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Scottish Parliament: Motions and Amendments: 2001 S1M-1882

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S1M-1882# Mr Duncan Hamilton (Highlands and Islands) (SNP) : Closure of Jaeger, Campbeltown— That the Parliament notes with dismay the closure of the Jaeger clothing factory in Campbeltown with the loss of up to 161 jobs; recognises that this is a devastating blow for the Kintyre economy, already suffering from an unemployment rate well above the national average and designated a priority area by Argyll and the Islands Enterprise; further notes that this closure comes on top of the closure of the Campbeltown shipyard in 1996, the pullout by the RAF in 1997 and the temporary suspension of the Ballycastle ferry service, and asks the Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning to meet trade union officials, local councillors, MSPs and other interested parties as a matter of urgency and the Scottish Executive to act with all speed to establish a task-force similar to that proposed for the Motorola workers.

Supported by: Colin Campbell, Fergus Ewing, Mr Alex Neil, Mr John Swinney, Ms Sandra White, Brian Adam, Bruce Crawford, Ms Roseanna Cunningham, Ms Linda Fabiani, Fiona Hyslop, Richard Lochhead, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Alasdair Morgan, Shona Robison, Michael Russell, Mr Alex Salmond, Tommy Sheridan, Mrs Margaret Ewing, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Mr Adam Ingram, Tricia Marwick, Irene McGugan, Mr Gil Paterson, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Dr Winnie Ewing, Mr Jamie Stone, Mr Andrew Wilson, Dorothy-Grace Elder

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