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The Former Pupils' Guild of the Mary Erskine School 300 Club - Minutes April 1994

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Copyright holder(s): Name withheld: Reproduced with the kind permission of the committee of the Former Pupils' Guild of the Mary Erskine School



PRESENT: Yvonne [CENSORED: surname], Joan [CENSORED: surname], Arran [CENSORED: surname] and Audrey [CENSORED: surname]. Margery [CENSORED: surname] and Norma [CENSORED: surname] joined the meeting later.

DINNER: The numbers to date are 269 and invitations to 23 guests are about to be sent out. The "comfortable" maximum number for the room is 350. The menu and toast list were shown and it was recommended that Lorna [CENSORED: surname] should be presented as headmistress and as President of the SGSA. As Michael [CENSORED: surname] is unable to give the vote of thanks it was agreed not to have one.

MENU CARD/NOTELET: The feeling was that the bulk of the order should have the homes of the school on reverse of the mural. AAL will give MC the final numbers on 19.4.94. NR will endeavour to ascertain how many the school is likely to need for their menu requirements. Two girls, Fiona [CENSORED: surname] and Sarah [CENSORED: surname], have drawn pictures of Ravelston and the painting in the hall has been photographed. It will be left to the printer to decide which is the most suitable of these.

CONCERT: The numbers to date are 331. JB reported that Lynne [CENSORED: surname] has telephoned to say that Mary [CENSORED: surname] will do an article about Caroline for the Scotsman, probably a week before the concert. LW has also made suggestions re other publicity. JB will write about the concert, mentioning also the school's musical presentations, to Margaret [CENSORED: surname] and Sarah [CENSORED: surname] who have programmes on Classic FM. She will also write to Duncan [CENSORED: surname] of the Evening News.

She showed a mock-up of the programme and suggested that AAL should write the welcome and thank yous in that, rather than speak them. She would like this by end of April.

Invitations to the post-concert drink should be posted in advance and JB will find out how many guests the artistes will have and let AAL know as soon as possible.

Details of catering for the above have still to be finalised, as have details of stewarding, donation box.

Margaret [CENSORED: surname] has agreed to donate flowers for the artistes. The floral decorations already in the church should be sufficient for the platform.

PUBLICITY: The proposed ad. in the Scotsman is now deemed unnecessary as many events are nearing maximum numbers level.

MURAL: This is now safely mounted in the Dining Hall and fulfils all expectations. The covering over it will remain in place until the last possible minute before Founders' Day. MC showed transparencies taken of it by the professional photographer. It will be possible to have these enlarged for a display at the exhibition in Merchants' Hall which begins on 19th November, 1994.

It can be viewed on the mornings of Saturday 11th, 18th and 25th June by family and friends (or, if necessary, by telephoning the school for a special appointment).

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is visiting the school on Thursday, 30th June and will perform the official ceremony of "unveiling". MC suggested that she be asked to NAME the mural "The Physic Garden" which circumvents the problems of actually unveiling it and of having had it on show during the month of June. MC gave NR a design for a plaque which incorporates both the narrative which the Guild had planned to put up and a record of the ceremony.

NR confirmed that there should be room on that occasion for a number of guests of the Guild.

FOUNDERS' DAY: 85 tickets have been issued and 15 people are on the waiting list. NR asked if she might have a sample of the ticket to show to the stewards.

GREYFRIARS: AAL should have an idea of the numbers for this soon and will let Mrs [CENSORED: surname] know how they are going. Unless there is an enormous contingent of FPs the Guild will invite a wide representation from the present pupils. The uncertainty over access to Mary Erskine's grave is being dealt with.

REUNION: Arrival. NR will organise stewards at the various arrival points and they will give out a handout with instructions re checking in and lunch arrangements.

Checking in. There will be two check in areas, the Crush Hall and the Hall, and the handout will direct people to these according to place in alphabet of surname (married name where applicable). They will be signposted from point of arrival. Each area will have two check-in tables. Labels, colour coded according to decade of leaving, will have been prepared in advance and arranged alphabetically at check-in tables. These will give name, maiden name and year of leaving in large, clear lettering. AAL to obtain labels. Guides will wait nearby until needed. Each group will consist of three or four people only, therefore will not need identification. NR will amend the usual tour route to include items of special interest to former pupils. Items of value will be place in the display cabinet in the Crush Hall.

The Hall. Two/three tables will be needed for the sale of souvenirs and for display of Guild membership application forms. The stage may be the best place for these. Two tables facing the door will be needed for check-in. It would be helpful to have some chairs out for older ladies. Others can take them from the stack as required. Partition to be open.

NR will have the keys to the medical room.

NR will speak to Paul [CENSORED: surname] re possibility of walkie-talkies to avoid parking congestion. AAL will air parking problem at Dinner on 3rd.

NR can cope with numbers beyond 550 for tour even if we have to declare a sell-out on the lunch.

There will be no appeal meeting held that day.


Numbers are now at 455 + 40-50 from the 1964 leavers. Compass have agreed to cater for 500 and the 1964 leavers over and above.

There will be two sittings for lunch and coffee will be served at five stations in the Hall.

NR will organise public address system in the Hall and in the Dining Room.

Ticket checking, while thought to be advisable, may prove difficult with two possible entrances to the Dining Room and three to the balcony of the Hall.

Once Compass have decided the arrangement of tables we shall reserve some for guests.

Numbers seem to preclude the issuing of invitations to former staff. The 1963 leavers will be inviting their teachers.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, 10th May at 2.00pm in the Guild Room. AF hopes to arrive by 3.30pm. At this meeting labels will be written.

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