will bring glasses, cloths and napkins. Alan B will pour wine AND BRING A BOTTLE OPENER.

Thanks to Pierre Victoire (who are giving a case of wine free) will be included in the programme introduction.

Alan B will bring a float and Joan B will bring cash boxes and donation box.

Joan B will bring a BIG donation for programme notice.

Arran will bring 42 reserved signs for seats.

Alan B will act as front-of-house and direct ticket holders and non-ticket holders appropriately.

Arran and her friend, Catherine, will sell tickets.

Yvonne and Vivien will take tickets.

AAL is to find two people to give out programmes.

About 150 have indicated that they will be present for the service and refreshments.

REUNION: The labels were completed as far as possible.

YW, VW, JB and JS will check people in by ticking them off on the list, giving them a lunch token if they have paid for lunch and directing them to their name label. AAL will find 5 other helpers so that two can check in and one deal with labels at three tables. AF will do large signs denoting the letters of the alphabet dealt with at each table. AAL will find a steward to guide people to the correct table and will endeavour to obtain three sign stands for this.

All checking in to be done in the Crush Hall.

This leaves space on the floor of the Assembly Hall for selling souvenirs.

Lunch - Jeremy [CENSORED: surname] advises a rolling buffet rather than two sittings. Ladies will collect main course, dessert and cutlery at the same time, having handed over their lunch token. AAL will make these. Some tables will be reserved for older ladies, guests and staff should they want them, and help will be on hand for the carrying of trays to the table, where needed. Stewards will be needed in the dining hall to encourage people to vacate their seats quickly.

TEA PARTY: This is sold out but it was felt that, if C & L do not mind the extra cost, we should ask them for an overflow room upstairs.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 30th May at 7.30pm at 40 [CENSORED: streetname] View.

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