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Scottish Parliament: Committees: Audit: Minutes: Meeting 4, 2000

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4th Meeting, 2000 (Session 1)

Tuesday 7 March 2000


Brian Adam
Scott Barrie
Cathie Craigie
Miss Annabel Goldie
Margaret Jamieson
Mr Nick Johnstone (Deputy Convener)
Paul Martin
Euan Robson
Mr Andrew Welsh (Convener)
Andrew Wilson

Apologies were received from Lewis Macdonald

The meeting opened at 2.00 pm.

1. Scottish Ambulance Service (in private):
The Committee discussed the proposed conduct of the meeting and considered possible lines of questioning to pursue in the evidence-taking session. The Committee agreed to hold the last 30 minutes of the meeting in private and also that its next meeting on 21 March should be held in private.

The meeting went into public session at 2.28pm.

2. The Financial Reporting Advisory Board, FRAB.

The Committee considered correspondence and memoranda from the Minister for Finance and the National Audit Office on FRAB. It was agreed that the Convener should write to the Minister for Finance indicating the Committee’s agreement that he should enter into negotiations to seek an extended remit for the Financial Reporting Advisory Board.

3. Evidence:

The Committee took evidence from-

Mr Adrian Lucas, Chief Executive, Scottish Ambulance Service

Mr Geoff Scaife, Chief Executive, NHS in Scotland

Mr Mike Allen, Manager, Management Information Department, Scottish Ambulance Service

Mr Calum Kerr, Manager, West Central Division, Scottish Ambulance Service

Sir David Carter, Chief Medicial Officer, Scottish Executive Health Department

on the report by the Comptroller and Auditor General – ‘The Scottish Ambulance Service: A Service for Life’.

4. Conduct of Business (in private):

The Committee considered the oral evidence it had taken under agenda item 3.

The meeting closed at 4.49 pm.

Sarah Davidson
Clerk to the Committee

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